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    The Great American Bash
    American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida

    JR: Welcome to The Great American Bash, folks! I’m good ol’ JR, alongside me, Eric Bischoff. What a night we have in store. Chris Jericho will face King of the Ring, King Austin Aries for the WWE Championship, what a match that will be.

    Bischoff: On the Nitro side of things we have a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship; Tyson Kidd will defend against Edge and Brock Lesnar! Tyson Kidd’s reign is in trouble, and in jeopardy of being one of the least memorable in history

    JR: And All American Perfection is in the same situation tonight, they will put their WWE Tag Team Titles on the line against the Prime Time Players, and the Kings of Wrestling. While having a successful reign with the championships, their reign is in jeopardy as well. They asked for more competition and they got it tonight

    Bischoff: Let’s not forget we also have Tyler Reks taking on Kevin Steen for the Intercontinental Title and with S.C.U.M., could Reks’ reign be ended here tonight?

    JR: And Cody Rhodes would’ve been in a similar predicament tonight, because he has to face Sheamus for his United States Championship, but the United Kingdom is banned from ringside, will that help Rhodes and hurt Sheamus? And the United Kingdom also has to face Tyler Black in a handicap match, but rumors have been swirling after William Regal’s comments, Tyler Black may have found a partner.

    Bischoff: We shall see. We also have Cryme Tyme taking on the New Age Outlaws, Hulk Hogan and Damien Sandow facing off, as well as Goldberg and Ryback.

    JR: Those should all be tremendous matches, but I’m looking forward to the Road to Triumph Scramble match here tonight. The top 5 divas from the Road to Triumph, Lita, Paige, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, and Trish Stratus, will fight for points, the top 2 advancing to SummerSlam to face for the Women’s Championship

    Bischoff: But tonight, we kick off with the Fatal Four Way match, and these men have all had their run in’s with each other, and I'm looking forward to this match!

    JR: A fatal four-way from some Nitro guys, let's see what happens

    *Mysterio comes out to a chorus of boos, before slowly walking down to ringside. He bounces off the ropes, before staring up the ramp*

    *The crowd cheers, as Black Machismo comes out to the stage. He does his usual routine, but keeps his eyes on Mysterio once at ringside*

    *Loud jeers are heard, as Christopher Daniels comes out for the match. The Fallen Angel takes off his hooded jacket on the ramp, before making his way down to ringside*

    *Pops from the crowd, as Mr. Anderson struts his way down to ringside. No personalized microphone, as he's focused on getting the stuff done*

    Rey Mysterio vs. Christopher Daniels (Jericho) vs. Jay Lethal (Hardy) vs. Mr. Anderson (Kane)


    *Lethal catches Mysterio, and launches him overhead for a Northern Lights Suplex. Both men get to their feet, as Lethal lands a dropkick. He follows that up with an arm drag, before landing a leg drop. Lethal holds Mysterio, and throws him over the top rope, onto Daniels.

    Daniels and Mysterio slowly get to their feet, as Lethal bounces off the ropes, before landing a suicide dive onto the heels! Lethal gets to his feet, and picks up Anderson on the outside of the ring, and throws him into the ring post, before lifting him into the ring.

    Lethal motions for the Lethal Combination, but Mysterio enters the ring, and dropkicks Lethal into the ropes, before landing a 619! He springboards into the ring, but Daniels also enters, and cuts him off with a kick to the gut. Daniels hooks the arms, and lands Angels Wings on Mysterio, before turning around straight into a Mic Check! Daniels slides out of the ring, as Anderson climbs to the top rope, and lands the Kenton Bomb on Lethal! He covers:


    JR: Anderson wins!

    Bischoff: The former Intercontinental Champion comes out victorious!

    JR: But what does this mean for the other three men in the match? All came in with some form of momentum, but failed tonight. We will be back with more action after this
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    JR: And after the results of Monday Night, Punk is out here looking for answers from the Masked Man that keeps attacking him

    Bischoff: And he deserves an answer, it’s not fair to Punk or the WWE that they are being held hostage by this guy!

    C.M. Punk appears on stage kneeling and looking at his wrist before saying: It's time! As the crowd cheers him on while making his way to the ring, soon picking up a mic placed for him on steel ring steps before entering the ring and shortly after begins to speak.

    Punk: I've had it.

    Crowd cheers

    Punk: For weeks now the acts of a weak, pathetic man have cost me even the opportunity to be part of this event known as the Great American Bash. Now enough is enough. What is going to take for this lowlife of a masked idiot to become a man once and for all by finally meeting me in this ring tonight?

    Crowd once again excitedly

    Punk: I'm here to prove that honor in the wrestling world can be the tool to provide these fans and ourselves a better portrayal that not everything has to ever boil to being the good and bad guy or gals to Divas in the back. It's to prove that whether these fans hate or love hate you, no matter what beefs we may have backstage on in our personal lives, we can leave all in the ring and put on a match that people here and around the world but more importantly we, the wrestlers, who put our bodies, our minds, our very souls, out heart, our sweat, our tears, our blood and our lively hood on the line can be proud of our actions and be able to look your opponent in the eyes and say: I respect you. I honor you for the match we've put on tonight and I wish to show it if only by means of a nod of mutual respect to a handshake to even in rare a bonding moment like a hug, much like we've seen when wrestlers in this business like Ric Flair, come to the decision that it's time to hang up your boots.

    But this masked coward, I don't know if he has a problem with me or what it is I'm trying to do and quite honestly, I don't care anymore. I'm here to put an end to this and make it clear that should he not reveal himself to me here tonight, there will be no more games, no more waiting and no more Mr. Nice Punk. He wants to come after me and what I do, I won't let it happen. I'll fight tooth and nail for what I believe because I know what I believe in matters. It will change the wrestling and those in it like never before. I'm not going to let anyone stop me.

    So what do you say masked a-hole? Are you finally ready to get some bravery and face me or will you continue to be the pussy of a man you've been for weeks now?

    *Punk waits for the masked man to come out, however he doesn't. But there's a dark figure in the TitanTron, staring at Punk.*

    Masked Man: C...M...Punk.

    *Punk looks confused, as the masked man has some kind of device which turns his voice into a robotic voice.*

    Masked Man: Weak? Pathetic? Punk, if I am weak and pathetic, then what exactly are you? I've knocked you down more times than Sable has been shagged. And while knocking you down in all those events, you've been crying, shouting, in pain. In misery. And yet you still call me "weak", and "pathetic?"...That's the problem with you Punk, you don't understand. You don't have a clue about anything, you're delusional. You and your closest people, portray an image. A dark image in fact. Because as we all know, you are Straight-Edge. But the thing is, no one cares about that fact. You may be straight edge, but that doesn't mean your family weren't.

