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    RAW is WAR Episode 33
    Rose Garden Arena, Portland, Oregon

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to RAW is WAR! And tonight in our main event, All American Perfection will defend their Tag Team Titles against Kings of Wrestling. Is tonight the night All American Perfection finally loses their titles?

    King: I don’t think so. All American Perfection is in Kings of Wrestling’s head. They have the psychological advantage, and that will only help them going into the title defense tonight.

    JR: Well after AAP interfered in the six man tag match at SummerSlam, the Kings have been looking for revenge and they got a bit last week, but the ultimate revenge would be to win the titles here tonight, and the Kings are the hottest tag team right now. Mark my words, but I think tonight the titles change hands.

    King: While they may have won the battle royal, they weren’t able to beat the UK and that was because of AAP. Tonight they won’t win the titles because of AAP. Kings are worried about when and where AAP will strike, and that will cost them.

    JR: Well tonight we also continue with our Money in the Bank Qualifying matches for the RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match. And we can exclusively report that one of the matches tonight will feature a redebut!

    King: I can’t wait to see who it is, with Wade Barrett already in the match, this is sure to be an exciting match.

    JR: Don’t forget John Cena is also in the match after beating Chris Jericho last week… and I think Chris Jericho may have snapped after losing last week. All this losing to Austin Aries and John Cena is really getting to him, and you know he won’t leave the WWE Championship picture anytime soon.

    King: That’s because he deserves the Championship.

    JR: And Wade Barrett deserved that victory last week. Tyler Black did not take to kindly to Sheamus interfering I’m sure, and I bet he is looking for revenge. Black wants a shot at the WWE Championship, and deserves it, just as much as anybody else, but because of Sheamus he won’t be afforded that opportunity.

    King: Well he can try all he wants to get revenge, but he needs to remember, he is a one an team, and the United Kingdom is a team of four strong, there is no way he can stop them.

    JR: We will have to see, we also expect an answer from Kurt Angle as to what he will do about CM Punk’s offer to quit and avoid the beating promised to him by Punk.

    King: Angle won’t quit… if he was able to get under Punk’s skin once he will do it again. He is too smart for Punk.

    JR: Well tonight we also have a Fatal Four Way Diva’s Match for the number one contender’s spot to the Women’s Championship. With a match with Lita at Money in the Bank hanging in the balance who will win? Will it be Kelly Kelly, Trish Stratus, Natalya or Tamina?

    King: I think it will be Kelly, this new attitude has given her an edge. She was meant for this moment, she deserves it, and she is meant to be Women’s Champion

    JR: Well all of that is in store later tonight but first we start with CM Punk!

    King: Punk better watch out or he might get jumped by Angle again! *King laughs*

    JR: I think CM Punk is smart enough to recognize that by now, not to mention he is livid with Angle. Angle deserves everything coming his way. He turned his back on Punk, Rhodes, Black and these fans. Angle if you don’t head Punk’s advice you aren’t going to like what you have coming, as they say, karma’s a bitch!

    The air in the arena is electric as C.M. Punk appears on stage wearing his new t-shirt and takes on top of the stage before shouting out: It's honoring time!!! and punches the air before heading to the ring and is handed a mic by a nearby stage hand and takes center stage in the ring to a mass of C.M. Punk chants that settle down as he begins to speak.

    Punk: You know I'm sure Angle thought he was doing the right thing in defying me and my promise to make his life a living hell and make him pay for what he's done and that was the mistake that he chose to do. I was not kidding Angle. My sense of honor is going to make it so I keep my promise and you will be begging for me to stop before I'm through.

    Fans cheers wildly

    Punk: But I'll deal with Angle soon because, Eve under this prerogative of being fair to us talents who aren't Jericho, has made it so Angle and I will have a chance to be in the Raw Money in the Bank. Even better, she's agreed to sweeten the deal by letting us each [ick the other's poison tonight and I know just the poison to give Angle a glimmer of what's to come from me. Next week, Angle will pick my poison but tonight I've made it so he faces....KANE!!!!

    Fans cheers and boo at the mention of Kane's name

    Punk: I hope you're ready, Angle. I know I will be next week no matter who you pick and I'll be sure to give you a good beating before I make history by becoming a 3 time Mr. Money in the Bank.

    C.M. Punk exits the ring as fans cheer him along him but those cheer soon turn to boos as....

    Kurt Angle heads down to the ring to a mass of boos meeting Punk halfway down the ramp as they both stare at each other and have a little face off before continues making his to the back and Angle makes it to the ring ready to compete against Kane.

    King: Kurt Angle is here, he didn’t quit, because he isn’t afraid of CM Punk! And now he is ready for action, he is ready to face Kane, thwart Punk’s plan, and get into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!


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    JR: Well Kurt Angle is here and as evidenced by Punk, he has not left. And Punk chose his opponent tonight and it is none other than the Big Red Monster Kane!

    King: I hope Angle picks someone worse than Kane, maybe Abyss!

    JR: Well Punk sure is looking to make Angle’s life a living hell.

    King: And I can’t wait for Angle to return the favor to Punk. Punk can talk all he wants about ending Angle’s career and making his life a living hell, but whatever he does won’t be good enough.

    King: Punk can choose Kane, he and choose the biggest monster he knows, but Angle will conquer and fight and win against everything that Punk throws at him, mark my words

    JR: Well if Punk is looking to make Angle’s life hell, Kane is a good place to start. And not only that, but this is a Money in the Bank Qualifying match too. Not that Kane needs any more motivation to be sadistic and demonic, but if he does, he has it.

    King: Well Angle has it too, to show Punk up, get in that Money in the Bank match and win and leave Punk in the dust. Angle will win and then make sure Punk loses next week and he can forget all about Punk and worry about his WWE Championship.

    JR: Winner gets in the Money in the Bank match. Has Punk chosen the opponent to keep Angle from getting there and make his life a living hell? We will find out.

    Kane vs. Kurt Angle

    Watch 3:25 till 8:48

    King: And he puts Kane down with the three German suplex’s

    JR: You have to think that the ring bell shot to Kane by Angle is taking its toll. Angle just couldn’t win this match without cheating

    King: It was only fair, he evened the playing field. Kane is no normal man, and Angle needed to make him normal, then it would be a fair matchup

    After the 3 German suplex’s Angle locks in a bodyscissors hold on Kane. Angle tightens his grip as Kane is having trouble breathing. Kane is whacking away at the legs of Angle but there is no give in Angle’s hold. Kane then grips Angle’s legs and tries pulling them apart, but Angle then grabs Kane by the hair and Kane loses his grip as the ref tells Angle no hair pulling. Kane then reaches back and hits a punch to the head, followed by another and Kane reaches down and pry’s Angle’s legs apart. Kane gets up and Angle runs towards him and runs right into a big boot. Angle gets back up and Kane hits a throat thrust that sends Angle into the corner. Kane backs up and hits a corner clothesline followed by a running front powerslam and Kane covers…



    King: Angle kicks out!

    Angle kicks out and Kane sit up. Kane then stands to his feet, sits Angle up and hits him with a running front dropkick. Kane rolls away and gets up and waits as a groggy Angle gets to his feet, and when Angle turns Kane picks him up and puts him down with a sidewalk slam. Kane then goes to the apron and climbs through the ropes and begins to climb the turnbuckle.

