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    *The camera’s are rolling and the show is live.. This time though the show is not greeted with the crowd bursting into life or the pyro’s.. Instead Stephanie Mcmahon is waiting in the ring ready too speak, She is wearing a suit and stood behind A podium*

    Steph: Kenneth Anderson! As you know the WWE contacted you numerous times during the week too try and sort this out with out making it public, both parties failed too reach an agreement and there fore the WWE feels the need too respond and make this public with so many people asking if this indeed a stunt or worked.

    *The majority of the crowd are silent and intrigued too see where this is going.. A small minority are trying too start a chant for Anderson.*

    Steph: May 29, 2009 the date that Kenneth Anderson was released from this company and since that date, World Wrestling Entertainment has made no attempt or desired too bring back or re-hire Ken however.. As most of you aware despite the fact that Kenneth Anderson was not signed too this company or asked too appear, he chose too show up too a WWE live event in London, United Kingdom and clearly disrupted the show while laying his hands on WWE employee Jerry Lawler, for this instance.. Two lawsuit’s have been filed!.

    *Crowd Boo*

    Steph: Kenneth Anderson then followed up by causing more problems and damage too this company by showing up too A WWE live event in Portugal, Lisbon despite being told clearly he was not welcome.. He proceeded by damaging cars belonging too WWE employee’s.. For these reasons, World Wrestling Entertainment will now be filling more lawsuit’s while looking too take Kenneth Anderson too court.. For anyone not clear with the points made, Mr. Kenneth Anderson is not welcome in the WWE and his threats and violent behaviour will no longER be tolerated if aimed too our employees or any member of the Mcmahon family! Please enjoy the rest of the show! Thank you!.

    *Steph’s music plays in the background with the crowd stunned into silence.. Stephanie makes her way out of the ring and back up the ramp behind the curtain with some fans booing and chants of Anderson being heard!*

    Raw Is War: Episode 7
    Location: Madrid, Spain

    *With Steph now backstage, the ring is cleared and the Raw Is War music is played out around the arena while the pyros are blasted off.*

    JR: Well I was not expecting that King!

    King: I wasn’t either JR! I don’t blame the WWE for responding like this.. They can’t have a former disgruntled employee turning up and doing what ever he wants.

    JR: Ladies and Gentleman we welcome you too what has been a fascinating start too Raw Is War, we are live from sunny Madrid Spain!

    King: Viva Espana!

    JR: It is the 3rd date of our European tour and this one could be the best one yet.. As you may have seen on, A special announcement was made saying that every Elimination Chamber entrant will compete tonight in the beat the clock challenge!

    King: Wow! that’s awesome.. I’m going too check that out now.

    JR: That’s right.. The winner of the beat the clock challenge will earn the right too enter the Elimination Chamber last giving a huge advantage in that demonic structure!

    King: That’s a massive advantage! You could watch every other man beat the living day lights out of each other before you come in and take advantage of the situation!

    JR: Best of all.. That starts, Next!!

    *Warrior rushes out to his music and runs around the ring twenty times before finally entering *

    Warrior: *screaming* COACH! Get in here.

    *Coach enters the ring with a mic in hand*

    Coach: What do you want?

    Warrior: I needed that device known as a microphone

    Coach: Urm, ok. Here you go. *he tries to hand the mic to Warrior, but Warrior just stares at him * Let me guess, you want me to hold the mic, correct?

    Warrior: Yes, and ask me questions.

    Coach: Why always me though?

    Warrior: Because you hold the microphone in the proper manner and you have a strong tone in your voice. I also see a little bit of me in you.

    Coach: Thank you, I guess. And I don't think I see you in me, not at all.

    Warrior: But I am in you. The Warrior seed grows strong in you, for it has been written by the Warrior Gods. I shall take you to Uranus next time I fly there for the meeting of the Warrior Gods.

    Coach: Um, no thank you. I'm not going anywhere with you and your seed is not in me.

    Warrior: Yes it is

    Coach: No it is not

    Warrior: Yes it is

    Coach: Fine, to shut you up- your seed is in me. Now can I ask you a question?

    Warrior: Is that your question?

    Coach: What?

    Warrior: Is your question- Now can I ask you a question?

    Coach: What?

    Warrior: Is your question- Now can I ask you a question?

    Coach: I am not following you.

    Warrior: Is your question- Now can I ask you a question?

    Coach: Will you stop saying that?

    Warrior: Ok, but is that your next question?

    Coach: Stop that! Tonight you have a beat the clock match against Bobby Roode. What are your thoughts on that?

    Warrior: In that match, I shall prevail over Bobby Roode for I transcend both space and time.

    Coach: What the hell does that have to do with a beat the clock match?

    Warrior: Is that your next question?

    Coach: YES!

    Warrior: As the Ultimate Warrior, I have powers not seen by the naked human eye. I can stop time. I can stop it with my mind. I will use that power to defeat Bobby Roode

    Coach: Ok, you know that sounds, er stupid.

    Warrior: Hush now*30 second pause* You hear that?

    Coach: Er, no


    Coach: No need to scream. But, yes, I was just about to ask you about that.

    Warrior: That because the Warrior seed is growing in you.

    Coach: Ok, whatever. But can you answer the question that I was going to ask you that you said the Warrior Gods told you that I was going to ask you?

    Warrior: Yes I shall answer you. The Elimination Chamber Match will hurt people, it will probably end careers. As far as the winner of that match- it has been written, for the Warrior Gods have told me so.

    Coach: And? Who will be the winner?

    Warrior: You would have to go with me to Uranus to find out. Warrior Gods only speak to mortals on their home planet. My new home planet.

    Coach: So Uranus- are you talking about the planet or your bunghole?

    Warrior: The planet

    Coach: Oh, um maybe some other time. I have to wash my hair

    Warrior: Very well. Thank you for your time

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    JR: Strong words from the Warrior folks, Personally though it’s going too be tough.. I believe Warrior is capable of walking out of the Chamber still with the title around his waist.

