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    Tenay: Back from the break, and we're already underway!

    Bischoff: It's time for Lita and Paige to pin poor Trish, or Tamina! It's just a sign of things to come for the Womens Division.

    Match 6: Lita and Paige vs. Trish Stratus and Tamina vs. Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix

    Match Summary: The match started with Paige and Tamina in the ring. Paige dominated, but Tamina gained control by Paige missing a diving cross-body. After Trish and Tamina worked on Paige for a few short minutes, Paige blind tagged in Kelly, before quickly leaving the ring and conversing with Lita. Kelly took control over Tamina with a Russian Leg Sweep, and was the legal women with Tamina for a good 4 minutes by this point

    *Kelly lifts up Tamina for a bodyslam, which connects. She tags out to Beth, who picks up Tamina, and lands a Fallaway Slam. Beth picks up Tamina, and throws her into Lita, which knocks her off the apron. Beth runs to the opposite corner, and knocks down Trish with a clothesline, before turning back to Tamina, and knocking her down with a clothesline.

    Beth tags in Kelly, who climbs to the top rope. Beth pulls Tamina up, and locks in a rear waist lock. Beth German Suplex's Tamina, whilst Kelly simultaneously lands a Molly-Go-Round! Kelly grabs Tamina's arm, before slamming it onto the mat. Kelly tags out to Beth, who bounces off the ropes, and lands a big splash!

    1...........2........Lita breaks it up!

    Lita hammers into Beth with forearms, before landing a right hand to Kelly. Paige and Trish gets back onto the apron, as Beth gets whipped into the ropes. On the return, Lita lands a hurricarana, which sends Beth shoulder first into the midsection of Kelly!

    Lita goes back to the apron, as Tamina slowly gets to her feet. Beth pulls herself using the ropes, but Tamina takes her down with a huge scoop slam. Tamina tags in Trish who waits for Beth to get to her knees, before pulling her up by the hair. Trish places Beth's head under her shoulder, before landing the StratusFacton – however Lita gets a blind tag. Trish covers Beth, as Paige throws Kelly over the top rope into the ring. Lita pulls Trish up, and lands the Twist of Fate, whilst Paige takes down Kelly with a RamPaige! Lita pins Beth:


    Tenay: Lita wins! She gains some momentum for SummerSlam!

    Bischoff: That blind tag was effective, and no-one can deny that Lita and Paige was the better team tonight!

    Tenay: But I don't think Lita will be the better woman come SummerSlam. Trish is a future Hall of Famer – no doubt! I think that she must be the favourite for SummerSlam

    Paige leaves the ring as Lita grabs a microphone. She looks around at the crowd with a smile on her face, before bringing the microphone to her lips.

    Lita: That is how I’m going to win the Woman’s Championship at SummerSlam.

    The fans boo loudly as Lita laughs.

    Lita: Oh I’m sorry, did you want your favourite diva Trish Stratus to win? Or maybe you wanted Kelly Kelly the girl with the best sleeping around ratio in this company to win the title?

    The fans give a mixed reaction, beginning with cheers after the Trish comment and leading into boos for the Kelly one.

    Lita: Well let me tell you now, little Miss Perfect and little Miss Barrie Doll that neither of you will be leaving SummerSlam with that championship. I proved tonight that I am the woman to beat, I’d already proved it at Great American Bash but tonight, I beat both Kelly and Trish practically single handed.

    The fans boo.

    Lita: Now don’t get me wrong, Paige had a role to play tonight but I was the one that won this match. I deserved the victory and just like that, come SummerSlam, I will be the one standing tall.

    The fans boo loudly as Lita drops the mic.

    Bischoff: Whatever you think Mike, Lita is sure she will win.

    Tenay: I don't think we can deny the victor at SummerSlam will be well deserved


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    Tenay: Finally, it's time for our main event!

