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    Was the divas season the down fall of NXT?

    The first season of NXT was obviously a good idea. When you look at how many of them are now on the main roster and include now former WHC, IC and US champions. Then season two rolled along and we got what felt a bit like left overs from season one short listing. Some were good, some were shocking. Most are back in FCW. But it was still watchable

    Then came the diva seasons. From that season we have gained a backing dancer, a girlfriend to a fired GM, a badly treated former girlfriend of a former WHC, a fired giant (personally I think they should have kept her) and a crazy woman who isn't sure who, in the current season of NXTm she is dating/screwing/marrying etc... So a pretty pointless group. Obviously I'm very glad that Kaitlyn got a contract. But the divas that got contracts (AJ and Kaitlyn) rarely make it to the big two shows (unless you count AJ being on DB's leash).

    Since season 3 the show has got worse and the competitors less interesting. The current season is likely to surpass RAW as the longest running weekly episodic show. So was the divas show the nail in the coffin or was it going to get this shit anyway.


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