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    Tenay: And now it's time for our first Road to Triumph tournament match tonight!

    Bischoff; We already know the King of the Ring will be crowned on Sunday - but who will be crowned Queen of the Ring at Summerslam?

    Tenay: Maria last week lost to Eve, therefore still without any points in the tournament

    Bischoff: Maria is just stupid though. I doubt she even knows how to win a match. She's a dumb brunette if their ever was one!

    Tenay: And tonight, she has a big challenge, as she's facing this diva

    Tenay: We can exclusively reveal that Lita and Nattie Neidhart will face each other at King of the Ring in a Road to Triumph match!

    Bischoff: Lita will win both tonight and on Sunday, and will overtake Nattie at the top of the leaderboard

    Tenay: That's still to be seen yet Eric.

    Match 5: Lita vs Maria in a Road to Triumph tournament match


    *Lita goes for a DDT, but Maria manages to push her off. Maria goes for a clothesline, which connects! She climbs to the top rope, and waits for Lita to get to her feet. She goes for a Diving Crossbody, but Lita counters into a modified Hip Toss. The crowd jeers, as Lita pulls Maria to her feet. She whips her into the ropes, before landing a dropkick. Maria rolls out of the ring, as Lita slides under the bottom rope.

    Lita pulls Maria up by the hair, before lifting her up for a bodyslam. Maria reverses out of it, and goes for a German Suplex, but Lita manages to stay grounded. Lita lands a snapmare, before delivering a swift kick to the back of Maria's head. She picks up Maria, and throws her into the ring. She climbs to the top rope, before landing a diving clothesline. Maria falls on her back, and Lita grabs her legs, before locking in the sharpshooter! Maria claws at the floor, before tapping out*

    Bischoff: What a woman! A submission win earning 20 points, and she sent a message to Nattie Neidhart by using her signature hold!

    Tenay: A total lack of respect Lita shown to Nattie Neidhart by using her finishing move.

    Bischoff: Oh boo hoo. I'm sure Nattie's not crying about it.
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    *Live footage is shown of a backstage locker room, the camera begins swinging around the room and it shows different shirts and posters of various wrestlers, the camera man then moves forward and eventually stops when he can hear singing coming from the shower room*

    ???. Well since my baby left me! I found a new place to dwell! it's down at the end of Jabroni drive at the.. Smackdown hotel!

    *Crowd begin cheering after hearing the well known voice and to the tune of a very well known song, foot steps can be heard coming from the shower room as the camera man starts back tracking*

    Rock: Woah! woah woah! wooahhhh!

    *Rock can be seen just wearing a towel and still dripping wet after coming out of the shower, he looks at the cameraman confused before saying..*

    Rock: Sweet cream on an ice cream sandwich! what in the blue hell are you doing in the Rock's locker room, while the great one is trying to take a shower?

    Cameraman: Well.. we were hop-

    Rock: Shhh! *Rock put his hand up in the front of the cameraman's face*

    Rock: The Rock knows what you were doing.. You were sneaking in here hoping to get a look at the Rock's strudel weren't you?

    Cameraman: No! Rock, I was..

    Rock: It doesn't matter what you were doing! *Crowd pop* Well since you barged into the Rock's locker room and tried to sneak up on the Rock, I suppose you want a few words with the great one right?.

    Cameraman: Rock I was not trying..

    *Rock stares at the Cameraman*

    Cameraman: I would love a few words from the Rock.

    Rock: I thought so Jabroni! fine, few words with the Rock? Yeah, no problem.. anything for the Rock's people, anything for the Millions! *crowd join in* and Millions! of the Rock's fans.

    Lets start with my match earlier on.. The Rock vs The Undertaker vs Stone Cold *All three names get pop's from the crowd* three of the most talented and legends of this business no doubt.. The Rock has a lot of history with both men, both good history and both bad.. hell of a match and the crowd had no idea who to support when..

    *Rock shakes his head*

    Rock: The great one's greatest ever rival had his foot on the rope and the ref still counted the pin fall.. 1.. 2...3 and Undertaker wins the match, You seen that right?.

