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    RAW is WAR: Episode 29
    Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

    *The pyro shoots off around the arena as RAW is WAR is live, the camera pans around the audience and brings us to a stop at the commentary table where we are welcomed by Good Ol’ JR and Jerry The King Lawler.*

    JR: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday Night RAW is WAR, live in Houston Texas, here at the Toyota Center. We thank you for joining us, and we have quite the night planned.

    King: That’s right JR; it’s the return of my personal favorite segment, Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel!

    JR: And his guest tonight is none other than his opponent at SummerSlam, WWE Champion Austin Aries

    King: At least he has a new title now, much better than him ripping off my name as King!

    JR: That’s just a nickname King. Anyways the reforming DX will be in action tonight, taking on the Kings of Wrestling, in which we could see one of these teams named number one contender to All American Perfection’s WWE Tag Team Championships.

    King: DX cheated last week and doesn’t deserve to be here. The Kings of Wrestling won’t stand for that I assure you, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them beat those old degenerates down tonight.

    JR: Speaking of beat downs we had two of those occur last week, and the first was by Raven and his new found member of the flock, Abyss! That man is a monster, he is The Monster, and Sting better watch himself now, and the numbers are not in his favor

    King: Finally someone is here to stop the antics of Sting.

    JR: I wouldn’t say antics King, Sting is here for justice, and even though there maybe two of them, Sting is one individual who can fight this battle by himself if he needs to. The other beat down last week occurred at the hands of…

    The crowd explodes with boos as the United Kingdom emerges from the curtains and poses at the top of the ramp, Sheamus holding his arms out wide while Wade Barrett points to the United States championship around Sheamus's waist. The four men make their way down the ramp and then get into the center of the ring.

    JR: And here they are now… The United Kingdom. Last week in a Great American Bash rematch, Cody Rhodes lost his United States Championship match, using his rematch clause, with the UK banned at ringside, but after the match the team of four came down and attacked Cody Rhodes

    King: CM Punk and Tyler Black tried their best but it was to no avail, and the UK gave Cody everything he deserves

    JR: What happened to Cody last week was not deserved; it was merciless to say the least and is not something the United Kingdom should be proud of.

    King: They look plenty proud to me.

    Sheamus is handed a microphone.

    Sheamus: Well would ya looky here.

    Sheamus pats his United States championship wrapped around his waist.

    Sheamus: I am still your United States champion!

    The crowd boos at Sheamus loudly with dissatisfaction.

    Sheamus: Oh boo hoo, you're all dad because your little hero Cody couldn't beat me! I won fair and square and all of you fellas know that! My alliance helped me in no way, and I proved once and for all that the Great White is better than the Golden Boy!

    Cody, you were nothin' but a tree in my path on the road to becoming the champion. All I had to do was hoist that tree over my head, and throw it out of my way! Now I can move onto bigger and better things within the WWE. Cody, your fifteen minutes of fame are done and over with. The United Kingdom and I will dominate this company within a matter of weeks, and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it fella!

    The crowd explodes with U.K. Sucks chants!

    Sheamus: Listen to yourselves; you're all talkin' out your arses! The United Kingdom consists of the United States champion, Sheamus, William Regal, Drew McIntyre, and our newest member ... Mr. Wade Barrett!

    The crowd boos has Sheamus hands the microphone over to Barrett.

    Barrett: Last week, right here on Raw, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk and Tyler Black all talked a big game. Rhodes talked about how he would beat my colleague Sheamus, The US Champion, and how he would regain his title. And Punk, talking about what he was going to do to us, and Black, speaking of how he will take down the UK. So, what happened at the end of the night? Did the 'good guys' stand tall? Did Cody take back his title and send the crowd home happy? NO! And you people don't deserve to go home happy!

    The crowd erupts in a mass of boos and whistles

    Barrett: What did in fact happen at the end of last week, was Sheamus pinning Cody Rhodes, fair and square, proving that The Celtic Warrior is the better man! And as Sheamus says Cody, your 15 minutes of fame are up. Go join your brother Goldust on the unused list, where nobody will have to see or hear from you ever again! And what happened post match? Punk and Black, knowing they couldn't beat us man to man, attempted to take us out from behind, and finally take the UK down a notch. But no, again , the UK stood tall, again the UK proved that they are better than these pathetic Americans, again the UK showed why we are the most feared group in WWE history

    The crowd boo Barrett as he looks around, smirking at them

    Barrett: Last week, the UK made the biggest statement yet. Last week, we took out 3 of the biggest faces of this company, one by one. What this means is that now we have the attention of everybody, we have the attention of you, we have the attention of Vince McMahon, we have the attention of the wrestling world! And one by one, we will collect all the titles in the WWE, until finally we can look at the WWE landscape and say that we have changed it drastically, and we have proven once and for all, that the UK is better than America! We are the UK! We are the most dom......

    Punk's theme interrupts Barrett as he appears on stage to the praise of the crowd, a mic in and a do or do not attitude as he head to the ring daringly facing The UK once inside showing no fear in being alone against them but he is not alone for long as we hear.....

    Tyler Black heads to the ring as the fans cheer him on. He soon joins Punk in his stand against The UK before Punk begins to speak.

    Punk: Now in case you're waiting for Rhodes to join us, you don't need to seeing after your attack on him last he's been given the night off tonight to get some time to heal up just right to join in our fight against you soon.

    Fans are disappointed they won't be able to see Rhodes tonight

    Punk: But I'll say this, you sure are overconfident little bastards, aren't you?

    Fans cheer as members of the UK look pissed

    Punk: You think having a good night where stand tall as Raw goes off the air makes the most dominant group in the WWE. Let me remind you, especially you Barrett that Nexus did the exact same thing the night they were formed

    Where are they now?


    Exactly. They got too confident that they were the most dominating force in the WWE at the time, just like you are now. So what makes you think you're gonna turn out any different especially when you got the likes of me and Tyler Black ready to put a stop to you.

    Fans cheer Punk on

    Punk: We are not over with The UK just yet. We may be a man short but we will not let that keep our goal of taking you down from being completed. We know there are others who will soon join our fight and once that happens, we're gonna install some real honor into your asses and Barrett; don't even begin to think that I've forgotten you're the masked man that attacked me.

    Barrett seems unfazed by Punk's words

    Punk: So how about you stop being a coward and meet me in this ring in a match tonight?

    Barrett looks a bit angry but nods accepting Punk's challenge.

    Punk: Good, least you got some valor. Now Mr. Black, do you have anything to say?

