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    Tyler Black & Kings of Wrestling vs. The United Kingdom (Sheamus, William Regal, Drew McIntyre)
    (Chris Hero= Dean Ambrose; Claudio Castagnoli= Roman Reigns; William Regal= John Cena; Drew McIntyre= Ryback)

    Watch 0:53-8:25 (Ignore tag by Castagnoli/ Reigns)

    Tyler Black tags back in and backs up, jumps off Hero’s back, but Regal ducks and Black hits the turnbuckle. Black turns groggily into a huge European uppercut from Regal. Black staggers and Regal then hits Black with a German suplex. Regal then goes over to a downed Black and locks in a single leg Boston crab. Black, close to the ropes uses his strength to prop himself up. He is just out of reach to get to the ropes, so he attempts to crawl. As he does, Regal holding the leg stands up and drags Black into the middle of the ring. Black collapses to the ground, and Regal takes a lower seat on Black now. Black then attempts to slither his way towards the ropes, and he starts to get closer, and Regal notices he is losing his grip. Regal then stands up, drags Black back into the middle of the ring, and hits a quick knee drop to the head of Black followed by a cover from Regal…



    Black kicks out. Regal picks Black up and leans him against the turnbuckle. Regal hits a quick flurry of forearm smashes, and Black staggers out from the turnbuckle. Regal goes to grab at the head of Black, but Black blocks it and hits a quick punch to Black. Regal responds with a punch of his own and the men begin to trade blows…


    Black gains the advantage, bounces off the rope and hits a big boot. Black bounces off the ropes again but Regal scrambles away and tags in Drew McIntyre.

    JR: I guess Regal had enough of Tyler Black and Drew McIntyre looks just as hesitant. They know Black is a man on a mission here tonight.

    McIntyre gets in and runs at Black. Black ducks and jumps on the ropes, jumps off, turns in midair and hits McIntyre with a clothesline. Black somersaults to his feet, runs off the ropes and hits a running shooting star press. He covers…



    McIntyre kicks out. Black then goes to the tope rope. Once Black gets to the top rope, he gets his balance, and jumps. Black begins to twist in midair, and McIntyre rolls out of the way and Black crashes to the canvas hard. He hits the canvas so hard he bounces up and is able to lunge and tag in Hero. Hero comes in and goes for a clothesline, which McIntyre ducks, and on the rebound McIntyre hits Hero with a big boot. Hero bounces off the canvas, and McIntyre picks him up and hits a snap suplex, cover…



    Hero kicks out. McIntyre picks Hero up and gets him into a position for a neckbreaker, but all of a sudden Hero is able to get out and…

    JR: Cerebral Cortex Rolling Elbow! My god did you hear that thud? McIntyre may be out.

    Bischoff: But Hero needs to get a tag to his partner he isn’t close enough to make a cover

    After the elbow, in which McIntyre dropped to the canvas, Hero fell the opposite way and he went down to the mat. Both men are down for a bit and McIntyre stirs on the ground as Hero gets to a knee. Hero finally gets to his feet, holding the back of his head from the big boot and tags in Castagnoli. Both men look over at McIntyre who is grabbing at the ropes to get up. Both men nod at each other and stalk McIntyre. McIntyre gets to his feet, turns into a double dropkick from the two men. McIntyre is sent sprawling backwards, where he sandwiches the referee between him and the turnbuckle.

    JR: The ref got caught in a bad place, and I think he is out!

    Bischoff: And right on cue here is All American Perfection! We may get a preview of our Tag Team Title match earlier than we expected

    JR: What the hell are they doing here? They have no part in this match

    Bischoff: They said they would make an impact at SummerSlam even if they weren’t scheduled for the PPV. Well here they are confronting their opponents for their Tag Team Titles.

    Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler make their way down to the ring as Hero and Castagnoli don’t notice as they try to get the ref up but to no avail. Swagger then slides in the ring and Ziggler walks around the ring to the other side, and when he gets there he hits a huge kick to a downed Black. Swagger waits for one of them to turn, and when Hero turns, he walks right into

    Bischoff: Gutwrench Powerbomb from Swagger!

    Castagnoli who was still checking on the ref then sees Swagger hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb and he moves towards Swagger when Ziggler slides in the ring behind him and

    Bischoff: Zig Zag! All American Perfection said they’d make an impact and have us talking; well they have stuck to their word.

    JR: They have no place in this match

    Sheamus, now the only one standing, is now imploring McIntyre to make it to him, and McIntyre crawls towards his corner, then leaps and gets the tag to Sheamus. Sheamus comes in and runs towards the corner where Black had just gotten to the apron and Sheamus hits him with a running double axe handle and this knocks Black down to the ground again. Sheamus turns and Hero is up groggily where Sheamus hits him with

    Bischoff: A huge Brogue Kick!

    Sheamus hits Hero with the Brogue Kick and Hero is sent down and Hero rolls out of the ring and to the ground. Castagnoli now gets up groggily and walks towards Sheamus who hits him with

    Bischoff: Irish Curse.

    Sheamus puts Castagnoli down with the Irish Curse and Sheamus now goes towards the turnbuckle where he turns and stalks Castagnoli. Castagnoli gets to a knee, he then stands, turns and

    Bischoff: Brogue Kick! Cover



    Regal comes over and knocks Black down


    Bischoff: And the United Kingdom is victorious!

    JR: They got helped by All American Perfection. Now based on their names I doubt they are connected, but why did All American Perfection have to interfere? They have no business here.

    Bischoff: They said they would not be kept down even though they weren’t booked. They said they would be heard from and they were. They didn’t interfere to help the UK or screw Black. They interfered to send a message to their number one contenders.

    JR: Well it seems as though the United Kingdom can never win fair and square. For god’s sake that better not be the case in the Barrett and Rhodes match.

    Bischoff: Well the United Kingdom has one their first battle here tonight, will they win their other? That’s later, but up next the Intercontinental Championship will be defended in a triple threat match!


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    JR: Well it’s time for the Intercontinental Title to be on the line in a triple threat match between Undertaker, Randy Orton, and champion Tyler Reks. And this started after Reks successfully defended his title against Kevin Steen. Undertaker came out and attacked Steen sending a message to Reks that he was coming

    Bischoff: Well Orton wasn’t going to let Taker steal the spotlight from him. Orton, the legend killer, was out to destroy the legend of Undertaker and got wrapped up in Taker’s pursuit of the Intercontinental Title.

    JR: Well Reks is a fighting champion he won’t go down and be overshadowed by these two men and their rivalry.

    Bischoff: Well here comes the legend killer, and not only will he destroy the legend of the Undertaker tonight, but he will also become Intercontinental Champion

    JR: Well he is a former Intercontinental Champion so he has been here before and does know what it takes to win. Could Orton win the Intercontinental Title again? It’s possible

    JR: And here comes the Phenom, the Undertaker! Now Taker has done pretty much everything there is to do in this business, but one thing he has never done, win the Intercontinental Title.

    Bischoff: That is true, but he has always been in the spotlight, and he has won the big one before, he knows what it takes to win the Intercontinental Title

    JR: Could Taker add to his illustrious resume tonight?

    JR: And here comes the Intercontinental Champion, Tyler Reks! Don’t expect him to lay down to these two men. Reks has defeated all comers thus far and I assure you he looks to do the same tonight

    Bischoff: But the people he beat don’t match the level of Randy Orton and the Undertaker. He has never been in a match of this magnitude. His inexperience may cost him.

