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    I like Orton too but it's clear he's as in with Vince as Cena is. People conveniently overlook this when ragging on SuperCena - Orton is clearly just as favoured. He should be keeping his outbursts until he has gotten backstage - the Kofi incident was completely over the top and unnecessary. I don't know how much truth is in the stories about Kennedy, but if Randy really did pull strings to screw Kennedy/Anderson, in my mind it's on a par with what Hogan did to Ventura. But that's the general story with backstage politics it seems - those who are in with Vince or Trips or 'Taker are looked after and babied.

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    Orton has basically admitted to complaining about Kennedy, firing him was far to harsh though, especially in the WWE, they could have just moved him to SmackDown! if its that much of a problem, he could have excelled on SmackDown! and they could always use backstage heat for an onscreen feud later down the line, big big mistake from the WWE in letting him go in my opinion

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    Orton wasn't the only one who complained about Kennedy, Eddie Guerrero didn't want to work with him (although Kennedy was his last match >_>) and Finlay didn't like him either also i remember hearing Cena and either HBK or HHH saying he was sloppy. Orton was just the last person to complain. Besides its not like the WWE lost anything important with Kennedy he wasn't even that good on the mic and got injured very frequently. Kennedy was a sloppy wrestler and injured Cena and Bobby Lashley and then almost reinjured Orton.

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    Orton should be the last person complaining about botching moves. I know I saw a vid of him missing a RKO on Jericho.

    Anyways I think its his pride getting in his way. He is a great wrestler but the backstage attitude is unnecessary.

    Perfection is VERY flawed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebeccabroussard View Post
    I agree with you crows nest. Orton takes pride in his matches and wants them to be perfect, but they never are. Too, Kofi is "new" to the WWE (I mean he has not been there as long as orton and cena, etc.). Yeah, it is his fault that he botched the move but he is still learning from his mistakes. Sometimes I think Orton forgets about the RKO he was supposed to do on Jericho when he had the Walls of Jericho on somebody. That was an epic botch that was way more noticable than kennedy's or kofi's.

    (Strange how I am a huge Orton fan yet I am semi dissing him lol)
    Hey, that's great. I like Orton too but I like to look at both sides. Orton is probably the best heel in the business, but his attitude needs some work.

    @Tha Crows Nest
    You make a valid point and you are right, although I personally think if Orton is worried about his income...well, it's a two-way street.

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    Anyone here know what hypermobile is? It is a condition that in which joints that stretch farther than is normal. How many of you can bend bedn your fingers backwards to the point where it touches your wrist? How many of can bend your arm so back wards, that you can aklmost touch the back of ur head? That is what Orton has. One wrong move can mean the end of his career. One wrong move can also be fatal, depending how one lands. Now I am not trying to defend orton's actions, as there are better ways for him to handle and deal with whomever does that one wrong move. Mr. kennedy(or Mr. Anderson) was without a doubt going to be a future WWE champion. I am mad at the fact that Orton cost Kennedy/Anderson his job. But hopefully TNA reckognizes just how good Mr. Anderson is. Orton also happens to be one of the 5 boys that Vinnie Mac trusts--HHH, HBK, 'Taker and Cena being the other 4. So if Vinnie Mac gets a complaint form any of those guys about anyone, Vinnie is going to respond however he sees fit. Too many good peopkle have lost their job because of that, but from my look of things, it looks loike the power that is Polictics is really going to Orton's head. And I hate saying that about someone who I TRUELY like watching on WWE Programming. Orton is the shit, but if Orton continues to get mad at every single wrestletr that does that 1 wrong move, at this rate, TNA is going to have one hell of a roster all thanks to Randy Orton.

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    is orton still bitterabout his 1st world title run since was hhh that took his title then and no orton has some influence backstage now he can get wrestlers fired like ken kennedy. i like orton but all this bitching and moaning backstage has to stop people botch it happens hell look at botchamania for god's sake lol. he just needs to focus on being the best that he is and stop bitching though

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    I like Orton a lot. But the whole thing that he does. The whole "Psycho" thing is starting to get annoying. After almost every move he pulls his face like he's just stabbed someone. He's doing this now he never really did as a heel. Is that really PG stuff??? I don't know.

    The answer to your question. Its obvious Orton has power backstage. And that shouldn't go out with him in to the ring. Everybody should be equal in the ring. Orton comes across a a guy that could be difficult to get along with.

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    I like the psycho thing because I liked him as a heel and WWE did not change his persona, only his competition. But I do agree that him doing the psycho thing after every single move is annoying.
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