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    WWE Thursday Night Nitro

    Location: Huntsville, Alabama

    Tenay: Welcome ladies & gentlemen to WWE Nitro! We are live from the sold out Von Braun Center in downtown Huntsville, Alabama! I’m Mike Tenay, alongside Eric Bischoff and what a way we went off the air last week Eric!

    Bischoff: That’s right Mike! Shane McMahon finally gave us all what we wanted to see, Brock Lesnar getting his rematch at Great American Bash against Tyson Kidd!

    Tenay: And don’t forget that Edge will also be involved in that match.

    Bischoff: Well we expect to hear from all three men tonight, as the road to the Great American Bash continues.

    Tenay: Another match announced last week for the PPV was Kevin Steen getting another shot at Tyler Reks’ Intercontinental Championship!

    Bischoff: Well we’re also going to see Lita take on Eve in the Road to Triumph later, and the race to be the new Womens Champion is really heating up!

    *Tyson Kidd's music hits, as Kidd makes his way to the ring with a mic, but he doesn't look happy after last week.*

    Tyson Kidd: Well, well, well. All I can say, is one word...outrageous. Brock Lesnar, you're such a rebel aren't you? I mean after all, since you used to compete in UFC, and yet you still couldn't attack the World Heavyweight Champion face to face, like a man. But to be honest, I'm really not surprised. Because do you wanna know what you are?

    A coward.

    *Crowd cheer, and chant BROCK'S A COWARD! Followed by 5 claps.*

    Tyson Kidd: That's right Brock. You're a coward. Now, I can see your reasoning for
    attacking me- you want the world title back. But seriously was that the way to go? Trying to end my career from behind? Please grow some balls man! I may be half your size, but I know for a fact- that you are scared. Scared, of being humiliated by Tyson Kidd, hence why you attacked me like the pussy you are last week.

    You ruined my match with Edge- which had people on their feet, wondering what was going to happen next. The unpredictability, the tension that myself and Edge created, was absolutely crazy. But then again, you are Brock Lesnar aren't you? You are the guy who's supposed to be the King of Nitro.

    But no. I am the face of Nitro. Because I have one thing, that you don't- and that is the World Heavyweight Championship. I am world champion Brock, and you can attempt to injure me, paralyze me, murder me all you want. Continue making those pathetic threats. Because they just back up my claims; of you being a coward.

    *Crowd pop for Kidd as he raises his belt up high.*

    Tyson Kidd: And not only that. Now last week, Shane McMahon announced a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship belt. Which includes the champ- me, Edge *crowd boo* and The Biggest Coward in WWE: Brock Lesnar. *Crowd boo Lesnar* Now, I know that people may not like the fact that I am in this match.

    But I love it. I may be in a match, against two fantastic wrestlers, who have beef with me. But as world champion, this was what I expected. As world champion, you need to take risks. You need to be a risk taker to get far in this business, and I'm going to take this risk. I'm going to use this match, to showcase my abilities as world champion.

    Not for myself, not just to impress you amazing people, but to make the Hart Dungeon proud. Because without them- I'd be nothing; Brock, and Edge, have the intention to make me taste blood, because my beef with them is more heated than Death Valley. But I can handle them, trust me.

    And in order to go far in this business- I'm determined to defend my title on any occasions. Where if it's a dangerous match like I have at Great American Bash, or a normal squash match- I wanna defend this title like a man. Any time, and any place. You name it, I'll be there. Because not only will I go down as a legend in this business, but I will always go down as another thing- and that thing is..a fighting champion.

    *Before Tyson Kidd can get another word out, “The Next Big Thing” sounds off, signaling the imminent arrival of Brock Lesnar. Tyson stares down at the ramp, bracing himself for Lesnar. After a couple of seconds pass, Brock Lesnar comes out in his ring gear and stops at the top of the ramp to look out to the booing audience. Microphone in hand, Lesnar walks down the ramp with purpose and with vigor that betrays the calm demeanor Lesnar’s face is trying to convey. When he finally gets in the ring, though, he doesn’t rush up to Tyson like Tyson expects so he unwinds a bit. Regardless of his expectations, Lesnar does show haste when he slices the air with his arm, signaling for his music to be stopped. He does it again when it doesn’t end right away and prepares himself for a third time but stops in mid-motion when it finally does. All that’s left for him to hear is the booing fans who take offense to Lesnar’s company and for raining down on Tyson’s parade by interrupting him. The booing quiets, however, when Lesnar raises the microphone up to his mouth to speak.*

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “I’ve heard just about enough from you, Kidd. I really have no idea what your goal here is in the WWE. I don’t know if your just here to piss everyone off or if you plan on going to the top with shortcuts but I’ll tell you one thing that better not be one of your plans. That would be holding onto my World Heavyweight Championship. So if it is, after I’m done, you better go to the back and cross that off of your To-Do List…that is, if I don’t see fit to break both of your wrists right now and leave you even more of the limp wristed punk that I see standing before me now.”

    *The jeering begins when the crowd senses the break Lesnar makes in his speech and the “Brock’s A Coward” chant starts back up as loud as it did when Tyson was talking. Brock looks out at the crowd and yells at some fans to shut up. When that goes in vain, he just brushes them off and continues talking.*

    “Have you even listened to the crap that’s come out of your mouth? You’ve got some nerve marching in here and waxing nostalgic about your career thus far and how you’re the man now as if you’ve actually done something. Just for that, I should knock your block off but I don’t want to leave you dazed because what would be the point of that? You wouldn’t understand anything that I’d have to say and you’d just go on thinking that I’m a jealous prick who can’t stand losing the World Heavyweight Championship to some shrimp like you. But no, Tyson, since I didn’t seem to make myself clear last week, since you want to continue feeding your B.S. on shiny silver platter to these idiots, then I guess I’ll have no choice but to tell it to you again, while you’re still conscious and able-bodied. You’re not only the weakest and least credible champion of ANY kind, you’re also a leech.”

    *Tyson slightly flinches at the word 'leech' which Lesnar takes note of.*

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    “You heard me, Tyson. Leech. See, I want you think about something. We didn’t have crap like Money in the Bank ladder matches back in my day. When I was champion, I didn’t do it via briefcase. I climbed my way to the top off of something that you know nothing about, Tyson and that’s called hard work. Ambition. Conviction. Vision. That’s what you needed to make it to the top and rightfully so. I earned my place as king back in 2002 when I was crowned your King of the Ring which, by the way, I did by beating ALL of the opposition and not by getting to the finals through luck and “passing through” because of some stupid backstage attacks. I earned all of my gold fair and square. When I locked eyes with the Rock at Summerslam 2002, we were both at 100% and ready to give our all and in the end, I was victorious. After entering the Royal Rumble in 2003, I outlasted 29 other men and last eliminated The Undertaker to earn my place in the main event of Wrestlemania 19. Despite going into that match with bruised ribs and suffering a concussion in the middle of that match, I won the WWE Championship from the only Olympic Gold Medalist in Professional Wrestling History. I defended it time and time again including a Stretcher Match with the Big Show on the anniversary where the WWE Championship was first defended. Now, fast forward to 2011, Brock Lesnar makes his anticipated return and everyone was on their feet, armed to the teeth with garbage and rained it down on me like a hailstorm. But that didn’t stop me from doing the unthinkable on the first episode on Nitro where I outlasted 3 men in a row and became the World Heavyweight Champion. From that day on, I was the measuring stick. I was the epitome of Nitro. The ultimate showcase of strength, vitality, dexterity and heart. I was the model champion. The king. The man.

