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    MLB Discussion Thread

    Couldn't find a discussion thread, didn't want to post in the EWN Fantasy League, so I created this space to talk about MLB, your favorite team, etc.

    Onto business:

    The Reds drastically need to mix up the lineup for a game or two. Yes, I know it is too early to panic, but we need a breath of fresh air. Here's how I'm dieing for Dusty to write the line-up today:

    1 - Brandon Philips 2B (He's still a bit gimpy, but he's the best leadoff hitter on the team. Period.)
    2 - Zack Cozart SS (He's the hottest man on the team right now.)
    3 - Joey Votto 1B (Vottomatic! He's had a slow start, but he shows flashes of brilliance.)
    4 - Ryan Ludwick RF (I wanted a righty between Votto and Bruce and Ludwick has been great so far. He is striking out every game so far, but who isn't on this team.)
    5 - Jay Bruce LF (He hits for power, but still doesn't hit that well for average. Took him 5 or 6 games to get his first non-HR hit. Wow.)
    6 - Todd Frazier 3B (He's back on the MLB roster, SIT ROLEN. He couldn't hit his way out of a wet, pre-ripped paper bag.)
    7 - Chris Heisey CF (Stubbs is SHIT right now. Sit his ass.)
    8 - Mat Latos P (I'm a believer in the 8-hole pitcher hitter. It only matters really when the 9-hole hitter starts an inning, but I love the idea of being able to get 3-on, no outs for your 3-hole hitter).
    9 - Devin Mesoraco C (No problem with Hannigan, but his kid is fantastic. He's got a better bat and he's getting so much better as a defender.)


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