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    RAW is WAR Episode 31
    US Airways Center, Phoenix, Arizona

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the US Airways Center here in Phoenix, Arizona, which plays host tonight to the go home RAW is WAR before SummerSlam! And what a show we have tonight! Tonight King and I will interview the WWE Champion, Austin Aries!

    King: On another note Chris Jericho is still suspended which means no WWE Championship match at SummerSlam. Aries is a wimp!

    JR: You want me to smash your head through glass? *Pauses* I didn’t think so. We will find out Chris Jericho’s fate tonight though after the apology, if you want to call it that, statement he gave last week.

    King: It was an apology and it was sincere. Couldn’t you see the emotion from Jericho? He was sad and regretful for his actions

    JR: Do you really believe that deep down King?

    King: Yes I do!

    JR: Anyways, tonight we also expect to hear from Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett regarding their match at SummerSlam, as well as the rest of the United Kingdom, regarding their handicap match, as of right now, against Tyler Black and Kurt Angle

    King: Who would be dumb enough to join Tyler Black and Kurt Angle in their fight against the United Kingdom?

    JR: Somebody will surely step up to the plate. Tonight we also expect answers from Goldberg on whether or not he will accept Ryback’s offer for a rematch at SummerSlam under I Quit rules. We also continue the build towards Hulk Hogan versus Damien Sandow, Sting versus Abyss, and the WWE Women’s Championship Triple Threat match, all taking place this Sunday at SummerSlam!

    The fans absolutely explode as Cody Rhodes comes flying through the curtain. He has his hooded jacket on but throws the hood back to another cheer from the crowd.

    JR: And here comes Cody Rhodes! He has a one on one match with Wade Barrett this Sunday, and this match has been boiling ever since Barrett debuted and cost Cody Rhodes the United States Championship at The Great American Bash

    King: Does Rhodes really think this is a smart idea? He hasn’t had great success against the United Kingdom, and at SummerSlam it’s only bound to get worse

    He makes his way down the ramp, high fiving a few fans on his way, before walking up the steel steps, taking a microphone from the top of the steel steps.

    Cody Rhodes: Monday Night Raw, how are we feeling tonight?!

    The fans explode with a cheap pop as Cody smiles in the ring. A fan at ringside shouts back ‘how are you feeling?’ to which Cody responds.

    Cody Rhodes: I’m feeling pretty damn good thanks for asking. And why am I feeling pretty damn good? Not only are we live in Phoenix, Arizona! But we are also at the final stop on the road to SummerSlam- and that means one thing. In just six days’ time, it’s over for Wade Barrett and the rest of The United Kingdom!

    The fans explode with cheers once more as Cody smiles again.

    Cody Rhodes: Last week, three men tried to take on four and just as it seems to be a recurring case, the UK looked stronger in numbers. But I’m not going to stand here and say to all of you that they cheat week in, week out- because let’s actually look at each of the guys for a second.

    First of all, you have Drew McIntyre.

    The fans boo for Drew’s name.

    Cody Rhodes: Yeah I get that reaction. Basically, this guy burst onto the scene in 2009 and was immediately designated the spot of Vince McMahon’s ‘Chosen One’. Let me just roll off a few names for you- John Cena, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Batista, Chris Jericho- amongst others. All of those men were at some point Vince McMahon’s Chosen One- and only one man ever managed to mess up that gimmick- Drew McIntyre.

    Sure, he won the Intercontinental Championship one time, and we are former Tag Team Champions- I mean I obviously carried the team but Drew gave his all and it just went downhill. Drew McIntyre is overrated, he’s selfish, he’s egotistical and this Sunday against Tyler Black and Kurt Angle, he’ll get his ass handed to him on a plate.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Cody Rhodes: And that brings me onto William Regal.

    Another set of boos ring out.

    Cody Rhodes: Perhaps the most perfect technical wrestler of all time. This guy is up there with the likes of Bob Backlund, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk- the very best wrestlers out there. And Regal is without a doubt one of them. The fact that this man has never been a World Champion is nothing less than a tragedy. Or is it?

    You see, Regal has all the skills, but there’s one thing he’s always lacked- substance. He’s won over sixty championships worldwide. I challenge you to find me a man who has done that. He’s an unbelievable wrestler. But he always has this tendency to lose when he has the ball running. He has had thirteen different titles throughout his WWE career- but he’s never even looked like he could challenge for the WWE Championship.

    And this Sunday, when Tyler Black and Kurt Angle show why they are good enough to do that, they could very well end Mr. Regal’s career.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Cody Rhodes: Thirdly, Sheamus.

    The fans boo louder than they have all segment.

    Cody Rhodes: This man is by far the most accomplished member of the UK. He’s a two time United States Champion, he’s a former WWE Champion; he’s the only man in the UK capable of finishing a match off apparently. He beat me fairly a few weeks back and quite frankly, he’s possibly the most all round superstar in the UK.

    But the thing about Sheamus is, all you’ve gotta do is take his legs out of the equation and what really does he have? He’s a one-trick pony. That Brogue Kick is the only weapon of mass destruction he has in his arsenal and soon enough, he’s going to lose it. He’s going to fall from grace and he’ll just be a shattered shell of a man.

    And that all begins, in the handicap match this Sunday.

    The fans explode once again.

    Cody Rhodes: And finally, we’ve reached my opponent for Sunday, Wade Barrett.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Cody Rhodes: I’ve been saving this up for a while. Wade Barrett is the leader of the UK. He’s the guy they turned to for advice but you have to ask yourself. What has Wade Barrett ever actually done? He lead The Nexus- until, well, John Cena kicked his ass. He lead The Corre until, well, Ezekiel Jackson kicked his ass. You see, one as kicking is all it takes for Wade Barrett’s groups to fall apart.

    And that’s why the UK falls apart this Sunday.

    The fans go nuts.

    Cody Rhodes: Last week, Wade Barrett said this group of talent is better than anything he’s ever possessed before. I actually disagree. You see, in The Nexus, he had Ryback.

    The fans cheer.

    Daniel Bryan.

    The fans cheer.

    Justin Gabriel.

    The fans cheer.

    Cody Rhodes: At one point, Wade Barrett actually forced John Cena into joining The Nexus then he made his mistake. He took the face of the WWE and offered him a way out. He said to Cena if you don’t do this, you’re fired. Of course, that lead to John Cena getting fired. So what have we learnt from this?

    Wade Barrett- at heart- is a scared little girl.

    The fans go insane and begin a little girl chant, to which Cody laughs.

    Cody Rhodes: And this Sunday, whether he turns up as his true self, or whether he turns up with that smug look on his face, I’m going to hit him with a Cross Rhodes and I am going to beat him.

    Cody pulls the camera closer to him and begins to talk to it intensely.

    Cody Rhodes: Because just six days await Wade. There won’t be William Regal, there won’t be Drew McIntyre, there won’t be Sheamus, there won’t be anybody else. It’s going to be you and I, one-on-one. Finally, the numbers won’t be in your favor. And I promise you that you’re not leaving SummerSlam victorious. Hell, when I’m finished with you, you won’t even be leaving SummerSlam conscious.