    From day one, Stone Cold Steve Austin wanted me gone. Time and time again, he tried to put me out of business and take everything that I had worked so hard for and that was the World Heavyweight Championship. But did I let that beer chugging, deer hunting redneck pull it off? Did I just roll over and allow that son of a bitch to deprive me of the only thing that ensured that I was recognized as the very best? Hell…no. I fought tooth and nail with him twice and successfully defended my World Heavyweight Championship from his prying, grubby fingers. And then, the biggest challenge of my life: a 5 man Championship Scramble match where I had to lock up with Austin again but it wasn't just him. The Undertaker…”

    *The audience cheers at the mention of The Deadman in a show of respect for him.*

    “Shawn Michaels…”

    *The Heartbreak Kid gets a standing ovation as well which doesn’t really bother Brock.*

    “AND The Rock…”

    *He gets the biggest pop of them all and he even gets a “Rocky” chant going. Knowing that talking over it would be futile, Lesnar waits for it to die down before he goes on.*

    “They all were gunning after me but despite all the pain I went through, despite that loose cannon Dean Ambrose getting added to the mix, despite all of the odds against me, I emerged from that match still the World Heavyweight Champion. I was where I belonged. At the top. Blood running down my face, exhaustion overcoming my body, bruises all over me, a shiner on my left eye but a sparkly shoulder where my championship gold glistened in the limelight…that was the picture of a warrior. A tough S.O.B. that took everyone by surprise and left no man, woman or child in their seats. They could have been booing or they could have been cheering me but in the end, I was still the world champion. Everything was going my way…”

    *Now, Brock steps a little closer to Tyson until they’re inches apart from each other. From here, Tyson’s forced to look up at him.*

    “…until you came into the picture.

    That’s right, everyone, instead of using that contract at a time where I was 100%, where I was in fit condition, this little bitch waits for the moment where I’m barely able to stand on my two feet to prance out here with his damned briefcase, cash it in on me and pin me when I couldn’t blink without my head hurting and blood from blinding my eyes. The climb to the mountaintop, the ascension of Lesnar, ALL of it was robbed when you stuck your nose in a place where it didn’t belong and that was MY domain, MY throne where I oversaw the entire Nitro landscape as king of the jungle and stole my championship. You didn’t get to where you are by rising through the ranks. No, you did it by beating seven other scrubs in ladder match for a briefcase that guarantees that you become the world champion by not having to lift a finger. You’re really going to waltz out here in front of everyone and say, with a straight face, that you deserve to be the champion? That’s the only thing that’s outrageous here, Tyson. That’s why you’re a leech. You’ll hitch a ride on whatever train brings you into prominence the quickest. That briefcase was just one of them and the Hart name was the other.”

    *The arena grows silent as they await for Lesnar’s explanation as to why the Harts are now involved.*

    “How did a man, who’s not even related to the Harts, get to be trained in the Hart Dungeon anyways? Tell me, Tyson, how did you pull that off?”

    *When Tyson thinks he’s heard enough, he raises the microphone to speak up but Lesnar smacks it out of his hand.*

    “I’ll tell you exactly how you did it. You did what any untalented hack does to get to the top. You started screwing with Neidhart’s daughter, Nattie Neidhart and you weaseled your way into that dungeon and once you got that training of yours done, you were set, weren’t you? Just like Triple H, you were thrust into the limelight by thrusting into someone of importance. Like I told you last week, high flying midgets like you come a dime a dozen. Except for that stupid haircut of yours and that goofy ass grin, nothing was special about you until everyone knew about your ties with the Harts. You got yourself a pedigree by doing a little bit of mixed breeding and breeding really fits here since all I see when I look at her is a dog.”

    *At the insult of his girlfriend and love of his life, Tyson closes the gap between him and stand face to face with Lesnar as best he can. Brock condescendingly scoffs his efforts.*

    “What’re you gonna do to me, Tyson? You know I’m right. You’re no better than Triple H and you know it and now all of these people know it, too. After years of riding on shortcuts and cheap methods, you’ve finally gotten what you’ve always wanted, haven’t you? You wanted to become the best in the world and go down in history? Well, you’re on the right track now that you’ve got that gold around your waist….at least, that’s what I should say except that you didn’t just rob anyone of the championship, you took it from me, the man who was deprived of so much and given so little despite carrying this company on my back for so long. I’ve spent eight…damn…years away from this place, biding my time wand waiting to shake this company up and that’s exactly what I did and now, I’m supposed to content with you taking everything away from me, everything that I’ve struggled to achieve for nearly a entire decade?”

    *For the first time since coming out to face Tyson, Lesnar gets visibly shaken up and angry. His eyes widen and he bears his teeth at him like a wild, deranged animal.*

    “You’re damn right I won’t! I don’t know if you understand this or not but you’re as good as dead, Tyson! Last week, Shane McMahon sent your ass to the gallows! At The Great American Bash, it’s you, me and Edge in a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship and I don’t know if you know what that means but I’ll tell you right now, it means that you’re dead, Tyson! DEAD! You’re not dealing with a normal match here. This is a Triple Threat match! That means NO disqualifications and NO countouts! That means I get to do WHATEVER I want with you and no officials are going to be able to stop me! For instance, you see that table over there where Bischoff and Tenay are sitting at?”

    *Brock goes past Tyson and slides out of the ring. He makes his way over to the table and climbs on top of it. He enthusiastically points down at it.*

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    “I get to drag your carcass over there and slam you through it without any repercussions!”

    Lesnar jumps off and makes his way over to the ringside area and shoves the timekeeper out of the way and grabs the chair that he was sitting on. He folds it up and walks over to the nearest set of steel steps he can get to.*

    “See this chair? I want you to open your ears up real good for this.”

    *Brock puts down his microphone onto the top step, closest to the edge until it’s nearly teetering off. Lesnar lifts the chair over his head and looks back at Tyson. With a mighty swing, Lesnar smacks the chair onto the steps, the sound sharply echoing across the arena. Some of the fans cover their ears as Lesnar repeats the action over and over again. When he’s done, he drops the chair and pick up the microphone.*

    “Now imagine your head between those steel steps…and that chair. THAT’s what I’m going to be able to do to you on Sunday!”

    *Lesnar now makes his way over to the barricade and stands on top of it.*

    “You see this barricade over here? I get to drive your face into it as many times as I wish and there won’t be a man alive to save you! Hell, I might even spear you through it!”

    *Lesnar climbs over the barricade into the stands where the crowd is in an uproar at an actual WWE superstar being up close to them. Several fans try to reach out and touch Lesnar but he just smacks all of their hands away as he walks up the staircase. After about a minute, he finally stops at the very top section, close to one of the exits that leads to the main lobby.*

    “You see these steps I’m standing on? I think I might sling you over my shoulder, carry you all the way up and push you all the way down! You think I’m playing? Ask Zach Gowen if I’m playing!”