    Black takes the mic from Punk as the crowd cheers

    Black: Thank you, Punk; I do have a lot say. Now, I may not have been the biggest fan of Rhodes in the past but Rhodes is a fighter, he knows will what he believes in and he's made a believer and a friend out of me. That's why his attack last week by you 4 worthless pricks will be avenged soon.

    Fans cheer Black

    Black: See as much as you believe it's all about The UK, it's not. It's about guys Rhodes, like Punk, like me and like.....
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    Angle rises up from the platform below to the roar of the crowd before he heads to the ring joining Punk and Black.

    Black: Angle. Who put it all on the line for the WWE and these fans, the right way?

    Fans cheer

    Black: Just cause Rhodes is not here tonight doesn't mean there aren't people ready to stand and fight and Angle, just like at The Great American Bash it's ready to put up a fight.

    You got nothing but the numbers to your advantage but as long as we keep getting up and keep our sights on taking you down, we'll always find someone who'll join us on our mission to rid the WWE of The UK and oh what a glorious day that will be in the history of the WWE, courtesy of yours truly and many, many other who'll be sure to kick your asses.

    I'll make you fade to black before the year ends. I can promise you that.

    *Regal takes the mic away from Barrett, and steps in front of the UK.*

    Regal: Excuse me gentleman, but who in the hell are you, for interrupting, the United Kingdom? As Mr. Barrett was about to say, before being so rudely interrupted, the UK are the most dominating force in the wrestling business today!

    We hold the United States Championship, and when the year is out love, we will not fade to black. No darling, we will turn the game into reality. We will be holding every title, and take our rightful roles as the Monarchs of the WWE.

    And Kurt. We've worked side by side in the Alliance, and in the WWF. We locked horns several times. Yet cretin, I at least had some respect for you! But by joining these miscreants, you've just lost that.

    GAB should've been focused on GBR, the Great British Ruling the WWE. Sheamus won his gold, finally. Wade Barrett was revealed as the man who's been having problems with you Punk. Yet, for reasons, not entirely obvious, this parade was ruined! By Kurt Angle!

    It's true you suck Kurt! You are a real great performer, at performing oral sex on a fellow male. But Black, Angle. We want our vengeance. Vendetta is upon us, and bloody hell, we're gonna get it!

    *Drew McIntyre steps up and takes the mic from Regal. The crowd is silent in anticipation of the response from Black and Angle.*

    Drew McIntyre: That’s right peasants; we want our Great American Bash tonight. What happened at the Great American Bash was nothing more than a mere fluke, and tonight the United Kingdom gets their revenge. Angle you had no business sticking your nose in this business, but now that you have involved yourself, you will regret what is going to happen to you. What all of you fail to realize, is that now you are one member down, and after tonight, it will be all three of you suffering the same fate as your beloved Cody Rhodes. And after we dispose of you and your worthless careers, the United Kingdom will move on to bigger and better things, namely the other titles we have yet to conquer here in this business. So Black… Angle, care to accept our offer? One way or another we will dispose of you so why don’t you make it easy for us and end it here tonight

    *Regal and McIntyre stare at the three men on the stage awaiting their answer. Angle looks at McIntyre, before beginning to speak.*

    Kurt Angle: Wait a second. Fluke? Drew, are you out of your mind? As far as I'm concerned, I never thought that Kurt Angle knocking Drew McIntyre out with an Angle Slam- and pinning him 1-2-3 for the victory was a fluke!

    *Crowd cheer Angle*

    Angle: You see McIntyre; I had every right to get involved in this beef. I'm not the one, who backs down from a fight. I joined this fight, because I am a true American hero. And watching 4 clueless people dissing the hell out of our country is absolutely uncalled for.

    And yes, you're correct McIntyre. The United Kingdom ARE going to move onto better things. Why? Because right now, you're dominant. You've got a US Champion. You've got a future world champion. Hell, you two are future tag team champions!

    *Crowd boo Angle's words.*

    Angle: But, you've got myself, CM Punk, Tyler Black, and Cody Rhodes standing in your way. And we're going to do our best to stop you, from becoming superior and making a fool out of the WWE. Rhodes may be injured, but you need to remember that when he comes back- he'll be bigger, badder, and better!

    *Crowd cheers Angle as he turns to Regal.*

    Angle: Regal, I am a five time world champion. A former European Champion. A former Hardcore Champion. A former Intercontinental Champion. A former Tag Team Champion. A former King of the Ring winner AND an Olympic Gold Medalist. And you? Well, you're a four time Tag Team Champion. Five time Hardcore Champion. A four time European Champion. A two time Intercontinental Champion, and a former King of the Ring winner.

    So if you compare my accomplishments, to yours- you'll find that the only one who sucks around here is one man. One man who goes by the name of, William Regal.

    *Crowd cheer Angle with a few laughs from the crowd.*

    Angle: You two want revenge? Bring it on. Me, and Tyler Black have beaten you two before. And Great American Bash will repeat itself, as we'll beat you again.

    Oh and it's's DAMN true.

    JR: Wow! Two huge matches confirmed here for tonight! We have a Great American Bash rematch, where Tyler Black and Kurt Angle will take on William Regal and Drew McIntyre! Not only that, but I’m now getting word that the CM Punk versus Wade Barrett match that was confirmed just moments ago… is our main event tonight!

    King: The United Kingdom is about to have a clean sweep.

    JR: I wouldn’t be so sure, I know Punk has been gunning for Barrett ever since he found out that Barrett was the Masked Man behind all of the attacks.

    King: Wade Barrett is going to dispose of him like he did Cody Rhodes

    JR: Well we will see.


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    JR: Welcome back, and boy do I feel bad for the poor soul in that ring right now. He has to go one on one with Goldberg!

    King: I don’t get why he has to face these guys. Frankly I don’t get why these people like him, he should’ve been suspended for what he did at The Great American Bash! Putting Ryback through a table was uncalled for, all though I did enjoy Ryback finally being given what he deserved

    JR: Well Goldberg had been frustrated that he couldn’t beat Ryback, and now with Ryback out of action, nobody wants to face Goldberg knowing there is a chance of injury. So Goldberg is relegated to facing guys like these, who get a once in a lifetime opportunity to be on worldwide television in hopes of upsetting Goldberg.

    King: Like that is going to happen.

    King: A man like this eats guys like that for breakfast, never mind wrestling him.

    JR: Well let’s get this contest going, not that we expect it to be much of a contest.

    Goldberg vs. Mike Anthony

    JR: And once again Goldberg picks up a win.

    *Fans are chanting Goldberg…Goldberg…Goldberg*

    King: These fans still cheer him even though he faces worthless competition .

    JR: There is no two ways about it he is just a crowd favorite. Up next another crowd favorite, Trish Stratus will be in action, against one of the Diva’s in the Triple Threat match at SummerSlam for the Women’s Championship, her rival, Kelly Kelly!