    JR: Kane thinking high risk, looking for that patented clothesline.

    Kane gets to the top, gains his balance and waits for Angle to turn. As Angle gets up and turns…

    King: Angle ducked the clothesline!

    Angle ducks the clothesline from Kane, and Kane rolls through. As Kane gets up he runs at Angle and Angle drops Kane with a drop toehold and…

    King: Ankle Lock! He has it locked in!

    Kane is struggling as Angle drags Kane back into the middle of the ring. Kane is lying on the ground, writhing in pain as Kane lets out some sounds of pain. Kane then rolls onto his should to help alleviate the pain, and then Angle grips the ankle even tighter and Kane rolls back to his stomach and is in pain. Kane then uses his arms and strength to pick himself up off the ground to help alleviate pain once more. Kane then in a thrust of power rolls through and Angle is sent flying into the turnbuckle post between the ropes

    JR: What a counter from Kane!

    Angle hits the post and backs out as Kane lifts his hand in the air as he hobbles on one Ankle.

    JR: Kane looking for the chokeslam

    Angle is out, and he groggily turns towards Kane, and Kane grabs him by the throat

    JR: He has him by the throat… he lifts him up…

    King: Angle moves out in mid-air… Angle Slam! Kurt Angle reversed the chokeslam into an Angle Slam… he is going to Money in the Bank…





    King: Angle wins! What an upset! Punk had his man chosen and Angle beat him. Nice try Punk… maybe next time

    JR: I think that shot with the ring bell before the match started… that cheap shot took its toll on Kane and Angle was able to win

    King: And now Angle is in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match! Oh I can’t wait to see who Angle picks for Punk next week! Punk doesn’t stand a chance of getting into that match. If Angle pulled off the Masked Man he can easily pull this off, he is to smart and knows the opponent he must pick to make Punk lose!

    JR: Well Punk has fought through the odds before and I’m sure he will have to next week.

    King: And are we going to find out Punk’s opponent for next week already? Angle has a mic! This might be the last time we ever have to see Angle address Punk if Punk loses next week!

    Kurt Angle celebrates in the ring, as the crowd chant YOU SUCK, with him smirking. Angle looks at Kane, and picks him up- before throwing him outside the ring, as he grabs a mic.

    Kurt Angle: Seriously Punk? This is who you chose as my “poison?” Out of all the people you could've chose on the roster, including the world champion- you choose the “Big Red Monster?” Well I must say, you've done a pretty terrible job in trying to make me lose. It just goes to show Punk, you're as clueless as a blonde.

    Crowd boo as Angle carries on speaking.

    Angle: And you people can shut up as well! When I look at every single of you people, I don't see fans at all. I don't see the “WWE Universe”. Do you know what I see? I see backstabbers! You people stabbed me in the back, and I'm not going to stand for it! My name is Kurt Angle, and I'm the greatest thing going on Monday Night Raw!!

    Crowd boo.

    Angle: I hope you're listening to me Punk, because I don't need a week to pick your poison. Because I have already made my mind up! Punk, your opponent for tonight- is the definition of crazy! The superstar I have chosen for you, is a 5 time ECW World Champion. And he is 10 times the wrestler that you will ever be!

    Your opponent for tonight, is an ECW Original....SANDMAN!

    Crowd explode with boos for Sandman.

    Angle: Punk, I know that you must be delighted about who I chose- because you've faced this monster before. But I've decided that you will have to defeat this lunatic at his own game. So the match you will be competing in, is none other than the match that displays hardcore action...EXTREME RULES!

    Mixed reactions.

    Angle: And finally, Money in the Bank. See, the Money in the Bank- is a briefcase that is made for creating stars. And we have seen guys like Tyson Kidd, Edge, and even you Punk- benefiting from that briefcase. However, my intention of winning it- are completely different from the intentions of other superstars.

    I'm going to win this briefcase, for one reason- and that is to avoid any young stars from being produced. Because there is no way, that I am going to let some young rookie steal my opportunity at the top! Because the only superstar in the wrestling industry, who deserves to sit at the top of the mountain- is me.

    Oh, and it's true....IT'S DAMN TRUE!

    King: *King Laughs* Sandman! What a brilliant choice! Punk has to beat that Singapore Cane wielding lunatic Sandman! Punk doesn’t stand a chance

    JR: Well Sandman better not disqualify himself or he will give Punk the win!

    King: He won’t he will do the same thing Angle did, do it before the match. That’s why Angle chose him! Punk doesn’t stand a chance *King laughs*

    JR: Well we will see next week. Up next though we will find out a number one contender to the Women’s Championship in a Fatal Four Way Match! After on both RAW and Nitro last week, this match has been booked featuring Kelly Kelly, Trish Stratus, Tamina and Natalya! Stay tuned!


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    Tyler Black is shown carrying his bag while making his way to his locker room. Along the way he seems distant and has the poise of a man defeated. He passes the catering area before Superstars like Evan Bourne come to his side and tell to remain strong. Divas like Maria express that they believe he can beat The UK and even John Cena comes face to with Black and tells him to not give up. Black appreciates the support but knows that's all he's getting as some Superstars are fearful of The UK and some like Cena have other things going for them to help him stand up against The UK. Alone to his thoughts he finally reaches his locker room, about to shut the door when someone stops the door from being fully closed and we see it's Cody Rhodes who makes his way over to Black's locker room. The two now meet face to face as Rhodes begins to speak.

    Cody Rhodes: I know that look. That’s the look of a man who has been fighting and fighting against an enemy that is seemingly invincible. An enemy that cannot be beaten. I know you want to keep fighting Tyler, and I commend you- it’s something that I’m now entrusting onto you. For the moment.

    You see, the WWE Championship is calling me but the moment I either take it for good, or I lose it for good- I’ll be back fighting by your side.

    Tyler sets his things down and listens to Rhodes with intent

    Cody Rhodes: Do you actually realize how similar we are Tyler? Skip the backgrounds but standing next to each other right now, our personalities, our talents, our styles. You and I- we’re the future of this brand. We’re the future of the WWE. One day, we’re going to headline WrestleMania. Whether that’s by each other’s sides, whether that’s in completely different matches, or maybe- just maybe- we’ll be colliding in a new era battle.

    But that’s in the future. The only thing that matters right now is the UK. And yes, I did leave you in the lurch, I left you to fight alone. But I also did something else at SummerSlam. That little group you have a problem with, I exposed their weakness.

    Their weakness their insecurity with themselves. I coaxed Wade into realizing that to prove himself a true threat, he should face me alone...and he lost.

    Tyler knows in the back of his mind he should've done the same

    Cody Rhodes: Now at Money in the Bank, Wade Barrett is in the Raw Money in the Bank match. And should he win, I’m sure he’ll try and cash it in as soon as possible. That means later on in the night, after mine and Aries match. Unfortunately for Wade, I’m leaving with the WWE Championship- and if he is one to cash it in on me, then just like at SummerSlam, I will prove that he is nothing.