    *Brock goes through the exit and all of the wrestling fans, buying merchandise all turn around to see the Brock Lesnar merely feet away from them. Lesnar doesn’t waste any time as he stand directly in front of a concession stand. Fans behind him give out peace signs and rabbit ears to all of the people watching them through the cameraman that’s followed Lesnar out there.*

    “You see this concession stand, Tyson? After I’m done beating you to a pulp, I might treat you to a hot dog or two…or better yet, I’ll just use this hot oil they’ve got back here to scald the flesh off your back and I can’t wait to hear it sizzle and simmer and you roll around, crying out in pain and anguish like no one’s ever seen before!”

    *Brock gesticulates for the cameraman to follow him as they make their way through the sea of curious fans. When they finally get to the outside of the arena, through the main entrance, Lesnar strolls over to the parking lot, cameraman following him faithfully from behind. The sound of teeth chattering can be heard as the cameraman struggles in the cold.*

    “And hey, that’s just inside the arena. I haven’t even told you about out here.”

    *Lesnar motions for the cameraman to stop and Lesnar stretches his arms out at the sight of all of the parked cars that stand before him.*

    “Look at all of these cars just lined up for ….”


    “Ca-can I go back inside, please? It’s cold out……

    *Lesnar quickly turns his head around and faces him with disbelief and irritation. He steps up close until the camera can only make out his upper body.*

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “SHUT THE *bleep* UP! You go back in when I say you get to go back in! I don’t even have a shirt on and do you hear me bitching? Hell no! Now you’re gonna stay out here until I say we get to go back inside? Got it?!”


    “Ye-yes, sir.”

    ::Brock Lesnar::



    “Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Yes, siiiiiiiiir!”

    *Brock backs up and turns his attention back to the cars.*

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “Damn right! Now where was I? Oh yeah, you got this huge ass line of vehicles here just lined up for me to play with.”

    *Lesnar makes his way over to a blue pickup truck and smacks the windshield a few times and rests and arm on it.*

    “Like take a look at this beauty. Nice rims, reliable headlights. Like the windshield? You’ll like it even better up close when I jam your head through it!

    *Lesnar then points up to something behind the cameraman. He taps on his shoulder when he doesn’t get the message.*

    “Point it up there.”



    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “Over there, dumbass! Where do you think I was pointing at?!”

    *The camera quickly pans over to the top of the building and does a close up of the rooftop of a nearby building. Lesnar doesn’t step in front of the camera this time though his voice can still be heard.*

    “That roof, Tyson. Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. I might decide to bring you up there and torture you some more and here’s the best part, I get to barricade the door and make sure that no one gets in the way, not the officials, not Edge, not Nattie, no one and the only way for you to go is down and I’ll sure as hell won’t stop you if you decide to. Hell, I might be the one to do it.”

    *Lesnar walks towards the building and shouts back at the cameraman.*

    “Now, we get to go back in!”

    *The cameraman quickly follows Lesnar as they make their way back in. A crowd of fans wait for them at the main door but they all step back when Lesnar and the cameraman walk back inside. Brock retraces his steps and goes down the path where he left in the first place until he appears to the crowd when he goes through the same exit. Lesnar, while slapping away the same hands that tried to reach out and touch him, goes back down the stairs while Tyson looks on. Lesnar finally gets to the barricade and climbs over it.*

    “The entire world is my playground for this match, Tyson. I’ll take your body to the absolute extreme and as your bones and muscles ache in pain, I’ll look over you and tell you that you did it to yourself and that you had better say your last prayers before I put your lights out for good.”

    *Lesnar slides back under the bottom rope and gets in Tyson’s face again.*

    “You may think that Edge is going to distract me from my wrath but Edge means nothing to me. I have no real issues with him. I may not like him much but I respect him all the same. After all of the crap you pulled on him, not only would he approve of me beating the absolute crap out of you, he might join in to do it too and then, the both of us can fight it out and show the world how real men do battle in the ring while the little kid stays out of it, too weak and weary to do anything as the championship that you “earned” is rightfully take from you and you get to feel the crushing disappointment of defeat. Overall, I hope it’s a lesson that you best not forget for the rest of your wrestling career.”

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, *bleeps* with Brock Lesnar. At the bash, here comes the pain, bitch.”

    *With that, Brock Lesnar throws his microphone down and gets right in Tyson Kidd’s face, forehead unceremoniously pressed against his. At this point, the roof of the arena is nearly off of its hinges as the crowd continues the “Brock’s a Coward” chant, louder than ever before. As both glare holes into each other, they’re interrupted by the sound of the General Manager’s music.*

    Shane McMahon makes his way out to the stage with a microphone.

    Shane McMahon: Now now Brock, Tyson- if you want to do this, you’ll do this properly. Tyson, you claim to be a fighting champion- well tonight we’re going to put that to the test. Tonight’s main event will be Tyson Kidd going one-on-one with Brock Lesnar!

    The fans pop loudly for the announcement.

    Shane McMahon: And I’m actually surprised to see that Edge isn’t out here running HIS mouth- but I know he’s watching somewhere backstage, so Edge get ready, because you’re also going to be in action tonight. Against The Rock!

    A massive cheer for The Rock and another massive Rocky chant begins again.

    Shane McMahon: Everybody enjoy the show!

    Shane heads backstage as we get another shot of the Kidd-Lesnar staredown in the ring before we head to commercial.

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    Tenay: Welcome back to Nitro, and before the break, our esteemed General Manager Shane McMahon made two huge matches for tonight’s show!

    Bischoff: Firstly, we’re going to see Edge take on The Rock, before our main event will be Tyson Kidd against Brock Lesnar in a non-title match!

    Tenay: A huge double bill of matches tonight, and I can’t wait to see how it goes down!

    *Mr. Anderson’s music hits, the crowd pops, and the crowd gets loud as Mr. Anderson comes out to the ramp with a smirk on his face. Anderson comes down to the ring, and reaches up as the mic is lowered to him. He chews his gum obnoxiously for a minute, then begins to speak.*

    Mr. Anderson: Well assholes wasn’t last week just a freakin’ riot? I mean who doesn’t love a four way square dance in a parking lot. Finally… finally, finally, finally, I was able to get my hands on at least someone, and that poor jackass was Christopher Daniels. But he got lucky the other jackoffs decided to join because it could’ve been much worse for him. For weeks, those three men have been attacking me, between the Taco Bell mascot costing me my title twice and then cheating in a match to beat me, and then for some reason we got the fairy who decided to attack me, and last week I got my hands on the poor man’s version of Macho Man Randy Savage.

    *The fans pop loudly at the mention of the Macho Man.*

    Mr. Anderson: Yea I name dropped, what of it? I’m not an asshole for nothing. But for weeks I was everybody’s punching bag, everywhere I turned, and especially after my matches, one of these fools was there to attack me, when I was weak. But I didn’t complain, because one day they were going to get theirs, well that time has come, because I know one of those three is right around the corner everywhere I look, and I think it’s time for a little payback and a nice ass kicking. How’s that sound assholes?

    *The crowd pops for Anderson’s proclamation.*

    Mr. Anderson: See I’ve figured out that these three all wanted to make themselves look better by beating up on me. I was the Intercontinental Champion, I was the longest reigning champion since the rebranding of the WWE, I was the perfect target, because I was at the top, and all of them were just trying to make a name for themselves. Well congratulations you’ve got my attention, but you made on mistake, you didn’t take me out when you had the chance. See for weeks you beat me up after my matches, trying to make me look like the soft ass. But I know, and all the Anderson Assholes know all three of you are nothing more than my bitches!

