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    Location: MetraPark Arena; Montana

    Tenay: We are almost at Summerslam! As usual, Mike Tenay and Eric Bischoff – and Summerslam is only a few short days away

    Bischoff: Kidd's days as champion are numbered. He's going through 3 stages of hell with Edge, and it'll only be “The Ultimate Opportunist” walking out.

    Tenay: It's not a foregone conclusion, as you seem to suggest Eric. And neither will be the Road to Triumph final, which also takes place at Summerslam. All three divas we will hear, and see wrestle, tonight!

    Bischoff: Well, I'm sure that Li-

    Tenay and Bischoff are interrupted by an unfamiliar entrance theme.

    After a few seconds, Dean Ambrose makes his way out from the back with a crooked smirk on his face to a chorus of boos from the fans. A "Rocky! Rocky!" chant breaks out as Ambrose paces from side to side at the top of the ramp before he holds up a framed piece of paper that he shows to the nearest camera. "It's official! The world is about to burst into flames! I'm not going anywhere!" shouts Ambrose as he shows off his signed contract with Vince McMahon’s signature. He taps the frame against his temple a couple of times before striding down towards the ring, he flings the contract under the bottom rope and it slides into a corner as Ambrose himself climbs into the ring, muttering to himself.He walks to the opposite side of the ring and begins demanding a microphone, barking about the speed at which one is handed to himself. He points at the contract and shouts "I work here! We do things my way now!". Finally he gets a microphone and staggers into the centre of the ring, brushing his hair back and smirking at the fans as they continue to boo. Ambrose holds a hand to his ear and shakes his head, adding a "Nope!" much to the chagrin of the crowd.

    Ambrose: Sticks and stones may break my bones.. but words can never hurt me.. any spectator who believes that his words have any affect on the outcome of a fight is sadly deluded.. you people can keep on talking but it's not gonna stop Dean Ambrose from mutilating The Rock at Summerslam. Only this time there really will be NO ONE to RESCUE that bloated HASBEEN when I get my hands on him.

    Ambrose smirks again and then wipes his face up and down, his smirk fading into a scowl.

    Ambrose: This really has been AMUSING.. like a game of cat and mouse we've had some fun but soon enough I’m gonna get tired of playing with my food and just bite its head off. See last week The Rock and Shane McMahon played their last gambit.. their last roll of the dice to try and get rid of me.. but things didn't go according to their PLAN.. DID IT!? It was like a scene from a true horror story.. all of their nightmares came true all at once.. not only did I prove that I was an invincible wrestling machine by tearing The Rock to pieces two weeks ago and again last week.. but the very thing that Shane McMahon has fought so hard to prevent actually happened.. Dean Ambrose became a COMPANY MAN! And it's all thanks to the man Shane least expected to stab him in the back.. daddy dearest..

    Ambrose laughs to himself.

    Ambrose: I'm just one of the guys now... a real team player.. it's just.. the team I’m playing on doesn't realise who the real MVP is. See the guys in the back look at me and they see a rookie.. they see an untested.. unbalanced.. moody.. fresh off the boat minnow. The very same morons look at the Rock.. and they see a hero.. they see this movie star.. comic book.. living legend and worship the ground he walks on. But I see things different.. I see things the way they really are.. and slowly but surely whether you like it or not.. I have been opening your eyes. Lets look at the facts..

    Ambrose paces a little before pulling at his hair.

    Ambrose: Week.. after week.. after week.. I have spoken about the so called.. plan.. that Shane McMahon shoves down your throats.. the very same plan that The Rock embodies.. the plan designed to trick all of you into believing that Mr "Straight to DVD" himself actually stands up well in a REAL FIGHT! And week after week I have been here and I have shown The Rock up for what he really is.. a paper thin shadow of his former self who should just.. go away. Every single time I have got my hands on the Rock.. every time I have got underneath his skin.. I get blind sided by some security guards.. or some cops.. or anyone on the private payroll of Shane himself.. well no more. Summerslam is just round the corner and..

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    *The crowd explode with cheers as the Rock's theme cuts off the words of Dean Ambrose. Rock then makes his way out from behind the curtain to huge ovation of chants and cheers from the crowd. Standing at the top of the stage, with a microphone in hand.. the Rock then whips off his glasses and begins to speak.*

    Rock: For your information.. The guys in the back.*Rock points behind the curtain* They don't see you as any off those things.. they don't.

    *Crowd look surprised with Rock's words.*

    Rock: Rookie? Yeah sure. Untested, Moody? No.. no.. No! You want to know how those guys see you in the back? Does Montana want to know what the people in the back think of Dean Ambrose?

    *Huge crowd cheer as the Rock smiles and Ambrose begins to fear the worst.*

    Rock: When the name Dean Ambrose is brought up in the back.. the first words that can be heard are...
    Who! In the blue hell.. is Dean Ambrose!!

    *Crowd begin laughing as The Rock once more smiles at the crowd.*

    Rock: So the Rock has to jump in and say, You know Dean Ambrose! Come on.. you must do! Dean Ambrose, the one with the stupid hair cut.. You know, looks like it's been done by Ray Charles! Oh come on.. you must know who he is.. He's the one that's been sneaking around here looking like the Hamburgler.