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    JR: Well folks, we hope you are enjoying Raw Is War tonight. We still have plenty to come and just right around the corner, we have the hottest PPV of the summer! SummerSlam!

    King: Oh boy I can't wait for that Ross! And more importantly, I can wait to see Chris Jericho win back his WWE title!

    JR: Austin Aries vs. Chris Jericho on the biggest night of the Summer? Now that's special King. If these guys give us half the match we had at the Bash' then we are in for a treat.

    King: We certainly are Ross, let's not forget about the Divas though.. we will crown a new Women's champion!

    JR: How could I forget King. That's right partner, The Road to Triumph has ended and all roads led to SummerSlam! Lita, Trish or Kelly. one of these women will be crowned the new Women's champion, who will it be though folks?

    *The Titantron then appears and shows highlights of the Road to Triumph competition. It then highlights the careers of Lita, Trish and Kelly before showing this picture..*

    King: Well Ross, we might get a little glimpse into that title match tonight. because up next.. it will be Kelly Kelly vs. Trish Stratus. I love the divas Ross!

    JR: It should be a great match King. The WWE Universe I'm sure is well aware of the recent rivalry between Kelly and Trish and it was at Backlash where Trish Stratus was able to pin Kelly. the feud would not end there though folks and it's set to renew tonight.

    King: With SummerSlam right around the corner, a win for one of these women tonight and just think of the momentum they could take into that title match.

    JR: That's a very good point King. You also have to think that Lita will be watching this one very closely.

    *Kelly Kelly makes her way out from behind the curtain to a chorus of boos, she orders her bodyguards away before strutting down to the ring shrugging of the Jeer's and boo's from the crowd. She reaches the ring and poses before screwing her face up at reaction from the hostile crowd.*

    *The crowd erupt with jeers and applaud the sight of the diva of the decade, Trish poses at the top of the stage before making her way down the ramp and slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Trish then enters the ring and poses once more before turning her attention to her opponent, Kelly Kelly.*

    Trish Stratus vs. Kelly Kelly

    Start at 3:00 stop at 7:18

    JR: Trish Stratus is lining up with the Chick Kick!

    King: Watch out Kelly!

    *Before Trish can land her finisher, Kelly dodges out of the way and is able to roll out of the ring displaying good awareness. Trish looks disappointed but heads out of the ring, she grabs Kelly by the hair as K2 try's to escape and begins pulling her back, K2 though pushes Trish's hand away before catching Trish with a side kick to the stomach, she then grips the hair of Trish before throwing her full force into the crowd barrier which draws "Ohhh's" from the crowd.

    With Kelly sensing Trish is hurt and the referee counting the ring count. Kelly then pounces on Trish with slaps and kicks before rolling back into the ring and asking the referee to continue the count.*

    JR: Trish Stratus is hurt folks, she may not be able to continue.

    King: It looks like her left shoulder Ross, she hit that crowd barrier hard.

    JR: The referee's count has already reached six and Trish shows no sign of being able to continue this match!



    *Kelly begins counting down with the referee while posing and smiling clearly thinking the match is as good as over, Trish at this point begins moving and with the crowd urging her on, she makes it too her feet but is there enough time.. *


    King: She's not going to make it Ross, Kelly is going too wi-

    JR: Trish made it! Trish made it! Man that was close!

    *Kelly Kelly is furious with the referee and starts getting into his face questioning the speed of the count. The referee tells K2 that Trish made it in time. This only sparks more outrage from Kelly who then springs off the ropes and baseball slides Trish back out to the ring and she again hits that shoulder hard on the mat floor. Kelly again follows her out of the ring and begins kicking Trish while she is down.. the crowd begin chanting "You Suck!" in her direction but she screams back at them before again laying into Trish with boots and kicks all around her body.*

    JR: You know something King, I find it hard to believe that this is the same once love able and delightful Kelly Kelly that was once adored by these fans.

    King: That Kelly has gone Ross.. this is a new Kelly with a new direction and she is no longer the push over she was once described to be. She's feisty, and it's that new feisty attitude that's got her this far and could very well make her the new women's champion come SummerSlam!

    *Kelly then drags Trish up by her hair before screaming in her face and slapping her back to the floor before posing over Trish. This again sparks boo's from the crowd. Kelly then once more drags Trish up before pointing to the crowd barrier.*

    JR: No! not again Kelly.

    King: I'm afraid so Ross! Trish might not even make SummerSlam!

    *K2 then tries to Irish whip Trish again into the barrier but this time, Trish is able to put the brakes on and reverses the attempt with a boot to the stomach, Trish then swings Kelly into the crowd Barrier before running at her and nailing her with a clothesline as both women tumble over the barricade almost landing in the laps of the fans at ringside.*

    JR: Bah Gawd what a clothesline from Trish!

    King: That lucky fan almost had Trish and Kelly on his lap! *King laughs* And I thought I had the best seat in the house!

    JR: The ref is counting folks! Both women could be counted out here.




    *Both women begin scrambling to get back up, Trish is able to stand first and uses the barricade to keep her balance, then kicks back down Kelly and looks to climb over the barricade!*

    JR: Trish is up! come on Trish, you can make it!

    King: Get up Kelly, Trish is going to win.


    *Trish then hops one leg over the barricade and looks home free, with the crowd cheering her name. She attempts to lift the other leg over and looks certain to do so when she stops and begins to kick frantically as Kelly Kelly can be seen Holding Trish is over leg. Kelly holds on for dear life as Trish continues to break free.*


    JR: It's over! it's over, both women have been counted out!

    King: How smart is Kelly Kelly Ross! She knew she didn't have enough time to win but was no way going to let opponent win either!

    *With ring bell heard and the match now over, Trish just lays on the barricade clearly upset she was not able to break free and win the match. Kelly in the meantime looks delighted that she stopped Trish winning and releases her leg before standing up and beginning to walk through the crowd with a smile on her face..

    The crowd begin booing Kelly as her wide smile can now be seen on the Titantron. Trish notices this and her sadness becomes one of anger, Trish then hops of the barricade and starts chasing down K2. Kelly attempts to out run Trish and heads through one of the exit doors in the crowd. Trish continues hunting her down and is able to catch up nailing Kelly in the back of the head. Trish then loses control of anger and drags up K2 before throwing her face first into a table which can be seen holding Drinks and various items.