    *The crowd boo the masked man, as Punk looks on in disgust.*

    Masked Man: You had a father, seems like a normal guy- but you know something, that these people don't know. You never revealed why you are Straight Edge, you mugs want to know why this guy is Straight Edge? Hear me out...Punk's father is a drunk. An alcoholic. A guy who had nothing to prove, but still! He wanted to prove that he could be an influence by portraying a happy image. But he flushed that all away, how? With one bottle, of Alcohol!...Punk, you are just a shadow of your father. As he was a fake. Someone who wanted to be something that they could never ever be. And that's exactly what you are. Punk, you are a guy who thinks he is the best in the world. But I know one thing, one thing for sure. When you lose your momentum, and these pathetic "fans" will suddenly start to find a new top rising star, you'll be the one left, in utter jealousy. And when you come out in that ring your standing in, you'll have a chance to say your ridiculous pipebombs, in order to redeem yourselves, however the "fans" won't care whatsoever, because they will suddenly lose interest in you, and find someone who is on their way to success whereas you Punk, you will go downhill, and turn to the booze.

    *Crowd boo, as the Masked Man looks directly at Punk.*

    Masked Man: We have 365 days in a year. 7 days a week. 24 hours in a day. 60 minutes in an hour. 60 seconds in a minute. And each time, those seconds goes from one second, to another, time ticks, and ticks, and ticks. So it can move on to the future. And Punk, time is ticking. I will soon reveal myself, and I will expect you to be surprised as you'll receive the biggest, shock of your entire life. The future holds many, many things Punk. But there is one essential point that the future will bring. One vital point that will shock the WWE Universe forever. One point that includes myself and you Punk. A point that will see Punk shitting his pants, even worse than Sycho Sid did during his match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania 13. The point...where the mystery man is revealed.

    *The crowd turn silence, as Punk looks on at the TitanTron.*

    Masked Man: However, I know that there are people in this arena. Some are left wondering who in the world is this masked man? But what they really want to know, is why did I attack you Punk? That's the question. For several weeks since the first attack, you have always wanted an answer, and right now, you've got it!

    *Punk looks at the Masked Man with a "Spit it out" face.*

    Masked Man: Punk, it's simple. I attacked you, because...

    *Punk tightens his fist together.*

    Masked Man: Well, that's for me to know..and for you to find out.

    *The crowd boo at this tactic, as Punk drops his mic shouting "GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE", but the Masked Man waves his hand before muttering his final words.*

    Masked Man: I'm coming Punk...

    JR: This Masked Man is really getting on the nerves of CM Punk, and I don’t blame him, he is extremely frustrated, and is costing Punk match after match

    Bischoff: Someone needs to stop this man, because not only is he attacking Punk but the WWE as well.

    JR: We will be back with more action after this

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    JR: Now in a battle for respect, its new school versus old school, Cryme Tyme will take on the New Age Outlaws

    Bischoff: And let’s talk about the recent change in mindset from Cryme Tyme, who was in a match with the Prime Time Players, when the New Age Outlaws put their two cents in where it didn’t belong. Cryme Tyme has a right to be mad; they were in the spotlight, in a match that could vault them into the title picture, and the New Age Outlaws had to push them aside because they can’t capture that spotlight by themselves anymore

    JR: I see it as the New Age Outlaws doing Cryme Tyme a favor. The Prime Time Players were about to injure them, if it wasn’t for the New Age Outlaws, Cryme Tyme wouldn’t be here right now

    Bischoff: Cryme Tyme can fight their own battles; they don’t need the New Age Outlaws doing it for them.

    Bischoff: I mean look at these guys, they couldn’t fight a retirement home and win. They know their time in the spotlight is over, and they tried to steal Cryme Tyme’s spotlight to do it. They don’t respect Cryme Tyme because they are young, but these young guns will beat these old timers here tonight

    JR: No doubt that Cryme Tyme is talented and young, but they could be at least grateful to the New Age Outlaws for what they did

    Bischoff: They did nothing for them except disrespect Cryme Tyme

    JR: Well it works both ways Cryme Tyme hasn’t shown any respect to the New Age Outlaws either

    Bischoff: And they shouldn’t. These two should be retired; they don’t belong here, trying to steal the spotlight. Cryme Tyme is going to teach them a lesson tonight, and then move on into the spotlight away from these two

    Cryme Tyme vs. New Age Outlaws
    (Road Dogg Jesse James= Miz; Bad Ass Billy Gunn= Morrison)

    Watch 3:10-9:02

    JTG hits the somersault shoulder block, Road Dogg sits up, and JTG follows with a running flipping neckbreaker. JTG picks Road Dogg up and leans him against the turnbuckle, and hits a few chops to the chest. JTG then mounts Road Dogg and hits him with a mug shot. JTG gets up and celebrates for a minute, then heads to the top rope. JTG is up, as Road Dogg groggily gets up and turns towards JTG. JTG jumps for the diving leg lariat, but Road Dogg ducks and JTG hits the canvas hard.

    JR: And that’s why they call it high risk.

    JTG gets up slowly, and Road Dogg capitalizes with a DDT. Road Dogg slowly crawls over and gets the tag to Gunn. Gunn comes in, grabs the ankle of JTG and pulls him back towards the middle of the ring, not allowing him to make the tag. Gunn picks JTG up and leans him against the turnbuckle, and Gunn backs up and hits him with a stinger splash. He then picks JTG up on his shoulders, and slams him spine first into the opposite turnbuckle, followed by a front powerslam. Gunn gets up and celebrates, and picks up JTG, and hits a gutbuster. Now Gunn backs up and stalks JTG, as JTG gets to his knees…

    JR:Fame-Ass-Er! Gunn just nailed JTG, and he’s got the pin!





    Shad breaks up the pin, and Road Dogg comes in and clotheslines Shad over the ropes and both men go over, but Shad lands on his feet, as Road Dogg gets up Shad hits a huge big boot to lay out Road Dogg. In the ring Gunn has picked JTG up in a fallaway slam position…

    JR: I think he is looking for the Gunnslinger

    Bischoff: But a huge chop block to the back of Gunn’s knee! Shad just broke that up.

    JR: Yea and now the ref is telling him to get back to his corner, but now he is looking to tag in.

    After the chop block to put down Gunn, Shad implores JTG to tag him. JTG slowly gets over to his corner and tags in Shad. Gunn is looking for a tag but Road Dogg is down outside thanks to Shad. Shad waits for Gunn to get up, as he does, Shad runs him over with a shoulder block. Gunn backs into the turnbuckle, and Shad picks Gunn up and hits snake eyes, and follows with a running big boot. Shad then celebrates and hits an elbow drop. Shad stalks Gunn, and Gunn gets up groggily

    Bichoff: He’s looking for the STO

    JTG attempts to get in the ring to get rid of Road Dogg but the ref pushes him back

    Bischoff: Shad has him hooked

    Road Dogg enters the ring while the ref is distracted

    JR: Road Dogg broke it up! JTG distracted the ref and it actually hurt his partner

    Bischoff: Those cheating bastards.