    Cameraman: Yeah Rocky, I saw it.

    Rock: Well of course you did.. the whole world saw it! matter of fact.. The Rock received a text from the legendary Stevie Wonder and he was telling me just how bad of a call it was from the ref!

    Listen, The Rock is not going to stand hear and bad mouth officials and moan about the loss.. because tonight is not important, what is important is that in a matter of days the brahma bull is coming for the World Heavyweight Championship!

    The Rock is going to the King of the Ring to lay the smack down and be crowned the people's champ once again!

    *Crowd pop*

    Rock: It won't be easy though.. you can bet your monkey's ass it wont be easy, The Rock has to get past the Heartbreak kid, Shawn Michaels

    *huge pop for the hometown hero. Rock looks up in response to the crowd*

    Rock: Oh they love him hear, they really do love him! it's good though because HBK loves his people too.. you can tell he loves his people, when his music hits that stage.. *Mocking voice* "I'm a sexy boy" and then you watch that bright smile when he comes out wearing those chaps and a cowboy hat! it's like something out of Broke Back mountain!

    *Rock begins laughing as the crowd boo*

    Rock: Okay, okay I will leave Shawn alone! then you take the Undertaker.. He will be coming to King of the Ring to win that title also, oh yeah he will.. Taker will be there, wearing his best goth clothes while rolling his eyes so far back in his head he's going to people to check out his own prostate!

    *crowd cheer*

    Rock: And then you got Stone Cold, Steve Austin! *crowd cheer* What! I said Stone Cold.. What! I said Steve Austin.. What! I said the beer drinking, the not very bright thinking.. the foot stomping, the 3:16 wearing piece of Texas monkey crap! *crowd heavily boo* Oh yeah.. the Texas thing again! *Rock laughs*

    That leaves you Brock Lesnar! You and the Rock have had words the last couple of weeks, so the time for talking is done Brock.. This Sunday the Rock is coming for that title and just as sure as the Rock thinks you have the brain size of a fly, just as sure as the Rock thinks your wife Sable has been more active then Facebook and Twitter, The Rock is sure he's going to take that title!

    If You smell..... What the Rock.. is... Cooking!

    *Rock then raises his eyebrow as the crowd cheer his name, and the camera heads back to a commercial*

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    Tenay: Back from the break, and we're back with more divas action.

    Tenay: Paige vs. Nattie Neidhart, and this match is key for both women

    Bischoff: Paige is currently lingering in midtable, but Nattie is currently leading the tournament, ahead of her rival Nattie, who she will lose to at King of the Ring.

    *Paige heads out to the ring a determined look in her eye before she is handed a mic*

    Paige: I want to make one thing clear....

    *Crowd boos but some show keen interest as to what she will say*

    Paige: This match, this tournament revolve around me. I'm going to be the next WWE Womens Champion, that's a given since I was entered to compete because there are simply no other woman who can wrestle like I can.

    *Crowd boos incessantly*

    Paige: I'm actually glad I get to face the leader of this tourney, Nattie Neidhart, who although a strong competitor is no match for me and I will look to add yet another win and humiliate the so called favorite in this tourney because if people believe anyone other than me is winning this tournament, they need a wake up call and face the fats that I am on a RamPaige towards become the key figure to making women's wrestling matter again as the new WWE Womens Champion.

    It's simply a matter of time before you who boo me for speaking the truth about what the WWE has done to us women realize that I am the salvation for womens wrestling and that you should kiss the very ground I walk on or better yet kiss rear end.

    Paige: This is my time and I will beat Nattie and will win the tournament when all is said and done.

    Tenay: And here comes her opponent.

    Bischoff: Who would have blond hair anyway? It looks so slutty.

    Tenay: How many Nitro girls were blonds Eric?

    Bischoff: Loads. But you proved my point. We hired sluts

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    Match 6: Nattie Neidhart vs. Paige (Layla) in a Road to Triumph tournament match


    *Nattie runs at Paige, going for a bulldog, but Paige moves out of the way. Nattie turns around into a kick to the gut. Paige goes for a suplex, which connects. She bounces off the ropes, and goes for a leg drop, but Nattie rolls out of the way. Both divas stand, as Nattie lands an atomic drop. She whips Paige into the ropes, before going for a snap powerslam on the return, but Paige runs past Nattie, and manages to run against the opposite ropes. This time however, Paige lands a clothesline.

