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    Tenay: Welcome back to Nitro, and it’s time for our main event!

    Bischoff: I can’t wait for this!

    Tenay: This man right here is on a mission to gain revenge. Don’t forget Eric, this match has already taken place- when Tyson Kidd cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Brock at King of the Ring to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Bischoff: How could I forget that? It’s been haunting my dreams ever since! Brock Lesnar HAS to beat Tyson Kidd tonight.

    Tenay: And at Great American Bash?

    Bischoff: Yes.

    Tenay: Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion!

    Bischoff: Soon to be ex-World Heavyweight Champion.

    Tenay: Not tonight though.

    Bischoff: No, but at the Great American Bash, that’s when.

    Main Event: Tyson Kidd (Kurt Angle) vs. Brock Lesnar

    Tenay: Kidd nearly got Lesnar there!

    Bischoff: Lesnar easily kicked out.

    Both men are back to their feet and Brock runs at Kidd but Kidd hits a kick to Lesnar’s stomach. He runs past Lesnar and bounces off the ropes, taking Lesnar down with a forearm to the back of Lesnar’s knee. He continues running, bouncing off the ropes again and hitting an elbow to Lesnar’s heart. He goes for a cover.


    Lesnar powers out by throwing Kidd up in the air. He jumps up and takes Kidd down with a massive clothesline. He rolls his shoulders and drags Kidd up. He picks Kidd up and hits a fallaway slam. Kidd rolls to the apron and Lesnar heads across to the ropes, grabbing Kidd by the hair and beginning to drag him up, but Kidd grabs Lesnar by the head and drops down from the apron to the floor, driving Lesnar’s throat into the middle rope.

    Lesnar falls back as Kidd climbs into the ring again, and begins unleashing right and left kicks into Lesnar’s thighs. Kidd hits a dropkick that sends Lesnar sprawling back into the ropes. Kidd runs at Lesnar and hits a crossbody as Lesnar stands up again, sending both men back to the canvas.

    Once again, Kidd uses his speed and rolls to the apron. He uses the ropes to springboard up again and goes for his diving elbow drop, which he lands! He covers.




    Lesnar kicks out and rolls onto his back. Kidd can’t believe it but doesn’t stop. He grabs Lesnar by the head and begins to lift him up, but Lesnar drops to one knee and picks Kidd up ready for the F5! But down the ramp comes Edge, who slides into the ring and hits Lesnar with a massive Spear! The referee calls for the bell!

    Tenay: And Edge gives Lesnar the win by disqualification!

    Bischoff: But I don’t think he’s done!

    Edge isn’t done; he climbs out of the ring and goes across to the timekeeper. He grabs the World Heavyweight Championship and climbs back into the ring where Kidd is beginning to climb back up. He turns around and Edge clocks him in the face with the title. He turns around as Lesnar is still laid out too, and looks down at both of his opponents for Great American Bash. He holds the World Heavyweight Championship up high.

    Tenay: Edge has sent a clear message to both Brock Lesnar and Tyson Kidd!

    Bischoff: The Pride of Canada is going to be hard to beat at Great American Bash!

    Tenay: Well that’s it for now folks! We’re going to take a short break before Nitro resumes! Have a great holiday season!

    We get one final shot of Edge in the ring before the screen fades to black and the WWE logo flashes across.

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    I'm gonna get these fillers out of the way

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    Lots of these to do

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    Besides RAW, the most important thing tonight...

    Let's Go Irish!

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    Show is going to be very promo heavy- last show before The Great American Bash!

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    Going to take a page out of old school WCW and combine it with The Great American Bash PPV. Since WCW used to have the Bash at the Beach in July (and TGAB as well), The Great American Bash is in July in terms of the fed, and once the Bash at the Beach took place on a beach...

    The Great American Bash is going to be on a Beach!

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    Alright I was kidding about the last post but it's the though that counts right?

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    Anyways RAW will be up soon, then after the PPV Sunday we will be on the Road to SummerSlam!

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    Filler Thief Again!

    Des Strikes once More!

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    RAW is WAR Dark Match

    Road to Triumph Match
    Beth Phoenix def. Kaitlyn via Pinfall
    Phoenix hit the Glam Slam in a hotly contested match to pick up 15 points. Phoenix will have her last match on RAW tonight

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