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    PG ERA/Interesting read.

    I was reading up on Linda McMahon and I came across this information. It actually give a start date of the PG ERA.
    PG rating

    Chair shots to the head were discontinued by the WWE as a result of its change to PG

    In August 2008, WWE changed its TV Parental Guidelines rating from TV-14 to PG. In December 2008, at a UBS Media Conference, Linda described the new rating as a marketing strategy to attract a young generation of wrestling fans. She explained it as a way to create lasting loyalty to the brand.[54][55]
    Some older fans, who were long-accustomed to more realistic violence, sexual themes, and controversy, felt alienated by WWE's programming change.[56] There has been speculation that McMahon devised the PG rating change in 2008 to improve WWE's public image in preparation for her political campaign.[56][57][58][59]

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    here is another interesting story
    My third problem is that I believe Vince, the mastermind that he is, saw the ratings change as not only a way to further the agenda of his wife - but a way to pad the ratings a bit. He knows that if he sends out a press release saying WWE is family friendly and morally polished, parents will be less reluctant to let their brainwashed kids watch it. That demographic is back on board, creativity is suffocated, and fans are screwed.

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    Agree with the whole thing.

    We must accept it though; I'm excited to watch people like Lesnar back in the ring etc.

    The problem for me is the storylines and whatnot. The blood never bothered me, headshots with the chair I can live without - It's the Storylines and Characters I miss. They were engaging (and sometimes stupid) but they were entertaining.

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    Did you know smackdown has ALWAYS been PG? PPVs went PG in 2008 and i think Monday Night Raw in 2005. The whole company was 2008 but it happened much earlier. Nice read but they went PG for one reason; Kids = money. They could attract far more sponsors by being PG than they could from staying "TV-14." PG isn't necessarily a bad thing though it does allow A LOT more to be shown than WWE want to put out there. Everything about them seems to be more about selling their product and merchandise than about the quality of their "performance."

    PG is actually a rating that is generally unsuitable for young children and need "parental supervision." While it's a guideline, WWE sometimes does have certain segments that aren't really for young children. It could be a lot worse; imagine TV - G?

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