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    WWE Destruction Style

    Simple enough, I'll be booking WWE Raw and Smackdown, from Wrestlemania 28 onwards

    All reviews are welcome

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    Update on Control of The Brands Match at Wrestlemania

    The Board of Directors have added a stipulation for the 12 man tag team match at Wrestlemania. It will now be held under Elimination Rules, and everyone who scores a fall in the match, will be immune from being fired until the Night after Summerslam 2012

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    Any idea when Wrestlemania will be up mate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by No_1eddiefan View Post
    Any idea when Wrestlemania will be up mate?
    Tomorrow more likely than not

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    Pre Show

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    Epico and Primo vs The Uso's vs Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

    A good match to get the crowd pumped. The finish came with a backstabber on Justin Gabriel by Primo for 3.

    Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions, Primo and Epico

    Main Show

    The pyro hits, as Josh Matthews, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole welcome us to the Showcase of The Immortals - Wrestlemania. They have a quick run down of tonights card, as Cody Rhodes comes out to a lot of heat to open the show. The Big Show comes down to cheers, as we immediatly start the show with a title match

    Intercontinental Championship Match
    Cody Rhodes (C) vs The Big Show

    This match had it's high points a was a good 20 minute match, it started with Show dominating Rhodes, before Rhodes managed to get back into it with Disaster Kick, which came when he broke out of a chokeslam attempt. Cody was wearing down Shows upper body, using a front face lock, and multiple punches to the head, keeping Show down. Show managed to power out of the front face lock, and managed to hit a spear for 2. Show prepared for the WMD, but Cody slid out of the ring. Show followed Cody towards the announce table, but Cody hit a drop toe hold, sending Show head 1st into the table. Rhodes entered the ring, as did Show at the count of 9, but Cody immediatly went for the Cross Rhodes, and successfully landed it for the 3 count and a title retain

    Winner and STILL the Intercontinetial Champion: Cody Rhodes.

    Rhodes celebrate in the ring, taunting a grounded Show on the floor. Ted DiBiase ran into the ring, and started trading punches with Cody. By this time, Show got up, and tried to punch Cody, who ducked, and accidently punched DiBiase. Rhodes retreated up the ramp, with title in hand, as Show checked on DiBiase

    A Video is shown of Extra! and the Divas match background, before cutting to the arena. Beth's music plays as her and Eve comes out together to the ring. Kelly Kelly music's plays as her and Maria comes out to the ring, as we start the second contest off.

    Beth Phoenix and Eve vs Kelly Kelly and Maria Menousos

    Well, the less said about this match the better. Beth and Eve did well at making their opponents look good, but they couldn't return the favour. Maria did well for her in-ring debut, and although her selling could be improved, her offence was good, and even managed successfully a top rope frankensteiner for a near fall, but she just lacked the... certain something. Kelly, on the other hand, didn't do that great. Better than most of her matches, but still not perfect, she worked safely but that was it. Beth won with a Glam Slam on K2, but the match was a waste of 15 minutes.

    Winners: Eve and Beth Phoenix

    Beth and Eve celebrate, and Beth, Kelly, and Maria, make there way to the back. Eve however, stays in the ring to "support" Zack Ryder. Santino's Music hits as Teddy, Aksana, Nikki Bella, and Hornswoggle and the whole of Team Teddy comes out into the ring, with Zack staring at Eve for the majority of the walk down the aisle. David Otunga's music plays out as John Laurinatis, Vickie Guerrero and Brie Bella come out to the ring with Team Johnny to a chorus of boo's. The announcers remind everyone of's update of the match, which places the match under Elimination Rules, and everyone who scores a fall, will be immuned from Future Endeavouredment until the night after Summerslam, 2012

    Control of the Brands
    Team Johnny (David Otunga, Mark Henry, Drew McIntrye, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and The Miz) vs Team Teddy (Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali and Booker T)

    This match had everything. You could either call it a great tag team match, or a general cluster****. The Miz and Zack Ryder started things off. For about 3 minutes, neither man managed the upperhand, so The Miz tagged in Drew to give it a go. Drew and Zack prepared to lock up, but both men stop. Ryder looked at Eve, and left the ring. He headed up the ramp, with Eve following suit. They both have a smile on their faces as Team Teddy realises that Ryder double crossed them. The referee calls out 10, and Ryder is counted out - meaning no-one so far has immunity.