    *The crowd once more cheer. Ambrose attempts to then speak but the Rock quickly drowns him out.*

    Rock: Know your role and shut your damn mouth! The Great One was not done talking.

    *Ambrose begins pulling on his hair in frustration as the crowd begin chanting "Rocky!" over and over.*

    Rock: The Rock has heard you, each and every week.. over and over, talking about the plan? Well.. The Rock has a plan of his own. It's going to go something like this... It's the day of SummerSlam, The Rock wakes up in his room, he thanks god for everything he has done and prays that he can continue to live strong and continue to electrify the WWE Universe like only he can. Rock will then get up.. he will eat a stack of home-made pancakes before heading to the gym.

    The Rock will then train like he's never trained before, each weight he lifts, he will have your monkey ass in his mind to urge him on. When the Rock's done there.. I will move on to the arena, will take the time to prepare my thoughts and then when the time comes. The Great One will make his way to the stage, he will enter and make his way down to ringside and then the Rock will take great pride and layeth the Smackdown on your candy ass!

    From the stage, to the ring.. even to the crowd and arena, because this won't be a match Ambrose! Oh no! it won't be a match.. You want to fight? Well the Rock will be coming to fight! The Rock promises he will slap you, like he hopes the doctor slapped your momma when he seen how ugly you were, the Rock is going to slap you all over this arena.

    Then when the Rock is done there, he will send you too Rock Bottom! Population, Dean Ambrose! He will then hit the most electrifying move in all of sports entertainment and follow it with the One!.... Two!... Three!...

    *Crowd cheer*

    Rock: I will then stand tall with the Team Bring it army and together we will celebrate the victory that the world knows is coming.. The Victory that you know is coming!

    Then when it's all said and done! The Rock will move on.. and in a few months, everyone will know the name of Dean Ambrose! The world will know, Dean Ambrose was the guy that went after the Rock... Only for the Rock to have made him his BIATCH! *Crowd pop*

    The time for talking is over.. Dean Ambrose you have what you wanted, the Rock now has what he wanted. At SummerSlam we will be defined by our actions and with the lord as my witness and the Millions.. *crowd join in* AND MILLIONS! of the Rock's fans by my side... I will beat you!


    *Rock then walks down the ramp slowly, as the crowd makes a huge pop. He reaches ringside, as Ambrose drops the contract, and dares Rock to enter the ring. Rock slides into the ring, and goes nose to nose with Dean Ambrose, each talking smack to each other off mic*

    Bischoff: Let's go Dean! You're here legally, so attack the Rock! Destroy him! Start the job tonight, and finish it at Summerslam!

    *Dean smirks, before walking back a few steps. He picks up the contract, before leaving the ring slowly, keeping his eyes on the Rock. He shouts “It's only a matter of time!” , before the camera cuts to a commercial*


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    Tenay: What a confrontation that was with Dean Ambrose and the Rock, two participants of one of Summerslam's main event.

    Bischoff: It was, and I'm 100% sure that Dean will win. But now, these four people in the upcoming match could easily main event a future pay-per-view.

    Tenay: It's Harlem Heat vs. the tag champions, and after Harlem Heat's recent debut on Raw, how will they fare on their first Nitro match in over a decade!

    Bischoff: It's going to be tough, you can't underestimate the tag team champions. I'm positive that All American Perfection will win, but there's no denying that in the future, Harlem Heat could be title contenders

    Tenay: After the Summerslam Battle Royal, these two teams could easily meet again for the titles!

    Bischoff: Since winning the tag titles at Backlash, these 2 have been on a roll. There has been some fluke losses, from people like DX, but they've proved to be an effective tag team

    Tenay: They claim to be Perfection, but should another "fluke victory" occur when the titles are on the line, them who knows what will happen? Will they implode? With Stevie Ray and Booker T being brothers, it's hard to see something similar happen to them.

    Bischoff: What about Kane and Undertaker? The Hardys? Team 3D? Edge and Christian? Relatives are often disagree more than other tag teams, regarding wrestling or stuff outside the ring, and these arguments can often be seen influenced in their matches

    Match 1: All American Perfection vs Harlem Heat (Booker=Kofi, Ray=Bourne)


    Bischoff: Smart thinking by Ziggler, getting Swagger in. Fresh tags can really make the difference.

    Swagger steps into the ring as he grabs Ray by the hair, lifting him to a standing position. Jack takes Stevie by the arm, and irish whips Ray straight into the ropes. Ray hits them, bouncing off as he goes right back at Swagger, only to be taken out by a huge knee to the gut. It turns Ray inside out, as he flips, landing on his butt. He is sitting up, as Swagger runs into the ropes, and comes back, driving a boot into the side of Ray's head. Swagger goes for the cover.


    Booker T is in the ring, as he breaks up the pinfall, saving his tag team partner. The ref is telling Booker to get back into his corner, as Swagger tags in Ziggler. All American Perfection has Ray laying in the corner, as both men begin to put boots to Ray. Booker is trying to stop them, but the ref won't back down. Booker finally climbs back outside, as Swagger climbs to the outside smirking.

    Bischoff: And this is why they are the champions.

