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    Location: San Antonio; Texas – AT&T Centre

    Tenay: We are live from San Antonio, Texas, and what a Nitro we have planned for you today.

    Bischoff: Last week, Randy Orton became the 2nd Nitro superstar to qualify for the King of the Ring tournament – and tonight we have the final 2 qualifiers announced!

    Tenay: We also have the revealing of the full King of the Ring tournament brackets, announced by our very own general manager Shane McMahon!

    Bischoff: And last week, our esteemed boss dropped a bombshell, that Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock and the Undertaker will go onto King of the Ring, to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, in a championship scramble match!

    Tenay: Not only that, but we know Tyler Reks will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Kevin Steen, and Tyson Kidd will battle Edge in the third match of their feud.

    Tenay: And here comes our general manager, to give us more insight into tonight and Sunday.

    Bischoff: To open the show! This is like – a first!

    Tenay: Well, we don't have Eve running our show, so expect a unique announcement here

    Shane McMahon: On Sunday, is the King of the Ring pay-per-view. And on Sunday, Tyson Kidd will face Edge! Both men has traded victories – neither though, without an outside factor, whether an injury or confusion with the official. So I think that we need a decisive outcome, in their match. Therefore, my innovative mind has came up with an idea! Tonight, both will be in Beat the Clock matches, where you have to win your match as fast as possible. And whoever wins in the fastest time, will pick the stipulation for the match on Sunday! If only one man wins, they pick the stipulation, and if neither man has their hands raised at the end, that choice will be mine! And too ensure no-one gets an easy victory – you'll both be picking each other's poison!

    And not only that, but the King of the Ring tournament needs two more qualifiers on Nitro. So I had another creative idea. We will see an elimination triple threat match next! But you are not eliminated if you concede the fall – no. If you gain a pinfall, or make someone submit, then you qualify for the King of the Ring tournament. The remaining two men will then battle, and the next person to qualify for the tournament will be the one to win the now one on one match. And this match is next!

    Tenay: A huge announcement! Who's going to be in this qualifier!

    Bischoff: I'm still excited about the Beat the Clock, Pick your Poison matches we will see today!

    Tenay: Well two of these three men will have the opportunity to win three matches and main event the King of the Ring pay-per-view!

    Tenay: Oh yeah!... Jay Lethal with the opportunity to be in the King of the Ring tournament

    Bischoff: What has he done to deserve this! Nothing!

    Tenay: Jay Lethal has the most potential out of most people in the locker room, and he puts on entertaining matches!

    Tenay: The former Intercontinental Champion also has a chance to have a World Title match

    Bischoff: I know I'm supposed to be unbiased, but how did this man become champion in the first place? He's a bad representation of Nitro!

    Tenay: Regardless of what you say – he was champion for 125 days! And you haven't been for one!

    Bischoff: Oh finally someone deserving to be in the King of the Ring tournament!

    Tenay: He's no more deserving than Anderson or Jay!

    Bischoff: Yes he is! His name is Christopher! That has more than 3 letters! Therefore the best man in this match

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    Match 1: Christopher Daniels vs. Mr. Anderson (Joe) vs Jay Lethal (AJ) in a King of the Ring tournament qualifyer


    *Anderson slides into the ring and picks up Daniels. He whips him into the ropes in attempt of a arm-trap neckbraker, but Daniels twists out, and kicks Anderson in the gut. He lifts him up overhead, before dropping him down into a gourdbuster! Daniels goes over to the corner in hope of the BME, but Lethal drags Anderson out of the way. Daniels crashes on the mat, as Lethal bounces off the ropes and lands a leg drop.

    He spots Anderson getting to his feet, and whips him into the corner. He lands a backhand slap, before lifting Anderson up into a seated position on the top rope. He climbs up to the second rope, before unloading on Anderson with right hands. Lethal climbs higher to the top rope. He goes for a frankensteiner, but Anderson catches him. Lethal tries to escape, but Anderson drops Lethal to ringside with a huge powerbomb! The crowd are in shock, as Anderson takes a second to recover. He stares at the damage he's caused, before Daniels jumps up with a forearm to Anderson's stomach. Daniels positions himself on the second rope, before placing Anderson's head under his legs. He hooks the arms, before twisting into a top rope Angels Wings! Anderson falls down hard on the mat, before Daniels rolls him over for a cover




    Bischoff: What did I tell ya Mike! Daniels with the win, and he's in the King of the Ring tournament!