    *The crowd goes absolutely nuts at what Anderson says.*

    Mr. Anderson: And now every time I see you I’m just going to whip your ass worse and worse, and then I’m going to scream at the top of my lungs, right in your ear, the man you don’t mess with, the asshole you don’t mess with-

    *Daniels makes his way out and stares at Anderson with a grin on his face. As he makes his way to the ring, he takes Anderson's mic.*

    Daniels: Just one moment Kenny boy, then you can go back and make a fool out of yourself as long as you want. Last week, I was not the one that got the bad end of the beating, Rey was. If you don't remember, I struck him first but you came in and interfered with my business. But you are an asshole just like everyone else backstage and in the stands so I can't hold you to all the fault.

    Since I came to Nitro, I have been surrounded by phonies and has beens. Guys like Hart, Taker are out of their prime and are only around because of favoritism and seniority. Guys like Rey and Lethal, live their lives every day as fakes. Rey has lost his mask in the past and shouldn't even be wearing it, yet he does because it makes him money. Lethal has act like Randy Savage just to be noticed around here. But me, I come out here week after week, and wrestle and act like Christopher Daniels, because I know who I am and that's the Fallen Angle. I am the man whose mission it is to destroy these men and cast them into the abyss for their sins.

    But before you ask Anderson, you are not in any of those categories. No you are in a category of your own called "the never was". You were never anything but a loud mouth who got attention because you threw fits every time you got a mic in your hands. Hell, your world titles were only because TNA puts them on ex WWE wrestlers. Anderson, I have been a part of some of the greatest matches in history, I have come in and helped build new companies like ROH and TNA when they were young. So as far as last week goes, you got involved in something because you needed a way to stay relevant without the title.

    But Kenny, I am going to give you your wish on keeping your name in the headlines, because I am challenging you to a match right now. What do you say Ken, do you want to take me up on this gracious offer?

    *The crowd cheers at the mention of the match, and Anderson grabs his mic back from Daniels.*

    Mr. Anderson: Well before we weigh the pros and cons here, let’s go over a few things. One, if you had any sort of talent, and you said you built the company, you would’ve won the TNA World Title before any of the ex-WWE wrestlers got there, so you know what that tells me, TNA finally realized you suck as bad as their TV ratings, and needed to bring in people who could actually wrestle.

    *The fans cheer for Anderson.*

    Mr. Anderson: Two, if I recall I didn’t start anything with the three of you, you all started with me, which tells me that in order to make you relevant you actually had to attack someone who is relevant. And three, I’ve finally found out what the definition to a Fallen Angel is, a male who acts, dresses, and drinks like a bitch.

    *The crowd ooh’s at the insult thrown out by Anderson.*

    Mr. Anderson: So you want a match, right here right now? Well let’s see, the cons to this is… *Anderson pauses for a moment.* There are none! I get to kick your ass at my strongest, and make you look like my bitch! So Daniels, lets square dance round two, you’re on!

    *Anderson releases the mic and the two go face to face, a ref comes down the ramp and separate the two men.*

    Match 1: Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels

    (stop at 2:30)

    Tenay: Daniels kicks out of the roll up!

    Bischoff: Yes! Come on Daniels! You can beat that idiot!

    Anderson is back to his feet around the same time as Daniels, who begins to throw punches but Anderson ducks under and drives his shoulder into Daniels’ gut. He pushes Daniels back into the corner and drives his shoulder fiercely into Daniels’ gut. He backs up and hits a dropkick as Daniels falls forward to the mat. Anderson goes for a cover.



    Daniels gets the shoulder up as Anderson backs up to the corner and begins stalking Daniels. Daniels gets up and Anderson goes to grab him but Daniels hits a kick to the gut and goes for a DDT but Anderson twists around and hits a Mic Check from nowhere! He drops down and covers.




    Tenay: Anderson does it! Anderson picks up a big win!

    Bischoff: Oh god. We’re not going to hear the end of this are we?

    Tenay: Trust me Eric, it could be worse.

    Bischoff: Oh really? How?

    Tenay: Well you could have to sit next to a guy who squeals every single time Brock Lesnar comes out of the curtain- then you’d see where I’m coming from.

    Bischoff: Shut up.

    Tenay: We’ll be back after this commercial!

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    We return to Nitro but don’t return to ringside. Instead, we head straight backstage where Matt Striker is shown.

    Matt Striker: Welcome back to Nitro everybody! I’m Matt Striker and I’d like to introduce one of the two number one contenders to the World Heavyweight Championship, The Rated R Superstar...Edge!

    The fans boo loudly in the arena as the camera pans around, showing Edge- who is looking at Matt with an angry look on his face.

    Edge: You missed something.

    Matt Striker: I’m sorry?

    Edge grabs Matt by the tie and pushes him against the wall.

    Edge: You missed something.

    Matt Striker: I...don’t...

    Edge lets Matt go and throws him to the floor. He bends down and takes the microphone from Matt, before turning back to the camera.

    Edge: The thing this idiot missed was he forgot to call me by my name, he forgot to mention that I’m the Pride of Canada, that I’m the man that will be flying the flag of the Great White North at the Great American Bash and I will be leaving with the World Heavyweight Championship.

    The fans boo loudly and a small USA chant begins. Edge smirks as he continues speaking.

    Edge: This PPV has the tagline ‘Canadian Invasion’ because Chris Jericho and Tyson Kidd are the current World Champions- and management finally did something right by placing the greatest Canadian superstar of all time in the main event. When the Great American Bash comes around, the title will be heading back to Canada again, but not with Tyson Kidd.

    And America’s final stand will be Brock Lesnar- a former amateur World Champion. A man who was so threatened by me last week that he cost me the World Heavyweight Championship. I will be taking that title, Brock Lesnar won’t stop me, and Tyson Kidd will once again fail to stop me.

    Ahh Tyson Kidd, a man who has been a thorn in my side ever since the brand split, since Nitro began. A man who was picked before me in the draft because of his Money in the Bank briefcase, a man who doesn’t do anything but follow my career path and do the exact same things I did. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was watching my matches now trying to get some tips on how to be a better wrestler.

    But the fact is, come Great American Bash, I will once again reign supreme and I will beat him for a third time.

    The fans boo loudly as Edge smirks.

    Edge: And on that night, Tyson Kidd will go the same way as Bret Hart. Where is The Hitman? He’s in a hospital bed, comatose because of Randy Orton, my old tag team partner and a man who actually has the skill to be in the main events. A man who will at some point come for my World Heavyweight Championship.

    That’s right, my World Heavyweight Championship- because when after The Great American Bash, I’m going to win the title I should have won a long time ago. A title I should have won at In Your House when I was screwed.

    And if you think that for one second I don’t have a problem with Brock Lesnar, you’re wrong. Because ever since the very first episode of Nitro when Brock beat me to win that championship, I have held a grudge. A grudge I’m going to atone for at Great American Bash when I beat him and win that title.

    Tyson Kidd isn’t good enough, Brock Lesnar isn’t good enough- because I’m the man who deserves that championship. I’m the man who is the Pride of Canada, and at Great American Bash, I’m going to be the man who wins the triple threat match and leaves as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

    The fans boo loudly again as Edge looks down before looking back up.