    Tenay: I may not agree with it, but by god, these two know how to get the job done.

    Ziggler pulls Ray from the corner, and starts dropping elbow after elbow, getting up each time, and going straight back down. After 5 elbows, Ziggler stands up, as he runs his hands through his hair, and flings his hands out, as he leaps high into the air, and comes down with another massive elbow. Ziggler hooks the leg for the cover.


    Tenay: And Harlem Heat are still kicking in this match!

    King: Well not for long. They stand no chance of winning, especially if Booker isn't tagged in.

    Ziggler grabs Ray, lifting him to a standing position. Ziggler leaps into the air, going for a standing dropkick, but Ray, and Ziggler misses! Ziggler crashes, as Ray crawls, closer and closer to Bookers corner. The fans are getting riled up, as Booker reaches out, begging for the tag. Just as he is about to, Swagger climbs into the ring, and the ref immediately goes to stop Jack. Ray makes the tag, as Booker climbs in. Swagger climbs out, as the ref turns, seeing Booker in, and gets right into Bookers face, saying he didn't see a tag and Ray is still the legal man.

    Bischoff: Come on Booker! Ray is legal! Get out!

    Tenay: You saw the tag just like I did Eric!

    Bischoff: Well the ref didn't see it, and that's who matters!

    Booker climbs out back onto the apron, as Ray is back in the ring. Ziggler is to his feet, smiling, as he nods at Swagger. Ziggler lifts Ray up, and throws him into the corner. Ziggler goes straight at Booker, taking a swipe towards him, as Booker goes to climb in. Swagger uses the tag rope, to start choking Stevie in the corner, as the ref goes after Booker. Booker has enough, as he climbs into the ring, pushing past the ref and goes straight for Swagger. Booker catches Swagger with a stiff forearm, knocking Swagger off the apron and Jack collides into the ring barrier! Booker T steps back right into a

    Bischoff: ZIG ZAG, ZIG ZAG!

    Dolph drops Booker hard, as Booker ends up rolling out of the ring. Ziggler is back up, as Ray is slowly getting to his feet, woozy.

    Tenay: Zig Zag! Another Zig Zag this time to Ray!

    Dolph drops Stevie hard onto the back of his head, as he goes for the cover.


    Bischoff: Yes! The tag champs win! Yes!

    Tenay: Well, once they defend their titles against the winner of the battle royal at Summerslam, if it's anything like the match tonight, then we should be in store for a good match.

    Bischoff: Definitely! Ziggler and Swagger are capable of putting on 5 star classics, and- hey! Look at this!

    *AAP jump onto the turnbuckles, posing with their titles, as the Prime Time Players run down to ringside. Ziggler and Swagger quickly exit the ring, as Prime Time Players stalk Harlem Heat. Booker T uses the ropes to get to his feet, as PTP do their Millions of Dollars routine, whilst staring at Booker. He manages to stand, but Darren Young picks him up on his shoulders. Titus O'Neil cheers for Young, who lands Gut Check on Booker! Quickly after it hits, Titus O'Neil picks him up, and throws him over the top rope*

    Tenay: Prime Time Players are sending a serious message now to Harlem Heat, and all the other teams in the battle royal!

    *Just then, Young points to the fallen Stevie Ray. He motions for Titus to pick him up, before climbing to the apron. Titus picks up Ray for a Powerbomb, as Young springboards, and lands a clothesline, which sends Stevie Ray outside the ring to the floor! Prime Time Players celebrate in the ring, as the camera fades to a commercial*


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    *The crowd jeers, as Cryme Tyme appears on the ramp. They walk their way down to ringside, soaking in the boos, before collecting mics, and entering the ring.*

    JTG: So at Summerslam, there will be a Battle Royal to determine new number one contenders for the tag team titles. Titles that Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger are currently holding- and ruining each day. Cryme Tyme will be in that battle royal, to throw some asses over the top rope!!

    Shad: See, Ziggler and Swagger aren't even a real tag team anyway. And that's just a fact. They're just two wrestlers slapped together in a tag team, with Piggie Guerrero- with no real story behind the team. They are ruining the prestige that the tag team belts have.

    JTG: Most of the time they defend the belts, they use illegal tactics- meaning that they cheat to retain the titles. Course, they may be retaining the titles at the end of the day. But that's not part of being a champion. Part of being a champion, means that you gotta have it all. And damn right do Cryme Tyme have it all!

    Mixed reactions

    Shad: Haters don't agree? Well, let's see. Charisma?

    JTG: Check!

    Shad: Mic skills?

    JTG: Check!

    Shad: Ability in the ring?

    JTG: Check!

    Shad: See, we have everything that is required to be legit champions. But me and JTG both know one team, who are the complete opposite of what we are...they go by the names of New Age Outlaws.

    JTG: See, once we do go onto win the tag titles. Not only will we-

    *The crowd pops, as the New Age Outlaws make their way out to the ramp*

    Dogg: Yo, yo, yo. Shad, J-to-the-G, we, are the New Age Outlaws, and welcome, TO THE DOGG HOUSE! Now recently, Great American Bash to be exact, we defeated you 1-2-3 in the middle of this ring! You wanted our respect, but we taught you to respect your elders!

