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    RAW is WAR Episode 26
    Coleman Coliseum, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    JR: We are live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and we expect to hear from CM Punk regarding the fallout from last week, where we saw a Mystery Man, possibly the one tweeting about the WWE and CM Punk last week, attack Punk in the main event last week on RAW.

    King: We have so little answers with so many questions, but on the bright side, Austin Aries won the match last week, and now he can focus on the goal ahead, Chris Jericho and the WWE Championship.

    JR: Well Jericho was at ringside last week, think he has something to do about this? Both he and CM Punk have history as we know; maybe he was scared CM Punk could come after his WWE Championship. Punk has been so close, maybe Jericho thought he could figure it out, maybe give it to Austin Aries.

    King: Why would Jericho need to do that? Jericho is the Best in the World, not to mention CM Punk can’t get another shot at the WWE Title. We will hear from CM Punk, and will see if the Mystery Man shows his face.

    JR: We also continue with the Road to Triumph, as we also continue the build to the Great American Bash. But through all of that we still have the United Kingdom and Cody Rhodes, where last week we saw Rhodes enlist the help of Tyler Black, unexpected to say the least, but it worked. Has Tyler Black turned a new leaf?

    King: Please don’t tell me we have another Cody Rhodes on our hands

    JR: Are you kidding me King? Why can’t you accept the attitude change of Cody Rhodes? He wasn’t the one who turned on his partner at King of the Ring that was Sheamus.

    King: No you mean that’s because Sheamus was smart. Sheamus realized the opportunity he had in joining William Regal and Drew McIntyre, and become a member of the strongest force right now in the WWE.

    JR: No doubt the United Kingdom is strong but how are they when the numbers are even? We have yet to see that yet. And Cody Rhodes is trying his best to get the numbers even, but by asking people like Tyler Black, may not work all the time.

    King: It won’t matter what Rhodes does, the United Kingdom is strong, they are dominant, and nothing Cody Rhodes does can stop that.

    JR: We shall see, before we get to wrapped up we get two debut matches today, one from Damien Sandow the other from the Kings of Wrestling.

    King: Those Indy idiots?

    JR: I wouldn’t say that too loudly King, because here comes a former Indy member himself, CM Punk!

    Punk comes out to the cheers and praise of the fans as he enters the ring where he is handed a mic by the nearby stage hand before he wait a bit for the crowd to settle down and begins to speak...

    Punk: Now last week myself and Austin Aries went toe to toe in a match that was chosen by our King of the Ring contest winner, wrestlingfan66513. A hardcore match, nonetheless...I knew going in, experience favored me having been through some brutal hardcore matches in my day but I also knew going, that to underestimate Aries would be a big mistake and so knowing what a match we'd have, I knew to be ready for anything....

    Blow for blow, finishing move after finishing move, neither me or Aries would be denied victory and it was a match that wrestling fans around the and more importantly our contest would love, hell who wouldn't. It was much like the type of the matches fought in ROH where at the end both men, would look each other in the eye knowing they fought their hearts out to please you all and in an act of honor, one would simply extend a hand out and be on the receiving a firm and trustful handshakes that symbolized the respect and appreciation that comes with putting on a wrestling clinic. Something I had very well planned on doing with Aries, whether, I won or lost but someone else had other plans....

    A masked man, decided he needed to make a point by attacking me for whatever reason he believes is right and you know I'm not even mad at the attack in all honesty because I've been the attacker to many people across my career for reasons I felt were right but I did it head on, making my intentions clear as to why I did everything shortly after. Yet a week has gone by, nobody has been able to tell me the who or the why of things over these past few weeks.

    That to me is simply a show of cowardice of the person who attacked me has, cause believe it takes a coward to not even face me and explain why to my face but I know whoever did this, is far from done and will no doubt continue trying to get under my skin but I will not let that happen.

    Now I'm going compete against Cena later tonight. A man who I've faced quite a few times and will no doubt continue to face here in the WWE but this time, it will be a match fought with honor as it always should've been. So John, get ready for a match to remember, and to my mystery stalker....I know you're out there. I know you'll do something but I only ask one thing of you, have the balls and common decency to face me head on or forever be remembered as a coward not only the eyes of the WWE fans but in my eyes as well. I'll see you later tonight as well.

    JR: Well CM punk did not get his wish, his mystery attacker did not answer the call, not that I expected him too

    King: Well I’m sure Punk hasn’t seen the last of him

    JR: This man attacked via twitter the WWE and CM Punk, he has some disdain for Punk and I’m certain he won’t stop until he completes his mission

    King: Whatever mission that is, I hope the WWE comes out on top

    JR: Are you supporting CM Punk?

    King: No just the WWE

    JR: Well I for one am fully behind CM Punk and his new attitude, maybe this is what prompted the mystery attack, Punk’s change to focus on honor and respect in the WWE.

    King: Well that’s good, because that means CM Punk will no longer be stealing Chris Jericho’s title of Bets in the World.

    JR: Speaking of Chris Jericho, we now know for the first time tonight he and Austin Aries will address each other and their title match at The Great American Bash.

    King: Yes! Two of my favorites in the ring on the mic, it can’t get much better.

    JR: We will be right back


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    JR: We are back with our first Road to Triumph match where AJ will take on Kelly Kelly, and Kelly Kelly currently sits on the outside looking in at 30 points, a win here would put her in the top five, with a three way tie, and only two more can advance, it could be clustered up in that top 5

    King: And Kelly really needs this win, she will put herself in contention for one of these five spots with a victory

    JR: But let’s not discount a victory for AJ here, a win here puts her in a with Kelly and with a match left for AJ she could potentially get in the top 5, should she lose here she will be under the red line of death

    King: The stakes are high right now

    JR: They certainly are…

    King: And AJ doesn’t look like she has a care in the world. How can she act like this when the stakes are high? If she loses she is eliminated from the competition!

    JR: That’s just who AJ is, she is not going the magnitude of the situation show, even though she may hide it

    King: Well I for one hope she loses

    King: She should be more like Kelly Kelly, look determined and know what is at stake

    JR: Kelly turned her back on these fans, and AJ doesn’t want to end up the same, she cares.

    King: And Kelly doesn’t? Look at the standings and tell me whose approach is better

    JR: Well everyone has their different styles and certainly these two contrasts, but only one will come out on top

    AJ vs. Kelly Kelly

    Watch from 1:30-4:30

    King: A spear from Kelly Kelly, can she cover?

    JR: Both women are down and aren’t moving

    Kelly begins to move towards the ropes and uses it to pull herself up, as AJ begins to get up. AJ finally gets up and Kelly runs and lays her out with a Thesz Press followed by multiple punches, and she even slams AJ’s head into the mat. AJ rolls her over and starts going crazy doing the same, Kelly pushes her off and rolls out of the ring as AJ looks mad. AJ goes out after Kelly but Kelly rolls in the ring, which AJ follows, and Kelly hits a dropkick. AJ gets up and Kelly rolls her up, cover…



    AJ kicks out and Kelly is frustrated with the ref. AJ backs into the corners, which causes Kelly to go over with a stink face. Kelly then turns and uses her foot to choke AJ against the rope. Ref counts 1…2…3…4… and Kelly releases the hold. Kelly backs up, then grabs AJ by the hair, and wrenches her in a headlock. She runs, and AJ pushes Kelly off and Kelly hits the mat hard. Kelly gets up and runs at AJ, who hits Kelly with a hurricanrana. Kelly gets back up right away, and AJ takes her down with an arm drag, and AJ keeps the hold locked into an armbar. Kelly gets up hits a few punches to the gut, this releases the hold. AJ then hits a spinning heel kick to the midsection of Kelly, runs against the ropes, but Kelly reverses with a diving crossbody. AJ gets to her knees

    JR: K2 from Kelly Kelly!

    King: Over and Kelly will move into the top 5!





    JR: And Kelly Kelly gains 15 points and now moves into a tie with three other divas for the last two spots.

    King: And this will put AJ below the red line of death, she has one more match left but best she can do is play spoiler

    JR: Well we do have one more Road to Triumph match later tonight where Maryse will attempt to play spoiler to Kaitlyn’s chances.