    Bischoff: And our worst one in a long time! Rock and Kidd don't deserve to be in the main event of a show that's history, and it's current greatness, is as good as Nitro

    Tenay: How does Rock not deserve to headline Nitro? A former WWE, WCW, Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion! And possibly, would be the current World Heavyweight Champion, if it wasn't for Dean Ambrose – who isn't even a licensed WWE superstar!

    Bischoff: That's all in the past. Dean Ambrose saved the WWE from the Rock! Who would want to see Rock champion?

    Tenay: The same people who would want to see Tyson Kidd as champion, and I think we know how that played out! Kidd, for at least 6 weeks, has been World Heavyweight Champion!

    Tenay: If the Rock manages a non-title victory over Kidd, does this mean he will get a shot at Kidd, or even Edge, Brock Lesnar, or Mr. Anderson – in the near future?

    Bischoff: I expect so, but however much I hate Kidd, he managed to beat Brock Lesnar and Edge in one night, so it's not the easiest ride in the world!

    Tenay: But neither is facing the Great One! Who will win?

    Main Event: The Rock vs. Tyson Kidd (Guerrero)


    *Kidd turns around into a kick to the gut. Rock goes for the snap DDT, but Kidd pushes him off, and lands a low dropkick, which drops Rock to his knees. Kidd then goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Rock lands a back body drop. Kidd slowly gets to his feet, but Rock lands a lariat, and quickly goes for the pin:


    Rock gets to his feet, and twists Kidd's arm over his head. Kidd rolls so his back's against the floor, before kipping up, and kicking Rock's arm off his own. This spins Rock around, as Kidd springboards into a sunset flip powerbomb!

    1........2.....Rock rolls his shoulder up!

    Rock sits up, as Kidd goes behind, and presses his knee onto Rock's back, whilst pulling Rock's arms back. Rock manages to get his right arm to escape, and hooks Kidd's leg, and straightens it out, before dropping an elbow on it. Rock stands, and pulls to his feet. He whips him into the ropes, but Kidd comes back with a Victory Roll!


    Kidd gets to his feet, and kicks Rock in the stomach. Rock falls on his back, as Kidd bounces off the ropes. He goes for a leg drop, but Rock rolls out of the way, and chops Kidd down to his knees. Rock grabs the neck of Kidd, and lands an inverted DDT, before going to the feet of Kidd!*

    Tenay: Is he?

    Bischoff: This is interesting. It's the sharpshooter!

    *Rock locks in the move he adopted from Owen Hart, as Kidd clenches his fist. He reaches towards the ropes, but Rock pulls him back in the middle of his ring and sits back. Kidd claws at Rock's legs, and manages to trip Rock back, before locking in his own sharpshooter! Kidd screams for Rock to tap out – when:*

    Tenay: What? Edge is here!

    Bischoff: We haven't seen Edge all night – but he's biding his time, and he's distracting Kidd.

    *Kidd releases the hold, and stares up the stage. He shouts for Edge to come down, but Edge doesn't appear. Rock gets to his feet, and Kidd gets hit with a German Suplex! Rock bridges his back:


    Tenay: Rock gets the victory!

    Bischoff: I'm just disappointed we didn't see Edge tonight.

    Tenay: Well, he certainly sent a message to Kidd!

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    The camera looks out across the arena as the fans cheer on the Rock in victory. However before anything can happen the shot begins to break up, feedback can be heard before the picture crackles and fades out into TV static. After a couple moments the picture begins to come back, flickering before becoming solid. The picture quality isn't great, and appears to be from a hand held camera, the wielder appears to be somewhere backstage, possibly a boiler room. Heavy breathing can be heard before the camera is turned to face the man holding it, Dean Ambrose. He smiles for the camera before brushing the hair back from his forehead and chuckling to himself, then sinks into a more sinister demeanour.

    Ambrose: The bigger they are.. the harder they fall.. a lesson learned the hard way by a man who really should have known better than to put his hands on me without expecting I might get a little.. moody.. about it.