    That is, if you don’t already prove that by then Tyler. But of course, I expect you to destroy them. Keep fighting, good always wins.

    Tyler looks towards Cody

    Black: It's not easy, man. I feel like I'm putting my all, out there trying to beat this beat of a union of Superstars called The UK and to know I don't have much support and it's really making it so no matter what I do on my own, they always get their way. Just look at last week. Everything going my way ready to move on to MITB and showing that The UK when facing an enemy one on one can be beaten only to have Sheamus come in and turn the tide into Barrett's favor. I'm not making excuses, I knew they might try something but I just wasn't ready.

    That's why I'm feeling like this. Though to know there are some people out there believing is a good feeling, I need help. Your help, Cody. We started this damn thing together so we should be fighting The UK together but, I can understand that your focus has to be towards being the WWE Champion and to see that you want to be in the fight is enough to know that no matter what, I can find the resolve to keep the fight going for some time.

    Tyler extends his hand out to Cody

    Black: Thank you for that. I know when things are at their darkest it's when you have to show the courage to see the light at the end tunnel and it is that good will indeed prevail over evil and I believe when all this is over, when The UK is no more and WrestleMania comes will be you and I headlining it and what a dream match it would be to see Cody Rhodes vs. Tyler Black for the WWE Championship. That will be the main event of main events to come. Time will only tell if it will happen but it would my honor to have that happen.

    Cody sees Tyler's hand and dismisses it, going instead for a brief manly hug which Tyler accepts before he opens the door and sees Rhodes out of his locker room. They shake hands and part ways as Rhodes walks away and before Black enters his locker room once more, we hear a thud and see Black unconscious on the floor before we see it was Sheamus who made that happen courtesy of his United States Championship. Sheamus is seen with a smile on his feet before he walks away

    JR: What a coward Sheamus is! Again he is scared of Tyler Black, just like the rest of the United Kingdom, so he has to attack him when he is not looking! Sheamus you and Kurt Angle and the rest of the United Kingdom are on my shit list. I hope Tyler Black makes you get yours!

    King: Calm down JR! Sheamus is sending a message that no matter how hard Black tries to recruit people, he will always be at a disadvantage. Sheamus was teaching Black that he should not bother with the UK anymore!

    JR: Well this won’t solve it. Black wants revenge and he is going to get it, and by god I hope he does! Sheamus, and the rest of the United Kingdom deserve it! But now it's the bit you've been waiting for King – the Women's Number 1 Contenders match. It will be a Fatal Four Way between Kelly Kelly, Trish Stratus, Natalya, and Tamina!

    King: Yippee! We're going to get more puppies than at a dog show!

    JR: Calm down King, or else you are going to pee like a puppy. These four women desperately want and deserve this title shot so let’s see what happens.

    JR: And here comes Nattie Neidhart, and after her interactions with Lita on Nitro, is she the girl who'll want this most?

    King: Not a chance! Lita and Nattie may have history, but Kelly had the title robbed from her at SummerSlam, plus Trish and Tamina will go all out to secure the one piece of Women's Silverware in the WWE.

    JR: Well don’t you remember King that Natalya was the one who came back after Lita won the title at SummerSlam, to me she sent a direct message that she wants the title, but all the other women want it just as much.

    King: Imagine it JR! Kelly Kelly vs. Lita at Money in the Bank, it'll be the greatest Divas match ever!

    JR: Kelly needs to defeat 3 more-than-capable Divas first, and she wasn’t able to defeat two at SummerSlam, so this will be a challenge. This Jezebel needs to work hard to make that match a reality, but she needs to keep her focus on the stakes and not on Trish, because we know those two could brawl at any moment

    King: If Trish was smart she would stay out of Kelly’s way, because Kelly not only wants the title shot, but she would like nothing more than to beat Trish to do it.

    JR: Tamina is the only Diva in this match not to face Lita on Pay-Per-View. Is she the weakest of the four?

    King: Weakest? Have you seen her? I don’t think weak is in her vocabulary. Sure she may not be the favorite due to inexperience, but she is a dark horse. Plus, Tamina is the only Diva in this match not to lose to Lita on Pay-Per-View, maybe she has an edge over the other three

    JR: I’d be hard-pressed to agree but stranger things have happened, and if Trish Stratus and Kelly get preoccupied with each other, one of the other two may take advantage.

    JR: Trish Stratus is Lita's oldest foe , and Kelly is her newest, but what and who does she want more? If it is Kelly, she won’t win, but if it is the Women’s Championship she has a great shot to face her oldest foe. So let’s see who will move on to face Lita at Money in the Bank for the Women’s Championship!
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    Number One Contender's Match for the Women's Championship
    Trish Stratus vs. Nattie Neidhart (Lita) vs. Kelly Kelly (Kim) vs. Tamina (Victoria)


    Nattie lifts up Kelly, before landing a Scoop Slam onto the mat. Nattie then climbs to the second rope, and prepares to go for a Diving Elbow – but Trish jumps onto the apron, and shakes the ropes, causing Nattie to fall. Trish then enters the ring, and lifts up Paige to the top rope. Trish then jumps up to the middle rope, before lifting Paige up high, and landing a superplex – and Nattie lands on Kelly Kelly!

    Trish then notices Tamina stirring on the outside of the ring – so Trish runs, and lands a Baseball Slide – causing Tamina to fall onto the floor. Trish then takes a few seconds to regain her breath, and composes herself, before pulling Kelly to her feet. She then sends Kelly into the ropes, and on the return goes for a clothesline, but Kelly ducks under, and runs against the opposite ropes, and on the return, gets caught by an arm drag. Trish pins Kelly

    1.......2..........Nattie breaks it up.

    Nattie then pulls Trish to her feet, before landing a snapmare. Nattie then runs against the ropes, before landing a big boot to the face. Nattie then bounces off the ropes, before landing a running knee drop to the head. Kelly moves into the corner, putting her back against the bottom turnbuckle in order to protect herself, but Tamina from outside the ring grabs her arms and pulls them outside of the ring – stretching Kelly. Nattie notices this, then begins stomping on Kelly's stomach

    JR: She's stomping a mudhole in her!

    Tamina then releases Kelly, before entering the ring. She lands a clothesline on Nattie, before turning her attention to Kelly. She pulls Kelly to her feet, before throwing her into the corner, and lands a knife edge chop. Tamina then sends Kelly into the opposite corner, and charges at her, but Kelly counters with a kick to the head.

    Kelly then gets to her feet, and sweeps the legs out from under Tamina. Kelly then pulls Tamina to a sitting position by the hair, before locking in rear naked choke. She doesn't have the hold locked in for long, as Trish gets to her feet, and pushes Kelly off. Nattie then gets to her feet, and then goes behind Kelly, and lifts her up in an Electric Chair position. Nattie then goes to the ring apron, and drops Kelly outside the ring.