    King: I really hope Maryse can pull out a win, I feel bad for her

    JR: She has struggled, but it is an opportunity for Kaitlyn to keep herself alive in the tournament, if she loses she is eliminated along with Maryse. And it appears now as though Kelly is about to speak.

    Kelly Kelly stands up, as the ref raises her hand into the air. She pulls away, and climbs out of the ring. She heads over to the announce table where she grabs a microphone, and a steel chair before climbing back into the ring. She walks over to AJ, snearing, as she unfolds the chair, and places it over top of AJ, pinning her to the ring mat. Kelly sits in the chair, backwards, with her feet through the back, as she looks into the camera, raising a microphone.

    Kelly: For 2 weeks now since King of the Ring, I've sat in silence. I haven't been on facebook, I haven't been on twitter. At house shows, I've came out, had my match, and left, without saying a word, without signing an autograph. I've sat silently, and watched, and do you know what I've had to witness? Total and utter garbage. Total and utter garbage on Raw, and total and utter garbage Nitro. Now what is this garbage you might ask? Every other diva under the sun. The likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Paige, Nattie, or Maria. You see, I don't call myself the queen diva because I'm a drama queen, or because I think I'm better than the other girls here. No...I call myself the queen diva because I KNOW I am better than these diva's.

    There is a mix of a King of the Ring chant, and a bullshit chant going on.

    Kelly: Oh shut up each and every single one of you! I'm sick of listening to any of you talk! You cheer horrible diva's like AJ, and yet you fail to realize the true gems you have like myself. Now, as I was saying. I know I am better than these other diva's. What occurred at King of the Ring, was what many might consider a miracle, some might consider fate, and I consider Trish getting lucky. The fact of the matter is, if we stepped into the ring again, the results would be much different. Though, they would be similar to something Trish is all too familiar with...being on her back.

    The fans oohh, as Kelly just glares.

    Kelly: I'm tired of playing nice. I'm tired of coming close to that line and not crossing it. People consider me a bitch, well I'll give them a super bitch. No more Ms Nice Kelly Kelly. This tournament is far from over, and when the dust settles, and the smoke clears, only 1 diva will be standing tall as the champion...and you're looking at her. Oh...and if anyone gets in my'll suffer the same fate as AJ.

    Kelly gets off the chair, folding it back up. She stands, waiting, as AJ slowly gets to her feet.


    Kelly Kelly smashes AJ face first with the chair, dropping her, as Kelly drops the chair to the ground, and raises the mic again.

    Kelly: They will have their pretty little faces smashed to pieces. There will be only 1...only 1 beauty queen...only one queen diva...only one Women's Champion....and you're looking at her.

    Kelly drops the mic, as her music blares.

    JR: I can't really react to what I just saw, frankly that was ugly and I don't kow what has gotten into Kelly but she needs help

    King: She is just focused. She takes shit from no one, and that is why she will be one of the top 5 at the end of this tournament.

    JR: Say what you wany but I don't think I can classify that as being focused, it was sick. That is another human being, another diva, another competitor. I'm all for competition, but beating down the competition is just sick.

    We go backstage where Black is seen walking down the corridor looking to find and approach Rhodes, he finds him near his locker room with the US Championship on his shoulder.

    Black: Well, well...there you are.

    Rhodes looks towards Black.

    Black: I haven't heard from you since the attack last week from The UK. I had no quarrel with The UK but now, they've pissed me off to no end.

    I can only imagine how you are, having been through the worst of it, by being Brogue Kicked repeatedly, but tonight it's me facing Sheamus and a shot at you US Championship is on the line.

    I know we are "partners" in this fight against them but you and I both know, if I can get a shot at the gold against you, I'll take it. That being said, last week I had your back in that tag match and we won, so obviously there's potential to work well together to stop The UK.

    However, the numbers game favor The UK tonight and I know they'll be looking for some way to sneak a win past us, so can I count on you to watch my back?

    Rhodes looks at Black directly

    Rhodes: You can.

    Black nods while adjusting his wrist tape

    Black: Good, now I can kick Sheamus' ass tonight and at The Great American Bash, we can put on a match that's actually worthwhile. While The UK realizes the error of their ways in having picked a fight with you and I, the future of the WWE.

    Black walks away as Rhodes looks on clutching his championship in his hands.

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    JR: Looks like it's time for our next match! Here comes Ted DiBiase, who appears to be coming out alone this week.

    King: Makes for a change, maybe now we'll see his fossil of a dad let his son have a little exposure instead of hogging the limelight himself!

    JR: Out of interest, how old are you King?

    King: ...Shut up Ross..

    JR: And making his debut, Damien Sandow! He's been making a habit of riling Hulk Hogan as of late.

    King: Another fossil who should stay out of the ring, I hope Sandow takes him to school!

    JR: Either way, i'm looking forward to this debut, Damien Sandow was trained by the legendary Killer Kowalski.

    King: So we should expect a lot of aggression, and a lot of brutality!

    Damien Sandow vs Ted DiBiase Jr/Daniel Bryan

    (4:12 - 7:14)

    Sandow brushes off the referee and heads straight back for DiBiase but is cut off by a right fist to the gut! Sandow backs off but heads in again but DiBiase scouts once more and delivers an uppercut, rising to his feet and backing the stunned Sandow to the ropes. Sandow is whipped across the ring and rebounds fast into a big shoulder block but he bounces back up! He runs at DiBiase and is taken down by another shoulder block and then a huge dropkick as he bounces up a second time. Sandow stays down and DiBiase plays for the crowd who rally behind him!

    JR: DiBiase is right back in this match and looking to put this away as he stalks Sandow!

    King: Looks like he's gonna try to send Sandow to Dream Street!

    Sandow staggers up to his feet and DiBiase grabs him from behind, wrapping an arm around Sandows jaw looking for Dream Street!

    JR: Here it comes! Wait, no! Sandow battles out with a mule kick to the knee!

    DiBiase drops down to one knee after the kick and Sandow kicks him hard in the face! DiBiase lies flat on the canvas as Sandow stands over him, looking down in disdain before nailing a Cubito Aequet (Elbow of Disdain.. you ignoramous!), he goes for the pin!



    DiBiase kicks out at two and Sandow pummels him around the head for his troubles before standing up and yelling 'You're Welcome!!' to the fans who break out into a chorus of boos. DiBiase pulls himself up using the nearby ropes and Sandow gets back to business, thumping his opponent on the back before hooking the leg for a russian legsweep. He drags DiBiase up again and hooks an arm over DiBiase's head and holds him there as he drives both knees repeatedly into his skull! DiBiase looks out on his feet and Sandow looks about ready to end it right here right now! He grabs DiBiase by the the wrists, and in a twisting motion wraps them around his neck for a big Terminus! Followed by the pin!

    JR: Neckbreaker! I believe Sandow calls that the Terminus!

    King: This one's over, DiBiase can't buy his way out of this loss!




    JR: A very impressive Damien Sandow picks up the victory on debut! Ted DiBiase put up a valiant fight but in the end couldn't cope with the aggression of his opponent.

    King: Wow! Intellectuals in my day ended up with their heads in a toilet!

    JR: I suggest you don't try anything like that with Mr Sandow.

    King: Not on your life JR, Sandow was a brutal as he was smart in the match!

    Sandow: Look at this! Look at him! Do you see what trash is? This rifraft right here represents all of you lost and uneducated souls out there. You all listen to his interweb show, and hang with him like common street thugs before a match on the back of his pickup truck. This many should not be a leader to a possy, if anything he should be a leader to the idiotic!

    Sandow spits down on Dibiase, before kicking him out of the ring.

    Now, pay close attention, for not only will I be your savior today, I will also be your teacher! Watch the screen!

    The tron shows and image of Rey Mysterio.

    Sandow: This is an illegal immigrant. They steal the jobs from true americans. They cross borders illegally, have millions upon millions of children, and live off of welfare. They are the reason people like you have to work each and every day to support them. They are what’s soaking the life out of the economical system in the United States!

    The tron now shows an image of Sheamus.

    Sandow: This hooligan portrays a bad image of how to live your life. Drink, fight, drink, and sleep. What kind of life is that for one to live? A man who is going nowhere! That is precisely where Sheamus is going in the United Kingdom, and that is where each and every single one of you will go if you choose to follow his lifestyle.