    Road Dogg gets back to the apron and Gunn tags him in. Gunn picks up Shad, Road Dogg stands in front

    JR: Spike Piledriver!

    Gunn goes over and pulls JTG’s head down on the ropes and that knocks him down, Road Dogg covers Shad…




    JR: And the New Age Outlaws pick up the win over Cryme Tyme

    Bischoff: They cheated! They paid the ref off! How can JTG not get in but Road Dogg can?

    JR: He tagged in, and they have five seconds to get back to the apron, it was all legal

    Bischoff: For guys who criticize what Cryme Tyme has done, they seem awful edgy

    JR: They are the New Age Outlaws. They were part of DX. That is who they are, you make the rules and they break them.

    Bischoff: I don’t care who they are, they cheated and I stand by what I say

    JR: Well have they finally got the respect of Cryme Tyme?

    Bischoff: I don’t know, but they don’t have mine.
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    JR: This is going to be an all-out brawl, a fight; this is Ryback taking on Goldberg!

    Bischoff: And I know Goldberg quite well, and he doesn’t take kindly to this poor excuse for a copycat in Ryback. Nobody is ever going to replicate the remarkable undefeated streak. Not Ryback, not anybody and that is why Goldberg came back.

    JR: You have to admit it was quite the remarkable undefeated streak for Ryback though; he was beating two and three people at one time.

    Bischoff: It was a fraud of a streak he was beating people who didn’t belong in the WWE.

    JR: Well then we have to point out, his one loss came via disqualification thanks to Goldberg, so Ryback has never been pinned or made to submit

    Bischoff: Well that will end here tonight when Goldberg beats Ryback

    JR: This man looks determined and hungry, no pun intended, to beat Goldberg. He knows this is his opportunity to step out of that shadow that’s been cast over him

    Bischoff: Goldberg is going to prove this guy is a fraud just like his undefeated streak. He’s going to lay waste to his career.

    *The camera follows Goldberg from his locker room out to the entrance ramp*

    JR: One of the most intense individuals I have ever come across may just meet his match here tonight.

    Bischoff: Nobody can match Goldberg, nobody, certainly not Ryback.

    JR: Well we will find out

    Ryback vs. Goldberg

    Watch 4:15-16:08; Ignore Stone Cold

    Goldberg then locks in a crucifix armbar on Ryback, and Ryback is trying to slide towards the ropes. Goldberg has the hold tight, and Ryback is using leg strength to carry him towards the ropes, and Ryback finally gets a hold of the ropes with his legs, and Goldberg releases the hold. Goldberg waits for Ryback to get up, and when he does Goldberg lays him out with a shoulder block. This propels Ryback to tumble backwards and into the turnbuckle. Goldberg comes over hits repeated shoulders to the gut of Ryback, then grabs him by the head, drags him out and hits a front powerslam, cover



    Ryback kicks out with authority. Goldberg grabs Ryback by the head , and picks him up into a military press position…

    JR: What power! What raw power! Goldberg has the massive Ryback high above his head.

    Bischoff: I told you, nobody can match Goldberg

    Goldberg then drops Ryback from the military press position with a spinebuster, and Goldberg is calling for the end to the match. Goldberg picks Ryback up, hooks his head…

    Bischoff: He’s calling for the Jackhammer!

    JR: But Ryback blocked it!

    Ryback blocks Goldberg’s first attempt for the Jackhammer. Ryback then blocks Goldberg’s second and third attempts, and reverses the attempt into fisherman suplex. Ryback is down for a few minutes, but gets up, as Goldberg is on his knees. Ryback picks him up and hits a running powerslam of his own. Ryback grabs Goldberg by the head, picks him up into a fireman’s carry, and then hits Goldberg with a backpack stunner.

    JR: Ryback on a roll

    Ryback backs into the corner and motions his arm, calling for the Meat Hook. Ryback then hits Ryback with the Meat Hook and motions for the finish. Ryback picks Goldberg up, hooks his head and lifts Goldberg up on his shoulders.

    JR: Ryback showing his strength as well looking for Shell Shocked

    Bischoff: Goldberg jumped off!

    JR: SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! Goldberg just hit the spear on Ryback out of nowhere, it’s got to be over





    JR: Ryback kicked out, by god he kicked out, but how?

    Bischoff: Goldberg is going to stay on top of him

    JR: Goldberg calling for a second spear!

    Goldberg calls for the spear and Ryback to get up. Ryback groggily gets to his feet, he pauses for a second, turns…

    JR: MEAT HOOK! Ryback nearly took his damn head off with that Meat Hook! Goldberg was almost decapitated!

    Bischoff: I don’t think Ryback will be able to make it for the cover

    Ryback is down as well as Goldberg, and Ryback just slithers over to Goldberg, and puts an arm on him, cover…




    JR: He got him- NO! Goldberg kicked out but how! This is a brawl! These men are putting everything on the line, they just purely hate each other, they won’t let the other win, no matter what they have to put their bodies through.

    Ryback can’t believe it, and he uses the ropes to get himself to his feet. He asks the ref if it was three, and the ref tells him two, and Ryback catches his breath for a moment. As Goldberg begins to move, Ryback goes over and picks him up. Ryback then hooks the head of Goldberg…

    JR: JACKHAMMER! Goldberg just reversed a Shell Shocked attempt into a Jackhammer, and Goldberg is going to win






    Bischoff: I think you may have been right JR, Goldberg may have just met his match

    JR: And Goldberg doesn’t know what to do. He has thrown everything he has at Ryback and he still can’t keep him down for three… oh where is he going now? This isn’t a no disqualification match!

    Bischoff: He’s grabbing a table, he is not trying to win, he is trying to send a message, he is trying to injure Ryback!

    Goldberg leans the table against the turnbuckle as the ref warns and implores him not to. He then backs to the opposite corner and waits for Ryback to get up. Goldberg gets more intense as he beckons Ryback to get up. Ryback slowly gets to his feet, groggily turns…

    JR: SPEAR THROUGH THE TABLE! Damn Goldberg couldn’t beat Ryback so he tried to injure him. Ryback may win this match but Goldberg won the brawl

    Bischoff: And I don’t know if we are going to see Ryback for a while, he went through the table hard

    JR: And if and when he does return this isn’t over by a longshot.