    Trish meanwhile – has Tamina in the corner, and lands a back elbow. She then throws Tamina into the ring, as Nattie bounces off the ropes, and goes for a Discus Clothesline on Tamina – but Tamina ducks, and Nattie hits Trish. Nattie then kicks Trish under the bottom rope, but turns around right into a Fisherman’s suplex from Tamina. Tamina bridges her back


    Both divas get to their feet, and Tamina lands a Savate Kick. Tamina lifts Nattie up for a Samoan Drop, but Nattie slips out the back, before turning Tamina around, and kicking her in the gut. Nattie then lifts Tamina up for a powerbomb, but Tamina manages to land a Hurracanrana, sending Nattie stomach first into the corner.

    Tamina then charges at Nattie, sandwiching her into the corner, before lifting Nattie up, and landing a Running Powerslam! Tamina covers

    1.........2.........Kelly pulls Tamina out of the ring!

    Kelly lands a right hand, before pulling Tamina's hair, and placing her head onto the Announce Table. Kelly then lands an elbow to the back of Tamina's head, before lifting her up, and landing Snake Eye's on the Announce Table. Tamina's groggy on the floor, so Kelly then lifts Tamina up, and lands a body slam on the mat!

    Meanwhile, Trish enters the ring, and picks Nattie up. Trish grabs her by the head, and goes for the StratusFaction, but Nattie pushes her off! Nattie then tries to lock in the sharpshooter, but Kelly enters the ring, and lands a Double Axe Handle to the back of Nattie, knocking her down. Kelly then quickly covers

    1.........2.........Trish kicks out with authority!

    Both Divas get to the feet, and Trish then goes for the Chick Kick, but Kelly ducks, before kicking Trish in the gut, and landing the Beautifier! Kelly decides against the cover, as she notices Nattie getting to her feet. Kelly climbs to the top rope, as Nattie stands. Kelly goes for the Molly-Go-Round, but Nattie catches her – and lands a Sit-Out Powerbomb! Nattie pins


    JR: Nattie's done it! She's facing Lita at Money in the Bank!

    King: I'll give credit where credit is due, Nattie did win fairly, but can anyone say that Kelly vs. Lita would be less entertaining? Kelly should be champion anyways, she was screwed. But not to worry because although Nattie won, Lita will still beat her.

    JR: That should be a great match! I can’t wait for it! I don’t know how you already declare Lita the winner, because Nattie is the hottest Diva on the roster besides Lita right now! She might be even hotter!

    King: I still think Kelly or even Tamina would have been better,

    JR: What is she doing here? What business does she have for being out here now?

    King: Nattie cheated and Kelly is going to be named number one contender… I can feel it!

    Nattie's music ends suddenly and Eve's music begins to play interrupting the celebration. The fans boo loudly as Eve comes out clapping and smiling. Nattie glares at Eve as Eve is handed a mic.

    Eve: Congratulations on becoming the new number one contender Nattie! Of course this means that you'll be the next Diva to face Lita for the title at Money in the Bank.

    The fans cheer at this announcement.

    King: You see JR she's just here to congratulate Nattie, she's not a bad GM like Teddy, what was that nonsense you said about her taking the win away from Nattie earlier?

    JR: Teddy Long is not a bad GM, and I didn’t say that, you did.

    Eve: As for the rest of you ladies I say better luck next time.

    The fans boo now.

    Eve: Now usually in the past whenever someone like Teddy said this it meant in some match in the distant future, but since I am all about progress I've decided to try something never done before. Since the Road to Triumph, a new novel idea for the Diva’s division, has ended, we still look forward to its return. But I have created a new novel idea for the Diva’s… so at Money in the Bank we'll have the first ever Divas Money in the Bank match!

    The fans cheer loudly.

    King: Holy cow did you hear that JR? Eve just made history with this match.

    JR: I have to admit that sounds like a pretty interesting match.

    King: I told you she was a better GM than Teddy Long.

    JR: Are you forgetting they have to make all decisions together? It was a joint decision

    King: Then how come Eve is announcing it, with Teddy nowhere to be seen?

    Eve: And all three of you ladies, the losers here tonight, will be involved in that match so you will have one more chance at becoming the number one contender for the Women's Championship.

    The fans cheer once more. Trish, Kelly and Tamina stare at each other.

    Eve: But I warn you that you won't be the only ones in that match since over the next few weeks additional Divas will be added to the match via qualifying matches, so best of luck to all of you.

    Eve's music plays and she grins at the fans as she makes her way backstage. The 3 Divas stay in the ring staring each other down as the camera cuts to the next segment.

    JR: Well that is quite the match made by General Manager’s Eve and Teddy Long! The first ever Diva’s Money in the Bank match! After the Road to Triumph has just ended, I can’t wait for this. If it is as exciting as that tournament was, we are in for a treat

    King; That is the genius of Eve for you.

    JR: I’m going to ignore that comment. Speaking of the Money in the Bank though, up next we get our second Money in the Bank qualifying match this evening. After Kurt Angle beat Kane to qualify earlier, who else will join Wade Barrett and John Cena? Stay tuned, because we will also have a redebut, up next!


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    *The camera comes back from the break and the camera peeks in the Diva's Locker Room, where Kaitlyn and Maria can be seen chatting with each other. The camera then moves closer to pick up their conversation*

    Kaitlyn: Hey Maria... wait, I just wanted to tell you that I'm not mad nor am I holding a grudge against you. You won the match fair and square and I gotta give credit where credit is due. You were the better woman and we put on one hell of a match for the WWE Universe and I hope one day I get the chance to redeem myself and we'll dance once again Maria. So congratulations, but I wanted to ask you a question... who's the guy? Who sent you the roses after our match?

    *Maria's face reddens as she beings to nervously twirl a strand of her hair with a finger.*

    Maria: Well, I had a really fun time wrestling with you in the ring last week. But as far as the guy who sent me the roses goes, I don't know. I mean, I really hope it's someone cute! Like John Cena or Cody Rhodes or Austin Aries! But you know who I reaaaaally hope it is? Tyler Reks! Those dreadlocks are the cutest things ever! *Maria squeals in excitement.*

    But either way, I have to thank whoever gave me the flowers. It was really nice of them. I just wish he wasn't so shy!

    *She crosses her arms and playfully pouts, eventually smiling again.*

    Kaitlyn: Well if you find out, let me know who it is. (Hugs Maria) You take good care of yourself Maria.

    *Maria wave’s goodbye as Kaitlyn leaves the locker room. She turns around to walk over to her locker. After a few seconds of getting the lock unlocked, she opens the door and gasps. She reaches into the locker space and pulls out a gift wrapped box. She lays it out across the bench and begins opening it. Her smile grow bigger when she pulls out two black and one white. She looks around the empty locker room as the camera fades to the next scene.*

    JR: More Roses? What do you think about this King? Are you sure it's not you partner?

    King: It's not me Ross! *King chuckle's* I wish it was though, if I only I knew women liked Roses.

    JR: I guess that explains the divorces then Jerry.

    King: Hey! Let's not go there.

    JR: It's pretty clear Maria has no idea who there from though, I wonder if the said person will own up and confront his admirer.

    King: I have no idea, maybe he's shy.. Maybe it's not a he, but a she? Imagine that!

    JR: I think it's best we move on King.

    King: *King laughs* If you say so, what's up next?

    JR: Well folks, we are scheduled for our second Money In the Bank Qualifying match tonight and let us take this chance to remind you, John Cena.. Wade Barrett and now Kurt Angle will compete in this year’s Raw Money In the Bank match.. who will join them? We are about to find out... Next!