    The fans go absolutely mental as Cody pushes the camera away. He jumps onto a turnbuckle but just as he steps back to the canvas...

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    The music of the UK hits, and Wade Barrett strolls out to loud boos from the capacity crowd in Phoenix. Barrett laps it up, and poses on the ramp, pointing to the British flag on his shirt, and pointing to the words 'The UK' on the top of the shirt. He gets in the ring, microphone in hand, and laughs at Cody, who is furious at Wade for coming out here. Wade looks around as the boos continue to rain down on him, as he brings the microphone to his lips.

    Wade: Well, look what we have here. As per usual with all you yanks, you seem to think the whole world revolves around you and what you, collectively as a nation, has to say for yourselves. There are a number of reasons that I am proud to say I'm from the United Kingdom, and not from this God for saken country. Before I address you Rhodes, why don't I delve into a couple of reasons why I hate each and every one of you here tonight, and why I hate America.

    The crowd boos loudly, and Cody goes to interrupt, but Barrett cuts him off.

    Barrett: Rhodes, I let you talk for quite a bit, so why don't you do the respectful thing and get out of my face when I am addressing the public? Anyway, first have so many ridiculous stereotypes about other countries, it's actually quite shocking. Whereas we in Great Britain are sophisticated in our knowledge of other country’s' traditions and values, you in America have ridiculous thoughts about what other countries are like, and what the people there are like. For example, you seem to think all Irish men and women are drunkards, and when you find out Sheamus isn't a laughing, dancing, drinking, cheerful Irishman who says 'Top of the mornin' to ya!' when greeting you, you seem to jump to the conclusion that he isn't a true Irishman then. Bollocks! You people are ignorant, and idiotic!

    The crowd erupts with boos, but Barrett continues, unshaken

    Barrett: Us in England, you seem to think we're snobbish, formal, drink tea and live in castles all our lives, not working and having thousands of servants to do our will. It really it pathetic that you actually think these ludicrous that you actually believe these things. For God's sake, even last week, Kurt Angle, an Olympic hero, told McIntyre to represent his country by wearing a kilt! Shows how ignorant he is too. But that's not the worst of it. You know why I REALLY hate and detest all of you? It's because you seem to be under the illusion that America is the best, The US is the greatest. America is #1! You want to know what America is #1 in? Let me rattle off a few things here.....#1 in Total Crimes, CO2 Emissions, Teen Pregnancy Rate, Divorce Rate, Plastic Surgery numbers, Prisoners and McDonald's Restaurant. These are not my opinions, these are straight up facts. And yet you people have the gall to sit on your fat backsides, chant USA! All day, every day, and still think you're the greatest? Come on!

    The crowd begins to chant USA! And Barrett laughs

    Barrett: This is what I mean.....Idiots! Anyway, my rant is over, I can now move onto to the action in the ring, and more specifically...Summerslam! At Summerslam, it will become obvious that the UK is not just another throwaway group that will last a couple of months. This group is, to coin a popular wrestling catchphrase, FOR LIFE! This group is the most feared and dominant group in WWE History. This group will go down in the annals of time as the GREATEST group of all time! Because at Summerslam, we will each defeat our American opponents. Sir Regal, McIntyre and Sheamus WILL defeat your US buddies in 6 days’ time, I have the upmost faith in that result coming through for us, once again proving why UK is better than US. Now, on to the match we've been waiting for...Rhodes vs. Barrett! And onto the man who has been talking and talking about each member of the UK....Cody Rhodes

    The crowd cheer for Cody, who nods.

    Barrett: Rhodes, how dare you, HOW DARE YOU, speak of my colleagues like you have done tonight, the way you have insulted each and every one of these noblemen. Drew McIntyre is one of the most accomplished wrestlers I have ever known, and the way you talk down to him like you're some kind of demi-God is quite frankly, disgusting! Also, how dare you even mention Sir Regal's name. You are not fit to kiss his foot, you swine! Sir Regal is perhaps the greatest wrestler I've ever known, and the reason he hasn't won a World Title here....quite simply, because he isn't American, because he is sophisticated, because he talks in a way you yanks cannot comprehend. As for your comments on Sheamus, again, you have no right to even utter that man's name. He is a great Champion, a former WWE Champion I might add, something which you have not come close to achieving, and something you never will achieve!

    The crowd burst into more boos, and they chant Cody's name over and over

    Barrett: Chant for you American Hero all you want, it simply will not change the fact that in six days’ time, I WILL defeat him! And now onto your comments about yours truly....I have never achieved anything? Please, I have already achieved more than you and I haven't even started! Let me rattle of a few accolades for you Rhodes....Two time Intercontinental Champion, Bare Knuckled Champion, masterminded the most shocking debut and run in WWE History, before I was dragged down by others. I was on the verge of becoming WWE Champion before John Cena screwed me over. I nearly ended one the most influential men in the company at that time, Randy Orton's career! So don't come out here, talking rubbish like that!

    The crowd explodes with boos for Barrett, who takes it all in, milking the hate

    Barrett: The Nexus was more talented than the UK? Don't make me laugh! Between us in the UK, we have won 3 World Titles, 5 IC Titles, 1 US Title, and Multiple Tag Team Gold. The Nexus? If it wasn't for me, The Nexus would never have existed, and those men you mentioned, never would even be in the WWE, without me! You’re right on thing though Cody, someone won't leave Summerslam conscious, and that's you, Black and Angle! You see Cody, just like Sheamus, I don't need anyone's help to defeat you, and let me tell you this now; I will defeat you in a mere 6 days. Cody, don't kid yourself. You know as well as I do, you cannot stop what has already started here, the Revolution, the uprising against the norm, and the assumption that American's are the best. But don't get me wrong Cody; Summerslam isn't the end by any stretch of the imagination. It is, in fact, only a sign of things to come for you, for the WWE, and for America! Thank you for listening, and God Save the Queen!

    Barrett throws the mic down and the two men square up to each other, as the crowd chants Cody's name, and they go nuts!

    *The camera cuts backstage where Eve and Teddy are shown in their office watching the opening segment. Eve then turns towards Teddy and the camera moves with her as she begins to speak.*

    Eve: *Turns to Teddy* I don’t know how you feel Teddy, but I for one can’t wait for this match at SummerSlam. I mean both these men have been so good here, why don’t we raise the stakes? I think they deserve it.

    *Eve looks at Teddy who just peers back at her without an expression or word.*

    Eve: How about the winner of their match becomes the number one contender to the WWE Title! We are going to need a new contender regardless if there is a match at SummerSlam or not. So how does that sound Teddy?

    *Teddy peers at Eve and then responds*

    Teddy: That sounds fine.

    Eve: Good then its official Cody Rhodes versus Wade Barrett at SummerSlam for the number one contender spot to the WWE Championship

    *Eve smiles at Teddy and then turns back to the monitor where Rhodes and Barrett are staring each other down*

    JR: The stakes just got higher folks! Not only will these two men fight each other out of hatred, they will now fight for the right to be number one contender for the WWE Championship!

