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    Location: Hartford Civic Center; Connecticut

    Tenay: Welcome to Nitro! Eric Bischoff and Mike Tenay here, and, I think I'll give Eric the chance to speak before I continue

    Bischoff: I had to do what I had to do! I was acting on behalf of Shane!

    Tenay: For those who missed it; a brawl between Dean Ambrose and The Rock began at the end of last week's Nitro, and who stopped it? None other than the man at my side, Eric Bischoff! Who brought out the whole Nitro roster to separate those two.

    Bischoff: I had no choice. It had to be stopped

    Tenay: But of course, your efforts went awry, when Edge went to attack Tyson Kidd, and allowed absolute carnage to occur in the middle of the ring.

    Bischoff: Why Edge ruined my plan, I'm unsure, but most certainly angry. He allowed Dwayne and Dean to fight!

    Tenay: Last week, after Nitro went off the air, it took tens of security guards to separate them. Dare I say it, but this carnage, was down to you Eric.

    Bischoff: No way! This is exactly why Dean Ambrose should be locked in Solitary Confinement! The WWE Universe were at harm. WWE could have Lawsuits against them! The WWE, could be taken out of the McMahon's control! I did what's best for my friend Shane! Who, may I add, may not even be here today! And who can blame him, when this maniac Ambrose is here!

    Tenay: You didn't try to help him! You did what's best for you to replace him.

    Bischoff: How dare you say that Mike! I'm ashamed that you would insinuate such a thing!

    Tenay: Wait a minute.. who's.. Oh no, Dean Ambrose is back!

    Bischoff: Oh for crying out loud who keeps letting this maniac in here!?

    The camera pans to the crowd and zooms in on a figure making his way through through it. The man is unmistakably Dean Ambrose with his unkempt hair, ever shifting and near psychotic facial expressions. The sea of fans parts as he makes he way down to the ring, no one wanting to get anywhere near the unstable wrestler. He turns to a few fans, staring at them and smiles before pulling at his hair, laughing and moving on leaving them a little shaken. Ambrose reaches the barrier and is confronted by a security guard who receives a quick and brutal knee to his man bag. As the guard crumples to the floor, Ambrose uses him as a step to elevate himself over the barrier and into the ring side area.

    Tenay: We need someone out here now! God knows what this guy is going to do!

    Bischoff: Ugh that just made my eyes water..

    Ambrose walks around the ring before arriving at the announcers table, asking for a mic before yelling and lashing out when one isn't handed over fast enough. He snatches the mic when one is offered and rubs the face of the announcer creepily before sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring with a glazed over look on his face. Boos ring out around the arena as Ambrose stares into the camera blankly before snapping his head side to side to look at the fans in annoyance.

    Ambrose: After closing last weeks show I feel it's only FAIR that I open this weeks.. Speaking of fairness lets talk about how UNFAIR it was for the entire Nitro roster to stick its collective nose into MY business. With the Rock at my mercy.. with the Rock BEGGING for his life.. and with the axe about to fall and cleave his skull in two to spill his brains all over the ring.. he received yet another escape route.

    Tenay: That's not how I remember things.. The Rock was holding his own!

    Bischoff: You're surprised this creep has a warped memory?

    Ambrose: An escape route that deprived me of what I want.. of what this company NEEDS! The truth shall set you free and the truth is this.. that without the Rock stealing opportunities from those more deserving.. that without the Rock forcing another straight to DVD abortion down our throats..

    Tenay: Disgusting..

    Ambrose: The hard working under class in the back might actually find their feet and enjoy the success that they.. that I deserve! But see Shane McMahon doesn't want the truth.. he doesn't want you to know how things work around here.. he doesn't want you to know that kissing ass and tickling sack is how you climb the ladder. He doesn't care about people like me who bleed for this industry.. people who know what it takes to truly be a champion.. he doesn't want you to know that the only way to reach the top legitimately is to cave in each and every skull of each and every opponent that stands in your way. Shane McMahon doesn't like people like me because he knows that I'm not an ass kisser.. i'm an ass kicker! I'm the guy that at the end of each show will stand atop the bleeding and broken carcasses of lesser men.. Shane doesn't like people like me.. and so I corrected the issue.

    Tenay: Yeah by attacking Shane with a lead pipe! Dean Ambrose is a disgrace!

    Ambrose: And with Shane gone I knew there was no one to stand in my way.. or so I thought.. isn't that right.. Eric?

    Ambrose turns to face Bischoff who is sitting at the announce table.

    Bischoff: You were out of line! You don't even work here!

    Ambrose: I was out of line? I.. was out of line? Who are YOU to judge me Eric? You know how the world works.. if you want something you TAKE IT! This is survival of the fittest and I am an invincible wrestling machine.. better than the best.. do you know.. how angry you made me last week.. DO YOU!? When you and all of your sheep forced your way into my business.. you ruined what was supposed to be the start of a very long.. and very successful reign of terror..

    Bischoff: I did what I had to do before you hurt somebody else!

    Ambrose: Oh i'm going to do more than HURT people Eric.. I know all I have to do is keep pushing the right buttons and Dean Ambrose will get what he wants.. these people will get what they NEED and I will become the face of Thursday Night Nitro! And when I get what I want you and all of these people are going to witness the weekly torture of the Nitro roster.. you're going to see that I have what it takes to reach the top! I am going to open your eyes and show you that worshipping fools and phonies like The Rock is wrong.. that hero worship should be reserved for those who know that the weak should be butchered and fed to dogs..

    Tenay: I don't know how much more I can hear of this..

    Ambrose: With Shane gone.. Eric.. it seems the man in charge around here.. is you. I want something from you.. I need something from you and you're going to give it to me or i'm going to take it. You know what it is Eric.. I want.. I WANT A MATCH! I want.. a match.. that's all I want.. one chance to open the eyes of everyone around the world who is watching and show them who and what the Rock really is. Please.. Eric.. don't make me beg.. do.. do you want me to beg you for the match right now? Or.. or do you want me to force you to give me my match with The Rock.. do you need me to show you exactly what i'm going to do to him..?

    Bischoff looks up at Ambrose sheepishly as Ambrose leans against the top rope, staring down at him blankly.