    The tron now shows an image of John Cena

    Sandow: This man, is just as bad as the man whose mouth I slapped the taste out of last week. He portrays that he is above super human ability. Do not be fools Neanderthals. This man will bleed, his bones will break, and he will one day die!

    The fans are booing!

    Sandow: Speaking of dying…

    The next image comes up, and we see an image of Hulk Hogan. This goes off to huge cheers from fans.

    Sandow: Will you all close those holes you call mouths? Thank you! Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by the likes of all of you….dying…that is what Hulk Hogan is. He is a dying man, a dying breed, and a dying idea. He…


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    *Hulk Hogan's music hits to and gets a loud pop from the crowd. As Hogan enters the ring, the crowds starts chanting... HOGAN, HOGAN, HOGAN!*

    Hulk Hogan: Listen up brother! You need to realize one thing Damien, you are here today, but by the end of the year, nobody will even remember who the hell Damien Sandow was. You will be just another one hit wonder in this business dude. You don't seem to get it, I've been in this business before you were even conceived in the back seat of your daddy's beat up car. I, along with other greats, have paved the way for you and the rest of the talent in the back. You call me a dying breed? I've lasted and I'm still here, as for you little dude, you will be gone before you even know it, or they will change your gimmick and make you into someone you are not. Sandow... you want my attention, you got it, but you better be prepared to suffer the consequences of Hulkamania brother.

    *crowd cheers*

    Hulk Hogan: Sandow, you want the Hulkster... I hope you're prepared for the requests you make. You see Damien, I have lost count on how many have called me out but couldn't finish the job brother. So many have tried to kill Hulkamania and they always came out short. You can't kill Hulkamania Sandow. Even when the dude upstairs wipes me off the face of this earth, Hulkamania will continue to live on in each and everyone of the people here in attendance and those watching at home brother. So you see Sandow, you're not only going against me little dude, you are going up against the biggest force that this company has ever seen. You are going up against brothers and sisters united... you're going up against Hulkamania. By the time I'm finished with you Damien, I will make you into a neanderthal, non-existent!

    Sandow: look, look at this! This is a homohabilis standing in the ring. For those of you who are scratching your heads right now, I am referring to Hogan being ancient, you imbeciles. Hogan, you walk out to this ring, you act as if you are back int he 1980's when you were relevant. These fans cheer you, for they don't know the truth. The truth is that you are past your prime. The truth is that there are people here like myself, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and countless others who have worked to get where we are, only for you to come in and try to steal the spotlight. Well you good sir, are mistaken!

    The fans are booing Sandow, as he just keeps going.

    Sandow: Please, will you all close your mouths so I may speak. Thank you!

    The fans are chanting you suck over and over.

    Sandow: No, I am not a vacuum, but this good man here is. He sucks the attention of each and every single one of you when he comes out. Stop being so blind! Stop being mislead! This man is not worth your attention! You all should be focusing on someone like your intellectual savior. For you see, the longer you follow blindly the lead of someone like Hogan, who glorifies reality tv, drugs, senior citizens driving, and anything else that is wrong with this world, you will be like the sheep being lead to the slaughter. I...

    *Hogan takes Sandow's mic away from his hands and throws it out of the ring*

    Hulk Hogan: Sandow, do us all a favor and SHUT THE HELL UP! You just made the worst mistake of your life Sandow! The intellectual savior just awoke the sleeping giant and this giant is going to kick your intellectual ass all over this place brother.

    *crowd cheers and chant Kick His Ass!*

    Hulk Hogan: Can you hear that Sandow? All my little Hulkamaniacs want to see me kick your ass brother. Honestly little dude, talk is cheap, it's time for some action. You want the Hulkster, you got him brother. Me and my army will come after you Sandow and when we finally meet, you will feel the energy and the power of Hulkamania. You just made the biggest mistake of your life. For someone who thinks that he's so smart, you just made the dumbest decision by pissing me off. So tell me Sandow, whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you!!!!

    Sandow glares at Hogan, as he goes to slap Hogan!

    JR: He blocks it! Hogan blocks the slap!

    Hogan pulls back, and drops Sandow with a huge punch! Sandow immediately rolls out of the ring, as Hogan begins to pose in the ring.

    JR: Well Sandow tried to pull off the slap twice but Hogan rejected it this time, he saw it coming. Sandow is jumping into deep waters trying to match up to Hogan.

    King: But he can talk circles around Hogan not only that, but as you just saw Sandow could outwrestle Hogan any day. Hogan is old now he doesn’t have his touch anymore; the new athletic Sandow is a man to watch.

    JR: Well we shall see how Sandow stacks up to Hogan but I’ve got some breaking news right now! Per order of Teddy Long, Kane will address his recent attacks on Batista, live in ring!

    King: I don’t know about you, but I might not stay around for that.

    JR: Well hopefully he just speaks or we could all be in danger

    King: Are you crazy? You are in danger anytime Kane is in the ring, he is a freak, a demon, he can’t control himself. He likes to inflict punishment

    JR: Well I’ll take my chances out here, with or without you.

    King: Well good luck.

    JR: Up next a Road to Triumph match! Stay tuned!


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    JR: Well we got big news before the break now onto our second Road to Triumph match, and with the schedule winding down, and the opportunity to earn points diminishing with every match the stakes get higher, and none more than now. Kaitlyn will take on Maryse

    King: With Maryse eliminated and below the red line of death, she has the potential to take Kaitlyn with her, should Kaitlyn lose she too will be eliminated

    JR: And you may wonder with the red line of death right under Eve, and if Kaitlyn loses, the red line moves above her, but it doesn’t eliminate everybody under it, it is due to schedule.

    King: That’s right, with a loss the red line of death jumps but doesn’t eliminate Eve or Maria, both of whom have shots to make up those points, so this is a critical match for Kaitlyn

    JR: And she is aware of it, she is focused and determined to win

    King: Well let’s not discount Maryse, if she is going down she is going to take someone with her, and Kaitlyn happens to be in her way

    JR: And you can tell that's her goal, just look, she is calm and confident, and knows she can ruin Kaitlyn’s hopes

    King: Well I for one hope Maryse picks up a win; I don’t want to see her go scoreless

    JR: Well this match has huge implications on the Tournament; let’s see if Kaitlyn can stay alive

    Kaitlyn vs. Maryse

    Watch from 1:30-4:04

    JR: And Kaitlyn kicks out!

    King: She is in a bad position though, Maryse is in control.

    Maryse complains to the ref about the count, and Kaitlyn is up to a knee. Maryse turns, grabs Kaitlyn by the hair, and slams her head to the ground. Maryse then locks in a camel clutch, and Kaitlyn is reaching for the ropes.

    JR: Maryse has the hold locked in tight, if Kaitlyn doesn’t get to the ropes soon she may have to tap out.

    King: Well she needs to reach the ropes but she is starting to fade.

    Kaitlyn begins to fade as Maryse yanks up the pressure, and Kaitlyn’s body falls limp. The ref lifts up the arm of Kaitlyn once, it falls, the ref lifts her arm up once more, and it falls again, he lifts I up a third time

    JR: Kaitlyn stays alive! She was able to keep her arm from hitting the mat! Now she is moving with great force towards the ropes!

    Maryse is losing her grip and pressure on the hold as Kaitlyn inches closer towards the ropes. Kaitlyn lunges and is able to grabs the ropes and the ref counts 1…2…3…4… and Maryse lets go. Maryse backs up for a second before hitting a baseball slide kick to Kaitlyn on the apron and knocks her out of the ring. Maryse then goes out after her, and goes to pick Kaitlyn up, but Kaitlyn drives Maryse into the side of the apron, she then rolls Maryse into the ring, into a cover…



    And Maryse kicks out, but Kaitlyn comes back with a quick leg drop, and Maryse rolls. Kaitlyn waits for Maryse to get up, and when she does Kaitlyn hits a running shoulder block, followed by another, followed by a sidewalk slam. Kaitlyn gets up and then looks to the top rope. Kaitlyn climbs and waits for Maryse. Maryse gets up

    JR: Dropki- No Maryse moved and Kaitlyn crashes to the mat hard!

    Kaitlyn hits the mat hard, and Maryse grabs her by the hair

    King: French Kiss, it’s over!