    King: This is great for the United Kingdom; it will make it that much easier to add the WWE Championship to their stable, which already has the United States Championship. The UK really was telling the truth when they said they would capture every title!

    JR: Don’t count out Cody Rhodes; he has vengeance on his mind, but with these stakes, Rhodes’ lifelong dream of becoming WWE Champion could be that much closer! Stay tuned, because when we get back, the three members of the RAW tag teams taking part in this Sunday’s number one contender Battle Royal will square off.


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    JR: Welcome back, and if you missed it before the break Co-General Manager’s Eve and Teddy Long have come to an agreement that the Cody Rhodes versus Wade Barrett match at SummerSlam will now be a number one contender’s match to the WWE Championship

    King: Please JR, that was all Eve’s idea and you know it.

    JR: Well Teddy had to approve it, and that counts in my book. Now to transition to another number one contender situation, right now we have the first of two triple threat matches between the members of the RAW tag teams that will participate in the Battle Royal this Sunday

    King: Well obviously we love our RAW folks and I’m telling you I really like Harlem Heat, but I wouldn’t sleep on the Kings of Wrestling either

    JR: Well all three teams from RAW have a great shot at winning. Here is a quick rundown of the teams in the match, D-Generation X, Kings of Wrestling, Harlem Heat, Beer Money, New Age Outlaws, Cryme Tyme, and the Prime Time Players.

    King: RAW may be outnumbered but we have the better teams on this show

    JR: That’s for sure, and Shawn Michaels, representing DX, has been on a roll since he and Triple H reformed DX.

    King: Not last week they lost to Harlem Heat

    JR: DX had a bit of a slip up last week, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been impressive. Though they were the heavy favorite to win the Battle Royal until last week, now I have no idea who could win this match

    King: And Harlem Heat stopped that. They are the new favorite to win this Battle Royal.

    JR: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. The Kings of Wrestling have been impressive, and sure they lost their title match at The Great American Bash, but so did the Prime Time Players and they have had three title shots.

    King: Both those teams knows what it takes to get to a match like this, so they shouldn’t be discounted either

    JR: Picking up at least one win in the two triple threat matches is huge for momentum, so who will gain it?

    Shawn Michaels vs. Stevie Ray vs. Claudio Castagnoli
    (Stevie Ray = Triple H; Claudio Castagnoli = John Cena)

    Watch 5:00- 10:07

    JR: What a counter from Michaels and now he stands alone in that ring

    Ray, who was outside the ring, goes over to Castagnoli and picks him up, but Castagnoli counters with a huge European uppercut that sends Ray stumbling backwards. When Ray turns Castagnoli hits him with a huge bicycle kick that sends Ray over the barricade.

    JR: My god Ray just went flying over the barricade from that bicycle kick that was brutal

    King: Well it’s now Castagnoli and Michaels

    Castagnoli smiles and then turns to look in the ring, and when he does Michaels hits a huge springboard moonsault to Castagnoli on the outside. Michaels picks Castagnoli up rolls him in the ring and covers…



    Castagnoli kicks out!

    JR: A kickout! What a moonsault from Michaels!

    Castagnoli tries to crawl away but Michaels skins the cat and Castagnoli writhes in pain. Michaels picks Castagnoli up and locks him in a headlock. Castagnoli leans against the ropes goes to push Michaels off, but Michaels keeps the headlock locked in. Michaels then leans Castagnoli against the turnbuckle, as the ref counts. Michaels releases at a count of four and then hits a huge backhand chop to the chest of Castagnoli, followed by another. Castagnoli staggers out into an inverted atomic drop followed by a belly to back suplex. Michaels gets up and celebrates and then climbs the top rope.

    JR: Michaels thinking high risk right here.

    Michaels climbs to the top, gets his balance jumps…

    King: He jumped right into the waiting arms of Stevie Ray! 110th Street Slam (high impact delayed spinebuster)! He caught Michaels in midair!

    JR: And Castagnoli rolled out in the nick of time or else Michaels would’ve landed on top of him

    King: Well he better hurry or this match could be over

    Castagnoli rolls out of the ring just in time as to not get hit, and Stevie Ray covers Michaels…



    Thr… Castagnoli pulled Ray out of the ring!

    Castagnoli then hits another huge European uppercut, and Ray staggers backwards. Castagnoli runs for another bicycle kick, but Ray ducks the kick, and when he turns Castagnoli runs right at him, which he turns into a scoop slam onto the mat!

    JR: My god did you hear that thud! Castagnoli’s back just made a huge impact against the floor out here!

    Castagnoli writhes in pain and Ray turns his attention back towards a downed Michaels in the ring. Ray slides in and goes to pick Michaels up, but Michaels pushes Ray off, and hits a flying forearm smash and Michaels kips up!

    JR: How did he do it, he just took a viscous spinebuster and now he is calling for Sweet Chin Music

    Michaels stomps his foot against the mat begging for Ray to get up. Michaels stomps are slower as he is hurting. Ray finally staggers to his feet, he turns…

    JR: Sweet Chin Music! Michaels got him

    King: But can Michaels get the cover he fell the wrong way!

    Michaels falls down as does Ray and neither man moves. Castagnoli is still down outside, and Michaels slowly starts to drag himself over towards Ray. He finally gets over to Ray, puts his hand on him…




    JR: He kicked out! He kicked out!

    Michaels rolls over as Ray kicks out at the last possible second. Michaels then rolls to the turnbuckle, uses the ropes to get himself up, and he stomps the mat once more. Ray staggers to his feet again, he turns…

    King: He ducked it

    JR: Right into a waiting Castagnoli, Castagnoli lifts him up… Standing Ricola Bomb onto Shawn Michaels!

    After the missed kick, Castagnoli came in, kicked Ray in the gut, and hit a standing Ricola Bomb throwing Ray onto Shawn Michaels and both men go down. Castagnoli rolls Michaels out of the ring and covers…




    King: Claudio Castagnoli wins this match!

    JR: And picks up momentum for the Kings of Wrestling heading towards SummerSlam. Can his partner repeat this success later in the evening? Could the Kings be in line for another WWE Tag Team title shot?

    King: As of right now it looks that way

    *As we go to commercial the camera takes us backstage where we can see Tyler Black and Kurt Angle talking to Ted DiBiase. It doesn’t look to be going well as DiBiase shakes his head and they shake hands and leave*

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    JR: Was Tyler Black and Kurt Angle trying to recruit Ted DiBiase?

    King: Why would they, he has been on a massive losing streak.

    JR: Well anybody who could even the odds can help, but that doesn’t appear to be the case, we shall see what transpires.

    Goldberg’s music hits and the crowds cheer him on and chant GOLDBERG… GOLDBERG… GOLDBERG.

    JR: Oh it’s about that time, time to find out if Goldberg will accept Ryback’s proposed match. Last week Ryback returned from injury, caused by Goldberg at The Great American Bash, and now Ryback is looking for payback

    King: And he proposed an I Quit Match! Is that the right choice? Can either of these men say I Quit?

