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    RAW is WAR Episode 27
    The Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen we are one week away from The Great American Bash and it’s shaping up to be a good one. Last week we saw Chris Jericho and Austin Aries meet in ring for the first time since King Aries became number one contender by winning the King of the Ring tournament

    King: And tonight Chris Jericho is going to kick of the show! We have heard he wasn’t too pleased with how Aries treated him last week, and I can’t say I blame him.

    JR: Well Aries isn’t going to back down from Chris Jericho, not with the WWE Championship at stake. But that isn’t all folks, this is a special edition of RAW is WAR, this is RAW is WAR: The Final Meeting! That’s right every match at The Great American Bash will have a final faceoff tonight, and in our main event they will all come together for a huge 6 Man Tag Team Match!

    King: That’s huge! I can’t wait for Sheamus and the United Kingdom to square off with Cody Rhodes.

    JR: As much as you would like that, and Tyler Black would probably be there, this is a night of Final Face-offs between the two competitors not their partners so it’ll be Rhodes and Sheamus meeting, by themselves in that ring later tonight.

    King: Well then how does Teddy plan on stopping Ryback and Goldberg from tearing at each other?

    JR: Teddy Long has made a decree that the two can’t touch each other until the start of the Six Man Tag Match; if they do they will be suspended

    King: Well then I can’t wait for that main event

    JR: Neither can I. Tonight we also have the conclusion of the Road to Triumph series, and the Kings of Wrestling will meet the Prime Time Players, but we start it with Chris Jericho because here he comes!

    King: I hope he tells Aries what’s going to happen to him at The Great American Bash

    *Chris Jericho makes his way out wearing one of his trademark suits with a scowl on his face. He makes a bee-line for the ring and doesn't change his expression at all as the crowd boo him all the way. He climbs the steel steps and after stepping between the ropes, swipes a mic from a ringside personnel. He then stands in the middle of the ring looking out to the crowd, same expression on his face as the music fades but the boos and jeers continue. After a moment he eventually begins to speak.*

    Jericho: Last week, Austin Aries disrespected me. He bumped into me on the way out of this ring like I was some hapless nobody. He expects to be treated as the best thing since slice bread? He expects to be treated with respect? Well let me tell you Austin Aries, that is NOT how you get treated with respect. That is NOT how you treat the WWE Champion!

    *crowd boo and chant "JACKASS!"*

    Jericho: Ohhh, how cute, still chanting that are we? Still riding the wave of last week? Wake up you hypocrites!! Wake up and come back to earth!! Because you're all right now living on planet Aries!! A make-believe planet where Austin Aries is your champion. A made up place where Austin Aries is the top dog. Well it's time to coma back to reality!! It's time to come back to planet earth!! And back on planet earth, if you're actually back with us normal people here, then you need to be educated in some of the harsh realities of this world.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: Here on planet earth, Chris Jericho is the WWE Champion. Here on planet earth, I, Chris Jericho am the best in the world at what I do. Here on planet earth, you all show ME respect. And here on planet earth, Austin Aries shows ME respect.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: Oh go ahead, boo all you want, but these are the stone cold hard knocked truths, and you parasites know it!!

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: You people are nothing but gelatinous tapeworms, sucking the life out of this company, because you are all riding on the coat tails of Austin Aries and his King of the Ring win, and you all now think that he deserves some respect instead of embracing me as the champion that I am. And Austin Aries is riding the crest of that fairy tale wave that you sheep are creating and is now so high on the made up illusion of glory that you people have put over him, that he thinks that he can bump into me, disrespect me, and get away with it?
    NO! It's not going to happen that way. No chance in Hell!! And at the Great American Bash, I will beat Austin Aries. I will beat him so that HE wakes up from this illusion. I will beat him so that the wool that you people can see the superstar he is not. And I will beat him, and remove the wool that he has pulled over your eyes. I will open you people's eyes and bring you back to planet earth, to the REAL world, where Chris Jericho is the WWE Champion!

    As Jericho finishes his last sentence, Aries music blares over the PA system. Austin walks out from the back to a good amount of cheers from the fans. He stands at the top of the ramp, with a mic in hand. He stands for a moment, before walking down the ramp and to the steel steps. He looks up at Chris once more, while shaking his head. Austin climbs the steps and into the ring. He is in front of Jericho now, eyeballing him. The music fades away.

    Austin: Planet Aries. I like the sound of that Chris. I mean, it has that nice ring to it. Do you know what else has a nice ring to it? When these fans speak their voice. Here watch. Who is going to become the WWE Champion at the Great American Bash?

    Fans: Austin Aries!

    Austin: Who is going to lose his title and go home crying to his momma?

    Fans: Chris Jericho!

    Austin: And what do we all know Jericho to truly be?

    Fans: Jackass! Jackass! Jackass!

    Austin: Ok now, shh...I'm not done talking. Anyways, Chris, I didn't come out here to pander to you, or even to try and apologize for my actions last week. So I bumped your shoulder. Get over it champ. You've got bigger things to worry about, like our match. See Chris, let me take a moment to shed some history on you. Take a look at the tron.

    Aries points to the tron, where we see an image and get cheers from the fans.

    Aries: You see, that's Bret, having won King of the Ring. The best there ever was, the best there ever is, the best there ever will be. A man we both grew up watching.

    Aries points back to the tron, as we get more cheers.

    Aries: Mr Kurt Angle. King of the Ring in 2000. An olympic gold medalist. A great athlete. A...

    Jericho: What's your point?!

    Aries: Hold on there chachi...I'm getting to my point.

    Aries points back to the tron once more, where we get boos this time.

    Aries: Edge! Money in the bank winner, the Rated R Superstar. He won King of the Ring in 2001. Now, like I said, I was getting to my point and here it is. Each of those men won King of the Ring and would go on to become the WWE Champion in their career. You see Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Booker T, Sheamus, Edge, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, Randy Savage, and Stone Cold Steve Austin all won King of the Ring, and held the gold. What you have here, what Tyson holds on Nitro. The only thing that matters in this company. 9 men out of 18 have went on to something big and better. 9 others, faded into obscurity. So the question you have to ask yourself right now Chris, what kind of man is A Doubles. Is he the kind of man who makes the most of his opportunities and cashing in when chance is knocking? Or is he the kind of man that let's things slip through his fingers, always holding onto the past and making up any excuse in the book as to why he didn't win the big one? Which kind of man am I Chris? Hmm?

    Aries pauses, as Jericho raises the mic to speak.

    Aries: It doesn't matter what kind of man you think I am Chris, all that matter is that I am who I know I am. I am Austin Aries. The Next Best Thing to step into this ring. A man you've never faced before. Chris, I have one last thing to show you.

    Aries points back to the tron, as a digital clock appears, running down on time.

    Aries: That clock will run out the moment the Great American Bash starts. That clock symbolizes alot of things Chris. Your time as a WWE Champion coming to an end. The time before I become WWE Champion. The biggest thing it symbolizes though the time before I get to knock you off your high horse and send you crashing back to Planet Aries, because simply put, you are nothing more than a bona-fide...
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    Jericho: ENOUGH!! I have heard enough of you and your little history lesson. You're boring me here, and you're doing nothing more than adding to the illusion, this mirage that these sheep that you call fans are buying into, and I won't stand for it.

    *crowd boo and jeer*

    Jericho: And how cute of you to steal yet another of The Rock's catchphrases. How very droll of you indeed. Goes to show that you're nothing more than a phony and shows that you cannot come up with your own material. You're nothing more than an unoriginal independent circuit darling that has stolen and copied every gimmick from the big leagues. You are nothing more than a wannabe that doesn't deserve to be here!

