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    The Downfall Of CM Punk Has Begun -- Who Benefits?

    As noticed on the RAW Supershow last night, they're going to run the "injured Champion" angle with CM Punk from now on. Now that he's proved to be "Best In The World" at WrestleMania, they're going to make him keep going and going and going. They already made it known that he'll basically be defending it week in and week out. So the question that is lingering within me, how long can he handle it and who will be the one to finally dethrone him?

    Realistically this is the only way to take the Championship off of him, he has to be beaten at less than 100% in order for him to still be considered "Best In The World" and not lose any cred when he does finally lose the strap. I have a small list of nominations and I want to see what everyone else thinks:

    Dolph Ziggler
    Wade Barrett
    Daniel Bryan
    Cody Rhodes
    David Otunga

    That's my list, currently I don't have the time to explain why but if you have been following wrestling, you can understand why I picked each of them. Let me know what you all think, I'm very curious about this topic...

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    I don't think Ziggler will benefit from this at all. You saw his match with Swagger and Marella on RAW, right? They'll most likely start feuding with each other and said feud will most likely stay away from the WWE Championship. Rhodes is too busy with Show at the moment. Bryan will be trying to get the World Heavyweight Championship back. David Otunga will probably get a shot for being loyal to Laurinaitis but he won't win. That leaves Barrett.

    Barrett's due to return any day now and I bet that during the Draft, Laurinaitis will announce that Punk will defend his title against RAW's newest acquisition, Wade Barrett.

    This, of course, would result after Punk has defended his title successfully for weeks until Barrett beats him.

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    If they are planning on using the injury angle as a way to get the title off him, then it has to happen sooner rather than later. They can only eke it out for so long. I can't see any of those listed, becoming Champ in the near future. All depends on how the draft shakes down.

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    If this is going to benefit someone my hopes are on Barrett when he comes back


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    I don't see him losing @ Extreme Rules. I know alot of fans/crowds claim to riot if ______________ (fill in the blank) loses but I honestly think Chicago would do it.

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    HMMM, well maybe the guy that poured beer on him will take it. Really Chris Jericho poured beer on a straight-edge motherfucker, so of course he is going to at least have it once before he leaves

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    Dolph Ziggler-- Don't think so, I hope it is him at some point but they seem to keep him at middle-top card for someone else to look good, which is a shame because the guy is amazing.

    Wade Barrett--Most likely, seems to be the one more fit to carry the title from the group.

    Daniel Bryan--Hope he regains the title from Sheamus, thus keeping him apart form Punk until way a later date where they can have a great feud.

    Cody Rhodes--While going up, still something is missing with Cody, needs a little more seasoning before really becoming a threat IMO.

    David Otunga--Please no, at least not in a few years, he has improved but still is light years away from a title run, Mid card, even more so of a World title run but to his credit, at least I don't want to poke my eyes out every time he is in the ring anymore.

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    Lord Tensai, A-Train is the "Natural Disaster" Johnny Ace was referring to in regard to Punk. So that's his next feud (after Jericho).

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    I'm wonderin if Miz will be the one. Miz has had in-ring altercations with Rock at recent RAW events off-camera. Rock has WWE title hopes. I'm wonderin if Miz beats CM Punk then Rock beats Miz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayoholic View Post
    Lord Tensai, A-Train is the "Natural Disaster" Johnny Ace was referring to in regard to Punk. So that's his next feud (after Jericho).
    i think what he meant by that is probably a match next ormsomething, i doubt it will be a feud...well i hope not


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