    JR: We shall see

    Match 7: Tyler Reks (Cena) vs. Undertaker (HHH) vs. Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship


    Orton pulls 'Taker to his feet, and throws him between the ropes to the floor. He bounces off the ropes, before landing a running knee on Reks. Next, Orton climbs to the top rope, as the crowd jeers. Reks gets to his feet, as Orton goes for the Diving Crossbody, but Reks cuts him off with a dropkick! Reks covers


    Reks is shocked, and pulls Orton to his feet. He whips Orton into the ropes, and on the return, lands a stiff clothesline. Orton falls down hard, as Reks drops an elbow. He once again, pulls Orton up and sends Orton into the ropes, going for another clothesline, but Orton ducks. Reks then turns around, and goes for a dropkick, but Reks catches his legs! Orton falls on his back, as Reks drags him towards the corner, and slingshots him into the turnbuckle!

    Orton then falls to the mat, as Reks lands a big kick to the chest, sending Orton to the apron. Reks pulls Orton up, and suplex’s him into the middle of the ring. He then goes to the corner, and goes for his springboard moonsault, but Orton gets his knees up!

    Orton then climbs to his feet, and notices 'Taker standing on the outside of the ring. Orton then takes out 'Taker with a baseball slide, before turning to Reks, who is on his knees. Orton pulls him up, and lands a neckbreaker! Orton covers

    1......2......Reks powers out!

    Orton grabs the arm of Reks, and attempts to twist into an Oklahoma Roll, but Reks places his head between Orton quads, before getting to his feet, Orton on his shoulders. He goes for an Electric Chair drop, but Orton manages to get to the turnbuckle, and avoids falling by holding the top rope.

    Orton then lands elbows to Reks' head, causing him to fall onto a seated position on the turnbuckle. Orton pushes Reks into the middle of the ring, before landing a Missile Dropkick! Orton covers

    1........2........Undertaker pulls Orton out of the ring! 'Taker lands a big right hand, causing Orton to stumble into the steel steps. 'Taker then grabs Orton from the throat, and lifts him up for a Chokeslam, but Orton kicks 'Taker's knees, releasing the grip.

    Orton then throws 'Taker into the ringside barrier, before grabbing his legs, and placing them on the steel steps. He then pulls 'Taker's head up, and goes for the modified DDT, but 'Taker lands a Low Blow. Orton falls on his knees, as 'Taker places his head between his legs. He lifts him up for a Powerbomb, but instead lands a Last Ride – but Orton is sent into the barrier!

    'Taker enters the ring, and pulls Reks up. He grabs the arm, and twists it over his head, before climbing the turnbuckle. He goes for Old School, but Reks pulls his arm, so 'Taker falls onto Reks' shoulder. Reks calls for the Burning Hammer, but 'Taker slips out. Reks turns around, but 'Taker grabs his neck. He once again goes for the Chokeslam, but this time – it connects!

    'Taker then signals for the Tombstone Piledriver, and when Reks' gets to his feet, turns him upside down. Before 'Taker can drop to his knees, Reks' rolls through, and takes down 'Taker by pulling the leg. 'Taker is on all fours, as Reks goes for the Springboard Moonsault, but 'Taker catches him!

    JR: Tombstone! Tombstone!

    Bischoff: No! Orton needs to win this!

    The Tombstone Piledriver connects, and 'Taker does his cover, and rolls his eyes backbreaker

    JR: We have a new champion! Undertaker is the Intercontinental Champion!

    Bischoff: This is rubbish! 'Taker low blowed Orton!

    JR: It's legal – it's a triple threat match! And now 'Taker's illustrious career is now complete!

    Bischoff: For the majority of his career, 'Taker has been one of the WWE's go-to guys. One of the most deserving people of being champion. But Orton should've won!

    JR: Well he didn’t and in the end Undertaker won and is our new Intercontinental Champion, congratulations to him on adding something to his career that he has never done before. Up next is the battle of men who really don’t like each other, The Rock and Dean Ambrose.

    The fans are screaming as the electricity for SummerSlam is deafening. However, the Titantron goes from the SummerSlam logo- to the parking lot as there are fans outside the park watching superstars walking out of their cars. One man, in particular- is the masked man that has been attacking CM Punk. The fans are screaming YOU SUCK as the masked man ignores the jeers. However, he's approached by Josh Matthews who has a mic with him.

    Josh Matthews: Hello Masked Man, can I have your attention?

    The masked man keeps walking as Josh follows him.

    Josh: Sir, there are some questions that I want you to answer.

    The masked man ignores him, as he walks into the arena.

    Josh: Sir, may I ask you some que-

    The masked man turns around, and pushes Josh to the floor. He picks Josh back up, and pushes him against the wall.

    Masked Man: Listen to me. You need to sort your bloody manners out. Then, you can think about asking me questions again you parasite.

    Masked Man threatens to punch Josh, but he doesn't as Josh jumps. He walks off, as Josh comes running from behind again.

    Josh: Sorry about this! Good evening sir, please may I have your attention.

    Man: Better.

    Josh: Sir, please may you also answer some questions- that I have set up for you.

    Man: Sure.

    Josh: Okay, so sir. Right now, you remain anonymous. So please may I have a hint, on your wrestling background. Do you have any experience in the ring?

    Man: What kind of question is that? Oh god, well. Course I've got a wrestling background. I wouldn't just randomly attack CM Punk without a background, would I? Trust me, if I was a fan- I would've had my ass handed to me on a plate. But that won't be the case tonight, because Punk doesn't know what he is up against.

    Josh: Fair enough, I'll follow with a simple question. How do you feel, heading into this match against Punk?

    Man: It feels great. Knowing that I'm just seconds away, from ending CM Punk's wrestling career is just an excellent feeling. But either way, my head will still be in the game. It's a bit too cold in this damn arena, and I'm not thinking about taking this mask off for a long time. I'm gonna pin Punk 1-2-3, and that bell will ring for the second time. And once it does, I know I'll be the rightful winner. So I'll beat him down after the match, so I can give him a final present- his final victory in the WWE...via disqualification.

    Josh: Strong words. Now final question, but very simple. May I have a valid reason, on WHY you attacked Punk?

    Man: Desperate questions don't deserve answers.

    The man pushes Josh, before walking away. And the camera fades to a break

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    JR: Now it’s time for The Great One versus The New One, The Rock versus Dean Ambrose. And it’s an understatement to say that these two men do not like each other.

    Bischoff: Having been around this situation let me tell you these two despise each other. This will be the first time they meet in a formal match but let me tell you they have brawled time and time again so they have gotten a piece of each other. I assure you this match will prove to be a physically brutal battle of hatred.

    JR: Well RAW has one of their own coming up late but you are right, from what I’ve watched these two men can’t stand each other, and I wouldn’t be surprise if they tries to end each other’s careers here tonight

    Bischoff: Well Ambrose better hope he is the one doing the ending otherwise his career won’t be too memorable.

    JR: This man has had a great career and he looks to add to that tonight by beating one of the premier prospects the WWE has ever seen.

    Bischoff: I don’t know how confident he should be, he has had his fair share of battles but he has never been in the ring with a guy like Dean Ambrose

    JR: He’s insane Eric, I don’t know if you can see it but trust me I do. The Rock has never been in a `ring with a lunatic. Dean Ambrose is a lunatic.

    Ambrose runs down the ramp, and immediately goes for the Rock! He lands a takedown, and begins hammering Rock with punches, as the referee attempts to pull him off. The referee fails, and orders off, before Ambrose eventually gets off. He backs off a few steps, holding up his hands innocently, whilst staring at the referee. Rock gets to his feet, so the referee orders the bell to be rung. Ambrose charges at Rock, but Rock lands an arm drag.

    JR: What an explosive start!