    JR: I never thought it possible but we will find out at SummerSlam if Goldberg accepts this match

    Goldberg: Welcome back Ryback!!! I guess you didn’t learn your lesson at the Great American Bash. I told you before that this wasn’t going to be your ordinary wrestling match, this was going to be an all-out brawl. And at the Bash, I did what I said I would do; I took out the great big Ryback. And I am very surprised that you actually came back for more last week. But I’m not going to cry and whine about you coming back, I never do that. If you want another beating from me, I can have that arranged.

    Mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Goldberg: As far as your stipulation for an I Quit match… I ACCEPT!!! But wait, I have a stipulation of my own. Are you betting man Ryback? I say you put your money where your mouth is. I will accept your I Quit Match, under one condition, that you accept my stipulation. Ryback, come Summer Slam, I want your ass in this ring and I will beat you and end this once and for all. The only way to win is for either one of us to say I Quit, and I know it won’t be me; the only one quitting is you. And here is where my stipulation comes in… the loser leaves RAW!!!

    Loud pop from the crowd.

    JR: By gawd!!! Business just picked up King!!! Can you believe that?

    King: Don’t do it Ryback, you have nothing to prove. This is your typical Goldberg, bullying his way around here.

    JR: It’s only fair Jerry… Ryback has a stipulation, let Goldberg have one too.

    Goldberg: So what do you say Ryback? Are you up for the challenge? I got you on my radar again son… and you’re next!!!

    *As Ryback's theme song hits, Goldberg's turns his attention to Ryback who wastes little time in getting down the ramp, not even bothering to do his arm swinging motions at all. He slides under the bottom rope and gets right in Goldberg's face before he pulls back enough to create some distance. Picking up a microphone in the corner of the ring, Ryback turns back around to address Goldberg.*

    Ryback: You know I'm not one to back down from a challenge. In fact, I'm the one who issued it in the first place but that's beside the point. The point now is that you and I indeed have a match at Summerslam and this stipulation that you've now added to the mix? Loser Leaves RAW? Humph. The way I see it, if we both continue to face each other, the very foundation of the WWE will implode. Simply put, RAW's not big enough for the two of us and what you've proposed will remedy that very dilemma. So in short, you're damn right I accept your challenge!

    *Ryback gets a huge pop from the crowd as he starts chanting "Feed Me More!” He cuts himself off.*

    Ryback: Now, if you don't mind, now that we've settled this business, I have a match right now with none other than the bare knuckled fighter form England known to the world as Wade Barrett.

    *With his attention no longer on Goldberg, Ryback whips off his T-shirt and throws it into the crowd and starts slapping the side of his head as he prepares for his opponent.*

    JR: Goldberg and Ryback at SummerSlam in an I Quit, Loser Leaves RAW match!

    King: There isn’t enough room for both of them on this show, and now there will be!

    JR: And now Ryback faces Wade Barrett in his first match since The Great American Bash! Come right back!


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    Wade Barrett vs. Ryback (Sheamus)

    (start at 2:07, end at 9:17)

    JR: He is calling for it! Shellshock is coming!

    Ryback is pumping himself up, as Barrett slowly recovers. Ryback reaches down, lifting Wade up, and straight into the air. Ryback begins to stomp around the ring, but before he can go, Wade breaks the hold, and drops behind Ryback. Wade immediately nails a chop block to the back of Ryback's knee, but it only drops the big man to one knee. Wade is up, as he runs into the ropes, coming back, and nails Ryback square in the face with a big boot! Wade immediately goes for the cover.

    King: He has it! He has it!

    1....2...! Ryback kicks out, with authority, launching Wade off of him. Ryback gets to his feet, as does Wade, as Ryback charges, and Barrett drops, grabbing the top rope, as Ryback goes over the top to the outside. The ref tells Wade to stay in the ring, but Wade doesn't listen, as he rolls out. Ryback is getting to his feet, as Wade comes up from behind, shoving the behemoth straight into the ring post! Ryback hits hard, and goes down, as Wade kneels over Ryback, pounding away. The ref is counting, but Wade still lets his fists fly.

    1.....2......3......4.......5.......6......7...... 8....Wade stops his assault, as he goes to the ring, rolling in, and rolling right back out. He goes over to Ryback, who is slowly getting to his feet. Wade lifts Ryback up, Irish whipping him at the steel steps, but Ryback counters, sending Wade colliding straight into the steps! Wade hits knees first, as he flips over them. Ryback immediately walks around the ring, to Wade, lifting him up. Ryback throws Wade back into the ring, before climbing in himself. Ryback grabs Wade by the hair, lifting him up, as he sends him straight into the corner. Ryback charges in, driving a shoulder straight into the mid-section of Wade. Ryback isn't done, as he continually drives shoulder after shoulder into Wade, as the ref counts.

    1....2.....3....4....Ryback stops right before 5, as he steps away. Wade stumbles out, as Ryback grabs Wade by the throat, and lifts him straight into the air. He then drops Wade onto his shoulder, and slams him into the ring mat.

    JR: Guerrilla press slam!

    King: It's like Ryback is sending a message to Goldberg.

    Ryback is back to his feet, as he goes to the corner, pumping himself up, as the fans are chanting Feed Me More, over and over.

    JR: Looks like he is going for the meat hook!

    King: No! Wade! Get out of there! Your head is about to be taken off!

    Wade is slowly getting to his feet.

    JR: By Gawd! What's Goldberg doing!

    Ryback immediately turns, looking at the ramp. After a moment, no Goldberg. We can see Ryback motion for Goldberg to bring it, but still nothing. Ryback turns, moving, as he walks straight into a tilt a whirl sidewalk slam from Barrett! Wade is right back up, as he lifts Ryback up onto his shoulders...

    King: WASTELAND!

    Wade drives Ryback down, as he goes for the cover.


    JR: Wade Barrett picks up the victory with some help from Goldberg

    King: Goldberg never showed, Ryback got distracted, it’s all mind games with Goldberg, and Ryback couldn’t maintain focus. This could hurt him come Sunday

    JR: I’m sure he will be plenty focused by Sunday.

    King: All that matters here is Wade Barrett providing us with some foreshadowing to Sunday.

    JR: We will see.


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    The camera's come back from commercial and are focused on Josh Mathews standing by himself.

    Josh: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm being joined by the three women involved in the triple threat match at Summerslam to determine the new Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, Lita, and Kelly Kelly.

    The camera pulls back a little, as we see the three diva's standing there.

    Josh: Ladies, thanks for taking a moment to speak with me. So, I'll get right to this. Kelly Kelly, this Sunday, you are one of the three in the triple threat match. Do you think it makes a difference that it's a triple threat match?

    Kelly: Of course it makes a difference! There are so many other tangibles when you have this kind of a match, compared to say a one on one match. People would try and say that I only have a 33% chance of winning, to which I say, do your math. This match is all about making the most of an opportunity. I did that to get to the finals, I did that when I returned to this lackluster company, and I'll do it again this Sunday. See Josh, what sets me apart from other women, is I'm born for success. Look at me josh? What better person to represent the WWE as the women's champion, than I. This company is all about the main stream media. Can you imagine, someone as desirable as myself, on the cover of Maxim, holding the Women's title?

