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    JR: Here comes Tyler Black, and he is a man on a mission, King. His mission, to rid the WWE of the United Kingdom

    King: Well it doesn’t look like he has been too successful because to me the United Kingdom grows stronger by the day

    JR: While that may be true, Tyler Black will not stop or he will die trying to get rid of this faction

    JR: And he has enlisted the help of Kurt Angle who made his redebut at The great American Bash, maybe no more of a proper way to redebut than at The Great American Bash for Kurt Angle. And in that redebut he and Black beat Regal and McIntyre.

    King: But the UK wasn’t there at ringside for support. Sheamus was prepping for his United States Championship match, and as we know Wade Barrett would make his debut, a grander debut later that evening.

    JR: King you find it ironic that the United Kingdom formed to completeness, at least we think, at The Great American Bash

    King: It was a master plan wasn’t it?

    Tyler Black & Kurt Angle vs. United Kingdom (William Regal & Drew McIntyre w/ Sheamus)
    (Tyler Black= AJ Styles; William Regal= Kazarian; Drew McIntyre= Christopher Daniels)

    Watch till 9:49

    JR: And McIntyre gets the tag to Regal, can Angle make it to Black… No! Regal pulled him back by his ankles.

    Regal grabs Angle by the ankles pulls him back into the middle of the ring, and locks in a crossface chicken wing. Regal has the hold applied tightly as Angle is reaching for the ropes. Angle is squirming all over the ring to get to a rope but he can’t find the closest one. He begins to fade, and Black starts clapping from his corner. Black continues to clap, and Angle begins to get life, as he does, he squirms closer to the ropes and extends his arm but he is just a bit short. Angle tries to move but has exhausted all his energy, and Angle uses his last energy to make one last lunge towards the ropes, and… he got it! Regal doesn’t break the hold so the ref counts one…two…three…four… and Regal releases the hold. Angle is down and Regal drags Angle back into the middle of the ring. Regal picks Angle up and hits a huge European uppercut that sends Angle sprawling back into the corner, there Regal hits a couple of knee lifts to the gut, drags Angle out and hits him with a German suplex. Regal covers Angle,



    And Angle kicks out!

    JR: Angle is taking quite the beating here, how will he get back in it? He needs to make a tag

    King: This is what makes the United Kingdom so great, they can isolate an opponent and take them out of the match.

    Regal grabs Angle and leans him against the turnbuckle, and tags in McIntyre. Regal holds the face of Angle, and McIntyre hits a swift kick to the midsection, followed by an overhead belly to belly suplex that sends Angle across the ring. McIntyre is quick to drag him back into the ring so he doesn’t make a tag, and locks in a reverse chinlock. Angle is able to get to his feet, and McIntyre turns it into a headlock. Angle hits a few elbow to the gut, and uses the ropes to push McIntyre off, on the rebound, McIntyre hits Angle with a big boot. McIntyre picks him up by the arm and hits three successive short arm clotheslines, and then picks Angle up and hits a hangman’s neckbreaker onto his knee

    JR: Right on that surgically repaired neck. And now McIntyre seems to be closing in on the finish

    King: Nice and easy like it is supposed to be

    McIntyre picks Angle up, sets up for the Future Shock DDT

    JR: Future Shock DDT… NO! Angle pushed him… oh what a clothesline! But Angle is across the ring, can he make it to Black?

    King: Not before McIntyre makes it to Regal

    JR: And Angle notices that

    The huge clothesline from Angle knocked the wind out of McIntyre who is crawling for a tag. Angle notices and goes over and grabs McIntyre by the ankle, he attempts to lock in the Angle Lock but McIntyre rolls through

    JR: Oh he almost had him in the Angle lock.

    Both men are up, and Angle turns towards McIntyre who attempts a clothesline. Angle ducks, and wraps his arms around McIntyre’s waist and hits a German suplex, followed by two more and both men are down. Both men are reaching for their partners and… they get the tags! Regal comes in and Black comes in. Black springboards off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Regal gets up Black hits a back heel kick followed by Fade to Black (Fisherman buster floated into a small package), cover,



    Thr… NO!

    JR: How did Regal kick out? But Black is staying aggressive.

    King: This can’t be happening

    Black waits for Regal to get up, and as regal gets to a knee, McIntyre tries to hop in the ring. Black doesn’t notice as regal is up, and the ref is distracted with McIntyre, Black runs towards the ropes, handsprings…

    JR: Blackout… NO! Sheamus just swiped out the arms of Black while the ref was distracted!

    King: Great move, great strategy

    JR: What about the cheating there King?

    Black gets wiped out by Sheamus, who walks away, as McIntyre still distracts the ref. He sees Regal pull out the brass knuckles, and…

    King: Power of the Punch!