    *Goldberg backs up the ramp slowly and doesn’t look happy, but looks pleased with what he has done. Ryback who has rolled out from the broken table looks at Goldberg while down, in pain, and looks pissed. Goldberg smiles in reaction.*

    The Kings of Wrestling are seen backstage discussing the game plan for their match tonight.

    Hero: You ready to show these "teams" what real tag team wrestling actually is and more importantly give those oversized pennies a makeover by not only bringing them up to the level of prestige only kings are capable of giving them but to actually wear gold, cause you and I know damn well nothing feels better around these waists of ours than tag team gold, am I or am I not right, Claudio?

    Castagnoli looks on Hero, a genuine smile on his face.

    Castagnoli: Ja, mein bruder. Tonight The Kings of Wrestling add yet another accolade to our incredible resumé. WWE Tag Team Champions. Like always The Kings reign supreme.

    Hero smiles towards Castagnoli and both nod before doing their signature pose

    They now head to the ring, more confident than ever
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    JR: Its time for the WWE Tag Team Championship match, and All American Perfection’s title reign has never been in as much trouble as it is now, not one but two teams in the ring at the same time! They don’t have to be pinned to lose their titles; it certainly does not favor the champions.

    Bischoff: This is Teddy Long stacking the deck because All American Perfection has been too dominant, and he wants new champions because he knows they can’t be beat one on one.

    JR: I don’t think that’s the case Eric, All American Perfection for weeks have been claiming they had no competition, that they were the best. This is Teddy Long challenging them, showing them there is competition and they may not be the best. But in the same manner this is a chance for them to prove they are the best, to prove there is no competition for them

    Bischoff: They have nothing to prove they have been and are the best tag team in the WWE today and in history. Nobody has been able to beat them, there is no competition, there is nothing to prove

    JR: Well then they should win this no problem.

    Bischoff: I mean why do they need to beat these two again? They’ve beat them once why again? Plus, they almost lost to those Indy boys last week.

    JR: Sounds to me you are as worried as All American Perfection. They may have beaten them once but now there are two teams to worry about, so not only do they have to pin, they have to break up all other pins and submissions as well.

    JR: Speaking of the Indy boys and this is the second team, and more of the unknown. All American Perfection has never faced them, but the Prime Time Players have, and this may give the Prime Time Players an advantage, they know both teams.

    Bischoff: Why do these Indy chumps even deserve a shot? They are all the same; they come here and think they can just beat anyone at any time. They don’t understand this is the big leagues; they can’t match up to guys like Ziggler and Swagger.

    JR: Don’t doubt the abilities of these so called Indy folks, guys like CM Punk was once one of them, and look at where he is now

    Bischoff: Well that is an exception to the rule, and tonight Ziggler and Swagger will stomp out the dreams of these two and return them to the minors.

    Bischoff: And here are the tag champs, and while this isn’t fair to them, I have no doubt they will walk in and walk out still the WWE Tag Team Champions.

    JR: And what makes you think that? Look frankly I don’t like the attitude of any of these teams, but they are all supremely talented, and all are young and athletic. This is going to be a good match; I don’t think there is a clear cut favorite, especially in a triple threat match.

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    Triple Threat Tag Team Match
    Prime Time Players vs. Kings of Wrestling vs. All American Perfection
    (Darren Young= Kofi, Titus O’Neil = Truth, Chris Hero= Primo, Claudio Castagnoli= Epico)

    Watch 3:00-6:39

    Both Swagger and Castagnoli stare at each other for a minute, then both DDT the feet of Titus. Swagger then picks up Titus, sends him against the ropes and hits a big boot. Castagnoli picks Titus up, sends him against the ropes and hits a bicycle kick. Titus rolls out of the ring and Swagger gains the advantage on Castagnoli quickly with a football tackle. Swagger locks in an abdominal stretch and keeps the hold applied and wears down Castagnoli. Castagnoli is able to crawl to the ropes and use it to get up, but Swagger keeps the hold applied. Castagnoli then runs backwards and slams Swagger into the turnbuckle, where Ziggler blind tags Swagger, without Castagnoli knowing. Castagnoli turns to punch Swagger, but Swagger moves, and pins Castagnoli against the turnbuckle where he hits shoulders to the guts. The ref is counting for Swagger to get out, so Swagger drops and rolls out of the ring, and Titus goes to attack Swagger but Swagger sends him back first into the barricade. In ring from behind Swagger, Ziggler lands a stinger splash on Castagnoli followed by a jumping DDT

    Bischoff: Jumping DDT, I told you they were going to win




    Hero breaks up the pin attempt, and Darren Young comes in and clears the ring of Hero with a clothesline. Young follows out and implores Titus to get up. Back in the ring Ziggler has a headlock on Castagnoli which he then transforms into a headstand. Ziggler gets out of the headstand and Castagnoli gets to a knee. Castagnoli then gets to his feet, backs up against the ropes and uses it to push Ziggler off. Ziggler comes off the ropes and hits a dropkick to drop Castagnoli that Ziggler follows up with a jumping elbow drop. Ziggler taunts Castagnoli and Titus follows with a running big boot. Titus drops and tags in Young who follows with a leg drop to Ziggler, followed by a reverse chinlock. Ziggler is able to get to his feet and elbows Young in the gut, runs at Young who turns it into a bridging northern lights suplex, into a cover…



    Castagnoli breaks up the pin by stomping on the head of Young

    JR: Boy that was close. Castagnoli needs to make a tag to his partner though he is in rough shape

    Bischoff: Looks like he is going to continue on his own, not the brightest idea

    Castagnoli picks Young up and hits a huge European uppercut that sends Young into the turnbuckle. He comes out groggily, and Castagnoli picks Young up with a delayed vertical suplex. Castagnoli then tags in Hero, and Castagnoli goes back to Young, grabs him by the legs and swings him around…

    JR: Kings Landing! This is over we are going to have new tag team champions!

    Castagnoli then hits a bicycle kick to Ziggler which knocks him out of the ring, and Castagnoli follows with a suicide dive to Ziggler. Inside Hero covers…



    Thr- Swagger breaks up the pin!

    After Swagger breaks up the pin he goes to the outside where Castagnoli was beating on Ziggler. Swagger turns Castagnoli and hits him with a big boot, and Swagger stalks Castagnoli, as Ziggler is down on the outside. Inside the ring Young is stirring and Hero is still shaken up from the boot to the back of the head from Swagger. Young then gets the tag to Titus who comes in and waits as Hero gets up, on the outside Swagger hits a running knee lift to Castagnoli, then picks Ziggler up and rolls him in the ring. Titus hits a shoulder block, followed by another, followed by a running big boot. Titus then picks Hero up for a fallaway slam, but from behind...

    Bischoff: Zig Zag to O’Neil! What a move, can Ziggler cover?