    King: No chance JR! I really don’t know how he became champion in the first place, there is no way he will walk out the chamber with the title!

    JR: Here comes the man Warrior will need too beat if he is too set the time too beat tonight, it won’t be easy though folks.. Roode is talented.

    King: I agree, I personally don’t see him beating Roode tonight and I don’t see him winning at the Chamber either!

    *Both men are standing in the ring, the crowd are behind the WWE champion, cheering his name as both men await the ring bell too start the match*

    Warrior vs Roode (Rude)

    Stop at 6:11

    JR: Roode with the sleeper!

    King: Look at the clock JR! It’s already gone 6 minutes!

    JR: It’s not ideal King.. But Roode has this sleeper locked in tight, He could have him here!

    *Warrior begins fading as the ref checks him out.. A couple more seconds pass by and Warrior try’s fighting back*

    JR: Warrior is fighting back!

    *Warrior steps on Roode’s foot before hitting Bobby with elbows too the temple, Warrior then springs off the ropes and knocks down Roode with a big shoulder barge!*

    King: 6:30 gone!

    *Warrior gets back too his feet and looks at the clock.. He then picks up Roode and delivers a big Gorilla press slam, with the clock ticking down to 6:48 he then springs off the ropes and hit’s the Warrior splash!*

    JR: That’s got too be it.. Pin him Warrior!




    Warrior wins, Time: 7:00

    King: 7 minutes! He’s got no chance of winning this challenge with that time!

    *Warrior gets back too his feet and looks at the clock before shaking his head clearly disappointed with the time, Warrior then makes his way too the back with the crowd cheering his name*

    Storm: Well Bobby, looks like you lost your match, sorry about your damn luck Bobby *crowd cheers* Ladies and gentlemen the greatest wrestler that ever lived was given the opportunity to main event Elimination Chamber failed to prove himself

    Roode: SHUT UP STORM, I was and still am the greatest wrestler who ever lived, *crowd boos* Management apparently don’t like me because they gave me the hardest match. A match against the world champion who is a freakin lunatic

    Storm: Oh how hard could that be, tell me Bobby how hard is it, working your way o the top like I have done it for the past 10 years

    Roode: You’re stupid and that’s why it’s taken you so long, I on the other hand achieved great success in TNA while you were down there, working your little turtle way up. I was on top of the world James, I was always stealing the damn show every night weither it be with you or against you the fans payed to see me and not you.

    Storm: You were always the egomaniac Bobby, I was the one who carried the team and kept us afloat, TNA went bankrupt because of you being the champ there and you know it

    Roode: No TNA went out of business because of the old people like Sting, Flair and Hogan. Pretty soon this company is going to be doing the same thing with Warrior, Taker, Triple H and not putting me in the main freaking event

    Storm: Well Bobby here’s our time to shine. I have a great idea how about you and me fight it off in a 3 stages o hell stipulation during the next 3 PPVs. It’s then we will find out who is the better man *crowd cheers*

    Roode: You got it Storm, and I have an even better idea to get my hands on you before Elimination Chamber, you and me next week whoever wins gets to choose the first match type.

    Storm: You got it cowboy, Bobby Sorry about your damn luck

    *Storm leaves and the camera turns to Roode smirking as Storm’s music plays*

    The entire WWE Universe is in a state of ecstasy and utter euphoria over everything that has transpired, thus far, on Monday Night RAW. After The Ultimate Warrior’s explosive win of seven minutes in the Beat the Clock Challenge, the fans, in attendance, are visibly showing their anticipation for the events that unfold later on in the programming. But soon enough, a stout man, wearing a baseball cap that hides his amber, wavy hairs, sans his signature ponytail, along with a black leather jacket, intrude on their not so private festivities. The man, none other than Paul Heyman, suddenly makes his way out of the backstage area through the curtain. He is greeted by booing and jeering from the audience but he brushes them off by showing absolutely no facial expressions that would acknowledge their abhorrence.

    ::Paul Heyman::
    “Ladies and gentleman, good evening. I hope you are all enjoying the show so far but…I know that such a feat would require patience of epic proportions. Such a feat, I’m quite aware, is unobtainable even by the most meek of saints. In other words, I’m quite aware that you’re all bored out of your minds! Not to worry, though, because in a few seconds from now, you will all hear the words of the man who will, indubitably, win the WWE Championship in the upmcing Elimination Chamber match, a man who needs no introduction but will receive one anyway for the pleasure of every single one of you, most hospitable patrons, it is my pleasure to introduce to all of you, Brock Lesnar!”

    Heyman begins to start clapping as “The Next Big Thing” plays on the PA system. As promised, Lesnar shows up, from behind the curtain, in no time at all. He’s already dressed for competition as he’s scheduled to compete in a Beat the Clock Challenge. Both he and Heyman walk down the entrance ramp and get in the ring. Lesnar asks Heyman to hand his microphone over to him as his music dies down. Lesnar is all smiles as is Paul Heyman. Apparently, something unbeknownst to the audience, has occupied his twisted mind.
    :Brock Lesnar::
    “I’m pretty sure you all remembered last week when I said that there was gonna be hell to pay for the way you all treated me last week. Like I said, I’m a man of my word. So I’m gonna ask one of our cameraman backstage to give us a view of my latest bit of handiwork.”
    Lesnar gestures to the titantron and the audience is horrified as they see a lifeless R-Truth beaten and bloodied by a turned over vending machine. His arm is draped over its side while his face lies in the small pool of his blood. Paramedics are already on the scene, preparing a gurney to carry R-Truth away. The feed, on the scene, ends and Lesnar starts laughing to the ire of the ticked off fans.
    ::Brock Lesnar::
    “I told you. I told each and every one of you that I’m not the man to *bleep* with and you morons wouldn’t listen. Therefore, I had to take matters into my own hands. His blood is on each and every one of your heads just like my opponent I have in my match. Now listen, I don’t give a damn who they are or what they are, they’re gonna get their ass kicked just like I did to Morrison last week and just like I did to R-Truth a couple of minutes ago. And believe me, it’s gonna take WAY shorter than seven minutes like it took “The Ultimate Warrior”. Seven minutes? Really? I’ve run triathlons in less time than that. I’ll probably be able to win in two minutes. No, thirty seconds. But then again, where’s the fun in that? I’ll get a good time in this Beat the Clock Challenge but I’ll win in the perfect time that will give me the opportunity to display my dominance in the ring. So, whoever’s sorry ass I have to beat tonight, here comes the mother*bleep*ing pain!”

