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    Thanks for adding your guy bro!

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    Name: Darius

    Age: 25

    Height: 6'3

    Weight: 235 lbs

    Billed From: Canberra, Australia

    Theme: (Burn It Down - Five Finger Death Punch)

    Finishers: (Standing) The Hell fire ->
    (Submission) One-Eight-Seven - >

    Signatures: Running Big boot ->
    TKO ->

    Ring Attire: Darius wears a trench coat (similar to Edge's) for his entrance, and in ring he wears black tights with white elbow pads and black finger-less gloves (similar to Undertaker's)

    Alignment: Heel

    Gimmick: Darius is most like Edge, everything about him is nearly a reflection of the Rated R Superstar. Darius only cares about being in the spotlight and nothing else. His attitude is also much like the Miz's attitude, he believes he is better than everyone else. Darius will do anything to win his matches, or he will do anything to inflict as much pain as possible (using weapons, painful submissions, etc.) He also does not play well with others, if he is brought into a tag match of any sort, he runs the team, and if his partner(s) do not like it, they will more than likely feel the wrath of The Hell Fire

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    A masked man

    Name: # (its pronouced hashtag)

    Age: Unknown- 20ish

    Height: 6ft

    Weight: 220lbs

    Billed From: parts unknown

    Theme: The Jackson Five- ABC

    Style: Hardcore

    Finisher: DDT- its called The Hashtag

    Signatures: Missle Drop Kick- called !

    Ring Attire: A mask with #'s all over it. Wears a white tank top with a very large ! on front and back. Long white pants with !!!!!!!! down one side and ........... down the other

    Alignment: Face

    Bio: Most people think he is a joke because of his ringwear, but he is not. He is quick, and can take an opponent down when they least expect it. He grew up somewhere in the midwest where he was slow in school, rarely ever spoke, other kids made fun of him. By grade 10, he was bigger than all his classmates- yet he was still bullied. He tweeted about this all the time- hence the nickname #. On graduation night bullies threw acid in his face, luckly none got in his eyes, yet he was disfigured. Because he never fought back, he decided to enter a wrestling school- he showed up wearin
    g a ski mask to hide his scars- and he would not tell the trainers his real name. He really impressed the trainers with his in ring work- and he developed into the character known as #. He also has been recently found to have Tourettes.

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    -Jackson Smith


    - Sternness Dust Alpha: and The Boss’s orders (The Dominator)

    -signature moves: Batista Bomb and The Gore

    -any other certain moves you would want your character to have: , Release German Suplex, Curb Stomp, Mytime (Dropkick followed by immediate Elbow Drop), Gorilla Press into Backbreaker, Flying Armbar, Jumping Clothesline, Tiger Suplex, Camel Clutch, Springboard Elbow, Roaring Elbow, DDT, High back suplex

    -attire and color: Black tights, Black elbow pads, Wrists are taped black, black knee pads, and black boots

    -physical looks (hair,skin color,body build,Tattoos,facial hair etc.): Hair: Natural Waves Skin:Black Body build: Muscular Tattoos: I’m A Boss on his right forearm Facial Hair: Soul Patch

    -nick name: The Boss

    -weight class: 255 Ibs
    Height: 6’2”

    -face/heel : Face

    -gimmick : Sarcastic, hard worker, doesn’t take shit from anyone, does not like to cause problems but he will finish them if need be, brawler, hot headed at times

    -bio: He came from a rough childhood while living in Las Vegas looking to become a wrestler when he was growing up. He had to work at two jobs to help pay for bills because it was just him and his Mom since he had a deadbeat father. When he finally graduated from high school, he promised his mom that he will make it in wrestling for both of them. He went to Strom Wrestling Academy for a little bit over a year before he went to ROH for 2 years. In those two years he became a 3 time TV champion by defeating Eddie Edwards, Christopher Daniels, and Mike Bennett. Then a 2 time ROH world heavyweight champion by winning against Roderick Strong and Davey Richards.
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    E-fed: Jackson "The Boss" Smith- IWA & former ICW superstar
    DJ "The Ladies Man" Williams w/ Rosita-EWNCW
    Devon "Just Damn Good" Jones