    JR: Using brass knuckles what a bunch of no good cheaters.

    McIntyre runs across and takes out Angle and follows out, as Regal hooks the leg,




    King: And the United Kingdom wins!

    JR: They cheated to win, and this is going to be a recurring problem with this group, they have the numbers advantage and will take advantage of it any chance they get. This is a problem and it needs to be fought

    King: Who is going to stop them, it doesn’t look like Tyler Black and Kurt Angle. Certainly not Cody Rhodes, and I guarantee CM Punk won’t have any better luck either

    JR: well we will just have to wait and see about that.


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    JR: Welcome back and here comes the self-proclaimed, Savior of the Masses, the Intellectual Savior of the World, Damien Sandow. By god does this man have a loud mouth.

    King: When you beat Kane you have the right to be loud

    JR: Please Sandow was handed that win, he didn’t earn it, although he is probably out here to brag about it.

    Damien Sandow walks out from the back in his robe, with a mic in hand. His music immediately fades, as he walks and talks while heading to the ring.

    Damien: Allow me to beg your indulgence for one moment. My name is Damien Sandow, and I am here to help all of you. This moment requires a quote from a true thinker, not that I expect any of you nitwits to comprehend this, but I'll proceed anyway.

    The fans just boo Damien.

    Damien: SILENCE! Now, Malcolm X once said, that there is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time. That is exactly what I, your intellectual savior, have done. I racked my brain with how I could lose to such a man as Hulk Hogan, only to come to one realization. It was a fluke. The man you all worship as a deity, merely had a lucky break. What I proved last week against the big red machine Kane, is that given any adversary, I can overcome them.

    Damien is now in the ring, as the fans are just booing Damien.

    Damien: Silence!

    Fans: WHAT!?

    Damien: I shall not partake in your shenanigans, now be quiet!

    Fans: WHAT!?

    Damien: As I was saying. Through my loss, and my subsequent win, I have found the key. The key to defeating Hulk Hogan, and the key to opening all of your blind eyes. You see, you cretins still fall onto your raise, praising Hogan. This adoration, this faith in a man, is not good for any of you. You all make fools of yourselves while praising him. Thus, I have found a way, to save you all. I can defeat Hulk Hogan, and prove once and for all, that he is merely a mortal man, and that the legend of Hulkamania, is nothing more than preposterous belief. When I am done, I shall be known as the man who disproved Hulkaman....

    JR: Well if you're going to talk about Hulk Hogan, might as well talk to him face to face.

    King: Why does Hogan always want to steal the spotlight? This is Damien Sandow's time and Hogan, as always, has to ruin it.

    JR: This is the Hulkster we're talking about King!!! How can a man stay quiet after all that is being said about him.

    *crowd begins a HOGAN chant as Hulk Hogan does his hand to the ear to every side of the arena*

    Hulk Hogan: Let me tell you something brother! I know... you know... and even the WWE Universe knows this. Your match against Kane was a fluke!!!

    *crowd cheers to Hogan's comment... Sandow looks very angry and nods to the crowd that he won fair and square*

    Hulk Hogan: If you think you beat Kane with your own power and will, then you're bigger idiot than I thought Damien! You see little dude, you come out here and run your mouth that me beating you was a fluke. Sandow... I was there, these people were there... everybody witnessed the Hulkster kicking your ass all over The Great American Bash brother. And now you are out here claiming to be the intellectual savior and all I see in front of me is an intellectual feces, and I'm sure you're smart enough to know what I am trying to say.

    *crowd chants DUMBSHIT, DUMBSHIT, DUMBSHIT!*

    King: He can't do that JR... He can't come out here and insult Damien Sandow like that!

    JR: He just did King. What are you going to do about that?

    Hulk Hogan: Now Sandow... don't just stand there looking mad and almost at the point of crying brother. You see, you came out here week after week insulting Hulkamania and I warned you and I proved to you that no one can stop Hulkamania. I also told you I am not here to wrestle, but you called me out and I did exactly what I said I would do.... KICK YOUR ASS BROTHER! While I was in the gym working out and getting ready to face you, you were so busy trying to be a savior and after all was said and done dude, you were the one needing some saving. I told you Damien, Hulkamania, not I, was coming after you brother. And it did! It found you and dissected you and tore you apart, but yet you still come out here and run your mouth saying it was all a fluke! But I tell you what savior... why not don'tcha face someone else in this ring, and prove to all of the Hulkamaniacs that you aren't what we all know you to be, which is a fool.

    King: Don't do it Sandow!!! Not right now!

    JR: Let Sandow prove it wasn't a fluke King!

    Sandow looks at Hogan for a moment, before raising the microphone.

