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    JR: It’s the Punjabi Nightmare, the Great Khali!!

    King: We have not seen him in the WWE Universe for quite some time!

    *Khali makes his way too the ring after a small pop from the crowd, Khali enters the ring to be attacked by Roode and Ziggler who are trying to take the big man down!*

    JR: Like it or not folks, this is smart from Roode and Ziggler.. You don’t want too let a giant like the Great Khali take control of the match!

    *Khali begins to fight back, hitting Ziggler and Roode with big head butts knocking them both down.. Jericho gets back too his feet only to be hit with a big boot! The Rock begins to stagger too his feet and starts to hit Khali with strong right hand shots before Khali hit’s the big chop!*

    King: Khali is cleaning house!

    JR: Wait… Sin Cara is on top rope!

    *Sin Cara jumps off the top rope looking for a cross body!*

    JR: Sin Cara with the cross body!

    King: Khali caught him! Khali caught him!

    *Khali catches Sin Cara and picks him up in a gorilla press before launching him over the top rope!*

    JR: OHH My! Did you see the way Sin Cara hit the floor?

    King: Yeah! It was amazing!

    *Khali continues to clean house, knocking down everyone that try’s to stand up as the countdown starts again!*

    JR: Brian Kendrick folks! Another high flyer is about to enter the Rumble!

    *Kendrick runs down too the ring, jumps on the apron and spring boards of the ropes only to be hit with a mid air big chop from Khali!*

    King: He got swatted like a fly! * king laughs*

    *Khali picks back up Kendrick and throws him over the ropes too the floor*

    JR: Khali is on a roll guys! Can anyone stop him?.

    *Khali continues to beat down on everyone left in the Rumble before picking up Roode and trying too lift him over the ropes, Ziggler see’s the opportunity to slow down the giant and gets too his feet before running and jumping on too the back of Khali with the sleeper hold!*

    JR: Sleeper hold! If Ziggler has this locked in there is no doubt this will slow down the Punjabi Nightmare!

    *Ziggler has the sleeper hold locked in and Khali drops too one knee while Roode and now Jericho beat down the giant*

    JR: Again folks, teamwork in the Rumble is something that can work too great effect but it will come to a point where any alliance made will be broken!

    King: There are no friends when it comes too the Rumble JR! here comes another one!

    King: Cody Rhodes! What a chance for this man too prove his potential right and make a statement tonight!

    *Rhodes runs too the ring and slides underneath the apron before joining Jericho and Roode in beating down the Great Khali while Ziggler still has the sleeper in!*

    JR: Khali is feinting! He’s almost out!

    *Khali begins to fight back, using every bit of strength he has left.. He knocks back Rhodes before hitting a double clothesline on Jericho and Roode before throwing Ziggler over his shoulder who lands hard on his back and neck to a pop from the crowd! Rhodes begins too kick Khali from behind with boots too the back of the knee, Jericho and Roode get back too there feet and charge at the giant, shoulder barging him into the turnbuckle before Rhodes, Roode and Jericho try too lift and eliminate the Great Khali!

    JR: Can they get him over? Can they eliminate the Punjabi nightmare?.

    *The four men continue trying to lift the Great Khali over the ropes while The Rock is sitting in the corner catching his breath back as the countdown starts once more!*

    King: Who’s that?

    JR: I believe that’s former TNA star James Storm! This could be about to get very interesting guys.. For those of you that don’t know, Bobby Roode and Storm were once partners!

    *Bobby Roode stops beating on Khali and looks right at Storm in shock as his theme plays.. Storm charges down the to the ring and immediately goes for Roode, knocking him down with a spear before both men exchange blows on the mat.. Ziggler, Jericho and Rhodes continue taking turns to beat down on Khali who is trapped in the corner.. They once again try too pick up the giant as Khali struggles to try and get free, Khali again knocks back Rhodes before head butting Jericho and Ziggler, Rhodes this time charges at Khali only for the giant to back body drop Cody Rhodes over the top rope on too the floor!*

    JR: Rhodes is out.. Cody Rhodes is out!

    King: Can anyone eliminate Khali?.

    *Jericho and Ziggler both swamp Khali trying to make sure he does not get out of the corner while Roode and Storm continue too brawl as the countdown starts again!*

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    JR: Here comes Cena!

    King: It looks like he’s still feeling the effects of that Labell lock! * king laughs*

    *Cena chants go out around the arena as the chain gang leader makes his way down too the ring while holding onto his injured shoulder that he received from the Labell lock, As Cena enters the ring he’s confronted by The Rock and both men face off while the crowd are cheering for both men!*

    JR: Now this is a confrontation I thought we would never see!