    Paige begins stomping on Nattie gets to her feet, as Paige throws her in the corner. She begins stomping on Nattie, waiting until the count of 4 to break. The referee warns her of the disqualification risk. She turns back round to Nattie, who is now on her feet. She goes for a fallaway slam, but Nattie twists out and lands a side Russain leg sweep. She jumps to her feet, and grabs the legs of Paige. She goes for the sharpshooter, but Lita sprints down to ringside. She sliides in the ring, but Nattie sends her over the top rope with a big boot. Nattie stares at Lita, before turning around into RamPaige! Paige covers




    Tenay: Paige wins! She earns 15 points!

    Bischoff: And Lita sent a message to Nattie by costing her the match.
    Tenay: Well let's look at the final leaderboard before King of the Ring!

    Nattie: 50
    Lita: 35
    Beth Phoenix: 30
    Kelly Kelly: 30
    Paige: 30
    Kaitlyn: 20
    Eve: 18
    Trish Stratus: 15
    AJ: 15
    Tamina: 3
    Maria: 0
    Maryse: 0

    Tenay: Nattie has the chance to tie with Nattie's score come Sunday. How key will this loss prove
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    *Tyson Kidd is walking backstage, and he is absolutely pissed off*

    Tyson Kidd: Edge, you really had to go to such a low level didn't you? You just want everything to go your way! But trust me, at the level right now, everything is going your way. But it won't be at King of the Ring you psychotic son of a bitch! Trust me Edge, you may have never put this into your thick head in my match against Randy Orton tonight, but you don't realize how pissed off, Tyson Kidd is!

    Me and Randy Orton were putting on a fantastic match, for these people. But then, you being the typical bitch that you are, had to ruin it. That's the problem with you Edge, jealousy gets in front of you when I'm stealing that spotlight. You think you're the one who should be centre of attention. But seriously Edge, at King of the Ring, I guarentee you that you will be the centre of attention after I break your jaw.

    So the winner of this beat the clock challenge, would go onto choose the stipulation. And you won, using your typical cheating ways, why did you? Simple. Because you aren't mature. You aren't a man. I honestly don't see why you're wrestling in the males roster. Shouldn't you be in the Divas division? I'm surprised at the fact, that your name isn't on the Road to Triumph standings!

    But what match did you go onto choose? A steel cage. Well good on you Edge. Because now, you and I have no place to escape. And plus, I'll make sure there is no interference. So your slut of a girlfriend, Lita, can keep her nose out of this. Otherwise, my girl Natalya will kick her ass. You may be thinking that I'm joking, but no Edge. Oh no, I'm only talking right now. But trust me, I will walk the walk! HAHAHA! I will walk the walk!

    *A pop occurs in the arena, as Kidd smirks*

    Tyson Kidd: What you didn't realize Edge, that this is a whole new era for Tyson Kidd. This is the new beginning. Goodie two shoes Tyson Kidd is over. Tyson Kidd has turned into a badass. Trust me Edge, while you're thinking low of me. I'm developing my agressiveness, wanna know why? Because of you Edge, you were the inspiration for me to develop this.

    And you don't know how agressive Tyson Kidd will get, maybe I'll snap at King of the Ring? And turn into a psychotic bastard, but naah. I'd be "copying you" wouldn't I? Maybe I'll dress Natalya up, into a costume with tatoos all around her body, hand. Make up everywhere, looking more ugly than a baby doll. Oh wait, Natalya would be copying Lita wouldn't she?

    But trust me Edge. This is going to a whole new level, and these people probably agree with me. This is going to a new level, where Tyson Kidd needs a new finisher. Cause Edge, here me out. I'm the true Pride of Canada, so from now on, the Canadian Destroyer is the one I'll officially use. And I'll unleash it at King of the Ring, just to see your face, when you start bleeding, crying like a bitch.