    Kelly cleans out the whole table like a bowling ball and begins pleading with Trish to stop. Trish then picks up a wattle bottle and pours it all over Kelly before hitting her over the head with the bottle. K2 is able to then kick Trish in the knee and try's crawling away. Kelly does not get far and once more Trish is able to get a hold of her. Trish again picks her up and this time throws Kelly into a door which opens with the force and Kelly goes right through, the room can be seen to be a small locker room. Kelly is only able to stop her momentum by crashing into a large dirty washing basket. Kelly again begins pleading with Trish but Trish continues to keep walking over to Kelly, Kelly then with desperation try's to slap Trish.

    The Diva of the decade is able to block the attempt though and reverses it with a big Chick Kick which catches Kelly in the temple and knocks her backwards right into the washing basket. With the crowd cheering after witnessing this on the Titantron. Trish lets out a smile and then turns around to leave when she turns around though..

    She is greeted by a chair shot from Lita out of nowhere! *Crowd pop with shock* Lita then throws the chair and stands over Trish with a smile on her face. She then says.. *See you bitches at SummerSlam!" before walking away and leaving the room as the Titantron live footage switches off and the camera is once again at ringside.*

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    JR: I don’t believe my eyes King. Do my eyes deceive me? Did I really just see a Diva brawl before the break?

    King: It wasn’t just any brawl, they fought all over the arena, and just when you though Trish Stratus was the one on top, Lita, a Nitro Diva, comes out of nowhere and flattens Trish Stratus

    JR: And Lita is allowed to be here, since she is participating in the finals, as are Trish Stratus and Kelly Kelly allowed to be on Nitro so we will see if there will be action taken Thursday Night. Now though, we have the newly reformed D Generation X taking on the Kings of Wrestling

    King: I hope the Kings of Wrestling come out on top, they are Kings after all

    JR: Well both these teams are on a roll right now, a win here could put them up as number one contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championships

    JR: Last week DX picked up a win against those tag team champions, All American Perfection in impressive style

    King: They cheated.

    JR: That’s all I’ve heard from you King, fact of the matter is that All American Perfection lost because they attempted to cheat, had they not, they wouldn’t have lost, they cheated and they got caught.

    King: Well this team, despite their loss at the Great American Bash, won last week against the Prime Time Players, who have had three shots at the WWE Tag Team Championships, and lost all three, so the Kings of Wrestling should be next in line for a title shot

    JR: Well this match may just determine it

    DX vs. Kings of Wrestling
    (Chris Hero= Tyson Kidd, Claudio Castagnoli= DHS)

    Watch till 5:45

    JR: And Triple H gets the tag to Shawn Michaels, and boy he is unloading on Chris Hero right now

    Michaels comes in and unloads on Hero with repeated forearms to the face, and he backs Hero against the ropes where he then hits a couple of backhanded chops to the chest of Hero. Hero staggers away into the corner, where Michaels grabs him by the head, hits a couple of punches to the head, and leans him against the turnbuckle. He grabs Hero, but Hero reverses the Irish whip and sends Michaels hurling towards the turnbuckle, where Michaels is able to roll up onto the turnbuckle and back down to save himself. When he turns, Hero runs at him, but Michaels hits an inverted atomic drop, and Hero staggers back, and Michaels rakes his back. When Hero turns, Michaels hits a flying forearm smash, and Michaels kips up.

    JR: Michaels is feeling it, and he is stomping the mat, Sweet Chin Music is on its way

    Michaels stands in the corner and pounds his foot on the ground multiple times calling for Hero to get up, Castagnoli is yelling to his partner. Hero staggers to his feet, groggily turns, and when he sees Michaels, he backs up and makes a tag to Castagnoli.

    King: What a smart move by Hero with help from Castagnoli, avoiding Sweet Chin Music

    Castagnoli comes in and wags his finger at Michaels, who runs at him, but Castagnoli lays Michaels out with a bicycle kick. Castagnoli then grabs Michaels by the feet and sends him flying with a giant swing. Castagnoli takes his time, and as Michaels gets to his feet Castagnoli goes over and hits a huge Swiss Uppercut. Michaels is launched forward and hits the turnbuckle, where he backs up groggily right into a Ricola Plex (X Plex)! Castagnoli covers,



    JR: Michaels kicked out of that one, but how much longer will he last?

    Castagnoli seems to be of no worry and he locks in a Swiss Sleeper Hold (bridging cobra clutch). Michaels is now struggling as he is under tremendous pressure. Michaels is beginning to fade, but then gains a spurt of life with the fans cheering him on. Michaels then in a resilient fashion rolls over, and the two tangle arms. They battle to their feet where their arms are still tangled. Michaels then pushes Castagnoli backwards and…

    JR: Sweet Chin Music! Sweet Chin Music! Michaels hit Castagnoli but I don’t know if he will be able to get the pin, he has taken a beating

    King: Castagnoli needs to make a tag now, this is his only chance.

    JR: Well he is crawling over towards his corner, but so is HBK, and Castagnoli gets the tag, as does HBK!

    Triple H and Chris Hero enter the ring, and Triple H is first with a couple of punches to the head, but Hero retaliates with some of his own. He leans Triple H against the ropes, and whips him into the opposite ropes, bends down, and Triple H a jumping knee drop. Triple H runs back against the ropes, but when he comes back, Hero leapfrogs him, then when HHH comes back, crawls through his legs and rolls over Triple H, before rolling him up



    Thr… NO!

    JR: Oh! He almost had Triple H there, I think that caught Hunter by surprise

    Hero stays on the aggressive and climbs to the apron where he springboards and hits Triple H with the Hero Stomp. Triple H rolls over and to the corner where he uses the ropes to prop himself up, only for Hero to hit the Hero Sidekick (Corner Big Boot) and triple H’s lifeless body falls to the ground. Hero then drags Triple H up and grabs him by the head and leans him against the turnbuckle. Hero tags in Castagnoli, and both men use their power to lift Triple h to the top rope. Castagnoli puts Triple H’s legs behind the ropes, and climbs up the turnbuckle. He hits a few punches to the face of Triple H, and then…

    JR: Superplex to Triple H!

    King: They call this Royal Power & Glory!

    After Castagnoli hits the superplex, he tags in Hero who walks across the apron to the top rope. He turns backwards measuring HHH up and…

    King: Moonsaul…

    JR: NO! Triple H got the legs up, and Hero is in a ton of pain. Can Triple H get the tag… YES!

    Triple H gets the tag to Shawn Michaels, and Michaels goes over and hits a forearm smash that sends Castagnoli down to the ground. Michaels turns, hits a flying forearm smash to Hero, and Michaels kips up!

    JR: Michaels is feeling it… can he get it this time? He is pounding the ground… Hero is standing… Sweet Chin Music!