    We are the top tag team in the WWE, and we will prove it at Summerslam. The place where we beat Mick Foley! The place where we will throw you over the top rope, and go onto defeat Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

    There's you obviously in the match, who we've beaten already. We have the Prime Time Players, the guys who have "Millions of Dollars". But what they don't get, is that is a Billion Dollar Industry, to reach the top, you need to be worth "Billions of Dollars". Third only to the Rock and Austin in all time merchandise sales, we are a value to this company! Unlike the people who "ain't nobody" got time for.

    We have the drunks, the false Royalty and Harlem "can't-attract" Heat. None of which, including you, have been the WWE, Tag Team, CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD! Because we-

    Shad: Yo, yo, yo hold up!

    Mixed reactions from the crowd.

    Shad: Hold on a second, haters- don't boo! New Age Outlaws, as far as me and J are concerned, you two need to stop leaving in the bloody past!! This is a new age! A brand new age where Cryme Tyme will dominate! The brand new age that Cryme Tyme will prove to the WWE Universe, that they are by far the most superior tag team in the WWE!

    JTG: And right now, y'all need to step aside and accept the fact that New Age Outlaws are just a bunch of has-beens. You've got a queer, and a wannabe g who just don't have what it takes to win the big one anymore!!

    Shad: Damn right! And at Summerslam, y'all need to watch and learn. And when we do win the battle royal- we won't rub it in your face. But what we will do, is give you a kick to the bloody head- and you'll remember the time where Cryme Tyme are announced as the winners of the battle royal! And in the future...we'll kick your heads again! Because before that, will be the moment when Cryme Tyme become the new...


    Both: Cause we got, money, yeah, yeah! We got the money, money, yeah, ye-

    Gunn: Oh please, after Summerslam, you 2 won't even have your dignity! You act like you're the be all to end all of tag team wrestling, when in actual fact, we are. We were in the Attitude Era, we helped establish the edginess of the time. We were part of D-Generation X, the greatest damn thing to happen in the WWE!

    And come Summerslam, when we, for the first time, battle Shawn Michaels and Triple H, we will prove that we made DX what it was! Without us, DX, would be nothing more than the transexual, the “Posh British Prick”, and Shawn “Lost his Smile” Michaels. We progressed DX to the next thing. We established DX as the Big Thing at the time. We changed them for the better! DX was better in-ring performers, better entertainers, we made them better.

    And as much as their our friends, we both know what we need to do, to get the All American Perfection. The lack of respect you give to us, will be worthless, when you're on the ground, unconscious because of my Fame-Asser – because of Jessie's PumpHandle Slam. We will treat you the same as Shawn and Hunter, and we will go onto becoming, once more


    GUNN: AND IF YOU'RE NOT DOWN WITH THAT – whether you're JTG, Shad, Triple H or Michaels – WE GOT 2 WORDS FOR YA!

    The crowd shouts “Suck It”, as the New Age Outlaws drop their mics, and proceed to go up the ramp. They turn back, as Gunn makes the “X” with his arms above his head, and Dogg does the signature DX Crotch Chop, before the camera cuts backstage where Josh Matthews is shown. He smiles into the camera and begins to speak.
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    Josh Matthews: Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome...

    The microphone is ripped away from him as Lita walks onto the screen. She looks at Josh.

    Lita: Run along Josh.

    The fans boo loudly as Josh scarpers. Lita looks into the camera and begins to talk.

    Lita: There just remains three days, and for the entirety of the Road To Triumph tournament, I have been building up to this match, to this PPV. This night will be the night where one woman reaches immortality. That’s right, this night will be the time when we cast aside the ridiculous name of ‘diva’ and truly show that women can wrestle!

    The fans actually cheer Lita.

    Lita: And to me, that’s all that matters. It’s about proving that I am better than everybody’s favourite Barbie doll and everybody’s favourite ‘perfect’ diva, Kelly Kelly & Trish Stratus. You see, that’s what is wrong with the WWE. People actually buy into the crap Trish Stratus says. She won the Diva of the Decade award, over me. And that’s not something I’m entirely bothered about.

    I’m not a diva, I’m a woman. I’m a woman that in just three days time will walk out of SummerSlam grasping that Women’s Championship as my own.

    The fans boo loudly as normality resumes.

    Lita: Now this was supposed to be an interview. So let’s just quickly run through a couple of questions Josh would have asked me. Who is the greatest threat? Me.

    I’m the greatest threat. I’m the woman that has time and time again redefined what women’s wrestling is. I’m the woman that has time and time again left the audience in utter shock at what I can do in that ring. I’ve put my body, my career, my life on the line to try and get to where I am today.

    But do I get the smallest ounce of appreciation? No, I get booed wherever I go, but that doesn’t bother me- because I’m not doing this for them. I’m not going out there on Sunday and winning for them. I’m doing this for me.

    The fans continue to boo.

    Lita: Something I have had to contend with my whole life is not being in the spotlight. When I was with Essa Rios, it was all about him. When I was with The Hardyz, it was all about them. When I was with Edge, that was when I started to come into the spotlight, but it didn’t matter what I did, people always wanted to see Trish Stratus. People always wanted to see Kelly Kelly. I was always an afterthought.