    Next in is The Great Khali, and he dominates Drew, before Drew manages to get the tag into Mark Henry. They go back and forth before The Great Khali locks in the Vice Grip on Henry. Henry is close to tapping before Ziggler hit a missle dropkick to Khali's back, relishing the vice grip. Kofi runs in a clotheslines Dolph out of the ring. He high fives Khali, who turns around into the World Strongest Slam for The 3 Count, leaving the teams 6-4 in Team Johnny's favor

    Next Henry tagged in Swagger, who faced of with Santino. Swagger immediatly went on the offence, laying in punches. He goes for the Gutwrench Powerbomb, but Santino rolls through in a sunset flip powerbomb. He gets the 3 count and saves his job. Ziggler run's in, and hit a fame-asser, before doing his trademark Handstand, Ziggler get's back up, and taunts to the crowd, as Santino comes in from behind with a roll-up for 3, making the scores equal again

    Next in for Team Johnny is David Otunga. For 3-4 minutes, these 2 have a solid wrestling battle. They carry on until Otunga and Santino tag in Henry and Booker T. They trade blows, with Booker getting the upper hand, until McIntyre comes in to push the tide in Team Johnny's favor. R-Truth comes in to even the scores, and the faces get the upper hand. They both kick Henry and McIntyre in the stomach, before looking at each other, and running into opposite ropes. They both deliever Scissor Kicks, and Booker pins Henry. He tags Kofi, who goes over to McIntyre and successfully pins him, turning it 4-2 in Team Teddy's favor.

    The scores gets closer when David Otunga comes in immediatly and rolls up Kofi. Booker comes back in, but Otunga makes a tag to the unwilling Miz. The Miz manages to get the upperhand on Booker, asking Otunga make the tag, but Otunga refuses and drops to the floor. Miz argues with Otunga, when R-Truth gets the tag, and comes in and rolls up The Miz for 3. Otunga comes back in casually, as The Miz goes to the floor. Otunga immediatly goes after Truth, laying into him with punches. Truth attempts to comes back with a clothesline, but David ducks and hits a spinebuster. Otunga taunts to the crowd as The Miz runs back in and drops Otunga with a Skull Crushing Finale. R-Truth covers for the 3 count and the win for Team Teddy.

    Winners: Team Teddy.

    Teddy Long celebrates in the ring, and the eliminated members of Team Teddy (excluding Zack Ryder) comes down to the ring to join him. The Miz simply smiles at Teddy, before leaving the ring. John Laurinatis looks in distress, as he hasily makes his way to the back.

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    A Video plays of Chris Jericho making it personal with CM Punk, using his father's and sister's battles against him. They show the Elimination Chamber, as well as Punk's attack on Christian. They both make their way down to the ring, both to mixed reactions

    WWE Championship Match
    Chris Jericho vs CM Punk (C)

    This match had high expectations, and it certainly delieverd. The first 10 minutes wasn't anything major, mostly grappling and the occasional dropkick/clothesline. After this, the pace picked up, Punk hit the Shining Wizard/Bulldog combo, Jericho hit an Enzurigi, Punk hit the Macho Elbow, Jericho nailed the lionsault. Around the 18 minute mark, Jericho and Punk were by the announce table. Punk tried a roundhouse kick, but Jericho ducked, and hit a take down. He tried to lock in the walls, but couldn't turn Punk. He instead fell back, and slingshot Punk into the announcers. Jericho went into the ring, at the count of 5. Punk just managed to make it in, at the count of 9, but Jericho immediatly hit a codebreaker! He pins Punk for 3 to become the new WWE Champion

    Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Chris Jericho

    Jericho goes to the ramp, and the referee hands him the title belt. He celebrates on the ramp, as a video shows of Kane's and Randy Orton's feud. They both make their way down to the ring, as we get the next match started

    Kane vs Randy Orton

    This match was good, but not great. Both men got a reasonable amount of offense in, Kane hitting a sidewalk slam, and a running powerslam. Orton hit his modified backbreaker, and his old-school top rope, frog splash crossbody. The ending came after Orton hit his Rope Assisted DDT, and prepared for a RKO. He pounded on the mat, and went for it when Kane got to his feet, but was pushed off. Kane then came back with his own cutter, and pinned the Viper for 3

    Winner: Kane

    The same Lord Tensai promo is aired, as the one on Raw, and is followed immediatly with highlights of the Triple H and Undertaker feud, as well as Shawn Michaels involvment as Special Guest Referee. We cut back to the arena to see the Cell in place, and HBK's music hits and he comes down to a big pop. Trip next, and he enters to a mixed reaction. Undertaker next, and he came down to the biggest pop of the night so far. Suddenly, Teddy Long's music hits, and he orders Michael Cole and Josh Matthews to the back, and introduces JR to come out