    Josh seems at a loss for words.

    Kelly: Exactly.

    Josh: Well, I...ugh...well anyways, the two other women you will face are standing right beside you. What do you have to say about them?

    Kelly turns, looking at Lita.

    Kelly: Lita, I'm sure you are steaming over what happened on last week’s Raw. Well boo hoo.

    Kelly is wiping her eyes, acting as if she is crying.

    Kelly: Get over it. As I said, I'm all about opportunities, and that was an opportunity, to stick it to you, just like you stuck it to me and Trish 3 weeks ago during our match. See Lita, people might call you the outright favorite to win this match, but come on Lita. You have always been known as, and will always be known as the girl who attaches herself to those who are successful. Look at your history. There were the Hardyz, who were tag champs, then Edge who was the WWE Champion. Sure, you've had moments of success on your own, but has any of those moments stuck out?

    Kelly Kelly pauses for a second.

    Kelly Kelly: Nope! Lita let me give you a glimpse into the future. At Summerslam, your boyfriend might win the World Heavyweight Championship, but there is no chance in hell you are walking out with the Women's Championship.

    Kelly Kelly turns now, looking at Trish.

    Kelly Kelly: And you.....

    The fans can be heard cheering.

    Kelly Kelly: I've had enough of you. Since this company decided to bring back the Women's title, and they resigned me to a lucrative contract because they know how valuable I am, you have been there at every second, every moment, and I'm sick of it. You are the golden girl of the WWE. You are the John Cena of the women's division. Trish, anything I could say now, is something I haven't said before. Summerslam, I will finally overcome my white prepared to be harpooned chick....

    Kelly Kelly turns back to Josh.

    Josh: Well, those are strong words. One final question before I move on to the other two. How do you plan on making history at Summerslam?

    Kelly: Simple. Here, you have one woman who is a 7 time women's champion. The other, is a former 4 time women's champion, and me? I'm a former diva's champion, but I've never held that women's title. So not only will I defeat to old hags, I will also prove that despite their success, when you are young, beautiful, and talented like are just born to be amazing. At Summerslam, say hello to your new Women's Champion, Ms. Centerfold.

    Kelly Kelly has a wicked smirk, as Josh moves on to the next diva, Lita. She is looking at Kelly with a dirty look on her face. Josh quickly tries to move the interview on.

    Josh: Erm, Lita- What are your thoughts on facing both Kelly & Trish this Sunday?

    Lita: What are my thoughts? My thoughts are very simple Josh. I proved my worth in this match when I won the Divas Scramble match at Great American Bash. I proved that I am the one to beat and sure, that puts pressure on me but I’m thriving under it. Trish Stratus is different, Kelly Kelly is different- both of them will fold under the pressure.

    Something Kelly has never done is hold that title. She’s held the Divas Championship but that’s when women’s wrestling meant nothing to the people backstage. When they picked this Barbie doll as the face of the division. They tried to do it with Trish as well way back in the early naughty’s but it didn’t work out.

    Trish laid the foundations down for the divas division to become what it became- a toilet break. The arena would be bored during matches between Kelly Kelly and other divas such as Alicia Fox, and Eve Torres.

    Nobody gave a damn about the division when Kelly was the face of the place. Nobody gave a damn about the division when Trish was the face of it. I’ve never been given a chance to become the face of the division.

    Until now.

    The fans in the arena boo.

    Lita: And that means that come SummerSlam, I will be leaving with that title. You see, these two women either side of me have tasted the sweet taste of being the face of the division. I’ve never done that. I’ve never been asked to pose for Playboy like Kelly. I’ve never kissed Pamela Anderson in front of every single Canadian out there like Trish. No, I stayed in the ring and I fought my way to this position.

    And on Sunday, that is the end of the Barbie dolls era. This Sunday, the original anti-diva leaves with the Women’s Championship and leaves both of these divas lying on the canvas.

    The fans in the arena boo once again.

    Lita: You bring up The Hardyz Kelly, you bring up Edge. You’re right, I’ve had a lot of success but so have you, and so has Trish. On my own, not only am I the most talented diva on the roster now- I’m the most talented diva of all time!

    This Sunday will stand to prove that.

    The fans in the arena boo.

    Josh: Okay, what are your personal feelings towards these two women?

    Lita: Personally, I see where Kelly is coming from half the time, but sometimes she just sounds so bitter. She realizes she was nothing more than a pin up for middle aged men with beer bellies to drool over. The same goes for Trish. I’ve never gone out there trying to be the girl all those men want to be with. I’ve always gone out there to do one thing, wrestle.

    This company is destroying women’s wrestling, and I’m here to save it. I’m here to make this divas division the greatest of all time. And my first step to doing that is by becoming the Women’s Champion. Something I plan on doing Josh.

    Josh nods and moves on with the interview.

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    Josh: Now Trish...

    The fans can be heard cheering loudly at the mention of Trish's name.

    Josh: How do you feel going into Summerslam competing once again for the Women's Championship after all this time?

    Trish: I'm ready for this Josh, I feel like everything I've done since I returned to this company has been building up to this moment. These 2 "ladies” and I use the term loosely considering their backstage reputations, are very different and yet they've both continued making the same mistake over and over, they've underestimated me. You see there's a reason why the fans consider me a legendary diva and the golden girl of the WWE...

    Trish gets in Kelly's face.

    Trish: And it's not because of how many golden showers I've taken...

    Kelly looks furious at the insinuation and the fans start chanting "golden showers". Trish then gets in Lita's face.

    Trish: Or because I associate myself with any rated R superstars...

    Lita glares at Trish and the fans cheer loudly.

    Trish: It's because I worked hard every day to be better, that ring has been literally filled with my blood, sweat and tears countless times and now I'm back to do it all again.

    The crowd cheers loudly once more.

    Trish: I don't deny what Lita said, in fact I embrace it. I did join the WWE as nothing more than a fitness model with absolutely no wrestling experience, but what Lita considers a weakness I consider strength because that proves how hard I had to work to become a role model to these fans.

    The cheering continues.

    Trish: Because while Lita finished the shows and rode the A-train home...

    Lita looks furious now and the fans start chanting "slut".

    Trish: I would go to the training facility and practice for 2, 3 or 4 hours to become better. So yes I am a model, but I am so much more than just a model and I think my reputation speaks for itself.

    The fans cheer again.

    Trish: As for Kelly, I've underestimated her in the past the same way she's underestimated me, but unlike her I learn from my mistakes and I won't underestimate either of them again. I'm a 7 time Women's Champion and I think I still have it in me to hold that title one more time. The only thing I disagree with Lita on is her accusation that I'm responsible for the matches or the reactions that many of the current Divas get these days. Something Lita doesn't seem to realize is that we're all responsible for our own actions and come Summerslam she and Kelly will have to answer for their actions when I deliver some sweet Stratusfaction and walk away the new Women's Champion.