    Tenay: Lethal and Anderson are left to fight now, both after taking a huge move

    *Neither man moves yet, as Daniels slides out of the ring. He grabs Lethal and throws him into the ring, before exiting up the ramp. It takes around thirty seconds before either man moves, before Lethal manages to get to his feet. Anderson gets to his knees. Lethal prepares for a big move, as he waits for Anderson to get up. Just as Anderson reaches his feet, a man appears and holds Lethal's leg. Lethal manages to kick him off, revealing the man to be Rey Mysterio! Lethal is shocked, before turning around into a mic check! Anderson covers




    Tenay: Rey Mysterio ruined another match!

    Bischoff: A crap match! And with Mr. Anderson in the King of the Ring tournament – the tournament is becoming worse

    *Anderson gets his hands raised, as Mysterio goes under the ring. Anderson – not having seen Mysterio, slides out of the ring and starts walking up the ramp, but gets taken down with a trash can shot! Anderson drops down to the floor, as Mysterio slams the can over the back of Anderson! He places his foot on Anderson, before soaking in the crowds jeers*


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    *SCUM make their way to the ring, Steen accompanied by The Zombie Princess and The King of Old School. The crowd boos loudly. Steen stops at a sign for Tyler Reks and points before laughing. Jacobs and Corino laugh as well, before Steen grabs the sign and spits on it, tears it up and wipes his ass with it before throwing it back at the fan.*

    Steen: Yeah, that's what I think about your stupid Reks sign!

    *The crowd boos even louder*

    Steen: Shut the hell up! God, you guys are so annoying! Not to mention most of you have your heads shoved so far up your own asses that you think the crap Reks does is actually good!

    Jacobs: You can't blame these people Kev, you gotta remember the utter crap they have been force fed for the last decade! They have come to expect such B.S. from WWE Wrestlers, note: I refuse to say "Superstars"!

    Steen: Yeah, I guess you're right Jimmy. I can't blame these guys for liking a talentless hack like Reks when the guy people see the most is John Cena! Anyways, enough of this. Let's get to why I am here; King of The Ring! At King of The Ring I face Tyler Reks for the Intercontinental Championship, now lets do a history lesson shall we?

    The last two time Reks was in a Intercontinental Championship match, he had help in winning, during the triple threat myself and Mysterio did all the work and Reks took the damn scraps to win and last week I allowed Mysterio to attack Anderson and I didn't disqualify Reks for it. So the way I see it, Reks can't get the job done himself, he needs help. So my question is who will be doing the dirty work for ya at King of The Ring Tyler? Because we both know, 1 on 1, you have no chance of winning!

    *Reks heads out the ring with the WWE Intercontinental in tow and enters the ring before being handed a mic*

    Reks: You know what Steen? You're right. The matches involving me and this championship I now carry have had situations where I did win not win of my own merit however I refuse to acknowledge that I need help to get the job done.

    *Crowd cheers*

    Reks: Whatever business those involved in the matches I was in is what led to their downfall. I am as fierce, as strong and as determined as I need to be to do what I have to do to still be the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

    The thought that you compare me to Cena is to a point insulting but to know these fans support with the same type of support they give him, shows me that I gained my spot as a fan favorite and I can do anything I set my mind to with them behind me so you ask where my help to defeat you is? There is your answer, they will be fuel behind the onslaught that The Wrecking Ball will unleash on you.

    *Fans cheer and chant "Wrecking Ball"

    Reks: I'm The Wrecking Ball for a reason, because I demolish all those who stand in my way with devastating force and leave them beaten, battered and broken and you will be no different, Steen.

    King of the Ring is where you and I meet and believe me it's the only time you will dare face me in this ring because you will be beaten within in an inch of your life when you fall victim to The Burning Hammer that you nor SCUM, which by the way is the perfect name for what you are....the lowest form of beings Nitro has to offer....can do to stop me.

    *Steen and co. laugh as Reks finishes speaking*

    Steen: You, oh you! You try so hard to be this tough intimidating factor on Nitro, but truth be told you're nothing more than a bench mark in the history that is Kevin Steen! You say you're a Wrecking Ball, but how do you plan to do any wrecking when you are laid flat on the mat after you take a Packaged Piledriver from yours truly?