    Ambrose turns the camera and lowers it, he points the lens at a man lying on the floor before he kneels down to get a better look. He lifts the mans head, who is lying face down, and shoves the camera into his face revealing it to be none other than Shane McMahon.

    Tenay: Holy crap.

    Bischoff: This can't be happening! He's got our boss!

    Ambrose grabs McMahon by the hair before pushing his face back down to the floor and standing, turning the camera back on himself.

    Ambrose: Newton's third law.. incorrectly states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.. now the reason I say it's incorrect is because.. it doesn't look like I used force equal to that used by Shane McMahon to restrain me. So many crimes go unpunished.. so many guilty people walk away as free men.. NOT TONIGHT SHANE! No.. see tonight.. Shane McMahon found out that my claims that I could get to him whenever and wherever I wanted to.. were based on truth.

    Shane McMahon found out that no one is above justice.. NO ONE! When you put your hands on me last week Shane.. heh.. well I just took that as an invitation to get a little serious. You want to treat me like I’m unstable.. like I’m too dangerous.. you want to protect the freaks and phonies of the WWE from my own personal brand of torture.. well, look where that got you. Fair is fair right? Justice comes in many forms.. and sometimes requires many tools.. because sometimes using your bare hands just isn't enough..

    Ambrose wipes a hand across his face before looking down, he reaches for something and then holds up a lead pipe for the camera to see before dropping it to the floor.

    Ambrose: But Shane McMahon isn't the only man here tonight that could do with feeling a little justice. Heh.. Rock.. I know you're watching and I know I have your attention.. this is all your fault, you know that right? WHY DID YOU FORCE ME TO DO THIS!? Why have you allowed Shane McMahon to take the punishment that you so clearly DESERVE? Where were you when I was slapping Shane around with a leap pipe? On the set of a new movie perhaps? Stealing the opportunities of another young up and comer maybe? Or maybe just whoring the spot light for yourself.. lying to the sheeple and making sure that they never have to deal with a little realism?

    Everything I've said is true.. you're a cancer Rock.. and you're killing this industry because all you ever think about is yourself. How many movies are you promoting this week Rock? When's the next Fast and Furious due in cinemas worldwide? How many more people like me are going to have to sit and rot because people like you are are standing in our way? How many more talented and ambitious wrestlers are going to be tainted.. and corrupted.. by the McMahon plan.. just so you can sell another straight to DVD abortion.. huh? Dean Ambrose has the answer..

    Ambrose takes a deep breath before laughing to himself a little, muttering and cursing under his breath before looking back at the camera.

    Ambrose: THE ANSWER IS NONE!! The answer is none because I am going to stop the cycle.. I am going to bring your plan.. to its knees. The truth will set you free and Dean Ambrose knows the truth.. I know how the world works and I know that it's crying out for a new hero.. a hero who doesn't conform to the childish Disney ideals of good vs evil.. a hero who knows that you have to break a few.. heads.. to make an omelette. You call me a coward Rock.. but the fact is that every time I've tried to make the world burn by taking you out.. Shane McMahon has come to your rescue. Last week Shane held me back whilst you hid behind security.. but how will Shane protect you tonight when he's taking a little nap.. who will come to your rescue now?

    The answer is no one.. because despite how popular you think you are.. no one else has ever tried to save you from me. You're all alone.. and in the dark places of the world, being along can be a very dangerous thing. Hi.. I'm Dean Ambrose.. and tonight The Rock should be looking over his shoulder..

    Ambrose grins at the camera before dropping it on the ground. It lands facing Shane who is still out cold from the assault before it crackles and fades away into static

    Bischoff: No! This is not happening! I gotta fix this!

    Tenay: Wait – Eric! Where are you going!? I've got a hunch, this will be some good television!

