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    Name: Shaz

    Age: 19

    Nickname: "The Most Talented Man That Ever Excisted"


    Finishers: Canadian Destroyer (Best in the World, B.I.T.W for short) and the Rear Naked Choke (Shaz-Mission)

    Signatures: Airaplane Spin, BrainBustah, Fosbury Flop, Muta Lock, Springboard Arabian Press, Reversed Frankensteiner, Enzuigiri, Springboard Elbow Drop, Hurricanrana, Tornado DDT, Suicide Dive, Moonsault, Drop Kick, Monkey Flip, Springboard Clothesline, Armbar, Springboard Crossbody, Missle Dropkick, Scissored Armbar Crossface, Neckbreaker, STF, Crucifix Driver, Death Valley Driver, Frog Splash, Sitout Inverted Suplex Slam, Japanese Arm Drag, Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam, Leg Hook Saito suplex, Spinning Heel Kick, Standing Shiranui.

    Style: Technical/High Flyer

    Weight: 215lb

    Height: 6 ft 0

    Alignment: Heel

    Gimmick: Shaz was born in the mean streets of Brixton in England, London. After 5 long, hard years, Shaz has just came out of prison. He
    got in behind bars for GBH, for vicously assaulting a man who was verbally abused him. In prison, Shaz was bullied for the first year, but after creating a gym in his jail, he worked out. As he got more hench and hench, Shaz started picking on the same people who bullied him. At the age of 15 everyone was scared of him. Even the over 25 year olds. As everyone was scared to come out to the break area, Shaz stayed in himself. And he started watching wrestling. And has been hooked ever since. But he thinks the lot of these wrestlers are fake, and he wants to prove to the world that he can become a World Champion. After coming out of prison, Shaz trained himself, and he has now been in various wrestling companies. He had trials at WWE and TNA. TNA didn't want him due to so many talents they had. But Vince McMahon verbally abused him and said that he's poor in the ring, and on the mic. Shaz got pissed off and went, training more. He went back to the WWE trials and Vince changed his mind. But a Luchadore called Sin Cara blew McMahon away and he was chosen instead of Shaz, because the fans were obsessed with his style. This caused Shaz to hate the fans, and adding more fuel to his fire to become a wrestler. He called up ICW after the 2nd coming, and he is officially an ICW wrestler!

    Attire: Wears Louis Vuitton Belt, chain, watches and glasses. True Religion jeans, and a NY flat cap. Ralph Lauren trainers/shoes.

    Hometown: Brixton, London.

    Resembles: JTG.
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    Name: Dave "The Gunner" Steele

    Height: 6'7"

    Weight: 310 lbs

    Face/Heel: Tweener

    Finisher: Devil Dog Buster (similar to Goldberg's finisher)

    Signatures: Spear, Power Bomb Slam, Running Body Slam, Choke Slam, Sleeper Hold

    Entrance: Fuel by Metallica which they will play live at ICW's biggest pay-per-view event

    Bio: Not much is known of The Gunner's past. What is known is that he is a trained marine who fought for his country and now wants to fight against anyone who gets in his way to claim the top prize, the glory, to obtain the gold...the ICW Championship belt. Don't under estimate this beast. He's an uncaged animal that will prey on you until he gets what he wants. If you're smart, you will want The Gunner on your side, piss him off and you might as well kiss your ass goodbye. Semper Fi!
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    Super Dave

    WWE Fantasy Fed
    Triple H: Current WWE Intercontinental Champion
    Undertaker: 30th Entrant at the Royal Rumble

    Dave "The Gunner" Steele: ICW and EWA Superstar
    Adrian "El Chulo" Guerrero: EWA Superstar

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    Name:Antonyo Angelo




    Nickname:The Italian Stallion

    Gimmick:I am an Italian very rich guy and very famous wrestler in Italy and Europe,Very stylish and very strong character.I get everything i want with the power of money (like JBLs gimmick).Oh and i hate....HATE the AMERICANS.

    Signature move:Fallaway slam sometimes from the second rope and Running DDT

    Finishing move:The emperors Cutter(top rope rko) and Caesars slam (angle slam)

    Normal moves:
    Big boot
    Flying Lariat
    Suicide dive
    Eye poke
    sleeper hold
    swinging neck braker
    Backbreaker rack
    Running dropkick to the corner
    Multiple European uppercut
    Diving elbow drop
    Bridging cobra clutch
    Vertical suplex
    Belly-to-back suplex
    Snap suplex
    Elbow smash
    Reverse frankensteiner
    roundhouse kick

    Entrance song:

    Appearance - gear:
    jadorable-anthonygallo2.jpgThat is Antonio,and on his trunks i want to have the Italian flag on it
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    Height: 7 foot 3
    weight: 152 kilos
    Face or Heel: You could say heel but he hates everyone
    Entrance theme: Ministry of darkness
    Finisher: Gallows Pole
    Background: Vicious son of a bitch who just likes pounding on people.
    EXECUTION has a scar running from his left eye socket to his jaw line and is very paranoid about it and hence during his life has become just an angry soul who reeks havoc whereever he goes.
    He is a massive unit who loves the beat down more then titles themselves