    Michaels hits Hero with Sweet Chin Music, Triple H enters the ring and knocks Castagnoli off the apron as he attempted to get in the ring. Triple H follows out, Michaels covers…




    JR: What a match! DX wins but by god what a match! The Kings of Wrestling have nothing to be disappointed about

    King: I thought they had it, and in all honesty they still deserve a shot at the Tag Team Titles

    JR: And I agree but DX picked up a huge win here and we can’t leave them out of it either. Let me tell you making the decision between these two teams will be awfully tough, All American Perfection better watch out.

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    *With DX celebrating in the ring, the camera cuts to the back where it shows a television screen, and the camera pans up to show All American Perfection, watching the match, with a look of great disgust on their face. Then out of the corner of the camera comes Josh Mathews*

    Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you my guests at this time…

    Vickie Guerrero: Excuse Me?! Excuse Me! I am the one who does the introductions here. Your guests are none other than the WWE Tag Team Champions, ‘The Show Off’ Dolph Ziggler and ‘The All American American’ Jack Swagger, All American Perfection!

    *As Vickie interrupts Josh he looks hesitant to continue the interview, but he does so anyways.*

    Josh Mathews: Well if you will allow me, last week you two lost to the returning D-Generation X, and this week DX picked up another win. In your eyes are they the number one contenders?

    Jack Swagger: In our eyes there is no number one contender. That’s right, nobody. Not one of the teams currently in the WWE deserves to be number one contenders to our WWE Tag Team Titles. We have held these titles and nobody has been able to touch us. The World’s Greatest Tag Team we beat multiple times, the Prime Time Players beat them three, count it, three times, and we just beat the Kings of Wrestling. If all those teams, with names they don’t deserve can’t match up with us, what makes you think that a couple of degenerates deserve to be number one contender? So Josh, no they aren’t the number one contender’s nobody is.

    Josh Mathews: Well there has to be a number one contender, and last week you lost to DX, how could they not be?

    *Vickie gives Mathews a death glare as Dolph Ziggler steps up, clearly unhappy and answers Josh.*

    Dolph Ziggler: Josh! We did lose last week, your right. But why? Why did we lose? I will tell you why, the only reason we lost was because we were not prepared to wrestle, we were caught blindsided by DX. If you ask me, it's a disgrace and slap in the face to the best damn tag team in this universe that we had to compete at a drop of a time! I guess we have good old Teddy Long to thank for that.

    Had we been giving warning and the time we deserve to prepare, I have no doubt that me and my partner would have beaten DX and proved once again.. why we are that damn good! And that Josh.. that's why DX does not deserve to be the number one contenders for these titles!

    Josh Mathews: Well you say you don’t view them as number one contenders now, but what about in the future?

    Dolph Ziggler: In the future? *Dolph laughs* In the future I see two washed up stars, one of them is sat on his rocking chair, with his hunting rifle in hand and watching his farm while remembering the days of him being the show stopper, remembering the time when he was needed.. he will remember the days before I came along and stole the whole damn show and showed the world.. that not even HBK can outperform me! Dolph Ziggler! *Dolph Smirks*

    As for the other washed up star? He will still be hear in the WWE. His days will consist of him still trying to get people to play the game, the game being.. Who can I sleep with or sucker up to next to get me to the next level here in the WWE! Who can I step on and squash because they don't roll with my "Clique". That game will get him nowhere though Josh! Even Triple H will be surpassed and only two names will matter in this company! Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger!

    So for the future? It will be about us.. just like it is now! Teams will come and go, but only one will remain the dominant force in tag team wrestling and that's... All American Perfection! Show...OFF!

    *Dolph then steps back with a smile on his face as Swagger steps forward.*

    Jack Swagger: Listen Josh, you need to understand something, we say what we mean, and we mean what we say, and everything we say has come to be true. We have told everybody time and time again we are the best tag team in the WWE now and forever, nobody will beat us for these titles unless we voluntarily relinquish them, and that isn’t about to happen anytime soon. Every team we said we would beat, we have, and now we say that DX isn’t a threat, that they aren’t number one contenders and you question us. Josh you should know better.

    *Ziggler and Swagger begin to walk away and Vickie grabs the mic.*

    Vickie Guerrero: This interview is over.

    *All three walk away as Josh Mathews just stands at stares at them.*

    JR: The return of Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel is up next! Stay tuned folks, you aren’t going to want to miss that!


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    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

  7. #767

    JR: And as announced earlier this evening, tonight is the return of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel! And tonight his guest is none other than his opponent at SummerSlam, the WWE Champion, Austin Aries!

    King: Finally I can't wait for Chris Jericho to humiliate Austin Aries in front of the world, and after he does, at SummerSlam he will reclaim his WWE Championship.

    JR: And there have many infamous moments on this show, and I'm sure one will be created tonight. Considering the hatred between the two men and what is at stake, no doubt Chris Jericho will look to end this one in controversy.

    *Chris Jericho comes out in a trademark suit and struts down to the ring. The ring itself is already made up with a black carpet, 2 high stools and a monitor hanging at the back of the ring. Jericho makes his way into the ring and grabs one of the mics on the stools, and then prepares to talk, as the crowd boo him.*

    Jericho: I don't know why I feel that there's need for me to break out the Highlight Reel for you ungrateful parasites here tonight, but I have, and you are all going to sit down, sit back and you are all going to enjoy it, whether you like it or not.

    *the crowd boo*

    Jericho: And this isn't going to be just any Highlight Reel, this Highlight Reel is actually going to have some educational implications for all of you and more specifically, for Austin Aries. Speaking of who, I want to come out here right now so that I can educate him in a few things.

    *There is a pause for a while, but then, Austin Aries' music hits, and the WWE Champion makes his way out*

    JR: And here comes the WWE Champion! Austin Aries is here and on the Highlight Reel!

    King: Austin if you want to save face I wouldn't enter that ring. You have never been involved in a segment quite like Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel, you don't know what you are getting into.

    JR: I'm sure he has seen the Highlight Reel before, and I'm sure he knows what to expect.

    Jericho: Yeah why don't you just step in here. That's right, now take that mic there, DON'T even think about using it just yet. We all know how badly you run your mouth, and we don't want that happening, I, don't want that happening. Now this is the part where I'm supposed to welcome you to the show and all that garbage, but I'm not going to do that of course. I mean, why should I. Now you're going to take a seat right there and you're going to watch as I show you this video clip here.


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    *Jericho pauses a while the crowd actually give a slight mixed reaction. He then gestures to Aries to reply*

    Aries: You know Chris, you are a man of making a lot of points. You point out your best in the world, you point out you're a great WWE champion..oh I'm sorry, you were a great WWE champion, and you point out all kinds of other useless things, but for once, I'm baffled as to what you are trying to point out here. Is this some attempt to hang on glory that you once had? Is it your way of trying to get under my skin? Help a champ out and relay to me what you are trying to prove with that little video of yours.

