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    John Laurinaitis

    Mr. John Laurinaitis is the worst person to run RAW and Smackdown, Bischoff was better than JL, Heyman was better than Mr. I-am-a-crap-GM. I vote that WWE picks another GM for RAW and Smackdown and get rid of Laurinatis!

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    I think he's doing a awesome and fair job finally giving us fans what we want. And he has the charisma of a young Al Gore.
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    He is a great heel gm

    yes yes yes

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    He's awesome. He should be on tv at every opportunity!

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    I've yet to seen Hornswoggle vs The Great Khali vs Yoshi Tatsu for the WWE Championship in a PPV Main Event

    This will make him the best GM ever

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    I can't stand him, if anything, i prefer edge or mick foley as GM of RAW or Smackdown....

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    He's also a big toolbox so that always helps

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    i like him and his type of character...his a heel gm but completely different to when mr macmahon was boss...him and vince make the same heel decisions and matches but laurnaitis acts like this is the most fair thing in the world and this is what the people want while vince just made the choice not caring about anything...i think its a good change for a i hate teddy

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    People Power!

    How can you not like big Johnny?. He is Mr. Excitement!

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