    Sandow: Excuse me, but you ever so rudely interrupted when I was addressing the unwashed masses. I would like for you to apologize.

    Sandow waits, but Hogan doesn't respond.

    Sandow: I said apologize!

    Still nothing, as Sandow just glares.

    Sandow: I see how it is. You are all for righteousness and truth, but when you blur the lines, falling to the side of a simpleton, you refuse to man up as you urge all of your "Hulkamaniacs" to do. Now that truly shows your character Hulk don't worry about apologizing...because I thank you. You see Hulk, I said I would set out to prove you to be the false idol I know you truly are, and to disprove the myth that is Hulkamania. This is just a small chink in your armor of deceit. Your actions, your words, will show the world that I am truly right.

    Sandow smiles.

    Sandow: So you want I, your new scholarly Einstein, to prove that last week was not a fluke by facing anyone right now? Well sir, I accept. So, let us wait no further, anyone in the back, heed my call. Step out into the ring and become a student of your intellectual savior, and face I, Damien Sandow, in this ring.

    Sandow turns, waiting.

    *The crowd all turn their attention to the Stage, all wondering who will answer the call to face Damien Sandow. different chants begin from people chanting the names of their favorite superstars but the biggest chant is for Goldberg.*

    JR: Well we can hear who the crowd are calling for King. Who will answer the challenge though?.

    King: I hope for Sandow's sake it's not Goldberg!

    *Damien Sandow begins telling the crowd to "Silence!" as they continue to chant for Goldberg.*

    JR: Don't look like Sandow is keen on facing Goldberg either partner.

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    JR: SANDMAN! SANDMAN, the ECW Legend is back folks!

    King: Where is he?

    *The crowd burst to their feet and begin cheering the theme music of the blast from the past wrestler, the camera then zooms in on the stage as Sandow looks clueless as to who the music belongs too. The crowd begin chants of "E-C-W!" but there is no sign of the former ECW star. A small section high in the stands begin cheering though and eventually the rest of the crowd follow suit as they see The Sandman standing in one of the top aisles of the crowd.*

    JR: There he is! Sandman is back folks and Damien Sandow looks none too pleased. Even Hogan is in shock.

    King: Hogan is not in shock, he is smiling because he knows that Sandman is crazy

    *The camera then zooms in on the Sandman as he smashes his beer can over his head and throws it before lifting his cane up in the air as the crowd give a pop for the Hardcore Icon. Sandman then begins to make his way down the aisle and rows before pulling out another Bear can from his jeans. As he gets closer to the ring, Sandow can be seen asking the referee who he actually is.. he also appears to be taken back at the fought of fighting someone who has happily just cut himself open. The Sandman then hops over the Barricade and shouts at the time keeper to ring the bell.

    He then hops onto to the ring side and downs his bear before throwing the can into the crowd. Sandow then approaches the ECW man and asks him to put down the cane. Sandman looks to the crowd who boo the thought of him putting down the cane and instead begin to chant " Use it on him!" which gets a smile from the Sandman.

    Damien Sandow once more tells the crowd to be quiet and then asks the referee to grab hold of the cane. Eventually the Sandman releases the Singapore Cane before bursting through the ropes and instantly trading shots with Sandow.*

    JR: Well here we go folks! The challenge has been accepted!

    King: I bet no one expected the Sandman to answer the call though Ross! He came to fight too, this don't look good for Sandow!

    The Sandman vs. Damien Sandow (Santino)

    Start at 3:00 stop at 4:21

    JR: Sandman just launched himself over the top rope!

    King: I didn't know he had that in his locker Ross, he just came crashing down on Sandow!

    *The crowd pop after seeing the collision between Sandow and the Sandman. Sandman then gets on top of Sandow and begins hitting him with lefts and rights as both then begin to scrap on the outside. Damien Sandow is then able to kick the Sandman off and gets to his feet, he then begins to stomp on the Sandman before shouting "I don't need this!" and turning to walk away.*

    JR: Where the hell's he going? You have a match Damien! You sent out the challenge.

    King: Sandow does not need to prove anything Ross, he does not need to fight this animal Sandman! He's being the bigger man and walking away.

    JR: Bigger man? He's a coward is what he is King.

    *Sandow makes it half way up the ramp before Sandman chases him down. The Sandman then hits him with a clothesline to back of the head as Sandow hits the steel ramp hard as he falls. With the crowd cheering his name Sandman then picks up Damien and begins dragging him back to the ring. Sandow though stops him, hitting him with elbows to the midsection and then one to the side of the head..