    *The crowd boos Steen for that but he smiles*

    Steen: You say that King of The Ring is the only time we will meet in the ring, and you are correct, but it's not for what you have said. No, it will be because after I beat you and win the Intercontinental Championship, I will destroy you, put you through tables, bounces your skull off the barricade, and than when it all hits you, that you are nothing compared to yours truly, you will beg me to end you. I, being a generous man, will oblige and finish you off, than and only than will it be over for you.

    *Steen walks up to Reks*

    Steen: But go ahead, continue to spew your utter bullshit. Continue to fuel your own ego by listening to the cheers of these idiotic people, the same people who cheered me in the other company because I was different, who now boo me because they think I changed. Go ahead and listen to them, if you think it will help.

    *Reks pushes back Steen which causes Jacobs to run towards Reks only to.....

    Tenay: Big Boot from Reks!!! He nearly decapitated Jacobs with it.

    Bischoff: Looks like he's not done yet.

    *Corino tells Steen to exit the ring and turns to face Reks who kikcs him in the gut and sets up.......

    Bischoff: It's the Wreckening!!! He can't do this to SCUM!!!

    Tenay: Looks like he just did and has made Steen know he has the power to back up everything he says.

    *The crowd goes wild at the scene as Steen looks on from ringside and Reks picks up the mic*

    Reks: There you have it, Steen. The roar of the crowd is you'll hear when I end you this Sunday at King of the Ring, that roar of the crowd is all I need to walk out still the WWE Intercontinental Champion and when they chant Wrecking Ball, that's when you'll know the end is near and there is nothing, NOTHING!!!! you can do to top the wreckage.

    I'll see you at King of the Ring.

    *Both men stare intently as Steen walks up the ramp way and Reks lifts the WWE Intercontinental Championship up high*

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    Bischoff: Now, we have mentioned several times tonight about the championship scramble match at King of the Ring, and we have some more details now.

    Tenay: The match will have a twenty minute time limit, with 5 minute intervals between entrants, and tonight two matches will consist of the 5 superstars in the match. Starting now.

    Tenay: The Rock is certainly one not to be underestimated, a former champion in his own right

    Bischoff: People aren't underestimating the Rock Mike. People are overestimating him! He's not as good as he formerly was, and has only won one pay-per-view match since returning.

    Tenay: And your beloved Brock lost at Wrestlemania should I remember correctly - in a United States Championship match.

    Bischoff: But he has still managed to become World Heavyweight Championship since then.

    Tenay: Stone Cold has yet to defeat Brock Lesnar in their two pay-per-view matches so far

    Bischoff: This is his best chance at a championship. He can't defeat Brock, but
    by pinning a weaker superstar, he has a much higher possibility of picking up the title

    Tenay: Despite I disagree with your analyse, you make a good point. Brock needs to be aware of losing his title without ever once losing a fall

    Bischoff: I don't get 'Taker. He rises from the dead time and time again - yet he can't kick out of a superkick?

    Tenay: Who in the scramble can kick out of a superkick?

    Bischoff: Well Sunday will tell us this

    Match 2: Undertaker vs The Rock vs Steve Austin (Angle)

    Skip at 5:57

    *Undertaker grabs Austin's hand, as he lays on the turnbuckle and Clotheslines him! Undertaker turns around and The Rock lays him out with a Big Boot, as Undertaker goes flying! Undertaker is on top of Austin, and the ref starts to cover, but The Rock pulls him off as he pins Austin himself. But Undertaker grabs The Rock's leg, and picks him up, before hitting him with a DDT! Undertaker turns around, and Austin rolls him up!




    Austin picks Taker up, and kicks him in the gut, but Taker puts his hand on Austin and is about to hit him with a Chokeslam, but Austin kicks him in the gut again and ducks! Taker turns around..STUN-O! Austin grabs Taker's head and lays him out with a Double Knee Facebreaker! Taker turns around to a Big Boot from The Rock! The Rock goes for the People's Elbow! He hits it! He goes for the cover



    Thr-But Undertaker grabs The Rock and sets him up for the Chokeslam! He goes to hit it, but Steve grabs Undertaker's leg and locks him in an Ankle Lock! Undertaker is chocking The Rock, and Steve has locked Undertaker in an Ankle Lock! All chaos has gone loose! Undertaker let's go off The Rock and turns around, and he hits Austin in the face with both feet as Austin falls to the ground! Taker grabs The Rock and Chokeslams him out of the ring! He picks Austin up and goes for a Chokeslam but Austin goes to reverse it into a Stunner, however Undertaker pushes him off! Austin turns around, kick to the gut and Undertaker hits him with the Last Ride! He goes for the cover, but Austin's foot is on the ropes, as the ref doesn't realize it!!