    *Tyson storms off, before the camera cuts back to ringside*

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    Tenay: And now it's main event time!

    Bischoff: Brock Lesnar vs. Shawn Michaels in a non-title match

    As the music of the World Heavyweight Champion, the audience is up in arms with their voices that are all too willing to detest Brock Lesnar as he steps out from behind the Gorilla Position in his workout gear. Doing a couple of quick hops before he walks down the ramp, Brock Lesnar looks around at the booing crowd and can’t help but smirk when his eyes come across all of the disdainful fans giving Brock a piece of their minds. Leaping up onto the ring apron, he grasps both hands into the top rope and hops on the apron before he gets into the ring. He notices that a microphone is already left for him so he walks over to it and picks it up. He waits for his music to die down before he begins to speak, disregarding the audience.

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “Always with the doubt, isn’t it? Instead of looking at King of the Ring as the day that Brock Lesnar retains his World Heavyweight Championship, from what I hear, everyone believes that in just three short days, it all comes to an end for me as either Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker or the Rock is crowned as the new Heavyweight Champion of the world. Hasn’t my reign as champion so far taught any of you people anything or are you in need of another history lesson?”
    Unless you all have been living under a rock for the past three months, I have destroyed the competition here on Nitro just like I said I’d do. I defeated not one or two but three men in the same damn night to win this title that I have proudly strapped around my waist. R-Truth, The Rock and Edge were the unfortunate victims who got in my way but at the end of the night, Brock Lesnar was crowned as your World Heavyweight Champion.”

    *crowd boos*

    “But it didn’t end there. See, Stone Cold Steve Austin still thought that he had something to prove to the world and to me. But the bottom line is this and it’s not because Stone Cold said so, it’s because I said so; he thought that by screwing me over at Wrestlemania and attempting to win my World Heavyweight Championship, that it would somehow erase what he did in the past. Most of you don’t know this but the reason the Stone Cold walked out on the WWE wasn’t because of a neck injury. You people honestly buy the bull*bleep*? Heck, Shawn Michaels is old enough to receive social security and the bastard got a back injury in ’98 and you don’t hear him talking about quitting. No, he left because of me.”

    Lesnar walks over to the corner and leans against it while nonchalantly disregarding the booing fans. His insatiable ego doesn’t allow his focus to be shattered when he raises the microphone up to his mouth.

    “When I came into the WWE, everyone knew that I was going to be the next big thing. Everyone especially Austin. He was afraid of me. For years, Stone Cold had went toe to toe with icons like The Rock and The Undertaker countless times and created classic matches and moments every time they graced the squared circle. No matter how great Austin was, no one could definitely distinguish who the better man was between his rivals…and I crushed them in less than a year.

    Summerslam 2002, Brock Lesnar defeats the Rock for his first WWE Championship. It was in that moment where my legacy and reputation would begin as WWE’s biggest breakout star. Next, I would defend my title in Undertaker’s yard, the Hell in a Cell match AND eliminate him last to win the Royal Rumble in 2003. And on top of that, I even took down the man who put professional wrestling on the map, the icon who transformed this business into a staple of pop culture, Hulk Hogan. Witnessing the entire landscape change for Austin, before his eyes, made him sweat bullets because as soon as people in the back were talking about putting him in the ring with me happened, he knew his days were numbered so he took the smart but cowardly route out and left all while blaming me for some apparent reason.

    So with all of that said and done, Austin figured that since I came back, just like him, I had lost a step in the ring and I’d be easier to take out and that’s when he made his move on me. But little did he know how delusional he really was and he’s got thumbtacks in his gut to prove it. I’ve defended my championship against him twice and I’ve beaten him…twice. In fact, every single opponent that I have to face at King of the Ring are men that I’ve thwarted before with the exception…of one. And that one person is……”

    On cue, the crowd starts to chant “HBK”. Lesnar appears slightly irritated by the boisterous interruption but he simply allows their glee to roll off his back as he continues to disparage his KOTR opponents.

