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    King: While JR cleans up because of his weak stomach.

    JR: Weak stomach, what just happened was sick; it is not made for television! They should be suspended, never to be seen from again. My god I hope Sting kills them this Sunday in that Monster’s Ball Match.

    King: And here is CM Punk. Last week we found out he and the Masked Man that has attacked him and the WWE for weeks will face off at SummerSlam, and if Punk wins the Masked Man must unmask!

    JR: And I for one have never seen CM Punk this determined in quite some time. He wants to unmask this coward and expose him to the world.

    King: But this Masked Man knows Punk too well, I for one hope Punk is ready, but I have a bad feeling about this Masked Man.

    Fans are elated to hear Punk's theme before cheering their asses off seeing him head to the ring, mic in hand before he slides in the ring and starts to speak...

    Punk: SummerSlam.

    Cheers for Punk are heard with great intent

    Punk: An event which has favored me more with victories than it has losses. I've been defeated by John Morrison and The Big Show while I was the head of The Straight Edge Society but those losses mean nothing having defeated the likes of JBL....

    Fans are torn between boos and chants of "Wrestling God" before Punk continues....

    Punk: Jeff Hardy....

    Fans cheer loudly at the name drop as they also chant "Hardy" repeatedly....

    Punk: and John Cena....

    Fans both cheer and boo Cena...

    Punk: So come SummerSlam, I'll add yet a victory to my SummerSlam resume and finally make that masked man, gets what he deserves after all he's to me. A real heavy dose of honor administered by yours truly when I unmask him at SummerSlam.

    Fans cheer Punk on

    Punk: Tonight I face Kane, a man who I've face countless times before but tonight he faces a C.M. Punk like no other and when h loses all I have to do is keep my eyes on the prize. SummerSlam.

    Punk finishes speaking dropping the mic in the ring and waits for his opponent

    JR: Oh god! Punk has to face Kane!

    King: Well this might be a great warm-up match for SummerSlam.

    JR: If he even makes it there. You saw what Kane did to Batista, what’s stopping him from doing the dame to Punk?

    CM Punk vs. Kane

    Watch 1:25 till 7:33

    JR: Punk caught Kane with a high knee on the top of the turnbuckle.

    Punk gets up after the high knee and hits a baseball slide to Kane who falls to the floor below. Punk gets up and catches his breath and waits for Kane to get up. As Kane gets up outside, Punk dives through the ropes and takes out Kane with a suicide dive. Punk then picks Kane up and rolls him in the ring, and Punk climbs the turnbuckle

    King: Punk going high risk.

    JR: We know what this means he is looking for the patented elbow drop.

    Punk gets up to the top he points to the sky, and jumps, and Kane gets his knees up and Punk hits his elbow on Kane’s knee! Punk rolls away in pain as he shakes his arm to regain feeling. Kane goes over to pink Punk up, but Punk pushes him away and Kane does not take too kindly to that. As Punk gets to his feet Kane lays Punk out with a big boot. Punk hits the mat so hard he sits right up, and Kane runs off the ropes and hits a front dropkick to the face. Kane goes for the cover…



    Thr… Punk kicks out!

    Punk kicks out and Kane looks frustrated. He gets up and picks Punk up and puts him against the turnbuckle. Kane then backs up and runs at Punk, but Punk moves out of the way and Kane hits the turnbuckle hard, When Kane turns groggily towards Punk, Punk hits a few big backhand chops to the chest of Kane and this puts Kane against the turnbuckle. Punk then backs up runs at Kane…

    King: Punk hits the high knee, Kane couldn’t move out of the way of that one!

    JR: And there is the bulldog!

    Punk hits the running high knee to Kane and then grabs Kane by the head and hits the bulldog. Punk gets up and calls for Kane to do the same. As Kane groggily gets up, he turns and Punk lifts Kane up…

    JR: GTS! Go To Sleep! Punk just hit it!

    King: I don’t think he is just done yet!

    Punk hits the GTS on Kane which lays Kane out, and instead of covering, Punk goes over to Kane and locks in the Anaconda Vise. Kane is reaching every which way to try and break the hold, but Punk has it locked in so tightly he doesn’t have any room to move. Punk cranks up the pressure and as soon as he does that Kane taps!