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    Name: Great KO Man (GKM)
    Description: Standard Super hero gimmick. More of a comedy character. Only uses leg based moves. Never hands unless defending himself.
    Attire: Although he takes off the cape. He keeps the mask on.
    face/heel: Face
    Backstory: Great friends with his tag team partner. Been childhood friends. GKM has trained his legs for a life time and is 1 of the worlds best vertical and standing long jumpers in the world today. He knows Tai Kwon Do and has an arsenal of great leg based kicks that can take even the biggest men down.
    He believes in justice and all that stereotypical superhero BS.
    Entrance song:
    Height: 5,8
    Weight: 185 pounds
    TKO - Technical Knock Out (Shining Wizard)
    GKO - Great Knock Out (Fame Asser)

    Normal moves:
    Kick to the gut
    Kick to the thigh
    Leg Sweep
    Leg Drop
    Leg stomps in the corner
    Whisper in the wind
    Missile dropkick
    Buzzsaw kick
    Scissor kick
    Mule Kick
    Dragon Whip
    Leg Lariat
    High Knee
    Bicycle Kick
    Rolling Koppou Kick in the corner

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    Van Hooligan X
    4 time World Champion
    Only 2 time dual World Champion
    Won more awards than your best character has had #1 contender matches
    APW co-founder
    Hall of Famer

    Most successful wrestler of all time
    1 of the most successful managers of all time
    Member of the greatest faction of all time (The Clique)
    1/2 of the great tag team of all time (The Infection w/Carlos Alberto Ramon)
    The destroyer of EFeds (w/Dennis)

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    -Slick Nelson
    -Theme song: Video would include images of both Ireland, Brooklyn, and peculiarly, Boston, Mass. Motion would be me running to the ring kind of like Brian Kendrick.

    Frog splash (mix of Eddie's pumping motion and RVD's elevation and impact), powerbomb to facebuster "The Grand Scam", standing-spinning heel kick called the "Slick Kick", and a Widowmaker (mixtureof O' Haire's widowmaker and Goldberg's gorilla press w/ spear)
    Most frequently: Grand Scam, Slick Kck, and Widowmaker.

    -Signature Moves: DDT, shuffle side kick (to theface)/super kick, small package,jumping double knees (not exactly like Elijah Express though, and usually on just a standing opponent (back turned)), and clotheslinefrom the top rope

    - General Moves: German suplex, Fisherman's suplex w/ bridge, spin wheel kick, wind up w/ hard punch (think Palumbo), suplex, Back Cracker, bulldog, scoop slam

    -Submissions (Used infrequently, or as just simple moves to slow the pace or to submit an already injured opponent): Single legged crab, Texas Cloverleaf, arm bar, sharpshooter, STF, surfboard stretch, bow and arrow lock

    More of a grappler and striker.Grappler>Brawler>High-flyer

    -216 lbs., 5'8"


    -World's Greatest Conman.

    -From: Unknown, but noted to be from Brooklyn. Also self-promoted to be from Dublin, Ireland.
    Not a thug, but a tough guy. DTA motto and lifestyle. Supposedly Slick was raised by his father, single-handed.
    Of course a lot of this is speculation, and words straight from the Conman, so what the hell is true?

    -Likeness: Ron Killings (more like K-Kwik, not so much R-Truth)
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    Slick Nelson, World's Greatest Con Man at your service.

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    Name: Black Blooded (Mr. Black and Mr. Blood)

    Weight: cmb 675 (Black 450, Blood 225)

    Height: Black 6'11" Blood 6'2"

    From: Las Vegas, NV

    Alliance: Tweener/Heel

    Wrestling style: smashmouth, Black being more of a powerhouse, and Blood being more of a submission style wreslter

    Theme: Avenged Sevenfold ~ Natural Born Killer

    Signature moves:

    Mr Black: Black Hole Slam,

    Chokeslam (I am sure everyone has seen a chokeslam by now :P)

    Mr Blood: Double-armed DDT

    Shooting Star Press
    (Again, pretty sure everyone has seen it)

    Finishing moves: Mr Black: Black Death Drop (Implant Buster)

    Mr Blood: Blood drop (Pedigree)
    (Seriously, it's a pedigree)

    Tag Team finisher - BBD (Heat Seeker)

    (Start at 4:50, sorry for the shit quality, can't find a better example)

    Bio: Black and Blood have traveled all over the world, competing on every Continent over the last 5 years, winning tag team gold wherever they go.
    Both men grew up in the Ghetto of Las Vegas, surviving however they could. Meeting each other in their teens, they have always looked out for each other and consider themselves brothers, Together they faced every challenge, from homelessness and starvation, running with the Hell's Angel's biker gang to working as hired muscle for the mob and eventually prison time, before deciding to try for their dream of being the best tag team in professional wrestling. Trained by Team 3D, they have come to ICW to prove that they are the most hardcore tag team in all of professional wrestling, or at least the most wealthy. Neither man has been known to back down from taking someone out if the price was right.