    *Aries lowers the mic, waiting for a response from Jericho
    Jericho stares on for a while before raising the mic with a smile on his face*

    Jericho: You just don't get it do you Aries. But you did actually pick up on one point that I was trying to make. An important one at that. You rightly pointed out that I WAS a WWE Champion. And you're right, I was. And that's why I know what it takes to win it again, and again, and again. Have you been WWE Champion before? Of course you haven't. And that's exactly why you're going to lose it at Summerslam.

    *the crowd boo*

    Jericho: Your lack of experience carrying a Championship at the top company is going to cost you when you try and defend that Championship against someone like me who has won that Championship multiple times. Your lack of experience is going to be your downfall, and the fact that you haven't won that Championship before proves to us all that you beating me at the Great American Bash was a fluke.

    *the crowd boo*

    Jericho: When I was your age, I had already won a good few championships in the WWE while you've only just managed to win your first WWE Championship. And winning your first WWE Championship is only half the battle. Retaining it, it where the real men are settled from the boys. So you want to become a man Aries? Do you? Well to do that, you're going to have to retain that WWE Championship and keep retaining it time after time after time again, just like I had to do. Because until you do, UNLESS you do, then that Championship win will be nothing more than a fluke victory, and that, is a fact.

    Aries looks at Jericho for a second, before standing up, and kicking the stool backwards.

    Aries: You want to talk about the number of times I've won championships, how many times I've won the big one, how many times you've won it. Guess what. That doesn't matter. You could be like John Cena and win it more times than these fans care, or you could be like the late Eddie Guerrero, and have only won it once. Holding this championship even 1 time, goes to show that you were at the top of the mountain. Do you know what makes a champion either good or great? It's what they do once they win this champion. It's their actions that define how they are remembered. Do you know what you will be remembered for with your most recent reign?

    The fans all chant what.

    Aries: You'll be remembered for being an egotistical

    Fans: What

    Aries: Self-centered

    Fans: What

    Aries: Full of shit

    Fans: What

    Aries: Jackoff who held this title for longer than he should have. You proved to the world that you are a good wrestler every time you retained this title, my title, but you also proved you are a snake Chris.

    Aries lowers the mic for a second, looking around, as he walks around a little, and looks back at Jericho.

    Aries: You want to talk about experience Chris!? You want to talk about this business!? Where were you from 2005 to 2007? Where were you from 2010 to 2012? Hmm!? That's right. You were off, dancing with C list celebrities, making shitty music with your garage band, and appearing on VH1 in their crappy shows. Do you know where I was Chris? I was in companies like ROH, TNA, and Dragon Gate USA, perfecting and honing my talent, showing the fans all around the world that when I step into this ring, I kick ass, leave people on their backs, and stand triumphant! I bleed for this business. I cry for this business. I break bones for this business. What do you do for it Chris!? You get your fix like a damn junky until you're tired of using the wrestling community, and you leave, looking for your next fix with outside ventures. You want to talk about experience Chris!? It doesn't matter one damn minute if you've been champion 20 times, because at the end of the day, I will always prove I am better than you in this ring. I will always.....

    Jericho: You will ALWAYS, be second rate in comparison to me.

    *the crowd boo for Jericho's interruption*

    Jericho: Yeah, I've not been around here always, but I come back because I can. I come back because I know that I'm still better than anyone else. Because I come out here and prove it. And at Summerslam, I'll prove it again when I beat you to reclaim that Championship.

    *the crowd boo*

    Jericho: So why don't you turn around and back to doing what you do best; pandering to these hypocrites, sucking up to the fans, and playing the goody two shoes that enjoy being so much.

    *Jericho drops the mic and turns to exit the ring as Aries watches him go. He struts up the ramp with a smile on his face as Aries slowly turns and climbs a turnbuckle and poses to the crowd with the WWE Championship as his music plays.*

    JR: Well King Austin Aries fared pretty well, and I believe he can't be stopped right now. he went toe to toe with one of the greatest talkers ever in the WWE, and if I do say so myself, may have won that argument

    King: Are you kidding me JR? Jericho killed Aries on that mic, and he will kill him at SummerSlam in a similar fashion and reclaim his WWE Championship

    JR: It sure is going to be quite the battle at SummerSlam, when Austin Aries and Chris Jericho face off for the WWE Championship!

    *Suddenly, Jericho appears and strikes Aries from behind, and drags him off the turnbuckle, sending him crashing to the mat back first. Jericho then takes his suit jacket off and his tie before rolling his sleeves up. He has a vicious look on his face as he goes to lay some kicks into the midsection of Aries on the floor. He then tosses one of the stools out of the ring before grabbing the other and lifting it high and crashing it down on Aries. He then pauses and looks out to the crowd as they continue to boo him. He then picks Aries up via his hair so that he's too his knees and slaps him about a bit, ad talks some trash. He then grabs him by the hair again before shouting in his face "YOU'RE NOTHING!" Before taking him behind the head and sending him crashing into the Jeritron!! Jericho then goes to grab the WWE Championship and looks at it before standing over Aries' body and holds it aloft.*

    JR: OH MY GOD! Chris Jericho just sent Austin Aries skull first through the Jeritron! Ala Shawn Michaels a few years ago and we all know how that turned out. Shawn Michaels lost part of his vision, he was never the same again.

    King: Jericho is sending a message to Aries, show up at SummerSlam and this is your fate. Jericho wants that WWE Championship at any cost possible!

    JR: The question has to be asked will Austin Aries be able to compete at SummerSlam? We've seen what damage Jericho has done before by sending Shawn Michaels through the Jeritron, and as Austin Aries receives medical treatment, we hope to update you on his condition when we can.


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    JR: Welcome back, and if you’re just joining us here, you may have missed what occurred before the break.

    *The titantron shows footage of the prior incident from not too long ago.*

    JR: As you can see, Austin Aries, our WWE Champion had his head sent through the Jeritron glass, and was receiving medical attention after the incident. We can now report that Aries has been taken to a nearby medical facility, we don’t have any update on his condition at this time, but we can tell you he is responsive. The extent of the injuries are not known at this time, nor the severity of potential said injuries.

    King: Jericho is all business. He has not taken to kindly to losing his WWE Championship or Austin Aries for that matter either.

    JR: Well it was completely uncalled for by Jericho. It is one thing to be mad, but to try and injure your opponent? We don’t even know if Austin Aries will be able to compete at SummerSlam that is just under three weeks away. We can also report at this time that Chris Jericho has been sent home, and his actions are under further evaluation by the Board of Directors.