    JR: Maryse wins, and even though she is eliminated she picks up 15 points and eliminates Kaitlyn in the process as now that red line of death rises, but Eve and Maria are still capable of gaining enough points to get in

    King: I told you Maryse would bring someone down with her!

    JR: Well the picture for this tournament begins to become clearer with every passing day. Stay tuned to these final weeks as The Great American Bash will see the top 5 divas in this tournament in a match with the top 2 moving on to Summerslam. Still plenty of points to go around, and eight divas in the mix for five spots.

    *The lights go out in the arena for about a minute- when they come back on Raven is in the middle of the ring with a mic in his hand and a flat screen TV has been lowered to the ring..*

    Raven: Sting! The Icon! The Legend! The Fraud! Yes Sting, you are a fraud, a sellout, As I had stated before, you had a great start in this sport, you had a great teacher in Eddie Gilbert. Yes, you and your partner Jim were rough around the edges, but Eddie saw something in your eyes that nobody else say. Hunger. The will to win, the will to get down and dirty
    *Raven points to the TV screen * Want proof? Take a look at this video- You and Jim actually holding your own with the likes of Ted Dibiase and Dr Death Steve Williams

    *talking over the video * Look at that potential. Look at the power. With Eddie's brain and yours and Jims power- you all could have ruled the old UWF. But no, you both wanted that instant stardom. You both turned your backs on Eddie, you both pandered to the fans, you both became company men. Yes men, you were handed everything on a silver platter, you both became marketing phenoms and had your faces plastered on any kind of cheap shit that the fans bought up like mindless sheep..That makes me fucking sick, embarrassed that you and Jim are in the same sport that I have spilled my blood for time and time again

    *The video of the match has stopped by now*

    Raven: Now Sting, this next video is just for you. It’s just a taste of what is coming your way

    *Another video pops up on the screen*

    A man with long hair, covered in blood is chained to a wall. You can’t see his face, but he is moaning in pain. Raven enters the scene and picks up a razor. He walks up to the man and runs the razor down one arm, then the other. Raven then starts carving something on the mans chest- it reads- The Flock. The man is bleeding pretty bad by now and is in extreme agony. Raven then throws the razor on the floor. He then walks over to a table and picks up a small container that is labeled SALT. Raven rips the top off of it and pours all the salt over the mans open cuts. The man is now screaming at the top of his lungs but Raven doesn’t stop, he walks back to the table a picks up a pair of pliers the proceeds to remove all the fingernails from the mans fingers. The man by now has passed out. Raven throws the pliers down on the floor then walks over to the table yet again and grabs a pair of scissors. Raven walks back to the unconscious man and starts cutting all his hair off, the cutting marks into his scalp. Raven lifts the mans head up and although his face is cover in blood now- the man looks familiar, in fact, you can see some familiar makeup under some of the blood. Raven the starts slapping the man to wake him up, finally after a minute he finally comes to. Raven then walks back to the table and picks up a roll of barbwire and walks back to the man but the video fades to black with the sound of screaming fading too

    Raven: Sting. You recognize your friend? You see the pain his is suffering? Its all on you. He, like you, has overstayed your welcome in this sport. He thought he would hang on to fame just a wee bit long. Just as you have- yet you are doing it under the guise of a savior, a man of justice. Yet its all a façade. It’s a gimmick thought up by creative to squeeze every bit of usefulness out of your broken body so their ratings are higher. And you so crave the limelight, you just go along with it all. Its sad. So Sting, let me end it for you. Let me break your soul just as I have for your friend Jim. Let me rid the world of the man known as Sting

    *Raven drops the mic to the mat then walks over to the corner and leans against to rope waiting to see if Sting comes out*

    JR: Raven is one creepy man. He is sick and twisted, but he might regret trying to get involved with Sting. Sting is a man of few words, but a man of great action; it will only be a matter of time before Sting makes his move

    King: He might not want to, after what I’ve seen from Kane, he and Raven might be best buddies, I’m thinking Raven might even be scarier; thank god he wasn’t out here

    JR: Well guess what, Kane will be, up next!

    King: And that’s my cue to leave, I don’t want to be out here when Kane snaps.

    JR: You really want to go back there where Raven just went?

    King: You’re right; I think I’ll take my chances out here

    JR: Up next we hear from Kane, but that’s not all folks later in the evening we expect WWE Champion Chris Jericho and challenger Austin Aries, to face off for the first time since Aries won the King of the Ring tournament and won the right to face Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship at The Great American Bash!

    King: Will you stop calling him by that! He is King Aries to you and the rest of the WWE. Similar to how you call me King, he is also a King

    JR: That’s a good point…why do I call you King? You aren’t the King of the Ring.

    King: That’s not what I meant! That’s my nickname, its totally different

    JR: Whatever you say Jerry.

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    *The arena goes pitch black. The whole place is dark with no sign of anything just the fans's flash photography. After a minute the ramp explodes with fire. As soon as the fire explosion cools an image can be seen in the titantron. It seems to be just a picture

    Kane: People have wonder why I have done what I have done to Batista. Really? Have people really gone to this naive level of stupidity? Isn't it obvious? Batista has enter my playground. My battle-zone. He has chosen his own faith. However, people will wonder why Batista has become my victim and not someone else. It's simple I have been waiting and stalking my time for the right soul to come around. You see Batista has said to be an animal, a beast, a MONSTER! Yet, I have never been able to figure out why so many call him a monster. What has he done to be called that? Just cause his strong, or is it because he beats people up?

    *A picture is shown of Batista.*

    Kane: That man you see there might look tough, but he ain't. He has shown that he indeed has a soft spot. When in fact a monster like myself doesn't have any sort of sympathy for no one. I have shown that many times in the past. I have buried my own brother alive and even laughed about it.

    *A shot of one of the buried alive match is shown.*

    Kane: If that ain't enough. I have truly shown that I am a real life breathing monster cause I have put nightmares on many people.

    Kane: Now, tell me why I should be afraid of Dave. He doesn't deserve to be in my playground. So, I have been doing him a favor by sending him a message to retreat. Live to fight another day. Yet he won't listen, so I will have to destroy him myself. Hahahahahah....... I will enjoy every second of it. I will play with his bones that remain from him. Actually, I will have Dave Batista burn.......... Welcome to Hell Dave! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    *Then an explosion of fire sets off again, in the ring.*

    JR: Bah Gawd I didn't think it was possible.. but I think Kane maybe more demented then ever!

    King: I agree Ross, Kane is unstable.. he shouldn't be allowed near this company again and what about Batista? What's Kane done with him?.

    JR: No idea King.. I think we have more questions than answers but one things for sure, the monster Kane is back and he's not going anywhere anytime soon!

    King: But what now for Kane? Will he set his sights on someone else? It really is a scary prospect knowing that Kane could be ready to strike once again.

    JR: I agree King! Well folks we can't stop the show and were moving right on with a tag team match and it will be the debut of the Kings of Wrestling!

    King: Well when you call yourself's the Kings of anything you better be able to back it up.. everyone knows there's only one King in the WWE Universe.

    JR: I tell you what King, this is going a hell of a match! These are two of the more talented tag teams that the WWE has ever had.

    King: My money is on Beer Money, I can’t wait for the after party… oh by the way JR, you’re not invited, just like you’re never invited to Dibiase’s Posse Parties.

    JR: What the hell are you talking about King?

    Kings of Wrestling (Crimson/Morgan) vs. Beer Money

    Watch video till 3:05

    JR: What a match! Beer Money is cleaning house right now.

    King: Yes… Beer Money has this one in the bag! My money is on them. This will make the after party so much fun.

    JR: Damn it King, call the match will ya. We have a slobberknocker on our hands and you're still on the after party.

    And here comes Hero with a huge double clothesline. Roode and Storm are down, but Castagnoli is still at ringside and hasn’t gotten up. Hero is hammering on Storm and then turns to Roode and unleashes on him as well. Hero turns around and….. LAST CALL from Storm. All four men are down.

    King: Cover him James. This is over.

    JR: That took every ounce of strength from James Storm, he might not have enough gas to make the pin King.

    James Storms claws his way to Chris Hero and drops his arm on top of Hero’s chest for the pin.