    Sandow then plants the Sandman with a swinging neck breaker at the bottom of the ramp as the crowd pop again for the force of Sandman's head hitting the steel ramp way. Damien Sandow then once more begins to stop on the former ECW man before lifting him up of the floor, he then Irish whips The Sandman into the side of the ring and then catches him with a big elbow to the face as Sandman bounces back off. Damien Sandow then enters the ring and rolls back out to restart the referee's count. Sandow then once more drags up the Sandman and attempts to throw him into the crowd barricade, Sandman reverses though and whips Damien Sandow who crashes into the barricade and bounces back off as Sandman then hits him with a spine buster on to the hard floor.*

    JR: I would never question the Intelligence of Damien Sandow king, But I don't think it's smart of him to fight this match in a style which clearly suits the Hardcore Icon.

    King: I would agree Ross! The quicker this match enters the ring, the better it will be for Damien Sandow.

    *The action eventually returns to the ring and both men are slugging it out in the center. Sandow attempts to his the Sandman with one huge right hand but the Sandman is able to move out of the way and reply with a boot to the stomach before dropping Sandow on his head with a spike DDT. The Sandman then quickly goes for the cover.*

    JR: Sandman with the cover! He could pick up the win right here.


    King: Kick out Sandow!



    JR: Sandow kicks out! That was close, so close for the Sandman!

    *The Sandman looks surprised and pissed that Sandow was able to kick out after the nasty looking Spike DDT. The ECW stalwart then pleads with Sandow to stand back up, when Damien does.. he's greeted with a boot to the stomach as Sandman then holds him in a power driver position before throwing his arms in the air as again another "E-C-W!" chants breaks out. Just when the Sandman looks set to deliver the power driver, Sandow reverses and back body drops The Sandman over his head and crashing to the ring floor.

    With the Sandman feeling the pain he rolls out of the ring holding his back as Sandow is trying to catch his breath back in the ring. Damien Sandow then pleads with the referee to start counting and the referee obliges as the crowd count down too. The ref counts to Eight and Sandow raises his arms in the ring assuming the Sandman is not going to make the count.

    However when the referee reaches nine! the crowd pop once more as Sandman can be seen now standing up, he also has his Singapore Cane in his hand and enters the ring. Damien Sandow immediately starts to scramble out of the ring clearly wanting nothing to do with Sandman and that Cane. The ref is able to pull the weapon away from Sandman but Sandow is already half way up the stage, the ref begins counting Sandow down but Damien shrugs it off and makes a gesture that he's done with this match. With the crowd booing Sandow heads behind the curtain and The Sandman is eventually declared the winner of the match.*

    JR: What a coward Damien Sandow is King.

    King: Coward? I would love to see you stand in there with that loony while he's swinging that cane around!

    *The Sandman now stands in the ring and is taking in the applauds of the crowd who have welcomed him back. With more ECW chants going around the arena, The Sandman asks for a microphone and begins to speak.*

    Sandman: *looking around while breathing heavily* "Well, look who's back from the dead! In case you forgot or don't know who the hell this walking freak of nature is, Let me tell ya. I am the Sandman and I come from the worst part of hell. And if you were wondering where I have been in a while, I was in the slums of society, hittin' the bars and I'd watch the television and I'd see some little pansies prancing around the ring demanding respect; someone would turn to me and ask, "Isn't that what you did?" And it tore me up inside, so I decided to fly out here and bring some class to this business. I will fight anyone, anywhere, and destroy who the hell ever I need to. If anyone wants a piece of me or get in my way, don't worry, I'll find you and smash your teeth out, leave in a puddle of blood and booze. I'm the Sandman, and I approve this message!"

    *The Sandman then throws down the microphone and proceeds to leave the ring. with his music playing once more, the Sandman leaves again through the crowd with his cane in hand as the show moves on.*


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    JR: I still don’t believe it that the Sandman is back. It is great to have an ECW legend like him back

    King: That man is delusional and crazy

    JR: Wouldn’t say that too loud King, he could still be behind you.

    JR: And it is time for our main event! CM Punk, who early tonight challenged for this match, will take on Wade Barrett one on one with no United Kingdom on ringside. And if I know Punk like I think I do, he has revenge on his mind, revenge for all those attacks that Barrett committed as the Masked Man

    King: Well JR, are you not forgetting, Barrett has claimed he is not the masked man that attacked Punk

    JR: That sounds more like an excuse to get out of facing a vengeful Punk, I don’t know about you but I don’t buy it, we haven’t seen an appearance from another masked man since Barrett unmasked at Great American Bash

    JR: Plus just look at this man, he is a member for the United Kingdom, you can’t trust him as far as you can throw him.

    King: Well I buy the story, and Punk better too, he better watch his back for that Masked Man

    CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett
    (Ignore Cena)

    Watch 6:35 till 8:38

    JR: Double clothesline and both men are down.