    Bischoff: Can you blame Dean or the Rock? This rivalry has been going on since King of the Ring, and now, they can legally get their hands on one another!

    Ambrose gets to his knees, as Rock bounces of the nearest ropes, and lands a running knee strike against Ambrose's head. Ambrose falls on his back, as Rock presses his knee on top of Ambrose's face, keeping him grounded, before unloading with forearms to Dean's stomach. Rock then removes his knee from Ambrose's head, but uses his hands to keep Ambrose down, before lifting his knee, and dropping it down on Ambrose's face.

    Rock retreats a few steps, and turns side onto Ambrose. Ambrose gets to his feet, near the ropes, so Rock runs, and clotheslines Ambrose over the top rope out of the ring. The crowd cheers, as Rock goes to the apron. Ambrose is on all fours, so Rock jumps off, and lands a double axe handle to the back of Ambrose.

    JR: The fights progressing to the outside of the ring!

    Bischoff: These 2 are willing to fight in any environment, providing they can get their hands on one another. They just have to be aware of the referee's count.

    Ambrose ends up flap on his stomach, as Rock stomps on the back of his head. Rock picks him up, and drives him back first into the ring apron. Rock then grabs the tights and the head of Ambrose, and throws him shoulder first into the ring steps!

    Rock takes the top half of the steps off, and drops them, away from Ambrose and himself. Rock lifts Ambrose up for a DDT on the bottom half of the steps, but Ambrose lands a Northern Lights Suplex, dropping Rock on the steel floor.

    The referee reaches a count of 7, so Ambrose slides into the ring, before sliding out, re-starting the count. Ambrose grabs the leg of Rock, and slams it on the floor. He then pulls Rock to his feet, and lands snake eyes on the steel barrier, so Rock falls down to his knees, his arms draped over the barrier. Ambrose then grabs the top of the steel barrier with both hands, before driving his foot into the back of Rock's head, squashing it against his foot and the barrier.

    Ambrose eventually releases Rock, before throwing him into the ring. Rock gets to his feet, as Ambrose attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Rock uses the ropes to hold himself so he remains stationary, before pulling Ambrose towards him, and landing a big knee to the midsection. Rock shoots Ambrose into the opposite ropes, before attempting a clothesline, but Ambrose manages to slide between Rock's legs. Rock turns around, straight into a resounding slap from Ambrose!

    Ambrose grins, as the Rock holds his cheek. The crowd begins chanting “ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY”, so Rock retaliates with a slap of his own! Ambrose is infuriated, and goes for a big clothesline, but Rock ducks, and lands a knife edge chop to the pectoral area. Ambrose is backed into the corner, as Rock lands another knife edge chop, before following up with a big open hand slap.

    Rock goes to the apron, and pulls Ambrose's neck down against the top rope, attempting to choke him. Rock releases at the referee's count of 4, before re-entering the ring. Ambrose turns around, so he's once again facing the center of the ring, as Rock runs at Ambrose, but Ambrose lands a drop toe hold, sending Rock's head crashing down onto the turnbuckle.

    Rock – with his stomach protected by him facing the corner – holds his head, as Dean takes a few seconds to catch his breath. Ambrose then runs against the ropes, and lands a big dropkick to the exposed back of the Rock, further pressing his body against all three turnbuckles. Rock then groggily stumbles into the middle of the ring, so Ambrose then takes down Rock with a spinning wheel kick! Ambrose covers


    Rock rolls his shoulder up! Ambrose then jumps to his feet, and delivers a strong kick to the shoulder of the Rock! Ambrose then sits on the back of Rock, before extending the Rock's right arm out, and landing elbows to the shoulder blade.

    JR: So now it seems, Dean Ambrose is working on the Rock's arm and shoulder.

    Bischoff: It's brilliant tactics! Without a strong arm, the Rock's, Rock Bottom, People's Elbow, Snap DDT, Samoan Drop, Sharpshooter and the Spinebuster aren't as effective.

    Ambrose then pulls Rock to his feet, before landing an atomic drop. Ambrose then grabs the arm of Rock, and twists it over his head, hyper-extending the arm. Ambrose then kicks the right knee out from under Rock, causing him to fall to one knee. Rock is bent forward, as Ambrose twists his arm, and places it on his back. He then pulls Rock up, before landing a Hammerlock Suplex! Ambrose pins:


    Ambrose then locks in a Japanese (Fujiwara) Armbar, before screaming up the Rock to tap out. Ambrose orders the Rock to tap out, but Rock refuses. With the arena cheering him on, Rock manages to get to his knees. He then uses his experience to land a forward roll, which in turn forces Ambrose to relinquish the hold. Rock then goes for a big kick to the head, but Ambrose grabs the foot. Ambrose then spins the Rock around, before landing a schoolboy


    Both men jump to their feet, as Dean once again twists the Rock's arm over his head, but this time, Rock expects it, and quickly headbutts Dean, causing him to let go of the arm. Rock throws Ambrose into the ropes, and on the return goes for a back body drop, but Ambrose places Rock's head between his legs. He lifts the Rock up for a Powerbomb, but Rock lands a poke to the eye, causing Ambrose to drop him.

    The referee warns Rock not to do that, but Rock shrugs it off, before kicking Dean in the gut, and landing a DDT! Rock then kips up, and goes to the legs of Ambrose. Rock picks up the legs, and goes for the sharpshooter, which causes the arena to explode cheers. Ambrose however, manages to wriggle a leg free, and drops it to the mat. When Rock goes to pick it up, Ambrose manages to grab his head, before slamming it against his own knee

    Bischoff: What a well scouted counter there by Dean Ambrose! Edge – take notice! Who knows how fluky Kidd will be in the main event!

    Rock falls to his knees, as Dean gets to his feet. Ambrose then once again lifts him up for a powerbomb, and throws him into the turnbuckle! Rock falls into a seated position, with his back to the corner, so Ambrose places his head and upper back between the first and second ropes. He then grabs the legs, before slingshotting the Rock's neck into the second rope. Ambrose pulls Rock into the ring and pins

    1..........2.........Rock places his hand on the bottom rope – breaking the count!

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    JR: There's the Rock using his experience and ring awareness to stay in this match

    Rock crawls out of the ring, as Ambrose decides his next move. He notices the Rock, and goes for a Suicide Dive, but Rock moves to the side, and Ambrose crashes and burns – landing on the floor. Ambrose is on his knees, holding his stomach, as Rock then lands a modified bulldog, sending Ambrose face bouncing against the floor.

    Rock then picks up Dean, and throws him into the ring. He stomps on his head, before pulling him up. He sends Ambrose into the ropes, and goes for a back body drop, but Ambrose reverses into a Sunset Flip


    Rock manages to roll back to escape the pin, as jumps up. Rock goes for a big right hand, but Dean ducks, and lands an elbow to the shoulder of the Rock. Rock nurses his upper arm, as Ambrose follows up by going for the cut-throat neckbreaker, but Rock reverses into a Spinebuster!

    Rock goes to the head of Ambrose, and takes off his elbow pad. He goes for the People's Elbow, but as he bounces off the ropes for the second time, Ambrose rushes to his feet, and takes down Rock with an explosive running lariat!

    Ambrose then stands up, before staring at the Rock. He steps away, before doing the signature Rock taunt when calling for the Rock Bottom. Rock then gets to his feet, and Ambrose goes for the Rock Bottom, but Rock counters with a knee to the midsection. Ambrose is then pushed away by the Rock, who then picks him up on his shoulders. He holds Ambrose up for at the Midnight Special, but Ambrose reverses into a Crucifix Pin


    JR: Both men attempting, and failing to hit their opponent’s finishing move!

