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    Orton is subconsciously developing an ego.

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    I like Orton a lot. But the whole thing that he does. The whole "Psycho" thing is starting to get annoying. After almost every move he pulls his face like he's just stabbed someone. He's doing this now he never really did as a heel. Is that really PG stuff??? I don't know.
    I love it when Randy goes into Killer Psycho Mode,

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    i hate how he never does the punt anymore.

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    Accidents can happen, but Kennedy was released because other people also approached WWE officials about the same thing! HBK, Cena and HHH were also reportedly named to approach officials about Kennedy and his clumsy ring work.

    If I were a wrestler and I was dropped on the back of my neck, I would do the same. So I don't look down on Orton or any other wrestler. All they are doing is ensuring that they don't end up in a wheelchair. They all have families to provide for, and this is their job!

    If you guys bashing Orton worked in an office and somebody threw a stapler at your head - would you complain or would you sit down with your tail between your legs?!
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