    Punk is the first to his feet, and he picks up Barrett and leans him against the turnbuckle. Punk lands a few backhand chops to the chest of Barrett. Barrett staggers out and Punk back heel kick to the midsection of Barrett and follows with an arm drag takedown and Punk locks in an armbar. Barrett fights to his feet and punches Punk a few times. Punk maintains a hold of Barrett’s arm and Barrett holds on as well. Barrett attempts to hit Punk with the Bull Hammer, but Punk ducks

    JR: Barrett looking for the early victory but Punk was well aware of what was coming

    After the failed Bull Hammer, Punk ducked under the elbow, still holds the arm of Barrett and reverses it into a short arm clothesline. Punk follows up with a leg drop on Barrett, followed by another, followed by one more. Punk then goes to the apron and waits for Barrett to get up, as Barrett does, Punk hits Barrett with a springboard clothesline. Barrett gets up quickly, Punk calls for him and hits a clothesline, followed by another. On the third try Barrett attempts a clothesline of his own, and Punk ducks, and follows with a diving crossbody. Punk gets up and picks Barrett up and hits repeated forearm strikes to the chest. He leans Barrett into the turnbuckle and follows with the running high knee to the jaw.

    JR: Running high knee from Punk, and he grabs the head, bulldo… no! Barrett pushed him off

    King: And look at this Barrett rolling to the outside of the ring, how smart was that!

    Punk gets up quickly and watches Wade Barrett on the outside who slams the barricade in frustration. Punk stalks him, and when Barrett turns

    JR: Suicide Dive…

    King: No! Barrett moved! Punk hit the barricade hard

    JR: He did indeed

    Barrett picks Punk up and rolls him in the ring, Barrett follows with a cover,



    Punk kicks out and Barrett is not happy. Barrett lifts Punk up, sends him against the ropes and hits Punk with a huge big boot. Barrett picks Punk up once again, sends him against the ropes again and hits a backbreaker. Barrett then once again picks him up follows with a heel kick to the gut of Punk, and Barrett follows with a pumphandle fallaway slam. Barrett just leaves Punk on the ground and rests for a minute as he is in full control. Barrett picks Punk up, leans him against the ropes and hits a few forearm smashes to the face, and whips Punk into the opposite ropes. Barrett picks Punk up…

    JR: Winds of Change! No wait reverse STO counter by Punk! Both men are down.

    Punk gets up after the reversal, and hits a swift kick to the ribs of Barrett. He notices Barrett is down and Punk begins to climb the top rope. Punk gets up and points to the sky…

    JR: Diving Elbow and… he got it!

    King: Barrett is in trouble here… he needs the UK for support

    Punk gets up after the diving elbow and celebrates for a minute, before calling for the finish, and calling for Barrett to go to sleep. Punk picks Barrett up and puts him on his shoulders…

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    JR: Punk looking for the Go To Sleep… NO! NO! WHAT THE HELL! THE MASKED MAN! Barrett was telling the truth all along! NO! NOT LIKE THIS! NOT WITH THE LEAD PIPE!

    Punk just about to go for the Go To Sleep was attacked from behind by the Masked Man and was laid out with a lead pipe shot to the back. The Masked Man continues the onslaught with repeated pipe shots to Punk.

    King: Who is this man? If it wasn’t Barrett who is it? Why does he attack Punk?

    The Masked Man leaves Punk a mess in the ring, and the Masked Man runs up the side of the ramp and exits through the back. Meanwhile Punk is down and out cold in the ring. Barrett who had rolled to the outside as a result of being knocked down, now gets in the ring and stalks Punk. Barrett clearly knows the match is over but he doesn’t care.

    JR: Barrett he has suffered enough, we get it he falsely blamed you but he had every right to, everybody else was under the same assumption. No don’t do this Barrett the man is injured enough, enough is enough

    Barrett picks Punk’s lifeless body off the canvas, and lifts Punk onto his shoulders, Barrett lets a big smile curl across his face when…




    Barrett hears Rhodes’ music and he drops Punk and focuses on Rhodes who runs out and down the ramp and slides in the ring. He tackles Barrett and the two men begin to trade blows. Rhodes is clearly winning, but then Barrett rolls him over and gets up. Barrett goes to escape but Rhodes catches him, drags him back in, and Rhodes mounts Barrett and wails away on him. Then from up the ramp the members of the United Kingdom run down the ramp to save their leader

    JR: ALL HELL HAS BROKE LOOSE! And now the UK is here to protect Barrett, this may end up similar to last week.

    The UK runs down and get Rhodes off of Barrett, all three men pin Rhodes against the turnbuckle and begin to beat him down, when out from the back comes Tyler Black and Kurt Angle!

    JR: Tyler Black and Kurt Angle have now joined!

