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    Should the WWE bring back the cruiserweight title

    Should the WWE bring back the Cruiserweight title

    Hmm. Someone asked me this question the other day and the more i thought about it the more i liked the idea. The perfect time to do it would be when SMACKDOWN! goes to SyFy. They could like open the show and say " and now to open smackdown we will have teddy long reinstating the cruiserweight championship! " Also, think of how many great WWE superstars could be awesome Cruiserweight champions

    Daniel Bryan (when the nexus storyline is over)
    Evan Bourne (He WOULD BE GREAT!)
    Justin gabriel(again..awesome)
    Primo Colon
    Santino Marella
    Zack Ryder
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Caylen Croft (who else has never heard of him)
    Cody Rhodes
    Curt Hawkins
    Chavo Guerrero
    Drew Mcintyre
    Rey Mysterio
    Trent Barretta
    Tyler Reks
    Vance Archer

    These wwe stars could put on some great matches
    and with TNA starting to get away from the X-Division title...this could REALLY get people to watch smackdown


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    drew, and Vance Archer aren't cruiserweights

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    this would be a good idea and since hornswoggle is back thet could do a bad skit wth vickie taking the title from swoggle and giving it to ziggler or putting ziggler in a match for it something like that

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    They should bring it back. I wanna see high flying wrestling again.

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    no i dont think they should.
    i personaly would rather see more life in the tag division.
    it was like they was gonna do that a couple of months ago then they just stopped.
    now they got these new belts,and smakdowns tag division looks like it mgiht get stroner.
    but nahhh, i dont think the wwe should bring back the cruiserweight division or title, a wwe match is to structured to be able to put on a good cruiser weaight match.

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    why does my comment keep being removed i posted here twice....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtGohan View Post
    why does my comment keep being removed i posted here twice....?
    Looks like that happened all over here... Mine from yesterday is gone as well...

    Ehm, Anyhoo, Tyson Kidd, and Kaval are also cruserweights (and better than half the guys the OP mentoned). Plus, Vance Archer? Tyler Reks? since when are 260 lbs guys considered Cruserweights?

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    to post my comment again. no they should not bring it back, they already have enough titles. and the titles they have dont even mean much. besides there arent alot of cruiserweights who are over enough to support a belt.

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    my comment was removed too, it was a long one, grrr!!
    My point was, WWE should only bring it back if they could make it mean something again. The US title for example is dead at the moment, I can't remember the last time Miz defended it and I hardly even notice that the title exists any more!! There are plenty of guys that aren't in any title picture that could compete for the cruiserweight title too. Kaval, Tyson Kid, Matt Hardy and Christian should be added to your list instead of Archer, Reks and McIntyre (all of whom are too big to be cruiserweights). Maybe it would be an idea to have it dual branded and defended on both brands like the tag titles.

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    The cruiserweight division is great. All the cruiserweights should come back and entertain us again with inhuman like moves. There should be some exceptions (like high flying big guys like Vance Archer) same as the X-Division in TNA.


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