    Mr Black: Physical Description Standing an impressive 6'11" nobody knows what Mr Black looks like under the black leather full-face mask he always wears, his body is covered in scars from the rough life he has lead, and the words "Fuck" and "You!" are tattooed on the knuckles of his left and right hands, respectively. Wears black jeans when wrestling, Wears and all-black suit when not wrestling, no tie. Wears black tape on both hands

    Mr Blood: Physical Description Shorter than his partner, however very cut and athletic looking, with blue eyes and long black hair with red streaks typically caught in a ponytail Mr Blood typically wears black jeans as well, choosing their durability over anything flashy.He wears a black suit with a red shirt and no tie when not competing. has a full sleeve on his left arm the largest part of which is a cobra wrapped around his arm from the shoulder to the palm of his hand, where it is bearing dripping fangs like it is about to strike. In the spaces in between the cobra are all the different signs for death from all over the world, including egyptian hieroglyphs and norse runes. Wears black tape on his right arm.

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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    -superstar name
    Sean Riggs

    -entrance song/motion
    Saliva - King of my world

    -finishing move(s)
    Paranoid - Styles Clash
    Phoenixclash - Liontamer
    -signature moves
    Rollercoaster - Suplex Stunner

    -Any miscellaneous moves
    He is a suplex guy, he uses very much suplex. And he also likes to put people in submissions like: Walls of Jericho/Yes lock/ Edgecator and many more submissions.

    225 lb

    6 ft 4


    He is like Dean Ambrose, he has the same gimmick.
    His attire:
    He wears the same as Edge does, but having Lightning signs all over his pants and the 'R' can stay on it because of his last name.
    -Short bio
    He comes from Hawaii, his parents moved to there a few years before his birth. He lived the goodlife because his parents were rich, they had a big house. As kid he used to do Backyard wrestling because he had a big backyard and he could affort it. He moved to FCW to become a wrestler in the WWE but it never worked. He now moved to ICW and is ready to make an impact!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vandarius View Post
    Darius: You're all bitching again? Jesus, I thought this was Insane Championship Wrestling ... Not Jersey Shore!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Giddy View Post
    Kryptonite is awesome
    Quote Originally Posted by Asherdelampyr View Post
    Your sig gives kind of a rapey vibe

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    -superstar name: Matthew Christopher

    -entrance song/motion:<font color="#333333">

    -finishing move(s):

    -signature moves:

    -Weight: 235

    -Height 6 foot 5 inches


    -Gimmick: In your face heel who won't take any help from anyone but himself

    -Short bio: Matt grew up without a mother or father, and the only thing he had his whole life was wrestling. His whole life he treated coaches like they were his parents. Christopher has demoted his whole life to make it in the big leagues, and now that he's there, he doesn't want to leave any time soon.

    Superstar From WWE/TNA/WCW Any Business that you think/want your star to closely resemble(you'll understand once you see the first show, I'm inventive, also, once someone picks a person, no one else can choose that person. I'll be sure to make a list below this saying what stars are being used)-This is optional also, you don't have to pick a real life star to represent your character.:
    CM Punk in ROH.

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    Name: Mr. Smyth

    From: The UK

    Entrance music: M83 - Midnight City

    Finishing Move: The Rule (fireman's carry into the X-factor)/Texas Cloverleaf

    Signature moves: Diving spear from second rope, Lou Thez press, double-arm back breaker.

    Misc. moves: British style of technical wrestling. Very few high-spots, very little show boating. Every move has a reason, and that reason is to hurt.

    Weight: 222lbs

    Height: 5ft8

    Alignment: Heel

    Gimmick: Business man.

    Bio: Born and raised in a poor family, Mr. Smyth built an impressive portfolio of business' by the age of 23. Bored of this life, he sold up - making himself a multi-millionaire - and made a decision to spend his life tackling the wrestling industry, using his contacts to gain himself a contract with ICW. Natural born leader, with strong influential skills. His goal is to one day run his own wrestling company, but was told that he needs to experience life as a talent before he can get into the board room. Will do everything he can to move up the ladder.

    Appearance: Backstage and ring entrance is a full black suit, black shirt, no tie (think Shane O-Mac). In ring, jacket get's removed to reveal the black shirt is sleeveless (think RTC Bull Buchanan). Short spiky hair with a short beard. Carries a briefcase everywhere.

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!



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