    Bischoff: It was a complete lack of respect from Rock to do that! He underestimates Ambrose!

    Both men get to their feet, as Rock ducks a right hand. He then runs and bounces off the ropes, before landing a shoulder takedown to Ambrose's knee, dropping him. Rock then gets up, and goes behind Ambrose – taking him down with a Side Russian Leg Sweep! Rock covers


    Rock gets to his feet and goes to pick up Ambrose, but Ambrose lands a Drop Toe Hold, dropping Rock. Dean then goes to the hurt arm, before trapping it, and locking in a crossface! Rock claws towards the bottom rope, but Dean releases Rock's neck and grabs the loose arm, before twisting it around Rock's head and pulls it back!

    JR: Rock is damaging himself here.

    Rock manages to kick Dean off, before both men slowly get to their feet. Rock lands a right hand, before Dean lands one of his own. The two between trading punches


    Rock bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but...

    JR: Dean's caught him!

    Bischoff: Midnight Special! It connects!

    JR: Dean pins! It must be over


    Bischoff: NO! NO! NO!

    JR: Rock's still in this!

    Dean is shocked, and sits down in the corner. He angrily stares at the Rock, before hitting the mat with his hands. He gets to his feet, and pulls Rock up. He picks up Rock for another Midnight Special, but Rock manages to escape, and picks up Dean for a Samoan Drop. He once more goes to the head of Dean

    JR: Here comes the elbow!

    Bischoff: Come on Dean!

    Rock bounces off the ropes

    Bischoff: Please Dean

    He bounces off the opposite ropes

    Bischoff: GET UP AMBROSE

    He drops the elbow, which connects!

    Bischoff: No! Come on Dean! This isn't happening.

    Rock pins


    Bischoff: Knew it.

    Rock holds his head in his hands – he can't believe it! Both men have a look of desperation, as Dean crawls to his feet. Rock also stands, and Rock goes for a back body drop, but Ambrose lands on his feet, and lands a running knee!

    Rock is sent into the turnbuckle, as Ambrose runs, and lands a dropkick. Rock manages to stay up by holding the ropes, as Ambrose lifts Rock up to a seated position on the top rope. Ambrose then jumps up to the second rope, before raising his arms to the fans disgust. Ambrose then places Rock's head between his thighs, before lifting him upside down.

    JR: Uh oh

    Bischoff: This is what I was worried about! This is going to end Rock's career!

    Ambrose then falls back, and lands a second rope piledriver! Rock doesn't move at all, as Ambrose crawls into the cover


    Bischoff: Dean Ambrose wins! What a win for this man’s career! He is going to do great things in this business.

    JR: Well it was a huge win, beating The Rock is no small task, and The Rock threw everything he had at Ambrose, but I have a question does Ambrose feel pain?

    Bischoff: Of course he does JR. What kind of question is that?

    JR: I don’t know… did you see what The Rock did to Ambrose? He threw everything at him and time and time again he kicked out. Ambrose is not only insane, he doesn’t feel pain that’s how insane he is!

    Bischoff: That’s your opinion. Up next RAW has a grudge match of their own, CM Punk faces the Masked Man that has been attacking him for weeks!


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    JR: And here comes Eve, probably to address the WWE Championship situation. This is such a screw job of Austin Aries it is not funny

    Bischoff: Aries did agree to the match, but at the same time it is Chris Jericho’s fault. I doubt Aries can compete here tonight, so I expect Chris Jericho to be handed the title, we shall see though.

    Eve's music plays and she's received by her usual boos from the crowd. She walks down the ramp with a grin on her face not affected by the booing and enters the ring quickly receiving a mic and her music stopping.

    Eve: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I hope you've all enjoyed the show so far.

    She receives a mixed reaction from the fans now.

    Eve: Unfortunately it is with deepest regret that I inform you that I just received word from Austin Aries' doctors and he has been declared unfit to wrestle tonight.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Eve: So even though Austin is here tonight...

    The fans cheer before Eve can finish her sentence.

    Eve: He will not defend the title.

    The fans boo once again.

    Eve: Now I would like to call out here the man who was supposed to face Austin Aries tonight Chris Jericho.

    The fans boo as Chris' music begins to play. Chris walks out from the back, as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

    Jericho: Thank you for inviting me out here Eve. I feel that it is important that I pay tribute to our Champion here tonight even though that he's unable to compete. Austin Aries has been Champion now for a short while, but the rigors of being champion has taken its toll on him. But that's nothing to be ashamed of. It's important that Austin Aries understands that he doesn't need to be ashamed of the fact that he can't defend the title, and that he has to forfeit it to myself. He doesn't need to be ashamed of the fact that he can't handle being the champion.

    *the crowd boos*

    Jericho: It is extremely sad that Aries can't defend his title tonight and that you fans can't be treated to a match that you all so deserve to see. And it's a great personal sadness to me that this match can't go ahead tonight. But if Aries ever wants a shot at regaining the championship, then he's more than welcome to come and have a go at it.

    *the crowd boo*

    Eve: Since Chris Jericho has opted to use his rematch clause tonight and the champion Austin Aries is unable to defend the title I'm afraid I'm left with no choice, but to strip Austin Aries of the title and declare Chris Jericho the new WWE Champion.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Eve: So that said I would kindly ask that Austin Aries comes out to the ring and hands over the title.

    The crowd begins to boo again.

    JR: He’s here! Austin Aries is here!

    Bischoff: Don’t get too excited JR he is here to hand over his WWE Championship

    Austin Aries walks out from the back, with the WWE Championship squarely on his shoulder. His face is no longer bandaged, but we can still see the wounds around his eye are healing. The fans are cheering, as Aries walks down the ramp, and climbs into the ring. Austin looks at Eve for a moment, and then at Chris, as he goes to the corner, and is handed a microphone. Austin turns back, as he looks at the two in the ring, looks around, and then back at Eve.

    Aries: Well, as you can all see, I've gotten the wrapping off, but according to my doctors, my eye still needs a few more weeks to fully heal. Right now, I have about 75% of my vision back in my right eye. it stands, I'm still not cleared for in ring competition.

    The fans boo at his, as Aries just nods, showing disappointment on his face. Aries then looks up, and looks at Jericho.

    Aries: You know...if I didn't know any better, I would think this is your plan all along. I mean, listen to you. You sound remorseful, playing up the fact you’re sorry, but you're not sorry, are you Chris?

    The fans boo some more, as Aries just keeps rolling.

    Aries: You talk about rigors of being a champion taking a toll on me? That I shouldn't feel ashamed of not being able to defend my title tonight? You act like I chose this! You act as if this is something I wanted! You did this to me! You attacked me, and threw my through the Jeritron. This isn't about me not being a man enough to defend this title. It's about a coward, who was so afraid of having to be beat by A Doubles a second time, that he took the bullshit route.

    The fans are now chanting bullshit route, but Aries doesn't even acknowledge them.

    Aries: Look at you two! You think no one has noticed? Even a blind and deaf man could tell there is something going on between you two. So Chris, was Eve in on this plan? Did she know that you were going to do this to me? Was this your little fail safe in case I beat you at the Great American Bash?

    Aries pauses, as Jericho doesn't say anything.

    Aries: Was it Chris!?

    Jericho still says nothing, as Aries takes a few steps forward, standing right in the face of Chris.

    Aries: I asked you question! WAS IT JERICHO!?

    Aries: I'm out of line?.....I'm out of line!?.....I'M OUT OF LINE!?!?!?!?!

    Aries walks straight at Eve, now getting into her face. Jericho goes to move, but Aries shoots a look at Jericho, and takes a step back, but is still very close to Eve.