    “It seems you’ve gotten the picture. Rest assured, I have never defeated Shawn Michaels but that’s only because he’s never faced me one on one. Whether that’s out of sheer luck or string pulling, in the end, it doesn’t matter because just like Austin, Rock and Undertaker, HBK is cut from the same cloth as them which means that I’m not going to have a problem destroying Shawn Michaels just like I’m not going to have a problem destroying The Undertaker, The Rock or Stone Cold for umpteenth *bleep*ing time in that Championship Scramble. Since this is a Championship Scramble, all I have to do i….”

    Shawn Michaels walks out from the back, to a massive chorus of cheers from his fans in San Antonio, Texas. He stands at the top of the ramp, soaking it in, before heading down the ramp. He turns, heading to the steels steps, as he climbs onto the apron. He looks in the ring at Brock, as Shawn climbs into the ring. He walks around at the edge of the ropes to the corner, reaching out to grab a mic. He turns back to the center, looking at Brock.

    Shawn: Brock, people peg you to be a dumb man, a roided up muscle man, but we both know the truth...don't we. You are a smart guy. I mean, How would you succeed in this business without being somewhat smart. Yeah, you had Heyman for a time, and now you have Sable, but I'm sure everyone remembers the time in your career where you were on your own. No friends, no allies, just Brock Lesnar. The fact of the matter is Brock, you are a dangerous man. I'm not going to come out here and say you are a punk or a weakling, because the fact of the matter is, if you get ahold of myself, Taker, Austin or the Rock, you could break any of our arms.

    Brock smiles at the thought.

    Shawn: I didn't come out here to hype you up though. I'm not Sable or Heyman. I'm merely speaking the truth and facing the facts. You want to bring up some history, so here is some history for you. I retired in 1998 due to my back. In 2002 I returned, and do you know what I did? I beat Triple H, my best friend, at the same PPV where you won the WWE Championship. Fast forward to Survivor Series, the same night you lost your WWE Championship, I became the new World Heavyweight Champion, defeating 5 other men.

    Shawn points to the tron, as an image of Shawn standing in the elimination chamber holding the World title that Brock now has.

    The tron dies, as Shawn looks back at Brock, as a massive HBK chant starts.

    You say I'm cut from the same cloth as The Rock, The Undertaker, and Stone Cold, but the thing is Brock, you don't know me. I'm the innovator, the match maker, the jaw dropper, the show stopper! I take matches that people would consider good, and make them great. When i step into this ring, these people are cheering because they know they are going to see the best damn show! I've taken a sledgehammer to the back, faced a phenom in a cell, main evented Wrestlemania, I've screwed a Hart, and I've lost my smile. I've done it all Brock, except beat you. Brock...I've done alot of firsts...and the first time we've faced, I'm going to do another.

    The fans are cheering and chanting HBK, as Shawn smiles.

    The fact is, you seem like a numbers guy brock. Beat 3 men, going to beat 4 other men, the year 1998, the year 2002, the year 2003. All the numbers, years, and statistics don't matter. Do you know what numbers matters? 3 and 1. Brock, 3 and 1 will be the numbers that end things for you! It's been 3 months these fans have had to listen to you go on and on about how your the best champion, and watch as you dominate in the ring. 3 months to long. This is our first time facing each other, in any aspect, and trust me, it will end different then how you think. It's going to take me 1 second to nail you on the chin with some music, and it's going to take 3 seconds to pin you!

    Shawn drops the mic, as he gets into the face of the Next Big Thing.

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    Main Event: Brock Lesnar vs. Shawn Michaels


    *Brock pulls Michaels up by the hair, and lands an atomic. He whips Michaels into the ropes, and goes for a clothesline, but Michaels ducks under it. He bounces of the opposite ropes, and lands a flying forearm! Both men fall down, but Michaels kips up! Lesnar gets to his feet, but gets hit by a reverse atomic drop, before being taken down by a huge scoop slam!