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: And if you think that little clock there is meant to intimidate me, or make me scared, or make me question if I can keep my title beyond the Great American Bash, then think again. Because the only thing that clock represents is how much time you and these hypocrites that are in this arena and all the parasites that are watching all over the world have left to bask in the glory of your fantasy world. To bask in the glory of your King of the Ring win. To ride the wave of the thought of you as WWE Champion. When that clock ticks down to zero, that represents when I break the little tradition you pointed out there and add you to the list of people I leave i my wake as I continue with MY WWE Championship reign. Because at the Great American Bash, Austin Aries becomes number 4 on the list of consecutive people who have tried and failed to beat Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship.

    *crowd boo as Jericho stares daggers at Aries, before his music hits. After staring at each other a moment, Jericho walks past, bumping through Aries' shoulder before exiting the ring. He then backs up the ramp, holding the WWE Championship aloft.*

    Eve is seen walking backstage in her executive attire and she looks angry. She stops in front of a door and takes a deep breath still seemingly angry then knocks. The camera turns showing a tag on the door that reads RAW GM. Teddy's voice is then heard from the other side.

    Teddy: Come in!

    Eve opens the door and finds Teddy sitting at his desk. She approaches the desk.

    Teddy: Eve what can I do for you today playa? Not that I'm insinuating you're a player by the way.

    Eve appears to be biting her tongue to keep herself from saying something she shouldn't. She then puts on a fake grin.

    Eve: You know Teddy I work very hard around here, some would say harder than you even, so I don't appreciate your insinuations that I have an inappropriate relationship with any of the WWE staff. I am a woman of integrity and high moral fiber and I will not allow you to slander my good name. Is that understood?

    Teddy grins at Eve.

    Teddy: Oh I don't doubt how hard you work Eve, you have been working night and day for weeks and weeks trying your best to get me out of my job.. there's no doubting your work ethic. As for slandering your name I don't believe I did. As I said last week, to the WWE Universe and perhaps... oh I don't know the board of directors perhaps, to them it may look like you and Jericho have more then a working relationship and I just felt it was my duty to point it out to them.. but I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.. Right Eve?

    Teddy grins at Eve once again. Eve puts on a forced grin.

    Eve: You really think you've got this all figured out, don't you? Well let me make this clear Teddy I am not intimidated by your desperate attempts to get me fired. Everyone can see how you've been running this show to the ground for quite some time and I've sat back and held my tongue as I watched hoping you'd improve, but it's clear now that you can't or maybe you just won't. Maybe you're too old and too dead set on your ways, but whatever it is it doesn't matter because if the Board sees what I see then I'd be surprised if you managed to keep your job past Christmas.

    Teddy's facial expression becomes more serious.

    Teddy: Raw is doing just fine thank you Eve, but I'm sure the board are always looking for me to improve the show and I'm sure I could. Perhaps If I had another assistant looking over my shoulder and focusing on the show at hand rather then spending her time in the WWE Champions locker room the show would be better for it. Perhaps the board may see that too? Maybe the board of directors will believe like you that the show needs improving and they will see that you have had no effect for the better and perhaps it will be you out of a job. Oh but don't look too worried Eve.. you always have your wrestling career right playa?

    Teddy smiles at Eve.

    Teddy: Oh that reminds me... I'm sorry about you losing on Nitro to Paige... Better luck next time!

    Eve: I appreciate your sympathies Teddy and I'm sure they're extremely heartfelt. As for my relationship with Chris Jericho we have a strictly professional relationship and I was merely in his dressing room to discuss business as I'm sure you were on your way to do when you walked in on us. Or should I assume you were there for more personal reasons?

    Teddy: Oh I believe you Eve, I'm sure your relationship is strictly business.. I just hope the board see it the same way, it would be a real shame for them to see the talking about dates, the numerous times you have defended him and favored him over his opponent and with him wearing nothing more then a towel with you in his locker room.. that could look pretty badly on you wouldn't you agree?

    Anyway Eve.. I have a show to run! so if there's nothing more? I think we are done here.

    Eve: You know what Teddy? I think I've said everything I needed to say so good luck and have a nice day!

    Eve turns around and rolls her eyes as she walks away. Teddy shakes his head looking frustrated.

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    King: How dare Teddy excuse Eve of mixing business and pleasure with Jericho?.

    JR: You have to admit King, it's certainly looked that way in recent weeks.

    King: How? Eve has done nothing but try her best to help Teddy Long and make this show, a better place for everyone.. then he throws it back in her face.

    JR: Oh come on King! You know damn well she wants that Raw general manager job.

    King: I don't agree Ross. Had it not been for Eve and her support, then Teddy Long may have been asking Santa for a new job this Christmas
    *King laughs*

    JR: Well folks, as much as Eve loves the spotlight on her, we are about to get ready for our first match of the night and it's up next!

    King: Bring on the Divas!

    *AJ lee comes out from behind the curtain with a bright smile across her face, to a good crowd ovation she begins skipping down to the ring*

    King: She might not have a full deck of cards Ross, but she could be my queen of hearts any day!

    JR: The sassy and delightful AJ Lee folks. Don't mistake her smile for weakness, she's a fighter all right and will give everything she has every time she gets in that ring.

    *The crowd explode with cheers for the diva of the decade, Trish hits her pose at the top of the stage before heading down to the ring*

    JR: Big test for Trish this week in facing AJ Lee, AJ will not give up lightly and then you got AJ who will be facing one of the best and more experienced female wrestlers in this business.. Should be a great match!

    King: I change my mind.. Trish can be my queen any day!

    JR: Could you not handle both King?
    *Sarcastic look*

    King: Yeah.. I wouldn't want them fighting over me though Ross!

    *Both women stand at opposites side of the ring as the ref stands in the middle, the ref calls for the bell and both women shake hands before the match is officially away*

    Start at 1:46 stop at 3:34

    JR: Looks like Trish is going high risk King!

    King: Here she comes.. watch out AJ!

    *Trish comes crashing down on AJ with a crossbody from the top rope knocking her down, Trish then quickly hooks the leg and goes for the cover*

    JR: Trish with the cover, this could be it folks.



    King: Kick out! Only a two count for Trish.

    *Trish is the first to reach her feet and starts applauding her opponent before stalking her as AJ makes it too her feet, AJ then turns around and is greeted with a lou thez press as Trish delivers rights and lefts to the face of AJ. AJ though is quickly able to grab the hair of Trish though and flips her over so AJ is now on top and delivers some rights of her own, Trish then pushes her off as both scramble to there feet. AJ charges at Trish only for Trish to stun the crowd with her matrix like ability and headstand into a spinning corkscrew which sends AJ flying across the ring to a pop from the crowd.*

    JR: Wow! what ability from Canada's finest export.. Trish is now firmly in control of this match.

    King: Your right Ross.. the end could be near for young AJ.

    *Trish now stands across from AJ and takes a spear position, she urges AJ up and once AJ reaches her feet she charges at AJ who quickly jumps right over Trish to a cheer from the crowd avoiding the Spear attempt. Trish reacts quickest though and gives AJ a boot to the guy before grabbing her head and using the turnbuckle to deliver..*

    King: Stratusfaction!

    JR: It must be over now, Trish with the pin!




    JR: Trish wins! Trish stratus has won! She's going to the Great American Bash!

    King: AJ give it everything Ross.. I think experience showed through tonight JR.

    JR: I would have to agree, Great respect being shown by these two women King.. that's good to see!

    *With the crowd cheering for Trish, Trish walks over to AJ and shares a hug with her opponent before both women raise there arms and AJ leaves the ring..*

    Trish starts doing her signature taunt as her music plays. She waves to Lillian Garcia asking for a mic and she's given one as her music stops.

    Trish: You know this win was very important to me because this win puts me in the final 5 contenders for the Women's Championship at the Great American Bash.

    The fans start cheering loudly and Trish smiles.

    Trish: And I have to say I couldn't have done this without you guys.

