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    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    I like him because his gimmick is so ridiculously stupid that it's funny
    This is pretty much it for me. I appreciate many styles of humor & Zack's is one of them. Plus he may not be great in the ring but he's solid & gets the crowd involved.
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    His goofy smile.
    It just cheers me up for no good reason

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    Wow you guys really love the guy.

    View my video it is absolutely epic!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyClay View Post
    this is my first thread i just want to ask the internet fans why do u like ryderr the only reason i like him because he makes video but he can not wrestle better than people like tyson kid so why do u like him.
    I cant stand the gimmick him and robbie and robbie t are the stuff of nightmares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asherdelampyr View Post
    I think in large part it comes down to 4 things

    1. the Z: True long island story introduced a level of connection to the fans that WWE usually does not allow. That was something new and exciting (at the time), and so it got a lot of attention.

    2. People like to see the scrappy underdog succeed. Here is this guy that was essentially a jobber on superstars, who couldn't buy a Raw or Smackdown match that lasted longer than 2 minutes, let alone any sort of real run with a title, and he goes and finds a way to promote himself anyway, regardless of the WWEs seeming lack of interest in promoting him. That made a lot of people (myself included) applaud him and want to see him find some measure of success, since it is obvious from his videos that he is very passionate about the business.

    3. He is the first star in this era to really do what guys like SCSA, Jericho and The Rock did by pushing to get a spot and finding new ways to get over and make a name for himself, (Not saying that he is on the same level, just that he had the same mindset) instead of just whining about it like Matt Hardy did. That is one of the biggest things missing in the WWE today imo.

    4. What I have taken to calling the hipster fetish. the idea that anyone who isn't mainstream must be inherently better than someone who is more mainstream. Basically it's like rooting for the underdog, just taken to an extreme level. I think these are the guys pushing for him to win the WWE title in the next month and other foolishness like that. It's the same thing that keeps shitty garage bands in some level of business, because at a certain point the actual quality becomes a non-factor because he is "fighting the machine, man" (Not saying that Ryder is'nt talented, just my belief that it really doesn't matter to a few people who are his biggest supporters)

    Myself, I like Zack Ryder. I have a great deal of respect for the testicular fortitude he displayed in finding a new way to connect to the fans and get over, and I am happy to see that it worked out for him. I don't see him ever really getting out of the midcard, or perhaps getting to be a transitional champ for one of the big 2 belts, but he is an entertaining guy, and really that's what it is all about.

    This really summed up why I like him too, great post Asher!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CM Rock-Austin View Post

    This really summed up why I like him too, great post Asher!
    thanks, I guess it makes up for the abject stupidity I have shown all day at work today

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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    Because he went out on a limb to get himself over. The 'E did nothing for him, he did it all himself. He got the fans chanting his name when he wasn't on the card. He basically forced the 'E to book him in matches to give the fans what they want.


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