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    This is how the WWE should use Daniel Bryan all the way to Wrestlemania

    Okay it is now obvious after that London Raw show, that Daniel Bryan is way over. So this is what should go down to lead to the most awesome 'Mania match ever since Shawn vs Bret at XII:

    Starting now at Extreme Rules, Sheamus gets a pretty quick 1st fall in the 2 out of 3 falls match.
    AJ comes down to check on Bryan and distracts him, like she always does and he gets upset with her. At this time, Kane comes down the ramp, making his intentions known that he is after the World Championship after beating Randy Orton earlier in the night. There is plenty of confusion with Daniel yelling at AJ, Sheamus staring down Kane, the Ref trying to regain order. Kane walks over to the Time Keeper and grabs the Title. Sheamus tries jumping out of the ring. Bryan thinks he is coming after him, so he gets back into the ring but AJ is following him, pleading with him not to continue. The ref waves at Kane to leave. Kane just laughs and rings the Bell. Sheamus goes for another sneak attack Brough Kick, but Bryan having learned his lesson, ducks and the kick connects with AJ's face. She's out.

    Bryan immediately rushes to check on her, he actually is concerned for her, he does the X thing, paramedics rush to her. The ref is explaining to Sheamus that wasn't the official bell. Sheamus is in a weird spot, he doesn't know to do then he realizes this was Kane's doing. The ref holds back Sheamus as Kane goads Sheamus from the floor. Then Orton comes out and RKO's Kane. AJ is loaded onto a strecther and Bryan holds her hand all the way up the ramp, finally letting go before she goes threw the curtains. Then, like a boss, Bryan slowly turns his attention back to Sheamus in the ring. He has a title to win.

    So Sheamus and Bryan finally have a legit match. Bryan gets the 2nd fall getting Sheamus to tap to the "Yes" Lock. They are both beat up from that second match, Bryan barely being able to hold himself up and Sheamus wincing in pain, trying tojust move his arm. We'll say just make more drama, Sheamus wins the match. But Bryan should be a Face now.

    I have more this storyline, but lets see how the reception is on this first part is.

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    I don't like it - sorry. I'm sure the fantasy as it plays in your head is appealing to you but I'm not there.

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    No I'm sorry, but this is just two much going on in one match and Daniel Bryan needs to stay a heel. In a little bit of time he could be a top heel for the WWE.

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    He is much, much better as a heel! No dice!

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