    Tenay: 'Taker stole it!

    Bischoff: The referee mucked up! This match should've continued.

    Tenay: The decision is final, and Undertaker has been given a mic. I wonder will he accept the circumstances of his win or not.
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    *The camera shows Undertaker in the ring with his hand raised. The referee gives him a mic, before 'Taker stares at the fallen Austin*

    Undertaker: I've said it time and time before. I will reclaim what is mine at the King Of The Ring. Tonight I faced two competitors that are considered the best in the business, and tonight they fell victims to the reaper. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rock, nothing personal, but you were both standing in my way to capture what belongs to me, the World Heavyweight Championship. You see, so many have tried stopping the Dead Man but have failed at every attempt. So many see themselves as something they're not and when the thrill wears off, who who picks them up? Who do they turn to when they need love? Where are they going, in what direction is their life headed? You see gentleman, in the dark there is no satisfaction and when you hear the wings stinging the air, the reaper is close by. When you smell that certain aroma, I am very near.

    *crowd cheers*

    Undertaker: At King Of The Ring, two men will enter my ring and only one will come out with the prize. I'm letting you know before hand that I will be the victorious one at King Of The Ring!!! I will be the next champion. Brock, I will rip your heart out at its very seams. That chilling night will be the last for you as a champion. So make peace with your maker, make amends with your loved ones, beg the god that you serve to forgive your sins because at King Of The Ring.... you will Rest In Peace.....

    Tenay: Big words from the Deadman, but can he become champion at King of the Ring

    Bischoff: No. Next match please

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    Tenay: And now we have the first of the Beat the Clock, Pick Your Poison matches!

    Bischoff: Yay! The Rated-R Superstar Edge, going first

    Tenay: Is it an advantage setting the time, or trying to beat it though Eric?

    Bischoff: I say setting the time. The time frame isn't as bad, as you don't have a certain deadline. You have to make that

    Tenay: Regardless, who has Tyson Kidd picked as Edge's opponent?

    Bischoff: Oh crap!

    Tenay: The Intercontinental Champion Tyler Reks!

    Bischoff: Well, Edge could and will defeat a champion here tonight! That will be a huge statement sent to Kidd.

    Match 3: Tyler Reks vs Edge (McIntyre)

    Skip at 10:10

    *Reks winces in pain on the ground, as Edge grabs him by the head, and gives him a shot. He kicks him in the gut, and goes for a DDT, but Reks elbows him in the face before kicking Edge in the gut! He sets him up for a Powerbomb as the crowd cheer, but Edge grabs hold onto the rope, and he's able to kick Reks off. Reks turns around, dropkick! Edge runs from side to side, and hits him with a Leg Drop, and goes for a cover




    Edge picks Reks up, and goes for a Clothesline but Reks ducks, Edge turns around and Reks has his hand on Edge's neck. And hits him with the Chokeslam! Reks goes for the cover, but Edge has his feet on the rope. Reks pulls Edge's leg to the middle of the ring, but Edge crawls in between Reks' legs, and gets up! Reks turns around, Missile Dropkick! Edge taunts the crowd, before motioning Spear! Reks is up, Edge goes to hit it, but Reks moves out of the way as Edge's head crashes on the turnbuckle! Edge gets up, looking dizzy, turns around to a kick in the gut from Reks! Burning Ham- No! Edge reverses into a Future Shock DDT! Edge motions him for the Spear again, but Reks moves out of the way and nails him with a Clothesline! He goes for the cover




    Reks picks Edge back up, and goes for another Clothesline, but Edge ducks, and replies with a Spinning Heel Kick! He grabs hold of Reks' leg, and locks him in the Dungeon Lock! The crowd erupt with boos but Reks is managing to break out of the hold! He puts his hands high up and in the air, and punches his chest, before laying Edge out with a Clothesline! Edge looks terrified as Reks is up the top rope, and hits a Dropkick! Reks is on a rampage as the crowd are loving it! He waits for Edge to get up, as he motions Burning Hammer! Edge is up, he runs out of the ring! And grabs a chair! He runs straight into the ring, and goes to hit Reks with the chair but the referee grabs it off him! Edge pushes the ref, as the ref goes to put the chair away! Edge turns around as Reks goes for a Burning Hammer, but Edge ducks, and hits him with a low blow! He goes for the cover




    Tenay: And Edge clocks up the victory at 14:19 mark

    Bischoff: With this time, I say no man has a clear advantage.

