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    I think it was a fitting end for HHH and Hbk ....NOT a fiiting end for taker, the Undertaker retiring with the clique? I don't see it going down like that.

    I can see taker having a match against Lesner one more time, Taker has admitted he loves ufc,I know he would love a shot at brock at wrestlemania afterall he had that confrontation with brock at a ufc event, and there is history in wwe between them.

    I can see Undertaker wanting this match for wrestlemania

    Undertakers last match don't have to be at wrestlemania either, he can have a last match at mania but I can imagine wwe doing a whole b-level pay per view like vengence or over the limit dedicated to undertaker retiring when the time comes, whatever happens no superstar will outshine the deadmans last match

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    Quote Originally Posted by brockbatista View Post
    END OF AN ERA ... for the LOSER of the match.

    Nobody retires a WINNER.
    Undertaker can retire at 20-0 or 21-0, he will not lose at Mania. The question is, will he wrestle again next year, I also read he would like another match... but agree it will be hard to top his match last Sunday with HHH and HBK as Ref.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RST View Post
    Undertaker should retire, unless he's facing John Cena next year. There's no one else that's feasible or makes sense for him to overcome.

    Cena or nothing.
    Nothing it is then fella!! Would love to see him face Jericho or Sting.


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