    JR: Kane tapped! Kane tapped! My god CM Punk just made Kane, this demon, tap out!

    King: I hope the Masked Man knows what he has gotten himself into. Punk is pissed off, and if he just not only beat Kane, but made him submit, what do you think he will do to the man who actually has been attacking him?

    JR: Punk wants revenge and he wants it now, but he will try and get it Sunday at SummerSlam!

    *The camera goes backstage once more where we can see Tyler Black and Kurt Angle now talking to Sandman, at a distance, because he has his Singapore cane. Sandman then seems to become upset and Black and Angle just leave*


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    JR: Welcome back, and boy I have never seen Punk quite like the state he is in now. He is focused, determined, mad. He has a wide mix of emotions and he is ruthless right now. He wants to expose the Masked Man this Sunday at SummerSlam

    King: Well good. I don’t normally see eye to eye with Punk, but we in the WWE are banned together to stop this Masked Man, and CM Punk is the guy who will do so

    JR: Never thought the day I’d see you be on the side of someone who doesn’t cheat

    King: Oh yes, here comes a member my newest favorite tag team, Booker T of Harlem Heat!

    JR: That didn’t last long. Well Harlem Heat made their debuts last week and boy were they impressive, they beat DX, and DX had been undefeated since coming back once again

    King: Harlem Heat isn’t messing around they mean business, they are my pick to win the Tag Team Battle Royal

    JR: Well here comes Chris Hero of the Kings of Wrestling, and his partner Claudio Castagnoli picked up a win earlier in the night to give their team momentum going into Sunday, and tonight they look for a clean sweep

    King: These guys have been so impressive since coming here, I’m sorry I ever criticized them for being Indy wrestlers, because they deserve to be here.

    JR: Yes they do, if they win this match, you have to think they are a favorite to win Sunday

    JR: But so does Triple H and DX. They are my pick to win this Sunday, I mean after last week I seem to be the only one not writing them off.

    King: That’s because you can’t see with Harlem Heat here they aren’t going to win, even the Kings of Wrestling will outlast them.

    JR: Well one of these members will gain momentum, will the Kings of Wrestling sweep the night, or will one of these other teams get the momentum?

    (Booker T vs. Jericho/HHH vs. RVD/Hero)

    Watch 2:15 till 10:15

    Booker has Triple H on the corner while Hero is still outside unable to return back to the ring. He hits him with multiple chops and the crowd responds with the vintage "WOOO" at every chop. Booker whips him to the opposite corner and then charges for a clothesline. HHH moves out of the way and Booker hits with his chest, first, on the corner's turnbuckle. Triple H grabs him from behind and nails him with a neckbraker. HHH goes for the cover but Hero from the outside pulled Booker out of the ring before the count of one. HHH is pissed because of that and grabs hero from the hair and picks him up to the ring apron showing his strength. HHH tries to bring him back in the ring by hitting him with a suplex but Hero counters by grabbing HHH's head and hitting him to the ropes. HHH is dazed and as he turns Booker from behind superkicks him to the jaw. Booker quickly returned to the ring while the two men were fighting on the apron and now Booker goes for the cover...




    JR: My god that was close I thought Triple H was out there for a minute! You have to think he may have not gotten the worst of it cause his partner uses the same move so he knows all there is to know about it

    King: I wouldn’t say so, it still looks as though Triple H is dazed

    Hero gets in the ring and breaks up the count again before three. HHH rolls out of the ring and now its Hero vs. Booker, the two men in the ring. Booker starts hitting Hero with chops backing him to the ropes. He whips him to the opposite ropes and takes him down with the Lou Thesz press and then with a couple punches to the head. He gets up runs to the ropes and comes back dropping a big knee to the head of Hero. Booker gets up again, takes a few steps back and waits Hero to get up. Hero makes it to his feet and Booker goes for the superkick again. Hero ducks and as Booker turns Hero grabs him from the head hitting him over and over again with vicious elbows. He sends him to the ropes and catches the returning Booker T and hits him with the Rubix Cube. Booker goes down and Hero without wasting any time picks him up again. He grabs him from the head and goes to the nearest corner. Hero climbs the second rope while is still holding Booker from the head and hits him with the Cravate Cutter (Diving somersault stunner). Booker goes down again and then Hero hits him with a combination of a rolling senton to a standing corkscrew senton before going for the cover by hooking the right leg of Booker T...