    The two men get in and attack Regal and McIntyre and take them out, they clear the ring of both of them, and Black and Angle go over and work on Sheamus. They then send him over the top rope too and Barrett orders the men to retreat.

    JR: Tonight the UK wasn’t so dominant they are retreating now

    King: Cody Rhodes and CM Punk lied about him not being here all so they could ambush the UK. The UK won’t stand for this I tell you, they won’t. Rhodes has always lied and always will!

    JR: Well now it appears as though Cody Rhodes has got a message for the UK!

    UK back up the ramp as Kurt Angle stands at the nearest rope, facing the ramp. CM Punk is on the ground, still recovering from his earlier assault, with Tyler Black standing over him. As for Cody Rhodes, well he’s got a microphone.

    Cody Rhodes: I told you lot last week, we’re not standing for it!

    The fans explode with cheers as Cody approaches the ropes and takes a position next to Kurt.

    Cody Rhodes: This week, I was supposed to be given the week off, I was supposed to sit at home. Eve rang me up and told me that I wasn’t needed for this week’s show. After a conversation with Teddy Long, he told me to rest up and informed me that I could come back next week. He said that he needed me back to fighting fitness, he said that he needed me back for SummerSlam- but was I standing for that?

    No chance in hell!

    The fans cheer again and a huge Cody Rhodes chant is heard throughout the arena.

    Cody Rhodes: So I jumped on a plane and I made my way here to Houston. All of these Texans are some of the most patriotic wrestling fans in the entire world. Just listen to them as soon as you try and be something. Listen to them when you tell them that the United States Champion is Irish!

    A huge amount of boos are heard throughout the arena.

    Cody Rhodes: Exactly. Last week Sheamus, you actually did the unthinkable- no, hear me out- you actually won a match....without help! I know, shock right. Congratulations. You actually did two things there. Number one, you beat me. You see, that means I have yet another reason to take you down. And a few years ago, somebody said this to the Nexus. I don’t care if I have help, or whether I do it alone. I will take down each and every single one of you.

    And number two, you actually allowed me to refocus. You see, the man who parades around like he’s a big shot, all because he returned and cost me the match with Sheamus at Great American Bash. I’m of course, talking about Wade Barrett.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Cody Rhodes: Wade, you need to learn something. What you’re doing doesn’t work. The Nexus, The Corre. Two different factions that you led, just like you lead this ridiculous faction in front of all of us. Well let me be the first to tell you- just like those two factions, this faction, the United Kingdom will fail.

    And I’m going to be the reason. I don’t care if it takes one week, one month, one year or even if we’re still fighting in fifty years on zimmerframes in retirement homes- I’m going to end this faction. And judging by the reaction in this very ring, I’m not alone.

    Cody points at Kurt.

    Cody Rhodes: We have this man, perhaps the most patriotic person in this ring. Kurt Angle won a gold medal for this country. He fought and he won, something that we’re going to need, the winning mentality. I’m willing to bet that if any of you cross him for real, he’ll do what he did at Great American Bash and win. He’ll win and he keep winning.

    Cody points at Black.

    Cody Rhodes: And of course, who could forget about Tyler Black? A man who answered the call when I needed help to fight you when you were just three. Tyler Black has proven time and time again that he will be the future of this company. This man right here will be considered the face of the company for a very long time. And you’re just going to be the first on a long line of victims for him. If you don’t think he’s capable of anything, ask John Cena.

    Cody backs up, leans down and puts an arm around CM Punk, who has sat up.

    Cody Rhodes: And then, there’s this man. CM Punk. This man right here can be summed up in just four words. BEST IN THE WORLD!

    The fans explode with cheers and begin a CM Punk chant.

    Cody Rhodes: CM Punk is like every single person in this ring, he’s hungry for revenge. And I’m willing to bet that you four will be his first call for when he gets his revenge. You see, Wade, Drew, William, Sheamus- it’s just a matter of time. It’s just a matter of time until you realize you’re not good enough.

    And it’s just a matter of time until you’re done. And all of these men in the ring with me will join me as we DESTROY you. You’re going to regret you ever tried to do what you’ve done. Last week at Great American Bash, you started it. Well tonight, this is the beginning of the end. That end is coming Wade, SummerSlam- Wade Barrett goes one-on-one with Cody Rhodes.

    At SummerSlam, I’m finishing it.

    Cody throws the microphone over the rope at the UK, before jumping onto the turnbuckle to stare down at the UK.

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    We see the shot of each of the superstars staring at each other, we then quietly cut to the back into Teddy Long’s office. Teddy Long is standing in his office watching a TV screen when someone knocks on his door.*

    Teddy: Come in!

    *Eve walks in with a grin on her face. Teddy looks agitated.*

    Eve: Good evening Teddy.