    The fans continue cheering.

    Trish: Cause I have to admit when I decided to return to the WWE I wasn't sure I could still do this. I had been gone from the ring for a while, I hadn't been doing any wrestling training since Tough Enough and I wasn't even sure I could still have a go with the new crop of Divas.

    But this win tonight and ending up in the final 5 at the Great American Bash has once again served to assure me that even after all this time I can still deliver 100% Stratusfaction.

    The fans start cheering loudly once again.

    Trish: So it doesn't matter who the 4 other Divas I have to face are; whether it's Lita, Kelly Kelly, Eve or my good friend Nattie I'm determined to end up on top at that scramble match and become an 8th time WWE Women's Champion.

    The fans cheer as Trish's music plays and she performs her signature taunt once again before leaving the ring.

    *Beth Phoenix is shown backstage walking around in the parking lot*

    Beth: 4 out of 4. 4 wins out of 4. 4 Divas have been pinned 1-2-3 by me, yet I'm not the biggest threat in this title tournament? No, not at all. Everyone thinks a Lita is going to win, or a Nattie Neidhart, or a Trish Stratus, or Kelly Kelly is going to become divas champion, but I'm not stupid. I don't underestimate my ability, my power.

    AJ, Maryse, Trish freakin' Stratus, and tonight, earlier on in the dark match, Kaitlyn all could defeat the Glamazon, and they were annihilated! Destroyed! And who is going onto the Great American Bash! I will be! A scramble match, where every fall is worth a certain number of points added to my total already. And the two with the highest score at the end of the match, goes onto Summerslam to challenge for the Women's Championship.

    This Road to Triumph, is just Beth Phoenix's opportunity to destroy the competition, and prove to be the greatest diva in history. And Kelly, tonight I make it a perfect record, a perfect five!

    *Beth sits on the bonnet of a red car, before slamming her hand down on it*

    Beth: Don't underestimate me Beth! Like this Ferrari here, I'm a beautiful, beautiful machine. But if you're in the wrong place, at the wrong time, you'll be ran down!


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    JR: Well folks, we have some tag team action up next!

    King: The tag team title scene is really heating up Ross, You have the likes of the New Age Outlaws, Cryme Tyme, S.C.U.M., Beer Money and the Worlds Greatest Tag Team all doing there best to show they want those titles.

    JR: You are right King, that's not to mention the Prime Time Players or the Kings of Wrestling. Both of which will be competing right here tonight.

    King: All those teams and yet none of them have anything on All American Perfection!

    JR: I can't say that the All American Perfection have not been on a huge roll since winning those titles, but my concern is how they have been keeping hold of them.. Have they actually won a match without some form of cheating taken place?.

    King: How dare you Ross! I think you are mistaken winning for cheating, there the tag team champions because there better then anyone else right now.. in fact, if you listen to them.. they think they are the best of all time!

    JR: And you believe that right?.

    King: Well.. it's hard to disagree Ross, they keep winning!
    *King laughs*

    JR: I know one thing.. The tag champs will be watching this match very closely because in my opinion, the winner of this match will likely be the new number one contenders.

    King: Now I agree with that!

    *KOW come out to a mixed response from the crowd, the hardcore and indy circuit fans cheering while the rest are booing or choose to not show there response, the kings make there way down to the ramp and enter the ring with a look of focus across there faces, they turn and face the Titantron awaiting there opponents.*

    JR: The Kings of Wrestling folks! A great team with chemistry and the ability to get the job done

    King: I'll be honest Ross, I never heard of these guys until they come here so I checked up on there background. They are former CZW and ROH tag team champions, they were also voted 2010 tag team of the year in the Wrestling Observer news paper. Now that is pretty impressive!

    JR: Certainly is King. I'm also impressed with you, well done on checking there background and getting to know this team.

    King: It was easy JR, thank the lord for Wikipedia!
    *King laughs* One thing though, I may like this team even more if they had there valet with them once again.. Sara Del Rio.

    *Ross stares at King* You mean Sara Del Rey?.

    King: Yeah that's what I said.

    *The Prime Time Players step out from behind the curtain in there usual cocky fashion, with AW instantly raving about them being the next tag team champions, Young and Titus begin there millions of dollar's dance at the top of the stage, the crowd begin heavily booing but it does not affect them as they arrogantly make there way to the ring*

    King: You have to love there energy Ross and AW never fails to make me laugh.

    JR: I have personally never been a fan of the loud mouth all words and no action approach to wrestling, something which has gotten AW and his boys this far, but will it be enough to win the tag team titles? I'm not so sure, there going to have to really up there game if they are to one.. beat the Kings of Wrestling tonight and two.. become the next tag team champions!

    King: A great team needs charisma though Ross.. you know that, you can have all the talent in the world but if you ain't got that extra side to you, then you ain't going to go very far. The Prime Time players have enough charisma to spare, maybe they could lend some to the Kings of wrestling
    *King laughs*

    PTP's vs KOW (Marella/Hero & Ryder/Claudio)

    Start at 1:52 stop at 7:00

    JR: Both men are down! Hero has been dominated for a long period in this match, this could be his chance to make the tag to his partner.

    King: But Young is closer to his corner Ross.. If young can tag in the big deal this match could be as good as over for the Kings of Wrestling!

    *Just when both men start edging towards there corners the camera heads backstage and shows the All American Perfection watching the match on a TV screen backstage, they don't look impressed and can be seen whispering and joking around with each other before the camera heads back to ringside*

    King: Looks like you were right Ross, The tag team champions are watching!

    JR: Hero is so close! just a little further Chris.

    King: Look at Young though Ross.. he's made the tag, here comes O'Neil!

    *Just as Titus is about to enter the ring, Hero gives everything he has left and jumps off the mat and stretches out making the tag to Claudio which is greeted by a cheer from the crowd, Claudio enters the ring like a house on fire and both men smash right into each other with lefts and rights to the face.. Claudio gets the better of the exchanges and continues delivering shots to the face of O'Neil.. He then launches himself of the ropes before knocking down Titus with a big shoulder block before running the ropes and doing the same again*

    King: He just took down the big deal O'Neil!

    JR: He certainly did King, Claudio is a pretty big guy himself and he just showed that he's not somebody to play with right here.

    King: Look at the top rope though Ross! Darren Young is about to fly!

    *Darren Young leaps off the top rope trying to blindside Claudio who somehow senses the danger and hits Darren Young mid air with a huge European Uppercut to a pop from the crowd as it sends Young riding around in pain as he exits the ring*

    JR: My god what an uppercut from Claudio Castagnoli! He may have just knocked Darren Young's lights out!

    King: Come on AW, do something! Your team are in trouble.

    *Claudio turns his attention back to Titus who's just starting to get back up to his feet but is quickly distracted as AW jumps up on the ring apron, Claudio though is quick enough to grab hold of him by the shit.. Only for Titus to hit Claudio with a huge forearm smash to the back of the head before pounding on the Kings of wrestling member, He then picks up Claudio and shows his strength by scoop slamming him to the mat with extra force, he then begins calling for Young before hitting his trademark taunt which sparks boo's from crowd*

    JR: This match has just turned on it's head once again with Titus now in control.

    King: And here comes Darren Young!

    *Titus tag's in Young before both me start beating down on Claudio, with no sign of Hero and with the ref unable to gain control of this match again, the prime time players are firmly in control and continue beating down on there opponent. Titus then picks up Claudio before shouting something at Darren Young as he appears to be getting ready for something.. O'Neil then lifts Claudio over his head before dropping him as Darren Young catches him with the Gut Check before O'Neil leaves the ring and Young goes for the pin*

    King: Now that's a tag team Ross! It's got to be over now.

    JR: Darren Young with the cover, he could have him here!




    JR: Chris Hero at the last minute breaking it up out of nowhere!