    Lesnar throws the mic down to the ground and waits for his opponent, proverbially foaming out the mouth. A snickering Heyman leaves the ring and looks down at the ramp with Lesnar.

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    King: Here comes the humongeous giant

    JR: Well it can't be the humongeous midget now can it?

    There is a huge pop as John Morrison appears on the top of the ramp. He is wearing his signature brown fur jacket, with shimmering studs shining off it. He is wearing brown leather bottoms and of course the signature dark shades with silver studs, marking the shape of a cross. He poses for his signature slo-mo stance as photographers and fans alike snap away with their cameras. He proceeds to the ring, whipping off his shades to stare up at Brock/ Paul and Brock in the ring. He gets in the ring and begins to talk.

    Jo-Mo: Brock Lesnar! Wow, you are quite the specimen, arent you? And last week, you certinaly proved why you are so feared in this business, with one emphatic F-5! As I lay there on the ground, writhing in pain, all I could think about was one thing.... you ruined m chance at redemption! You see Brock, after I left the WWE last year, everyone called me a failure. I was looked as as a failure, and as a guy who never got the big one! I was looked at as a joke and rightly so, cause Id given up on wrestling and I let you people down, and for that, I truly am sorry!

    Applause rains down on Morrison as he looks around, nodding his head sincerly.

    Jo-Mo: So I returned last week, and for one fleeting moment, I thought I had my shot. A chance to go to Elimination Chamber, and walk out the WWE Champion! Then I'd fufil my lifelong dream, of walking in and out of Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion! But you, Brock Lesnar, you ruined that moment for me and for all my JoMoSapians!

    The crowd boos and begins to chant BROCK SUCKS!

    Jo-Mo: And if there's one thing we don't like in the Palace Of Wisdom, it party poopers, Brock! And even if I wont be fufilling my dreams, I'll be damned if you waltze in here and main event WrestleMania! Brock, tonight, imma kick your sorry ass!
    Lesnar vs Jomo (Eddie)

    *stop at 8:00*

    JR: Brock Lesnar quickly goes for the cover but time is up,the match is over and Brock could not beat Warrrior's time

    King: I wouldn't want to be John Morrison right now JR, I think he's going to take out his frustrations on him again

    JR: Lesnar picks up morrison and hits AN F5 BY BY BROCK LESNAR

    King: Watch out JR, he's coming over here, don't make eye contact stay away as far as possible from this beast

    JR: Lesnar grabs a chair and this does not look good for Morrison, Lesnar takes vicious shots to the back of Morrison continiously, hen lays the chair on the ground and hits and F5 ON TOP OF THE STEEL CHAIR OH MY GAWD

    King: I almost feel bad for John Morrison at this state

    JR: You damn right should be feeling bad, this man is out here to give his best performance and Lesnar just wants to punish people

    King: He's not done yet I think

    JR: Thank god here comes security

    *security comes out and surrounds the ring*

    JR: Security is entering the ring to stop the situation

    King: Look at this JR, Lesnar is too much for them he's manhandling them one by one

    JR: Punches, elbows and kicks from Lesnar, nobody is able to stop this beast F5 TO ONE OF THEM ON TOP OF MORRISON

    King: Wow look at all the chaos there must be at least 10 men inside that ring, all demolished by Brock Lesnar

    ***The cameras switch to backstage, where JBL is standing backstage with Josh Matthews. The fans are booing already at the site of JBL, who has a smug grin on his face.***

    Josh: John, Everyone in the WWE Universe is talking about your claim that at Elimination Chamber, you will be leaving, and that if you hold the WWE title at that time, you will be leaving with the title. Is this a hoax? And do you think you can really win at Elimination Chamber?

    ***JBL smiles and then suddenly scowls and snatches the microphone from Josh's hand***

    JBL: Josh...Do you think I am fooling around?

    ***He holds the mic up to Josh Matthews' mouth***

    Josh: No, No S-

    JBL: That's right. Anyone who thinks this is a joke will see at Elimination Chamber. IN just a few short weeks, I WILL be leaving with the WWE Title. I am undefeated since my return - I have decimated each and every man I have faced, and each and every man who has had the audacity to try and side with me.

    Let me tell you something Josh...WHen I returned, I made a vow to once again to hold the WWE title. I once again made a vow that the WWE Universe would see a god crushing men, so that they can begin to appreciate the appalling ability of the inferior superstars in this company. I Once again have proved that when I say something I mean it. What I say I do, I will do. What I do, I do Very, Very well. But believe me or don't. In just a few weeks time, I will be leaving Elimination Chamber with the WWE title around my waste...And there ain't a damn thing you or anybody else can do about it.

    ***JBL slams the microphone into Josh Matthew's chest and the crowd is frantic. He walks off with a scowl on his face and the cameras fade out from backstage.***

    *The camera cuts back from the JBL interview and Sin Cara’s music can be heard as the Mexican legend is already waiting in the ring warming up*

    JR: Should be another great match folks, remember the time too beat is still the Ultimate Warriors time of 7 minutes exactly!

    VG: Excuse me! Excuse me!

    *Vickie Guerrero steps out from behind the curtain too a chorus of boo’s as she try’s to get the crowds attention!*

    VG: I said EXCUSE ME!

    JR: oh my ears.. Her voice goes right through me!

