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Thread: Coma McMahon

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    Coma McMahon

    I don't know if I'm just high, but I thought Raw was excellent tonight. All the matches were good, I laughed my ass off several times. But now I want to talk about Coma McMahon.

    This came out of the blue, now, what I want to know.... was this just a comedy sketch?

    Or is this a storyline in the making? WWE laid a lot out there, we saw classic Mcmahon... fucking CLASSIC... and I must say it's something I've missed on Raw. Dating back to the corporation or just a few years back when he was evil. I liked the little Daniel Bryan line too.

    Maybe it wasn't just a dream... maybe the McMahon character has been revived. Maybe Steph and HHH took over the company and their going on this kind of storyline. I mean if McMahon is in a coma... then yeah... hell... maybe Steph and HHH are the RAW GM?

    Or was this just a fun segment to put together to bash politics? Thats pretty cool too...

    So was this a one time sketch basically? Or is this the making of something bigger? Whether it be a McMahon return, a Steph/HHH run again?

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    The return of the McMahon-Helmsley era? That could be something...

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    All the pieces were right there in that segment. It just depends on what WWE's intentions were with that segment.

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    Vince was ribbing linda because he knows she won't win!
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    Raw was boring as hell last night, I don't know I stopped watching after the 1st boring hour. I don't how you people can sit through 2 hours of this crap. Just wait till WM season, it will be exciting

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    I did find some good laughs in the segment, though I have to wonder what's the deal with Coma McMahon. I must have missed it when he was put in a coma. Anyone know when that happened?

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    It was just a funny segment a direct hit to linda's campaign nothing more....nothing less.

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    Well Steph waking up says that he's still in a coma... who knows.. maybe they are just saying he's in a coma cause we havent seen him in a while. More metaphorically speaking. But that segment reminded me of McMahon 1999 for sure. Vince once again shows just how large his balls are lol

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    Segments like that take the viewer out of suspension of disbelief. How could we see Steph's dream? The SNL like approach they like to take sometimes runs contrary to their desire to sell ppvs. WWE is not just a tv show, its supposed to be a worked sport. Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality hurts the products ability to draw. And really reinforces the negative sterotypes that they are trying to overcome.
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    And they're trying to convince people that they aren't supporting Linda? :S


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