    Thr…. NO! Castagnoli pulls Storm off of Chris Hero. This is not over. Bobby Roode starts kicking Castagnoli in the back of the head. James Storm gets up and both men begin unleashing on Castagnoli. Castagnoli fights back but makes no impact on this 2 on 1 attack. Roode picks up Claudio and holds him from behind and James Storm is signaling for the LAST CALL again….and here he goes…. CASTAGNOLI escapes from the hold and Storms connects the Last Call on Bobby Roode that sends him flying out of the ring and Claudio runs to Storm and connects with a powerful clothesline. The crowd is on their feet.

    King: No, this can’t be happening.

    JR: It’s happening alright! What is Castagnoli signaling to Hero? Oh my gawd… this is going to hurt King.

    Castagnoli holds James Storm from his feet and starts swinging him around… here comes Chris Hero with a running drop kick… THE HELICOPTER CRASH! Castagnoli covers…



    JR: The Kings of Wrestling win!!!

    Claudio walks over to the ropes and ask for and receives two mics- he keeps one, then tosses one to his partner Chris Hero

    Claudio: As all you lazy swine out there just witnessed- Chris and I easily defeated a team that personifies the people of America. You are all about the easy money, you all want money just handed to you without putting any effort out to deserve it. And with that money- you just sit on your fat asses and drink your beer and watch your TV.

    Your weak American beer. You fat bastards couldn't handle the real stuff we drink in Europe- none of you- except Chris of course.

    Some fans start to chant "Fuck You Claudio! Fuck You Claudio!"

    Claudio: Ficken Sie Alles! As I was stating- what you just witnessed was greatness. Chris and I, pound for pound, are the greatest wrestlers on the face of this Earth. Either one of us could easily win a World title. As great as we are alone- together we are unstoppable- WE ARE KINGS!

    From Ring of Honor to Japan and Mexico- we have won each and every title against teams 1000 times better than the teams here. The only team that was here that put up any kind of challenge was Sheldon Benjiman and Charlie Hass- but word of us coming seems to have scared them away just as they ran away in ROH and Japan.

    Soon though, pathetic teams like Prime Time Players and All Amerikan Perfection will feel our wrath and those tag team belts will be around the rightful team- The Kings of Wrestling!

    Hero looks on to his partner

    Hero: Now, now....Claudio. We can't be so mean and tell these people so many truths all at the same time.

    Fans cheer Chris' attempt to correct Claudio

    Hero: They are the way they are....pathetic.

    Fans immediately boo Hero for his snide comment

    Hero: So are the tag teams in the WWE. I mean, talk about lack luster competition. The few teams that actually make this company even worth being here are like Claudio said include Benjamin and Haas but even they've been phased out into non-existence in the tag team scene here in the WWE. Why? Because you've all made it so.

    Fans jeer Hero and chant "Screw the Kings"

    Hero: Screw the Kings? No, no...screw you because it is through us that tag team will matter again, it is because of the Kings that you will all learn what true tag team wrestling is like. The Kings will always reign supreme and our reign as the WWE Tag Team Champions will be one of legend because we will not let you imbeciles befall your mannerisms on to us.

    We are and will always be better than any of you and any of the teams here and for that matter any team in the world simply because We are The Kings of Wrestling. We will rule with an iron fist and you will all see the error of your ways. Soon you shall bow down before royalty like the peasants you are....'s going to be the best experience of your pathetic lives, so to quote a Mr. Damien Sandow in the're welcome.

    Hero: Screw the Kings? No, no...screw you because it is through us that tag team will matter again, it is because of the Kings that you will all learn what true tag team wrestling is like. The Kings will always reign supreme and our reign as the WWE Tag Team Champions will be one of legend because we will not let you imbeciles befall your mannerisms on to us.

    We are and will always be better than any of you and any of the teams here and for that matter any team in the world simply because We are The Kings of Wrestling. We will rule with an iron fist and you will all see the error of your ways. Soon you shall bow down before royalty like the peasants you are....
    *smirks*'s going to be the best experience of your pathetic lives, so to quote a Mr. Damien Sandow in the're welcome.

    The Kings exit the ring to an array of boos
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    *As the Kings pick up the win, the camera heads backstage where All American Perfection and the Prime Time Playa's can be seen in a locker room watching the live action at ringside*

    Dolph: So that was mean't to be impressive? beating a team who were most likely drunk out there! Well it didn't impress me and I don't care who they beat in Japan, Mexico or who they beat in that Indy promotion.. this is the major leagues!

    *Vickie claps while agreeing with Dolph*

    Dolph: Around here! Me and Swagger are the Kings of tag team Wrestling!

    *Vickie & Swagger again nod in agreement as the PTP's shake there head in disagreement*

    Dolph: Look, we can't agree on who's the best tag team in this division.. even though it's obvious that it's me and Swagger as we are the tag team champions! but one thing we can agree on.. these guys have been allowed to walk into our company and strut there stuff like there something special.. Well it's not on! We earned the spots we currently have, we all worked our way from the bottom in this company and for what? too have these guys beat a couple of bums over at Ring of Honor then they come here and act like they deserve to be champions?! Not going to happen!

    Do you agree?
    *All American Perfection stare at the Prime Time Playa's who are nodding in agreement* Good.. Tell them Swagger!

    Jack Swagger: First off, lets get a couple things straight. These titles
    *Swagger raises the Championship* mean that we are the best tag team currently in the WWE, and nobody can dispute that. Second, not only have we beaten the supposed World's Greatest Tag Team, and the Prime Time Players, but it will only be a matter of time before we beat the supposed Kings of Wrestling. Now we all know these nicknames mean nothing, because if they did, none of you would have a tag team name, but lets face it, if you want to really prove you are the Prime Time Players, you're going to have to beat All American Perfection, and in order to even face us means you have to be the number one contender's to the tag team titles, and as of right now...

    *Swagger looks at the television monitor where the Kings of Wrestling are still celebrating in the back*

    Swagger: I would say you're not close. Now we both know those Indy nobodies belong no where near these titles, however, if they are making an impact, management will see that. So what are yo going to do about it? Are you going to let these ROH boys come in, only to be victims to All American Perfection? Or, are you going to do something about it, and try and prove you are actually prime time players?

    *Before Swagger can open his mouth again, A.W. swiftly prods his arm in front of Jack's face which somewhat startles him and prevents him from starting his sentence. Jack turns around to face A.W. in both disbelief and irritation but A.W. seems immune to his death glare as he rolls it off his back by talking in his place.*


    "Naw, naw, naw. Forget that jazz. I've got a lot on my brain and I'll be damned if Red, White and Boring over here puts me to sleep and keeps me from doing it so shut it, Sthwagger. It's the Primetime Players time to chew out these so called Kings. Sit back and keep your mouth closed."

    *Instead of objecting, Swagger merely acquiesces but not without silent objection in the form of glaring.*

    "Now then, yeah, I'll agree with you on one thing, there ain't no way in hell we're gonna let these fools come up and take our spots at the top with their dumbass King shtick. They ain't ready for the prime time like we all are and they think that they can beat a couple of bums like Storm and Roode and prance around with their "Kings of Wresting" B.S like they just accomplished something.? Bitch, please. That ain't even original, first of all. How many self absorbed, delusional people have called themselves the kings iof their profession? The list is longer than Great Wall of China and I'll tell you right now, they ain't a world wonder. In fact, the only thing I wonder about them is how Claudine...or should I say, Claudio, hasn't been confused with Mr. Clean with that shiny ass bald head of his."

    *Young and O'Neil begin to snicker.*

    "And what's with his five languages? I'll tell you right now, whenever he opens his mouth, I start yawning in five different languages, you know what I'm talking about?!"

    *A.W. gets enjoyment out of his own quip and starts laughing along for a little bit before he continues disparaging the Kings of Wrestling.*

    "Ahahaha! And Chris Hero? C'mon. If he's such a hero, why doesn't he save us from having to listen to him drone on and on about his indy escapades like we give a damn? Cause I know I don't!"

    *All of the Primetime Players are in an uproar with A.W. slapping his knee and Darren Young wiping tears from his eyes while All American Perfectin looks on.*

    Dolph: Very good AW, You know if comedy won titles.. then maybe your boys would be finally in with a chance
    *Swagger and Vickie begin laughing* You wan't to prove you are better then them? then go and beat them next week.. We, us.. the tag team champions of the world and the best tag team in wrestling today will be watching!