    King: Damn! so close for the Kings of Wrestling.

    *Titus then comes charging back into the ring to get Hero but Hero react's first and nails Titus with a huge Cyclone Kill which knocks down the big man and sends him out of the ring, Darren Young then gets up and starts exchanging punches with Hero.. Claudio gets back up though and begins beating on Young, he then lifts up Young and places him on the top turnbuckle before he starts climbing himself*

    King: What they planning here Ross? Why is Hero climbing the other turnbuckle? what are they planning?.

    JR: I have this before King.. I think you are about to experience -

    *Claudio suplex's Darren Young from the top rope and Young's body comes crashing down on the mat but the pain does not end there as Hero launches himself off the other turnbuckle with a moonsault and lands perfectly on Darren Young as again the crowd pop*

    JR: ROYAL POWER AND GLORY! Bah gawd what a move!

    King: Man that was nice!

    *Claudio then quickly goes for the pin on Darren Young as Hero exits the ring to make sure neither Titus or AW can interfere with the count*

    JR: It's over King, Kings of Wrestling are going to get there second win here in the WWE!



    *Before the ref can count the three, the sight of the tag team champions is enough to stop the cover attempt from Claudio as All American Perfection begin making there way down the ramp with mics in hand.*

    Dolph: Woah! Woah! Stop this match, we have seen enough!

    *KOW now stand in the ring staring at the All American Perfection while the Prime Time players are looking on from outside of the ring, Dolph Ziggler then continues speaking.*

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    Dolph: Is this meant to be impressive? because it's not! Well? Are you lost for words AW? That's not like you, I thought your boys were going to come out here and show the Jokers of wrestling why this is our company, Show them that they need to get to the back of the queue if they want these titles.. Yet! They have matched and even in some cases out performed you in that ring! Millions of dollar's? I don't think so.

    As for you guys, Baldio and Zero, I don't care what you done in Ring of Honor, I don't care what award you one thanks to some stupid newspaper, this is our show! This is the company of the All American Perfection.. Around here, where the Kings of wrestling.

    *Dolph and Swagger continue walking down the ramp*

    Dolph: You guys want these titles?
    *Ziggler starts laughing* Yeah, not going to happen.

    There's a reason why we are the reigning tag team champions.. it's because we are better then anyone else in the tag team division and from what I can see, nothings changed. Here's a little advise though, Go back to the indys, take the prime time talkers with you and go and compete at the minor leagues, because we ain't letting these go anytime soon.. why? Because we are that damn good and we back it up every single day of the week.

    Ain't that right Swagger?.

    *Dolph hands the mic to Jack, and Jack begins to speak*

    Swagger: By you two not being able to beat these two nobodies, you now have created a situation where we have to waste more of our time than necessary. Why should we have to prove that we are the best tag team in the industry, but also prove these Indy boys don't belong here? Everybody already knows we are the best, they know these two don't belong, but because you two, whom we've already beat, couldn't, we have to finish the job. And that's the difference between all of us, that's what makes All American Perfection the world's greatest tag team. We finish the job each and every time, we back up our talk, we show up when it matters, we've beaten the World's Greatest Tag Team, we've beaten the Prime Time Players, and its a matter of time before we beat the Kings of Wrestling too.

    *Swagger and Ziggler look at each other and nod their heads*

    Swagger: You guys are all the same, you're all talk, and its about time we get some competition in the tag division, because frankly we're getting bored. But we'll pass the time by beating down on these two
    *Points to the Kings of Wrestling.* and show them that this is the big leagues, and when you're in the big leagues, you face the best.. You face All American Perfection, the WWE Tag Team Champions!

    *Ziggler and Swagger raise their titles as the Prime Time Players grab a mic and stop their celebration*


    “Now hold up a second! Last time I checked, we didn’t invite the two of you out here to interrupt our match! All American Perfection and The Primetime Plyaers? We had a deal. Let “Mr. No Days Off” here and I take care of the Kings of Wrestling, and I say kings rather lightly here, and make an example out of them. That’s what we agreed on last week, is it not? So I don’t see why you tag team champions have “graced us with your presence” when it wasn’t wanted nor needed at all. But since you’ve ruined our match, I guess we have no choice but to just live it, huh?”

    *Titus turns around and faces the Kings of Wrestling, who are still in the ring.*

    “The both of you “kings” better consider yourselves pretty damn lucky that this spaghetti haired pretty boy and this human-sized sprinkler over there came out to save your sorry behinds because had we had our way, we would have had you on the mat for the three count a long time ago. But don’t think this is over yet, champions.”

    *Darren takes the microphone from Titus’ hand after O’Neil hands it off to him.*


    “And as far as you “wasting your time” goes, Swaggie, don’t make me laugh. For a bunch of champions, you sure seem bent out of shape on having to actually fight your own battles instead of us taking these chumps out for you. What’s the matter? Don’t think you can do it on your own? Or are you afraid that we’re gonna do the same crap that you just did and screw you out of a win? Trust me, we want these overhyped indy legends out of here just as much as you do but don’t think that this little alliance that we’ve got going on has distracted us in the least.”

    *Darren Young shakes his head for emphasis all while having a condescending smirk on his face.*

    “We still want those tag team championships to ourselves and we still plan on beating you two for ‘em and you wanna take on these guys yourself? Fine by me but don’t you come running back to us to take care of ‘em for you after they beat you. You’ve embarrassed us for the last time and no amount of begging, pleading or bootlicking is going to change our minds.”

    *Suddenly, the smirk fades off of his face and is replaced by a scowl.*

    “Oh and it’s pretty easy to talk all that smack from waaaaaaaaaaaay up there. Why don’t you mosey on down here and show us what All American perfection are really made of?”

    *Before things can escalate any further, The Kings of Wrestling interject.*

    Hero: Whoa, whoa, whoa....fellas, why the hostility?

    *AAP and PTP stare at Hero*

    Hero: I know you have a lot to prove especially since this is the WWE, the pinnacle of the career of any wrestler in the world. You got to have it all here, the looks, the in ring ability, the voice and the heart to make it in this business....unfortunately neither of you bozos have that.

    All American Perfection....while you in fact are the tag team champions...what trials and hardships have you gone through as a team to really become th bearers of those championships? If feeling down on your luck and deciding to team up is your answer then please shut your mouths and let me explain why that's not enough.

    You guys know nothing of the bond 2 men can form to become greater together rather than on their own, to become brothers, to know that can you trust your life, your very being to the person next to you and go out there and put it all on the line for the world to see so they can be the ones to actually call the best tag team in the world not just claim it.

    *Swagger and Ziggler are seen mouthing out: We are*

    Hero: You're clearly not. You guys claim to be perfection and what the business need but what it need is wrestling royalty at it's finest to bring back the prestige and intensity that tag teams should always have, something me and Claudio are perfectly capable of doing. That's our re institute what true tag wrestling is all about, much like our fellow ROH alumni Punk is trying to do installing honor back into the WWE.

    *Fans are actually cheering for the KOW and the mention of Punk a Hero passes the mic to Castagnoli*

    Castagnoli: Das ist richtig Bruder. We are a true tag team.I could say the same for The Prime Time Players here, but then I always see them missing something and that's heart.

    You guys don't put in the work to get to where you need you to be. Sure you talk a big game and that's going to take you far in this business but will you ever be considered the best? Will you ever grow beyond the monikers of being the Black John Cena
    *points to Young* or some drug addicted barking seal? *points to O'Neill* along with a poor excuse of a manager who cant seem shut up long enough to actually hear all the crap coming out of his mouth?

    *AW is fuming as the PTP try to calm him down*

    Castagnoli: See, we are beyond such meager titles, that's why we call ourselves The Kings of Wrestling. Because try as they as they may there are only a handful of team in the world today that take us on and actually prove they stand toe to toe with wrestling royalty. You two so called tag teams are not among them, that's why those championships deserve to be in the hands of those who can bring them up from the ashes of their former selves and further the tag team division in the WWE.

