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    Quote Originally Posted by Kashdinero View Post
    It always has done... But some of his attempts at his old spots could be worse... Especially the spot when he BARES HIS ARSE!!! Noooooo!!..... Pleeeeease!!... My eeeeyyyeees!!!
    I'll just turn off my TV(or laptop) and burn that image off my brain!

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    I stick a fork in my eye, but damn it, I always botch it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaberToothTigerz View Post
    its ironic to be talking about chair shots to the back of the head.
    in smackdown vs raw game u can do it and no concussions i wonder why x)
    Really, because I got a concussion when I used an ingame chairshot on my friend. Maybe its because I he was my tag partner and we lost the tag titles, then he kicked me in the head.


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