    JR: Better question is can he break up the pin, Hero is on top of O’Neil!





    JR: NO! By god, how did Titus O’Neil kick out?

    Bischoff: And Chris Hero can’t believe it!

    Ziggler watches on from the corner as he just got up in relief that O’Neil kicked out. As Hero struggles to his feet, Ziggler comes over and hits him with the Name-Dropper, and then motions Swagger to get up on the apron, as Swagger was still beating on Castagnoli. Ziggler then hits a baseball slide dropkick that knocks Titus out of the ring. Ziggler tags in Swagger, who grabs Hero by the waist…

    JR: He’s looking for the Gutwrench Powerbomb. Swagger picks hero up-

    Bischoff: Combined with a Zig Zag! What a move! A Gutwrench Powerbomb combined with the Zig Zag! Hero has got to be out!

    Ziggler then spears Young on the apron, which sends him backwards into Castagnoli. Ziggler goes to the outside to make sure nobody breaks the pin up, and Swagger covers…




    Bischoff: Yes! All American Perfection has retained! The deck was stacked but in the end they prove they are the best tag team here in the WWE!

    JR: What a match and what a win I thought for sure Hero would have picked up the win on the Zig Zag but somehow O’Neil kicked out.

    Bischoff: And what a new finishing move that Ziggler and Swagger pulled out, never before seen but it is one that will end any match!

    JR: Well they may have retained, but with these two teams hot on their tails, their titles are certainly not safe

    Reks is backstage on his way to the ring with the WWE Intercontinental Championship around his waist, a sense of confidence that's booming of the champion.

    Reks: Tonight, I destroy Steen and go on to setting new path of destruction like I know I can before going into SummerSlam and make the biggest impact I've made in my career. The question for you all, is how and against who?

    It won't matter in the end since they'll fall. They will always fall before "The Wrecking Ball". My reign will continue tonight and for a long time to come. Steen and S.C.U.M, you made the biggest mistake of Your life messing with me. Tonight you'll know exactly why.

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    JR: Now, we have an upcoming title defense!

    Bischoff: Time for Kevin Steen to be crowned Intercontinental Champion!

    JR: Here comes the challenger, all out by himself, without S.C.U.M.

    Bischoff: Perhaps that's because Steen doesn't need Corino or Jacobs. They're purely friends, and Steen is good enough to get his job done by himself!

    JR: Well, that's yet to be seen!

    JR: Since winning the title, Reks has had successful title defenses against both Steen and Mr. Anderson, and Steen has yet to best him. Will this play on Steen's mind?

    Bischoff: No way! Reks has gotten lucky! Steen will walk out Intercontinental Championship

    JR: That would solidify the Intercontinental Championship as the most passed around championship in the WWE today if it does, but now, it's time to see who wins

    Intercontinental Championship: Tyler Reks (c) vs. Kevin Steen (Masters)


    *Reks goes for the Burning Hammer, but Steen escapes, and slams the head of Reks against the turnbuckle. Steen picks up the legs of Reks, before kicking him in the midsection. He whips Reks into the opposite corner, before landing a running splash. Reks becomes groggy, as Steen rebounds off the opposite ropes, and lands a shoulder block.

    Reks falls into a seated position in the turnbuckle, as Steen runs, and lands a cannonball senton. Steen drops an elbow, before climbing to the top rope. He goes for a diving splash, but Reks gets his knees up. Reks gets to his feet, and lands a clothesline, which takes down Steen. He lands another, before bouncing off the ropes, and lands a big boot. Steen falls outside the ring, as Reks climbs to the top rope. Reks raises his arm, before jumping and landing a diving crossbody.

    Reks picks up Steen, and throws him into the steel steps, before stomping on him. Reks throws Steen into the ring, and covers him:


    Steen gets to his sleep, and ducks a right hand. He lands one of his own, before lifting Reks up. He goes for the F-Cinq, but Reks lands a sunset flip:


    Both men get to their feet, as Steen lands the Sidewinder-Suplex! Steen goes to lock in the sharpshooter, but Reks kicks Steen off. Steen goes back over to Reks, but gets caught in a small package

    1........2........Steen gets his hand on the ropes.

    But the referee misses it.......3!*

    Bischoff: What the hell!?

    JR: Tyler Reks defends his Intercontinental Championship successfully-

    Bischoff: A load of crap! Kevin Steen had his hand on the ropes! It should've been a rope break!

    Paige is seen stretching in her usual attire inside of her locker room before she screams out loud turning to face the camera.

    Paige: Victory is within reach. Just got to plow through these Divas like I always have and go to SummerSlam to win what is sure to be my WWE Women's Championship. No Diva will stop the rampage that's to come at my hands in order for me to win and make women's wrestling be on the high grace it used to be before all these bloody bimbos and sluts slept their way to the top to ruin it for Divas with actual skill from being the highlight of the division.

    No more. SummerSlam. WWE Women's Championship. It all falls on me and I will rise to the challenge and win no matter the cost.

    Paige screams once more before picking up her jacket and heading to the ring.

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    *The crowd instantly boo the theme of the United Kingdom as they make their way from behind the curtain. They are carrying British flags in their hands and begin waving them around to bait the crowd. The crowd react instantly by chanting "USA! USA!" over and over but it does not seem to affect UK one little bit. They continue walking down the ramp, heading to the ring.*

    JR: United Kingdom are certainly walking into the lion’s den here folks, a very hostile crowd for the British Drew McIntyre and William Regal.

    Bischoff: The don't look bothered one bit Ross.. I love America, but these guys should get a little more respect from these fans, there proud of their country too.. what's wrong with that?.

    JR: Nothing.. nothing at all Eric, I think the hatred from the fans may have a little more to do then them being British and more about their actions since joining together.

    Bischoff: Okay, so they caused a little controversy, so what! It would be boring if everyone was plain like Cody Rhodes and Tyler Black.

    JR: Speaking of Cody Rhodes partner, You have to wonder if the outcome of this match.. could have a knock on affect for the title match later.

    Bischoff: I agree Ross. I mean, If UK were to win.. You would have to imagine that Sheamus would be boosted and could very well use it to his advantage against Rhodes.

    JR: That's true Partner, Remember though.. UK will be banned from ringside and will not be allowed to get involved in the match.

    *UK have now reached the ring and the Boos have not gone away, they get a rest bite when the theme music of Tyler Black plays out from the speakers and the crowd begin cheering.*

    *Black comes out from behind the curtain in very energetic fashion, He stands there for a little while looking down towards the ring before receiving a mic and beginning to speak*

    Black: Well UK here it is the moment many have waited for and look to see. Me kicking your teeth in tonight in a handicap match but you know that I want to thank Regal. His words reached out to me in such a way that had to consider my options.