    When was the last time the tag team division actually main evented a show much less a PPV? For the tag team gold to be sought after by everyone in the back? To be on the level of the WWE Championship? That's how low tag team wrestling has fallen and it's only gonna hit rock bottom if All American Rejection continue to be or these Prime Time Whiners actually win the gold.

    No, no, no. That's where we draw the line.

    *The crowd is clearly behind the Kings as Hero receives the mic*

    Hero: He's right that is where we draw the line. At The Great American Bash, your days of making a mockery of what we do comes to an end and we will win the gold and make sure the tag team division in the WWE never falls from grace ever again. The Kings will always reign.....

    *Hero leans the mic in Castagnoli's direction*

    Castagnoli: Supreme!

    *All teams now stare with ferocity then they all turn their attention to the ramp.*

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    *Teddy Long comes out to the top of the ramp.*

    Teddy Long: Now hold up there playas, hold up just a minute. Now you three have all had problems with each otha ova these past few weeks. And despite all the bickerin there has been one thing that’s been consistent… and that’s been All American Perfection claimin there is no competition, especially afta you beat the Prime Time Playas at King of the Ring. I’ve also heard you claim that the Kings of Wrestlin are no competition eitha. So All American Perfection, you wanna prove you are the best tag team in the WWE? You want competition? Well you got it. Playas at The Great American Bash, we will have a Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles! Holla Holla Holla!

    *All American Perfection complain as the other two teams smile.*

    JR: Three way tag title match at the Great American Bash? That's huge King!

    King: Now that is huge! Will All American Perfection once again prove there the best team in this company or will there reign come to an end?

    JR: Just think.. Kings of Wrestling have been here a matter of weeks and already they could be the next tag team champions.

    King: They could.. But I'm sure the Prime Time players have ideas of their own, AW will no doubt get his boys ready for this match and I get the feeling it's going to be a millions of dollars performance.

    JR: Well that's the Great American Bash King.. but we are here now live for Raw is War and up next we have another Road to triumph match!

    King: Oh goody! I love the divas Ross.

    JR: Perhaps the most dominant female to ever wrestle for this company folks, you can't help but be impressed whenever the Glamazon is competing.

    King: She's impressive alright. The perfect blend of power and beauty.

    King: Here's someone else that impresses me Ross, Kelly Kelly! since this new change of attitude she has been on a huge roll and should never have lost to Trish!

    JR: Well that's your opinion, it's certainly not mine partner. Kelly was someone who was always very respectful backstage and always so polite, now she's almost become this super bitch that only cares about Kelly Kelly.

    *Stares at JR* How dare you! I hope Kelly heard that so she can slap you in your face.

    JR: Truth hurts King.

    King: Well here's some truth for you Ross! Your BBQ sauce sucks.
    *King laughs*

    JR: And your not really a king, Jerry. As I said.. truth hurts.

    Start at 1:40 stop at 6:18

    JR: This match has been back and forth, neither women has been able to stay in control.

    King: Beth has that wild look in her eye Ross, You know whats coming here.

    JR: I certainly do King. It's the Glamslam.

    King: Please Beth! Not Kelly's face, anything but the face.

    *Beth picks up Kelly in position for the Glamslam and the crowd all gasp as they know whats coming next.. just when Beth looks to smash Kelly's face into the ground Kelly is once more able to revers with a roll through to the shock of the crowd as the ref instantly starts counting.*



    JR: Damn that was close! I thought it was over.

    King: Kelly's so smart. She's avoided danger how many times Ross? She could be the most improved wrestler in the WWE today.

    JR: I'll admit King.. She's done well. She may have just made Beth more angry though King. Here she comes!

    *Beth reacts angrily after almost being pinned, she jumps back to her feet and charges at Kelly.. Kelly though is able again to avoid danger by reacting quickest with an elbow to the face which knocks Beth back towards the turnbuckle.. Kelly then begins climbing and then starts hitting better in the face with right hand shots..


    ust when Kelly goes to hit her with the tenth shot Beth punches Kelly in the gut and and picks her up in a powerbomb position, Beth can be heard screaming "it's over" and attempts to nail the Powerbomb again though Kelly rolls through and has Beth rolled up for the ref to count again..*

    JR: Kelly with another sneaky pin attempt!

    King: This time she's done it!

    One!*Beth can be seen struggling and trying to use her power to kick out but Kelly is able to stay on top of the role up*

    King: Come on Kelly!

    *Just when it looks like Beth is going to kickout.. Kelly grabs the ropes and holds on for leverage as the ref does not notice and carry's on counting.*


    King: Kelly done it! Kelly's done it!

    JR: Kelly's stole it!

    King: What!?.

    JR: She was using the ropes, Kelly used the ropes to steal the win!

    *The crowd are instantly booing Kelly as she gets her hand raised, She does not take any notice and continues posing in the ring while smirking at the crowd.
    She stands, looking down at Beth who is still on her back. Kelly goes to the corner, grabbing a mic, as he music fades.

    Kelly: You know, I keep seeing people say "Kelly Kelly turned her back on the fans". "Kelly Kelly isn't really Kelly Kelly". "Kelly Kelly is a fraud". Do you know what is truly a fraud? The thought that you fans actually supported me. It wasn't until I got out of this company, and started doing stuff like tv shows, magazine spreads, and such, that I truly felt like I mattered. Since coming back, what have i heard? Kelly suck. Over and over. Now, I know I don't suck. My name isn't Lita or Trish Stratus. The fact remains though, that the fans who truly matter, who fans whose voices I should really listen to, aren't you fans. If it were up to you fans, someone like Trish Stratus would win the Women's title at Summerslam. Let me show you all something though.

    Kelly turns, heading out of the ring. She looks under the apron, as she climbs back in, Beth is starting to stir. Kelly Kelly drops the mic and the item she retrieved, grabbing Beth, and plants her with a K2. Kelly positions Beth on her stomach, with her side facing the ramp. Kelly turns, walking back over, grabbing the mic and the item in the bag.

    Kelly: People also have talked about the red line of death. Stay above it, and you get a shot at the Great American Bash of going onto Summerslam. Well guess what.

    Kelly pulls the item out of the bag, shaking it.

    JR: What in the world?

    King: It's a spray can, JR! A spray can!

    Kelly takes it, spraying a red line down the back of Beth. Kelly smiles, as she drops the can.

    Kelly: With this win, I'm in the top 5. I have that chance to prove I am better than diva's like Paige, Trish Stratus, or Lita. I have the chance to sweep the legs out from each and every single one of them, and walk into Summerslam as one of the challengers, and out as the champion. Before I can do that though, we have one last stop. One final stretch before the Great American Bash. Nitro.

    The Raw fans boo at the mention of Nitro.

    Kelly: The fact remains, I'm a Raw girl, through and through, but when push comes to shove, and my chance at being in the top 5 is on the line, well, then sometimes matters have to be taken into your own hands. So ladies, whomever may be wrestling on Nitro in the Road to Triumph match, keep an eye out, because you never know when you might see a blonde vixen coming for what is rightfully hers.


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    Raven, with the Ultimate Warrior draped of his shoulder, walks out to the ring with 3 hooded people- those 3 people are carrying a wooden cross. Raven dumps Warrior on the ring apron and slides into the ring. The other three people slide the cross into the ring, then get into the ring themselves

    watch :08 to :22
    *ignore Joey Styles talkover, and pretend its three hooded people with Raven- ignore any extra people in video*

    Raven has the hooded people hold up the cross for all to see Warrior in complete agony, the barbwire has cut deep gashes into his skin and he is bleeding all over- he has also passed out. Raven then signals for a mic and receives one.