    That’s because I may not wear fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake nails and all the rest of it. I’m the woman that’s the most real in that locker room, but yet nobody ever gives a damn. So this Sunday, I’m going to take that spotlight as my own. I’m going to make it mine.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Lita: Now I’m sure Josh would have asked me what makes me believe that I can win over two great divas? Because I’m a woman. I’ve already explained that I don’t want to be labelled a diva. I want to be known as what I am, a woman. Trish, Kelly, they can do what they want, but me? I’m going to win this Sunday.

    And finally, what are your feelings towards tonight match? I have to deal with teaming up with Kelly Kelly to face Maria & Trish Stratus. I guarantee that I will be the one with my hand held high tonight. Just like Edge at SummerSlam.

    Just like ME at SummerSlam.

    Lita walks off screen as the entire arena continues to boo her.

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    *The camera cuts to ringside, as Brock Lesnar’s music plays, and the audience gets on their feet and being to jab thumbs downwards vigorously while booing the roof off the arena. Soon, Sable comes out along with Brock Lesnar at her side. Both walk in near perfect unison as they look straight ahead at the ring from the top of the ramp not caring for their negative reception. When they finally enter the ring, Sable leans over the top rope and gesticulates that she wants a microphone handed to her. When it’s handed off, she gives it to Brock Lesnar who stands in the middle of the ring while she stands off a little bit to the side of him.*

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “I’ve been getting a lot of hassle over the past couple of weeks. People from all over just can’t wait to tell me about how obsessed with the past I am whenever I come out here and starting telling the truth that not many of you want to hear or even to acknowledge. They say things like I’m a has-been who can only relish in my “glory days” because I just can’t get the job done nowadays. They claim that I have no merits to start talking smack about everybody else because I got “beaten” by that pipsqueak Tyson Kidd. Well, to those people, I honestly couldn't care any less about your damn opinions because if you were in any position to tell me otherwise, I would have at least bumped into you a couple times in the back. You’d be lacing up your boots and going through the motions but not a single one of you keyboard warriors can say that they’ve done the things that I’ve done. You can never honestly say that you’ve been a champion like I have so for you to start trying to talk down to me is pretty counterproductive. But I will satisfy your curiosity to certain extent and it’s my “obsession” with the past.

    Have you ever realized the fact that when I was around the WWE from 2002 to 2004, I was the MOST dominant superstar in the WWE? The greatest athlete, the biggest and strongest competitor, the most charismatic; it was undeniable. No one could touch me. So many of your favorite superstars, that you consider legends today, were under my boot so many times that I’ve lost count. Edge, Cena, Orton, Undertaker and the list goes on. They were nothing but footnotes to me while I continued to prove myself to the world on a weekly basis on why I was the best damn thing that the WWE’s ever seen! And today, it’s the same thing all over again. People aren’t talking about the UK as much as Brock Lesnar. Folks aren’t paying attention to Chris Jericho/Austin Aries as much as Brock Lesnar. There’s no central figure in this company who gets as much hype as me. My little streak that’s been going on has yet to be broken and so many superstars have fallen to me to make it a reality. One of those names likes to call himself in charge, the head of assholes so to speak. That overrated blowhard known as Mr. Anderson.”

    *Cheering begins as an “Anderson” chants starts from the Nitro fans. Brock, not looking too pleased by their reaction, chastises them for it.*

    Oh sure. Cheer. Get behind him. It’s going to make my victory so much sweeter when I take him out for good and crush his hopes and dreams like I’ve done to so many people my entire life. He’ll tell anyone within earshot of how he deserves to be “the man” after working so hard. He’ll fool you into believing that he got screwed time and time again because people didn’t have his best interest in mind and that they just didn’t like him. All I hear are a bunch of lame excuses. You see, Anderson, if you were meant to be at the top, you’d be there. It wouldn’t matter if people wanted to hold you back or not. I’ve made my case to the WWE more than once since I’ve been back about how many times I’ve been screwed over in the WWE in the past and even today but even still, I managed to become a world champion on more than one occasion. You? You couldn’t even hang onto your Money In The Bank briefcase and you want to talk about getting screwed? No less than two months after I get my tile stolen from me from Tyson Kidd, I’m already back in the title hunt. As for you, like you’ve already said before, this is your first time getting so close to a world title in over SIX years. You call that getting screwed? I call it just being plain pathetic. Last week on Nitro, I did you a little favor by giving you a taste of what I was going to do to you at Summerslam if you didn’t walk away and just give me the opportunity that I would have won anyways. But instead, you want to test me and see how far you’ll go with me standing in your way. That’s all admirable but pretty damn stupid. You see, opportunities like I have at Summerslam are things that I’m used to. It’s nothing that I haven’t been a part of countless times before now. But now, I have even more of an incentive to win because of how my name’s been dragged through the mud thanks to Tyson Kidd’s cowardly ass running around here with MY World Heavyweight Championship. Now, I’ll be twice as fired up as I normally am and if you couldn’t beat me before, you’ll really have no chance in hell now. At Summerslam, there’s not going to be a mic check. No. There’s only going to be a life check for your lifeless body after I’m done tearing you apart. At Summerslam, the pain will be coming…for you.”