    *The theme of the fighting Irishman is welcomed with boo's and jeer's as the crowd aim there hate at the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. He walks on to the stage from behind the curtain. He's alone though and doesn’t seem to be too worried. Sheamus hits his pose as the crowd boo once more… as Sheamus makes his way to the ring.*

    JR: Hostile welcome for the current United States champion, Sheamus.

    King: Sheamus does not care Ross, he don't need these fans to clap and cheer him, and he has all the support he needs already in the United Kingdom. That's all the friends and family he needs and it shows... they have been dominating Raw since the formation of the faction.

    JR: I can't argue with that King. Love them or hate them, they have been getting the job done.. have to say, it's not all been by fair measures though partner, some would argue if they were that good, they would not need to cheat their way to the top like they have been doing.

    King: It's only cheating if you get caught.. did you not learn anything from the late great, Eddie Guerrero? Just picture this. If Sheamus was to win tonight, with him and Barrett in the match… that would give UK double the odds of getting that briefcase and increasing the chances of UK holding another title within the group.

    JR: Fair point King, but picture this. If Sheamus and Barrett are the last two standing? Can you really see the other allowing the chance of potentially using the briefcase to win the big one pass them by? I can’t King and it may cause problems and a potential downfall for United Kingdom.

    *Sheamus has reached the ring and begins to warm up waiting for his opponent. A few moments pass and the US Champ is left staring at the stage with no sign of anyone appearing. He then turns to the official and begins to ask what's going on when...*

    JR: Wait... that's, that's the theme of Jeff Hardy.

    King: It's him Ross, that's Hardy. Jeff Hardy is back in the WWE!

    *The crowd go ballistic at the sight of the enigma Hardy, He stands at the top of the stage and beat's his chest with his hand before pointing it to the crowd and saying the words "Thank You!" He then hits his pose before the pyro's explode signaling the crowd into a frenzy as they now chant his name.

    He then wastes no time before sprinting down the ramp and sliding into the ring. Sheamus looks in complete shock, clearly not expecting to face Hardy. He senses the chance to rain on Hardy's parade though and waits for the chance for him to turn his back before attacking him from behind as he poses on the turnbuckle.

    He strikes Hardy in the lower back with a strong forearm before grabbing him by the trousers and pulling him down to the ring mat as his head bounces of the canvas. Sheamus then waits for the ring bell to sound before again attacking him with kicks and stomps before ordering Hardy to get up.. *

    JR: Oh come on! This match has not even had a chance to get started here!

    King: Well it's about to be short lived JR! Sheamus is looking for his finisher.

    *Hardy stumbles back to his feet as he holds the back of his head. Sheamus then charges at him looking for the Brogue Kick but Hardy is able to side step the attempt as the last minute before firing away with strong right hands to the face. Each shot knocking Sheamus back a little more.. Hardy then delivers a forearm of his own to the face of the US champ as he now leans on the ropes. Jeff Hardy then reacts with a big drop kick knocking Sheamus over the top rope and out of the ring before he turns back towards the fans and poses once more*

    JR: Hardy is on fire here folks, he's building up momentum.

    King: Woaah.. watch out!

    *As Sheamus tries to regain focus on the outside of the ring. Without a moment's notice Hardy then runs off the ropes before leaping out towards him and catching him with a suicide dive as the crowd pop with cheers. Hardy then enters the ring and once more poses for the fans, clearly delighted to be back in a WWE ring once again. Sheamus then rolls back into the ring and the match continues.*

    Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus (Kane)

    Start at 0:22 stop at 5:19
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    JR: Whisper in the wind! Vintage Hardy.

    King: He caught Sheamus flush there Ross, Sheamus is out.. if Hardy can get his focus back together here, this could be his chance to win.

    JR: Hardy see's it folks.. he's crawling over to Sheamus…

    King: He's inches away!

    JR: He's reached him, Hardy drapes his arm over Sheamus, and the ref begins the count!




    JR: Sheamus kicking out right at the last second, so close for the former team Extreme member.

    King: As effective as that move is for Hardy, it takes so much out of him too. Does Hardy have enough to win this match?

    *Jeff Hardy stands to his feet and begins holding the back of his head once more. He then stares up at the turnbuckle before looking out towards the fans as they cheer him. Jeff then rips off his vest top and throws it out to the crowd as he begins scaling the turnbuckle.*

    JR: We know what's coming here folks, it's time for Hardy to roll the dice!

    King: He better hope he roll's a six JR, anything lower and he may very well cost himself the match.

    *Hardy then hits his suicide pose before looking set to leap of the top rope, however.. that last pose seems to have cost him valuable time as Sheamus quickly rushes him and takes away his legs as Hardy falls awkwardly on the top turnbuckle. Sheamus then lifts him off the ropes before placing him back on there.. this time his back facing Sheamus's front. The Celtic Warrior then turns his back and reaches behind grabbing Hardy before delivering a nasty looking High Cross of the top rope as the crowd "Ohh" with the intensity of Hardy's fall.*

    JR: Bah Gawd that was ferocious! Hardy's back of his head and neck whipping off the canvas.

    King: That was ugly Ross, just ugly. It's nothing more than Hardy deserved after showing off though! Sheamus looking to take advantage.

    *Sheamus hauls himself back up off the mat and looks set to walk over to Hardy and secure the pin to win the match. As he takes his steps towards Jeff though, the crowd begin cheering and Sheamus looks around to see Tyler Black making his way down the ramp. Sheamus reacts angrily and begins shouting at Black to get out of here.*

    King: Now, what is Black doing down here?

    JR: Getting a closer look of this great match? Or… maybe he's a little bit annoyed after Sheamus's sneak attack and cheap shot earlier on. I'm sure you can figure out which one is most likely King.

    King: Just focus Sheamus, forget about Black.

    *Sheamus turns to focus on Hardy and begins beating his chest ready for another attempt at the Brogue Kick. Hardy begins to stand and Black then jumps up on the ring apron.. Sheamus tries to swipe him off but completely misses.. he then spins around in anger and looks to boot Hardy's head off, Jeff though side steps once more and spins around with a kick of his own into the midsection before nailing the..*

    JR: Twist of Fate! Twist of Fate, Hardy with the Twist of Fate!

    King: No! Black has just cost Sheamus this match!

    JR: Jeff with the pin attempt.. it must be!




    JR: Hardy wins! Jeff Hardy is heading to the Money In the Back!

    King: Curse you Black! You just wait.. You will pay for this!

    *The crowd explode into life with cheers as Hardy celebrates his return win. He takes a few moments to thank the crowd before exiting the ring and heading up the stage.. He stares at Black before both men nod at each other as Hardy walks on up the ramp. Black then looks back up the ramp.. before entering the ring with a smile etched across his face.*

    King: He's smiling? How can he be happy, he just cost Sheamus his chance of a lifetime!

    JR: One word Ross.. karma!

    King: What she got to do with this?

    *JR just stares at King all confused.*

    King: This is a disgrace! You will pay for this Black.