    Edge: And tonight, The Rock is going to be the one who learns that...first hand.

    Edge drops the microphone and walks away as we cut back to ringside.

    Tenay: Edge looks focused for his match tonight- that’s going to be a hell of a battle.

    Bischoff: That’s so true. He’s going to destroy The Rock.

    *Outcomes Rey Mysterio to a chorus of boos. He then proceeds to trick to believe he is going to do his firework thing, but instead he nods his head in disapproval. He then walks down the ramp slowly. Rey suddenly stops and notices a little kid wearing a Rey Mysterio mask. Rey then approaches the kid and has a laugh looking at the kid, but his expression soon changes to anger. Rey then gets the kid by the shirt while the kid's parents are begging Rey to back off the kid. Rey doesn't listen and starts to viciously take the kid's mask off. Rey throws the mask to the floor angrily and he then steps on it and spits right on the mask. Rey then laughs like a mad scientist and walks around the ring. He heads over to the ring announcer and grabs a microphone. Rey finally gets in the ring.*

    Rey: Se guardará silencio putas estúpidas cuando hablo. And for those of you that are racist bitches , I said, be quiet you stupid whores when I talk. You see last week I was attacked, atacado. I was a victim of an unjustifiable assault. I was blind sided by 3 men. Estos vatos no tienen pelotas. They have no balls. They decide to gang up against a poor defenseless Mexican.

    *The crowd begin to boo at Rey's misconception.*

    Rey: Don't worry. I know you guys actually enjoyed it. Putos racistas pinchazos. I bet if it was happening to one of your own you would be feeling sorry. However, I don't care for your sympathy. You see for far too long I thought you people cared about me. Then I saw the light. All you wanted to see was some cool flips. No one actually cared for what I thought. I was just an amusement park for you. Nothing more.I never mattered to anyone. The only person who cared for Rey Mysterio was Rey Mysterio. And that's how it's going to stay from now on. I don't any of you idiotic people. I've moved on. However, unlike me, Mr. Kennedy or Mr. Anderson. Man this guy lies more than Eddie Guerrero and he was the definition of a disgrace to an entire race. You see Anderson needs your sympathy in order to feel important. Then we have Christopher Daniels. This is the man who calls himself the King of the Indies. Yet no one cares what he did before coming to the big house called WWE. It's really stupid he calls himself that cause he doesn't even believe that. Then we have Jay Lethal. This man has no originality in him. He had to steal a former perform's gimmick. I mean at least tweak it, but no. I mean if it worked once then try again and...... FAILED!

    Tenay: Here comes Jay Lethal!

    Bischoff: He’s got a referee with him! It’s time for a match!

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    Match 2: Rey Mysterio vs. Jay Lethal(Hardy)

    (stop at 4:40)

    Tenay: A massive 619 from Rey!

    Bischoff: He’s got him exactly where he wants him!

    Rey jumps up as Lethal begins to get up in the ring. Rey springboards over the top rope but Lethal connects with a massive dropkick mid-air! He covers Rey.




    Rey kicks out as Lethal backs up in shock. He drags Rey up to his feet and sets him up for the Lethal Injection but Rey breaks out and begins to deliver stiff kicks to Lethal’s thighs. Rey runs at Lethal and hits his signature bulldog! He goes up top and goes for a splash, which he lands! He covers Lethal.




    Bischoff: Yes!

    Tenay: A big win for Rey Mysterio!

    Bischoff: The momentum will help Rey in this four way feud.

    Tenay: Well we’re going to head backstage now where we believe S.C.U.M are ready to speak!

    *Steen is shown backstage having a conversation with Jacobs and Corino. Jacobs looks up and notices a camera. Jacobs runs up and kicks the camera man in the nuts and grabs the camera*

    Jacobs: Thanks for this guy! Hey, Kev! Lets do an interview! Let the people hear from the brilliant mind of Mr. F*****G Wrestling!!

    *Steen starts to laugh and nods*

    Steen: Alright Jimmy, lets do it. So, how about we do the Q&A thing again? Steve you should ask the questions since Jim is holding the camera.

    Corino: Ok, my name is Steve Corino, and I am an Evil Person, but not as evil as the mastermind beside me, the future, no WWE's future Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Steen! Now Kev, please let the fans know what is going through your mind right now.

    Steen: Well, actually right now I'm pretty freakin hungry, but I don't think that's what you meant. You want to know where my minds at regarding The Great American Bash. Honestly, I'm not all that worried. I know that with S.C.U.M in my corner there is nothing I cannot accomplish here in WWE, and that means I will beat Tyler Reks and I will take his title and it will be the stepping stone to the Ugly Revolution needed here in WWE.

    Corino: What are you personal thoughts on Reks?

    Steen: He's a joke. The guy looks like a cross breed of a surfer and a cave man! Yeah, let that image sink in for a second and you'll see it. The guy could be the main event for WWE, but he panders to much to the hypocrites in the crowd. He tries too hard to please the so called "fans" and in the end that is why he will lose. Because while he is busy caring if the WWE Universe likes him, I won't be giving 2 ***** about what they think! I will take the opportunities that Reks would never take! I will use under handed tactics and I won't care if the fans boo me, why? Because I have gold around my waist!

    *Steens smiles turns to a stern look*

    Steen: Reks, this is your final warning. I will beat you, I will become Intercontinental Champion and I will erase your from the WWE! Prepare for that.

    *Steen and Corino walks away as Jacobs turns the camera on himself*

    Jacobs: Have a good day folks!

    *The camera heads away again as we cut to commercial.*

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    Tenay: Welcome back to Nitro!

    Bischoff: And up next, we’re about to see The Pride of Canada in action!

    Tenay: That’s right! As Nitro came onto the air tonight, Tyson Kidd and Brock Lesnar kicked off the show with a bit of a debate

    Bischoff: And Shane McMahon booked those two in the main event, plus Edge against The Rock, which is next!

    Tenay: Edge may be entirely focused on the triple threat match at Great American Bash, he should not underestimate The Rock.

    Bischoff: I don’t think anybody thinks that Edge will underestimate The Rock.

    Tenay: Well he is focused tonight, but he has a huge match coming up.

    Bischoff: But he will beat The Rock.

    Tenay: Here comes The Rock!

    Bischoff: Rock has been in an issue with Dean Ambrose recently but tonight will be a welcome distraction for him.

    Tenay: Well Shane McMahon had Ambrose escorted out of the arena last week.

    Bischoff: Unfortunately. Ambrose would have destroyed The Rock again.

    Match 3: Edge (Christian) vs. The Rock

    (Ignore Booker & Shane)
    (4:15 to 8:59)

    Tenay: Rock has The Sharpshooter locked in tightly!

    Bischoff: No! Hold on Edge!

    Edge manages to get to the bottom rope as Rock lets the hold go immediately. He begins to stalk Edge and hits a Spinebuster!

    As The Rock stands over Edge, signalling for the Peoples Elbow static fills the TitanTron accompanied by the clicking and bumping. Rock stares up at the screen distracted momentarily before trying to get back to the match. Suddenly the static disappears and up on the screen we see the parking lot through a hand held camera. We see a few people milling around, technical staff and fans alike. The Rock becomes distracted again, holding his arms out wide and asking the ring announcers what the hell is going on. The video is then accompanied by a familiar voice.