    Bischoff: I don't have that power.. it's not my call! And even if it was.. I wouldn't sanction ANY match that involved YOU!

    Ambrose's blank stare begins to dissolve into something more sinister, anger creeps onto his face as he begins to bubble and boil inside.

    Ambrose: That.. that was not the answer I was looking for Eric.. I guess we're going to have to do this the fun way..

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    Bischoff: Oh thank god!

    Tenay: Shane IS here! And look at Dean Ambrose! He's fuming!

    Bischoff: And so is Shane!

    *Shane limps out on the stage, as Dean kicks the bottom rope in frustration. He looks angrily at Shane, who stops on the stage, with a mic in his hand*

    Shane: Dean Ambrose. Dean, Dean Ambrose. Last week, you made the biggest mistake of your life! There are repercussions for your actions! And I'm going to end this! *The crowd pop*. Dean, we both know you're not a licensed WWE superstar. But that's irrelevant! You laid your hands on me! Me! Shane Mc-Freakin'-Mahon! So, I only have this to say.

    You're under arrest.

    *The crowd lets out a mixed reaction, as 5 policemen come out and stands by Shane McMahon.They walk down the ramp, as Dean looks on, his face emotionless*

    Shane: Last week you stated Newton's third law, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, was incorrect. And, in a way, you're right. There is not an equal reaction. It is much, much worse. You're going to prison, you'll be within walking distance of murderers, rapists, the insane, criminals. Nobody to help you, nobody to listen to you. You'll never be let in any wrestling promotion again. Nobody will pay to see you. Ever.

    *Shane slides into the ring, as does the police officers, who step towards Dean.*

    Tenay: What the hell? Surely not?

    Bischoff: He's not making his second appearance on Nitro, is he?

    Tenay: Yes! He is!

    Bischoff: He must want to spit on Dean for the agony and torture inflicted on his son. Hopefully anyway

    Vince: Excuse me officers, but I need you to leave this ring right now. This is going to be sorted by me. It's a family matter

    *Shane protests, as the policemen looks confused, but Vince orders them out.*

    Vince: GET OUT OF MY RING!

    *On command, the police officers quickly go between the ropes to the floor, before going up the ramp*

    Vince: Shane, I know you don't like anything about Mr. Ambrose. His looks, his attitude, his actions towards you. But you see, the ratings of Nitro, are increasing and increasing, with Dean on the show.

    The brawl last week to end the show, was one of the best Nitro moments ever. The WWE and WCW versions. We need to keep this spike in popularity. It will put you above Teddy Long and Eve, Shane. This is helping you.

    In the back, is a contract. It's signed by myself already. It's a contract to wrestle for the WWE. And the contract is for... Dean Ambrose.

    *A loud influx of cheers and boos come in from the crowd, as Ambrose has a large grin on his face.*

    Vince: It was me who authorised Ambrose's backstage videos to play. It was me who allowed Ambrose into the building this evening. I can spot his talent. And to capitalise, Summerslam will see Dean Ambrose have his first World Wrestling Entertainment match, against the Rock!

    *A huge pop from the crowd, as Ambrose appears giddy.*

    Vince: Sorry if you disagree with me Shane, but this is what's best for business. Dean Ambrose... YOU'RE HIIIIIIIRRRRREEEEEEEDDD!

    *Vince leaves the ring, as Shane stares on furiously at the grinning Ambrose. Shane throws his mic on the floor, and runs up the ramp to catch up with his father.*

    Tenay: Dean Ambrose... is in the WWE!

    Bischoff: Did you hear what Vince said? Last week's brawl was one of the best Nitro moments ever! I was responsible for that!

    Tenay: Focus on Ambrose Eric. He's no longer an outcast. Providing he can control his anger and insanity, like Mankind and Kane, among others, has done in the past, he can become one of the top people in the WWE.

    Bischoff: Well, I'm pulling for him against the Rock. If he ruins the movie stars career, imagine what success he can achieve in the WWE!

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    *The camera cuts backstage, to show Josh Matthews at the interview area*

    Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, your World Heavyweight Champion....TYSON KIDD!!

    Crowd explode with the biggest cheers of the night as Kidd grins.

    Matthews: Kidd, last week you faced a WWE legend in The Rock. However, you fell on the losing end after a distraction from Edge. What did you think about this?

    Tyson Kidd: Firstly, I want to congratulate The Rock. Though I was about to make him tap out before Edge stuck his nose in- we produced a great match for the crowd as that was all I cared about.

    As for Edge, I honestly don't care about what Edge does in my matches. Because he's playing in the little leagues. Costing me matches won't make him regain the world title, it'll only just go to show that Edge is desperate for a real ass kicking.

    Matthews: After the main event last week, a mass brawl occurred. However, Edge went for you- as you two started to brawl. Can I have your thoughts on this?

    Kidd: Fact of the matter is, this was I wanted. I wanted a piece of Edge. For several weeks, I've let Edge get away with so many things. But I haven't been taking action. I had the chance to beat the crap out of him, but I refused to.

    Why? Because I'm saving all this aggression and rage for Summerslam. I'll have to go through the biggest match of my career, and I can't use all my anger before this PPV. When me and Edge go face to face one last time, I'm going to go crazy. I'm going to do stuff that may end Edge's career, that may injure him.

    Matthews: Talking of Summerslam, please may I have your thoughts on the 3 Stages of Hell Match?

    Kidd: Well first of all, me and Edge will compete inside Hell in a Cell. And believe it or not, Edge will go through hell. The amount of opportunities I'll get to paralyse Edge is too damn high. I hope he knows what he has got himself onto, because a Superkick from top of the cell will do him justice as he'll learn that he should shut his mouth when it's not needed!

    Then, we'll compete in a Last Man Standing Match. By the time we finish the Hell in a Cell match, we'll both be shattered. We'll both have been through hell already, but we won't stay down. I'm gonna annihilate Edge enough, to make sure he stays down like the bastard he is.

    And the final fall, will be inside Edge's signature match- TLC. Edge has been through so many of these matches- and he's won most of them. And he'll compete in another match, but he won't win this one. Why? I'm going to win. I've worked so hard to be at this stage and Edge isn't going to spoil it, because I won't let him.