    King: Booker kicked out! That was close

    JR: Near fall after near fall, you can see how much each of these teams wants that momentum for SummerSlam.

    Booker kicks out before three and Hero frustrated gets up and readies himself for the finish. HHH gets back in the ring again and is standing behind Hero. Hero doesn't realize that and the fans erupt in cheers. HHH taps Hero in the back, Hero turns and Triple H explodes with punches on the head of Hero backing him to the ropes. He whips him to the opposite ropes and catches the returning Hero with a Running High Knee. Booker T gets up and charges on Triple H. HHH picks him up and nails him with a double arm Spinebuster and Booker rolls to the apron. Now Hero gets up and charges on Triple H and just like Booker he tastes the double arm Spinebuster from HHH. Triple H is on fire and the cheers from the fans are becoming even louder. HHH picks Hero up and smashes his face with the Pedigree. He covers...

    JR: Pedigree! Pedigree! This one is over!




    JR: Oh Booker breaks up the pin, just in the nick of time to keep this match going! I thought Triple H had this match won

    King: As did everyone else, but as I’ve said Harlem Heat isn’t going to lose and Booker just made sure he didn’t

    Booker breaks up the count again this time with a legdrop. Triple H gets up and Booker goes for a punch but HHH avoids it. Kick to the guts from HHH and goes for the Pedigree on Booker T but Booker counters with an over the body drop. HHH tries to get up but Booker comes from the ropes to hit him with the Scissors Kick. Booker goes immediately for the cover...

    King: Scissors Kick!




    King: Booker T and Harlem Heat win! Ha! Looks like my pick won tonight, just like they will Sunday. How’d your pick do? Oh yeah that’s right they lost, they got pinned

    JR: Well DX has struggled tonight but I won’t write them off.

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    *The camera then transitions to the back where All American Perfection can be seen staring at the television monitor. Where Dolph Ziggler is seemingly upset, and complaining about something.*

    DZ: This... is... an... outrage! An Injustice! Sting should forget about Raven and pay attention to the way we *Points to Himself and Swagger* Us! The tag team champions, All American Perfection are being treated around here! Because it don't matter what Raven is doing...? If Sting wants to bring real justice to the WWE, then he should be heading to the GM's Office and demanding to know why we are having to once again... defend our tag titles against whoever wins this Battle Royal at SummerSlam! *Dolph begins pacing up and down while Vickie try's to calm him* I mean COME ON!! We have been there... Beat that! We have already defended our titles against Battle Royal winners and we have beaten everyone else there is too beat! The All American Perfection has nothing left to prove and yet once again.

    We are forced to defend our titles against an unknown winner, where's the justice? Where is the fairness and respect for the best damn team this company has ever had?

    *Dolph sighs with anger as Vickie begins to rub his shoulders and Swagger steps forward to speak.*

    Jack Swagger: Dolph, look.

    *Swagger points to the television monitor showing Booker T celebrating their win.*

    Jack Swagger: They are fighting for a chance to face us, all of them. You want to know why? Because they realize we are the best. We are the best tag team right now, in the WWE, in the world, in the history of wrestling. We are the WWE Tag Team Champions, and that means we are the best. They want to prove they belong, they need to beat the best… and let me tell you everyone has tried, but not one of them will succeed. We are All American Perfection; we are exactly what we say we are… perfection! Don’t bother yourself with last week, Sting, Raven; they have no effect on us. Sunday we find out who are next so called contenders are, the way I view it is the next in line to fall to the greatness of All American Perfection! So let them fight to win a battle royal. We’ve beaten a battle royal winner before, we will do it again.

    *Vickie begins clapping as Dolph nods his head in agreement with what Swagger has said.*

    DZ: You see, me and Swagger are smart men. We understand that we bring ratings and we steal the show each and every week. So for us to do what we do best... we need opponents. Sadly, the injustice comes because we have beaten everyone already and there ain't one team in this division that deserves the chance to face us for these titles?

