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    John Cena should change

    At first I thought even if Cena became more edgy then the haters still would not jump to his side. But I may have been wrong. He was the one who coined the word "Hoeski" that is widely used now. When he said that word he was not booed. When he did the 2 minute rap on the Rock ("I'll put my nuts dead in yo face") I heard no boos there either. But he is booed every time he talks like a "eloquent and boring white guy" who is trying to impress mothers of little kids everywhere hoping their kids will start talking and acting the same exact way. So I think I'm wrong. Especially when on the recent Monday Raw Cena asked if he should lash out at the WWE Universe; you how how the fans responded? With "YES YES YES YES!" A change in him could in fact change the fans around.


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