    All 3 women glare at each other and the fans cheer extremely loud. Josh decides to talk in order to cut the tension in the room.

    Josh: Well I appreciate you ladies taking the time to talk to me and I wish you all the best of luck.

    All 3 contenders walk away.

    Josh: Well this has been Josh Mathews...

    Before Josh can finish his sentence Tamina approaches him.

    *Starting to clap sarcastically she sighs as she reaches him*

    Tamina: Excellent insight there, really enjoyable...

    Josh: Emmm Thank-you. So everybody with me right now is the daughter of the legendary Jimmy...

    *Tamina cuts him mid-sentence and places her hand over the mic and lowers it from Josh’s mouth*

    Tamina: Here’s the deal man, I should be headed to SummerSlam and I should be there fighting in that match to determine the women’s champion! We all however, know the reason why I am not…I preformed dreadfully at the Road to Triumph tournament, I did not show my full potential, nor did I show the full extent the sheer raw talent that I possess… That challenge, should have been my playground but, I did not do what I should have. People like to think I am here on a golden ticket opportunity as my family name is synonymous with this business and those in the back like to think that I use this to my advantage, to get where I want to be…

    *Tamina sighs before she continues*

    Tamina: They could not be more wrong, I got here down too years of hard work, of gaining experience and making myself stronger and stronger through each of my hours of work out sessions where I build myself into a better and more talented performer, the performer that you see develop with each match she is in… So with that being said… I want to issue a challenge to the winner of the championship match at SummerSlam… Whoever it may be, Tamina, is the first contender for that title, should rightfully be me! The champion can name a time, place and stipulation and you know what... Tamina will be there, she will face the champ, she will fight harder and with more determination than ever before…I will cement my legacy and what better way to do so than beat the champion.

    *Tamina looks straight into the camera*

    Tamina: So whoever comes out with that belt around their waist, better watch out…I am out to claim what is rightfully mine…Tamina is about to set this division alight *Tamina smiles, turns and walks away*

    *The crowd cheers*

    Josh: Well there you have it, we have should we now say four ready divas in waiting, we shall see the outcome this Sunday at Summerslam!

    *The camera’s cut away from Mathews who is smiling. The camera then cuts to another area of the backstage arena where Tyler Black and Kurt Angle are seen talking to a prepping John Cena. Cena stops prepping for his match to listen, but he too shakes his head know, and they shake hands and Cena goes back to prepping for his match*

    King: They weren’t so successful that time. That’s two strikes, third one and you’re out

    JR: Maybe Cena was just saying not right now, because he is prepping for a match against Cody Rhodes, which is up next!


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    King: JR, Cena didn’t say no because he had a match, he said no, because he was scared. Face it, the United Kingdom is just as strong as ever and nobody will be able to stop them.

    JR: Well I hope Black and Angle find a partner; it’s not fair that it is a handicap match. Although I shouldn’t be surprise they have always been on the losing end of the number’s game, I for one hope it comes back to bite them in the ass.

    King: Well I hope you realize that it won’t. The UK are strong, that’s why John Cena said no, he is scared

    JR: Cena is not one to back down from a challenge King; he may have his reasons if he did indeed not partner with them

    JR: Well earlier tonight we saw Rhodes and Barrett face off, and then after it was announced that their match at SummerSlam is now a number one contender’s match!

    King: That will help the UK in the conquest for all the gold here on RAW and in the WWE

    JR: Well Rhodes’ lifelong dream has been about becoming WWE Champion, if he wins this Sunday he is one step closer to that goal!

    Cody Rhodes vs. John Cena

    Watch 1:45-4:30

    Cena sends Rhodes against the turnbuckle, and Rhodes hits hard, staggers out and Cena levels Rhodes with a huge clothesline. Cena then climbs the ropes and hits Rhodes with a leg drop bulldog, and Cena quickly covers…



    Rhodes kicks out. Cena then locks in a rear chokehold on Rhodes. Rhodes struggles to his feet, but does and hits a few elbows to the gut. This leaves Cena in the middle of the ring, Rhodes bounces off the ropes and Cena leapfrogs over Rhodes. Rhodes bounces off the opposite ropes and leaps over Cena who falls to the ground. Rhodes bounces off the ropes once more and Cena attempts a dropkick that Rhodes bats out of the way and then hits a dropkick of his own.

    JR: Rhodes had that one scouted

    Rhodes waits as Cena gets up quickly and Rhodes hits him with a Russian legsweep. Rhodes gets up quickly and bounces off the ropes and hits a knee drop the face of Cena. Cena rolls away holding his head. Rhodes waits for Cena to get up, and Cena gets to a knee, Rhodes grabs the head for a bulldog, but Cena pushes him off. Cena stumbles back, and Rhodes gets up quickly, jumps off the ropes and…

    JR: Beautiful Disaster! Cena did not see that one coming

    Rhodes covers…




    Cena kicks out and Rhodes picks Cena up. Rhodes grabs Cena by the head and goes for a suplex, but Cena blocks it. Rhodes tries once more, and Cena blocks it again and then counters with a fisherman’s suplex, cover…



    Rhodes kicks out and Cena gets up. Rhodes gets up as well, runs at Cena, and Cena ducks a clothesline. Cena bounces off the ropes and hits a running leaping shoulder block, followed by another. Rhodes flails with a clothesline. Cena picks Rhodes up, but Rhodes…

    King: Rhodes jumped off!

    JR: Cross Rhodes! He jumped off and countered with Cross Rhodes!





    JR: And Cody Rhodes matches his adversary tonight and wins tonight, so both men have momentum in their all-important matchup this Sunday at SummerSlam!

    King: Barrett beat Ryback, Rhodes beat Cena, you do the logic and you can see clearly that Barrett had a tougher matchup, his was much more impressive

    JR: He also had help, which he won’t have Sunday, Rhodes did it one on one, and he is used to it, so you tell me that Barrett can beat Rhodes one on one

    King: Barrett can beat Rhodes one on one, Sheamus did it and Barrett will follow suit

    JR: We’ll see

    Damien Sandow is shown walking backstage, walking with a purpose, as he turns a corner, and stops. The camera view turns, as we see Hulk Hogan in the distance. Sandow continues walking, as he gets right up in front of Hogan.

    Sandow: shyster! You full well knew what the results of last week would be. You have made your bed with your choices, and Hogan, you shall lay it in.

    Sandow has a smirk on his face now.

    Sandow: If I may be honest with you, since you are a man of virtue and honor, I am quite glad you have gotten what you so desired. For you see, it's what I want as well. While it would have been a joy to take the thorn that is Hulkamania out of my side, this gives me greater opportunity. For you see, I've wanted to disprove the theory that is Hulkamania. I've wanted to show the world what you truly are. A false idol, a heretic, a man who is merely of a shell of who he was 20 years ago.

    The fans can be heard booing in the arena.