    And in doing so, I realized I have a chance to show everyone the insane ability I have to get rid of Regal and Drew by myself but then again why should I not share that grand moment here in this.....The Great American Bash......someone known the world around as a another proud American.

    See I know you got nothing on me and my partner, the UK is nothing but a thorn in the WWE's side and that will soon be resolved by me and this man......

    *The crowd are up in the air, roaring with cheers like crazy, as Kurt Angle is Tyler Black's secret partner! Angle comes out with his Gold Medal, and he looks better than he was before! Black hands his mic to Angle, as Angle begins to speak.*

    Kurt Angle: Well guess what peeps?

    *Crowd stay silent*


    *The crowd go mental with the cheers again.*

    Kurt Angle: Wow, the WWE Universe are alive. Up in the air. Going mental with cheers. This place hasn't changed at all has it? You all are still the amazing fans that you originally were! So, tonight- it's the Great American Bash. And Tyler Black gave me an offer, an offer that I couldn't refuse. When he told me, that he needed a partner to face some racist, ignorant British boys, I stepped up to the plate. But as Black gave me the offer, I'll admit, I was a bit- nervous. And I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to come back to WWE. However, when he did tell me that the PPV was Great American Bash, there was no chance in hell I was going to reject! Now I haven't got any problems with any British people at all, but if they are as ignorant and pathetic as Drew McIntyre, and William Regal- you know that something has to be done.

    *Crowd cheer Angle as he smiles.*

    Kurt Angle: So now I'm here, and it's been a while since I've Angle Slammed someone, or I've made someone tap out to the Ankle Lock! So tonight, I'll begin that mission by making either one of you boys, tap out, or eat the Angle Slam! I'm proud to be an American, and I'm pretty sure that these people in the crowd are also proud to be American. I'm sure all the foreign people in the crowd are proud to be whatever countries they are from. But do American people, and other foreign people deserve to be dissed by other ignorant bastards? I don't think so! So tonight, I'm teaming up with Tyler Black- to face The United Kingdom. This match. Should only go one way- and that is me, or Black pinning or making Regal, or McIntyre tap out!

    *Crowd cheer*

    Kurt Angle: So, McIntyre, Regal, I hope you two are ready. Because Angle and Black, are in a mood. Not just any type of mood. A mood, to hand your asses on a plate!

    JR: The Olympic hero is back! Kurt Angle has returned to the WWE!

    Bischoff: Man its great seeing Kurt again. Very smart from Black and this could very well change the balance of this match!

    *Angle then drops the mic as him and Black start walking to the ring, the camera then zooms in on United Kingdom who are clearly disappointed and shocked to see Black found a partner and that it's Kurt Angle. Both Kurt and Black slide in underneath the ropes and immediately a riot brakes out.*

    JR: Well here we go folks! It's like 4th of July and the fireworks have just been set off!

    *Angle and Drew are brawling in one corner while Black and Regal occupy the other, All men are trading blows and the crowd are clearly feeling the intensity. Angle then starts getting the best of Drew and clotheslines him out of the ring. Regal on the other side now has Black in the corner and begins hitting him with shoulder thrust's before knocking him down..

    Angle is on the outside with Drew and hits him with big rights before swinging him into the steel steps as the crowd react with "Ohhh's" after the thud of Drew crashing into the steel.

    Angle then walks across to the other side of the ring as he slaps hands with a few fans as he passes, Regal continues beating down on Black but the ref is able to get control and splits them up before calling for the bell and the match is made official.*

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    United Kingdom vs. Angle (Bryan) & Black (Kofi)

    Start at 1:57 stop at 5:43

    JR: Drew with the Tag, Regal going top rope!

    Bischoff: Drew has hold of Tyler Black. Here comes Regal.

    *Regal jumps off the top rope and catches Black with a double Ax Handle from the top, He knocks down Black and instantly goes for the pin.*

    JR: Regal with the pin attempt!



    Bischoff: Kick out from Tyler Black!

    *Regal jumps back up to his feet and starts beating down on Black, Dropping his knee into the chest of Black over and over before again going for another pin attempt.*



    JR: Again only a two count for Regal!

    *Regal then sits up Black and places his knee into his spine before pulling back on his arms in a submission attempt, With Black dead center in the ring.. the crowd begin to get edgy and start chanting Black's name to inspire the former Ring of Honor star. Regal sense's Black trying to fight back so he cranks up the pressure and begins trash talking to try and put Black off as the ref asks if Black wants to give up.*

    JR: The ref asking Black the question, I don't see any quit from this young man though Eric.

    Bischoff: Black is hanging in there Ross, but for how much longer?.

    *With Angle stomping his feet and clapping trying to get the crowd behind Black, Regal keeps applying the pressure. Regal goes for one large pull before Black counters the attempt and throws him over his shoulders sending Regal crashing to the mat. Black then quickly jumps up and attempts to run to his corner only for Regal to get and Driver his knee into the guy of Black causing him to flip right over*

    JR: That was brutal! Big time knee to the stomach from Regal right there.

    Bischoff: Perfectly timed from Regal too Ross! Black was just about to tag in Angle.

    *William Regal continues stomping on Black who's now holding his stomach clearly in pain, He picks up Black and slings him into his own corner and then tags in Drew. Drew comes in and then can be seen stomping on Black, Drew places his foot against the throat of Back and presses down while the ref counts.*



    JR: Drew risking disqualification here! He better break the hold.


    *Drew brakes the hold and then continues stomping away at Black, he then tags back in Regal who does the same thing and then tags back in Drew.*

    JR: United Kingdom are in total control here folks.

    Bischoff: There using their tag team experience Ross, it's clever from UK.

    *Drew lifts up Black from the mat and shouts out "Is this the best America has to offer?" He then springs off the ropes and attempts to big boot Black only for Tyler to catch the attempt and swing around with a roundhouse kick to the temple which knocks down Drew and causes Black to fall down with the momentum of the strike.*

    JR: Bah Gawd what a roundhouse from Tyler Black! He almost kicked Drew's head off and in to this crowd.

    Bischoff: This is the opening that Black has been looking for, can he take advantage?

    *Black and Drew start crawling over to their corners, Drew notices that Black is closer to his and turns around to grab the boot of Black, Drew holds on for his life but Black starts kicking away trying to shake off Drew.. Just when it looks like Black is about to wriggle away again Drew grabs hold of Blacks foot and starts pulling him back. Tyler Black gives one big kick and knocks Drew off before leaping for his corner and tagging in Kurt Angle who enters the ring to a hero's welcome reception.*

    JR: Here comes the Red, White and Blue ass kicking folks!