    Matthews: Well, thank you for your time Tyson.

    Kidd: Thank you Jos-

    *Just then, Edge appears, and tackles Kidd to the ground. Edge begins throwing punches at Kidd, who uses his arms to protect his head. Edge gets to his feet, and calls for the spear. He charges at Kidd, but Kidd manages to lift his knee into the head of Edge. Edge holds his nose, but gets kicked in the gut. Kidd goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Edge counters with a back body drop.

    Tyson gets to his feet, but nurses his back, as Edge kicks him low! Kidd drops to his knees, as Edge lifts him up, and lands the Edgecution on the hard floor!*

    Tenay: Kidd is out! Impaler DDT on the cold floor!

    Bischoff: Kidd must be in serious pain! This is just a taster to Summerslam, where he goes through 3 Stages of Hell!

    *Edge runs his hands through his hair, and stares at the fallen Kidd. Edge takes a few steps back, as Kidd in not moving on the floor*


    Bischoff: Back from the break, and we just saw the Edge destroy his Summerslam opponent, Tyson Kidd backstage

    Tenay: Kidd is conscious, I can confirm, but has been sent to the hospital to check for a possible concussion

    Bischoff: Edge annihilated him. If the Last Man Standing fall goes backstage at Summerslam, it would take just another Edgecution on the floor like that, for Edge to win that fall, and probably the match!

    Tenay: Well, those two are the prominent males at Summerslam, and one of the more prominent females is in action now

    Bischoff: As with Vince McMahon earlier today, this is her only second live Nitro appearance. Trish Stratus versus Paige.

    Tenay: Paige has been impressive since her WWE debut, coming fourth and narrowly missing out on going onto Summerslam in the Road to Triumph final, but this is a tough test.

    Bischoff: It's Trish Stratus. With the exception of Lita, she's the greatest diva of all time, but, once again with the exception of Lita, out with the old, in with the new.

    Tenay: Trish was mightily impressive at the Great American Bash, yet so was Lita. She topped the standings, Paige missed out by one fall. One more fall then it would've been Lita vs. Paige.

    Tenay: Wrestling by females used to be disastrous Their wrestling talent was non-existent, they didn't have much time in the show. Trish revolutionised women’s wrestling into what it is currently

    Bischoff: With Lita! You can't forget Lita!

    Tenay: Well come Summerslam, the inaugural Womens Champion will be crowned, and it is fitting that each of these divas were the top diva in the WWE and separate times, but Summerslam decides who's the best

    Bischoff: Which is Lita

    Match 1: Trish Stratus vs. Paige (Victoria)


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    *Trish slaps Paige down, before bouncing off the ropes, and lands a boot to the face. Trish waits for Paige to get to her feet. She goes for the Chick Kick, but Paige ducks, and chops the knee. Trish falls, as Paige rebounds off the ropes, and dropkicks the back of Trish's head, sending it crashing against the floor.

    Paige waits for Trish to get to her knees, before kicking her in the gut, which causes Trish to roll to her back. Paige stomps on Trish's hair, before pulling her to her feet. Paige lands a drop toe hold, dropping Trish's neck on the second rope. Trish is on all fours, as Paige grabs her arm, and twists it between her legs, and lands an Oklahoma Roll


    Trish powers out with authority, as she gets to her knees. Paige goes for a kick, but Trish grabs the foot, and places her head under Paige's legs, and lands a modified back body drop. Trish gets to her feet, as does Paige, as Trish lands a clothesline.

    Paige rolls to the apron, but Trish lands a dropkick, which takes her down to the floor. Trish climbs to the top rope, and leaps off, landing a body splash on Paige. Trish pulls Paige up, and throws her into the steel barrier at ringside, before raising her arm to the crowd's pop.

    Trish slides in and out of the ring, breaking the count, before she stalks her prey, and goes for the Chick Kick, but Paige ducks, and Trish kicks the barrier. Paige gets to her feet, and turns Trish around. She goes for RamPaige, but Trish manages to push her off. Paige runs at Trish, but Trish catches Paige's head under her arm, and uses the ring apron to land StratusFaction on the floor!

    Trish grabs Paige's head, and rests it on the ring edge. She then picks up the legs of Paige, and pushes her into the ring. Trish slides into the ring, and pins Paige


    Tenay: That StratusFaction was lethal!

    Bischoff: Well, if it's enough to keep down Paige, it's got to be dangerous. This move is adaptable in a lot of areas in an arena, and Lita and Kelly Kelly has got to be careful of that!

    Tenay: Add that with the Chick Kick, Trish is definitely one of the most feared WWE Divas, able to put anyone away in a seco- hey wait!

    *Lita runs down to ringside, before entering the ring. Trish has her hands raised, as Lita goes for a clothesline at her, but Trish ducks, and lands a knife edge chop. Lita's backed into the corner, so Trish climbs onto the second rope, and lands a modified hurricarana, which takes down Lita. Trish waits for Lita to get to her feet, before going for the Chick Kick, however Lita sees it coming, and slides under the bottom rope. She retreats up the ramp, as Trish is handed a mic and glares at Lita.*

    Trish: Is this it? Is this what the great Lita is all about these days?

    The crowd cheers Trish and Lita looks pissed.

    Trish: I remember a time when you used to do more than attack people from behind and botch moonsaults.

    The crowd cheers even louder now. Lita mouths "what?" even more pissed than before.

    Trish: You know what it's probably not your fault, you're probably just too old to be doing this and you've lost your touch. Every morning you wake up, drag your saggy ass out of bed, put on your clown make-up and just pretend that you're still the woman you once were.

    The fans start chanting "holy shit".

    Trish: But when I look at you right now I don't see a future Women's Champion, hell I don't even see a past Women's Champion. all I see is the ghost of Lita's past.

    The fans continue the "holy shit" chants.

    Trish: So Lita how the hell do you plan to beat me at Summerslam when you're so lost already?

    The chants continue and Lita is glaring at Trish muttering something to herself.

    Trish: Now allow me to quote the famous Hulk Hogan when I ask what you gonna do Lita when the StratusFaction runs wild on you?

    Trish's music plays and she starts doing her signature pose at the crowd as Lita walks to the back angry.

