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    Over-Rated? Under-Rated?

    Discuss the most under or over rated superstar on the WWE Or TNA rosters
    Over-Rated for me would have to be
    Rob Terry not even AJ made this man look good
    Sheamus maybe its just me but i never got into him
    John Cena i dunno how he got so far with the best part of 10 moves

    I have recently become a huge R-Truth fan i believe he needs a title of any kind and thats the truth
    Christian again needs a belt in TNA he was a great NWA Champion the evidence is there WWE
    Desmond Wolfe he challened for the title then disappeared competing on Xpoltion are you kidding me Williams Vs Wolfe for the title i think Desmond need that belt more

    NOTE: I dont unerstand all this hate for Drew McIntyre i dont think he is a bad wrestler given the right chance sure not world champion but i think he was a good IC champion

    Your opinions ???

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    Over-rated: Rey Mysterio
    Under-rated: Christian

    Over-rated: Rob Terry
    Under-rated: Amazing Red

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    Over-Rated- Its really hard not to say John Cena right here but if I had to go with someone other than him I would have to say Big Show i just seem to be completely uninterested in every fued he is in no matter who its against.

    Under-rated- Chavo is a easy answer as for years he has never been given anything legit to work with but I would have to say Zach Ryder. I'm not saying he is world champion material right now but he has been doing nothing for a while now. Give him the half trunks half tights back and push this guy.

    Over-Rated- Rob Terry & Jeff Hardy

    Under-Rated- PETEY WILLIAMS & CHRIS DANIELS I know they are now longer on the roster now but they have been 2 of the most underrated TNA superstars since they moved to Orlando. I live in Nashville and when they were at the Asylum every week those 2 guys and AJ are the ones that tore the building down week in and week out.

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    Overrated= JOHN CENA this guy is just horrible and makes me wanna throw up.
    Underrated= Santino Marella the mic work is very good he just needs a good storyline and he will take off.


    Overrated= ENTIRE ROSTER except for AJ STYLES

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    Rey Mysterio
    John Cena
    William Regal
    Chavo Guerrero

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    I don't think I know enough about the TNA guys to comment on them (I have never watched an episode of TNA from start to finish ever), so i'll just comment on what I know, the WWE guys

    RAW under-rated:
    Evan Bourne, Goldust, Primo, R-Truth Santino, Vladmir Kozlov, William Regal, Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder

    Bourne is a future main eventer for sure, as is Ryder and hopefully Truth. They along with Tatsu, Primo and Santino should be in contention for US title right now. Kozlov should be a main event heel (What happened to the days of him feuding with Taker?!). I understand Regal and Goldust are veterans now, but they should be in the US title picture really, even if it's to put others over!!

    RAW over-rated:
    John Cena,...that's about it lol

    Smackdown under-rated:
    The Dudebusters (Croft and Barreta), Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters, Christian, JTG, Matt Hardy, MVP,

    Smackdown over-rated:
    Not sure if there is anyone over-rated on the Smackdown roster. I don't think Rey Mysterio is over-rated, it's a bit annoying to see Undertaker go straight to the main event every-time he comes back but where else would you put him?!

    I will say though, the under-rated guys on Smackdown are overall more talented than the under-rated guys on Raw. MVP, Christian, Masters, and Hardy (if he gets back in shape), and indeed Chavo are talented enough to be in the main event. The Dudebusters are talented enough to be tag champs.
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    Overrated: John Cena!!!, Kelly Kelly, Husky Harris

    Underrated: Zack Ryder, William Regal, Christian, John Morrison, Gail Kim, Natalya

    Cena has actually got worse ringwise, attitude adjustment is the worst ever finisher

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    Over rated-
    Cena- very predicdable in the ring- he comesback at the last minute- does not put many people over...etc
    Alicia Fox
    Orlando Jordon
    Ric Flair(please never get in the ring again...just do the talking)
    Under rated-
    Gail Kim- put the damn title on her, stop using her to put others over
    HHH- I do not care for him alot, but he has put more people over than most other main event guys.
    Nigel...Desmond Wolf.....give him a title run.

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    besides the obvious names like cena and orton and actualy, other than swagger, everyone in the main title picture is very over rated.
    so i will deal with the real wrestlers insted.

    over rated : yoshi totsui , does more kicks than anything, no hold no thrills...just leg strikes
    ted dibiousie jr, u arent ur father at all so drop the jr.
    christain , everyone thinks ur great, but you do they same run down of moves every match. missle drop kick, the upper cut, the thing where u stand on their back when theyre on the ropes...same crap week after week.
    edge, just not as good as everyone thinks...u payed ur do's and earned everything u got....but ur just not that good of a wrestler.
    under ratted : cody rhods, has became his own man and owning his gimmik.
    chris masters , old school graphler, a real throwback.
    evan bourn, give him his break already


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