    *Dolph shines his tag title which is slung over his shoulder.*

    DZ: DX? Oh please! Nobody wants to see old men wrestle and the whole crotch chop and the suck it thing? I hate to break it too you guys but this ain't the 90's? And you don't have your "Kliq" running around here no more to dictate things either.

    Then you got Harlem Heat? The new guys in town! I don't know much about these two but I know this... compared to the talent we have, they should be called blowing cold because if heat was a signal of their talent... they couldn't even light a match while me and Swagger could cause Forest fires on a bad day.
    *Dolph Smirks* Yeah... we are that good.

    Oh... you didn't know? Billy? Road Dogg? It seems you didn't get the memo; your careers are already finished. You see... DX can at least claim they were once great, as for you guys? Well... I'm not sure throwing Foley and Funk of the stage in a dumpster can really count as anything Hall of Fame worthy and that's about all you achieved. You see the catchphrases... they are just a mask to hide just how little talent you guys have and if you guys somehow manage to win the Battle Royal... We will prove to you just why All American Perfection is more than a name... It's a statement of intent!

    For anyone still doubting our credentials as a team? Even after all the wins and our title reign... then go ahead and win the Battle Royal and face us, once again we will show the world why we always steal the show and why we are that damn good! Show....OFF!

    *Dolph once more steps back with a smile on his face as Swagger steps forward again.*

    Jack Swagger: The fact that we are being left off SummerSlam because they need to find new contenders, new victims, because we’ve beaten everybody thrown in front of us and we have no one to face, is a travesty. I can assure you now, at SummerSlam, All American Perfection may not have a match, but we will make an impact! We will not go unheard from. Sunday at SummerSlam we will prove why we are the best tag team, and superstars this business has ever seen. After Sunday nobody will talk about Tyson Kidd and Edge, even mention Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett, what they will be talking about is All American Perfection!

    *The camera fades to a commercial as the three leave the locker room.*


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    JR: Well we can’t wait to see who will be the new number one contender’s to the WWE Tag Team Championships

    King: After what just happened I am more confident than ever in my Harlem Heat pick! They are going to win tonight!

    JR: We will see

    JR: And here comes Sheamus, William Regal, and Drew McIntyre, most likely to taunt Black and Angle about not finding a partner

    King: I told you, everybody is scared of the United Kingdom! Looks like this match will be a handicap match!

    JR: They still have time, but I don’t know who else they can try. They’ve asked Ted DiBiase, John Cena, Sandman… and all of them have turned down the offer

    King: And nobody will accept come Sunday. At SummerSlam Black and Angle become victims of the United Kingdom!

    Sheamus: Well, well, well. It would seem that no one will step up to assist Black and Angle in their battle against the unstoppable United Kingdom ... A wise move, honestly. Anyone that dares team up with Black and Angle are stupid because they know they will receive the beating of a life time. The United Kingdom has proved their dominance ...

    Sheamus pats his United States championship, resulting in a massive chorus of boos from the crowd.

    Sheamus: On multiple occasions, and we aren't done yet lads. Our time is far from over, and we still have a lot of territory to conquer. We run Monday Night Raw, and we plan on keeping it that way for a very ... very long time. No one dares step up to take us on, but even if they did ... Well, they'd taste the Brogue!

    Sheamus hands the microphone over to Regal with a grin.

    Regal: This just proves that the United Kingdom is the most dominant force professional wrestling has ever seen. Darling, this is the start. We are the real New World Order! We are stronger, smarter, and more professional, than Hogan, Nash, Hall, Savage, Konnan, Luger, Bischoff and everyone else they possessed!

    But though love, come SummerSlam, we will beat Tyler Black, and Kurt Angle, and even anyone who is willing to get assaulted, by the Great British Stable. Wade Barrett will annihilate Cody Rhodes, and will become champion of the WWE at Money in the Bank.

    We are better! We are British. It's typical that Kurt is from the United States, and part of your gang. You're all from the US, thus, U Suck!

    U Suck!

    U Suck! U Suck! U Suck!

    *The crowd begins a USA chant, as Regal smirks*

    Regal: This is the usual American behavior. Cheering for a dirty, dirty place full of obese human beings, a place where the American Dream not only doesn't exist currently, but is a mythical fantasy of those who think that America is better than their home, when it's a dreadful place to live.