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    Tenay: Well we now have ourselves a triple threat match, where Rey Mysterio will take on two recent debutee’s here on Nitro, RVD and The Hurricane!

    Bischoff: Not again.

    Tenay: I’m assuming you are talking about The Hurricane, need I remind you he won his match last week. Can you just admit that The Hurricane has been impressive lately?

    Bischoff: I hope Daniels ends his career once and for all

    Tenay: Well I don’t know if you were planning on foreshadowing this, but Daniels will have a chance to face The Hurricane, as both men have been added to the SummerSlam pay-per-view.

    Bischoff: Great, it’s bad enough I have to see Hurricane every week on Nitro, now I have to see him at SummerSlam too? I hope this is the last time I will ever see The Hurricane again

    Tenay: I doubt it. The Hurricane looks like he is here for the long term

    Tenay: As does this man, Rob Van Dam, who made his re-debut recently, and he looks to have an immediate impact here on Nitro

    Bischoff: Now I may not agree with RVD all the time, and I know him quite well, but this is one man I don’t mind seeing, all though I’m worried if he is in the right state of mind in the ring half the time

    Tenay: Me and you both know what that is like

    Bischoff: Now I know this man very well too, and let me tell you, this new, I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about me attitude is great! I mean people told him he is to old, to injured, to this or to that, but Mysterio has shut them all up recently

    Tenay: Well he has a tough task tonight with RVD and The Hurricane on his hands; both men have been on a hot streak since returning. One of these men will continue their hot streak, who will it be?

    Match 2: Rey Mysterio vs. The Hurricane (Truth) vs. RVD (ADR)


    Tenay: Oh and Hurricane kicks out!

    Bischoff: RVD is in a good spot here, Mysterio collapsed from the kick by Hurricane.

    RVD gets up from the pin attempt and goes for a roundhouse kick to a sitting Hurricane, but Hurricane ducks, trips RVD. Hurricane gets up and hits RVD with a shining wizard, covers…



    RVD kicks out. Hurricane picks RVD up again and hits him with a northern lights suplex. RVD gets up quickly and Hurricane hits RVD with a super swinging neckbreaker. Hurricane covers again



    Tenay: Mysterio breaks up the pin!

    Mysterio breaks up the pin, and Hurricane rolls over, and Mysterio hits a baseball slide kick to RVD that kicks RVD out of the ring, where RVD hits the floor below hard. Mysterio then turns his attention to Hurricane, who has gotten up, runs at Mysterio, but Mysterio leaps over him, and Hurricane turns into a dropkick from Mysterio. Mysterio picks Hurricane up and places him against the turnbuckle. Mysterio walks back and runs and pins Hurricane in a seated senton, and hits multiple punches to the face. Hurricane then lifts Rey up, walks out from the corner and Mysterio reverses it into a hurricarana, and he pins…




    Tenay: Hurricane kicked out that was close!

    Bischoff: Mysterio believes that should’ve been a three count.

    Mysterio gets up and argues with the ref. This gives time for Hurricane to recover, and Hurricane gets up and runs at Mysterio, who drops Hurricane onto the second rope with a drop toehold. He gets up and calls for the finish. Mysterio bounces off the ropes

    Bischoff: 619!

    Tenay: RVD caught the legs! RVD caught the legs! OH MY GOD! RVD just whipped Mysterio from the apron, by his legs into the barricade! Mysterio looks hurt

    Bischoff: My god did you see the bump Mysterio took? RVD should be disqualified!

    Tenay: There was nothing illegal about that

    After catching and throwing Mysterio into the barricade, RVD climbs in the ring. Hurricane runs for a clothesline, but RVD ducks and hits a feint savate fouette, and hits a spinning sweep kick to put Hurricane down. He runs off the ropes and hits Hurricane with Rolling Thunder. RVD goes to the apron and climbs the turnbuckle

    Bischoff: RVD going high risk…

    Tenay: Five Star Frog Splash…

    Bischoff: NO! Hurricane rolled out of the way…

    Tenay: Eye of the Hurricane! He hit it!





    Bischoff: Not again!

    Tenay: Now can you accept Hurricane as a serious threat? Hurricane is on a roll right now!

    Bischoff: Doesn’t matter RVD should’ve been disqualified for what he did to Mysterio!

    Tenay: What did he do? It was legal… and speaking of Mysterio he is still down outside the ring and he is receiving medical attention

    Bischoff: That’s what he did! Injured Rey Mysterio!

    Tenay: Well we will see what happens to Mysterio.


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    Reks heads to the ring Intercontinental Championship in tow and chants of "Wrecking Ball" warrant a smile from Reks as he is handed a mic and waits a few seconds before he speaks...

    Reks: You know, it's a great feeling knowing that Steen and S.C.U.M. will no longer be a bother to me and my reign after having defeated Steen last week to once again retain this championship I hold in my hands.

    Fans cheer at the Wrecking Ball

    Reks: Yet my peace of mind came to an end the second, I was attacked by of all people...The Phenom that is The Undertaker.

    Fans boo at the actions of Undertaker

    Reks: Maybe he did for the sake of doing it, you know bitter old man who knows he's past trying to make a name for himself at the expense of the future World Heavyweight Champion.

    Maybe he' done it because he's after this championship seeing as how across his infamous career in the WWE, this title has never been won by The Deadman.

    Maybe he's just out to do, Hell knows what but I frankly don't give a damn.

    Fans are excited

    Reks: Now I can go to the back, hunt The Undertaker down and just beat him to a pulp because I can and honestly but I'll let him come out here and speak out on what he's after, so come on Deadman, I'm here waiting....

    Lights go out… after a few seconds, the lights come back on and The Undertaker is in the middle of the ring standing right in front of Tyler Reks.

    Tenay: When you call out the Deadman, you just might get what you ask for.

    Bischoff: Ah, here we go again, just another waste of television time on another wasted wrestler.

    Tenay: Such big talk from a guy sitting behind the announcer’s table. Step in there and let him know how you feel.

    Bischoff: Shut up Tenay and just do your job.

    Tenay: We both better be quiet, the Phenom is about to speak.

    Undertaker: I am out here to take care of two things, something that bothers me; that eats me up. Tyler Reks, you are on my agenda, but I will get to you in minute. The other person I am calling out is YOU, Eric Bischoff!!!