    Aries: I'm not out of line. I'm way pasting the freaking line! You two put me there! Yeah, you are the Co Raw General Manager, key emphasis on Co. Now, I know, just as these fans know, that if you fired me, Teddy Long, hell the board of directors, would hire me back, like that.

    Aries snaps his fingers.

    Aries: So don't go trying to throw your weight around here with me. You talk about fairness, as if it is something you actually believe in. That's a load of shit. But fine.....

    Aries takes the mic, and puts it in his back pocket. Aries takes the WWE Championship off of his shoulder, as he folds the straps behind the main plate. He looks at it for one moment, then looks at Eve, and then back at his championship. He reaches out, placing one end in the hands of Eve. She smiles, as she goes to take it from Aries.

    JR: What? Aries isn't letting go of the belt!

    Bischoff: He damn well should! He can't wrestle!

    Aries is still holding on, as Eve is demanding the belt. Aries suddenly gets a smile on his face, as he yanks the belt away, and takes a few steps back, to a massive chorus of cheers. Aries pulls the mic back out, and raises it to speak.

    Aries: Oh, come on now, did you really think it would be the easy? For being a co general manager, you sure are naive. See, all of these fans came here tonight, wanting to see one thing, and one thing only. They all came to see me kick Jericho's ass, isn't that right!?

    Aries smiles, as a massive hell yeah chant breaks out.

    Aries: See. Since you're all about fairness, and doing the right thing, I'm going to help you out. You see, my doctor said I wasn't cleared to wrestle...he didn't say anything about fighting.

    The fans go insane cheering.

    Bischoff: WHAT!? If he can't wrestle, he can't fight!

    JR: By gawd, Austin Aries won't go down without a fight!

    Aries: So, here is how I see it. Tonight, these fans get what they want. I get what I want. Tonight Chris, we fight. It will be an unsanctioned match. Screw the doctors, screw the board of directors. I want this, you want this, these fans want this! And even though it is unsanctioned, if you beat me, if you pin me in this ring or make me tap out, I will hand you the WWE Championship and you can proclaim to the world that you are the best there ever was.

    Jericho looks at Aries, as the two get face to face now. Aries raises the microphone once more.

    Aries: Don't worry though Chris, though this might be a fight, and I might not be at 100%, the only way you are going to take this title from my is ripping it from my dead body.

    Aries drops the mic, as the two men stare each other down.

    JR: Oh my god! Shades of SummerSlam 2002, when Shawn Michaels and Triple H tore the house down in an unsanctioned match!

    Bischoff: Aries should have just relinquished the belt. Now he is going to get even more hurt. He is an idiot!

    JR: He is a champion Eric, a fighting one.

    Aries and Jericho are nose to nose, before Eve grabs Jericho by the shoulder. Aries turns, climbing out of the ring, as he walks around it, and heads up the ramp. He turns at the top, and raises the WWE Championship high into the air to nothing but cheers from the fans.


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    JR: Well folks, we are going to get A WWE title match tonight between Aries and Jericho, the question is? Has Jericho one either way, he surly would have loved to have seen Aries forced out of competing tonight but on the other hand, Chris Jericho is no fool. He's talented and as good as Austin Aries is.. Jericho must feel comfortably happy that he could win tonight with Aries not at hundred percent.

    Bischoff: That's a great point Ross! That's then and this is now though, what's up next?.

    JR: Up next, we continue on with the ongoing feud between CM Punk and this Masked Man. What were the reasons for the attacks? Why now? Why CM Punk?. All questions we have no answers for, but there's not going to be any questions tonight, tonight is about revenge and finding out who's behind these attacks.

    Bischoff: That's right Ross, for CM Punk though.. he's walking into the unknown, this guy could be a brawler, he could be a technical grappler, he could even be a highflyer, we have had no indications on anything regarding this Masked Man. That can't be easy for Punk to compete against.

    *The Titantron then switches on and begins showing replays off the feud between Punk & this Masked man. Some fans begin cheering names of various wrestlers hoping to guess who the Masked Man could be. The Titantron then stops and the crowd are sent into a frenzy at the sound of CM Punk's theme music.*

    * C.M Punk walks out on to the stage to a chorus of cheers from the fans, He hits his famous clobbering time pose before making his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans in the front row. He enters the ring via the turnbuckle and poses once more as the crowd chants " C.M Punk!" *

    JR: Man this crowd is blowing the roof off for C.M Punk here tonight.

    Bischoff: Yeah, there all cheering now JR. Will they still be cheering at the end of this match? I have a bad feeling the masked man is going to spoil Punks party.

    * Punk now waits in the middle of the ring staring up at the stage, waiting for the first sign of the masked man to appear. Punk does not have to wait for long as the masked man steps on out from behind the curtains, with no music playing and only the crowds boos being heard, the masked man dressed in all black begins making his way to the ring.*

    C.M Punk vs. Masked Man (Daniel Bryan)

    Start at 6:40 Stop at 22:09

    JR: Both men are down!! The referee begins the count



    Bischoff: This match has been back and forth and has been frantic at times, I wouldn't be surprised to see both men being counted out right here!




    JR: Both men are starting to move, neither want this match to end this way!



    Bischoff: Well they better hurry up Ross! The referee is about to count eight


    * Both men stumble to their feet and stop the referees count. Both then start exchanging punches, trading left and rights as the crowd chant along with them.

    Masked Man!
    Masked Man!
    Masked Man!
    Masked Man!
    Masked Man!

    The Masked Man begins to get the better of Punk and winds up another big shot. Punk is able to duck the strike and reverses with a round house kick to the temple as the Masked Man falls to the mat.*

    JR: Bah gawd what a kick from Punk!! He may have knocked him out.

    Bischoff: He almost kicked the Masked Man's head off... This could be Punks chance, C.M Punk with the pin.



    Three- Kick out!

    JR: That was close, so close for CM Punk!

    *Punk then looks up at the referee in hope that he was able to get the pin. The referee tells him no though as the straight edge superstar gets back to his feet. He then signals for the Masked Man to get up and when he does.. he attempts to lift him up for the GTS. The Masked man though is able to wriggle out and instead grips hold of Punk and lifts him off his feet and crashing down on his head with a German Suplex.

    The Masked man then scrambles over to Punk, hoping to get the cover but CM Punk wisely rolls out of the ring and out of danger. The Masked man then pursues Punk and begins beating on him on the outside, The masked man then drags him and levels him with snapmare suplex on to the hard floor as the crowd "Ohh" at the sound of the collision.

    The Masked Man then pulls Punk off the fall once more, whipping him into the steel steps as the steps fly across the ringside.*

    JR: Oh God the carnage!! He may have broken a rib.

    Bischoff: Well if he has, he’s going to find it very hard to breathe. Punk looks hurt!

    * The camera then zooms into Punk as he is seen clutching his ribs, The Masked Man starts taking advantage of an injured Punk and starts kicking and giving heavy blows to Punk's ribs! The Masked Man then drags Punk up by his head and tights and swings him into the barricade as Punk yells out in agony holding his ribs once more. Punk stars to crawl away but the Masked Man doesn't give up the attack, continuing to beat down on the injured ribs.*

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    JR: This Masked Man is like a shark that smells blood he's relentless, he continues to target the injured ribs.

    Bischoff: It’s smart though JR, Punk is clearly showing a weakness and he’s exploiting it.

