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    That crowd was unbelieveable

    I absolutely love the crowd last night and at WM. They were so live, they accentuated everything that was going on on Raw. This was easily one of if not, the best Raw in a while because of the crowd.

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    Agreed, the crowd was awesome at Raw last night. Really into every match (for the most part) and were alive for it all. Best Raw crowd in a while.
    Wrestlemania was also brilliant. I don't think it came across as well on tv, since they were in an open air stadium, so it would have been hard to pick up the real sound that was in there. But I'm sure any guy that was there in person will say that it was on fire.

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    poole never heard of it? neither have i
    not surprised wrestlemania gets the most die hard hardcore fans from all over the world crowd turns a good wrestling event into a great and memorable one like last night best raw of 2012 so far

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    wayyyyyyyyyyy better than the crowd in Atlanta last year!!!!!!!! I think its gonna be that nuts next year in new york/new jersey

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    It was interesting to see how Cena reacted to the WE WANT LESNAR chants, very hot crowd. It added so much to the show.

    You're welcome!!

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    was so refreshing hearing a crowd into it, I'd actually given up hope that we would see it at that level again on RAW anyway

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    I was ringside at Wrestlemania and let me just tell you that if there was a roof at Sun Life we would have blown it off! The crowd was absolutely electric. I was also at Raw last night and it was near deafening at times. Everyone was just loud and totally into it. Biggest pop of the night was Brock by far and I honestly didn't think we could get any louder after Rocky opened the show. It's funny, nearly everyone there knew Brock was gonna show and it was still huge. Good times!

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    I think a lot of that had to do with he wrestlemania hardcore fan crowd, and not the casual fan. how would a casual fan know that lesnar was there? not sure, but somehow everyone there knew that he was coming. obviously stuff spreads by word of mouth, but not to that extent.

    it was awesome seeing the crowd like that and it added a ton to the show. I was in chicago for MITB when that crowd blew the roof off that place, and it's an awesome feeling. still gives me chills

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    Yeah, agreed with you guys.. the crowd was amazing and thats the sort of crowd i would love to see more often.

    Olny time they were a little quiet was during Lord Tensai's match which was a shame.

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    YES! Yes! Yes!


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