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    Favorite ROH Wrestlers? (Top 10)

    I did it with WWE... I did it with TNA. I'm going to do it with ROH. Now before I start, just know I don't watch ROH all the time but I will if it is on, so this is just my personal favorites. Basing this off of the roster.

    10.) Kevin Steen - He's got an attitude about him that wrestling needs.

    9.) The Briscoes - Their a pretty good tag team, right?

    8.) Colt Cabana - Clever on the mic?

    7.) Homicide - Just cause he's kind of crazy.

    6.) Jerry Lynn - Been injured... I assume thats why we haven't seen him on ROH, but he's on the roster so... he's on the list.

    5.) Eddie Edwards - Enjoyed some of this guys matches.

    4.) Christopher Daniels - Biggest star ROH has.

    3.) Cheech and Cloudy - Are they still in ROH? I only seen one of their matches... but I love weed...

    2.) Davey Richards - Guys gold in the ring and has great heart.

    1.) Steve Corino - Man this guy is a good heel and he's nasty as fuck.

    Well, I don't think this list was very good as I don't really know ROH, but going down their roster, those are my favorites. Share your favorites, comment on mine... do as you please.

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    No particular order.

    1. Kevin Steen
    2. El Generico
    3. Colt Cabana
    4. Christopher Daniels
    5. Homicide
    6. Chris Hero
    7. Davey Richards
    8. Claudio Castagnoli
    9. Delirious
    10. Kenny Omega
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    1. Davey Richards
    2. Chris Hero
    3. Claudio Castragnoli
    4. Kenny Omega
    5. Colt Cabana
    6. El Generico
    7. Christopher Daniels
    8. The Briscoe Bros.
    9. Roderick Strong
    10. Sara Del Rey


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