    * The actions then heads back to the ring as the Masked Man rolls Punk underneath the ropes. The Masked Man then places Punk in the middle of the ring and beings climbing the turnbuckle. He reaches the top and takes a moment to look at Punk before turning round and leaping off with a moonsault. With the Masked Man flying through the air Punk is able to move at the last second as the Man comes crashing down onto the mat. Punk then quickly sees the opportunity and locks in the... *

    JR: Anaconda vice!! Anaconda vice!!

    Bischoff: Punk with his trade mark submission finisher, He could make the Masked Man tap out right here.

    *Cm Punk try's his best to tighten the hold and begins squeezing as hard as possible. The pain is etched across his face though as it's clearly affecting his injured ribs too. The Masked man can also be heard crying out in pain as the crowd try to listen for any notice of the voice. With the referee asking if the Man wants to quit, the Masked man emphatically shakes his head before trying to wriggle out. Punk once more try's his best to tighten the hold and continues squeezing as hard as possible.

    With the Masked Man then crying out in pain, he thinks quickly and rolls Punk on too his shoulders as the ref notices and begins the count..



    Before the ref can make the three count, Punk is forced to release the hold through fear of losing the match. Both men then have a rush of blood and jump to their feet, Punk once more looking for the roundhouse kick to the temple, this time.. the Masked Man ducks and instead grabs hold of Punk as he comes back up with a belly to belly, over the head suplex.

    Bischoff: You know Ross, this Masked Man has displayed some very technical wrestling. I don't think Punk thought he was going to step in the ring with someone like this.

    JR: It's hard to say partner, like us.. Punk I'm sure didn't know what to expect but I agree, This Masked man.. whoever he is.. Has been nothing but impressive in this match so far.

    * The referee goes to check on Punk who begins to cough blood while holding his ribs, The crowd start booing as the Masked man takes advantage of the distraction by untying the top turnbuckle. The Masked Man then throws the evidence out of the ring before begging Punk to get up... Punk then eventually staggers to his feet and the Masked Man attempts to whip him into the unprotected top turnbuckle.

    Before Punks body clatters into the turnbuckle he is able to stop himself by placing his foot in front of him. The Masked Man sees this and comes charging at Punk, Punk moves before any contact can be made and the Masked Man smashes into the exposed turnbuckle before stumbling out and walking into the...*

    JR: GTS!! GTS!! Punk with the go to sleep.

    Bischoff: C.M Punk with the cover that must be it!




    JR: It is... Punk wins, C.M Punk wins!

    Bischoff: You know what that means? We finally see who's behind the mask!

    * The crowd erupts with cheers as C.M Punk is declared the winner. The Straight edge superstar stand to his feet and celebrates his win but its short lived as he falls down to one knee holding his ribs. All eyes are on the Masked Man now though as he exits the ring. The crowd being booing as the masked Man looks set to leave ringside, Punk begins yelling at him to unmask his face.

    The Masked Man then looks out at the crowd before putting two hands on his balaclava, He then looks set to unmask as the crowd begins cheering, instead though.... He throws down his hands and begins walking up the ramp.*

    JR: What’s he doing?! He knows the rules, He agreed to them. He lost fair and square.

    Bischoff: That's not true Ross, Punk used an exposed turnbuckle!

    JR: What?! It was the masked man that exposed the turnbuckle and that's beside the point, He lost end of story.

    Bischoff: No! That's exactly the point Punk cheated to win and now the Masked man is going to cheat him out of unmasking.

    * The boos intensify as the Masked Man now reaches the stage, Punk begins to shout out " do the honorable thing!" The Masked Man once more turns round and looks out to the crowd before again placing his hands on the balaclava but this time he removes the mask and his face is unveiled...*

    JR: No! No, it can't be!

    Bischoff: It's Angle! It's Kurt Angle, he fooled us all! *Eric laughs* He fooled all these fans.

    JR: MY God, that son of a bitch! How could he? To these fans, to Tyler Black? For heaven’s sake, this snake had been teaming with Punk just recently!

    Bischoff: It's the biggest swerve in wrestling! He had everyone fooled! Nobody expected Kurt Angle!

    *The crowd is stunned into silence as Punk looks upset that he's staring at the Masked man known as Kurt Angle. After a few seconds, the Boo's rain down heavy on the Olympic hero but he shrugs them off without a care in the world and just smiles. He then whispers "This is not over, it's not over between us Punk!" before turning away and heading back behind the curtain.*


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    JR: Frankly I still can’t over what I saw. Kurt Angle… a man, an Olympic Hero, who everybody put their trust in to take down the United Kingdom, has fooled us all into believing he was actually doing good. Instead he is a disgraced American who turned against his country in a time of need because of a personal vendetta

    Bischoff: Well that problem isn’t going to go away for a while now is it. Now onto our next match, a number one contender’s match for the World Heavyweight Championship between former champ Brock Lesnar and Mr. Anderson

    JR: Mr. Anderson is one determined individual, he is on a mission. This kid is hungry to get something that has eluded him his whole career, and now he is one match away from the biggest match of his career. But he first has to beat Brock Lesnar, and that is no easy feat.

    Bischoff: Well he has yet to beat Brock Lesnar in his career and I’d be highly doubtful that will change here tonight. Lesnar is just as determined, if not more to regain something he feels was stolen from him. He wants his title back and he will do whatever it takes

    JR: This is sure to be one hell of a contest between two guys who want something that everybody has to scratch and claw for, and now both these men are just one match away.

    Bischoff: Mr. Anderson has no doubt been impressive but how can he be confident in trying to beat someone he has never beaten before?

    JR: Well he has to leave the past in the past and focus on the future, and that’s what he is looking for. This could be the biggest match in Anderson’s career, because if he wins he is one win away of capturing something that he so greatly desires. He knows what’s at stake and he isn’t going down without a fight.

    Bischoff: If it’s a fight he wants, it’s a fight he will get. Lesnar is accustomed to fighting so that may play into Lesnar’s favor

    JR: We will see. If Lesnar gets cocky he may get upset so he needs to stay focused.

    Bischoff: I don’t think that will be a problem.

    Match 10: Brock Lesnar w/Sable vs. Mr. Anderson (Holly) for the number 1 contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship


    Brock gets to his feet, and lands a running lariat! Anderson rolls outside the ring, and bends forward, allowing more Oxygen to enter his body. Brock then leaves the ring, and grabs Anderson. He smashes Anderson's face against his knee, before lifting him high above his head in a Gorilla Press position. Brock smirks, as he drops Anderson stomach first onto the ringside steps.

    Sable cheers Brock on, and gives her husband a smooch at ringside. Brock throws Anderson into the middle of the ring, before entering it. He then pulls Anderson to his feet, and lifts him up for a Fallaway Slam, but Anderson counters with a poke to the eye. Anderson lands a big slap to the cheek of Brock, before hitting a right hand.

    Anderson attempts to whip Brock into the ropes, but Brock instead resists. He sends Anderson in the opposite direction, but Anderson reverses into an Arm-Trap Neckbreaker! Anderson lands a quick cover!


    Anderson lands a big kick to Brock's stomach, before following up with more big stomps. Anderson then tries to pull Brock up, but Brock holds onto the bottom rope, and kicks Anderson away. Brock then stands, and picks up Anderson, and lands a gutbuster.

