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    Cool WWE Titles

    ok ive been a fan of wrestling for 13 plus years and ive seen it all from the sexy era to the attitude era to this stupid "people power" BS! and alot of wrestlers, good and bad, have come and gone. some of my fav wrestlers are no longer with the wwe I.e. Jeff hardy . but im not complaining because the wwe has still be able to put a good product on the Tube every monday night .. although id like to see more ppl on the show like kofi , a-ry , and hell ive even become a miz and dolph fan . i dont wanna see Jericho and cm punk feud who cares about Jericho hes old! how bout CM punk vs idk mayb a kofi kingston or even a wade Barret again

    but one that that has changed is the titles . i think the WWE championship is the worst looking title in the company and needs to be updated . i seriously hate that thing. i mean member the the titles were just golden circles on leather. member when the hardcore titles was a real piece of crap but it was still a cool championship. the tag titles are prob the best thing about the tag team division, but ill get into how i feel about that in another thread. but do any of you all agree with me /? New WWE title? bring hardcore Wrestling back!

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