    *The two tag teams stare at each other for a few seconds before the Prime Time Playa's walk away from the scene as the show moves on*
    *The camera comes back to the ringside where the crowd are excited for the next match up*

    JR: It's time for our next match up King and it's our first main event of the night! CM Punk vs John Cena!

    King: It's a huge match Ross! This could headline any ppv and it really does show how strong Raw is at the moment!

    JR: I agree partner! You know King.. John Cena has not been in the title picture since the re-brand of Raw Is War, if he was able to get the win over CM Punk tonight it really would show that Cena is one again ready to take the role of the Raw franchise player once again!

    King: Great! that's just what we all want to see Ross.. John Cena winning another title!
    *King pretends to fall asleep*

    JR: One also has to wonder King.. what state of mind will CM Punk be in? He was attacked at the end of Raw last week, the same almost happened at a house show over the weekend and with Punk addressing this masked man it's clearly on his mind.

    King: It can't be easy Ross.. But Punk is to blame!

    JR: Oh yeah? why's that?

    King: Well if you go around here calling yourself the best in the world and screaming it from the rooftops then you are going to get some people who dislike you, plus Punk has not been afraid of confrontation and I'm sure he has many enemies so it really could be anyone!

    JR: You make a fair point King! Cm Punk is a man of honor though.. a changed man some would say, he's admitted to his faults and like he said earlier, all he wants is the man to face him head on and both can settle it like men rather then these cowardly attacks.

    King: Well Punk is not calling the shots.. I have a feeling this is something personal and has been perhaps building for some time.

    JR: You could be right King, either way folks.. it should be a great match up tonight and we can only hope that it's not spoiled by any outside interference!

    *Punk comes out to a chorus of cheers, CM Punk then stands at the top of the stage before doing his trademark clobberin' time routine, with the routine done.. Punk then stands at the top of the stage looking around him for any sign of the masked man.. after a couple of glances, Punk then takes his first steps down the ramp and heads to the ring*

    King: We now no the answer Ross, The masked man has clearly got into the head of CM Punk and as much as I dislike Cena.. if he's on his game I can't see Punk winning this one!

    JR: I would never write of CM Punk King.. A man who's defied the odds and always gives it 100% out there, it would surprise me if Punk used this to his advantage and won tonight!

    *Punk now reaches the ring and the crowd continue cheering for him.. majority of the crowd are chanting "CM Punk" while a small section is chanting "Ring Of Honor" Punk nods towards the fans in appreciation before looking around once again in anticipation for the masked man*

    *Cena gets a huge pop from the crowd and explodes out from behind the curtain in energetic fashion, Cena stands at the top of the stage holding his chain high before running down to the ring*

    JR: The Doctor of Thuganomics is in the house!

    King: Man, this place is electric for these two right now!

    *Cena reaches the ring and stands raising his arms before throwing them together in signal of the word life.. he then glances over at Punk before both men nod at each other in respect as the crowd are seemingly split 50/50 with half cheering "CM Punk" and the other chanting "Lets go Cena"*

    JR: Well here we go folks! It's John Cena vs CM Punk!

    Stop at 9:20
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    JR: Punk made it to the ropes! the referee breaks the hold.

    King: How much effort and energy did that take though? it looked like Punk was going to tap to the STFU.

    *With the referee breaking the hold, Punk slides out of the ring underneath the ropes to catch his breath.. Cena in the meantime does the same thing in the ring, with Punk now on the outside leaning on the ring apron, Cena jumps to his feet and springs off the ropes sliding across the ring looking for the baseball slide.. Punk is quickly able to move out of the way and kicks Cena in the midsection before delivering a snapmare suplex on the to hard ringside mat*

    King: Cena's back just bounced of the floor with the force of that suplex!

    JR: Matches like this folks can turn on the throw of a dime and it's Punk now in control.

    *Punk is now on his feet as Cena is on his knees.. Punk then delivers vicious kicks to the midsection as the crowd count how many land.. before the 10th kick can land, Cena blocks it with his arm before firing a shot of his own to the midsection with a strong right hand.. Cena then grips hold of Punk and picks him up before driving him into the ring post and catching Punk with a big clothesline as he rebounds off..
    With Punk rolling around on the floor holding his back in agony, Cena picks him back up before attempting to throw him back in to the ring.. Punk though stops him self before hitting Cena with a side kicks which catches him in the gut, Punk then hits Cena with big forearm smashes to the back knocking Cena down to one knee before entering the ring and sliding back out which starts the ref's count once again, Punk then picks up John Cena and drops him midsection first on to the barricade..

    CM Punk then hops on to the side of the ring before raising his arms as the crowd cheer*

    JR: Cena is draped over the barricade folks, what's Punk looking for here?.

    *Punk then leaps of the ring apron and comes crashing down elbow first on to the back of Cena knocking him down of the apron.. Punk then after a few seconds, picks back up Cena and rolls him in to the ring and goes for the pin attempt*

    King: CM Punk with the pin! this could be it!



    JR: Kickout! Cena kicked out at two!

    *With Cena kicking out.. Punk now stands stalking him, he waits for Cena to get up and grabs him with a fireman's lift before attempting the...*

    JR: GTS! Punk looking for the Go Too Sleep!

    King: Cena reverses! Now Cena has Punk up!

    JR: Cena looking for the FU!

    *Cena looks like he's about to land the FU when Punk is able to land on his feet.. he then instinctively spins around and hits Cena in the temple with a round house kick which knocks Cena down and Punk falls down with exhaustion on top of him*



    JR: Cena kicked out! John Cena kicked out!

    King: Right at the last second.. I have no idea how Cena was able to kick out!

    *Punk now sits in the ring in total shock.. the crowd start cheering his name which seems to give him a lift and re-energizes him, Cm Punk now stands on his feet and once again stalks Cena*

    King: Look Ross! Over there!

    JR: Not again! Punk look out!

    *With CM Punk positioned to hit the GTS, the masked man jumps over the barricade and leaps on to the ring apron and starts screaming at Punk getting his attention.. When Punk turns around he notices the masked man and charges at him, the masked man jumps off in time though and when Punk turns around Cena is already up and without knowing takes advantage*

    JR: FU! FU! FU!

    King: That sneaky Cena just took advantage of the masked man's interference!

    JR: I'm not sure Cena had any idea of what was going on king.. Cena with the pin!




    JR: John Cena wins! John Cena has beaten CM Punk no thanks to this masked man!

    King: I don't think this masked man is done either Ross!

    *With Cena out of the ring celebrating his win he begins walking up the ramp, with Punk laid out in the middle of the ring the masked man begins to climb the ring apron as the crowd begin booing.. just when the masked man enters the ring and begins stalking Punk, Cean looks back and see's what's about to happen.. he then sprints down to a huge cheer from the crowd and chases off the masked man to another cheer from the crowd.. Cena then looks on as the masked man makes his way back through the crowd, John Cena then helps Punk back up to his feet as both men shake hands*

    JR: Great show of respect from both of these men and thank god Cena came down to help out.. god only knows what this masked man was planning next!

    King: Well he better get running because I'm hearing security is hot on his trail right now.

    *CM Punk then takes one more glance around the arena before leaving and heading to the back.. John Cena now stands in the middle of ring and seems ready to speak...*

    Cena: Yo, Yo Yo, It's been too long now, too, too long
    Punk, I proved you should stay at home, wearing your thong

    There may have been a masked man, but you still didn't win
    But with this defeat, you throw your title hopes in a bin

    Whether it's Austin or Chris, I don't care
    I've been without a title too long, it's been a nightmare

    The WWE Championship, will sopon be over my shoulder
    I will have one of you one on one, as your feet'll be getting colder

    Chris you don't get it - I'm your wrestling curse
    You're genitalia Chris, is with your wife with her purse

    I made you leave WWE the first time, before you kept coming and leaving
    With you holding that title, well you are just thieving.

    And what about Austin - a 0 time title holder
    Honor don't count, and I'll block your path like a boulder

    No way you win the title, without me getting it firs'
    And I'll win that title, even if it means someone leaves in a hearse!

    Backstage we see William Regal, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus speaking.