    * With the breaking news that Austin Aries has been rushed to a medical facility and could miss SummerSlam the crowd are clearly flat and disappointed with the news. There is a silence over the arena for a minute before JR begins to speak again*

    JR: Well folks, many of you clearly upset and saddened with the actions of one, Chris Jericho and the news that Austin Aries is currently being assessed in a nearby medical facility, we promise to keep you updated with any news if any before the night is out.

    King: I was thinking Ross, if Aries is not able to defend his title at SummerSlam, will he made to give it up and thus making Jericho champion once again?.

    JR: I don't know King, all I can say is.. I hope Aries makes a speedy recovery and is able to defend his title and get some revenge for the actions of Chris Jericho!

    King: I can't help but think that Aries brought this on himself though Ross!

    JR: Wait.. What?.

    King: Well he's so arrogant! I think A-double just pushed Jericho to the edge and Y2J couldn't take any more and reacted.

    JR: I have heard you say some stupid things King, but I think that may have topped it all. Jericho is nothing more than a sore loser and it wouldn't surprise me at all if that attack on Aries was planned knowing there's very little time to SummerSlam.

    King: You have Jericho all wrong Ross!

    JR: As I said folks, we hope to have some news on Austin Aries later on tonight. but right now we are moving on with the show and it appears Dolph Ziggler will be in action!

    King: Who better to lift the crowd then the show stealing Ziggler!

    *Ziggler steps on to the stage with his usual cocky smile and arrogance, he's wearing the new All American Perfection shirt which can be bought at WWE.Com. He stands at the center of the stage, hits his pose before turning around and brushing his hands through his hair before throwing them forward and heading to the ring.*

    King: Dolph looking extra confident tonight Ross!

    JR: Well we heard from both him and Jack Swagger earlier, as good and as talented of these guys are, many will suggest they have riding their luck for a long time now and with the return of DX. it very well could be time up for the All American Perfection!

    *Ziggler reaches the ring and begins strutting around. he then lifts his title in the air before placing it over his shoulder and asking for a mic.*

    DZ: Forget about Austin Aries! He's not important! What's important is me.. Dolph Ziggler!

    *Crowd Boo*

    DZ: Something also important is the All American Perfection and just how damn good we are! you see we hear the talk about how Dinosaur's X is going to take our titles. *Dolph shakes his head* It's not going to happen! Just like the half time players couldn't get it done, just like the Queens of wrestling couldn't get it done! All American Perfection are just too damn good!

    *Dolph smirks as the crowd continue to boo*

    DZ: And to prove how good we are, I requested to Teddy Long that he put me in a match tonight! I don't care if it's Cena, Punk, Rhodes or Bruno Sammartino! either way, the same will result will be me.. Dolph Ziggler getting my hand raised in victory! DX, I want you to watch this closely, in fact. I want the whole division to watch this. Because just like I will not lose tonight.. All American Perfection will not lose either!

    *Crowd are heavily booing*


    *Dolph slides the mic underneath the ring and begins warming up, he can then be seen urging an opponent to come down while the crowd are booing him.*

    JR: Dolph Ziggler, he's so modest King.

    King: When you can back it up Ross, then you have every reason to be confident!

    *The crowd burst into life with the theme music of Abyss as Dolph Zigglers arrogant smile is quickly washed away. The monster steps out on to the stage with Raven at his side. Dolph can now been seen pleading with the official to stop the match before it's began. Raven then orders Abyss down the ramp as both men make their way to the ring.*

    King: Abyss!? No.. not Abyss! anyone but him!

    JR: What's wrong King? I thought Dolph could back it up? *JR chuckles*

    *Abyss draws closer to the ring and the crowd are excited to see this "monster" in action, they boo the sight of Raven but there's real intrigue surrounding to see Abyss. Dolph though.. want's nothing to do with this match anymore and begins pleading with Raven to stop this match.*

    Abyss vs. Dolph Ziggler (Jeff Hardy, ignore RVD.)

    Start at 3:35 stop at 7:35

    JR: Both Dolph and Abyss in a very precarious position here!

    King: Dolph is fighting back Ross!

    *Dolph begins punching away at Abyss as the monster looks like he's going to fall from the second rope at any moment. Dolph then try's a desperation head-butt which seems to affect him more than Abyss. Abyss then throws his hand forward and once more grabs the throat of Dolph. Dolph sensing the danger then begins a flurry of elbows to the temple which knocks Abyss down and off the second rope.*

    JR: My god what a landing! Abyss just crashed right to the mat.

    King: The bigger you are, the more those falls are magnified Ross! This could be Dolph's opening right here!

    *Dolph tries to regain his composure and focus, he notices that Abyss has yet to move and stands on the top rope, he then takes a moment to brush his hands through his hair and throw them forward once more before leaping of the top rope looking for an Elbow drop.

    those showboating moments seem to have cost him though and Abyss moves right at the last second as Dolph hits the mat hard. Abyss then gets to his feet and urges Dolph up, Ziggler after a few seconds gets back up too and walks right into a huge big boot from the monster which turns him inside out to a pop from the crowd.

    With Raven watching on and barking out orders, Abyss then picks up the lifeless Dolph. He then holds him by the throat and waits for the orders of Raven before delivering a huge choke slam!*

    JR: How impressive is this monster Abyss!

    King: He's just toying with Dolph Ross, Dolph Ziggler does not deserve this and I blame Teddy long for making this match!

    *Abyss then grips Dolph up by his hair before swinging him into the ropes and catching him with a huge Black Hole Slam! Abyss then goes for the pin.



    Before the referee can count to three, Abyss lifts up the head of Dolph before letting out a sadistic grin, he then lifts Dolph and swings him into the corner before launching himself in the same direction and smashes into Dolph before walking away in which case Dolph falls down seemingly out cold. Raven then begins applauding his follower before telling him to end Dolph's suffering. Abyss once more drags Dolph up, swings him into the ropes and again nails him with a Black Hole Slam! With the damage clearly done, Abyss then stands over Dolph and places one foot on his chest as the ref again counts.*




    King: Thank god that's over!

    JR: It's over all right, Abyss with a demolition win. This man is scary King and with an evil mastermind like Raven pulling the strings, things are only going to get worse!