    *Angle burst's through the ropes and runs right through Drew with a clothesline, Drew springs back up though and Angle catches him with an over the head belly to belly suplex which sends Drew flying across the ring and underneath the ropes. Regal comes in and looks to land a huge right hand which Angle ducks underneath and delivers a big T-Bone suplex which gets a nice pop from the fans..

    With the crowd cheering Angle's name, Angles feeds of the crowd’s reaction and drops down the straps from his singlet. He then waits for Regal to get up, who walks right into a..

    JR: Angle slam! Kurt Angle with the Angle Slam!

    Bischoff: that's the game changer right there, Regal is not the legal man though guys.

    *With Kurt getting caught up in the emotion of the moment he chooses to taunt with the crowd who are cheering his name.. he is however blind sighted by Drew who is now back in the ring and waits for him to turn around before hitting his finisher the future shock DTT!*

    JR: McIntyre out of nowhere! This could be it right here.

    Bischoff: McIntyre with the pin!



    *Just when it looks like the ref is going to count to three out of nowhere Tyler Black comes crashing down from the turnbuckle with an elbow drop and breaks up the count*

    JR: Now Black from out of nowhere, crucial interception from Tyler Black right there!

    *Black is able to break up the count but notices Regal coming at him, Black is able to react first and as quick as a flash he reacts with a ferocious super kick which stuns and knocks out Regal instantly as both men full back down and roll out of the ring.*

    JR: Which way will this match go next? Everyone's down!

    Bischoff: Not everyone! Drew is moving.

    *Drew if the first to make a move and trying to catch his breath back he starts shouting "Its over!" he then drags up Angle and places him in position for the Future Shock again..*

    JR: Drew looking for another Future Shock here, if he hits this.. it must be, it's surly would be over.

    Bischoff: Well it’s about to happen! here we... NO!

    *Just when Drew looks like he’s going to drive Angles face into the mat, Angle reverses and uses the momentum to back body drop Drew over his head and Drew comes down hitting the mat hard.. Angle then stalks Drew almost begging him to turn around, when he does it proves to be the downfall as he turns into the..*

    JR: Angle Slam! Angle slam! The second one of the night!

    Bischoff: Angle with the pin!




    JR: Kurt Angle and Tyler Black pick up the win!

    Bischoff: For so much of this match United Kingdom were in control and one move can change the whole outcome. I have to give it too Angle though he really has not missed a beat.

    JR: Oh it’s true! it's damn true Eric!

    Bischoff *Laughs* Very good Ross.

    JR: I have to give it too Tyler Black though.. I'm sure Angle will grab the headlines no doubt about that, but so many times during that match had to dig in deep and show his honor, show his fight and he came through it and at one point may have saves his team from losing when he broke up that pin.

    Bischoff: That's true Ross!

    *Both Angle and Black are standing in the middle of the ring with their arms raised by the referee official, with the crowd chanting "USA!" Black and Angle share a moment of respect before both leave and head to the back.*

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    With ringside cleared the fans prepare themselves for the next match. At the back of the arena there is a little bit of a commotion when one of the fans begins barging his way passed the others and down towards the floor. Security moves to head off the hooded troublemaker but find themselves evaded as he takes a turn through a congested section of the stands before bulldozing his way towards the ring again. Security manage to cut him off as the cameras center in on him but quickly jump back as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a gun! The guards run for the hills as he points it at each one in turn before they're out of sight. The deranged fan points it at another member of the crowd and pulls the trigger! The poor fan is hit in the face.. by hundreds of tiny bubbles that spray forth from the barrel revealing it to be just a toy gun. The gunman tosses his 'weapon' aside and jumps the barrier and pulls down his hood revealing his true identity, Dean Ambrose!

    JR: What a sick joke to pull! Get this maniac out of here!

    Bischoff: I remember when a guy by the name of Steve Austin pulled a similar trick.. but that was a harmless prank right?

    Ambrose laughs at the fan who shows a mixture of shock and relief, he stares at them in a crazed manner before turning around and shaking his head violent and wiping his face. Ambrose pulls at his hair before staggering over to the timekeeper’s booth and pushing a cameraman over and snatching a microphone. He rolls into the ring and pulls himself to his feet using the rope before pacing around a little and muttering to himself before finally raising the mic to speak.

    Ambrose: Hi! I'm Dean Ambrose! Ya know.. you guys are making it all a little too easy to get in here.. but your ignorance is my gain.. and in the end it's yours too, because all we want is a little entertainment.. right? WRONG! What we want is violence.. what we want is to see one man tear another man limb from limb.. what we want is FAIRNESS! FOR TOO LONG.. has this business been about what you sheeple want.. FOR TOO LONG.. have the so called 'WWE Universe' dictated the success and the direction of the wrestlers here.. FOR TOO LONG have all of you been entranced by the so called 'Plan' that the McMahon family so happily ram down your throats. But that's over now.. the time for change is now.. the time for fires is now.. all we need is a little gas.. and here I am holding the canister.

    Ambrose paces around a little more, looking out at the fans with a sick grin on his face as they boo him heavily.

    Ambrose: You people just don't get it.. you don't matter to me like you matter to the McMahons.. like you matter to The Rock.. your opinions hold no sway over me and I don't need you to tell me how good I truly am. I'm an invincible wrestling machine.. I’m the best of the best.. best in the world is just a gimmick.. there are people in the back that would STAB every one of you in the BACK to be as good as they know I am. They call me crazy.. Shane McMahon thinks I’m mentally unstable.. people fear what they don't understand and it's clear to me that no one truly.. understands me. I'm not crazy.. I'M NOT CRAZY! Just.. because I do what I want.. just because I know the only real way to live your life is by climbing to the top of the mountain over the scorched corpses of your enemies.. just because I don't play politics, because I don't subscribe to the kiss ass mentality of 'The Plan'.. doesn't make me crazy. The fact that ALL OF YOU.. refuse to open your eyes and see that I speak the truth.. is what makes all of YOU crazy!!

    Ambrose laughs a little to himself before going back to muttering and then addressing the fans again.

    Ambrose: But what really makes all of you sick.. what makes this business sick.. and every single one of you crazy.. is that you believe that the way this place is run is fair. Is it FAIR that a guy like The Rock who barely gives a DAMN about this industry should waltz back here between movies and stroll right back to the top!? Is it FAIR that the people who give blood.. sweat.. tears.. and bone for this company should be treated like garbage and be told that they're NOT FIT TO COMPETE in favor of Hollywood movie stars WHO DONT DESERVE IT!?! No.. none of that is fair.. but you people eat it up anyway.. now THAT is what's truly crazy.

    I'll tell you what is fair though.. heh.. hehehe.. what's fair is what happened last Thursday night on Nitro. The Rock finally woke up.. The Rock finally found himself.. and he realized that the only way to get what you want.. the only way to have fun.. is to use mind numbing.. excruciating.. torturous force against the nearest sack of meat.

