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    Rock v Brock is a point well made to be fair, but the way things are with WWE it's possible that it's going to happen as it would be a huge draw seeing Rock try to fulfil the dream he's got of becoming WWE Champ one more time.

    One decent thing that might come of Lesnar or Rock being champion is getting rid of that crappy spinner belt. I loved the Atittude Title and I was happy to see the old IC Belt brought back by Cody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by URATOOL View Post
    I might be good for The E. like it or not he does have a fan base. But would it be good for Dave? Would you want to come back now? The return of the Animal! Only to be upstaged by the Beast! We know they are planning to push Lesner through the roof again, so would there really be room for Batista as well?
    Id say yeah. I mean he could return on Raw tonight, but be a permanent ficture on sd. It give me a reason to watch each week. Plus him as a heel would add to the roster imo

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    I like the thinking of him being a Smackdown guy. That show is so boring it's better to watch paint dry most weeks.

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    naah dont see it happening, while daves films arent that great, his still getting more exposure and his getting more deals so for that reason i dont think his coming WWE doesnt need another occasional appearence superstar taking the limelight at RAW but never appearing in the house shows...

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    Well I got that one wrong didn't I?!?!?

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