    VG: Please put you’re hands together and welcome the next WWE champion and the winner of the beat the clock challenge.. My client, Dolph Ziggler!

    *Dolph swaggers out from behind the curtain with a very confident look on his face.. He has a mic in hand and is ready too speak*

    DZ: Cut my music! So the time too beat is 7 minutes and my opponent is the Sin Botcher! I could do this with my eyes closed!

    *Crowd boo*

    DZ: You can boo.. But you all know it’s true! *Ziggler laughs* When I win this beat the clock challenge, I will then head too the Elimination Chamber as the last man too enter and I will enter doing what I do best… out performing who ever is left in the match before beating them and being the crowd the new WWE champion!!

    *Ziggler poses with his cocky smile as Vickie claps his every word!*

    DZ: Warrior! You’re time is running out.. The era of the showoff is upon us!

    *Dolph then drops the mic and heads too the ring with Vickie at his side*

    JR: Typical confidence from Ziggler there! No doubting the kids talent.. But again, I only wished his attitude matched his in-ring ability!

    King: He’s confident! What’s wrong with that? I like Ziggler and he will beat the Warriors time easy!

    Stop at 5:22

    Ziggler wins, time 5:22

    King: Dolph’s done it! He beat Sin Cara and he beat Warriors time!

    JR: He had the damn tights! He had Sin Cara’s tights damn it!

    *Ziggler gets back too his feet happy with the time he has set, He gets out of the ring and shares a hug with Vickie before both make there way back up the ramp with the crowd boo’ing! As the camera heads backstage once again.*

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    *The camera cut's too backstage where Regal and Eugene can be seen*

    Eugene: Mr. Regal, Mr. Regal. My frieeeeeend

    *Eugene hugs Regal who tries to shove Regal away.*

    Eugene: Why you push Eugene away?

    Regal: Why did I push Eugene away? Let me tell you crumpet, that I don't do hugs. I'm the English Brawler, the former King of the Ring, the greatest technical wrestler who ever lived. Eugene, I don't do hugs darling, even if I liked you

    Eugene: You like me? You like me. As more than I friend? Cause I wanna see her boobies!

    *Eugene points to Trish Stratus standing in a corner backstage talking to Lita and Stacy Keibler*

    Regal: No you filthy retard. I do not like you, in fact, I've touched her boobies, and I got 3 words for ya. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! Now Pumpkin, get out of my way, so I can talk to Teddy so I get a match

    *Regal starts walking off, but stops, and turns back*

    Regal: Wait a minute. Eugene, how would you like to be on your back Next week?

    Eugene: Trish had me on my back earlier... It was super duper mega fun. I like being on my back.

    Regal: Would you like your shoulders being pinned to the floor, after a knee goes near your face sweethart


    Regal: Awesome little prick. Hopefully that Portuguese douche higher up can make this happen. Ta Ta Eugene

    Eugene: bye bye FRIEEEEEND!

    *The camera cuts back from the Regal/Eugene segment and back too the arena where the next match is about too take place*

    King: That Eugene is such a dork! I hope Regal teaches him a lesson.. How could he possibly think Regal is his friend?

    JR: He think’s most people are his friend King.. Eugene is a nice guy!

    King: I hate him! He’s a clown!

    *The longhorn music plays out around the arena and the limo pulls out too a chorus of boo’s from the crowd, JBL steps out and begins making his way too the ring*

    King: I still can’t believe JBL is leaving Ross..

    JR: Personally King If JBL want’s too take his ball home and go that’s up too him, The WWE will be a better place for it in my opinion!

    King: Taking his ball? What are you on about.. He’s going too take the WWE title with him!

    *JBL stands in the ring waiting for his opponent.. He begins warming up with a look of focus on his face when..*

    JR: It’s Santino!

    King: Eugene.. Now Santino! No wonder JBL is leaving!

    We see the Milan Miracle at the top of the stage, raising his unibrow in the direction of JBL. He brings the microphone to his lipa and begins to speak, his thick Italian accent evident.

    Santino: Ciao, ladies and gentlepeoples! My name isss..... SANTINO MARELLA! I am the Italian Stallion and last week, I made my return to Raw in Lisbon, Portugal. I took parrt in a over de topa rope challenge.. and I lost. But never fear, my BILLIONS! *the crowd retorts with silence*. Okays, when I says Billions, you shouta AND BILLIONS! OK, here we go... BUT, never fear my BILLIONS! *the crowd gives a much bigger esponse shouting AND BILLIONS! back at him* of Santinomaniacs, I will beat the man in the ring tonight, John Bradshaw Layfield

    The crowd boos loudly at the mere mention of JBL's name. Layfield aint bothered, as he shouts at the ref to start the match.

    Santino: Bradshaw, you may be in the E.Chamber this year, but you shoulda be woorying abouta tonightsah, when I kick your sorry ass. I mean look at you John. You are fat, you are ugly, you are the most pathetic WWE Champ of all time. But worst of all, you havent purchased your Cobra Sock for $9.99 on Buy, buy buy peoples! Butah seriously John, I honestly have to tell you, that i compare you to a chicken. When someone comes up to you, you flap about, giving it the big talks, but when someone actually stands upah to you and fight, you crap your little trunks!

    JBL tries to talk over Santino, but Santino continues.

    Santino: Ive always wondered why you use thatah estupido towel, but now I think I know!

    JBL: Santino, I swear to gawd!

    Santino: Buck, buck buck buck!!!! Hey look kids, its JBL the chicken!

    JBL keeps trying to talk over Santino, but Marella keeps interuppting him with chicken noises. JBL gives up and simply beckons Marella into the ring.

    Santino: One and one more thingah... Grab a npkin homie, you just got serveda!

    The crowd cheers and laughs as Santino begins to speed walk towards the ring

    JR: I love Santino! These fans do too!

    King: Santino mocking JBL? What a disgrace! How can you find that funny Ross? You should have a little more respect for a wrestling god like John Layfield!