    Dean Ambrose: Lets just forget for a moment that you're in a match.. lets forget for one second that everyone thought that beaurocrats and business men thought they could do away with me.. and lets forget for a second that last week the greatest injustice in WWE history took place when I was told I wasn't passed for competition by Shane McMahon.. and focus on one thing. That thing being that Dean Ambrose is still here and refuses to be forgotten.. that I am tired of being IGNORED.. and that I am SICK to DEATH of trying to prove to incompetent fools at WWE HQ what they already know.. that Dean Ambrose is the future of the WWE. Before I get to you Rock.. I hope you don't mind but I think right now I would really love to send a message to Shane McMahon.. so that's what i'm going to do.

    Ambrose swings the camera around to look at his face, he wipes his mouth with a free hand and begins looking from side to side and then the floor before slowly rolling his eyes back up to look at the camera.

    Ambrose: Shane.. do you really think that I can't see through you? I'm a lot smarter than you give me credit for.. and a lot saner that you would dare to admit. I'm not crazy.. I see sense and logic where no one else can.. so don't you call me CRAZY!! I'm not.. i'm.. not. See the reason you denied me my match last week and the reason you continue refuse me what I want is because you're afraid.. you're afraid of the truth. The truth that I would blow wide open if given even a minute of ring time.. that truth being that you force feed the same old crap down everyones throats! That people with real talent.. people who deserve success.. people who understand how the world REALLY works don't mean DICK to you or anyone in your family for that matter. All you care about is your PLAN! The device designed to make sure no one asks questions or realises that the people they believe to be the best.. don't even come close! You lie to all these people.. The Rock isn't the best.. Brock Lesnar isn't the best.. Dean Ambrose is the best.. because i'm an indestructable wrestling machine!

    Ambrose closes his eyes and throws his head back before bringing it back to look at the camera with crazed eyes.

    Ambrose: The truth will come out Shane.. it doesn't matter how many times you try to extinguish my fire, I will rise again and I will drag professional wrestling up from the depths, kicking and screaming with me. Blood and bone are a commodity.. something you seem to have forgotten.. you NEED me! You NEED me to remind everyone what TRUE professional wrestling is all about.. so i know.. I know that all I have to do is push the right button before you finally allow the taxman to collect what's owed. Which finally.. brings me to you Rock.. you owe me a great debt. Last week I was ROBBED! Robbed of the chance to open the eyes of the sheep by taking down the sheeple's champion.. to send you home in a bag.. to prove that people like you don't belong anywhere near the top.

    So this week.. i've been in a bit of a mood.. trying to come up with a way to get what I want. And it hit me.. as clear as day.. Shane McMahon won't let me fight inside the arena.. but as far as i'm aware he doesn't have power over the outside. So how about it Rock? There's plenty of room out here for two even with an ego like yours.. how about you and me settle the score.

    Ambrose stares at the camera before smiling and turning it back towards the fans and technical staff.

    Ambrose: Of course you could always finish your match and forget all about me.. but I want you to know this, because i'm a FAIR kinda guy! By my estimations it would take local law enforcement seven minutes to respond.. and it would take you two minutes to leave that ring and come find me.. leaving me five minutes play time with a few of our paying customers over there. The choice is yours Rock.. what are you gonna do? Climb on that white horse and ride to the rescue of the people? Or are you going to let me do something YOU are going to regret.. i'm a man of my word..

    Ambrose turns the camera back to himself, staring at it with a big smile on his face. The picture cuts out leaving the Rock looking up at the screen.

    Tenay: The match is still going on!

    Bischoff: Edge with a roll up pin!




    Tenay: Edge picks up the victory!

    Bischoff: YES!

    The Rock has already left the ring and runs up the ramp as we head to commercial.

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    *The camera follows the Rock as he is seen running backstage, he stops for a moment and stares at a small group of backstage workers before saying..*

    Rock: Where's Ambrose?!

    Worker: Sorry Rock, What did you say?

    Rock: Ambrose! Where is he?.

    Worker: Ambrose? I hav-

    Rock: Forget it jabroni!

    *Rocky continues running backstage and down the hall until he reaches a steel door, he opens the door and it leads to the parking lot, Rocky has now stopped running and slowly begins walking through the car park, looking around the corners of the cars, Rocky clearly being careful as Ambrose could strike at any moment*

    Rock: Come on Ambrose! You wanted this.. Show your face Ambrose, come on street dog! The Rock got an ass whooping for ya!

    *Rock continues looking around the parking lot, with no sign of Ambrose, Rocky starts getting irate*

    Rock: You wanted this Ambrose! You called the great one out, you want to end my legacy? I'm right here.. come on, lets do this Ambrose!

    *Rock hears footsteps and spins around and turns full circle*

    Rock: *Rock laughs* Oh I get it.. You wan't to play hide and seek Ambrose? Well the Rock don't play Hide and seek, the Rock plays search and destroy! Oh believe the Rock when I say this, When the Rock finds you.. When I get my hands on you, The Rock is going to place his boot so far up your ass that you will be spitting leather!

    *Rock continues walking*

    Rock: Let's do this Ambrose! You and the Rock, Right here.. right now, with the millions watching on, with the crowd cheering with every punch that knocks the taste out of your mouth.. this is your chance Ambrose, this is what you wanted right? Come on!

    *Rock the instantly stops for a moment and can here voices up ahead, he then sprints in that direction and when he gets there.. Ambrose can be seen being escorted out of the building as of Shane Mcmahons orders*

    Shane: Get him out of here! He's crazy! I don't want him back in here tonight you understand that?!

    *Rock then continues walking right up to Shane and goes face to face with him and then says..*

    Rock: What! in the blue hell do you think you are doing?.

    Shane: Excuse me Rock? I know you are pissed off, but please understand who you are speaking to right now.

    *Rock just stares at Shane clearly vexed*

    Rock: Pissed off? Pissed off Shane? No, no no.. The Rock's not pissed of Shane, just... well just a little moody.

    *Shane attempts to speak again but Rock goes over the top of him*

    Rock: Pissed off? You bet your here comes the money, dancing around the stage candy ass the Rock's pissed off! I don't care where.. I don't care when.. I wan't Dean Ambrose!

    Shane: Wait.. Roc-

    Rock: I want Dean Ambrose! If you don't make the match, then I will make it happen myself, Oh and you think the Rock gives a damn about your last name Shane? You think the great one cares about you running Nitro? The Rock don't care Shane.. The Rock don't care if your last name was.. Turner, Obama, Blair or Trump it does not take away from the fact that you are and always will be... the biggest silver spooned rudy poo candy ass on gods green earth!

    Now you dance to that.. Where a Shane O'Mac shirt while doing it, have here comes the money playing in the background do what you got to do, I...want... Dean... Ambrose!

    *The Rock then turns away clearly very emotional and Vexed, Shane though stays professional and though in a state of shock and surprise, watches The Rock leave as the camera heads back to ringside*

    Tenay: The Rock clearly upset there.

    Bischoff: He let himself get distracted. He’s only got himself to blame.