    *Loud pop from the crowd as Bischoff looks around in disbelief*

    Tenay: Now’s your chance to tell him how you really feel Eric!

    Eric Bischoff: Why are you calling me out? I’m just doing my job Taker!

    Tenay: Probably because all the comments you have been making lately Eric, you know Nitro is recorded weekly, right?

    Bischoff: I’m just doing my job… where’s security?

    Undertaker: Every week in Nitro you tend to run your mouth Eric. I’ve seen the videos… I have seen the evidence… you Bischoff, are guilty as charged! Your sentencing is at hand and soon you will Rest In Peace!

    Bischoff: Somebody get security!!! Now!!!

    *The crowd cheers as Eric is quickly surrounded by Nitro’s security.*

    Undertaker: Now to you Tyler Reks… you are just another soul incarcerated in mortality until you give up the ghost. You languish over morality, because you are weak and your flesh takes over you Tyler. Your soul is encased in a prison cell and you’re mind is going crazy as the ticking hands of time get louder and louder and louder in your head. To me Tyler, you are an abandoned child, a child filled with anguish and pain. You have been established from the day of your birth to be convicted and condemned because of the sin that you carry within you. You make demands and swear them over your life thinking they will come to pass. I expect that Tyler, those are just actions of a natural man. Don’t put your faith on your demands Reks, because the countdown has begun to your demise.

    Reks interjects

    Reks: Care to elaborate on that?

    Tenay: I wonder what Reks means?

    Reks: See I'm clear that your psycho babble has been your greatest asset for some time. It's great for intimidating your opponents but I'm not like those you've faced before. I don't care what business you got with Bischoff.

    Bischoff: HEY! I'm standing right here.

    Fans laugh at Bischoff before Reks continues

    Reks: What I do care about is kicking your ass, plain and simple. No need to speak vague words with no meaning behind. No need to intimidate me since it's obvious you attacked me because I'm the one who intimidates you.

    Fans cheer

    Reks: It's a matter of making sure you suffer what you've done and being The Wrecking Ball that I am, I'm going to pummel to ring floor and send you all the way back to Hell where you belong before I continue my quest to become the next World Heavyweight Champion.

    Undertaker: You need to listen carefully Reks. I will plunge you deep into the sea and I will anchor you with no hopes and no dreams. As you are drowning in the sea of pain, you will plead with death so it can take you and end your misery, but that drowning feeling won’t ever leave you. You will never be released. You want me to elaborate? Let me make this simple for you Tyler. I will place my dead cold hands around your pathetic puny neck and squeeze the life right out of you. You will beg me to stop, but I will slowly continue to apply pressure to my grip until all life has left your body. You see Tyler, I have been feeding and watching my Hell Hound grow, and he feeds on the lust, greed and lies of men. My hound will stare right down that cursed hole in your heart Reks; and in that same heart he will make his lair.

    Crowd is silent as both wrestlers stare each other down.

    Undertaker: So be careful these next few days of your life, for my Hell Hound will claim what belongs to me. You can find the deepest cave to hide in Tyler, but my hound will smell and drive you out. And when the lightning flashes and you’re laying there without life, I will do the honours in nailing the coffin shut and take your soul away. I cannot be stopped Reks. Many have tried to kill me, but you can’t kill what’s already dead. I am the Apocalypse, the engine of war. I am your worst terrifying nightmare. I am the reaper of souls. Tyler Reks, your quest to become the World Heavyweight Champion will be cut short. I will be the one to spoil your hopes and dreams of ever becoming a champion. So tonight I advise you to hold your loved ones close and tell them you love them one more time because your time is at hand and my Hell Hound awaits. Tyler… you will REST IN PEACE!

    *Tyler stares 'Taker down, as 'Taker stands face to face with Reks. 'Taker rubs the Intercontinental Championship around Reks' shoulder, and turns around, straight into a...*

    Tenay: RKO! An RKO! Where did Orton come from!

    Bischoff: He came from under the ring! Whilst 'Taker was distracted with Reks, Orton struck!

  7. #827
    *Orton stares at the fallen Deadman, and crouches down, sitting just over 'Taker. Orton smirks, and gets to his feet. Reks goes to leave, but Orton drops him with the RKO.*

    Tenay: And RKO to the Intercontinental Champion!

    Bischoff: Wow, 2 attacks in 2 weeks on Reks. Not exactly likeable is he?

    Tenay: Well, it appears Orton too has an eye on the Intercontinental Championship, along with keeping the other on 'Taker

    *Orton picks up the title, and wraps it around his waist. The crowd jeers, as Orton climbs onto the top turnbuckle and poses*


    Tenay: Well we are going to get ourselves a little preview from the Nitro Tag Teams for the Tag Team Battle Royal at SummerSlam, where the winner will become number one contender’s to the WWE Tag Team titles

    Bischoff: And they get to face the Tag Champs, All American Perfection, who by the way are Nitro superstars. But because they are champs they get to appear on both shows. So don’t get it wrong! They are Nitro superstars!

    Tenay: They are indeed and they have held those titles for a long time

    Bischoff: Which proves we are the better show.

    Tenay: And here comes James Storm of Beer Money. They returned to the WWE after a hiatus from suffering defeat at Wrestlemania, and they have been impressive ever since

    Bischoff: I don’t know… they haven’t really been that good, frankly their best talent is drinking, and even that is a stretch

    Tenay: Well we will see what happens; you can never write anybody off in a Battle Royal, because all you need is one partner to win

    Bischoff: Now here comes one of my favourites to win the Battle Royal, they are my favourite… Cryme Tyme! Well this is JTG, and after their recent attitude adjustment they have been on a roll

    Tenay: Well they were on a roll…

    Tenay: Because Road Dogg and the New Age Outlaws beat Cryme Tyme at The Great American Bash! If anybody will stop Cryme Tyme from winning, it’s these guys

    Bischoff: Well frankly Cryme Tyme is looking for revenge, and what better way to get it than become the number one contenders… and eliminate your opponents?