    *Sheamus begins to get up and makes it too one knee, Black then moves closer and stares at Sheamus, eye to eye as before Black unleashes a flurry of kicks to the chest.. Lighting up the Irishman's chest a bright red. Black then looks up at the stage once more and see the UK members running down.. Black then smiles again and shouts the words "Pay Back!" before unleashing one more kick, this time to side of Sheamus temple.

    Black then quickly exits the ring and makes his way through the crowd as the United Kingdom are in uproar. UK begin shouting "We will get you!" but Black just continues making his way through the crowd, clearly enjoying the moment. The UK then grab hold of their fallen member and help up the ramp as the crowd begin to chant "USA! USA! USA!".*

    JR: That’s what you get United Kingdom, specifically Sheamus. Between the cheap shots these past two weeks you finally got what you deserve. Now you know how Tyler Black feels! He may be a one man team, but he just outsmarted those four men tonight! Now we will send it backstage where Josh Mathews is joined by a participant in the Money in the Bank match, John Cena!

    *The camera cuts backstage to show Josh Matthews at the interview area*

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    Josh: Thanks JR. Right now, I'm joined by my guest at this time - John Cena!

    *The camera zooms out, to show John Cena standing by Josh*

    Josh: Well John, let me start by congratulating you on qualifying for the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Now, on Raw, we haven't seen you for a few months since losing to Kurt Angle, just days after your defeat to Tyler Black. Why did you choose to take time off?

    Cena: Well Josh, it's less me choosing to take time off, than being forced to. Let's face it, before I left, I was crap. What came out of my mouth was garbage, and I just couldn't get the job done. I could blame a number of factors, but what it came down to was me. I may not be the face of the WWE currently, like I was before. I haven't been WWE Champion in a long time. There's new guys, Austin Aries for example, climbing to the top, they were heads and shoulders above me at the time, in-ring, on the mic, and probably in their personal life too, but that's gonna change.

    Josh: What did you do in your time away, John?

    Cena: I did what I had to do, I trained. I worked out almost twice as much, I ate better foods, I was learning more maneuvers than the "five moves of doom"! I studied every wrestler on Raw. I saw weaknesses, I saw strengths. That's why in my match with Chris Jericho last week, I was smarter. I knew he was going to go for the Lionsault at that very time, so I had the perfect counter. And it's not just Jericho I know I'm better than. I know on my day, I'm better than everybody on Raw - everybody on Nitro!

    However, I'm more intelligent now. Put me in the ring with Austin Aries - and I know what I have to do to win, I needed to adopt new tactics, and I've done that. And let me take you back to WrestleMania. Tyson Kidd managed to win Money in the Bank, yet I had that match won. If it wasn't for Tyler Black - or Seth Rollins as he was known at the time, I could be standing here WWE Champion. That was the only match with a Ladder involved that I weren't victorious - and it was because of Tyler Black. He was part of the reason why I had to leave, but with his hands full with the United Kingdom, it's my time to get back to the top of the WWE, and maybe then, I could avenge my loss, and deny Tyler Black his opportunity of a lifetime, just like at Backlash.

    Josh: Last week, post-match, Chris Jericho attacked you with a Codebreaker. Why do you think he did that?

    Cena: It's simple Josh, he sees me as a viable threat. 2005 - I forced him to leave WWE. 2008 - I beat him for the World Heavyweight Championship. I'm his bogey opponent. He knows that I'm better than I was a few months back - and he knows that when there's a title involved, whether it's on the line, or an opportunity to become number 1 contender.

    Or maybe it's because Chris has had everything handed to him on a silver platter. His dad - a famous Hockey player - had contacts and money to get him to go wrestling school - to see wrestling shows. He became Undisputed Champion thanks to Booker T. He won the World Heavyweight Champion - the one when I took it away from him - thanks to Randy Orton punt-kicking CM Punk. He won the World Championship in 2010 thanks to Shawn Michaels. So when he doesn't get his own way, he becomes a bit of a Spoilt Brat. In fact, he becomes more than that. He becomes a worthless, stroppy, egotistical douchebag.

    Karma's a bitch Chris, but I guess knowing your wife, you're used to bitches. I know I will go onto Money in the Bank, and walk out with that briefcase. I know that I will cash in, and become WWE Champion. But what about you Chris? No Money in the Bank contract, no guaranteed Championship opportunity - not even a Pay-Per-View match for Y2J. And nobody in WWE Chris, just gives a damn. They look down on you - partly because you're very small - but mainly because the majority of people work their way up - not focus their gimmick on an outdated theory, when they were still relevant

    Josh: And finally John, what are your thoughts about the only other people to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Wade Barrett, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy?

    Cena: In 2010, I took down Wade Barrett and his bunch of cronies in a matter of months - single handedly. He got an opportunity at the WWE Championship, because it would've cost me my job if I didn't give it to him. Because that's all Wade does - attempt to play mind games in order to get an advantage - and send his understudies to try and get the job done, without him doing anything, yet he gets the credit. It happened with the Nexus, it happened with the Corre, and it's happening with the United Kingdom.

    William Regal - former Intercontinental, European, Tag Team champion, GM of Raw, Commissioner of the WWE, and the Alliance - at separate times of course. Drew McIntyre - one of the longest reigning WWE Intercontinental Champions in recent memory. Sheamus - former WWE Champion, and current United States Champion. But what about... Wade Barrett? Former Intercontinental Champion - but only defended it twice on Pay-Per-View - one match losing by DQ, the other tapping out to the Torture Rack of big boy Jackson. He's the weak link of the United Kingdom, and it shouldn't be long before they realize that. They won't accomplish anything with him leading the charge, as he's nothing but a loser, a failure - and at Money in the Bank - he will come up short once more - but of course, according to him - it'll be "a fluke", I "got lucky" and "only a matter of time before they get what's rightfully his".

    What's to say about Kurt Angle? He's the Wrestling Machine - the Olympic Gold Medalist - yet he's beatable. He will capitalize on any mistakes I will make, but how does an Amateur Wrestling background help, when you pushed off a ladder? How does it help when you have a Ladder drilled in your teeth. It doesn't.

    He can take his German Suplex's - his Ankle Lock - his Angle Slam, and shove it! He may forget that he was my last opponent before my break - he's the one I'm most familiar with. He's the one who showed me I needed a break, that I needed to improve, but against him, I'm going to show him the difference in me. Kurt, YOU CAN'T SEE ME, but at Money in the Bank, you will be able to see me - at the top of the ladder - Red Briefcase in hand

    And then of course we have - Jeffery Nero Hardy. For obvious reasons, I didn't have the chance to properly study him during my break, but I will before the Pay-Per-View. He beat Sheamus - who I think I already established will continue to under-achieve with Mr. Barrett by his side, so that isn't too impressive - but Jeff is a talent. Ladders are toys to him - he's always a danger when they're around. Despite that, it's clear that Jeff always does better with his brother by him - in my opinion, the brother with more talent - more charisma - and less drugs in his system.

    Without Matt in the WWE, without him backstage, Jeff could use this as the one opportunity to break away from being "just a Hardy", but that's all he'll ever be. A "daredevil", a "stuntman", not someone who can carry the WWE - he can't be the face of the company. But I can, and I have, and I will be in the future. I know what I'm capable of, and I'm pretty sure - no, I know - that my win percentage in Ladder matches are one of the best in the business - definitely better than Jeff's.