    Regal: Sheamus, my dear boy. I would say good luck tonight, but everyone knows you do not need luck to beat Mr. Black. You are the all mighty Great White, and that cretin will be no match for someone at your level of brilliance. You have the brains, and you have the brawns, and you have the United Kingdom!

    Drew McIntyre: Aye, he's right. Sheamus, Rhodes and Black may have a bit of a partnership forming,, but I can tell you from experience that it will soon implode, trust me. Cody doesn't have the ability to keep a partner longer than a couple o' weeks. Plus if he could, he may have had a shot to actually have you as a partner Sheamus.

    *All three men stare at each other before they all laugh.*

    McIntyre: No but seriously, you don't need luck to beat those two, regardless of whats going on between them, and we all know they can not take on the might of the United Kingdom. You alone could fight both of those peasants and win, but Mister Regal and I have your backs if you ever need it, trust me, my name is not Cody Rhodes.

    Sheamus: Don't you fellas worry. Tonight, I will beat Black. I will beat Black so badly he will enjoy his early retirement, and then once I beat Black, I will pin him in the center of that ring for the one, two, three! I truly hope Cody watches this match because he will suffer the same fate at the Great American Bash. How ironic, the United States championship will change hands, and will be held by an Irishman at a payperview with "American" in the name ... The United Kingdom will rule the WWE soon enough, fellas ... You can bet on it.

    Sheamus turns and sees the cameraman in the doorway, so he moves the door a bit, and then Brogue kicks the door shut, right into the cameraman, cutting the feed.

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    JR: It's main event time folks and what a main event we have in store for you guys! it's the Celtic Warrior Sheamus vs who many believe is the future of this company in Tyler Black!

    King: Now that's big Ross! And to make it even more special.. the winner will be declared the new number one contender to Cody Rhode's United States title!

    JR: Really should be a great match Ross.. I can't help but wonder, a part of Rhodes must be hoping Sheamus wins tonight just so he can get some revenge on the Irishman Sheamus!

    King: That's a good point Ross, Black has a chance for redemption though.. he lost in the final of the King of the Ring and he knows another loss today could be disaster for his young career.

    JR: I'm not sure about that king.. Black has time on his side and he will be involved with major titles in the future I have no doubt about that.. Plus like Rhodes, I'm sure Black would like nothing more then to get his hands on Sheamus too!

    King: Lets see if he still feels the same when Sheamus gives him the Brogue Kick!

    *Tyler Black steps out from the curtain to a mixed response from the crowd, Black stands at the top pf the stage looking out towards the fans before heading to the ring with a sheer look of focus and determination across his face*

    *The crowd instantly boo and jeer at the sound of Sheamus's theme music, Sheamus comes through the curtain and to the shock of the crowd he's come alone, the great white stands at the top of the stage with a smirk across his face and he stares at the crowd before heading to the ring..

    Sheamus reaches the ring and enters, he's instantly greeted with a face to face from Black, with the feeling that this fight could explode into live any second the referee get's in between the two and breaks them apart before calling for the bell and the match starts*

    Sheamus vs Black (Rhodes)

    Start at 2:00 stop at 7:21

    JR: Black is taking this fight to Sheamus! I have to admit King, I didn't expect to see Black come out here as the more aggressive fighter like we have been watching.

    King: I agree Ross! It's like you said though.. he's been looking forward to getting his hands on Sheamus too after last weeks actions of the United Kingdom!

    *With Sheamus on the ring apron, Black continues delivering shot after shot to the chest and forehead of Sheamus, Black seemingly letting out all his frustrations as the crowd cheer his name.. Tyler Black then jumps on to the side of the ring before leaping into the air and coming crashing down with a big leg drop which lands on the throat of Sheamus and knocks him fully out of the ring as the crowd again cheer*

    JR: I don't know who's enjoying this more.. Black! the crowd or Rhodes watching backstage, Black is beating down Sheamus with everything he has, Sheamus is in a world of trouble right now!

    King: That he is Ross, All Sheamus needs is a momentum change though.. then Black will be sorry!

    *Black then continues stomping on Sheamus before leaping on to the ring apron once more, he waits for Sheamus to get back to his feet before jumping off and catching Sheamus with the double axe handle knocking down the Celtic Warrior once more.. Black then lifts the dead weight of Sheamus and rolls him in to the ring and goes for the cover*

    JR: Black with the pin attempt!



    King: Kick out from Sheamus! It's going to take a lot more then that Black!

    *With Sheamus kicking out at two, Black then begins striking Sheamus with lefts and rights to the face, Sheamus in an act of desperation pushes Black away from him with brute force, Black comes charging back with punches as Sheamus does the same once more.. this time with Black charging at him, Sheamus reacts first and uses his shoulder to drive into the body of Black.. he repeats this two more times before finally getting to his feet and hitting Black with a big clothesline which knocks him down*

    JR: Desperation from Sheamus folks, that's something we not used to seeing from the first ever Irish Born champion!

    King: It may have been desperation Ross but it's worked, Sheamus is back in control!

    JR: Really? well here comes Black!

    *Sheamus is taking a breather as he leans on the turnbuckle, he however does not notice Black who is back on his feet and leaps at the Great White.. With Sheamus trapped in the corner Black begins trading blows once again as the crowd count down...










    Before Black delivers the tenth shot to the face of Sheamus he raises his arms and the crowd cheer, he then goes to strike Sheamus but the big man is able to use his brute strength once more and lifts black up by his tights before dropping him on his head which gets an "ohh" from the crowd after the nasty landing*

    JR: Bah Gawd that was brutal! Black could be seriously hurt folks!

    King: Well that's the plan Ross
    *King laughs* What a power bomb from Sheamus!

    JR: Sheamus with the cover, this could be it.. Sheamus could be on his way to face Rhodes at the Great American Bash!

    King: Yes! come on Sheamus!




    JR: Black kicked out! Black kicked out! this match continues!

    King: How?! it should have been over!

    *Sheamus punches the ground in frustration at Black kicking out.. he begins shouting at the referee questioning if it was a slow count, Black in the meantime has rolled underneath the ropes grasping at his neck as he's clearly in agony from the power bomb..

    Sheamus sensing that Black is hurt reacts like a shark to blood and goes out the ring in chase of Tyler Black, Black see's Sheamus coming and begins running away as Sheamus gives chase, after a lap of the ring Black rolls back in and Sheamus follows..

    Black is already back on his feet and reacts first with a huge super kick to the jaw which catches Sheamus perfect and knocks the big man clean out as the crowd give a huge pop for the picture perfect super kick*

    JR: Bingo! Sheamus is out! Sheamus is out!

    King: That's not fair, Black was running away and then lured Sheamus into a trap!

    JR: It's smart from Black.. Folks I think Sheamus is out cold, if Black gets the pin.. this one, this one is over!

    King: Sheamus get up! Get up Sheamus!

    JR: Black with the pin! One! Two!

    King: NO! NO!

    JR: Three-NO! he kicked out.. Bah gawd he kicked out!

    King: Man that was close! Sheamus kicked out at the last minute!

    JR: I thought it was over, Sheamus is one tough son of a gun and he kicked out when it looked certain it was over!

    *Black does not dwell on the fact Sheamus was able to kick out and instead begins planning his next move, he see's Sheamus attempting to get up and springs off the ropes..*

    JR: I think Tyler Black is looking for the Black out here folks!

    King: This is bad for Sheamus! Sheamus! get out the way!

    *Just when Black looks like he's about to deliver his finishing move he stops in his tracks staring at the stage, the crowd all turn and the sight of Regal and Drew coming down the ramp brings a chorus of boo's and jeer's, Black then stands at the front of the ring and begins shouting at the UK members to not get involved, his plea falls on death ears and UK continue coming down the ramp*

    JR: What are they doing out here? Tell me king.. Sheamus is grown man, he's as hard as they come, why does he need these two dogs following him around?.

    King: There the United Kingdom! like the title says.. there United! They are a team and there out here to offer there support what's wrong with that?.

    JR: Support? I don't think it's just Su- Wait! there's Rhodes! Cody Rhodes!

    *Cody Rhodes comes flying out from the stage as the crowd go crazy with cheers, he jumps Regal and Drew from behind knocking them both down.. Both men then get back up and start brawling with Drew back up the stage..