    *Dean Ambrose appears in the crowd, as he and the Rock locks eyes. Bischoff runs up the ramp, as Rock motions with his hands, and mouths “Just Bring It” as Dean sprints down the stairs, and climbs over the ringside barrier. Rock meets him at ringside, but Ambrose lands a right hand. Rock lands one of his own, but Ambrose sweeps the legs of Rock, taking him down to the floor, before jumping on him, and unloading with punches. Rock manages to push Ambrose off, before getting to his feet, and throws Ambrose into the ring.

    Rock slides in, and throws Ambrose into the ropes. On the return, Rock lands a Lou Thesz Press, and repeatedly lands punches to Ambrose. Ambrose rolls over on top of Rock, and thrashes his forearm against Rock's nose, and begins hammering Rock with elbows. Rock is bleeding from his nose, and gets Ambrose off him with a poke to the eye.

    Ambrose gets thrown into the turnbuckle, as Rock charges shoulder first, into Ambrose's midsection. Rock continues his barrage on Ambrose, who uses his forearms to slam on Rock's back, in attempt to get him away. Ambrose manages to push Rock off, and charges at Rock, but Rock manages to land a knee to the head. Rock holds the hair of Ambrose, and begins lifting his knee, hitting Ambrose in the nose. Rock uses both knees to attack Ambrose, before lifting him up, and dropping him onto the top rope.

    Rock rubs the face of Ambrose against the top rope, before landing a chop block. Rock calls for the Rock Bottom, but suddenly Eric Bischoff sprints down the ramp, bringing Edge, Tyler Reks, Randy Orton, the New Age Outlaws, Cryme Tyme, The Prime Time Players, Christopher Daniels, Rey Mysterio, RVD, The Hurricane, Beer Money, John Morrison, Mr. Anderson and Brock Lesnar, behind him. They all enter the ring, as does Tyson Kidd, who previously was recovering at ringside, and they grab a hold of Rock and Dean Ambrose.*

    Tenay: The Nitro locker room! They're stopping this!? Under Eric's orders?

    *Rock tries to resist, and continues throwing punches as Ambrose, as Ambrose kicks Rock in the stomach, allowing the roster to hold Rock back. Rock and Ambrose are screaming at each other, as the heels hold Ambrose back, as the faces keep Rock under control. Eric Bischoff orders the heels to take Ambrose away, but Ambrose manages to escape, and launches himself on the faces!

    He knocks down Billy Gunn and James Storm, before the heels regroup and grab hold of the arms. Ambrose spits in the direction of Rock, hitting him in the cheek, before this time, Rock pulls away from the faces, and jumps on the heels. He's throwing punches at all the heels, and manages land a punch at Ambrose. The faces grab a hold of his legs and pulls him off the heels, and pushes him into the turnbuckle.

    Bischoff shouts at Rock to calm down, as the heels lead Ambrose out through the ropes, but Edge lets go of Ambrose, and goes straight for Kidd! Kidd gets knocked down, as Edge begins kicking Kidd, and this allows Dean Ambrose to escape, and once again go for the Rock!*

    Tenay: What is Edge doing? He's gone for Kidd!

    *Chaos is ensured as The Hurricane goes straight for Daniels, for taking him out earlier, and everyone begins brawling! Billy Gunn has JTG in the corner, and lands chops to the midsection, as Road Dogg is on the mat, with Shad unloading on him! John Morrison is speared by Edge, and rolls under the bottom rope, but Kidd manages to use the ropes to land a springboard cross-body on Edge! Rock and Ambrose are exchanging punches in the middle of the ring, as Eric shouts, though no-one is paying him any attention!*

    Tenay: What carnage is happening in the middle of the ring! It's a brawl-for-all!

    *The screen fades to black, with anarchy erupting in the middle of the ring.*

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    Here comes RAW!

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    BTW I marked out at Swagger's win at EC!

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    So what is going on these days?

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    Really looking forward to SummerSlam

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    Or as Jelly refers to it, WinterSlam

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    Either way its going to be a hell of a show, regardless of season.

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    Now we are ready, RAW is WAR time!

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