    We came from Britain, we learnt from the British best. And now, the punishment we're going to inflict on Americans is going to be bigger than you could imagine.

    *Drew McIntyre then steps up and takes the mic from Regal.*

    Drew McIntyre: You may try everything in yer power to stop us, but if nobody has come to help you in this time of need, what does that tell you? This tells me that the rest of the WWE has come to the realization that we are the most dominant force ever to step foot on RAW. Everybody is officially scared of us, otherwise they would have joined. Tyler Black you proclaim yourself as the Future of the WWE, but have you ever been personally called 'The Chosen One' by Mister Vincent Kennedy McMahon himself? I don't think so. Black, Kurt, people have recognized you are lying to yourselves thinking you can dethrone us. Nobody can dethrone us, and certainly not two of you. At SummerSlam the United Kingdom will go on to ascend to greatness, and you two and Cody Rhodes will descend into dark and despair.

    Black interrupts The UK and appears on stage mic in hand

    Black: You know what Sheamus, you're right. Getting help to stand against you hasn't been easy but it doesn't mean it not there, sooner or later the numbers game that you have will be moot and thus your entire concept of dominance will be irrelevant just as The UK will be. No matter how good you believe yourselves to be, we who stand against will always be better than you.

    Fans cheer

    Black: But don't think for a minute that Angle and I won't be delivering a clear message to you three at SummerSlam and that's that when you mess with us and the pride of the USA, you will go down. Hard. Like you prick deserve to put down. I'll be you all a few Superkicks just to make your mouths are in so much pain, you dare not speak another word again.

    Fans begin a clear cut U.S.A. chant

    Black: SummerSlam is the beginning of the end for The UK. Regal and McIntyre, you two have had the most to talk about and that's fine but actions speak so much louder than words. They speak volumes of the spirit, honor and glory we feel USA stands for.

    Chants of U.S.A. soon explode even more in the arena

    Black: I'll be sure to make you all fade to black, Angle will do the same and so will those who rise to the calling of standing up against you all before, during or after SummerSlam. There will be those who will rise and join us in eliminating you.

    Because The UK is nothing but an abomination in the WWE and you will be removed like the disease that you are. That's a promise. And to quote Angle: "Of its true, it's damn true".

    Fans erupt in cheers

    Black: to come out and say a few words....

    Kurt Angle's music hits as the crowd explode with cheers. Angle comes out with a mic, and he stands next to Black as he begins to speak.

    Kurt Angle: And here we are once again. The United Kingston never stop talking rubbish do they? I mean, it's like that's the only ability you have; Now, listen to me. Last week, after Raw- I went to a restaurant down the road.

    I asked for some chicken, they gave me lamb. And from that day on, I've been pissed off lately. I was gonna take it out on some annoying cameramen backstage, but I decided against it. Why? Because I'm gonna take it out on you four at SummerSlam.

    Tyler Black is correct; we don't need a 3rd person at SummerSlam. Because the result, will end up the same result as Great American Bash was- Black and Angle winning the match. And let me assure two something.

    Don't even think about trying to cheat in our match. Last week, Wade Barrett took a cheap shot by poking me in the eye. And by doing so, he covered me in the ring. But when he did cover me, I had my feet on the ropes- but YOU Regal took my foot off the ropes, causing Barrett to win.

    Now that just gives me another reason, to beat your asses until they get bloody. Trust me guys, I've been on a roll ever since GAB- and that isn't going to change at SummerSlam. Myself, and Tyler Black will put an end to this anarchy that you are putting USA through- and by doing so...we're gonna kick your asses!

    *Kurt along with the crowd* And oh! It's's damn true!!

    JR: They say they don’t need a third partner, and who is going to disagree?

    King: Me

    JR: Well I for one won’t. It may be a handicap this Sunday but now more than ever is Black and Angle focused on beating and dismantling the United Kingdom!

    King: It’s not going to happen. This Sunday is a Sunday for royalty, a Sunday for the United Kingdom!


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    Eve's music plays and the booing fills the arena. Eve comes out in her usual business attire with a big grin on her face as she walks down the ramp and into the ring. She circles the ring a bit soaking of the boos from the fans completely unfazed by them till she is handed a mic.