    Tenay: But without the low blow, would've Edge defeated the Intercontinental Champion - and if so, how much longer would it have taken him?


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    Orton walks out from the back to a decent amount of boos. He stands at the top of the ramp, walking down the ramp and into the ring. He wastes no time in grabbing a mic from the corner, as he turns back to the center of the ring.

    Orton: So it seems we have a conundrum here. We have Mr Anderson, Christopher Daniels, Batista, John Cena, Tyler Black, Austin Aries, and DDP in the King of the Ring tournament. I've faced 4 of these 7 men before, and I've beaten them. Look at DDP. I beat him last month at In Your House, so what does Shane McMahon do? He puts me in the quarterfinals with the washed up has been, but you know what, that's fine. I wasn't done with Diamond at IYH, and this Sunday, I get to finish what I started. DDP, why oh why can't you realize that you need to hang up your tights? Why can't you get it through your thick skull that no one wants you hear? Oh well...I guess that leaves it up to me to kick that point into your skull.

    Anderson, wasn't I the original reason you got fired from the WWE and went to that bush league, TNA? Oh right, I was. Sorry, it's been so long that you've become an after thought. Now I'm sure you, and some of your other assholes are quick to remark "I've been the intercontinental champion" Good for you asshat. I made that title relevant before you were even lacing your boots up in the WWE. I'm a third generation superstar. I'm the Apex Predator. I'm everything your not, and everything you wish you could be one day...but Anderson, today, this Sunday, neither of those are that day.

    Tyler Black, Christopher Daniels, and Austin Aries...I could sit here and talk about either or all three of you, but none of you are worth the waste of breath.

    Batista, Dave, my old friend, my old enemy. You know, when i heard the WWE resigned the Animal, I thought I was hearing things, because after they way you stormed off like a little bitch, well, I figured we would never see your face here again. Either way, it doesn't matter. I have a moment, a split second in time, engraved into my mind. That moment when I was on your shoulders, celebrating with Evolution in the ring, when you dropped me. I remember that feeling of air rushing through my hair, and landing on my back. Dave, that's something I won't ever forget, because at that time, I thought we were brothers. We traveled together, we worked out together, you were a friend. But, because you are a follower and not a leader like myself, you followed the lead of the son of a bitch named Triple H. Dave, I hope we meet in the tournament, because I want the chance to wrap my arms around your neck, and plant that face of yours hard into the mat.

    Orton pauses for a moment, as he looks around.

    See, we all know how this tournament is going to end. It's going to be the finals, it's going to be Randy Orton going 1 on 1 with John Cena. It's a tale old as time. The #1 guy vs the #2 guy. How times have changed though. John has gone from being the poster child of "I wear colorful shirts" to his old school rapper phase. I went from being a drone, a dull, a bore in the ring, back to the legend killer, the viper, the man that will strike anyone and anything at any given moment. John, it's always been you and me. This is our company, and at King of the Ring, one of us takes it back. Will it be you? Will it be me? Do you want me to spoil it for you, because I'd love to. At King of the Ring, I'll be....

    Bischoff: What the hell is Anderson doing here!

    Tenay: The same reason why Orton is in his ring. To speak his min

    *Mr. Anderson's music interrupts Orton who doesn't look happy at the sight of Anderson. Anderson slowly walks down to the ring, still sore from his match and attack from Mysterio earlier tonight, signals for the mic, and then sarcastically with a big grin on his face waves hi to Randy.*

    Mr. Anderson: Let me guess, you'll be faking another injury to management to try and get someone else who you view as competition fired? Why don't you grow a pair and be a man Randy. Admit it, you've been avoiding me ever since I returned to the WWE, and now you're scared because I'm allowed to be myself, I'm allowed to be an asshole, which I should thank you for, because if I was never fired, I wouldn't be who I am today, and now your doing is going to come back and bite you in the ass. Karma's a bitch Randy isn't it?