    *Santino makes his way down too the ring.. JBL looks furious and orders the Ref too get the match started*

    JBL vs. Santino (EL Gran)

    Stop at 4:16

    JR: JBL with the pin!




    JR: Santino kicked out! JBL has been in total control King.. It looks like a matter of time before JBL wins this.

    King: Well 6:30 is the time too beat! It’s 4:30 now so he has plenty of time! The quicker he gets this over with the better!

    *JBL is stalking Marella waiting for him too get up.. Santino begins to stagger too his feet while JBL attempts his clothesline from hell!*

    JR: Clothesline from hell!

    King: he almost decapitated Santino!

    *JBL connects with his trademark finisher.. He caught Santino so hard that he knocked him out of the ring! JBL is about too get out of ring and drag him in when..*

    JR: Hey! What’s Ziggler doing out here!

    *Ziggler begins too make his way down the ramp with a big smile on his face, JBL points at Ziggler and shouts “ what you doing out here!” Ziggler then attacks Santino with kicks too the back and stomach, JBL is furious with Dolph as the ring bell sounds!*

    JR: Is JBL disqualified?. Yeah.. That mean’s he’s lost!

    King: What was Ziggler thinking!

    JR: He’s protecting his time that’s what he’s doing!

    *JBL can’t believe he’s been disqualified and pushes the ref over with anger as Ziggler heads too the back with a big grin on his face!*

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    *Rocky’s music goes out around the arena and the electricity from the ground can be felt as they stand up and cheer for the Brahma Bull while chanting his name! Rock steps out from behind the curtain and takes in the vibes from the crowd.. Before making his way down too the ring with a mic in hand*

    Rock: Fin-

    *The Rock goes too speak as the Madrid crowd cheer his name once again!*

    Rock: Muchas gracias!

    *The crowd react again with another huge cheer and continue too chant “ Rocky!” as Rock takes another deep breath and again begins too speak*

    Rock: Finally.. The Rock has come back! *crowd join in* too Madrid, Spain!

    *Once more the crowd cheer for the Brahma Bull with chants again of “Rocky” going out around the arena!*

    Rock: Firstly.. The Rock want’s too start with John Cena! Yeah.. The Rock can see you Cena, Oh believe the Rock can see you’re monkey ass! You want too keep mentioning the great one in your “ raps” you carry on Jabroni, but the Rock promises you this Cena, When I’m done with the Undertaker, I will be looking at you… I will be shining my boot all nice! Then do you know what I’m going too do?. I’m going too turn that son bitch sideways and *crowd join in* stick it straight up you’re candy ass!

    *The crowd give a huge pop for the Rock as he starts smiling in the ring*

    Rock: The great one isn’t here for John Cena.. No, that guy is busy getting his ass whipped by that indy guy, I’m here to respond too the Undertaker!

    *The crowd give a pop for the mention of the Deadman!*

    Rock: So The Undertaker respectfully declines my challenge..

    *The crowd boo as the Rock shakes his head*

    Rock: I know.. I know, I’m disappointed as well.. But maybe Undertaker is scared. Maybe the Deadman realises that even though.. He’s beating the greats like Shawn Michaels! *crowd pop* Jimmy super fly Snuka! *crowd pop* and even the nature boy Ric Flair! *crowd pop* Maybe this time Undertaker knows that even though he has beat these men and many others.. Even though he’s the Deadman and Phenom, even though he can roll his eyes in the back of his head, that he cannot beat the Brahma Bull with the Millions! *crowd join in* and Millions of the Team Bring It army standing behind him!

    *The crowd continue too cheer Rock’s every word with “ Team Bring It” chants going around the arena*

    Rock: All joking aside, The Rock respects the Undertaker.. Always have and always will. But the Rock is going too ask you one more time, I am challenging you too match at Wrestlemania! The Return vs. The streak! Man to Man, I’m asking you Taker.. Give me the chance too fight you at Wrestlemania!

    *Jericho comes out with a smile on his face and mic in hand. He wastes no time starting to talk as he's walking down the ramp.*

    Jericho: Well isn't this a familiar sight! As if one desperate man wasn't enough, we have 2 running around the place, begging and groveling for a ticket to Wrestlemania. You make me sick!!

    *Jericho enters the ring as the crowd boo*

    Jericho: What part of "NO." don't you understand? The Deadman said "NO." to your challenge last week, and there's a good reason for that. After all, we all know that you're going to be leaving after Wrestlemania again. But the fact of the matter is, why would anyone want to face you at Wrestlemania? Why would anyone want to face you, get verbally humiliated by you in this ring for about 6 weeks, only for you to pack up and leave right after Wrestlemania?

    *the crowd boo*

    Jericho: What movie do you have lined up next? A sequel to 'The Toothfairy' perhaps?

    *The Rock stares at Jericho as if he's biting his lip*

    Jericho: What's the matter, you look lost for words there. Did you forget to write your notes on your wrists or something?

    *Jericho laughs to himself as The Rock looks pissed*

    Jericho: But you haven't considered another important factor here, the fact that I am facing The Undertaker at the Elimination Chamber, and that after I beat him, he won't be worth facing at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker is a washed up has been, and at the Elimination Chamber I will show that to the world. He is a fading force, a fallen warrior, and after I beat him, and show him for what he really is, nobody will want to face him at Wrestlemania, because everyone will realize that Undertaker's streak is a worthless gimmick.

    *crowd are very displeased at this*

    Jericho: So if you want to pursue this desperate avenue, this last chance saloon of getting one more pay-packet at Wrestlemania by facing The Undertaker at Wrestemania, then go ahead. But I know, you know and all these hypocrites here know that The Rock vs The Undertaker will be nothing more than a failure of a match.

    *The Rock continues too stare at Jericho for a few more seconds as the crowd chant his name, The Rock lift the microphone too his lips and begins too speak*

    Rock: Who in the blue hell invited you’re dancing with the stars rudy poo candy arse out here!?.