    Shocked at what they are witnessing, the crowd is silent

    Raven: STING! Have I finally got your attention? Your avoidance of me has caused me to take drastic measures. Your avoidance has led me to make those close to you suffer for your Sins. And in doing so I have outed Jim as one of the biggest frauds of them all. You see, he convinced the wrestling world he was indestructible, that he was immortal, that he was from another planet, that he had the blood of Warrior Gods running through his veins. BUT LOOK AT HIM NOW! LOOK AT HIM NOW!

    Raven: Where are those mighty Gods? I'll tell you- there are no Gods. He made it all up. Jim suffers just as any other man, he bleeds like any other man. He's just like you Sting!

    The fans are starting to chant Stings name over and over

    Raven: What do I have to do next to get your attention? Do I have to dig up more people from your past and make them suffer as Jim has?

    Raven walks over to the ropes and rest against them, awaiting Sting- yet still he doesn't come though the fans continue chanting his name

    Raven: Have it your way Sting- others shall suffer in your name- Quote the Raven, Nevermore.

    Raven instructs the hooded people to leave the ring- then Raven walks over to Jim, spits on him, then finally leaves the ring leaving Warrior still attached to the cross.

    JR: Folks I'm sorry for what you have just had to witness, we are going to take a break and try to move on


    JR: From one monster to another

    JR: Well Kane has a match tonight against Shelton Benjamin and I feel bad for Shelton, after what Kane did to Batista, and what he said last week, he has no vowed to not speak of the incident. He has no remorse for what he’s done and he wants to move on like nothing is wrong.

    King: This man is a monster JR. He’s a freak and has no feelings, who makes a man disappear and not think about his family or his life? And the man he made disappear was The Animal, Batista!

    JR: Well I don’t know what sort of torture Kane put Batista through but I am truly worried we may never see him again

    King: You’re not wrong nobody has seen or heard from Batista since Kane attacked him, and it’s been a while, it was a short lived return for the Animal to say the least

    JR: And I feel bad for Shelton Benjamin he has to step in the ring with a guy who may have rid the WWE of Batista forever

    King: Well he does have Charlie Haas with him who could prevent that from happening

    JR: Who are you kidding King? No offense to the World’s Greatest Tag Team, but when Kane wants to do something he will do it and there is nobody who can stop him.

    King: And with the struggles for the World’s Greatest Tag Team as of late Kane is not the ideal person to try and turn it around against.

    JR: Well we will see if Shelton can stop the demonic Kane, and if he will need Charlie Haas to do it.

    Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin

    Watch till 7:52

    JR: Kane going up to the top rope

    As Kane goes to the top and waits for Benjamin, Charlie Haas hops up on the apron to distract Kane. Kane looks over at Haas as the ref attempts to get him down, and while Kane is distracted Benjamin leapfrogs to the top rope and hits Kane with a belly to belly suplex from the top rope, Benjamin goes over and covers as Haas hops off the apron…

    JR: The distraction from Haas allowed Benjamin to gain control

    King: Maybe two is better than one even though that one is Kane


    And Kane kicks out with authority. Benjamin hits a diving clothesline, followed by another. Benjamin then places Kane against the turnbuckle and hits Kane with a stinger splash followed by a bulldog.

    JR: Benjamin gaining momentum.

    Benjamin goes out to the apron and waits for Kane to get up. As Kane groggily gets up and turns Benjamin jumps into an uppercut to the throat from Kane, followed by a sidewalk slam. Kane sits Benjamin up, and hits a running dropkick to the face. Kane calls for the chokeslam, and Haas once again hops up on the apron

    JR: Dammit Haas stop interfering in this match, do you have a death wish?

    King: He is trying to be the one to stop Kane

    Kane sees Haas, and grabs him by the throat and chokeslams Haas on the apron. Benjamin then runs at Kane when kane turns, but Kane catches him and…

    JR: Chokeslam! And Kane has beaten two men at once.





    King: It was a one on one match

    JR: Well with Haas interfering the way he did it was basically two on one, which was still not enough to beat Kane. This man is simply unstoppable how many men is it going to take to bring Kane down. I thought two would be able to but it wasn’t enough.

    King: Kane’s a monster and dangerous to everyone because if you make Kane angry you may never be seen from again.

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    Sheamus: All you people need ta shut your mouths when the Great White is talkin', alright?! I have some business to attend to here tonight. At the Great American Bash, I get another chance at the United States championship. Its ironic, actually. The Great American Bash is run by a Canadian WWE Champion, a Canadian World Heavyweight Champion, and a soon to be Irish United States Championship.

    The crowd begins chanting You suck!

    Sheamus: Shut your mouths! Cody Rhodes has nothing on me, and even with the help of his little fella Tyler Black, he would still never reach my level of performance! None of you idiots understand, do you? I am the greatest superstar that the WWE has to offer! You may have Black by your side, Rhodes, but you should remember fella, I have Mr. Regal and Mr. McIntyre by my side! With those two gentlemen, there is no way that I can lose to you at the Great American Bash, because the United Kingdom always ...

    The fans explode with cheers as Cody walks through the curtain. The United States Championship is around his waist as he immediately begins walking towards the ring, but has a quick glance over his shoulder as he walks down the ramp. He slides into the ring and immediately grabs a microphone.

    Cody Rhodes: Well look what we have here! Are you feeling alright Sheamus? It’s not like you to come to this ring without backup.

    The fans pop loudly.

    Cody Rhodes: You talk about this being The Great American Bash, how after this Sunday, you’re going to be the United States Champion. Do you not understand what this title and night mean Sheamus? I’m the United States Champion at the PPV where we show how much patriotism we have towards our beautiful country, and I’m defending against a guy who doesn’t even respect the United States of America.

    That means I have to win this Sunday Sheamus. I fought good matches when I’ve beaten guys like Triple H, Brock Lesnar and you before but this Sunday, I’ve gotta put on the match of my life to defend the honour and everything else that this beautiful nation stands for!

    The fans explode with cheers and a huge USA chant echoes throughout the arena. Cody stops for a few seconds as the fans continue a huge chant. As it finally settles down, Cody continues to talk.

    Cody Rhodes: And the fact is, Sheamus- this is a match you have to win too. The reputation of your pathetic little group is on the line, and so is your reputation. People are starting to doubt you Sheamus. You just can’t seem to get the job done. What about that Sheamus that was the WWE Champion twice? The fastest rising superstar in this company’s history? What happened to him?

    When did you ever need backup before? When did you ever need help to be a success? I’ll tell you when, when you started to doubt yourself. Well guess what, I’m the guy that made you doubt yourself. At the Great American Bash, I’m going to kick your head in Sheamus. You wanna bring Mcintyre & Regal, fine, I’ll bring Tyler Black. You see, my back up is only there to counteract your backup.

    I’m easily good enough to beat you. I’ve proven it before and I’ll prove it again. This Sunday, you’re not taking this title.

    Rhodes unhooks the belt from his waist and lifts it up high to another massive cheer from the crowd.

    Sheamus: You see, that's where you're wrong, Cody. Come this Sunday, that championship that you hoist above that oddly shaped head will be around my waist at the end of the night. You come out here completely uninvited like the spoiled little brat you are, and your interrupt your superior! Tell me, Cody, how many WWE championships do you have under your belt, fella? Zero. You think I need the help of the United Kingdom, but your wrong! Unlike you, I can win my battles without help. You have your lil friend Black always riding your arse end.

    You question my past, and wonder why I am not "the same Sheamus as I was before." Well let me tell ya somethin' fella, that Sheamus was naive. I let the fans get to my head, and because of that I had to leave the WWE. When I came back, I made them think that I was the same old "Brogue Kick Hooligans" Sheamus that they all loved before, but then they showed their true colors and chose the Golden Boy over me, I showed them MY true colors! My true colors aren't the red, white and blue, oh hell no fella! My colors are the green, white, and orange!