    *Cena and The Rock continue to face off before both men start trading punches in the middle of the ring, Storm in the meantime is stomping down Roode in the corner while Ziggler and Jericho continue trying too eliminate Khali on the other side.. Jericho gives up trying to eliminate Khali and takes the chance to have a breather, Ziggler in the mean time is on the second rope with Khali still in the corner and begins to punch the giant as the crowd count the number of shots.. Ziggler begins to taunt and showoff as the Great Khali rises up and picks up Dolph in a gorilla press before dropping him over the ropes

    JR: There goes the showoff!

    King: He’s eliminated another one! Maybe I should change my Rumble pick

    *Roode and Storm continue to trade punches standing toe to toe, both men are nearing the ropes as Roode attempts too clothesline Storm over the top, Storm ducks it and Roode goes tumbling over on too the apron.. Storm then hits his former partner with a big right hand shot too the face knocking him off the apron and eliminating Roode only for Jericho to sneak up and throw Storm over the top rope!*

    JR: Roode and Storm are eliminated!

    King: There not done though Ross!

    *Roode and Storm both continue fighting on the outside as the referee’s try to brake them up and usher them too the ring.. The Rock and Cena continue fighting in the corner as the Great Khali comes over, Cena and Rock both stop and begin too take turns taking a strike at Khali as the crowd chant for both men once again! Khali fights back, knocking both men against the ropes and charges at them.. The Rock and Cena both react quickly and grab hold of the top rope as Khali goes tumbling over!

    JR: The Punjabi nightmare is out!

    King: I’m so glad I didn’t pick Khali, JBL is going too win the Rumble tonight I can feel it!

    *The countdown again starts as Jericho, Rock and Cena are staring at each other each in a corner waiting for who is going too come down next*

    *The crowd instantly boo as they here the theme music go out around the arena, Mysterio steps out from behind the curtain and slowly makes his way down too the ring, Mysterio enters and all three men turn there attention too the former fan favourite, Cena steps forward and offers his hand out too his friend as the crowd boo, Mysterio goes to shake the hand of Cena when.. *

    JR: FU! FU! FU!

    King: What was that for? That’s just Typical of Cena and all these fans are cheering him? What a joke!

    *Cena steps back and the rock hovers over Mysterio when..*

    JR: The most Electrofying move in all of sports entertainment! The peoples elbow!

    King: This is not fair!

    *The Rock hit’s the people’s elbow to a big pop from the crowd and then steps back when..*

    JR: Jericho with the springboard off the ropes, He’s looking for the Lionsault!

    King: No! And just look at these idiots cheering.. Why does Mysterio deserve this?

    JR: The Lionsault connects!

    *All three men hit there finishers too a big pop from the crowd, Cena picks back up Rey and throws him over the ropes!*

    JR: Rey is out! He’s been eliminated!

    King: You seem happy about that? Had that been your golden boy Cena you would be moaning right now!

    JR: I think a lot of people took a dislike too the way Mystertio treated Sin Cara aswell as the WWE Universe last week King!

    *The three men left in the ring begin to stare each other down again.. Rock and Cena both look at each other before turning there attention to Jericho! Jericho begins to smile at both men and wiggles his finger at them shouting “ you think I’m stupid * he then slide’s underneath the ring and watches them from the outside! Rock and Cena again face off with the crowd chanting for both men and then after a few seconds they again trade blows while the countdown is playing in the background!*

    JR: It couldn’t be? Abyss? After the war he had earlier?

    King: It can’t be Ross.. Both men were taking too the hospital!

    *After a few seconds the music stops only to start again and this time Abyss steps out from behind the curtain still showing signs from his battle with Kane earlier on.. Pins and thumb tacks are still imbedded in his skin and his clothes are stained with blood!*

    JR: How is this man still walking?

    King: I really Don’t know JR! I thought Kane was scary but this monster is on another level!

    *The Rock and Cena both stop brawling and turn there attention too the incoming monster Abyss! Abyss steps over the ropes and immediately starts fighting, hitting both men with elbows and head butts while delivering a black hole slam too Cena, The Rock starts pounding on the back of Abyss with not much effect as the monster rises too his feet and delivers a big boot as Jericho watches on! Abyss picks up Cena and carry’s him over too the ropes trying to get him over as the countdown starts again*

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    King: Here comes Bryan Danielson! The man that made Cena tap out!