    Teddy: Eve what the hell do you want playa?

    Eve: Come on Teddy there's no need for that attitude, I'm just trying to do my job. After all as your assistant it's my responsibility to make sure the show stays on track while you get to sit comfortably in your office and do nothing.

    Teddy: Sit comfortably? Show stays on track?! Have you not been watching the show?

    *Teddy points to the screen*

    Teddy: All hell has broke loose! It's chaos out there again, this is the second time in a row.

    *Teddy sighs clearly depressed with what he is witnessing.*

    Teddy: I'll tell you something playa, this ain't gunna' happen again! There's going to be some serious repercussions!

    *Teddy clearly panicked by the situation starts muttering to himself and pacing up and down*

    Teddy: I can only imagine what the board of directors must think about this situation.

    *Teddy sighs*

    Eve: Oh come on Teddy lighten up, I'm sure they're not thinking anything I haven't already expressed out loud. If these events prove anything it's that you no longer have control of the show, people here do whatever they want because they're not afraid of you Teddy.

    *Eve stares at the tv screen*.

    Eve: Boy they're really went at it.

    *Teddy glares at her, but Eve grins*.

    Eve: Maybe it's your old age or maybe you've just lost your touch. Either way I think this proves what I've been saying this whole time that RAW needs new representation, namely me.

    *Teddy just stares at Eve before looking back at the screen where the brawl has now stopped.*

    Teddy: So you really think you can run Raw better then me?

    Eve: I sure do.

    Teddy: Okay playa we will see about that. I'm going to phone the board of directors right now and get this sorted once and for all. You have been nothing but an added distraction ever since you were named my assistant and if there's one thing that needs changing around here...

    *Teddy picks up the office phone and begins to dial*.

    Teddy: It's you being told too pack your bags and go!

    Eve: Well actually Teddy you'll be happy to know that I've already sorted things out for you yet again. You see I just got off the phone with the Board of Directors.

    *Teddy looks shocked and hangs up the phone*.

    Eve: And as it turns out they're not too happy with how you've been running this show, yet again, however, they've been very impressed with my work picking up your slack so to speak and they agreed with you that things do need to change. However, it's not quite the change you were hoping for, I will be packing up my bags, but only so I can walk into my new office. A much bigger office with a sign on the door that reads Eve Torres CO-General Manager of RAW.

    *The audience is in complete silence and Teddy looks completely shocked*.

    Eve: It wasn't quite the change that I was hoping for, but it certainly is quite a start.

    *Eve grins.*


    “Now wait just a cotton pickin’ minute!”

    *Both Mangers of RAW turn around and notice that A.W., followed by the Primetime Players, invite themselves in through the open door and are now standing in front of them both, cross armed and just plain old cross in general. A.W. looks to both Eve and Teddy before Teddy opens his mouth to say something before A.W. rudely cuts him off.*

    A-tatatatatata! Zip it, peanut head! If I’m gonna get some answers, I’m gonna get it from the more competent manager of RAW so why don’t you do us a favor and go make us some coffee or something? Or better still, you ain’t even qualified to do that. Just shut it until we’re through. Now then…”

    *A.W. turns his attention to Eve but finds himself unable to keep himself from staring at her body. The motion of planting her hands firmly on her hips and a loud, forced cough force A.W. to turn his attention north of Eve’s neck and the raised eyebrow, wrinkled nose and frown indicate impatience for ogling on A.W.’s part and that he better get on with it.*

    Uh…sorry. Anyways, I’m…or should I say, we are here to file a complaint!

    *A.W. pauses, thinking that Eve will ask what the complaint is about but instead finds her rotating her hand, telling him to go on.”

    Right. Anyways, I don’t know if you’ve been noticing a rather startling trend or not but it doesn’t involve the UK at all. Hell, it’s even bigger than the UK. Forget about those tea sippin’ chumps and focus on the bigger picture, the bigger crime, the bigger travesty that very few people in this business have noticed and it’s eating away at the integrity that this company was once founded upon.”

    *Getting stirred into the moment by his emotionally laced words, A.W. folds his arms behind his back while walking back and forth in a straight line and jabbing his finger up in the air at random intervals.*

    When the great founder of this company, Vince McMahon Sr., God rest his soul, founded this company over 6 decades ago, he had a vision, a dream that would go on an inspire the most revered icons in wrestling history. His son continued to live his vision by the book and now, in the present day, we’re worse off than when we started? Why? Because the once great division of tag team wrestling is now being treated as a joke. How is this so you may ask? Because when there’s any sort of buzz in the WWE, the fans are the ones who reverberate it. Their hype makes us wrestlers and managers the focal point of this company. Like it or not, our chances of thriving can only happen when we are the center of the storm. Now, you have the Primetime Players behind me, without the doubt THE best tag team in the world, not to mention the most charismatic and cover shot worthy, and yet, last week, when the tag team champions made an appearance, the fans weren’t chanting “We want Primetime!”. No, no, no. They were chanting for that decrypt, deteriorated, disoriented band of degenerate dimwits aka D-Generation X!