    And hell - throw big men like Big Show and Mark Henry - put Ladder experts like Edge and Jeff Hardy - put World Champions like Austin Aries and Tyson Kidd - put them all in a match with me, all in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match - and I will be holding that Red Briefcase at the end of the night. I may have been total crap before I went away - but now I'm back - and I'm going to make the WWE my territory once more.

    *John Cena gives the microphone back to Josh, before walking off*

    Josh: Thank you for your time John.


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    JR: I told you, John Cena is back and he is back for good. He wants to prove in his time away he hasn’t lost his touch and he is fired up for this Money in the Bank Match

    King: He can be fired up as he wants but with Wade Barrett, Kurt Angle and later on in the night, Chris Jericho, qualified for the match, Cena has no hope

    JR: Cena stands just as good a chance as anyone else and the favorite may be the returning Jeff Hardy, I mean this is right in his wheelhouse, this match is his elements.

    King: Don’t get me started on Hardy

    JR: Well then how about you get started on DX now so I don’t have to hear more later. Last week we saw Triple H go up against Raven, and as hard as Triple H fought, it wasn’t enough. Well now Shawn Michaels will take a stab at trying to defeat Raven as he now has a match against him

    King: I said it last week I’ll say it again, DX can cheat as much as they want, it won’t help against Raven. Raven right now is a man on a mission, a mission that was started because Abyss couldn’t finish the job against Sting at SummerSlam

    JR: As much as Abyss injured Sting, it wasn’t enough, and that didn’t please Raven, who has already pretty much turned his back on his follower.

    King: Well as a followed of Raven you need to be able to do as he commands, and Abyss couldn’t get it done.

    JR: Well Sting is just as tough as Abyss or Raven… so Raven should have expected that it was a possibility Abyss could lose.

    King: When you are a follower of Raven, that is not a possibility of the enemy, a win, and Abyss let that happen, and he not only did he let it happen, but to Sting, a man Raven despises.

    JR: Raven just has no heart, he is cold and he wants his enemies dead, and he has his followers do his dirty work. Well if Abyss couldn’t get the job done, does that actually mean Raven might have to do it on his own now?

    King: Raven could do it on his own, but he chooses not to because his followers choose to serve his higher purpose. That is why they are there, to help Raven.

    JR: You sound like a follower already

    King: Maybe I will become one… much better than working with you.

    Raven vs. Shawn Michaels w/ Triple H

    Watch 4:30 till 9:05

    Shawn Michaels hits Raven with a suplex and that puts Raven down. Raven tries to crawl to the outside but Michaels comes over and skins the cat and Raven falls down and reaches at his back. Michaels then pulls him into the middle of the ring and locks in a figure four leglock.

    JR: Shades of Ric Flair, Michaels has the figure four locked in!

    Michaels has the hold applied tightly as Raven writhes in pain. Raven tries to lift himself off the ground with his strength but it’s too much and Raven can only sit and writhe in pain. Raven reaches for the ropes around him but to no avail, finally Raven gives one last ditch effort and rolls over and reverses the pressure onto Michaels where both men let go and grab their legs. Michaels is first to his feet as Raven uses the ropes to prop himself up. Raven finally gets to his feet, and as he turns Michaels bounces off the ropes attempting a crossbody, but he is caught by Raven’s waiting arms and turned into a powerslam, cover…



    Michaels kicks out. Raven hits multiple punches to the face of Michaels as Raven gets up and wipes his mouth. He picks Michaels up and puts him against the turnbuckle. Raven hits another few punches to the face, then backs up and hits a running corner dropkick. Michaels staggers out and Raven bounces off the ropes and catches Michaels with a bulldog, cover…




    Michaels kicks out and Raven gets up and looks a bit frustrated. Raven then walks to the turnbuckle and begins to stomp his foot on the ground.

    JR: Oh what a cocky bastard Raven, mimicking Michaels Sweet Chin Music

    King: Raven has used the superkick plenty of times

    JR: Yes but never like Shawn Michaels

    Raven continues to stomp as Michaels is to a knee, he finally then stands and Raven…

    King: Super…

    JR: Michaels ducked it! Inverted Atomic Drop…flying forearm smash, Michaels is feeling it.

    As Michaels counters the superkick, after the kip up Michaels now goes to the corner and begins to stomp his foot on the ground as Raven stirs on the ground. Raven gets to his knees and then he stands…

    JR: Sweet Chin…

    King: Ducked!

    Raven ducks Sweet Chin Music and when he turns towards Raven. Raven hits three jabs to the face followed by a discus clothesline. Raven picks Michaels up, kicks him in the midsection and…

    King: Even Flow DDT!

    Raven covers…




    King: And Raven has now defeated both members of DX in consecutive weeks, who can stop this man?

    JR: I’m sure Sting would if he was healthy but Raven wins again.

    King: He is showing Abyss how it is done, how to beat somebody, and Raven didn’t have any weapons available to him, not to mention both times someone was at ringside.

    JR: But neither of them has been a factor. Raven has been impressive though and you have to think this is a direct message to not only Abyss on how to win but to Sting as well, saying that when Sting returns he is waiting.

    King: Stop taking the words out of his mouth and let him speak for himself!

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    After gaining the win over Shawn Michaels, Raven gets to his feet and spits on him. The ref then grabs his arm as to raise Ravens arm in victory but Raven just stares at the ref, then down at his arm, then back up at the ref. The ref then decides to just let go and get out the ring. Raven then goes to the ropes, leans against them and looks out at the jeering crowd

    The lights flicker off for a few seconds, then come back on. Raven isn't fazed, he doesn't look around- he is just still looking out at the crowd- after a few seconds he actually manages somewhat of a smile, then demands that a mic is given to him

    Raven: You think your savior, your knight in shining armor will show up here tonight? HA! Sting isn’t here. No, Sting is scared. You see, at SummerSlam Sting had a taste of blood, a taste of dishing out pain, a taste of what it is to cause extreme pain on his fellow man, a taste of what it feels like to beat a man within an inch of their life. Everything that Sting is against. Everything that is beneath Sting and it scared the shit out of him. It scared the shit out of him so much that he couldn't do what one would think he would have done- avenge his friends Luger and Warrior, he couldn't end Abyss's career. Sure, you beat him old man but you held back out of fear. Fear of what is holed up in that heart of your Sting. That’s why you will never show your face here again Sting, you're afraid. You're a pussy.

    Raven: It’s not over with Abyss though- no, as I said last week, I still have some hope for him. He still has a chance- ONE CHANCE! One chance to show his worth. One more match. And that match will be next week when Abyss returns to RAW. And who shall he challenge? Why Abyss only wants to prove himself, prove himself to me, against one man. ONE MAN! One old man who handed him defeat- YES! Sting. So Sting, if you can find it in yourself to get your old bones off your couch, show up next week. Get in the ring once more with Abyss. Abyss needs this match, Abyss needs to end you like he should have done at SummerSlam, Abyss needs to beat you as to prove to me that he truly belongs in The Flock. Abyss....