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    After Abyss's win, Raven enters the ring with a mic in hand

    Raven: So it has begun. This man, this monster, this unstoppable force, Abyss, under my guidance, has, two weeks in a row left, carnage in his wake. First it was the man known as Sting, beaten to an inch of his life, and this week, a worthless, nameless soul. As I said last week, this man known as Abyss was chosen to be in my Flock for one reason and one reason only. He is a kindred spirit such as myself. We both know abandonment, we both know loneliness, we both know hate. You see, this man, once known as Christopher Parks, was a troubled child. He was always getting into trouble. Reason being is he had no one to give him guidance, his parents left him to himself instead of getting the help he really need. And when he started getting into trouble, they threw him into an asylum. It was there where young Christopher was exposed to humiliation, he was exposed to torture and abuse. In time, young Christopher began to hate his fellow man, he began to fight back, and he was the one now torturing others, now abusing others. He developed a taste for violence. Soon he escaped the asylum and found a way to channel his new found taste for violence in this sport known as wrestling. But he was reckless, he bounced around federations until the day I found him months ago.

    Raven: I offered him salvation in the Flock. I taught him how to properly channel his taste for violence. I showed him that he is not alone- I am showing him the due respect that he has forever sought. I am providing him with the guidance he has forever sought. But he just had to prove one thing to me- and last week- he passed the test. At the Bash I finally got Stings attention when I threatened one Trish Stratus- I knew he wouldn't let a woman be harmed by my hands. He wouldn't help his friend Jim, so I knew I had to up the stakes. I intended to end her career that very night.

    JR: Raven is one sick bastard. He must be stopped

    King: After last week, I don't think Sting is the man for the job

    Raven: Well last week I set my trap- I knew the man known as Sting would not sit back two weeks in a row when others were in trouble. Last week I did what I set out to do to Trish, the man last week- his career is over. I ended his dream, his life as he knew it is over. But as you saw, the trap worked. Sting took the bait. And Sting met his worst nightmare in this monster of a man Abyss. And you see Sting, I told you I'd end your time in this sport- I just didn't tell you I'd have someone by my side. And no worries Sting, if last week did not scare you away- more is to come. Quote the Raven, Nevermore

    As Raven turns to Abyss and directs him to leave the ring, a clash of thunder rumbles around the arena and the lights begin to flicker and fade. Raven looks around frantically as Abyss stands there stalwartly, unphased by the activity. Another boom of thunder rolls throughout the arena and finally the lights die out, from nowhere a spotlight arcs up towards the rafters, a lone figure is seen standing there. His white face paint shines back as clear as day, he stares down towards the ring as Raven glares up at him, Abyss doesn't flinch. As Sting stands there, his voice plays out, though the camera cannot detect whether he is speaking real time or if this is a recording.

    Sting: Fear is a weapon.. it is a tool designed to reveal the cracks in a suit of armor that might otherwise seem impenetrable. Your use of the word is too liberal.. you do not understand what drives me and so you fumble in the dark clumsily looking for meanings.. and fail. I am a force that feels no fear.. I wield it, I AM.. it. You claim to be driven by hate.. by anger.. you claim to direct your hatred towards those who you believe deserve it.. but all I see is a frightened little boy, stamping his feet and flailing his hands because in reality.. he is very.. very afraid. You see Raven, I know that it is fear that drives you.. the fear of obscurity.. the fear that you will not be remembered.. the fear that no one really cares about you. And so you lash out at others, because any attention is good attention.. or are you too afraid to even admit that?

    Raven shouts up at Sting, demanding him to come down to the ring but Sting doesn't answer him directly.

    Sting: Last week you set a trap.. and in my haste to finish what I had started I made a miscalculation, I had not reasoned that you may be weak willed enough to seek help. However, this adds to my point.. the weak.. those who are driven by fear will seek safety in numbers.. they enlist the aid of those that they truly do not understand. Dark men turn to dark means to accomplish their goals.. your flock is a plague of locusts.. and as locusts you will strip the WWE barren of all worth.. and no longer can I stand idly by whilst you jeopardize the light. From the shadows I will strike out at you.. I will drive fear into your very souls.. you will not see me coming.. you will not survive.. if you do not fear me now.. you will very soon.

    The spotlight moves down from Sting and settles on Abyss who stares up at the rafters, Raven beckons Sting down and steps out of the ring to show him that it will be a one on one fight. Sting continues.

    Sting: Your greatest mistake so far Raven.. is that you believe that through deception.. through numbers.. through your attempts to turn fear and anger against me.. you might actually defeat me. You may win a solitary battle.. you may win many.. but mine is a spirit you cannot break and I will always rise from the ashes and return to haunt you once more. Deception, however.. works both ways. I am no stranger to turning the tactics of evil men against them.. safety in numbers may work once.. but how will it fare when the scales are tipped the other way? How will your monster fare when he is alone against a tide of justice? I am a force beyond your comprehension.. I am fear and justice incarnate.. and one way or another Raven.. I will cleanse the WWE of your foul presence.

    The spotlight goes out and the arena falls into utter darkness, fans hold up their phones to gain a little light but the shadow remains around the ring as cameras flash all around. A bolt of lightning lights up the arena momentarily and in the brief flash of light Abyss is shown to be not alone in the ring. Thunder rolls again and the lights come back on, the fans break out into a huge cheer and on the outside of the ring, Raven begins shouting at Abyss. The reason is clear, before Abyss stand not one, but TWO Stings, he stares at them in anger and clenches both fists as they point baseball bats at him. Unbeknownst to the monster however, there is a THIRD Sting standing behind him, his bat leveled firmly at his side waiting for the right moment to strike.

    JR: Oh my God! This is surreal! Which one is the real Sting!?

    King: I have no idea! Get out of there Abyss!

    Abyss looks between the two Stings that he knows about, trying to figure out who is the real one. Both Stings lower their bats and place them on the mat, they turn and step out of the ring and step over the ring side barricade and exit through the crowd. Abyss looks confused but still angry, Raven is still yelling at him to turn around and warn him about who is there but he can't hear him over the cheers of the crowd. The remaining Sting, presumably the real one raises his bat, Abyss turns around and Sting buries it into his gut! Abyss doubles over in pain and Sting raises it high and whacks it down onto Abyss' spine with sickening effect. Abyss is dropped to his knees and Sting thrusts his bat into the side of his head, knocking him flat before turning to Raven and pointing the bat.

    Raven looks down at Abyss and then up at Sting, Sting looks back down at Abyss and then the lights go out. When they come back on, Sting is gone and Raven climbs into the ring cautiously to check on Abyss who is slowly clawing himself back to his knees.

    JR: Sting enacts a little revenge from last week! Justice has been served!

    King: Justice!? You call that Justice!? That was dirty Ross and you know it!

    JR: What’s dirty King is trying to get a two on one advantage over one man, that’s dirty. Up next a Great American Bash rematch, Tyler Black will team with Kurt Angle to take on William Regal and Drew McIntyre.


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