    JR: He didn’t tap King!

    King: Well he didn’t win either! *King Laughs*

    *Bryan takes his time getting to the ring as Abyss continues trying too lift Cena over the ropes, just as Abyss looks like he’s going to get Cena over.. Cena boots Abyss in the mid-section when Bryan see’s the opportunity, slides in the ring and throws Cena over the top rope without giving him a chance to react!*

    JR: Cena’s out folks, Dirty tactics from Bryan Danielson!

    King: YES! YES! YES! YES! Take that Cena, it’s not been your night has it?.

    *As Bryan Danielson is watching Cena walk back too the back and celebrating, Abyss is ready to strike and hammers Bryan with a big clothesline over the ropes and Bryan hit’s the floor!*

    JR: What’s that saying about Karma?.

    King: NO! NO! NO! NO! Abyss had to play dirty and attack Bryan from behind because he knew Bryan Danielson was the biggest threat in this Rumble so far! Abyss is a coward!

    JR: I think you will find King.. That what Bryan did too Cena, Well.. It just came back and bit him in the ass!

    *Abyss once again turns his attention too The Rock, stomping him at every chance not allowing him too get up of the floor as Jericho continues to watch on!*

    JR: Who’s going to enter next? At number 18 we are now in the business stage where who ever is still in it.. Or left to come out, could win it and headline Wrestlemania!

    King: We are going too find out who drew number 18 now!

    King: It’s the awesome one! The Miz!

    *Miz runs down the ramp too the ring only to be greeted with a cold stare from the monster Abyss, Miz stops, looks at Chris Jericho and then both men slide underneath the ropes and attack with a 2 on 1*

    JR: This is no surprise, like it or not it’s common sense for the smaller guys to team up and try too eliminate the bigger guys!

    *Y2J and Miz are like wild dogs trying too bring down the bigger man, Shots too the ribs and Kicks too the legs bring the big man down too one knee, Miz boots Abyss in the midsection before hitting his signature DDT! Jericho then springs off the ropes hitting his lionsault, both men stomp Abyss before dragging him into the corner , lifting him up and trying too eliminate him as the countdown again starts*

    JR: It’s the Game! The Intercontinental champion Triple H!

    *The game drops his title and storms down too the ring to a huge pop from the crowd, he enters the ring and immediately turns his attention too the Miz, Triple H is hitting Miz with big right hands before nailing the face buster and then swinging off the ropes with the high knee knocking Miz too the floor.. Jericho then notices The Game, running at him only to be caught with the spine buster, After Triple has dealt with Miz and Jericho he sees Abyss stumbling out from the corner, Triple H looks at Abyss does the DX-Chop and then.. *

    JR: Triple H with the boot.. Pedigree! Pedigree!

    *Triple H stands in the middle of the ring and taunts for the crowd, He doesn’t notice The Rock behind him when..*

    King: The Rock Bottom!

    JR: All four men are down in the ring!

    *Everyone is down in the ring as the countdown starts once more!*

    JR: Here he comes, the rated R superstar!

    King: The man that just couldn’t stay away.. He just had to come back and take the spotlight! He lied about his injury’s before and now he’s come back for his friend.. *King laughs* yeah right!

    *Edge runs down too the ring, entering and spearing anyone that stands up!*

    JR: Spear to the Miz and Rock!

    *Jericho now stumbles too his feet*

    King: He’s lining up another Spear!

    JR: Spear! Spear! Spear! Spear!

    *Edge spears Jericho with a huge impact which leaves Jericho rolling out of the ring and falling too the floor, Edge begins lining up another Spear as Abyss try’s getting too his feet*

    JR: Edge, he’s again looking for… Spea- NO! big reversal from Abyss!

    *Abyss reverses the Spear attempt with a black hole slam as again every man in the Rumble is layed out!*

    JR: Edge is trying too get up

    King: Wait who is that?.

    *A man jumps out from the crowd and into the ring, he nails Edge in the back of the head with a round house kick!*

    JR: It’s CM Punk! What he’s doing out here? He has to wait for his number!

    King: Get him Punk!

    *CM Punk picks up Edge and then hit’s the G.T.S. before eliminating him by throwing him over the top rope.. He taunts the crowd receiving strong boo’s but does not notice Abyss behind him.. Abyss charges at Punk with the big boot only for punk too move.. Abyss is caught on the ropes and Punk delivers a kick too the temple knocking him over the ropes onto the floor*

    King: He’s eliminated 2 people already!