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    -superstar name
    -entrance song/motion
    Three days grace - Pain

    Rockafeller (AngleSlam)
    -signature moves
    Iron Man (The three amigo's)
    -Any miscellaneous moves
    He is a very massive guy, so he does use FU or F5 or powerbomb everytime.
    412 lb
    6 ft 10
    One hell of a guy, has the muscles from Brock Lesnar but the height from Undertaker, he is evil, he is fucking bad.. Everyone is scared from him, he isn't fat.. Just muscles, only muscles
    -Short bio
    He always got bullied on school because of his terrible look and height, now he is here, in the ICW and wants to destroy everybody

    Quote Originally Posted by Vandarius View Post
    Darius: You're all bitching again? Jesus, I thought this was Insane Championship Wrestling ... Not Jersey Shore!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Giddy View Post
    Kryptonite is awesome
    Quote Originally Posted by Asherdelampyr View Post
    Your sig gives kind of a rapey vibe

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    -superstar name Chris Divine

    -entrance song/motion Song: Hear Me Now by Hollywood Undead

    -finisher moves
    Divine Intervention-RKO
    Frog Splash

    -signature moves
    Running Enzuigiri
    Springboard spin kick
    Reverse DDT
    Top rope hurricara
    Springboard DDT

    -any miscellaneous moves
    Any kind of high flyer moves

    Height- 5'11

    Weight- 220 lbs


    Self professed chosen one
    Having grown up in the great state of Georgia, Chris had the opportunity to go many different churches. Everywhere he went though, he felt he had a calling for more than just a normal life. Believing that God spoke to him, and told he was meant to be the best in the world, Divine stepped into the world of professional wrestling. After having taken time off from competing for other companies, Divine returned to wrestling by joining rival promotion HWA, but upon seeing the resurrection of ICW, Divine has returned to where he started

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    NAME: Alex Kidd

    Billed height 6 ft 2 in

    Billed weight 232 lb (105 kg)

    Location Mexico

    Character Heel

    Finisher: King Senton (630 splash) ,Jacknife Powerbomb

    Signatures: Future shock ddt, Moonsault, Shining wizard

    Misc moves: Technical wrestler, uses a lot of kicks and highlfying moves

    Theme Song:

    Gimmick: Cocky attitude, full of himself and claims he is the greatest wrestler who ever lived, his gimmick is similair to Cm Punk and Bobby Roode.

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    Name: "Mr. Mayhem" Mike Hawk
    Face/Heel: Heel
    Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

    Style: High Flyer, Martial Artist (Similar to Low-Ki, Tajari, Paul London, and Homicide)
    Sig. Moves: Grounded Dragon Sleeper, DDT(snap, tornado, running), suicide dives, martial arts kicks, springboards variations and crossbodys
    Finishers: Ground: Mayhem Driver (Fisherman Driver) and Top rope: Phoenix Splash
    Bio:The high-flying, death defying, master of air is here. He is called Mr. Mayhem because that's what he creates when he sets the ring ablaze with his fast paced style. One of the fastest and highest flyers from Tokyo, he has been around in Mexico and Japan he comes out to make his mark and beat the best around to prove himself.
    Look: Low Ki
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    Mike Hawk
    EWNCW World Champion (11-12-13 to 5/1/14) Vacated
    Current IWA World Champion (12-15-13 to Present)
    IWA Blackout Champion (3-24-13 to 4-27-14)
    Former JBW Television Champion (12-2-12 to 8-2-13)
    Former ICW Tag Team champion
    1st and last EWA Carnage World champion

    Mixed Emotions (Pride and Sorrow)
    Current EWNCW World Tag Team Champions (4-19-13 to 4-26-14)
    Last EWNCW Grand, Hardcore and International Tag Champions

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    Awesome to have Mike Hawk and Alex Kidd. Added you both to the first page of the main ICW thread in the roster section!

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    Name: Kyojin

    Nickname: ‘The Master of True Wrestling'

    Originates from: Hiroshima, Japan


    Finishing moves:

    Rising Sun

    Truth Hurts

    Look: 5’9, black hair that reaches down to his shoulders, wears white tights with red circles on each of his knees.

    Signature Moves: Missile Dropkick, Enzigueri, Yakuza Kick, Windmill Kick, Suicide Dive, Brain Buster

    Normal moves: Many different Kick Variations, Legdrop, Crossbody, High Knee

    Alignment: Tweener

    Bio: Born as Hyu-Kin Lee to a rich Cult Leader and his trophy wife, Lee moved to Chicago at a very young age. His father was always very racist to Americans and Lee follows his father’s beliefs that the Japanese are better than anybody. He speaks perfect English- and calls himself Kyojin (Japanese for Lunatic) with the nickname The Master of True Wrestling, a motto he stands by. Lee showed an interest in professional wrestling from when he was in high school and returned to Japan to take part in NJPW, where he was a hit with the locals, before being asked to join TNA, but after a backstage altercation with Austin Aries, he was quietly future-endeavoured after just two months. After working his way around the independent circuits, Kyo was offered a trial at ICW- where he impressed so much, they offered him a contract.
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