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    EWA Final Frontier Official Card

    EWA Final Frontier Official Card
    The last ever EWA show

    EWA World Championship
    Alex Kidd (c) vs Rob Rage

    Pain! World Championship
    Thantos (c) vs Mike Muir

    Carnage Championship
    Mike Hawk (c) vs Victor Crawford

    Fury TV Title
    Artemis Eclipse (c) vs Jman vs Malcolm Cage

    Pain! TV Title
    Harry Richards (c) vs Gaileo vs Hanz Gruber vs Shining Light

    EWA Tag Team Championship
    The Panzer Division (c) vs The Turnes

    3 Stages of Hell
    1/Inferno, 2/I Quit, 3/Buried Alive
    KiLLA vs Grant Lawman

    Chris Divine vs Antoyno Angelo- a special HWA exclusive match

    Brandon Medieros vs Ryku O'Ryan

    Black Blooded and Darius vs Mixed Emotions and ???

    Womens (HellCats) Battle Royal

    Hardcore Gauntlet involving majority of leftover roster

    Luc Ledesma vs Silva

    Michael "The Archangel" vs Ryan "The Freak" Wells

    Clusterfuck Chaos Match- an EWA Exclusive



    6 EWA Awards! (Chosen by Creative),

    And 6 EWA Volt Segments

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young


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