    JR: He’s not meant too be out here!

    *The countdown starts*

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    King: Now he is! * King laughs*

    *Punk turns his attention too Triple H, he corners him and begins hitting him with elbows and high knees before dragging Triple H with the running bulldog! He then picks up Triple H and delivers his second G.T.S. of the night before throwing the Game over the ropes!*

    King: He’s on a roll JR! Your pick is looking good.. Maybe I should have chosen him!

    *Punk looks to confront the Rock only for the Rock too strike first with Right hands before hitting his DDT out of nowhere as the countdown again starts!*

    *TJ runs too the ring sliding underneath the ropes and drops kicks a rising Miz, He picks him back up swinging him into the ropes and catching him with a flying elbow knocking him down once more.. He then picks up Miz again this time placing him against the ropes.. He swings from the other side of the ropes looking for clothesline only for Miz too drop down holding the top rope and Perkins goes flying over!*

    King: Thanks for coming TJ! An awesome elimination for the Miz right there!

    *The Miz is leaning over the ropes trying to catch his breath.. The Rock Is back up too his feet though he starts to lay right hand strikes on the jaw of the Miz and finally spits on his hand before throwing his last punch which send’s Miz crashing too the floor!*

    JR: Vintage Rock! The Miz is eliminated!

    JR: Is that? It is.. It’s the first ever Rumble winner, Hacksaw Jim Duggan!

    *Hacksaw enters the Rumble too a good pop from the crowd, he knocks down the Rock with a big right.. And then Punk before taunting too the crowd while chants of USA! Go out around the arena, He picks up Punk and swings him into the ropes looking for a big boot.. Punk ducks it and hits him with a spinning kick too the stomach, He keeps kicking Hacksaw knocking him back against the ropes.. He then steps back before smashing Hacksaw again with a kick this time over the head knocking him too the floor to a chorus of boo’s from the crowd!*

    King: Bye bye Hacksaw! Just let it go you dinosaur!

    JR: Says the guy that jumps back in the ring at any opportunity he’s giving!

    *Punk and Rock are left in the ring fighting it out.. Both men are exchanging blows but the exhaustion is setting in for the Rock as he’s again knocked down by the straight edged Punk as the countdown starts*

    JR: Jeff Hardy! The charismatic enigma has returned!

    King: And look at Punks face! He was the opponent the last time Hardy was in a WWE ring!

    *Jeff Hardy runs down too the ring with a rock star like pop from the crowd, He slides underneath the ring and ducks the punch of Punk before hitting a spinning heel kick, He then picks up Punk and hit’s the twist of fate before going top rope!*

    JR: Hardy going top rope!

    King: Swanton bomb from Hardy!

    King: Finally! Here comes the winner of the Royal Rumble.. The wrestling God!

    *JBL slowly makes his way down too the ring, the crowd are booing the self made millionaire, JBL waits for Hardy too turn his back before getting in the ring and nailing him with the clothesline from hell!*

    King: Woah! Hardy almost lost his head!

    *JBL then tells the Rock too get back too his feet and catches him with a big boot knocking the exhausted Rock too the floor again.. He then picks up Hardy, hammering him on his back and swinging him into the corner before running at him with a big splash as the countdown again starts*

    King: It's Jimmy Wang Yang *laughs* look at this idiot

    JR: Anything can happen here at the Royal Rumble ladies and gentlemen

    *The Wang enters the ring, everybody looks at the Wang in confusion and Jericho hits a codebreaker knocking Jimmy Wang Yang out of the ring*

    King: Did you see that *King laughs* there goes your pick

    *the countdown has started once more*

    JR: Here comes the very talented Austin Aries!

    *JBL and Punk let go off the Rock and both turn there attention to the incoming Aries*

    King: I think they are going too work together Ross! This could be very smart!

    *Aries enters the ring only to be attacked by both men.. They both hammer on the back of the highflyer before hitting there finishing moves and throwing him over the rope!*

    JR: They didn’t even give him a chance!

    King: What were you expecting? This is the Rumble!

    *Both men stomp the Rock keeping him grounded, both seem pretty happy that the Brahma Bull is no longer a threat and stop for breathers waiting for the next incoming superstar*

    JR: OH GOD NO! Please no!

    King: What the hell is she doing here!