    King: JR here comes our lovely General Manager Eve!

    JR: Co-General Manager King, Teddy is still in charge.

    King: Maybe for now, its obvious Eve will soon have full control.

    JR: I don't believe that.

    Eve: Ladies and gentlemen I do hope you've enjoyed the show that I've worked so hard on tonight.

    King: She does work hard JR.

    JR: Oh please!

    The fans boo Eve, but she remains unfazed.

    Eve: I know that many of you have yet to take a liking to me because you're convinced that I'm some kind of horrible monster who wants to get Teddy fired so she can be the sole GM of RAW, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

    King: You see JR she's not the monster people like you want these fans to believe she is.

    JR: She's a lying manipulative jezzebelle.

    The fans boo her once more.

    Eve: The truth is that everything I'm doing I'm doing it for you. I want to put on the best show possible for you so you can get what you paid for...

    The fans start chanting "bullshit".

    Eve: And Teddy... well it just seems like he'd be more comfortable in a retirement home where people don't have to rely on him and he can just eat pudding, watch TV, take naps and poop in his adult diapers; you know the kind of things he does now, but somewhere people can take care of him instead of depending on him to put on a show for you fans.

    King: Haha Teddy craps his adult diapers, that's priceless.

    JR: She's mocking Teddy; he doesn't do any of those things.

    The fans continue booing.

    Eve: Anyway I didn't come out here to talk about Teddy; I came here to deliver some bad news and some good news as well. I'll start with the bad news first and then use the good news to soften the blow.

    The bad news is that Austin Aries remains in bad shape and has not been medically cleared to compete in a match any time soon.

    JR: Austin Aries is a tremendous athlete and we wish him a speedy recovery.

    King: That's right JR, but just think of everyone who can step up while he's recovering and earn their place in a future World title match.

    Eve: However, as they say the show must go on.

    The fans boo once again.

    Eve: Now for the good news I want to bring someone out here who has a few words to share with all of you so without further wait please give a warm welcome to Chris Jericho.

    Jericho struts out to the familiar boos from the crowd. He has his usual scowl on his face as he makes his way down the ramp and up the steel steps and into the ring. He is handed a mic by Eve and takes it before positioning himself opposite her in the ring and waits for the boos to die down.

    Jericho: Thank you for allowing me to come out here once again this week Eve. A luxury that might not have been granted to me by Ted.... I mean a more incompetent person.

    the crowd boo

    Jericho: And now that I am out here, I would like to take this opportunity to once again offer my sincerest apologies to the Board of Directors, to the fans, and to the WWE Champion Austin Aries for what happened out here in this ring 2 weeks ago. I can only say that I deeply regret my actions, and from the bottom of my heart I wish Austin Aries the speediest of recoveries as he heals.

    JR: That's a load of horse shit!

    The fans start chanting "bullshit".

    King: I don't know JR I think Jericho's apology really is sincere.

    Eve: Well Chris I think I speak on behalf of the entire WWE Universe when I say we accept your apology.

    The fans continue booing and chanting "bullshit".

    JR: She sure as hell doesn't speak for me.

    King: She speaks for me though.

    Eve: In fact Chris I don't just speak on behalf of the WWE Universe because I have also spoken with the Board of Directors and they have agreed to lift your suspension effective immediately.

    The fans boo once again and the chants continue as Jericho cracks a shit eating grin

    Jericho: Well that's awful gracious of you Eve, and I think I can speak on behalf of the WWE Universe when I say that we all applaud you on this decision. A decision that only you could have made the right call on. And allow me to reintegrate how eternally grateful I am to you for making this crucial decision.

    Jericho smiles as Eve acknowledges him

    Jericho: And now allow me to reintegrate something else that I said last week, and that is of course regarding the WWE Championship and my rematch clause.
    Now that I have been reinstated, I want to confirm that I want to cash in my rematch clause for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. And I would like for that to be made official right here tonight.

    JR: Jericho has no right to request that, he's lucky his suspension was lifted.

    King: The man has a rematch clause JR, fair is fair.

    Eve: Well Chris in the interest of fairness since you do have the right to a rematch I am granting your request to face Austin Aries for the title at SummerSlam.