    Anderson lies on his front, as Brock bounces off the ropes, and lands a big body splash on Anderson. Sable claps her hands together in delight of her husband, who then pulls Anderson up to his knees, bounces off the ropes, and lands a big knee to the back of his head. Brock covers


    Brock then kicks Anderson under the bottom rope, before raising his arms, to the disgust of the crowd, but the love of his wife. He pulls Anderson up, before grabbing his head, and runs along the side of the ring, pulling Anderson along, before sending it into the ring pole. Anderson falls onto the floor, as Brock leaves to the apron. Brock leaps, and lands a double axe handle on Anderson. Brock re-enters the ring, as the referee counts


    Anderson lies on the floor, not moving as of yet


    Anderson crawls over to the ringside barrier, and grabs ahold of it


    Anderson manages to pull himself up to his knees


    Anderson gets to his feet


    Anderson runs and enters the ring. Brock is shocked, as Anderson gets to his feet, but Brock immediately lands a takedown. He then presses his forearm into Anderson's face with his right hand, before hammering punches into his stomach with his left hand.

    Brock rolls away, and calls for the F5. Anderson stands, and Brock picks him up, but Anderson slips out. Anderson then picks him up for the rolling fireman’s carry, but his knees buckles under his weight, and he collapses. Brock then pulls Anderson up, and locks in a bearhug!

    Brock squeezes Anderson as hard as he can, and Anderson tries to fight, but struggles. Eventually, Anderson raises his arm, about to tap out, but instead spits in the face of Brock. Brock is infuriated, and lands a belly-to-belly slam. Brock doesn't release the hold, and instead gets back up to his feet, his arms still wrapped around Anderson. He then lands another belly-to-belly slam, before pinning

    1......2..........Narrow kickout!

    Brock then picks up Anderson, and sends him into the corner. Brock goes for a big splash, which connects, sandwiching Anderson into the corner. Brock then picks up Anderson, and drops him face first onto the turnbuckle, before following up with a DDT

    Brock then goes to the apron, before climbing up the ropes

    JR: Oh no! This isn't happening!

    Bischoff: This didn't work too well last time! Be careful Brock!

    Sable holds her head in her hands, not bearing to look, as Brock leaps, and lands a picture perfect Shooting Star Press!

    JR: Oh my gawd! He must've broke Anderson!

    Bischoff: I'm just relieved he didn't break his neck!

    Brock covers


    JR: Brock moves onto Money in the Bank – challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship!

    Bischoff: Deserveably too! And now we will Brock vs. Edge at Money in the Bank – in the greatest title match ever!

    JR: Instead of going to the usual F5 route of victory, Brock went all out, and won with the Shooting Star Press! And he executed it better than a Cruiserweight!

    Bischoff: And one high-flying diva will be successful next! It's time for the Women’s Champion to be crowned!

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    *The life feed switches to the Titantron and begins replaying clips of the Road to Triumph journey up to this point. it shows all the divas who competed and there match highlights. With the clip still playing, a voice can be heard and these words are said..

    "The Road To Triumph has been a long journey..

    A journey of struggle, heartbreak and pain. But for one women..

    The reward will be worth the time and effort..

    For one women, the road leads too gold."

    *The video package then stops as does the voice, It's replaced with pictures of former Women's champions*

    *The Titantron then shows one last image on the screen before fading away.*

    *with the crowd cheering in anticipation for the next match. security comes out from behind the curtain carrying out a stand. When the camera zooms in on the stand it can be made out to be carrying the women's title that's covered by a Glass case. Security then place the stand in the middle of the stage and then head backstage once more.*

    JR: Well there is the prize up for grabs folks! the question is.. which one of these talented women is going to be taken that title home with them tonight?!

    Bischoff: I can't look past Lita JR! She is the all-round package when it comes to women's wrestling.

    JR: No one can deny her talent partner, I'm backing Trish Stratus though Eric. Since her return she has been nothing but impressive and some believe she is a major reason for the revival of the Divas division.

    Bischoff: Well King tweeted me earlier and he's backing Kelly Kelly to hurdle the experience barrier and battle her way to victory tonight.

    JR: We have had our say folks, who do you think is going to win? Have your say right now on WWE.Com!

    *The crowd instantly boo the theme of the Rated R diva and the noise only intensifies when she steps out on to the stage, she hits her pose before glancing at the title and then making her way to the ring.*

    Bischoff: Lita looks so focused! I think my pick of her winning is looking good already. I get the feeling she might want this more than Edge wants the World Heavyweight title!

    *A huge ovation can be heard for the Canadian sensation, Trish Stratus. The crowd instantly jumps to their feet in support and begin cheering her on as she makes her way from behind the curtain and on to the stage. she then stands and looks at the title in deep focus before then turning and making her way down the ramp.*

    JR: Well there she is folks.. The Diva of the Deca- OH MY!

    Bischoff: Looks like Kelly was not prepared to wait any longer, she's looking to take Trish out of this match!

    *The crowd begins booing heavily at Kelly after her sneak attack on Trish as she was coming down the ramp. Kelly though does not even think twice and begins beating down on stratus before dragging her up by her hair and then dragging her up the ramp. Kelly reaches the top of the stage and boots Trish in the gut knocking her back down to one knee.. Kelly then points to end of the stage with an evil smile on her face*

    JR: No! No! come on now Kelly, don't even think about it!

    Bischoff: You got to love this new evil side too Kelly Kelly Ross!

    JR: What?! Are you crazy too?! She could end Trish's career right here!

    Bischoff: Oh god! Here it comes!

    JR: No! No! Don't do it Kelly!

    *Kelly grips hold of Trish and attempts to throw her of the stage as the crowd gasp in fear, Trish though reverses the attempt with a boot to the stomach and nails Trish with a big DDT, face first on to the steel stage.*

    Bischoff: No! not the face, anywhere but her beautiful face!

    JR: Thank god Trish was able to reverse that attempt from Kelly, this match is already getting out of hand partner.

    Bischoff: It's about to get worse because here comes Lita!

    *Trish gets up after hitting the DDT and appears a little shaken after seeing just how far Kelly was about to take their personal hatred. Just as she turns around though she's blind sighted by Lita who catches Trish with a clothesline knocking her down onto the steel stage..

    Lita then stomps away at both women before looking up at the Titantron. She then continues to beat down on Trish and Kelly, not letting either women up. Lita then takes another look up at the Titantron and to the crowds shock, she begins climbing the stage.*

    JR: What then? Where the hell is she going?

    Bischoff: I think she's about to get extreme! talk about rolling back the years.

    *With the crowds boo's suddenly changing into some cheers from the hardcore fans, Lita pushes on climbing the stage, she reaches a point where she is able to stand and balance then turns towards the crowd and signals the Hardyz, team Extreme pose before turning around and leaping off with a diving moonsault and coming crashing down on too both Trish and Kelly as the crowd erupt with huge cheers and begin chanting "Holly Sh*t!" as a number of referee's come running out from the back trying to attend to the three women on the top of the stage.*

    JR: Can you believe what we have just witnessed? A death defying moonsault from Lita that may have just ruined her chances of winning this match? What makes anyone want to take such risk's Eric.

    Bischoff: The desire to succeed Ross! Lita was willing to lay it all on the line at this early stage and just think.. if she's feeling the effects, imagine how her opponents are feeling! Can we get a replay of that one more time!

    *A replay airs on the Titantron as the crowd once again cheers for the image of Lita flying through the air. the referee's continue attending to the three divas, but Kelly is the first to respond and begins crawling down the ramp and heading to the ring.*

    Bischoff: Just think JR! If Kelly is the only one able to compete, she will be handed the title automatically right?

    JR: Yeah... Yeah I guess so, Hold on! Here's comes Trish!

    *Trish gingerly makes her way back to her feet. trying to keep her balance she trails behind Kelly and eventually catches her up. She begins beating down on Kelly before grabbing hold of her hair and rolling her back in the ring. The Ref then looks up at the stage for a signal from the other officials to see if Lita is going to be able to continue. The officials reply back an X sign signaling that she is hurt.*

    JR: It's a crying shame folks, but Lita looks like she has rules herself out of this match!