    *The crowd being too laugh before popping for the great one, Jericho’s arrogant smirk has turned into a scowl*

    Rock: You want too come out here.. Interrupt the people’s champ and call The Rock desperate?.

    *Jeircho begins smiling once more as Rock looks pissed*

    Rock: The Rock will you tell what is desperate! Desperate is using the WWE Universe too enhance you’re music career, people can say what they like about The Rock.. But when the Rock left.. He became Dwayne Johnson the actor! But when you left.. You were still Chris Jericho, Yeah I’m Jericho.. The one you loved when I was wrestling but come watch me dance with the stars.. Come watch me sing and one day I might come back! I will tell you what desperate is Jericho! Desperate is hiding underneath the Royal Rumble ring and waiting for the right opportunity like a vulture! I will tell you what desperate is Jericho.. Desperate is what you will be, desperate for medical attention if you ever.. EVERRRR interrupt me again!

    *The Rock drops the mic before facing off against Jericho with the crowd chanting his name and his music playing in the background as the camera cuts too a commercial*

  6. #86
    *The camera comes back from the commercial where the crowd are still chanting for The Rock*

    JR: Welcome back folks.. If you have just joined us, you have missed a hell of a show so far and what about that face off between Rock and Jericho King?.

    King: Man that was tense! I think Jericho is right though!

    JR: Why am I not surprised King.

    King: The Rock is desperate, move on Dwayne! Undertaker said no!

    *Cult of personality blares out over the speaker’s as the straight edge superstar makes his way from behind the curtain and heads too the ring with the crowd boo’ing!*

    JR: Remember folks.. Dolph Zigglers time of 6:30 is the time too beat here!

    King: I’m confident Punk will beat that time!

    *Jeff hardy burst’s through the curtain too a rock star like reception from the fans.. Hardy then quickly makes his way down too the ring, sliding underneath the ropes ready too compete!*

    JR: If Punk is too beat Ziggler’s time King, he’s going too need too be at his best.. Jeff Hardy will never give anyone an easy match!

    King: Punk is the best in the world Ross, He is going too win this whole beat the clock challenge!

    JR: Well both these men have history King.. The last match Hardy had here before he came back.. Was against CM Punk in a loser leave’s match.

    King: I hope Jeff Hardy has go used too losing then.. Because it’s not about too change tonight!

    *Both men are in the ring ready too get the match started.. The ref rings the bell and the match is away!*

    Punk vs. Jeff (Matt)

    Start at 1:30 stop at 5:00



    JR: Kick out!

    King: That was close! Come on Punk!

    JR: Hardy has control of the match.. He’s about too go high risk!

    *With 4 minutes on the clock Jeff Hardy goes top rope as CM Punk lies motion less on the canvas*

    JR: Hardy looking for the Swanton Bomb!

    *As Hardy jumps of the turnbuckle looking for the Swanton, Punk moves and Hardy come down crashing too the matt!*

    King: It’s not called high risk for nothing! * King laughs* Here’s you’re chance Punk!

    *CM Punk looks at the clock and quickly crawls over too Jeff and locks in the anaconda Vice!*

    JR: Anaconda Vice locked in.. Punk could finish it here! With 4 minutes on the clock and Hardy stuck in the middle of the ring.. This could be perfect for Punk!

    King: Tap out! Tap out Hardy!

    *Hardy is trying his best too wriggle out of the hold.. Trying too fight out of the lock with everything he has left, Hardy holds on for as long as he can before tapping out!*

    King: I told you! I told you! 4:36 that’s a very good time from Punk!

    JR: Well Punk has beat Ziggler’s time and with 4:36 the time too beat with one more match.. Punk could indeed win this tournament, But I wouldn’t rule out Edge just yet folks!

    *CM Punk makes his way up the ramp celebrating his victory while the crowd boo self pro-claimed best in the world*

    JR: And now it’s time for our main event! The final Beat The Clock challenge! Edge against Cody Rhodes!

    King: Yeah! Cody is gonna kick Edge’s ass next! I can’t wait for this one!

    *Edge bursts through the smoke to a huge ovation from the crowd. He runs across to one end of the stage and begins to get pumped up, before doing the same to the opposite side. He walks back to the ramp and takes a few steps down it. He looks up and points to the sky as his pyro goes off behind him. He runs down the rest of the ramp and slides into the ring. He grabs the microphone from Lilian Garcia and looks around at the crowd.*

    Edge: So, here we are, Beat The Clock- I have the final chance to beat CM Punk’s time and go on to Elimination Chamber with the final entry spot in the Chamber. The only problem I have is Cody Rhodes standing before me.

    *The fans boo the name of Cody.*

    Edge: Wait, did I say problem? I meant hurdle, and just like all professional runners, I’ll clear the hurdle with no issues whatsoever. This is my chance to prove I am the Ultimate Opportunist.

    *The fans pop loudly.*

    Edge: And yet again, I find my way blocked by CM Punk.

    *The fans boo loudly.*

    Edge: Punk put in a great show earlier, I’ll admit that, when he beat Jeff Hardy in 4:36, but right now, I’m going to beat the clock, I’m going to earn that final spot in the Elimination Chamber. So CM Punk and Cody Rhodes stand in my way. I’m going to knock them both down.

    *The fans pop.*

    Edge: Cody Rhodes, the son of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. The brother of Goldust. Cody, your brother dressed up in gold paint and you’re still the weird one in the family. You’re still the one that has done nothing, and that’s not going to change tonight. One Spear and I’m going to pin you in the middle of this ring, 1, 2, 3.

    *The fans pop loudly.*

    Edge: And then CM Punk, I’m going to take the spot you call yours right now. I’m going to be the final man to enter the Chamber at the PPV, and then I’m going to Spear you, and anybody else in my way. And no disrespect to the Ultimate Warrior- I was there the first time he won the title, sitting in the Eleventh Row with Christian at Wrestlemania VI. I cheered just as loudly as anybody when he won that night, but at Elimination Chamber, if you get in my way, you’re going to get Speared.