    Tenay: And here comes Darren Young of the Prime Time Players, and they have never been able to get over the hump. They have had three different title shots and lost all of them, you have to think that is wearing on them

    Bischoff: Well if any team knows how to win in this situation its them. They have won one of these matches before, and they know what it takes to do it again. Maybe this time is their chance to win the big one

    Tenay: I don’t know I think the fact that they haven’t been able to win the big one will wear on them too much, make them try too hard and make a mistake, my favourite is got to be the New Age Outlaws. Well one of these members of the teams will gain momentum for their team on the road to SummerSlam

    *As Darren Young walks down the ramp, microphone in hand, he stares down the competitors that are already in the ring, shaking his head and laughing at them. His cockiness doesn’t bode well with the crowd and in no time, he’s showered with boos.*


    “You know, before I come down there and dazzle y’all with my millions dollar moves, I just noticed something that’s pretty damn odd. I mean, if this is supposed to be some huge tag team representative battle royal, then I’m trying to figure out where the other three competitors are. I mean, hey it makes it easier for me to win. I may not even have to break a sweat but still, I’m a little disappointed. I was thinking with all the hype, they’d show up and all but guess that’s what I get for actually expecting someone with not even an eighth of my talent to actually make an appearance.”

    *He stops for a minute to observe the befuddled looks at some of the members of the audience before continuing.*

    “So, by the account of all the blank stares that you all are wearing right now, as if that’s anything new, you’re probably trying to figure out just what the heck I’m talking about, don’tcha? Well, since I’m a man of million dollar intellect while the rest of y’all have nickel brains and even more worthless opinions, I’m gonna have to take the time to get what’s been on my mind, Titus’ mind and A.W.’s mind starting about a couple months ago and I’m not gonna make it quick, either.”

    *With the declaration of griping from Young’s part, the audience moans and groans.*

    “You see, it’s been pretty obvious that the tag team division’s been in shambles recently. First of all, your tag team champions consist of an ass shaking former male cheerleader, a man who’s got the charisma and “it” factor of a plate of bake beans all managed and accompanied by Mrs. Ed. Yeesh. That is one horse that no man would want to ride! Hahahahaha! And to add to that, there’s been a really fishy trend that’s been going on. Ever since we’ve been up in the All American Perfection’s face, tag teams just come out of the blue and start earning tag team championship opportunities and garnering a bushel load of spotlight for doing absolutely nothing! I mean, first,it all started with Claudine and Chris Zero. A bunch of over-hyped,overrated, minor league players not a Primetime player like I am! And all of a sudden, they just waltz on up and start demanding tag team title matches right and left like people actually owe those morons anything when they don’t deserve anything except a swift kick to their asses out the door! And of course, y’all bought their hype and the Board of Directors had no choice but to put them in our title match at the Great American Bash, the night where The Primetime Players should have won in the first place. Then, all of a sudden, Hunter decides that he’s getting bored in his suit and tie and getting manhandled by his wife so he calls up his two toothed, hillbilly best pal, The Has-been Kid and they decide that they want to start up D-Generation X again…”

    *At the mention of DX, the audience cheers for the delinquent duo.*

    “Which, even I’ll admit is good and all but personally, I would have just dropped Shawn and added Waltman. He was pretty much better in every single way anyway. Hahahaha! But I digress. Anyways, then they show up out of nowhere and start getting people, you brainwashed fools, hyped up and amped up for their return and soon, we got shoved out of the way to satisfy the flavours of the month and if not for some heavy duty intervention, we might not have even gotten a tag team title shot at Summerslam. And it call came to a head when Harlem Heat came back last Monday night on RAW and start gabbing on about becoming the new WWE Tag Team Champions. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a problem. You see in the spam of just a few short months…”

    *Darren looks towards the camera currently pointing at him and holds up three fingers with his free hand. He’s now just a few feet away from the ring.*
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    “THREE new tag teams have come up and laid claim to things that don’t belong to them and that’s OUR spotlight and OUR tag team championships. But of course,when push comes to shove, when it’s time for them to prove themselves, they’re nowhere to be found. Not one Harlem Heat member, not one DX member, not one Kings of Wrestling member in that ring right now and why? Because those chumps know that they can’t touch me! In matches like this one, where tag teams have to prove themselves, we win ‘em all! They spend all their time talking while we make statements and it’s gonna be the same old thing tonight when I win this match.”

    *Almost on cue, the crowd boos Darren Young again.*

    And don’t even give me all that booing! Ain’t nobody got time for that! At least I don’t. Naw, right now, all I got time for is winning and winning big. Like a good friend of mine once said, when you wanna fight, make it a fight and when you want a win, make it a win and that’s what’s gonna happen right now so Road Dogg, I’mma beat you down so bad that not even the most charitable kettle will take you in! JTG, I see that fire in your eyes so JTG might as well stand for Jumping The Gun because I know you think that you’ll come out on top but believe me, that ain’t gonna happen. So lastly, cowboy, I hope you know how you like to saddle the same one trick pony that gets you wins over a bunch of scrubs but it’s high noon now and it’s time for you to ride on outta here with another loss courtesy of Darren Young, baby!”

    Match 3: James Storm (Sheamus) vs. JTG (ADR) vs. Road Dogg (Orton) vs. Darren Young (Y2J)


    JTG gets in the ring, and Road Dogg hits another slam, and Road Dogg is fired up. Storm staggers to his feet, and groggily turns towards Road Dogg, who attempts to pick Storm up but he struggles, he then adjusts and picks Storm up on the second try, but he has to release storm under the pressure of Storm and the beating he has taken during the match. Strom lands behind Dogg and pushes him forward, towards JTG who…

    Bischoff: JTG with Da Shout Out! Storm pushed Dogg right into Da Shout Out!

    JTG covers




    Tenay: And Road Dogg has been eliminated!

    Bischoff: Who is your favourite? My pick is clearly going to win this, and the Battle Royal at SummerSlam!

    JTG gets up and mocks Road Dogg, who rolls out of the ring and heads towards the back. JTG then turns towards the ring where Storm, who had watched this all go down, hits JTG with a spear! Storm picks JTG up and hits a swinging noose (inverted tornado DDT). Young then slides in the ring, and runs at Storm, but Storm ducks the clothesline and hits Young with Closing Time! (Double knee facebreaker)! Storm covers…




    Tenay: Young kicked out, he stays alive in this match.