    The fans boo loudly. Jericho grins happily.

    JR: Jericho has no right to request that, he's lucky his suspension was lifted.

    King: The man has a rematch clause JR, fair is fair.

    Eve: Well Chris in the interest of fairness since you do have the right to a rematch I am granting your request to face Austin Aries for the title at SummerSlam.

    The fans boo loudly. Jericho grins happily.

    JR: Oh this is ludicrous.

    King: Shut up JR, Eve made the right call.

    Eve: And should Austin's injuries keep him from defending the title at SummerSlam he will be stripped of the title and Chris Jericho will be declared the new champion.

    The fans boo even louder.

    JR: Austin Aries deserves better than this, that woman is ruining everything.

    King: Actually JR the title should be defended at SummerSlam and if the champion can't do it then a new champion should be named.

    Jericho: That is magnificent news indeed Eve, music to my ears. And I know that deep down, all of these para..... I mean, fans in attendance agree with your decision, and are all looking forward to this match as much as I am. And I think it's fair to say that the stipulation that you've added is an excellent choice. In my opinion, if you're the WWE Champion, then you're expected to defend that title, no matter what. And if you're unable to do so, then you shouldn't be the champion, and you should be stripped of the championship.

    JR: Of course Jericho agrees with Eve, they're both egotistical snakes.

    King: Calm down JR, if anything Jericho is showing these fans how grateful he is.

    The fans boo.

    Jericho: But of course, I sincerely hope that that doesn't happen in this case. It would be a complete and utter travesty were Austin Aries not able to complete at SummerSlam, because as you all know, the last thing I want is to be simply handed that WWE Championship. The last thing I want is for all of you to be robbed of the greatest match you'll ever see in your lives.

    Jericho smirks as the fans boo.

    Jericho: So with all of that in mind, I sincerely hope that Austin Aries will be healthy enough to compete in time and from the bottom of my heart, I with him the best in a speedy recovery.

    But once again, thank you Eve for making all of this possible, and might I suggest that we seal the deal with a glass or two of champagne in your office after the show? Just so that I can properly say thank you for being so competent and understanding of this, oh so unfortunate situation, and for presenting the best solution possible for all parties involved.

    Jericho smiles again as the fans boo him, knowing that he's not being sincere.

    Eve: You're most welcome Chris, good luck on your title shot and I'm glad to see you came out here in your wrestling attire as I asked you to because you're competing in a match right now. Consider it a SummerSlam warm up match if you will.

    Jericho seems confused and not happy to wrestle. The fans cheer.

    Eve: And your opponent tonight will be none other than Hulk Hogan!

    The fans cheer. Jericho looks angry at the announcement.

    JR: Finally some justice. Hogan will teach Jericho a lesson.

    King: Oh you'd just love to see Jericho get injured before SummerSlam wouldn't you JR?


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    JR: Well Jericho has gone and changed and now he is back out here for our main event match. And he has to face Hulk Hogan!

    King: Remember earlier Damien Sandow said he lined up an opponent for Hogan? Well he chose the WWE Champion

    JR: I bet he was hoping Jericho can injure someone else too

    King: Well it’s only right. Hogan had Sandow face Sting, that’s not right! So Sandow returned the favor

    JR: Well Hogan will look to thwart this attempt by Sandow to injure him and then those two will go on to face Sunday at SummerSlam. But let me reiterate something… I am pissed off about what Eve and Chris Jericho did! How can she at all think that it is fair to strip Austin Aries of his WWE Title? Especially since it was Jericho’s fault he might not make it there in the first place!

    King: Jericho has a guaranteed rematch clause, and they agreed to use it at SummerSlam. Should Aries not make it, it is only fair since Aries would not have granted Jericho his rematch clause on the set date

    JR: The man is injured King! And Chris Jericho was responsible! My god you can’ believe what you just said?

    King: I do. Jericho has a rematch clause guaranteed after losing the WWE Title. He lost at The Great American Bash, and then agreed with Aries to use the clause at SummerSlam. Whether or not Jericho injured Aries… the match is guaranteed and that’s all there is to it. Aries doesn’t show he loses, he shows then he should fight.

