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    Who's your favorite?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I'm new here so try not to bite my head off. So out of all the new young superstars that have debuted within the last year or so who are your favorites? How would you use them differently? What minor tweaks would you make, be it there finisher, gimmick etc.

    I'm loving most of them so far. Guys like Drew, Wade, Bryan, Alberto, & Sheamus to be honest are the reason I still haven't given up on the WWE.

    If I could change anything about someone I would probably give Drew a new finisher. I like the DDT, it looks good but when it comes down to it it's still just a DDT. I'd actually like to see him use a submission move. Maybe after the DDT he locks in a kimura? He's already positioned for it. Also I think submission moves are a great way to get a heel over. Nothing like watching your favorite babyface fight out of an opponents submission hold. Just watch most of Jericho's matches.

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    That is a good suggestion about babyfaces breaking out of submissions. I remember everytime Flair would lock in the Figure Four with a top babyface, they would always rollover and reverse it so Flair would have to let go.

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    And It builds heat for the heel when they lock it in and the face slowly fades away.

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    Please allow me to give my infinite wisdom on this matter. First I would just like to say Mr BMR I will be praying for your soul. Now that's out of the way I can continue on. Even Though he's been there for years without a doubt my favorite is simply AWESOME. Thats right its the Miz, he has came so far, from reading lines on his hands to being one of the best on the mic. His in-ring skills are getting better every time he enters the squared-circle. He is simple AWESOME!!!! As for the newbie favorite of mine, he really isn't a noob at all he is THE AMERICAN DRAGON Bryan Danielson. I've watched him for years in the indy's and all I have to say is you haven't seen nothing yet if you've only seen him in the wwe so far. If your not a fan already don't worry he will win you over with his pure athleticism. He is a special breed. Hey when Vinny Mac talks about you, your headed to the top. He is on his way.......slowly but surely he is on his way. U MAD???

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    Del Rio, Miz, Wade, Danielson, Rhodes, McIntyre etc.
    lol umad?

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    u guys want talent from newcomers...check out one of mexicos newest and top draws...he works for cmll and under the name mistico...all this guys u mention cannot even shine his boots...he alone draws crowds for cmll...

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    i like a lot of the new guys. just wish they mixed up their attire. seeing every new guy debut in speedos is just not right. too much guy leg for my tast. that and i would give them new finishers and theme songs. the nexus theme just irritates me, just not "not bad" guy material

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    sorry mistico is way better than danielson...U MAD?

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    also how can i forget jay lethal...who in my opinion drips charisma and drips talent...over miz and over wade...stop looking at wwe guys other companies have talent as well

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    As far as WWE goes, I'd couldn't really just say anyone within the last year. With the institution of the youth movement there have been too many "new" stars to limit it to just one year. In terms of the most deserving, I agree completely with the infinite wisdom of IPITS. Having watched Miz's entire career it is amazing to see how far he has come and how much he has progressed and improved. He truly is AWESOME! As for personal favorites and how I would like to see them used differently, Evan Bourne and Bryan Danielson. With Paul in charge of creative now, we may see a good push for Bourne once he is healthy again. That's the only thing I would change for him. ALLOW HIM TO BE PUSHED THE WAY THEY STARTED WITH HIM. Danielson is getting the push that he deserves right now.

    As for TNA, they've been around for a while, but it doesn't get any better than the best tag team in the world today: the Motor City Machine Guns! They are two of the most innovative wrestlers on television today. They are AWESOME!


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