    The crowd explodes with boos, and starts to chant USA once more.

    Sheamus: You say that the United States is the greatest nation in the world, well I beg ta differ! Ireland is the place to be, and my people will be happy to see me walk into the bar with the United States championship over my shoulder, fella! Hell, I may even try to get it to be the Ireland Championship since I will bring honor and prestige back to it! But let me get back to the "old Sheamus" you see ... I am more brutal, and less forgiving. Come this Sunday, Cody, you won't have a damn clue as to what will happen to you. You say YOU'RE going to kick MY head of?! Haha! That's rich, Cody!

    Sheamus gets up into Cody's face

    Sheamus: I'm bigger than you. I'm stronger than you, and the Brogue Kick triples the amount of damage that your puny little kick does. I suggest you watch your mouth before I fill your throat with your pearly whites. Understand?

    Sheamus pushes his microphone into Cody's chest hard, pushing him back a bit, but Rhodes doesn’t seemed fazed by the move. Instead, he steps back into Sheamus’ face and brings his own microphone to his lips.

    Cody Rhodes: See, that’s all you are Sheamus. You’re a brute. You’re all brawn. None of this.

    Rhodes taps the side of his own head.

    Cody Rhodes: You’re blinded by your own rage. The whole reason you turned was because you realised you weren’t good enough. Two out of three falls, you had three chances to beat me, and you only did it once. You didn’t have the heart or the determination to make it through to beating me twice, something I’ve done to you.

    Yes, you were clever when you attacked me, I never saw it coming. But the fact is, you’re an idiot for teaming with Drew Mcintyre & William Regal. You’re now just part of a group. You’ll never be anything more than ‘that Irish guy that will always be second fiddle to Fit Finlay’. The fact is, you’re going to challenge for this title, that’s a guarantee- but you’re not walking out of Great American Bash with it.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Cody Rhodes: I’ve already told you, you’re not going to leave with this title- you don’t understand the significance of everything lining up. The fact is, backed by the millions of Americans watching around the country will give me enough adrenaline to beat you. I’ve already got the motivation ready to just tear your face off.

    And you’re going to claim that the Brogue Kick will knock me out. I’d be lying if I said it couldn’t do it, but will it? No, you see, whenever we’ve had a match, I’ve always been ready. The only time you can get me is when my guards down and my guard will most certainly be up this Sunday.

    And don’t forget Sheamus, Tyler Black in my corner. Another young American superstar with a hell of a lot of potential. He understands what this Sunday means to these people, to this country, to this title. He’s going to help me make certain the British don’t attempt to invade us again. We ran you out in 1783 and this Sunday, I’ll do it again.

    This may be The Great American Bash but the fact remains that a little revolution needs to happen. And that revolution will be the same way, dumping the British to where they need to be, underneath America’s boot!

    The fans explode with cheers once again and a huge USA chant explodes around the arena. Rhodes throws the microphone down and there’s a staredown between the two men, as Rhodes once again lifts the United States Championship in the air.
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    We go backstage where we see Tyler Black walking about with a smile on his face before he encounters William Regal and Drew McIntyre irate after they've found out they've been banned from ringside from Sheamus and Rhodes' match at The Great American Bash. Black soon draws their attention and begins to speak....

    Black: So I take it you boys, heard the good news.

    Regal and McIntyre are not pleased.

    Black: I bet you're wondering why that's happened? Well, you will be unable to help your good friend Sheamus do anything to stop Rhodes from kicking his ass since I'll be kicking yours myself, albeit alone in a handicap match at the Great American Bash.

    Though may you may believe, I've screwed the pooch but I don't think so, all I saw was an opportunity to get some payback over you idiots. You think you've seen the best I have to offer, well you'll be proven wrong come the Great American Bash as I'll be sure to make UK be on the edge of extinction as you all fade to black.

    You always talk about how it's a mistake to mess with the UK but the mistake is messing with me. I'll be sure to show you exactly why this Sunday.

    *Regal and McIntyre both stare at Black with great disdain. Regal is so disgusted he won't speak at first so McIntyre steps in.*

    Drew McIntyre: Black you may think yer doing Cody a favor, helping him retain his title, but the truth is Sheamus doesn't need us to kick Cody's arse, and while you think yer weakening us, in fact the opposite is true. The United Kingdom will only get stronger from this, because now we'll pick up two wins and the United States Championship. Black yer making a mistake by making this match, I'd advise you to go change it for yer own well being, because not only are we infuriated that we can't celebrate with Sheamus after his victory, yer the reason we can't do so. So Mister Regal and I plan on making it very apparent to you that you have made a mistake, you don't fool around with the United Kingdom, because it'll only come back to bite you in the arse on Sunday.

    *Regal buts his way in ready to say something to Black and he is pissed.*

    Regal: Love, calm down. At our match on Sunday, it doesn't matter who has the numbers advantage. You could get yourself a partner cretin, and we would still beat you. You would still be in a hospital bed. Ever since this change in attitude you have, you've become, well, rather dreadful honey.

    We are former Intercontinental Champions. Sheamus, is a former WWE Champion. And what are you imbeciles? Master Rhodes - a 2 time mid-card champion. And not even long reigns. Also: yourself Master Black. A former Ring of Honor champion! Ring of Honor? Honor? Really? Tyler cretin, I had honor whilst you were still pooping your pants!

    You made a mistake getting involved with us, just like your parents always thought of you as they're worse mistake. And at Great American Bash - the United Kingdom is not only going to walk away with the US Title, but also the glory, the praise, and your dignity!

    *Regal smirks at Black, before lightly slapping Black on the cheek, and walking off with McIntyre, leaving Black with an angry scowl*

    JR: Well what an announcement we've just had! The UK is banned from ringside at the Cody Rhodes- Sheamus match, and instead will take on Tyler Black in a Handicap Match at The Great American Bash. I admire Black's toughness and courage but I don't know if this is the smartest move

    King: The UK is going to bash his skull in, they are not happy

    JR: Another man not happy is CM Punk after continuously being attacked by this Mystery Man, and we are going to hear from him right now!

    Punk heads to the ring fans cheering him with great intensity on he shakes the fans hand before enteritng the ring, being handed a mic by a nearby stage hand shortly after waiting for the fans to settle down before speaking.

    Punk: Thank you.

    Fans cheer

    Punk: I truly mean that. Thank you everyone for that encouragement to keep putting everything out there especially with everything going concerning this mystery man.

    Crowd boos

    Punk: I mean what is going to take to come clean? Is it that hard to a look a man in the eye and say I have a problem with you, this it?

    I guess it must be for whoever this masked man is. Continuing to attack me will be considered nothing but a sheer act of cowardice, and is that how really wan to be remembered? A little bitch of a man rather than finally showing the least bit of honor you can and finally coming out clean?

    Crowd cheers excitedly

    Punk: This is exactly the type of thing I'm striving to achieve in the WWE, for the masked men of the world to not have to resort to that type of actions in order to be relevant even more so at my expense. I've said it before and I'll say it again, being a man of honor that make now or ever a man of weakness.

    In fact, let's see how valiant this masked man is when being challenged directly, let's see him come into this ring and finally explain what his problem with me is, because I'm dying to hear what he has to say.

    *Punk stares at the ramp and in the crowd for any sight of the Masked Man, but he doesn’t come out.*

    Punk: That’s what I thought.

    JR: Punk takes on Triple H up next!


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  10. #660

    JR: Never mind his opponent is the cerebral assassin, there is nobody netter to play to the mind of CM Punk right now than Triple H

    King: But let’s not discount Punk here, he is fighting for honor now, and a fight he will bring

    JR: That is true but is his mind set on fighting Triple H or this Masked Mystery Man?