    *Brock hands off the microphone to an eager Sable.*

    Sable: To sum up everything my husband just said Mr. Anderson here comes the pain!

    *Her words are received with a mixed reaction from Brock fans and Anderson fans*.

    Sable: For the past few months I've been sitting in Brock's dressing room watching his matches, learning what mistakes he made and analyzing his opponents' weaknesses and I've learned a few things about you as well Mr. Anderson. But I'm not going to expose them here so you have time to fix them, no I want you to mess up, I want you to make the same mistakes you always make because Brock will capitalize on those mistakes and move on to become champion once again.

    *Once again she gets a mixed reaction from the fans*

    Sable: They say that behind every great man there's a great woman and we know that in Brock's case that's ever so true and come Summerslam this great woman is going to guide Brock to victo-
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    *After they finish speaking Mr. Anderson’s music hits and he makes his way from behind the curtain where the fans let out a great cheer. Anderson struts down to the ring in his usual swagger, chewing a piece of gum, wearing his t-shirt and wrestling gear. Anderson stares at both Lesnar and Sable for a minute before he motions to the ceiling for his mic. The mic drops and Lesnar and Sable look none too pleased about interrupting them.*

    Mr. Anderson: What’s wrong there sour puss? *Talking to Sable* Didn’t expect to see me? Am I delaying you from being somewhere? Huh? I mean if you have to leave to go work the local street corners or stripper joint by all means leave… nobody is stopping you.

    *The fans ooh and aah at Anderson’s statement, as Sable gives a look of great disgust. Anderson goes over to the ropes and sits on the second rope, opening a gap between the top and second ropes. Sable doesn’t leave and Lesnar steps in front of Sable as Anderson stands back up.*

    Mr. Anderson: Well it doesn’t seem as though your bitch here, and by bitch I mean Lesnar, didn’t take to kindly to those comments. Lesnar nobody wants to listen to you and pole lady here babble on, but for those of you who decided to ignore Lesnar I’ll sum up what he just said. He doesn’t do anything, he makes Sable do everything, and then he goes out and acts like a bitch. I wonder where he gets that from?

    *Anderson peers over Lesnar’s shoulder towards Sable as he smiles, and the crowd oohs and aahs once more and laughs. Lesnar then steps in front of Anderson’s line of sight.*

    Mr. Anderson: Lesnar at SummerSlam you can’t act like a bitch, no sneak attacks, face to face, one on one. But listen, while you may not start as a bitch, by the end of the night this asshole plans on making you my bitch. I’ve heard it before, how can I be confident knowing I haven’t beaten you? Well I’ve faced you enough to know what I can and can’t do, and you seem to know that as well. You know I’m on a mission, I’m more determined now than I ever have been before, and you know come Sunday I’m a force to be reckoned with. Otherwise you wouldn’t have attacked me last weekend. You don’t want me at a hundred percent because you’re scared, scared because you know I want this more than ever and it’s only a matter of time before I beat you. Sunday is that time Lesnar, whether you like it or not. I’m going to win, I’m not being denied this time, I’ve worked too hard for too long to come up short. At SummerSlam I usher in the new era, the era of the asshole, and I leave you in the past and I focus on the future, my future as World Heavyweight Champion. Lesnar, Sable, come Sunday you’ll both be exactly what you are now… bitches, and the man responsible is none other than MIIISSSTTTEEERRR AANNDDEERRSSOONN…

    Daniels makes his way out with a cocky grin on his face, as he keeps his eyes on Anderson and Brock as he enters the ring.

    Daniels: Anderson last week you were lucky, hell all your life you were lucky. But luck may get your foot in the door, but it won't get you quality. You titles reigns were luck, but once you ran out, they all fell apart and became boring. I may have lost to you but at Summerslam, Brock is going to come back and snap you like a twig. But speaking of twigs, let's talk about the Hurricane for a moment.

    Gregory Helms or the Hurricane as he now likes to be called, was once a great star who I even looked up to at one point because men our size don't get taken seriously. But when he came to the WWE, he sold out his beliefs to become just another profitable salesman, complete with his own catchphrase and merchandise. Helms matches suffered at that point just like yours Anderson because you both sold out your beliefs in search of approval from the people. These disgusting slobs go back and forth between guys, causing management to throw them out when their purpose is done. Hurricane, you are just a shell of your former self and at Summerslam, I am going to rid Nitro of your presence once and for all and give everyone who ever looked up to you a new role model.