    JR: I hope Hogan injured Jericho here… poetic justice as they call it… or as I call it… karma’s a bitch!

    Chris Jericho vs. Hulk Hogan

    Watch 3:45 till 10:10

    Jericho gets up and when Hogan turns, Jericho hits a backhand chop to the chest of Hogan, followed by another. This backs Hogan into the corner, where Jericho whips Hogan into the opposite turnbuckle where he staggers out. Jericho then runs off the ropes, grabs Hogan by the head and hits a bulldog. Jericho then goes down and locks in an armbar. Hogan gets up, hits a few punches to the face of Jericho, which breaks the hold. Hogan then runs off the ropes but on the rebound Jericho hits a flying forearm smash. Both men get up quickly and Jericho hits a belly to back suplex to put Hogan down. Jericho notices Hogan down, then runs towards the ropes, jumps on the ropes…

    King: Lionsault…

    JR: Hogan got the knees up!

    Hogan thwarts the Lionsault attempt by getting the knees up. Jericho gets up and staggers backwards in pain. Hogan gets up slowly, and when he does, Jericho runs at him, where Hogan hits Jericho with a huge big boot. Jericho gets back up rather quickly, and runs at Hogan again, and Hogan catches Jericho with a bodyslam, cover…



    Jericho kicks out!

    JR: Jericho kicked out!

    Hogan then lifts Jericho to his feet where he hits Jericho with an atomic drop. Jericho bounces away and onto the ropes. Hogan waits for Jericho to turn, and when Jericho does, Hogan runs, but Jericho ducks a clothesline, and Hogan turns…

    King: Hogan turned right into an enziguiri! JR did you hear that kick?

    JR: I sure did, Hogan may be out, Jericho needs to get over to get a cover.

    Jericho crawls over towards Hogan, who lies motionless from the kick, and Jericho lies on top of Hogan for a cover…




    Hogan kicks out and Jericho looks frustrated. Jericho then goes over to the turnbuckle and picks himself up, and climbs to the top rope. He waits for Hogan to get up and begs Hogan on. Hogan finally gets to his feet groggily, and Hogan turns towards Jericho where Jericho jumps off and hits a diving European uppercut. Jericho then grabs Hogan’s legs and drags him to the middle of the ring. The Jericho turns Hogan on his side…

    JR: Jericho looking for the walls, can he turn Hogan all the way over

    King: He’s almost got him, he is almost there…

    JR: NO! Hogan swung his legs the opposite way to send Jericho away.

    Both men get up slowly. Both men get to their feet at the same time, and Jericho runs towards Hogan, and Hogan hits him with a clothesline, followed by another, followed by a body slam. Hogan gets up and struts around the ring. Hogan then goes over to Jericho and hits an elbow drop followed by another followed by one more. Hogan then gets up and celebrates as Jericho is down. Hogan panders to the crowd. Then Hogan takes one last look at Jericho, and runs towards the ropes

    JR: Hogan looking for the leg drop…

    King: Codbreaker!

    JR: Jericho caught Hogan right off the ropes with the Codebreaker!

    Hogan after bouncing off the ropes turned to Jericho, and Jericho hit Hogan with the Codebreaker. Jericho covers Hogan…




    King: Jericho wins! Jericho wins! And Damien Sandow got revenge on Hogan

    JR: Well Jericho won this match, and will this be the scene Sunday at SummerSlam? Jericho winning?

    King: He doesn’t have to win, Aries just doesn’t have to show up. Which he won’t because he can’t because he isn’t cleared to compete. This Sunday Jericho reclaims what is rightfully his… the WWE Championship!

    JR: We shall see, will Aries make it to SummerSlam, and will he be cleared to compete? Or will Jericho once again have his arm raised in victory without having to beat Austin Aries and become the new WWE Champion?... We will find out this Sunday at SummerSlam only on Pay Per View!

    *Jericho raises his arm in the ring above a fallen Hogan with a huge shit eating grin on his face. Jericho then climbs through the ropes and walks all the way up the ramp with his arm raised, and doesn’t turn for a second as he keeps his arm raised all the way into the back where the show fades to black.*


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    It's hot as hell here where I'm at.... oh... this is a filler.
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