    :: Darren Young::

    “And we ain’t got time for that!

    *Titus nods in agreement.*

    ::Titus O’Neil::

    “See, the problem here is that for the second time in the span of three months, new tag teams are rising up form out of nowhere and stole our thunder. They robbed us of OUR momentum. Instead of the spotlight being on the pair of the most prime time superstars of all time, they’re centered around Claudine and Zero and now a tag team of senior citizens who belong in the old folks home? What kind of nonsense is that?

    :: Darren Young::

    “May we remind you that a couple months back, we took out all of those tag teams in that battle royal? The World’s Greatest Tag Team, S.C.UM., Beer Money, The New Age Outlaws and the rest of the crop of crocks? Now can DX and the Kings of Wrestling say that they’ve done that? And now all of a sudden, we’re supposed to believe that at Summerslam, one of THOSE tag teams will be getting a shot at the tag team championships and NOT us?


    “What we want from you, Eve is a guarantee that at Summerslam, that you’ll make the right decision and make us the number one contenders for those belts because we ain’t having none of this!

    *A synchronized “Yeah, that’s right!” comes from Titus and Darren but before they can state their case any further, they’re interrupted by unwelcome company.*

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    *James Storm and Bobby Roode, the duo known as Beer Money, walk into the room.*

    Bobby: Sorry to interrupt this fiasco, but we...

    James: Not really.

    Bobby: Okay fine. We are not sorry to interrupt this little gathering, but we just strolling along the hallway and saw PTP walk in here. So, we took it upon ourselves to hear what they had to say.

    James: And rest assure we couldn't disagree anymore with them. However, there was something interesting we actually agree upon. That one thing is....

    Bobby: The state of the tag team division. You see, Primetime Cheesballs over here*points to PTP* are right about how new tag teams come along and take the spotlight over the other guys. We might not like PTP, but they had their own little "momentum", or whatever you called it, and this other tag teams come along just to grab the spotlight.

    James: However, they fail and yet they still get more opportunities. We'll admit that at least PTP earned their first chance to go against the champs. Unlike, The Kings of Wrestling and D-Generation X, who have not proven a damn thing. And we've gotten sick and tired of this injustice. You see....

    *Bobby grabs James by the shoulders and both nod at each other.*

    Bobby: You see, we both know we can't put the total blame on other teams or management. We have talk to one another and it took us awhile, but we came to unified decision that the blame should also be on our shoulders. We are the ones who should have come here and not asked, but begged for a chance.

    James: However, we also realized we aren't beggars and we will never be beggars. So, what we have decided is to let you Teddy and Miss Torres know that we Beer Money....

    Bobby: Want the chance to become....


    Bobby: So, what do you say?

    James: Cause we are eager to show you how hungry we are.

    Bobby: Oh and you can trust us, when we say that we are more determine that Primetime Cheesballs.

    James: And if you don't like that then....

    Bobby: Wait! I've always wanted to say it.

    James: You know it's my line.

    Bobby: *Sighs heavily* Fine.

    James: THEN SORRY ABOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK!!!!! *Grabs a beer bottle and drinks it up.*

    Teddy: Co... Co-GM of RAW?

    *Eve grins*

    Eve: You know what Teddy why don't you let me handle this one? You obviously have a lot to think about.

    *The members of both teams stare at Eve awaiting her answer*

    Eve: I propose a Tag Team Battle Royal at SummerSlam to crown the true number one contenders for the Tag Team titles. How does that sound?

    *All four men nod in agreement and talk among themselves. Eve turns to Teddy*

    Eve: Teddy does that plan work for you?

    Teddy: I... sure... let's go with that.

    *The 4 men leave the office and Teddy sits down on his chair looking worried*

    Eve: Well Teddy if there's nothing else I'll be on my way. There's still a lot to do here while you rest comfortably in your chair, but I wouldn't make myself too comfortable if I were you. Bye!

    *Eve leaves the office and Teddy continues to sit with a worried expression on his face as the show fades to Black*


    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
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    Who wants Nitro? Huh? Huh? I know YOU want Nitro so stick around because it'll be coming up shortly.

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    Unless, of course, there's something else of importance that needs to be done so I could just stop doing fillers and postpone the show forever.......

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    jk! ;o Stay tuned because Sunday Morning Nitro will be coming your way! Take it away Tenay and Bischoff!

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