    Bischoff: A shame? I bet you are happy she's been ruled out. Everyone knows you favor the happy go lucky smiling good guys Ross!

    JR: That's where you are wrong partner because...

    Bischoff: Shush JR! Look, look! Here comes Lita!

    JR: My God, how is she able to walk away from that death defying collision? Well folks.. this match is about to finally get underway.

    Lita (AJ) vs. Trish (Marie) vs. Kelly (Aksana)

    Start at 1:53 stop at 7:00

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    JR: Lita with the roll up on Trish, she could have her right here!

    Bischoff: One!... Two!..

    JR: Kick out! Trish kicked out!

    *With Trish kicking out, Lita then jumps right back on Trish and begins hitting her with lefts and rights, she then gets back to her feet and begins kicking Trish before using her boot to push Trish out of the ring as Trish falls to the outside. Trish then notices Kelly is still down and goes for the cover..



    Before the three count can be announced, Trish then grabs hold of Lita's boot from the outside and drags Lita out of the ring before hitting her with a boot to the stomach before throwing her into the crowd barrier. Trish then once more enters the ring and leaps on too Kelly attempting a pin.

    The pin attempt gets no more than a one count though as Kelly kick's out emphatically, Trish then grips Kelly up by her hair but Kelly responds first and kicks Trish in the stomach before doing so again as Trish drops down to one knee. Kelly then hits Trish with a swinging neckbreaker before exiting the ring to take a breather as Trish is laid out in the middle of the ring.

    The crowd then “pops" as they see Lita climbing the turnbuckle, she reaches the top and stands on the turnbuckle before looking out towards the crowd.*

    Bischoff: I think we know what’s coming next! Lita is about to get extreme once again!

    JR: I don't think this is wise Eric. Lita must still be feeling the effects of her last gamble, she's about to roll the dice and she just better hope it pays off.

    Bischoff: Well here she comes! Lita with the Swanton Bomb!

    *Lita flies through the air with the leap of faith and comes down crashing onto Trish Stratus with the Swanton Bomb, she then takes a few seconds as she nurses her back and ribs after the collision before going for the cover.*




    *Kelly is able to break up the cover before the official can drop his hand and count to three, Kelly then begins beating on the back and ribs off Lita before picking her up and driving her knee into Lita's midsection over and over again. She then grabs hold of Lita by her hair and trousers before throwing her through the second rope and Lita comes down crashing to the outside as once more she holds her ribs and back. Kelly then senses the chance and dives onto Trish as she screams at the referee too count..




    *Kelly screams at the referee, arguing with the official that his count was slow. She then begins to scream and stomp the mat in frustration that Trish was able to kick out as the crowd begin to heavily boo. Kelly then picks up Trish, dragging her up by her hair and holding her by the chin. Kelly then begins mocking Trish and her fans before attempting to slap Trish... Trish though block's the attempt and fights back with a huge slap of her own which gets a big cheer from the crowd.

    The slap leaves a red print on the face of Kelly and then Trish begins trade punches with Kelly, both women taking it in turns to trade blows as the crowd cheer along with the punches.*


    *Just when Trish winds up to hit Kelly with one more big shot, both women are taken down when Lita comes out of nowhere and nails them both with a huge...*

    JR: Spear! Spear! Lita just Speared both women, taking them both down!

    Bischoff: Lita taking a page out of Edge's book!

    JR: Again though Eric, she's going back to those injured ribs and back, the damage may already be done unless she can pick up the victory with this pin!

    *Lita scramble's over to Trish after assessing she took the most damage from the Spear. She hooks the leg of Trish Stratus and the referee begins to count..



    Kick out!

    Lita then scrambles over too Kelly and hooks both leg's this time as the ref counts again..




    JR: Both women have kicked out! This match continues!

    Bischoff: What's it going to take Ross? Numerous pins and these women have tried everything!

    JR: I have no idea partner, there is no quit in these women.. each of them desperate not too fall at the last hurdle.

    *Lita sits up right in the ring with her head in her hands, disappointed that she was not able to get the three count. She then takes a few moments to again nurse her injuries before looking up at the turnbuckle before smiling.*

    JR: No, not again Lita! You are risking your career.

    Bischoff: That's how much she wants this Ross! She's willing to do all it takes!

    *Lita then grabs hold of Trish and places her in the middle of the ring. She then grabs hold of Kelly and does the same placing her right next to Trish before heading to the top of the turnbuckle before once more reaching the top. Lita then turns around on the turnbuckle with her back facing her opponents before leaping off with a trademark moonsault..

    Both women are able to scatter right at the last moment though and Lita comes crashing down on to the mat and begins rolling around in agony before laying on her back and holding her midsection and ribs. Both Kelly and Trish then look up in a daze and begin crawling over too Lita. They both eventually reach and without realizing the other has done the same, they both drape there hand over Lita waiting for the referee to start counting.

    The referee though does not begin the count and both women look up asking why, they then see the other had the same idea and both women begin staggering to their feet and begin slugging it out once more.


    Kelly then attempts to hit Trish with a big right hand shot, Trish though ducks it and goes underneath before replying and nailing Kelly with the.. *

    JR: Chick Kick! Chick Kick! Trish nails her finisher.

    *The force of the kick knocks Kelly through the ropes and sends her flying out of the ring. Trish then turns in frustration as she knows her chances of pinning Kelly have gone with her out of the ring. As she turns.. she's greeted with Lita standing up right. Trish once more spins and looks to hit another Chick Kick but Lita is able to duck it and respond with the..*

    Bischoff: Twist of fate! Lita hit the Twist of Fate!

    JR: Kelly is still out, Trish is down too! this is Lita's chance!

    *With the majority of the crowd booing and only the hardcore fans cheering, Lita begins crawling over too Trish who has not moved since the Twist of Fate. Lita continues dragging herself across the ring and eventually stretches out too reach Trish.. Lita then slings her arm over the body of Trish and the referee begins to count.*


    Bischoff: This must be it! it just has to be it Ross!


    *Kelly attempts one last bit of energy and try's to stand up but end's up falling back down in a heap*


    JR: Lita wins! Lita is the new women's champion!

    Bischoff: I told you! I told you! Lita has done it.. I knew she would!

    *With the majority of the fans booing, there are many who are stood on their feet and begin cheering for the Rated R Diva. Lita can be seen on her knees and with her head in her hands she's clearly very emotional. With Trish Stratus and Kelly clearly gutted to have lost, Lita leaves the ring and has her eyes firmly on the women's title that sits in the glass stand at the top of the stage.

    She begins staggering up to the stage, holding her ribs and clearly very exhausted. As she gets closer to the title, visibly the tears can be seen now flowing from the eyes of Lita. She almost gets close enough to touch the glass when... *

    *The crowd explodes with cheers for the returning Hart diva. Nattie steps out from behind the curtain and Lita now looks like she's seen a ghost and begins backtracking down the ramp. Nattie though comes out and begins clapping, seemingly applauding Lita on her win.

    Nattie then walks over to the Glass stand and lifts the lid, picking up the brand new women's title. Nattie clutches it for a moment before staring at Lita, Lita steps forward and begins saying "That's mine!" Nattie then passes the title too Lita who clutches it tightly, Natalya then applauds Lite once more before signaling she wants that belt. She then waves to the crowd once more before going back behind the curtain.

    Lita then drops too both knees and raises the title as high has she can. More of the crowd begins cheering, knowing that like her or not.. she deserves the title she has won! As she stands back up and raises the title once more, her music play's our towards the crowd as confetti falls down from the stage!*


    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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