    Sandow: Listen to these fans Hogan. These fans buy into your lies, into your deceitfulness, but not I. For you see, I head into Summerslam, with one thing in mind. I will prove what occurred at the Great American Bash was merely a fluke. Summerslam will be forever marked as the day that The Intellectual Savior buries Hulk Hogan and disproves Hulkamania.

    The fans can now be heard chanting you suck over and over.

    Sandow: Before Summerslam though, I have taken the liberty of finding you an opponent, much like you found one for I. So tonight, you shall face someone...well...who will give you a taste of what is to come at Summerslam. I...

    Hogan gets in Sandow’s face

    Hulk Hogan: Listen up brother!

    Loud pop from the crowd.

    Hulk Hogan: You have interrupted me for the last time Sandow, because come Summer Slam, you will be forgotten. You are right about one thing little, I am a man of honor and virtue, but you left some things out. I'm also the man who kicked your ass at the Bash and I will do the same at Summer Slam and I will prove to you that my win wasn't a fluke brother.

    Crowd chants Hogan... Hogan... Hogan...

    Hulk Hogan: Bring on whomever you want me to face dude. I have a better idea Sandow, why not just skip the formalities and let's just settle this right here, right now... just you and I brother. I got my wrestling gear on and you have yours. What do you say Sandow?

    Sandow backs away

    Hulk Hogan: That was a wise choice little dude. So you bring whatever jabroni you want me to face and you will see firsthand what Hulkamania will do to you at Summer Slam. So watch me take care of business tonight brother and take notes as much as you can because come Summer Slam, you’re gonna need them. So tell me brother, whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania comes after you!!!

    *Hulk points right in Sandow’s face, and Sandow scoffs at the finger, and Hogan walks off. Sandow has a look of disgust on his face as we go to commercial*


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    The camera's focus back on the arena, as we get a close up of JR and King.

    JR: Folks, we are about to be joined live via satellite by the WWE Champion, Austin Aries.

    King: We still aren't sure if Aries will be able to defend the championship at Summerslam. I for one think it needs to be defended though.

    JR: Well he can't very well defend it if he isn't medically cleared King. Ok folks, we have Austin Aries now.

    The tron comes to life, as we see Austin Aries sitting at his home. One half of his face is still bandaged. He is sitting there, looking at the camera.

    JR: First off, thank you for taking the time to speak with us Austin.

    Aries: You're welcome.

    JR: So, how are you feeling?

    Aries: How am I feeling JR? I'm feeling like sunshine and lollipops....what kind of question is that? I feel like crap. The side of my face is still hurting, I haven't been able to take the bandages off, and the medication they've given me hasn't done anything to numb the pain.

    JR: What exactly can you tell me about the injury? What has the doctor said?

    Aries: I wanted to go see the doctor today, in hopes he would medically clear me and I could be standing in that ring right now addressing you and everyone else, but as you can obviously tell, it didn't happen. I'm going to see the doctor Wed where he is going to do a checkup, and a test. His biggest concern right now is the laceration to my eye, and the damage to my eye socket. Personally, I feel like I can go. I feel like I could be there, and out wrestle any single person, despite the pain in my face. That's what a fighting champion does.

    JR: So as it stands, you are not medically cleared. Does your doctor think you'll be cleared after your appointment Wednesday?

    Aries: No. I've spoken with him, and he thinks it will take another 2 to 3 weeks before I'm fully healed and can be medically cleared. It''s really frustrating because my mind, my heart, is there in that ring, but my body is here...sitting...doing nothing.

    King: Well I'm of the same mind as you Austin, in that the WWE Championship should be defended at Summerslam. What would it mean to you to defend it at Summerslam, if you are cleared?

    Aries: I'm glad you spoke up, because I heard your comments on Raw Jerry. Do you really think Jericho shouldn't have been suspended? Do you think Jericho should have got off Scott free for attacking me? What if he put you through the Jeritron? What if he put Jim Ross through it? Would you still be questioning things like you are now? Hmm?

    King: I...

    Aries: Shut up. To be honest, you sicken me. Calling yourself, the King...when you act like a fool, but, you asked a question, so here is your answer. Summerslam is one of the four biggest events of the year. It, along with Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania. If I defend Sunday, it will be my first title defense. Have you seen a man defend the title at Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania, and walk out of each event still the champion? Well I can tell you this, if I am medically cleared, you will see that. I will be the definition of a fighting champion. I will be a champion that stands at the top of the mountain, as the absolute best.

    JR: You haven't really touched on Chris Jericho, or what he did.

    Aries: What he did, was assault me. He attacked me, unprovoked, and put me through that glass. Because of him, I could have permanent damaged to my eyesight. He is so mad, so angry that I beat him that he had to sink to a new low. At the Great American Bash, it was about who was the better man. It was about pure wrestling. It was about putting on a match that would wow the world...and guess what...we did. it's something entirely different. What Chris did, was try to rob me of my livelihood. To make my life a living hell. He tried forcing me to be vacated as WWE Champion...because he knows he can't beat anyone on the roster, except for me. No...what he has made this personal. See Jim, I don't care about out wrestling Chris. I don't even care about putting on a five star classic. What I do care about, is making Chris hurt. I care about, breaking his fingers, breaking his toes, breaking his arm, doing to him, what he did to me. Put him on the shelf, so he can't do what he claims he is best at.

    JR: Isn't that taking it too far?

    Aries: HE TOOK IT TOO FAR! An eye for an eye right? Whether it be Summerslam, Money In The Bank, War Games, Survivor Series, WHEREVER....when I am medically cleared...and Chris and I step into the ring for this WWE Championship...I'm coming to hurt him...I'm coming to break he tried breaking me. Now...if you'll excuse me.

    Austin gets up, walking off, as the tron dies. The camera view changes back to JR and King.

    JR: Well folks that was the WWE Champion. He still hasn't been medically cleared, but he definitely wants to be.

    King: He had a real bad attitude. I mean, yeah, Chris attacked him, but when Aries is the champ, he is always going to have a target on his back.

    JR: That's a good point, but there are other ways to get at the champ besides putting him through a glass TV. You know, beat him fair and square at SummerSlam.

    King: You know full well that wasn’t going to happen. Aries ended Jericho’s reign, Jericho didn’t take to kindly, and he didn’t just want his title back, he wanted revenge


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    JR: And here comes The Monster Abyss! This man is downright frightening, I mean look at the size of this behemoth.

    King: He is one scary fellow but he doesn’t seem to have a mind of himself, Raven, who you can see with him controls his every action

    JR: And Raven talked Sting into having a match with Abyss at SummerSlam!

    King: I don’t know if that was a smart move by Sting

    King: Lex Luger? What’s he doing here? We haven’t seen him in a while!

    JR: He’s back and fighting for Sting! Remember him and Sting are good friends! He has joined the fight for justice against Raven and Abyss!

    King: Is this really smart by Lex?

    JR: Lex is softening the monster up for Sting!

    Abyss vs. Lex Luger

    Watch till 6:23

    JR: My god! Luger did everything he could to beat Abyss and it couldn’t keep him down. This man is superhuman, he is a monster. No amounts of damage can keep him down.

