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    Look at what you are all arguing about! Honestly all that matters on this topic is giving sick children something to smile about and you all make it into a competition of who does it better. I hear all the arguments about who is better and what not but this should be the untouched subject. Just leave it for what it is, a happy moment in a slick child's life.
    +10 points and a place on my, 'Thank God, someone with something intelligent to say for a change,' list. Nicely done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedag View Post
    Make a Wish is forcing Cena down little sick kids throats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If that is you actually being serious about that thought of Cena being put down kids throats, think about this. Make A Wish kids get to ask for what they want. They ASK to see Cena. If anything it goes to show just how huge Cena is to younger kids. If anything, I think it is a good thing kids want to see someone like Cena who to me is a good role model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bane of Balin View Post
    Dave Chappelle STILL grants better wishes than John Cena.
    That's because Chappelle is the greatest man on the planet.


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