    The lights flicker off again, accompanied by a clash of thunder, the lights go black and a spotlight shines up towards the rafters. The light reflects off the white face paint of a figure in the gloom, Sting is here and he is watching. Sting stares down at Raven who grins up at him, arms extended waiting for an answer. Stings expression remains unchanged until he raises a microphone to speak himself.

    JR: It’s Sting! Sting is back, he has recovered remarkably from that match at SummerSlam!

    King: So what… next week Abyss is back! And if Sting shows up next week like he did this, then he will face Abyss in a SummerSlam rematch!

    Sting: Lets clarify one thing right out of the gate Raven, you and I are nothing alike, your very assertion that I took pleasure from the dismantling of your follower Abyss is like acid to my ears. I derive pleasure from truth, from justice and above all from peace. I do not enjoy what I do, but I do it because I must. People like you, people like Abyss will destroy everything that good, honest, hardworking people stand for.. and this is something I simply cannot allow. What I did to Abyss, what I will do to you if you continue on this path is a necessary evil, to ensure that this industry can flourish as it once did.

    Sting lowers his microphone as Raven listens intently, staring up at Sting who continues to meet his gaze with a steely stare.

    Sting: At SummerSlam I took myself to hell and back, dragging your pawn with me and leaving him in the pit of despair that I promised I would. Despite everything he threw at me, despite all of your meddling and distraction over the past few weeks I endured and cast him down.. but at great cost to myself. I will admit that at times during the match I regretted my decision to accept your challenge.. I felt old.. weak... desperate as he tossed me around like a rag doll. But I dug deep, because if I fell at the first hurdle on what is possibly my last run in this industry then there would be no coming back. You and Abyss would corrupt and defile this company.. and it would be at my feet that the blame would lie. So you say I’m afraid.. you say I fear you and I fear myself for what I did to Abyss.. no.

    Sting looks around at the fans who cheer up at him before he stares back down at Raven.

    Sting: I fear no man, least not you who hides behind others to protect himself from the hell fire that would so happily consume him in order to cleanse the very ring you defile by standing in it. I've been around long enough to understand how the minds of greedy little fools like you work, and I’ll be damned if I ever sit back whilst people like you do whatever the hell they want just for a little attention.

    Abyss wants another chance? Then he can have it. I will beat him twice, three times, four times, however many times it takes before you realize that I am not playing around. I may not be 100% but I know damn well that neither is he, he failed at SummerSlam and he will fail next week, and once I’m done with him, I’ll be coming for you.

    Raven shakes his head at Sting who nods down at him.

    Sting: No shadow will be safe, there will be no respite for you. Constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure you're not being watched but I have eyes everywhere. I am already in your head, you're obsessed with me.. all of those sleepless nights you have are because of me. If you don't fear me yet then you soon will.

    With a clash of thunder the spotlight flashes off before the lights in the arena come back on, the cameras look for Sting in the rafters but he's no longer there. They pan back to Raven he is still in the ring, grinning sinisterly before he makes his way to the back.

    JR: Its official, next week we have a SummerSlam rematch! Abyss will take on Sting!

    King: Oh Sting just made the biggest mistake of his life. Abyss is a monster, he is going to want revenge and next week he gets that opportunity!

    JR: But if Sting wants to get after Raven he needs to beat Abyss, a win next week, will not only presumable get Abyss kicked out of Raven’s Flock but he will have a direct path at Raven, and Raven does not want that.

    King: You mean Sting does not want that, because Raven will be mad Abyss couldn’t get the job done, and he will have to do it himself.

    JR: They both want each other that is for sure, but Abyss is in the way, and one way or another Sting and Raven will meet, mark my words. Up next though we expect to hear from Ryback regarding his match at SummerSlam, so stay tuned.


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    The camera comes back from commercial and peer’s into the RAW GM’s office where Eve is reading the latest issue of WWE magazine featuring herself on the cover when suddenly Chris Jericho bursts through the door.

    Eve: Chris what the hell? You can't just barge into my office whenever you feel like it!

    Jericho: Eve, I'm not going to beat around the bush here. what happened last week was ridiculous, a farce, a joke. While it's true that I had a perfectly fair shot at qualifying for the Money in the Bank match, the crucial fact here is; I didn't qualify for the match. John Cena did. And now you have a guy in the match that isn't going to bring you anything to the table if he wins. Isn't going to offer anything out of the ordinary if he wins.

    John Cena's win last week was nothing more than a fluke. We both know that. So with that in mind, you still need me to qualify for that Money in the Bank match, and right now you're going to give me another qualifying match tonight so that I can go out there and win.

    Eve: You know what Chris I am trying to run RAW the right way, the way it should've been ran when Teddy was the sole GM and I have to admit you're making it very difficult for me to do. Every time you ask me for another rematch or another title shot you're just giving people like Teddy a weapon to use against me and I'm not going to let you ruin this for me. Besides there are other people who deserve a shot at the title just as much as you do so what makes you so special?

    Jericho is frowning.

    Jericho: What makes me special? Are you kidding me? I am the best in the world at what I do. I am the most valuable asset in this entire company, let alone on Raw. I appreciate that you're trying to run Raw the way it should be run, to make it the best it can possibly be, and I'm trying to help you in that respect.

    The real weapon that Teddy Long and the likes will be using against you is the ratings drop that's going to happen, because you know it will happen, when I'm not involved in the Money in the Bank ladder match. And when that happens, you won't be able to do anything to stop Teddy Long and the Board of Directors give you bar reviews on how you're doing your job.

    Now, with that in mind, you need me in that match. So I suggest that you, reconsider, and give me another chance to qualify. I only need one more chance, you know this. Do the right thing for both of us here.

    Eve sighs looking frustrated.

    Eve: You know what Chris I'm going to give you one last chance and only cause I can't deny that having you on RAW is good for ratings, but I warn you there will be no more chances after this. It just so happens that just minutes before you barged in here there was someone else who came to me asking for another chance too so you're going to face each other and that man is none other than… Ryback!

    Chris Jericho looks shocked and angry, but mostly discouraged as he has to face a machine in Ryback

    Eve: Good luck!

    Jericho shakes his head angrily and storms out. Eve rolls her eyes and goes back to reading her magazine.

    JR: So let me get this straight, Chris Jericho walks in and sweet talks his way into another Money in the Bank qualifying match? Are you kidding me? That is blatant favoritism… Eve should be fired, Teddy Long would never allow that to fly… speaking of which where is he? He has to make joint decisions as well!

    King: You didn’t hear? Teddy came down with a bad case of food poisoning tonight… he had to leave before the show started.

    JR: So Eve is in control by herself?

    King: Yes

    JR: I smell foul play. Eve is in full control with no other authoritative figure to tell her what to do… she has been waiting for this moment for some time. Teddy Long has done nothing wrong to lose his full powers as GM, yet Eve goes around playing favorites and she is allowed to keep her job. This is an injustice.

    King: You heard Eve… this was for the sake of RAW’s TV ratings and no other reason.

    JR: Bullshit. Up next Chris Jericho gets yet another Money in the Bank qualifying match against Ryback.


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