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Thread: Edge Fact

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    So Big Show just needs to make sure he retires before they bring back the Cruiser Weight title or he needs to go on an extreme diet!

    All joking aside if the CW title did return would he be exempt from needed it to be a GS champion as he could never qualify to compete for if. He has more chance of growing a va-jay-jay than losing 300lbs (with funnily enough would qualify him for the Divas title!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhyno535 View Post
    True i hope that one of them can get the title they need, ex Undertaker with a IC title, Or Regal with a WHC title.
    *wishes* We all can dream right?

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    I wish that the WWE would consider the US Title as acceptable for a Grand Slam. Currently, they do not.

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