    *The crowd pop as the former Degeneration X members come out from behind the curtain, Dogg with a mic in hand.*

    Dogg: You see, it's that D-O-Double-G rolling with the B-A-Double-D! Huntsville! Welcome to the DOGG HOUSE! Ladies, and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages. *The NAO slide into the ring*. The World Wrestling Entertainment, proudly presents to you: The Road Dogg Jessie James! The Badass Billy Gunn! The NEW! AGE! OUTLAWS!

    *The crowd pop, before Gunn gets handed the mic by Road Dogg*

    Gunn: You see, last week saw an opportunity, that we weren't going to waste. We sent a message to every tag team Raw is War, and Nitro has to offer! We invaded Nitro once before, and last week we did it again. B.G and Kip, we don't just lie around, waiting for an ass whooping we can watch. We just delivered the ass whooping ourselves!

    Prime Time Players! You hide behind A.W., you don't fight your own battles. And we ain't gonna stand for all this bullcrap you guys talked about. Cryme Tyme needed our help, so we showed that the WWE Tag Team Champions:

    Dogg: OF THE WORLD!

    Gunn: That we belong in dat title hunt. And no need to thank us JTG. Shad be on notice, you needed our help, you helped us show that we're the best tag team in the WWE. We proved that Prime Time Players are weak, when they don't pray on the vulnerable. We are moving forward to better things: AND IF YOU'RE NOT DOWN WITH THAT, WE GOT 2 WORDS FOR YA:

    *Cryme Tyme's music hit, as Shad and JTG swagger there way to the ring dancing to the crowd as they pop. NAO don't look too happy, but after Shad and JTG slide into the ring, they grab a mic before giving NAO dirty looks.*

    Shad: Woah, woah, woah, hold it right there Billy, and B.G. You see, when me, and my homeboy JTG have trouble. Us hood g's keep it real- we look out for each other. Because we have got each other's backs. And we had trouble last week, we had beef with three muppets- also known as A.W.

    JTG: A.K.A Asswipe!

    Shad: Titus O'Neil!

    JTG: A.K.A Titless O'Neil!

    Shad: And Darren Young!

    JTG: A.K.A John Cebony!

    *Crowd burst into laughter with the "John Cebony" insult to Darren Young.*

    Shad: And this was our time to shine! Me and J could have dealt with Prime Time Players, but instead, you two decided to shove your beaks in where it didn't belong!

    JTG: You see, my boy Shad is correct. And I've got a question, for both of you. How dare you? How dare, you two try and steal the spotlight. You two are supposed to be legends, and then you "invade Nitro" and try and steal the momentum of a fresh breed. I'm gonna go out and say a fact. You two are a bunch of has beens!

    Shad: That's right. J is right. You two ain't the New Age Outlaws! You two are the old age outlaws! Hell, you wannabes ain't Outlaws out all! You two ain't no thugs! Myself and JTG are the biggest thugs in the business! And we are the best team in the damn business!

    *Mixed reactions from the crowds, with more cheers.*

    JTG: Now fools, hear me out. Digest this. You two, are what you call. Diseases. And you are the diseases, that are infecting the tag team division in WWE! The tag team division, is going downhill! Step by step! Why? Because A) Cryme Tyme ain't the Tag Team Champions of the frickin world! And B) Old Age Outlaws have entered the scene!

    Shad: Me and JTG, we gon' be makin' massive movements in the WWE. We gon' be producing a new revolution! Me and J, we gon' make a fresh start! Enough of the comedy bullshit! It's our time to shine, and our comedy crap got in the way of us being tag team champions!

    JTG: My boy Shad right! Me and Shad, we gonna make a new era in the WWE!

    Shad: A fresh era!

    JTG: The era of seriousness!

    Shad: The era of Cryme Tyme!

    The two teams have a staredown, before we head to a commercial.

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    Tenay: Welcome back to Nitro!

    Bischoff: A tense situation before the break between Cryme Tyme and New Age Outlaws. I wonder where that will head next.

    Tenay: Well we still have a main event match between Tyson Kidd and Brock Lesnar, plus a Road to Triumph match between Lita and Eve to look forward to!

    Bischoff: But what’s next?

    Tenay: It’s the Deadman!

    Bischoff: Oh what does he want?

    Tenay: Last week, Randy Orton mocked The Undertaker after punting Bret Hart in the head. We’ll see what Taker has to say on this matter.

    Undertaker: Randy Orton. Something wicked runs through this worn torn land. This force succumbs to none and follows no command. It owns all, and for those that still have the guts to command, they fall at my feet. Randy, you came at me with anger, but when I come for your soul, I will come with rage. You will not escape, if you are seeking punishment Orton, I will let the hammer fall and I will give you a reason to fear me.

    *Loud pop from the crowd*

    Undertaker: With evil as my friend, let us go to war Randy. Come at me with all you got son, I will consume all your blows and all your efforts will be in vane. You see Randy, you have chosen this path. You have chosen this road that leads to hell. Let me tell you a story Randy because you need to know that the decision that you have made comes with consequences. There is a wicked man who roams this land. He is riding on his black horse dispensing evil on all that he sees. With a sword in his hand, he puts to rest all those that try to overcome him Randy. This wicked man destroys man and beast and rejoices in doing so. The bystanders hear his hideous laugh as he rides for days and nights driven by the pure evil that lives in his soul. When all is said and done, the rider says, "I'll be back and will do this again, because I exalt in the feelings of those who fear me."

    *crowd is silent*

    Undertaker: Randy Orton... The rider is here. It doesn't matter if I face Randy Orton the man, or Randy Orton the Apex Predator. Man and beast will fall at my feet. Randy your fate has been sealed. Your future has been decided. You crossed the line and now it's time to face the consequences of your sins Randy. We've been down this road before and now it's time to end this. The reign of terror has begun Randy Orton. Evil is at your doorstep. You chose to interfere, I choose to claim your soul. Randy Orton... be afraid. The Rider is coming for you.

    Orton walks out from the back with a mic in hand, and a stern look on his face. He stands and poses, as pyro's fall behind him. He raises the mic, as the pyro's stop and the music fades.

    Orton: Enough already...just enough!

    The fans boo Orton, but it doesn't seem to phase him.

    Orton: At King of the Ring, DDP got the upperhand. That's how it was. I should be standing here King of the Ring, and I should be getting a World Title shot...but I'm I digress. I was made a fool of at King of the Ring, so I had to do something...something that showed the world that I'm the man to fear. Not you, not the Game, not Kane, no one...NO! I'm the man to fear. I'm what goes bump in the night. I'm the career ender, game changer, momentum shifter. I'm all that, and so much more! So I came out to that ring, and I did what I do best. I took ahold of an opportunity and made a moment people can't help but talk about. Do you know where Bret is? He is laid up in a hospital bed with a concussion. The same thing that made him retire before, has sent him packing again. For those of you who are just plain idiots, let me relate the message I was trying to send. I'm the legend killer, and I'll strike at any moment, at any time.

    The fans are still just booing up a storm at Orton, but he just keeps on talking.

    Orton: Now, Taker, we've had this song and dance before. We've went at it on the grandest stage of them all. I've heard your same schpeel more time's than these fans have heard John Cena belt out that pathetic line of "I'll never quit and I'll never back down". There is only so many times you can spew the same garbage before it becomes diluted. That's what you've become Taker, diluted. People use to be afraid of you! When they heard that gong, they'd shake in their boots. When the lights went out, they feared that they would be next. In the last 20 years, you've gone from the Deadman, the most feared person in the WWE, to the ghost of the Deadman, a man laughed at behind his back. Taker, last week, I sent a message of what you future holds. Take this notice, and talk it on your gravestone. The Deadman needs to be on watch, because I'm coming for you....