    King: Lex Luger cheated and still lost, how does Sting plan on winning?

    The ref tries to raise Abyss’s arm in victory but Abyss shoves the ref down to the mat instead- he then sees that Luger sits up and is just about to get up, so Abyss viscously punts him in the head- knocking him out. Raven, still at ringside, goes underneath the ring and comes out with a rather large bag that he slides into the ring. Raven then goes to the announcers table and grabs a mic, then slides into the ring himself. Raven picks up the bag and empties its contents onto the mat- the first thing that drops out is a big ass piece of wood with a shitload of rusty nails sticking out the top of it

    JR: Oh my God! Is that………

    King: It’s JANICE!

    JR: This doesn’t look like it will lead to something good.

    King: Well it depends on how you look at it. It will be great for Abyss

    The next thing to fall out is a much smaller bag- which Raven kicks to the side.

    Abyss looks down at his Janice and actually smiles as he picks it up


    *Raven then goes to ring ropes and leans back as to watch Abyss do his thing*

    Abyss grabs Luger up by his free hand and shoves him into the corner nearest Raven. Abyss then grasp Janice with hands, holding and swinging it back like a baseball bat- but he looks at Raven and pauses

    Raven: Steven! Lex’s blood is on your hands. His career will end just as your friend Jim Helwig’s did, unless you dare try to stop it. It’s up to you. Lex can walk out of this ring this very night, crippled of course, or this man professionally known as Lex Luger can leave in a body bag as the recently dearly departed Lawrence Wendell Pfohl tonight here on Raw. It’s your call

    Raven awaits a few seconds to see if Sting comes out and when he doesn’t-

    Raven: Have it your way Steven. You’re a selfish bastard. You’re guilty of two friends fall from grace now- with a friend like you, who needs enemies? Have your fun Abyss

    Abyss swings Janice at Lex’s midsection twice, with brute force- cutting gashes open in his flesh- blood is freely flowing onto the mat- Lex is still out. Raven begins to laugh as does Abyss- they both look up to the ramp entrance way for Sting

    JR: Management needs to stop this- send out security or wrestlers from backstage and for God’s sake, send out an EMT unit before it’s too late

    King: I’ve seen more blood spilt back in my days of wrestling in Memphis- mine, Tommy Rich, Eddie Gilbert, Dutch Mantell and many others. Let Abyss have his fun

    Seeing that Sting hasn’t come out, Raven motions to Abyss to take a swing at Luger’s right knee

    JR: God no!

    Abyss swings at Luger’s knee with such force that when Abyss pulls Janice back, a chunk of flesh comes off with it- then falls to the mat

    JR: I think I’m gonna be sick

    King: It’s just a little flesh and blood

    Raven: You see Steven, you have sealed your fate by accepting a match with Abyss. Tonight is a small preview of what awaits you at Summer Slam. You see, at Summer Slam- it will not just be any type of match- it will be a specialty of Abyss’s career- a Monsters Ball match. And seeing you are too much of a pussy to help out your old friend- Abyss- once more time!

    Abyss takes another hard swing at Lex’s knee- this time dislodging Luger’s knee cap off and flying, along with a lot of blood, out to the arena floor

    King: Now he had good swing on that hit

    JR: *JR pukes on the announcers table * OH GOD!

    King: Great, just great- you got some on my shirt too

    JR: A man’s career may have just ended. He just lost his freaking knee cap and you are worried about your damn shirt

    King: Yeah, this is my lucky shirt. Say, can we fly to your BBQ place after the show? My girlfriend has been dying to eat there

    JR, of course, ignores him

    Lex is basically just being held up by the ring ropes- and he is still out cold. Raven picks up the smaller bag that is still in the ring- and he empties to contents of it onto the mat- it was full of thumb tacks. He then instructs Abyss to move away from Lex, then Raven lifts Lex’s head up

    Raven: *slapping the crap out of Lex * Wake up Lawrence! WAKE UP! WAKE THE FUCK UP! *Raven continues slapping Lex around until he comes to, somewhat * You see Lawrence, your friend Steven allowed this to happen; your career is over because of him. It’s all his fault. ALL HIS DAMN FAULT! YOU HEAR ME? YOU FUCKING HEAR ME? *Raven drops the mic to the mat *

    Raven pulls Lex from the corner and quickly executes an Even Flow DDT onto thumbtacks. Lex starts twitching, barely conscious, yet can be seen crying as he is such agonizing pain. Raven picks the mic back up

    Raven: Steven, Sting! Whatever the hell you want to call yourself. This is what awaits you on Sunday. No God damn prayers will save your ass. You will meet your maker and Abyss will be the one to send you on your way via way of the most dangerous matches around- THE MOSTERS BALL!

    The lights go off for a few seconds and when they come back on, Lex is gone from the blood stained ring- yet Abyss and Raven remain

    Thunder rumbles around the arena, Abyss and Raven stand unmoved by the noise as the fans begin to cheer. Without warning drops of water begin to fall from the heavens, creating the illusion of a thunder storm as lightning flash around. The lights fade and up in the rafters, a face made up of strobing lights appears, almost surreal in appearance. A voice begins to accompany it, the lips of the image move in unison.

    Voice: Cheap name calling and wicked butchery will not avail you, for he who dwells in the dark places of this world knows no fear. With each action you invite a reaction, poking and prodding into a realm that you hold no power over. With every transgression you serve only to intensify the burning desire the force of good holds for your destruction. Soon enough the ultimate weapon of light against sin will be unleashed upon you with such righteous fury that your tool of depravity and destruction will buckle and bend under its enormous weight.

    The voice isn't Stings, but is again of the child from months ago.

    Voice: Your weakness is clear for all to see... so desperate are you to weaken the resolve of one so strong that you are willing to subject innocent bystanders to torture. Lex Luger will be a symbol... a symbol of the wrong doings you commit, and a herald of the justice that will rain down upon you like the very water you feel now. The force is not angry... he is above such petty emotions... but a great fire burns within him... yearning to consume you Raven, desperate to ensure that no more harm comes to those that would oppose you.

    The rain stops and the thunder subsides, the fans as well as the ring are soaked but the face in the rafters remains.

    Voice: One storm ends but another approaches, at Summerslam the sun will make way for the rain once more, for before light can prevail, darkness must envelop the battlefield. But as you have been warned time and time again... the darkness will not be to your advantage... your Monsters Ball is nothing in comparison to the terror and wrath that he wields. Bring your monster... bring your weapon of mass mutilation... for he has a weapon of his own... your monster has already been introduced.

    Abyss looks up at the face, remembering the assault he felt at the hands of Sting a week back.

    Voice: Come Summerslam your fate is sealed... your Flock will be destroyed before it begins... Raven will be a name consigned to the deepest, darkest depths of wrestling lore... you will not be remembered. Prepare for justice... Prepare... For Sting.

    The lights go out again and there is another flash of lightning and clash of thunder, Raven and Abyss stand there stony faced as the camera fades to a break.

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