    Storm then goes and locks in a sharpshooter on Young. Young screams in pain as Storm has the hold tightly locked in. Young then begins to use his remaining strength to crawl towards the ropes. Young reaches out and he can’t quite reach the ropes. He crawls forward a bit more and he still can’t reach it. Storm then locks in the hold tighter, and Young can’t move. Young then makes one last lunge at the ropes… and he gets the ropes!

    Bischoff: He got the ropes! Release the hold! Release the hold!

    Storm holds on a little while longer and JTG comes in and hits a dropkick to the face of Storm. Young rolls out of the ring, and Storm holds his face, as JTG begs for him to get up. Storm staggers to his feet, sees JTG and backs up into the turnbuckle. JTG then runs at Storm and pins him in the turnbuckle. He grabs Storm by the head and…

    Bischoff: Mug Sho…

    Tenay: Storm pushed him off and JTG hit the mat hard.

    Storm pushed JTG off, and JTG hit the mat hard. JTG though gets right back up though groggily and…

    Tenay: LAST CALL! Storm with the last call!

    Bischoff: JTG you still have a chance, Storm has fallen down!

    Storm falls down and can’t move enough to get a cover, then from the outside Young sneaks in and covers JTG




    Tenay: And your pick, JTG has been eliminated!

    Bischoff: What a sneaky move! Young took advantage of a downed Storm and got the pin himself, if it wasn’t for Young JTG would still be here

    Young then stalks a groggy James Storm who staggers to his feet, and turns…

    Tenay: Young has him up…Gut Check! Young is going to win

    Young covers Storm




    Bischoff: Darren Young picks up the win on behalf Prime Time Players.

    Tenay: You were right partner; they have the experience and knows what it takes to win. Maybe the three chances of losing won’t wear on them; maybe they will win, and hopefully win the big one on their fourth attempt

    Bischoff: They know what they need to do; I still think Cryme Tyme should be the favourite

    Tenay: Well I may change mine, but I know a Nitro team will win, and I know if we don’t we still have the Tag Team Champions!

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    Tenay: Well next, we have some singles action!

    Bischoff: We reported earlier tonight that the Hurricane, and Christopher Daniels will go one-on-one at Summerslam. We saw Hurricane lose in a triple threat match against Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio, but now it's Daniels' turn to attempt to gain some momentum, when he takes on Mr. Anderson.

    Tenay: Anderson is going up against Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, a huge task in itself, but tonight both eyes must be on Daniels, he's a dangerous man when you're not prepared to face him.

    Bischoff: It's an extremely different test for Anderson though. Brock uses his strength to triumph, unlike Daniels, who focuses on speed on his mind.

    Tenay: With that being said, like Darren Young before, this match is key to build momentum and confidence ahead of Summerslam.

    Bischoff: As opposed to the difference between Brock and Daniels, the difference between Daniels' opponents tonight and at Summerslam is minimal

    Tenay: Hurricane tends to fly higher, but their strength and mat-work are quite similar

    Bischoff: Also similar, is the result both tonight and Summerslam. Christopher Daniels getting his hand raised

    Match 4: Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels (Flair)


    *Daniels lands a knife edge chop, before landing a big punch to the gut. Daniels bounces off the ropes, and lands a Sunset Flip, but Anderson manages to stay standing, before dropping on Daniels, and landing multiple punches to the head.

    Daniels pushes Anderson off, before getting to his feet. Anderson charges at Daniels, but Daniels lands an arm drag. Daniels goes to the apron, and waits for Anderson to get to his feet, then lands a Springboard Clothesline. Daniels covers


    Daniels gets to his feet, and lands a leg drop, before getting to his feet, and landing an elbow drop. Daniels covers


    Daniels pulls Anderson to his feet, and lands an atomic drop. He then rebounds off the ropes, and goes for a clothesline, but Anderson ducks, and Daniels turns around, and Anderson sweeps the legs out from under him, before moving into a Jackknife Roll-Up


    Both men get to their feet, as Anderson lands a knee in the gut. He goes for a neckbreaker, but Daniels holds onto the ropes, and Anderson falls on the mat. Anderson gets to his feet, but Daniels lands a running dropkick.

    Daniels pulls Anderson to his feet, and goes for Angel Wings, but Anderson gets out and charges shoulder first into Daniels' stomach, and pushing him into the turnbuckle. Anderson takes a step back, before landing the Mic Check! He covers


    Tenay: What a Mic Check! Anderson wins!

    Bischoff: I swear, when Anderson used his shoulder to push Daniels into the corner, he was actually pushing Daniels' groin! It should've been a DQ.

    Tenay: That's absolute rubbish. Daniels' won fair and square!

    *Anderson gets his hand raised, and climbs the turnbuckle, before posing for the fans. Anderson turns towards the referee and requests a Mic, as Brock Lesnar runs down the ramp, Sable following, walking down. Anderson grabs the Mic, but turns around straight into a kick to the gut. Brock picks him up, and lands a Fallaway Slam!

    Sable cheers from the outside, as Brock soaks in the crowd boos Anderson gets to his knees, but Brock pulls him to his feet, and lifts him on the shoulders, before connecting with an F5!*

    Tenay: Anderson got annihilated by Brock!

    Bischoff: This is why Brock Lesnar is the future World Heavyweight Champion! He will beat Ken at Summerslam, and go onto Money in the Bank, commencing the greatest feud in Nitro history with Edge vs. Brock.

    Sable walks up the steel steps and through the ropes. Brock grabs the mic from the floor and offers it to his wife gently with a grin on his face. Sable grins back and stands over Mr. Anderson.

    Sable: This is for all the women who want to be me and the men who come to see me.

    The fans cheer loudly as Sable's beauty captures their attention.

    Sable: Are you boys ready for the grind?

    The fans cheer even louder anxiously awaiting the grind. Sable performs her grind over Mr. Anderson as the fans continue cheering. She then bends over a little to address the layed out wrestler.

    Sable: Anderson I hope you realize... you got what you deserved.

    Her words are now received with a mix of cheers and boos.

    Sable: My husband Brock Lesnar hasn't lost a single match since his debut here on Nitro, well not a clean loss at least.