    Orton drops the mic, as he takes his thumb, cutting his throat, and glares at Taker. As he finishes, the lights go off, and when they come back on, Orton is gone. Taker looks on from the ring as we head backstage.

    We go backstage here we see the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Tyler Reks, is about to be interviewed by Josh Matthews.

    Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome at this time the WWE Intercontinental Champion, "The Wrecking Ball" Tyler Reks.

    Reks adjust his championship over his right shoulder.

    Reks: Thank you Josh, pleasure to be here.

    Matthews: Now, Mr. Reks....

    Matthews is taken back when Reks places a hand on his left shoulder but the hold is not one of violence but a reassuring grip of friendship between the two.

    Reks: Josh, please, we've known each other for years, call me Tyler.

    Matthews, readjusts himself, clearing his throat and speaking

    Matthews: All right, Tyler. What are your thoughts on Steen and S.C.U.M. especially heading into The Great American Bash where you will defend that championship against Steen?

    Reks: Let's see...S.C.U.M., you know I found out it actually stand for Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness, and Mayhem. Let's take into account if they live up to the name. Suffering? I'll give them that since it seems they're suffering to stand out in a way that always keeps them in the spotlight.

    Their only problem? They chose to do it against me and if they want to go through some real suffering, I'm more than happy to make sure that's exactly what they do after I'm through with them.

    Chaos? I haven't seen much from them, then again, will I? A very good definition of chaos is a state of things in which chance is supreme. Interesting definition in my eyes, because if S.C.U.M. think they have a chance in hell to be the supreme force in the WWE, they got another thing coming. I'm going to make sure they ind up in a world of hurt soon.

    Ugliness? Oh, yeah. they got that down. No need to further to their ugliness unless you count the bruising and scarring they'll have after I beat them to a pulp and hell it might make them actually be considered attractive and have to change their name to S.C.A.M., a better definition to what they are and doing. Scamming themselves to believing they ever had a chance against me.

    and Mayhem? That is the one thing I actually believe they are capable of. Only it seems, they need to be in unison to do so. I cause mayhem very well on my own. I know for certain I'm that damn good on putting my opponents through pain, I can't say the same for Steen.

    That's why at The Great American Bash, I want to able to defend this championship the bet I know how, through dealing a lot pain to Steen. I'm The Wrecking Ball, I plow through my competition and leave a trail of beaten, battered and bruised bodies lying in the wake. Believe me, I want my reign to be one where people always remember me as a fighting champion, should I ever lose this title it wont be without a fight. So Steen if you want this championship come and get it. Let's do this the way it was meant to. No rules, No DQ's, no excuses. When I kick your ass, I want to remember the look on your face when you realize you tried everything to take me down and failed.

    Now next week, I want to able to hear what you have to say on this matter. Man to man. Face to face. I want you to look me in the eye and claim that you'll beat me when you know and I know, you're lying to yourself and even with S.C.U.M. at your beck and call there is nothing you can do to stop the reckoning that I will make you suffer through before I pin you and retain this championship. So I'll see you soon, Steen. I'll see you, real soon.

    Reks walks away as Matthews thanks him for his time and we head to commercial.

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    Tenay: Back from commercial, and it’s time for our weekly Road To Triumph match!

    Bischoff: It’s going to be Lita vs. Eve!

    Tenay: Eve has 18 points currently, and has 2 different matches left, meaning two submission wins would take her to 58 points, enough right now to get into the final 5!

    Bischoff: Her opponent tonight is joint top!

    Tenay: Eve has to win. If she loses, she is out of the Road To Triumph!

    Bischoff: Lita is going to destroy her.

    Tenay: Here comes the joint leader of the Road To Triumph scoreboard!

    Bischoff: I don’t think we ever expected Lita not to be in the race for the leader.

    Tenay: No I agree, but tonight is going to be just as hard as ever for Lita.

    Bischoff: She’ll easily overcome Eve.

    Match 4: Lita vs. Eve (Ivory)

    (stop at 4:29)

    Tenay: A rake to the eyes from Eve!

    Bischoff: Terrible sportsmanship!

    Eve follows up the rake to the eye with a massive right hand that sends Lita down to one knee. Eve backs up and runs at Lita, going for a Hurricarana, which she lands! She covers Lita.




    Lita manages to throw the shoulder up as Eve can’t believe it. She backs up to the ropes and runs forwards angrily stomping on Lita’s stomach. She steps over Lita and shakes her booty, going for the BootySault but Lita moves and Eve hits the canvas. Lita gets back to her feet and kicks Eve in the gut, going for the Twist of Fate, which she lands. She heads to the top rope and sets up the Litasault but looks at the ramp first, where Sable is walking down with a smile on her face.

    Lita drops down to the canvas and begins to tell Sable to get in the ring but she doesn’t notice Eve beginning to get up. Lita turns around and is kicked in the gut by Eve, who hits a neckbreaker! She covers Lita.




    Tenay: Crucial victory for Eve here!

    Bischoff: I don’t understand why Sable is out here!

    Tenay: Well Eve has left the ring and Sable is now in the ring, with a microphone!

    *Sable walks through the ropes and stares down at the fallen Lita. She grabs a mic and stands on top of her and grins.*

    Sable: This is for all the women who want to be me and for the men who come to see me.

    *The fans cheer loudly knowing what's coming next.*

    Sable: Are you boys ready for the grind?

    *The fans cheer even louder and Sable begins to do the grind on top of Lita mocking her. Lita begins to move trying to get up and Sable leaves the ring and walks to the ramp.*

    Sable: Lita *chuckles* you really make me laugh you know that? Even in the ring you seem to end up flat on your back. You seem to forget there's a time and a place for everything and honey this isn't the time and place for that.

    Maybe if you focused on your in ring skill, or should I say lack thereof, instead of your extensive love life you'd win a match once in a while. First you were dumped by Essa Rios, then Matt Hardy and seriously when Matt Hardy dumps you then you know you've hit Rock Bottom, but just when you think you can't go down any lower you hook up with Edge.

    I mean sure I may have hooked up with Vince McMahon for a while, but at least I had something to gain from that relationship, but the only thing you gain from being with Edge is shame... shame and likely a few STDs.

    *The fans start chanting "SLUT" at Lita.*

    Sable: But Lita it's not too late to back off. Edge has used and abused you long enough. It's time for you to focus on what should really be important to you which is your wrestling career. Edge has cost you everything... your looks, your chances at advancement in wresting, your career in music and your self respect.

    So take this loss as a wake up call, you've hit rock bottom once again and if you continue to support Edge specially in his match against my husband Brock Lesnar you'll find yourself flat on your back a lot more, but not in the way you'd like.

    *Sable's music plays and she grinds once more as Lita glares at her holding herself up on the ropes.*

    Tenay: Well that was low.

    Bischoff: I can’t believe Sable just cost Lita the win!

    Tenay: Where do you stand on this Eric?

    Bischoff: I stand where everybody else stands- waiting for the next match, our main event!

    Tenay: Well that will be right after this commercial!

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