    *The fans pop loudly.*

    Edge: And once I Spear each and every single one of you in that match, I’m going to pin you one-by-one and leave with the WWE Championship. Let me get something straight right now. Come Elimination Chamber, the WWE officially goes Rated R!

    *Edge passes the mic back to Lilian as the fans go nuts.*

    JR: Strong words from the Rated R Superstar here tonight! And if anybody can beat Punk’s time, it’s Edge!

    King: Nobody will beat Punk’s time, and Edge is definitely not going to do it!

    *Cody Rhodes bursts through the curtain as the fans boo loudly. He makes his way down to the ring with a grin on his face. He slides into the ring and stands opposite Edge, with the grin not leaving his face. He looks out to the crowd who boo him immensely.*

    King: Cody looks in great shape! Edge doesn’t stand a chance.

    JR: I wouldn’t write off Edge if I were you King, he’s an ELEVEN TIME World Champion!

    King: Well as long as he remains on eleven and doesn’t walk out of Elimination Chamber as the WWE Champion, that’s fine with me.

    Main Event: Beat The Clock Challenge: Edge vs. Cody Rhodes
    http://<a href="</a>
    (stop at 3:23)

    JR: Edge is in complete control, with over a minute to go! He’s looking set to win!

    King: Come on Cody! Do something good!

    *Edge approaches the ropes where Cody is getting to his feet, and Cody drives his shoulder into Edge’s gut, sending Edge backwards. Cody jumps into the ring and hits a dropkick. He goes for a cover on Edge.



    Kick out!

    Cody immediately grabs Edge’s hair and drags him to his feet, where he slaps the Rated R Superstar. Cody looks up at the clock as it passes one minute left to Beat The Clock. He smiles as Edge reaches his feet once more. Cody goes to bounce off the ropes and goes for the Beautiful Disaster kick but Edge ducks under and bounces off the ropes looking for the Spear but Cody uses Edge’s own momentum to send him through the ropes and to the floor below. Cody bounces off the ropes and jumps through them himself with a suicide dive!*

    King: Yes Cody! Keep him on the outside!

    JR: Edge has forty seconds to go to Beat The Clock!

    *Cody is first to his feet within ten seconds and he looks up at the clock as it passes the 30 seconds left mark. He laughs and grabs Edge’s hair. He drags Edge to his feet and throws him into the fan’s barricade. He begins to pound on Edge’s head for a few seconds but Edge pushes Cody back into the apron. He grabs Cody by the head and throws him into the ring, following him in as twenty seconds to go passes.

    Cody gets back to his feet almost immediately and turns directly into...*

  7. #87
    http://<a href="</a>
    (0:16 to 0:18)

    JR: What a Spear from Edge! He has fifteen seconds left!

    King: But he’s too tired to capitalize JR!

    *Edge finally begins to crawl at the ten seconds to go mark. He drapes an arm across Cody with seven seconds to go.




    JR: It’s CM PUNK! What the hell!?

    King: What a move from the Straight Edge Superstar! The clock just ran out! Punk’s entering the Chamber last!

    *On the outside, Punk pushes the referee out of the way as Edge reaches his feet. Punk’s laughing suddenly stops as Edge is pissed! He drops out of the ring as Punk tries to back up the ramp but as he runs, he slips and Edge is quickly on top of him pounding away as Punk desperately tries to cover up. He manages to escape Edge’s grasp by pulling himself to the side of the ramp. He drops down but Edge quickly follows. He grabs Punk’s head and slams him into the side of the ramp. Punk manages to climb back up and rolls onto the stage. He stands up as Edge climbs up, and as Edge picks himself up, Punk kicks Edge low! He follows up with a kick to Edge’s head, sending him sprawling across the stage.*

    JR: Oh my god! What a brutal kick! Edge is out cold!

    *But Punk isn’t done there as he drags Edge up onto his shoulders, and hits the GTS!*

    King: What a move! CM Punk is the best in the world!

    *Punk looks down at Edge, who is knocked out after the GTS, as Punk smiles. CM turns, heading into the back, as the fans are booing hardcore. Punk comes back out from behind, with a microphone in hand.*

    CM Punk: Do you boo when Jay Z takes the stage? Do you boo when Robert De Niro comes on screen? I don't think so, so when the person who is the master of their craft has something to say, you all best shut your mouths and pay me some respect!

    *This just makes the fans boo 10 times more, as CM just grins. Punk walks over to Edge, and sits down right now to him, indian leg style. He turns his face, looking into the camera.*

    Punk: Back in the summer of 2011, I did something that everyone in the back has been wanting to do for a very long time. I did something that everyone had been wanting me to do. I spoke my mind. I told the truth. I became that voice that held those in the back who think they are above everyone else, accountable. I talked about Paul Heyman, Triple H, Vince McMahon, our Be A Star bully garbage, heck I talked about a lot. From that point going forward, the wrestling world was on fire from the words out of my mouth. That was then, and this is now. What has happened since then? It's like all of you took acid, and are tripping back to the 90's. Warrior is at the top, Paul holds the gold, Paulie is back with the Next Big Flop, and JBL thinks he is a deity again. Things are so screwed up, and truth be told, even I can't change it all. No...your Straight Edge Savior cannot fix all of the screw ups in the last few months...what I can do...what I plan on doing, is correcting atleast one thing...and that is the WWE Championship. It shouldn't be held by Jim Hellwig..oh wait...legally your now called Warrior. Wow, that juice you keep talking about must be some strong stuff if you are that far off your rocker. That's okay though...because at the Elimination Chamber, I am going to knock you backwards out of the rocker, and onto your ass when I become the new WWE Champion, when I become your WWE people...the WWE the way, what kind of garbage is that, Universe. That's something that those World of Warcraft geeks would think of. You fans aren't a universe, you are individual people. You’re the WWE fans, that's it.