    HBK climbs to the top rope, and looks down on Brock. He points up to the sky, before landing his diving elbow drop. He goes to the corner, and begins tuning up the band. Brock is slow to his feet, but manages to stand. HBK goes for the superkick, but Brock catches the foot. Brock shakes his head at Shawn, but Shawn manages to land a step up enzurigi! Shawn falls into the cover




    Shawn gets to his feet, as Sable runs down to ringside. She begins shouting encouragement at Brock, before Brock manages to stand. Shawn goes for a clothesline, but Brock manages to move out of the way. He turns the referee away from Shawn, as Sable grabs the head of Shawn, and drops it off the ropes. Sable drops down to the floor, and smiles at her work, before the lights turn off!

    There's around a 10 second wait, before the lights come back on. Sable is in the ring against with Brock by her side, but the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels is standing behind them. The heels slowly turn around, as Undertaker traps Sable in the corner. Meanwhile HBK lands a victory roll on Brock



    Brock reverses into his own pin




    Bischoff: Brock wins! Brock has won this match, even with the Undertaker's distraction

    *Brock gets to his feet, as does Shawn. Shawn's in shock, before landing a double sledge to the back of Undertaker. Sable manages to slide out of the ring, as Brock has his arm raised – but he turns around into a right hand from the Rock. Rock begins “laying the smackdown” on Brock, as Undertaker and HBK trades blows. Stone Cold sprints down to ringside, before sliding into the ring, and he immediately lands a Lou Therez Press on the Rock. He turns his attention to Brock, before landing a right hand, which sends Brock into the corner. Rock reaches his feet, and kicks HBK in the gut, before the screen fades to black with the five men in the championship scramble brawling*

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    King of the Ring Tournament:

    Quarter Finals:
    Diamond Dallas Page vs. Randy Orton
    John Cena vs. Tyler Black
    Mr. Anderson vs. Austin Aries
    Batista vs. Christopher Daniels

    Semi Finals:
    Diamond Dallas Page or Randy Orton vs. John Cena or Tyler Black
    Mr. Anderson or Austin Aries vs. Batista or Christopher Daniels

    Diamond Dallas Page or Randy Orton or John Cena or Tyler Black vs. Mr. Anderson or Austin Aries or Batista or Christopher Daniels
    WWE Championship
    Last Chance
    Chris Jericho (c) vs. CM Punk

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Championship Scramble
    Brock Lesnar (c) vs. The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

    Intercontinental Championship
    Tyler Reks (c) vs. Kevin Steen

    World Tag Team Championship
    All American Perfection (c) vs. the Winner of the Pre-Show match

    Road to Triumph Tournament
    Lita vs. Nattie Neidhart

    Road to Triumph Tournament
    Kelly Kelly vs. Trish Stratus

    Steel Cage Match
    Tyson Kidd vs. Edge

    Sheamus and Cody Rhodes vs. The United Kingdom (William Regal and Drew McIntyre)

    Winner gets World Tag Team Championship match later in the show
    Tag Team Battle Royal

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    King: It feels good to be home, and while I won’t be calling the Pay-Per-View tonight, I am excited to call the pre-show

    Tenay: Must be great to be home King. Anyways I am in the same boat but am glad to have the opportunity to call this match, a Battle Royal where the winners will go on to get a Tag Team Title Shot against All American Perfection later tonight

    King: And we have quite the Battle Royal, but one team is going to come out on top. And taking part we have Cryme Tyme

    Tenay: This team has the right attitude for this match

    King: The right attitude? They are gangsters, they steal and cheat, what do you expect them to wrestle clean? Also taking part the newly active tag team in S.C.U.M.

    Tenay: They have become very active in the past few weeks in helping Kevin Steen, and have now decided to become an active tag team participant

    King: It’s a great opportunity for them to showcase their talents, and show they belong here in the WWE. Another team doing that is Beer Money

    Tenay: Beer Money has returned after what happened at Wrestlemania with Kane, and now they look to become the tag team they were meant to be before they got involved with Kane.

    King: Beer Money is nothing but a bunch of drunks who can’t stay sober through one match, how could anybody expect them to win drunk

    Tenay: I don’t think they drink to the point that they get drunk. Anyways we also have a team from the past, the New Age Outlaws

    King: The New Age Outlaws name no longer fits, they aren’t part of the new age, they are part of the ancient age, they don’t belong here, and are most certainly going to be pummeled.

