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    Lockdown 4/15/2012

    Lockdown really has a good card filled with some potentially great matches on it. To tell the truth, I haven't been this excited for a TNA PPV in a long while. I'm looking forward to a few matches such as:

    1. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode - This match is going to be great. Formerly Beer Money go at each other for the biggest Title in TNA, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I like both guys alot, and this match was a tough choice for me to predict. Needless to say I'll be at the edge of my seat for this one.

    2. Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle - Can you say steal the show? Both competitors are going to give it their all, and while this feud has basically run it's course, I can't help to be excited to see some great action in this match.

    3. Team Garrett vs. Team Eric - I just want to see Eric Bischoff get his butt kicked. I always enjoy that.

    4. Matt Morgan vs. Crimson - ​While not a top draw, this match has potential. Crimson's winning streak is somewhat of a challenge to the rest of the locker room at TNA. The Blueprint Matt Morgan really needs a win here and while neither is a great technical wrestler, I find this match intriguing. There's not much left for a feud here and the only way to keep it going is for the win streak to end. Or just end the feud.

    5. MCMG vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus (Tag Titles) - Say what you want, but a returning MCMG is exciting for the tag division which has been on a slump as of late. I hope the MCMG can pick up the win and revive the tag division. A lot of great action is going to happen in this match.

    Anyway, these 5 matches have got me pumped to watch this PPV. Which matches are you most looking forward to and why please?

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