    *Punk turns, looking down at Edge who hasn't moved yet.*

    Punk: are a facade. Do you want to know why you become as popular as you did? Two words Copeland....Matt Hardy. That's right...the guy you screwed over...oh wait...I'm screwed his girlfriend Amy and subsequently got Matt fired. Did you feel good about that Adam? When you would shower with Amy, would you consider the fact you took someone’s livelihood from them? Did it ever to cross your mind to think with the head on your shoulders? See Copeland...when you did that, you became the most hated man in the WWE...hell, probably in all of professional wrestling...and you weren't just hated by the fans, you were hated by us in the back. Do you remember the looks you'd get from Paul, or from Shawn, or from John? I do...but the thing is...these fickle fans, they forgive and forget...I on the other hand...I don't Adam. You rose to stardom, because of unfaithfulness. If that hadn't happened, everyone might remember Christian as the more talented of the two. Hell, Matt might have even gone on to become the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion...but that is the thing Edge...all you do is think for yourself.

    So that is why I did, what I did tonight. I thought for myself. Not these mindless sheep watching tonight, not for any of the guys in the back, I came out here, and secured my final spot in the chamber to ensure these sheep get a new leader. Someone who is straight edge, someone who is the best in the world, someone is just freaking awesome. See Adam, by securing the fact I'll be the last guy released, my odds go way up, in some aspects. By the time I come out, there could only be 1 guy left, and then I have a 50/50 shot of leaving the champ. Now before you even bring it up, yes, all of the other 5 could be left still and then my chances are 17% chance of leaving the winner, but come've got Ziggler, Bradshaw, and Lesnar in there. Is there any doubt in your mind that 1 or 2 of them won't be eliminated before I come out, because there is no doubt in my mind that the numbers will be in my favor.

    *Punk stands now, looking down at Edge still.*

    Punk: At the surprised me...and the thing is Adam...I never got to return the favor. So here it is.

    *Punk drops the mic as he reaches down, lifting Edge to a standing basis. Punk grabs the back of Edge's head, and slams Edge face first into the monitors on the entrance stage, that show the Raw logo's and hype upcoming PPV's. Punk bashes Edge's head once, and pulls back saying into his ear.*

    Punk: That is for the Rumble!

    *Punk bashes Edge a second time, busting Edge open this time.*

    Punk: That's for the Cutting Edge!

    *Punk bashes Edge a third time, and then lets Edge drop to the entrance stage. Punk leans down, eyes wild, as he looks at Edge.*

    Punk: And that...that is what's going to happen at the Elimination Chamber when I put you through one of those chambers Adam.

    *Punk stands tall, as his music blares over the PA system. He turns, heading off into the back, as Edge slowly stirs.*

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    *Stephanie McMahon walks to her limo, and the driver is working on replacing a flat tire.*

    Stephanie McMahon: What seems to be the problem here?

    Driver: Oh no problem Ms. McMahon, we seemed to have had a flat tire. I’m almost done replacing it just one moment, you may wait in the limo if you would like.

    Stephanie McMahon: Alright.

    *Stephanie McMahon sits in the back as the Driver works on the flat. Then Mr. Anderson comes out of nowhere, with a baseball bat and grabs the Driver and covers his mouth.*

    Mr. Anderson: You’re going to be quiet alright? Finish fixing the flat tire

    *Driver nods. Mr. Anderson lets him go and after the Driver finishes, all of a sudden Mr. Anderson hits the Driver with the Mic Check. Mr. Anderson then takes the jacket and hat of the Driver and puts it on.*

    Mr. Anderson: They say the ladies love a man in uniform, hopefully they meant limo driver uniform.

    *Mr. Anderson then lines up and smashes the window to the backseat that Stephanie was sitting in. McMahon screams, Anderson stays out of sight but says.*

    Mr. Anderson: Spare tire is fixed.

    Stephanie McMahon: So why did you smash the window?

    Mr. Anderson: Door handle was broken.

    *Mr. Anderson appears in the window with the baseball bat. Stephanie backs away from the window.*

    Mr. Anderson: If it isn’t the freaken’ Billion Dollar Princess herself. Where’s Hunter? Where’s your daddy? You’re all alone? What happened the other two? Scared? Well you’re in luck, word on the street is this asshole has five lawsuits against him, well I’m going to simplify those five to one with a little math.

    Stephanie McMahon: I will bring up another lawsuit against you if you touch me.

    Mr. Anderson: Really?

    *Mr. Anderson swings the bat and breaks another window*

    Stephanie McMahon: Alright alright, I’ll drop the lawsuits, please just don’t hurt me.

    Mr. Anderson: Oh it’s not that simple Steph. See since you’re rich and had everything handed to you, you don’t have to worry about money so you never had to worry about doing math, us assholes on the other hand do. And I don’t know if you know this but five is greater than one, which is also means you caused yourself four extra problems by bringing up these lawsuits, when if you, Hunter, and your daddy had just given me a contract like I asked these lawsuits wouldn’t have come up. Well maybe the one with Jerry would have cause nobody likes him but that’s beside the point.

    Stephanie McMahon: I said I’d drop the lawsuits please just let me go.

    Mr. Anderson: See I don’t know if you know this but… I’M AN ASSHOLE, which means I’m going to get what I want when I want how I want, and we all know I want a contract, then we will talk about dropping these lawsuits. So Steph me and you, we need to have a little chat. Buckle up.

    *Mr. Anderson opens the front door, gets in and drives away, as he does he can be heard saying.*

    Mr. Anderson: Wanna listen to some tunes? Oh wait this one is my favorite, I’ll sing it for you. I hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin… MIIISSSTTTEEERRR AAANNNDDDEEERRRSSSOOONNN… AANNDDEERRSSOONN.

    *Mr. Anderson speeds off with Stephanie McMahon in the back scared as the show goes off air*

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    Raw Is War filler

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    And again!

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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