    *The fans are cheering at what Anderson is saying.*

    Mr. Anderson: Now I could sit here and run down every opponent in the tournament, but frankly I'm perfectly fine sitting here talking to you Randy. See I'm not worried about any of the RAW guys, Superman, Roid Freak, the Crossdresser, and the male version of Melanie Martinez from The Voice; they don't compare to Nitro, and frankly I'm not worried about the rest of the Nitro guys either. Now DDP is your problem Randy, but as you know, you can always have more than one problem, and your other problem is me. And I hope you win, I really do hope we get a chance to meet Randy, because this time, I'm going to injure you, on purpose, and this time I'll make sure I end your career, so you can sit at home and watch me succeed. And Christopher Daniels don't think for one second I forgot about you, if we meet, you know what you've got coming to you. See this Sunday Randy I'm going to accomplish three things, one I'm going to get revenge on Christopher Daniels. Two I'm going to injure you this time for real, and three I'm going to win the King of the Ring tournament. Then I'm going to become World Heavyweight Champion, and when I do Randy I'll be sure to thank you. Because this asshole wouldn't have become an asshole if it wasn't for you, and now it'll bite you in the ass. Randy come Sunday there's one name thats going to ring out over and over and over and that name is...

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    *Daniels comes out with an appletini in his hand and a devilish grin on his face.

    Daniels: Gentleman, gentleman please save your bullshit arguments and excuses for another time we are discussing important matters on crowning royalty here. First off, who better to be King of the Ring than the King of the Indies, CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!!!.

    *Crowd erupts in a fit of boos.

    Daniels: I am not only the most good looking man entering the tournament, I am the most skilled. While most of you have only known 1 or 2 companies ever, I have been around the world working for every company I could selling out arenas to fans who have only ever seen a glimpse of my in ring skills. From Tokyo, to Mexico and the United States, I have done it all and now all I have left to do is find success in the WWE. On Raw I have humiliated Cena in his early days, Batista can't even keep up with me in a ring, I have beaten Aries for the X Division title a couple of years back, and everyone on Nitro can't hold a candle to what I bring to the ring. My time here so far has been quiet because I am waiting for that moment to make my impact. King of the Ring has the power to skyrocket me to the top quickly and suddenly so now is the time to prove myself.

    Anderson, why on earth do you think I would lose to an ass like you. The past few weeks you have lost your title and the rematch and you keep getting screwed by Mysterio, a man who I took care of in a heartbeat. Instead of focusing on this, you should be pulling yourself back together and figure out how to not lose to a man who can't even use a majority of his move set anymore. Orton, you have been on a role but beating someone as washed up as DDP is one thing, beating me is another. I plan on making sure you or DDP don't make it to the finals if you get in my way because if anyone from Nitro is winning and going on to greatness, then it's the Fallen Angle Chr...

    *DDP swaggers out to the ramp to a big pop. He has a big smile on his face as always as he pauses to take in the reaction. He then throws up the Diamond sign before smashing it down with a "BANG" before continuing down to the ring. He makes his way up the steel steps, collects a mic, and into the ring.*

    DDP: MAN!! It feels good to be out here!! It's nice for us all to be out here. All 8 of us out here. And you know why? Because it's GOOD to get together in a group like this and vent our problems! It's a good thing to get it all out there and release all that tension! And that's exactly what we're doing here right now!

    Randy, you're right. You're absolutely right. You have beaten me and 3 others here in this tournament. And that isn't a bad thing for me, no, that's a good thing! Because you see, after you beat me Randy, I realized that I wasnt' training hard enough. I wasn't getting enough nutrients in me each day, and I wasn't doing enough yoga each day. So I've upped my game. I've doubled y training regime. I'm better than I've ever been right now, and THAT Randy, is most definitely a GOOD thing!!

    *crowd cheer*

    DDP: Now onto you Anderson. me and Randy are indeed each other's problem, but the fact of the mater is, you're a problem to me because you're in my way to becoming King of the Ring! So if I have to beat you, then I'm sorry, but that's exactly what I'm going to do! And when I do that, it won't be a bad thing, it'll be a GOOD thing!

    *crowd cheer*

    DDP: And Daniels. You say you're going to make sure that I don't get to the final? Well I'm personally going to make sure that you're not going to make it into round 2! Because if you're against me in round 1, that's exactly what's going to happen after I crush you with the Diamond Cutter!!
    But think about that for a second, as far as I know, the fans won't mind that happening one single bit, given that you don't give 2 craps about them! So in a way, that too would be a good thing!!