    Hell in a Cell "End of an Era", Streak on the line Match w/ Shawn Michaels as special guest referee
    Triple H vs The Undertaker

    Before the match, Undertaker removed his hood, to reveal him wearing a bandana, but with no hair noticeable. This match started with a fast pace, Taker using his height advantage, while Trip uses his (somewhat slow) speed advantage. Taker got the early advantage, laying into Trip with Punches, before hitting a sidewalk slam. Shawn Michaels "Surprisingly" remained Unbiased for the most part of the match. Mid way through the match, they went to the outside. Hunter used the steel steps to his advantage, and went for a spinebuster, against the cell. However, Taker countered, a prepare for the Last Ride, and hit it, with Triple H's back, breaking the Cell Wall. They both moved into the ring, with Undertaker hitting Triple H's back with a chair, like Trip did to Taker last year. Undertaker left the ring, to get a kendo stick, but when he came back, he was caught by a low blow. Trip hit a pedigree for 2. He then began using the Kendo stick against Taker, to the point of making Taker's back bleed. Michaels told Triple H to stop, but Triple H refused, and pushed HBK away. Those 2 exchanged words as Undertaker sat up. HBK pushed Hunter back, straight into Taker, who managed to hit a tombstone. Undertaker was preparing to cover, when he was attacked from behind, by masked man, who broke into the cell. The masked man got the better of Undertaker, before putting him in the fireman's carry, and hit a F5! The masked man removed his mask, to reveal himself as The Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar. Triple H drooped an arm over, and HBK counted to 2, before stopping the count. Triple H looked in shock, and stood up, but got hit by Sweet Chin Music! Taker got up, and went to get a table. He hit a last ride through the table, and HBK counted to 3!

    Winner: Undertaker

    The lights flash wildly and fireworks go off, revealing the titantron say 20-0. Undertaker smiled, as he left the ring, but not before shaking hands with Shawn Michaels. Shawn left the ring, staring as Triple H was taken away by the same method, as Undertaker the year before.

    The Hall of Fame Class of 2012 came on stage, and then we got a video package of Daniel Bryan and AJ, and Sheamus getting involved. They all made their way to ringside to start the penaltimate match off

    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Daniel Bryan (C) w/AJ vs Sheamus

    This match was a decent match, but you would've expected more. Whenever Sheamus went on the attack, AJ would get involved. The match almost finished after about 3 minutes, when Sheamus was stuck in the LeBell Lock. There were a lot of counters, much more than normal. Bryan turned the Celtic Cross into a hurricarna, and the High Cross into a sunset flip powerbomb, while Sheamus moved out of the way of a missle dropkick, and hit a northern lights suplex, when Bryan locked in the Gulliotine Choke. The ending came, after Bryan locked in a sleeper, Sheamus shoved Bryan off, into the referee. AJ grabbed a chair, and tried to hit Sheamus with it, but he ducked and she hit Bryan. Sheamus then got her with a brogue kick, before doing the same thing to Bryan, and pinning him for the 3 count and the championship

    Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

    Sheamus celebrates in the ring, before Paramedics attend to both Bryan and AJ. While this is going on, we recieve a video package of The Rock, John Cena, The Rock and John Cena, The Rock's family, Cena's family, etc. They both make their way down to the ring, to very loud, but very different noise. Cena was booed all the way down, while Rocky was cheered.

    Once in a Lifetime Match
    John Cena vs The Rock.

    This match started of cautiously, with neither man willing to make a mistake. Early on, Rock hit a spinebuster and The People's Elbow, but Cena kicked out at 2. Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle and the AA, but it was Rocky's go to kick out. Most of the match was in the ring, but when they were on the outside, Rocky hit a Samoan Drop, and Cena a gutwrench suplex. Towards the end of the match, The Miz came down to the ring and joined the commentary desk. John Cena tried to clothesline Rock, but hit the referee. Miz came into the ring with a chair, and looked to hit one of the particpants, but instead left the steel chair in the middle of the two, and headed to the back. Both Rock and Cena looked at each other, and then the chair, before deciding to exchange blows. Cena got the advantage, and had the Rock on his shoulders, and prepared for an AA, but the ref got up, so Cena kicked him down. He hit the AA on the chair, as a new referee came down to the ring and counted 1...2...3!

    Winner: John Cena

    Cena celebrated in the ring, to the crowd's disgust, and looked at the steel chair. He just smiled, and took the chair to the back with him, smiling the whole way. Rock sat up and looked disappointed with himself, before the screen fades to black


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