    Once more her words are received with a mixed reaction.

    Sable: In fact, he's had nothing but clean wins for the last few months, I should know because I've been sitting in the back watching each and every match to avoid accusations of foul play that would keep my husband from earning another title shot.

    Anderson opens his eyes and looks up at Sable, but continues to lay there motionless.

    Sable: And now that he finally has a match to get the title shot he so rightfully deserves I'm going to personally make sure that he not only wins the match, but that he goes on to win the World Heavyweight Championship once again.

    The mixed reaction from the fans continues. Anderson tries to get up slowly, but Sable delivers a hard slap across his face laying him back down.

    Sable: Stay down, good boy!

    Brock's music plays as Brock and Sable laugh at the fallen Anderson. They kiss each other passionately and leave the ring holding hands.


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    Tenay: It's main event time!

    Bischoff: Yay! Time for Rock to get his head kicked in!

    The fans immediately begin to boo as Edge walks out to the stage. He smirks as he makes his way down the ramp, before sliding into the ring. He asks for, and receives a microphone.

    Edge: So last week, my opponent tonight- The Rock- and Dean Ambrose had a little bit of a brawl and by orders of Eric Bischoff, the entire Nitro roster were all supposed to come out and break it up. To break up and stop the chaos. Why?

    This is Thursday Night Nitro! There is supposed to be chaos so when I saw a chance, I took my opportunity. Tyson Kidd has no idea of the chaos he is stepping into at SummerSlam. Three stages of chaos, three stages of pure inhuman pain, three stages of hell!

    The fans boo loudly as Edge runs a hand through his hair.

    Edge: So last week, I attacked Tyson Kidd. And that lead to the entire roster brawling. You see, when I do something, everybody follows. I let Dean Ambrose and The Rock go and they continued fighting, as did everybody else. Tyson, congratulations- what you’ve done is beginning to catch on. Every single member of this roster wants to be me. Every single member of this roster has realised what a success I am.

    And that goes too for the man I’m facing tonight. Perhaps the biggest name in sports entertainment today, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

    The fans explode for The Rock.

    Edge: Last week, The Rock happily continued brawling as soon as he realised I did. I’m setting an example to every single person in the back. There just waits two weeks before SummerSlam, before the night Tyson Kidd must defend his World Heavyweight Championship.

    Tyson, I’m going to give you a little insight into what will await you at SummerSlam. You see, you have everything to lose Tyson. Me? I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’ve put my career on the line time and time again. TLC match after TLC match, Hell in a Cell matches, Last Man Standing matches, Elimination Chamber matches, Tables matches, Ladder matches. Every single type of match Tyson, I’ve been there and conquered it.

    At SummerSlam Tyson, I’m going to conquer you.

    Edge throws the microphone away as the fans reign boos down on him.

    Tenay: We've yet to hear from the Rock, since it was revealed by Vince McMahon himself that he will go one-on-one with his rival – the newly signed Dean Ambrose at Summerslam

    Bischoff: I'm sure he was delighted. At first hand experience, I know the length Rock will go to, in order to get his hands on Ambrose

    Main Event: The Rock vs. Edge (Angle)

    2:44 Onwards

    *The Rock gets to his feet, and lands a right hand on Edge. Edge falls back into the turnbuckle, as Rock lands a big chop to the chest. Rock jumps onto the second rope, and begins landing punches to Edge, with the fans counting the punches


    Rock places his finger on his lips, sliencing the crowd. He raises his hand high, but when he was ready to bring it down, Edge counters into a sit-out powerbomb! Edge pins


    Edge climbs to the second rope, and goes for a Diving Elbow, which connects. Edge gets to his feet, and taunts to the crowd, to their disgust. Rock sits up, as Edge sticks out his arm, and mouths “Just Bring It”, before landing a big boot to the face. Edge picks up the legs of Rock, before smirking whilst looking at the camera, before Edge locks in the Edgeucator!

    Rock is about a foot away from the ropes, and manages to touch the ropes. Rock uses his arms to pull himself towards the ropes, before grabbing hold of it. Edge waits to the count of four, before releasing he hold, before kicking Rock under the bottom ropes.

    Rock holds himself up using the ring apron, but Edge rebounds off the ropes and lands a baseball slide. Rock falls into the ringside barrier, as Edge climbs onto the steel steps. Rock gets to his knees, but Edge jumps off, and lands a big knee to the head of Rock.

    Edge picks up Rock, and throws him into the ring. Edge lands a knee drop, before pulling Rock to his feet. He goes for the Edge-O-Matic, but Rock pulls Edge over his shoulder and throws him onto the mat. Rock gets to his feet, and waits for Edge to get up. He goes for the Spinebuster, but Edge lands an elbow in the head. Edge goes for the Edgecution, but Rock pushes him off, before landing a kick to the gut and a snap DDT!

    Rock kips up, as Edge gets to his feet using the ropes. Rock goes for the Rock Bottom, but Edge counters into the Downward Spiral! Edge goes to the corner, and goes for the spear, but Tyson Kidd slides into the ring and jumps on Edge, as the referee calls for the bell.*

    Tenay: Tyson Kidd getting vengeance!

    Bischoff: He just ruined this match! This is uncalled for!

    Tenay: So was his attack, but how did Kidd get out of hospital? He just cost Rock this match!

    Bischoff: I don't think he cares!

    *Kidd continues unloading on Edge, as Rock reaches his knees. He notices Kidd and Edge, as the referee tells Rock he's been disqualified. Rock holds his head in his hands, as Dean Ambrose jumps over the ringside barrier. Rock gets to his feet as Ambrose slides into the ring from behind Rock turns around, but Dean picks him up, and lands the Midnight Special!*

    Tenay: Dean Ambrose! He's sent another statement to the Rock!

    Bischoff: Dean's been getting the upper hand consistently on the Rock! I think we know who the winner at Summerslam will be!

    Tenay: The match is wide open! As is the World Heavyweight Championship match! Kidd is still hammering on Edge.

    Bischoff: But unfortunately, we're out of time, so we can't see Edge overturn this attack

    *Dean Ambrose is stood over Rock, as Tyson Kidd is now stomping on Edge, as the camera turns to black*

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