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Thread: Damien Sandow

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    Sandow's good all around , good ring work, decent mic work , i think he will make a good midcard heel for smackdown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreatureOfTheNight View Post
    Am I the only one who thought that his promo, talking style and look looked like a young Blue Blood Triple H?
    I didn't get the HHH blue blood gimmick there, but I did see a lot of HHH-esque qualities in his promo.
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    I'm disappointed that none of you have compared him to Sean O'haire. They had similar gimmicks.
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    To the first 50 seconds of that promo I sat there and said "...but you're a wrestler." I dunno I didn't really dig the promo, didn't make much sense to me.

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    Its just the start of some of the best in FCW debuting i cant wait

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    I could see
    Damien Sandow: I'm here to save you from yourself from the fist pumping, fake tanning, and the smushing
    Zack Ryder: I don't know about that bro but....WOO WOO WOO You know it
    then ryder gets attacked and lays motionless in the ring
    fans give Sandow heat

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    I think hes gonna be great on SD. The dudes got the right look an alright gimick and can talk. In FCW he has had some great matches I hope he comes out tonight with a live promo or some type of match.

    YES! YES! YES!

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    Spotlight on Damien Sandow you tube video

    Hi I do youtube videos on the wwe and other thing's such as fifa, if you feel like it plz check out my latest one which is a fact file on damien sandow, I talk about his past and his wrestling ability and also about his potential here it is -

    PLZ NOTE - I am 13 and I am also scottish I tried to speak as clearly as possible, due to that I made 1 or 2 small mistakes but there not big ones and I am looking to improve on that

    Comments here or on the video are welcome but please only on what you enjoyed and how I can improve no hate please
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    I understood you perfectly so great job.

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    We have a thread already for talking about Damien Sandow. We don't need a duplicate thread just because you made a video.

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