    *When The Hurricane's music plays, the lights turn off instantly and a lone green spotlight shines down on one of the corner turnbuckles, revealing The Hurricane perched on top of it with a microphone in hand. He front flips off of it and lands right in front of Daniels, who backs away slightly to give Hurricane some room. As the crowd cheers him on, Hurricane waves back at his adoring fans. As his music dies down, he looks over to Anderson and gives him a thumbs up before turing his attention back to Daniels.*

    ::The Hurricane::

    “A new role model, eh? Well, I don’t like to speak for the denizens of the WWE Universe but I think that they prefer their role models to not look like a poor man’s Mr. Clean! And as far as this “Gregory Helms” person is you’re referring to, I must tell you that I have no idea what you’re talking about. Gregory Helsm isn’t standing in front of you. The person, the hero, who stands before you, is a much more dangerous adversary. Faster than F5 winds…”

    *With that comment, Hurricane turns around and looks at Brock with a smirk before turning back to Daniels.*

    “…deadlier than a comet and as strong as an ox. You, Mr. Angel, are dealing with Nitro’s resident knight in shining green spandex, The Hurricane and he’s not very happy with the way you’ve been acting! For three weeks in a row, The Hurricane has given evildoers a taste of what he can do in the ring and how he will silence the nonbelievers who think the corruption and chaos will always prevail. What you seek Daniels is the very thing that you accuse me of, self gratification. By stating that you want to “take me out” at Summerslam, you are attempting to usurp me from my position as a role model to the people. I do this service not for the money nor for the fame but I simply do this for the sake of the WWE, the company who has given so much to me and in return, I will sacrifice my time, my body and my life to protect it from the scum who infest it and seek to utilize it as a pedestal for their own glory. If you still wish to look up to me, you’ll be doing so on Sunday after I’ve pinned you for the three count and you’re looking up at me with my arms raised in victory. So now that you know your fate, Daniels, are you deterred? Do you still wish to attempt to knock me down and keep me from protecting the denizens? Or will you make things easy and run away before The Hurricane takes you out?! But, I don’t have to ask you that. I see the conviction in your eyes, the determination and that will be your downfall as The Hurricane comes through and blows you away!”

    *Just like that, Brock and Daniels begins to attack Anderson and the Hurricane, kicking and kneeing their midsection. The four men begin brawling, as the camera cuts to a commercial*

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    Back from the commercial, and the match has already started.

    Match 2: Mr. Anderson and The Hurricane (Finlay) vs. Brock Lesnar (Batista) and Christopher Daniels (Undertaker)


    *Hurricane brings Daniels to the centre of the ring, and lands a back elbow, which sends Daniels down to the mat. Daniels gets to his feet, as Hurricane kicks Daniels in the gut. He goes for a suplex, but Daniels overpowers him, and lands a suplex of his own. Daniels tags in Brock, who then picks up Hurricane as if for a Fallaway Slam, as Daniels runs against the ropes, and lands a dropkick to Daniels' back, before Brock launches him, landing the Fallaway Slam!

    Brock then pulls Hurricane up, and throws him into the corner. Brock lands a big right hand, before following up with a running knee to the stomach. Brock then grabs the arm, and lands a strong Irish Whip, sending Hurricane stomach first into the opposite corner. Brock then goes to Hurricane, and lands a back suplex! Brock covers


    Brock then drags Hurricane to his corner, and tags in Daniels. Daniels climb to the top rope, and goes for a big splash on Hurricane, however, Hurricane gets his knees up! Daniels nurses his ribcage, as Hurricane manages to tag in Anderson. Anderson then immediately lands a big boot to Daniels, before landing a low dropkick on Brock, dropping him down to the floor.

    Whilst Sable tends to Brock, Anderson lands a big clothesline on Daniels. Anderson then climbs to the second rope, and lands an elbow drop on Daniels! Anderson pins


    Anderson then pulls Daniels to his feet, and whips him into the ropes. On the return, Anderson picks Daniels up on his shoulders, and goes for the running Fireman's Senton, but Daniels manages to slither out, and tags out to Brock, who is now on the apron. Brock enters the ring, as Anderson goes to him, and lands a knee to the midsection. Anderson then follows up with a knife edge chop, before attempting to whip Brock in the ropes. Instead, Brock sends Anderson into the ropes, however, Anderson lands a flying forearm.

    Anderson this time climbs to the top rope, and waits for Brock to stand. He goes for a crossbody, but Brock catches him, in position for a Running Powerslam. Brock goes for it, but Anderson slips out the back, and Brock runs into Hurricane, who grabs him by the neck, and drops it on the top rope. Straight after, Anderson lands a schoolboy


    Tenay: What a big win by Anderson! He's pinned his Summerslam opponent!

    Bischoff: It was a fluke! It'll be a different story at the pay-per-view!

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    The camera's pan to the back from earlier, as we see Kelly Kelly laying on a lawn chair, as one of her security guards is fanning her. The other is just standing there. Kelly Kelly has shades on, as she lowers them, looking at the other security guard.

    Kelly Kelly: Ross...grab me the latest copy please.

    The security guard turns, walking off screen for a moment, before coming back with a magazine. Kelly Kelly looks at the cover...pausing for a second. We get a close up, as the camera pans around, seeing the cover.

    Kelly Kelly lowers the magazine, before throwing it across the room.

    Kelly Kelly: They put that....slut...on the cover over me!? How dare they!? Ross....get me someone on the phone. This is an injustice!

    Ross looks at Kelly Kelly for a moment.

    Ross: Actually Ms Blank, Josh Matthews has been outside of the room for the last few moments, hoping to get a word with you.

    Kelly Kelly lets out a big sigh

    Kelly: Fine...let him in.

    Kelly Kelly leans back, as Josh Matthews walks in with a microphone.