    King: We will find out

    CM Punk vs. Triple H

    Watch till 6:45

    JR: Can Triple H get back in this thing

    King: He needs to take advantage right now

    Punk is the first to his feet, shortly followed by Triple H. Punk hits a couple of chops against the chest of Triple H and then leans Triple H against the ropes and whips him across. Triple H bounces of the ropes and comes back with the facebreaker knee smash, and Triple H bounces off the ropes again and hits the high knee that knocks Punk down, and Punk rolls to the turnbuckle. Punk leans against the turnbuckle, and Triple H mounts Punk and hits punches to the face. Triple H hops off and runs against the ropes at a groggy Punk wandering out, and Triple H lays him out with a clothesline, cover…



    JR: Punk kicks out! But he is in a tough spot right now.

    Triple H gets up and catches his breath in the corner. Punk gets up bending over, and Triple H walks over to him, where Punk catches him with a back heel kick to the gut of Triple H, bounces off the ropes, and Triple H grabs Punk by the head and locks in a sleeper hold. Punk squirms and flails his arms for a few minutes, before he begins to fade. Punk fades, as the crowd begins to cheer, Punk then gains some strength drops down and breaks the hold with a jawbreaker. This sends triple H back into the ropes, bounces off

    JR: Roundhouse kick from Punk! Triple H could be out, but can Punk get over to cover?

    Punk crawls over and lays an arm on Triple H, cover



    Thr- Triple H kicks out!

    Punk can’t believe it and rolls and lies against the turnbuckle. Triple H gets up groggily and Punk hits repeated elbow strikes to the chest of Triple H. Punk keeps striking and then pushes Triple H into a turnbuckle and

    King: High knee! There is the bulldog! Punk is gaining momentum

    Punk climbs to the top rope as the ref checks on Triple H

    JR: He’s going to the top rope, he’s up- Oh No! Punk just got pushed off the top rope by that damn Masked Mystery Man! He screwed Punk once again

    King: And Triple H is looking to take advantage

    After Punk crashed and burned, Triple H looks to take advantage, as Punk gets up groggily, Triple H kicks him in the midsection

    JR: Pedigree! And Triple H is going to win this match





    JR: And another week where Punk is screwed by this Mystery Man again, why won’t he just reveal himself?

    King: I don’t think he’s done either

    After the match the Mystery Man grabs a chair and as Punk gets to his knees the Mystery Man whacks the chair across his back. The Mystery Man then hits rapid shots to a limp Punk. Security begins to enter from the stage, and the Mystery Man runs off through the crowd and nobody is able to find him

    JR: And now he’s escaped, something needs to be done, how, week after week does this man pass through security?

    King: He must pose as a regular fan and when showtime comes he changes and boom!

    JR: Something needs to be done, security tightened, Punk watched, something. This man can’t ruin our show week after week, and personally target one of our top superstars for his own personal vendetta.

    King: Well I’m sure we haven’t heard the last from this Mystery Man, and certainly not CM Punk. Just a reminder folks about our huge main event tonight, a six man tag match, where Austin Aries, Cody Rhodes, and Ryback team up to face Chris Jericho, Sheamus, and Goldberg

    JR: Up next though Damien Sandow, who has had problems with Hulk Hogan as of late will take on Ted DiBiase

    Hulk Hogan is shown talking to a stagehand backstage. What they are saying is unaudible though, as the stagehand nods, turning and heading off. Hulk turns to leave, and standing before him now is Damien Sandow in his classic blue robe.

    Sandow: Well well, if it isn't the man himself. The man who everyone cheers for, who everyone loves, and who everyone has believed to be worthy of being called a wrestling god to this day. I sir, do not see you as a God. I see you for who you truly are. Riffraff who got to be in the right place at the right time. You boast to these fans about vitamins and training, when in fact, you are a facade. You are not a wrestler. When is the last tiem you amazed these fans with your in ring prowess?

    Sandow pauses, to let Hogan speak.

    Hogan: Brot...

    Sandow: Shut your uneducated mouth! The Intellectual Savior has not finished speaking. The fact is Hulk, your biggest claim to fame has come from a slam, which to be honest, anyone with two legs and two arms can do, and from being able to run your mouth. Do you know how much of a disappointment you are in the ring? Even Jonathan Cena is a better wrestler than you! Have no fear Hulk, for I will not only be your intellectual savior, I will be your wrestling savior. For you see, I have a match, and I would wish you to pay close attention to it. For I shall do what you have never done and wrestle circles around my opponent. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have something to do that you've never done. Put on a wrestling classic.

    Sandow goes to leave, but Hogan immediately places a hand on Damiens shoulder, stopping him.

    Hulk Hogan: Listen up Intellectual Ass Clown. If you ever interrupt me again, I will lay you out flat brother. You think I need a savior? I paved the way for crappy wrestlers like yourself Damien. I've never considered myself a wrestling god, I'm not like that idiot who rides in a limo and wears a cowboy hat brother. I let my actions speak for me. You see Sandow, you still have a lot to learn little dude. If you were to get 100 people in one room and ask them this one question.... Who is Damien Sandow? I guarantee you that the room would go quiet. Then you ask these same 100 individuals who Hulk Hogan is and the room will erupt in cheers because Hulkamania is bigger than you Sandow. Can you hear them dude?

    crowd chants... HOGAN, HOGAN, HOGAN!

    Hulk Hogan: I know people don't chant your name and at the rate you are going, they never will. I have wrestled the biggest bad asses that this company has had. I would like to see you slam Andre the Giant the way I did. It had never been done and I did it brother. Quite honestly, I don't even think you would be able to pick up the Big Show. You see Sandow, it's not about the person you slam or pin. It's about coming here, day in and day out and taking care of business. You talk to much little dude and as far as your actions go, I've seen none. So go out there Damian and wrestle whoever you're going to wrestle. Show me what you got....and if these people want to see a real show Damian, I just might pay you a visit tonight brother! Do you your homework Damien. Get your head out of your ass and see my work in the ring. And if you're up to it brother, and by the way you're running your mouth it seems you are, show Hulkamania what you're all about. Meet me at the Great American Bash and I will kick your ass American style.

    loud pop from the crowd

    Hulk Hogan: So what do you say Sandow? Are you up for this?

    *Damien stares at Hogan and grins*

    Hulk Hogan: Wipe that smirk off your ugly face Damien and give me your answer brother!

    Damien: First off, I can assure you that I am neither a gluteus maximus, or a harlequin, but I am most certainly intellectual. Now, the problem that lies before us is that you want to wrestle myself, and yet you seem to be stuck. Stuck talking about how many people can say your name. Stuck reflecting on the past. You Hulk, are the metaphorical truck stuck in the mud. Spinning and spinning, but never truly getting anywhere. I on the other hand, have a bright future. I have already won here in the WWE, and I will continue to win, and win, and win. With each win, the masses grow. With each win, more turn to follow the true savior of this company. The only man who can bring them out of the filth and degradation that people like you have brought us to.

    So that brings you and I to your point. Us wrestling. I ponder a question for you Hulk. When is the last time you have wrestled?

    Hulk goes to answer

    Damien: No wait..when is the last time you wrestled and didn't break part of your body merely from making a quick move?

    Hulk Hogan goes to answer once more, being cut off a 2nd time.

    Damien: Exactly. You have no answer. Now, I do not believe in beating the elderly. That is what nursing homes are for. The fact neither of your children have forced you into a home now is appalling, but, since you have your heart set on getting beaten down into retirement by me, then I feel i must obliged. So yes Hulk, I will face you at the Great American Bash. Now, I would normally say to bring your A game, but we all know your A game is back in the 1980's along with any pride you might have left, so instead, pay close attention to my match coming up. You'll be seeing a winner.

    Damien turns, walking off before Hogan can reply.

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