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    am i the only one who enjoys seeing the old faces but is asking myself what is the point of bringing everyone back instead of building new talent.

    Matt Bloom is a great example, great to see him back and i know how well he has done in Japan but he is in his 40's now and suppose to be getting a big push. Just seems odd to me that he gets a spot over someone on the roster like Gabrielor even some one like Kofi. Before you start im not saying WWE isn't pushing any of their new talent. Sheamus, Barrett, DB etc but my point is why bring in people like The Rock, Brock Matt bloom etc and take TV time away from the younger talent. (money)
    I'm sure Vince thinks Brock and Tensai will draw more money than Bryan, Justin, Kofi, Barrett, Ziggler, Rhodes, Swagger, and Sheamus combined.

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    I think some of you might be missing the point. These guys are probably going to get beat eventually. Who's going to beat them? Haitch's issue with Brock leaving was that a lot of people sacrificed to get him to stardom, and he crapped on those people by leaving. Here he is again, he's got a chance at becoming a star again and maybe he'll get to be the one making sacrifices for other guys later. Interest in the younger guys is there, but it's not as widespread as the 'E would like. Here you've got people tuning in to see the old guys coming back and maybe those eyes will stay on the new guys when these guys start leaving again.

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    I agree with everything you said. Especially what you said about supershows.

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    I would personally like to see better and longer feud build ups for starters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Death View Post
    I would personally like to see better and longer feud build ups for starters.
    Oh god yeah this 2 weeks notice crap only works in our jobs not for feuds V-Mac!


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