    Josh: Kelly Kelly, uh, thank you for taking a moment to speak with me.

    Kelly: Please make it quick. I'm not in a great mood.

    Josh: Ok, sure. Well on Raw, we had the chance to hear from each of you, and tonight, we will see a rematch from a few Raw's back. It'll be you, teaming up with Lita, to take on the team of Trish Stratus and Maria. Can i get your thoughts on that?

    Kelly: Oh, you mean a rematch from the match where I walked out on Lita? Yeah, I look forward to that. Not because I plan on walking out on Lita again, but because I plan to make a statement. I plan on proving to Trish, and proving to Lita, that I am the most dominant diva. Whether it be by pinning Maria, or by pinning Trish, I plan on walking out with the win tonight. I will be the one to score the pinfall.

    Josh: Well Lita is your tag partner so there is always the chance she gets the pinfall.

    Kelly: Ha. Don't make me laugh. If i was concerned at all about that, I could just as easily not tag Lita in, and win this match single handily. See Josh, that's the thing. Being the most dominant, the best diva currently in the WWE, there is no task I can't do.

    Josh: Well many are skeptical, considering the fact that Trish beat you a number of months back, and since tournament ended at the Great American Bash, you haven't really had much success. So...I guess my question, what makes you so certain.

    Kelly Kelly gets up, looking at Josh.

    Kelly: What was that?

    Josh: I was saying..

    Kelly: Exactly, you were saying. You know, you do a lot of talking. You run your mouth, much like everyone else runs their mouths. I'm sick of it. I bet it's because of fools like you, and fools like these fans as to why I didn't get the cover. I should have had the cover...but NO! They went with that talentless piece of trash, Megan Fox instead. AH!
    Kelly Kelly grabs her hair, and then puts both hands around the throat of Josh Matthews. She shoves him against the wall.


    Her two security guards immediately grab Kelly Kelly, pulling her away.

    Ross: Ms. Blanks, you might want to stop before you do something you regret.

    Kelly Kelly pauses for a moment, as she composes herself. Ross the security guard looks at Josh Matthews.

    Ross: You might want to take this chance to leave.

    Josh slowly nods, and then turns, leaving the room. Kelly Kelly turns, looking directly into the camera now. She takes a deep breath in, and then out.

    Kelly: Lita....Trish....we are drawing closer. Tonight is the final stop. Tonight, we make one final pit stop before arriving to our destination. This has been a long, tumultuous journey, and it hasn't been one without losses and victories. might think you are the best diva, you might think you are a shoe in because of your relationship to Edge, but when the dice are rolled, you are going to come up just short. Trish...what can I say that I haven't already said. When I look at you, I see the past. You represent what the diva's division was, not what it is. of luck at Summerslam, you'll need it if you want to have a prayer of beating me.

    Kelly Kelly turns, going back to her chair, laying down.

    Kelly: Claus, fan me now! Ross, where is my drink!!?!?!?!

    The security guard, Claus, immediately begins fanning Kelly Kelly again, as Ross walks off, presumably looking for a drink for her, as the camera's cut back to the ring.
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    The show cuts back to Josh backstage now standing with Trish Stratus.

    Josh: Good evening once again ladies and gentlemen I am now standing here with the legendary Diva herself Trish Stratus.

    The fans are heard cheering and Trish smiles.

    Josh: Now Trish I know you're getting ready for a match tonight so I'll keep this brief, but are you nervous so close to your match at Summerslam and what do you consider your chances to become the new Women's Champion are?

    Trish: Well Josh I'm as I said on RAW I'm ready for this, I'm focused, I've been doing my yoga trying to loosen up and clear my head and I feel like everything I've done since I returned to the company has led up to this.

    Josh: It sure seems that way and you're no stranger to either Kelly Kelly or Lita.

    Trish: Lita and I have had our ups and downs throughout the years, I consider her one of my favorite people to face, but also one of the most dangerous. Before we returned to the WWE I considered her a friend and I thought she felt the same way, but obviously friendship is less important to her than titles and that's fine because she showed her true colors. Lately she's been using some underhanded tactics to win her matches and catch her opponents off guard, but that won't work against me, not this time.
    As for Kelly, I never got to know her that well till she became the little bitch she is now, she also likes to play games and use dirty tricks, but I've faced her one on one recently and I showed her I'm no pushover. I don't plan to underestimate either of them, but the time for games and underhanded tactics is over this match is about skill and determination and I'd like to think I have that.

    The fans can be heard cheering, Trish smiles and Josh smiles back at her.

    Josh: And one last question Trish what exactly does winning the Women's Championship for a historic 8th time mean to you?

    Trish catches her breath for a moment.

    Trish: Honestly winning this title is so important to me right now, it's not about pride or ego, it's about these fans, it's about giving all these little girls that watch our show someone to look up to. I'm not a super hero, I'm someone just like them, someone they could grow up to become. To me this title represents hope and whomever wins the title will not only represent the whole division, but she'll also serve as a role model and do we really want Lita or Kelly Kelly serving as a role model for anyone?

    Josh: You're absolutely right Trish, well good luck on your match tonight and specially on becoming the new Women's Champion.

    Trish smiles and walks away as the camera cuts to ringside
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