    *The crowd give a surprisingly good pop for Mae, she slowly makes her way too the ring, as the Rock try’s to stand only to be jumped by JBL and Punk.. Mae is walking up the stairs, Punk looks at JBL and says “ I can’t” JBL then grabs Mae from the other side of the ropes bringing her in the ring before lifting her back over the other side and pushing her off as JBL tells Punk.. “ Then I will” to a chorus off boo’s from the crowd*

    JR: Does that man not have a heart? I understand it’s the Rumble.. But that’s Mae Young!

    King: JBL would not care if it was his mum! that’s why he is going too win the Rumble tonight!

    *Punk and JBL go back too the wrong again.. They pick him up and once more try to lift him over the ropes as he hangs on for life!*

    JR: Hang on Rocky!

    King: Get him over!

    JR: You have got to be joking!

    King: * King laughs*

    *King takes of his headset and enters the ring, he points too The Rock as JBL and Punk look at him!*

    JR: What are you doing King? Get out of there!

    *The 3 men now turn there attention too the Rock, Rock stands up too his feet and does the just bring it sign before clashing with the 3 men.. Rock fight’s with everything he has left but it eventually overwhelmed and the three men force Rocky over the ropes on to the floor!*

    JR: Damn! The Rock is out folks! No wonder King picked JBL.. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was all planned!

    *All 3 men start too think of a strategy as they know number 30 is the Undertaker!*

    JR: Number 30 is up next folks and if anyone can overcome the odd’s it’s the Undertaker!

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    *The arena is a blackout and the crowd cheer for the deadman.. The lights go back on and the Undertaker is nowhere too be seen*

    JR: What’s going on? Where’s the Undertaker?.

    *After a little while the lights go back off again.. This time when they come back on the Undertaker is in the middle of the ring and has both JBL and Punk in a choke slam while staring at the King! He choke slam’s both JBL and Punk before turning his attention too Jerry Lawlor.. The King has a real look off fear on his face…*

    JR: Get him Taker!

    *The King is backed in the Corner as the Undertaker continues to close in on him.. The King eventually uses the turnbuckle and eliminates himself!*

    JR: Good! You don’t belong in there King..

    *Undertaker then turns back and picks up punk whipping him into the corner before peppering him with shots too the face and stomach! JBL sneaks from behind though and hits Taker on the back of the head.. Taker feels no effect though turning around and delivering an elbow too the face.. He then swings JBL into the corner with Punk before charging at both of them with a big splash! JBL comes staggering out of the corner and Taker hits him with a big boot knocking him over the ropes and onto the arena floor!*

    JR: JBL is out! We are down to a 1 on 1 situation and one of these men will fight for the title at Wrestlemania!

    *Taker and Punk trade punches, both giving everything they have.. Taker starts punching Punk a little harder knocking him back against the ropes.. Taker goes for a clothesline which Punk dunks! Taker goes tumbling over the ropes onto the side apron.. Punk then swings a kick aiming for the head of the deadman, Taker blocks it with his hand.. And grips the throat of Punk dragging him over the ropes onto the apron with him..*

    JR: Both me are on the brink! Who’s going too win it..

    *Both men trade punches as both try keeping there balance, the crowd are right behind the Undertaker with chants of the phenom going out around the arena*

    JR: One slip and one of them good lose the opportunity of a lifetime! It’s too close too call!

    *Both men continue too fight on the apron.. Both trying everything too get the other too fall when.. From underneath the ring comes out Jericho! He looks at both Punk and Taker with a smile on his face and pulls both men down from the ring apron as they both look at each other in shock!*

    JR: What the?. Was Jericho eliminated? Who’s won!

    *Jericho gets back in the ring as the crowd burst out in boo’s! Punk and Taker both look at each other in confusion as both men appear too be eliminated!*

    LG: The winner of the Royal Rumble! Y2J! Chris Jericho!

    JR: NO! I thought he was eliminated? That son of a.. he was under the ring the whole time!

    *Jericho celebrates in the ring as the confetti falls.. Y2J has one the Royal Rumble!*

    JR: I’m Shocked! YJ2 has returned too win the Royal Rumble!

    *Punk and Taker look on in confusion, both cannot believe that Jericho has won the Rumble, Jericho is standing on the turnbuckle pointing at the Wrestlemania sign as the show closes!*

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    Filler time! It's nearly time for Raw bitches!

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    So the main question everybody has on their lips is...

    Where the fuck is Pau?!

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    Honestly, we have no idea, but his disappearance won't stop the show!

    THBK has written Raw but has asked me to post it, and I'm glad too!

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    That's right, Eddie is part of creative here in WWEWN!

    All kinds of shit is about to go down!

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    Right, who's ready for Raw?!

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