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    If you going to label a man guilty before a trail then what makes you any different from the cops who racial profile people all the time. the World may not be a fair place but I believe in justice no matter the outcome. For some justice is when the court favors the choice they want for me justice is when the truth comes out and what is right happens. Is the justices system perfect no but you have to remember the justice system is made of people just like you and me who are far from perfect. My whole thing is not to pick a side I'm interested in the truth and how we move forward together as a a country. We as African Americans need to do a better job as how we present our self in the public eye as much as the media needs to do a better job of how they present us as a people also. Racism may never die but we can atleast try to fix our image as a people to show not all black people are thugs and drug dealers who are uneducated. For me there are many issues that need to be fix so things like this wont happen its bigger than this case and until those things are fix sadly cases like this will keep on happening.


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