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    what the hell does Vince have against Ole Anderson?

    Ole was one of the founding members of the horsemen..he was awesome on the mic..I've been watching the formation of the horsemen on youtube..I'm like in the 8th hour and I'm amazed how great Ole was in the ring and specially on the mic..He gave the horsemen a aura of meneace they never had without him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DUBS View Post
    I heard reports that Ole was making insulting remarks about Vince's wife Linda Mcmahon.
    oh he hates Vince and fought tooth and nail against the WWF's rise. But isn't a reall hall of face supposed to be above that? it just proves the HOF is just a angle and a work.
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    I hate how WWE has tried to force upon us their version of what they think is the four horsemen......when true wrestling fans like myself know who the REAL horsemen are......Barry Windham was a wannabe horseman, much like all the others thet WWE, and WCW tried to create

    Tully, Arn, Flair, and Ole......will ALWAYS be the original horsemen

    What are they gonna do next......tell us the Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin was an original freebird......I DONT THINK SO

    Dont insult my intelligence when it comes to wrestling history WWE
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