    Ambrose wipes his mouth as if he's drooling a little bit and begins tugging at his hair again as if in total frustration.

    Ambrose: But as hilarious and as entertaining as it was to watch The Rock take his frustrations about me out on some nobody.. it's just not good enough for me. And that's why I’m here right now.. no more games Rock.. I’m right here tonight. So it's about time we finally got this over with.. it's about time the legacy.. the legend.. the era of Dean Ambrose was ignited using the rotting carcass of the career of the Great One himself.. That's right Rock! It's time for Dean Ambrose to show the world that he is a MAN OF HIS WORD! So for the love of god.. please.. please.. PLEASE!!! Bring your.. candy ass.. out here right now.. RIGHT NOW!!!

    Ambrose drops his mic and extends his arms as he stares up at the entrance ramp, beckoning The Rock to come down to the ring.

    JR: The challenge is set!

    Bischoff: Come on Rock! Be a man!

    Bischoff: Oh yes! It's starting!

    JR: Business is about to pick up!

    *The Rock wearing his signature Boots to Asses top, sprints down to ringside! He slides into the ring, and throws a right hand, which connects to a huge pop! Rock follows it up with another, and one more. He raises his hand, and goes for another punch, but Ambrose ducks, and lands a takedown! He jumps on Rock, and unloads with punches, before being pushed off.

    He gets to his, as does Rock, who is whipped onto the ropes. On the return, Rock is lifted up for the Midnight Special, however Rock is able to slip out. Rock goes for the Rock Bottom, but Ambrose battles out with elbows. He re-composes himself, before turning right into a spinebuster!*

    JR: Rock is finally exacting his revenge from the King of the Ring!

    Bischoff: Come on Dean!

    *Rock raises his eyebrow, before swinging his arms. He bounces off one set of ropes, before jumping over Ambrose, who jumps to his feet. Rock rebounds off the ropes straight into a clothesline from Ambrose. Ambrose again jumps on the Rock, and lands an elbow to the head. He does this repeatedly, before Rock is able to turn Ambrose on his back, and lands some punches off his own. However, security runs out from the back, and picks up the Rock. Ambrose gets to his feet, and jumps over security onto Rock, and trades blows with him. However, more security, comes down and grabs hold of each other.

    Dean and Rock are held back in opposite corners of the ring, and they begin shouting at each other. Shane McMahon comes out from the back, and barks orders at security. They takes Ambrose away from the ring, but Rock escapes from his security group, and leaves the ring, before he throws punches through the guards aimed at Ambrose. The crowd pop, but Shane personally drags Rock away, back into the arms of the security guards.*

    JR: This is all kicking off!

    Bischoff: This is amazing! Come on Dean, get 'im!

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    JR: Well folks, after what went down with Ambrose and The Rock, My broadcast partner has been called to the back to help control the situation. Firstly, I'm not sure if anyone never mind Eric Bischoff can stop the heated rivalry between these two men and I feel that there feud has gone on too far for any of them to be "calmed down" at this stage. Not to worry though.. the show must gone on and joining me for this match, My friend and fellow hall of famer. Jerry "The King" Lawler!

    King: Thanks Ross! Hello everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying the show so far and it's great to be here tonight!.

    *The Camera then swings around the arena showing the excitement of the crowd in attendance, the camera then zooms in on a couple of the signs as the life feed is shown on the Titantron*

    "God bless America!"
    "Time is up Jericho! All hail, King Aries!"
    "All American Rejection!"
    "Trish! Will you marry me?."
    "Tyson Kidd. The real Canadian hero!"
    "APP will bow down to the Kings of Wrestling!"
    Brock Lesnar.
    "Here comes the moaning!"
    Rock Bottom! Population: Ambrose.
    Y no match for Punk? *Angry face*
    Hulk Hogan is wresting!
    Lita! When's it my turn?.
    King: You got to love some of these signs Ross! *King laughs*

    JR: The WWE Universe has never been afraid to express creativity King.

    King: You got that right JR. Did you see that one about me? After all these years the WWE Universe still loves me!

    JR: Funny enough I didn't see that one partner.

    *Suddenly the crowds cheers and excitement turns into one of boors when the theme music of Damien Sandow hits the stage.*

    *Sandow steps out from behind the curtain sporting his arrogant smile and wearing his blue robe to a chorus of jeers from the fans. Damien Sandow shrugs them off and begins making his way to the ring.*

    King: I really like this Damian Sandow Ross! He's Clever, he's well groomed and I agree with him that Hulk Hogan should never have been allowed back in the WWE!

    JR: Come on King. You, Sandow and everyone else are entitled to their opinion. But for a newcomer to slap a legend like Hulk Hogan in the face? That was plain disrespect King.

    King: You know what I think is disrespectful Ross? These "legends" coming back and blocking these up and coming talents. You don't see me getting in there and winning titles do you Ross? No! you don't. I have more respect for these new talents and I understand it's there time now.

    JR: King.. you’re a friend and a legend in this business, but sometimes I really don't understand you, Hogan came back for the love of this business, for all these fans. Damian Sandow chose to come out and ruin the moment of the legendary Hulkster, weeks after weeks he's carried on trying to get in Hogan’s face.. well King. He's got what he wants all right.. Because tonight he's going one on one with Hogan and all the Hulkamaniacs here tonight!

    *Sandow stands in the ring taking in the boo's from the crowd. The crowd then turn their attention to back to the Titantron where a video is playing on the big screen and "Real American" blares out from the speakers .*

    *The video then stops and the crowd begin chanting "Hogan!" over and over again as Sandow screams for them to shut up!*

    JR: Well anyone doubting how much this match means to Hogan just witnessed it there.. Hogan has done nothing but train and train some more since finding out this match was official. I know firsthand that he's ready folks and at the Great American Bash! you can be sure your about to get the best of Hulk Hogan!

    King: The best of Hogan died in the 90's Ross! The nWo is the best thing he's ever done and how many times has he tried reliving that? Hulkamania is dead! Sandow beating him tonight will be the final nail in the coffin!

    *Just when the Hogan chant starts dying down his theme music blares out towards the fans and they react once more by jumping to their feet and cheering like crazy.*

    *The crowd give the biggest pop of the night so far at the sign of Hogan stepping out on to the stage. he hit's his air guitar pose before slowly making his way down to ring, slapping hands with his fans as they continue to chant his name. Hogan reaches the ring and his music stops.. The crowd seem to make even more noise though and Hogan seems taking back by the cheers while Sandow continues trying to pipe them down.*

    Damian Sandow vs. Hulk Hogan (Sheamus)

    Start at 0:48 finish at 4:43

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