    Black begins smiling that Rhodes came down and had his back but when he turns around he's greeted with the..*

    King: Brogue kick! Brogue kick!

    JR: Good god almighty Black just had his head kicked off!

    King: Now it's over Ross!
    *King laughs*

    JR: Sheamus with the pin!




    King: Sheamus wins! Sheamus will now face Cody Rhodes for the United States title!

    JR: He can thank the United Kingdom for that!

    King: They didn't do nothing wrong!

    JR: No! course they didn't! Black had this match won and they knew it.. there distraction was exactly that and Sheamus took advantage with the Brogue Kick!

    King: They did nothing wrong Ross and you know it!

    *With the crowd booing, Sheamus just stands there with a sadistic grin on his face.. he looks down at Black before pointing at the camera, he then shout's "This is for you Fella' I'm coming for the belt" He then lifts Black up before delivering a huge Celtic Cross which look's even more painful then ever, Sheamus then begins laughing as he exits the ring and leaves to head backstage*

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

  10. #630

    Aries comes out from the back to a mixed reactions from the fans. Some boos, some cheers, but he is getting a big reaction. He heads down the ramp, and into the ring. He walks to the corner, reaching outside grabbing a mic. He turns back to the center of the ring. He looks around, as his music fades.

    Aries: Now, for those of you not living under a rock, you would have seen CM Punk and Austin Aries go at it for the first time here in the WWE. Who was the winner you ask? Well I'll tell you. The #1 contender to the WWE Championship, your king of the ring winner, yours truly, A Doubles. Now, my win came with controversy. I know that's Punk's think, having controversial moments, but when I kick someones ass, I prefer to do it clean and fair. This mystery man proceed to come out, attacking Punk, and drape me over him, giving me the win. Since then, I've had to listen to countless people ask me on Twitter and Facebook "Aries, did you orchestrate that attack". The simple answer, is no. The more complicated answer is, shut your mouths, pay me some respect, and realize I wouldn't go to that level of cowardliness.

    Some fans boo Aries for his comment, and some cheer him for his brashness.

    Aries: Now, I'm going to turn my attention from something that has nothing to do with myself, to where my road is headed. Great American Bash. It's kind of ironic isn't it? The man going into GAB as the WWE Champion is actually a canadian? How many of you think the man walking out of GAB as the champ should be an American?

    The fans all cheer at this.

    Aries: How many of you who think the man walking out of GAB as champ should be someone who doesn't make lame ass music?

    The fans cheer harder.

    Aries: And how many of you think the man walking out of GAB as champ should have a bigger ego than the current champ?

    The fans cheer, as Aries smirks.

    Aries: See, while some may not like me, everyone hates you Chris. They all think......

    *Chris Jericho comes out from the back with authority. He has a mic in hand and instantly begins speaking*

    Jericho: Cut the music right now. Cut the music right now because I am speaking.

    *the crowd boo*

    Jericho: They all think what Aries? They all think that you have a bigger ego than me? They think that you're better than me? They all think that you're more American then me?
    Do you think that I care what these hypocrites think? Do you think that I care what you think? Of course I don't.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: I only care about what I think, and the fact of the matter is, I know that it is a FACT that I have a bigger ego than you. I know for a FACT that I am better than you. And I now for a fact that I was born in Manhasset,New York, and that makes me just as much of an American as you are.

    *crowd boo as Jericho smiles smugly at Aries*

    Jericho: I am the best in the world at what I do, and I have gone through twice as much as you to get to where I am here right now. Since returning to the WWE, I have won the Royal Rumble after entering the match at number 2, I have beaten The Undertaker, I have beaten The Ultimate Warrior, I have beaten Lex Luger, and I have beaten CM Punk 3 times, all LIVE on consecutive pay per view tv.

    If you think for one second that I am supposed to be fazed in any way shape or form by having to face you at the Great American Bash, then you are very much mistaken Aries. Because I know that I am twice the American that you ever were, are, or ever will be.

    Aries looks at jericho, kind of staring off in the distance but then snaps to attention.

    Aries: oh im sorry Chris, i kind of dozed off listening to you speak. I mean, if i wanted to waste my time listening to a jackass, id go find a donkey.

    The fans cheer at this, now chanting jackass.

    Aries: i did catch some of what you said though. You managed to hit one nail on the head. You are two times more than me in alot of things. You're two times more of the drama queen. You are two times more the egomaniac than i am. You are two times more the dreamer than i am. Your even two times more boring than ill ever be. The one thing you are not, is two times more of an american than a doubles. Yeah, good for you, you were born in new york. We all know your canadian backing though. Now i know you dont care what they think, but lets ask them.

    Aries turns looking around at the fans.

    Aries: Is the champ an american or canadian?

    The fans start chanting canadian, as Aries grins,

    Aries: And what else is he?

    The fans start chanting jackass. Back and forth, some fans are chanting canadian and others are chanting jackass.

    Aries: You gotta love it. Now jericho, you are right, you have beaten countless other opponents. You have proven that you are a dominant champ. Also, no, i was expecting you to be fazed or shaking in your boots about facing me. I mean look at me, im half the size of alot of the guys on the roster. What i am expecting from you though Jericho, is to be ready. Ready to go to war. Ready for the toughest fight you have had to date. You think taker, warrior, punk, luger, or the rumble were as challenging as im going to be, then you have got another thing coming. I have made a career out of doing stuff that i was told i couldnt do. I was told Chris i could never be the WWE champion, but trust me when i say this, ill go till my last breath to take that title off of you. Come gab chris, i expect you to be ready for a fight, and be ready to have a look of shock on your face when they announce, "and the new wwe champion, austin aries!"

    *Jericho smiles to himself before continuing*

    Jericho: Wow, Aries, getting the crowd to chant 'Jackass' eh? Something you learnt from The Rock, your fellow overrated fool, no doubt. I expected better from you, and would expect you to be able to come up with better than that. But commiserations on that poor effort. There's always next time for you kiddo.

    *Jericho smiles as the crowd boo*

    Jericho: If you haven't noticed Aries, I too am half the size of most of the wrestlers here in WWE, and I have also made a career of defying the odds. I too have made a career of doing things I was told I couldn't do. In fact, we're not do dissimilar you and I. Your career has run along the same lines as mine, and you're on your way to becoming a great, I'll give you that.

    But you will not become WWE Champion at MY expense. As I said, I too have made a career of doing things I was told I couldn't do, and you've just told me that I can't and won't retain my title at the Great American Bash. But I am telling you now, right here that come the end of the Great American Bash, I WILL still be the WWE Champion. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

    *The crowd boo*

    Jericho: No, I don't think that my matches against Taker, Luger, Punk, Warrior are going to be tougher than my match against you. I never go into any match thinking it's going to be any easier than the last one. But I do go into EVERY match where my title is on the line thinking the same one thing; that I, Chris Jericho, The best in the world at what I do, will be coming out of it at the other end with my hand raised in victory as I retain my Championship.

    And virtually every time, I am right. And when that happens, I will be there to whisper in your ear that I told you so.

    Aries looks at Jericho once more.

    Aries: are right...I can't believe I'm actually saying it...but you are right. We are very similar. We both talk, and when we talk, people listen. We both put 5 star matches on when we step into that ring. We both believe we are better than every body else. We both have been told we couldn't do something, only to prove the nay sayers wrong by doing it. Hell Chris, if you weren't so ugly, people might mistake you for my brother.

    The fans laugh at Aries joke.

    Aries: Though, if we are so similar, what is going to set us apart at Great American Bash? What is going to decide the winner? I'll tell you. It'll come down to who wants it more. It'll come down to who is more hungry. Chris, you've been at the top of the mountain here in the WWE a few times now, and you've been at the top for a while now. Myself on the other hand...I haven't. I haven't tasted that gold. I haven't tasted that success...but I want it. I want it so bad. I want this so much more than anything else in my career, and Chris...that is what will determine who walks away the winner.'s coming...and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

    Aries drops the mic, as both men have a stare off from opposite sides of the ring. The men come face to face, and Jericho raises his title with a stoic face. Aries then walks right past him, bumping his shoulder and up the ramp. Aries reaches the top and turns around and just smiles at Jericho in the ring.*

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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