    Tenay: I highly doubt that, if anything there experience will help them, especially over a team like the Prime Time Players

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    King: Just because the Prime Time Players are new doesn’t mean they aren’t better.

    Tenay: hey are talented, but they have big mouths, and have yet to back it up

    King: Tonight is their night, I mean they have Millions and Millions of Dollars, and if this next team was as great as they say they are they would too. But they don’t.

    Tenay: The World’s Greatest Tag Team has come up short twice, could the third time be the charm?

    King: I highly doubt it.

    Tag Team Battle Royal

    The bell rings and the match starts and Darren Young and Titus O’Neil immediately take advantage by knocking Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas over the top rope not even 5 seconds into the battle royal, and that leaves five teams.


    From behind Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino attack Young and O’Neil attempting to throw them out, but Young and O’Neil get on the offensive and start striking back as the two teams trade blows. In the corner of the ring, Bobby Roode is beating up Billy Gunn, JTG is trying to lift Jesse James over the ropes, and Shad is pummeling away on James Storm who is located on the apron. Storm is able to fight Shad off and hop in the ring, where he lays Shad out with a superkick, and now attempts to picks Shad’s body up. Storm calls over Roode to help who had beaten down Gunn in the corner. Roode and Storm pick up Shad, lean him against the ropes and attempts to lift him over, but Jesse James notices that Roode had beaten down Gunn, runs for a double clothesline, and Beer Money sees it coming, move, and Jesse James eliminates Shad with the clothesline, and almost eliminates himself, but he hangs on to the ropes and to the apron.


    JTG notices Jesse James was the one to eliminate Shad, and hits a dropkick that knocks Jesse James off the apron and eliminates him.


    Gunn then comes over and beats down JTG, while Roode lifts Gunn off of JTG, Roode then wails away on Gunn, but JTG then gets up and begins to beat on Roode and all three men begin to fight. Storm goes over to where Young and O’Neil are attempting to eliminate Steve Corino. Storm then pulls Young off and kicks him in the midsection, and follows with a DDT, this leads Jacobs to go over and try to double team O’Neil, but when Jacobs goes over, O’Neil lifts him up into a military press position and throws him over the top rope.


    Corino from behind hits a forearm club to the back of O’Neil’s head, and O’Neil goes into the turnbuckle. Corino kicks away at the midsection of O’Neil. Storm then comes from behind, turns Corino around, and attempts to superkick him. Corino ducks and Storm lands on the ropes and is caught up. Carino then hits a superkick of his own and knocks Storm over and out.


    As Corino superkicked Storm over the top, O’Neil came from behind and tossed Corino over the top rope.


    This leaves 5 men in the ring, JTG, Billy Gunn, Bobby Roode, Darren Young, and Titus O’Neil. All three men gang up and start to beat down Darren Young, and when Titus notices, he goes over, takes JTG, and throws him into the turnbuckle. Roode follows after and attacks O’Neil. Gunn looks to follow, but from behind Young catches him with a belly to back suplex, and then locks in a body scissors to wear him down. Gunn is able to use his strength to break the hold, and Young gets up right away. He waits for Gunn, but when Gunn gets up he chargesat Young, and Young pulls down the ropes, and Gunn goes over.


    Young then follows over to where JTG and Roode are beating down Titus, and Darren grabs JTG and goes to send him over the top rope, but JTG lands on the apron. The two trade blows back and forth but neither can gain an advantage. Roode had beaten down Titus in the corner, notices the two trading blows, and charges at the back of Young, who moves, and Roode spears JTG out of the ring, and Roode turns where he is met by Young and O’Neil who smile at him


    O’Neil grabs Roode by the hair lifts him up into a backbreaker hold, and Young climbs the top rope and hits the diving elbow. O’Neil grabs Roode and throws him out of the ring.

    Tenay: Utter domination by the Prime Time Players, nobody could touch them

    King: Tonight was there night, and now they move on to face All American Perfection later in the night for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Well now that this match is over , we will take a quick break and send you to JR and Eric Bischoff for the official start of the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View!

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