    *the fans cheer*

    DDP: So you see guys? You should always look on the positive side of the situation!! And the positive side of the situation is, that me, DDP is the man that everybody wants to win the King of the Ring!! Because I like me!! You like me!! And I'm going to help you, help me win the King of the Ring!!

    *Shane comes out from behind the curtain, with a mic in hand. He shuffles on the ramp, before looking towards the ring*

    Tenay: Here comes the money!

    Bischoff: Well, Shane told me big news regarding the King of the Ring tournament would be revealed today, so maybe this is it.

    Shane: One thing I expect from this tournament, is that one man in the ring will become the King of the Ring! John Cena, Batista, Austin Aries and Tyler Black are nowhere near the quality of Randy Orton, Mr. Anderson, Christopher Daniels, and Diamond Dallas Page! We're only 3 days away from the pay-per-view, so it's only fair I reveal the King of the Ring tournament brackets! I spoke to Teddy Long on the phone no longer than 20 minutes ago, so I can now tell you all, the quarter finals will be:

    Diamond Dallas Page!
    *crowd pop* vs. Randy Orton!*loud heat*

    Tyler Black!
    *a chorus of jeers* vs. John Cena! *a loud crowd pop - not only for Cena, but for the third match in their feud*

    Austin Aries!
    *mixed reaction* vs. Mr. Anderson! *loud pop, as Anderson looks pleased at Shane*

    And finally Batista!
    *another mixed reaction* vs. Christopher Daniels! *very loud heat*

    The semi finals will be:

    Either DDP or Randy Orton! vs. Tyler Black or John Cena!

    Either Austin Aries or Mr. Anderson! vs. Batista or Christopher Daniels!

    And the final will consist of the two superstars who won both of their previous matches. I want a Nitro win, and I don't expect anything less!!!

    *The four men in the ring stare a hole through each other, as the camera cuts to a commercial*


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    Tenay: Now that we know the brackets to the King of the Ring tournament, I can’t wait till Sunday; we have some great matchups set.

    Bischoff: But now for the second Beat the Clock, Pick your Poison match

    Bischoff: Regardless of whoever picks the stipulation, this match will provide a huge test to Kidd

    Tenay: Let's see who Edge picks first

    Bischoff: Edge is a genius - he would've picked nothing but the best

    Tenay: It's Edge's buddy from Rated RKO - Randy Orton!

    Bischoff: We already saw him tonight from the King of the Ring tournament brackets being announced, and now he has a chance to send a message to the other 7 men in the tournament

    Tenay: Well it will serves as a challenge ahead of Sunday for both men. Who can gain some valuable momentum?

    Match 4: Randy Orton vs Tyson Kidd (Justin Gabriel)

    Watch 3:15- 5:00

    *Orton goes to reach for Kidd’s head, but Kidd shoulders Orton in the gut, followed by a roundhouse kick over the ropes to knock Orton down. Kidd then hits a springboard elbow drop to Orton and begins to celebrate, and glances at the clock. Kidd then locks in a reverse chinlock, in which Orton elbows Kidd in the gut , then pushes Kidd off using the ropes, then hits a shoulder block knocking Kidd down. Orton runs against the ropes, runs over Kidd, who gets up and leaps over the returning Orton, who on the rebound hits Kidd with a clothesline, followed by another, followed by a snap scoop powerslam. Orton begins to stalk Kidd and pounds the ground, Kidd gets up, Orton goes for the RKO, but Kidd pushes him off, and Kidd hits a Russian legsweep, and locks in another reverse chinlock. Orton this time is able to get to his feet, and lifts Kidd up for a back body drop and both men are down. The ref begins the count and as he hits 6 both men begin to stir. Orton is up first, followed by Kidd, they both run at each other and hit a double clothesline, and both men are back down. Then all of a sudden…*

    Tenay: What is Edge doing?

    Bischoff: He’s a man on a mission

    *Edge is sprinting down the ramp, and slides into the ring. The referee turns to Edge but gets taken down by a spear!*

    Tenay: Oh no Spear to the Ref! But why?

    Bischoff: The referee has been screwing Edge - and now he has his revenge. But I believe this match has to be called a no-contest, therefore Edge picks the stipulation for the pay-per-view

  10. #540
    *Edge looks up from where the referee is lying underneath him, having been Speared and he looks up at a rising Tyson Kidd. Kidd goes for a clothesline to Edge, but Edge ducks, and Kidd runs straight into an RKO! Orton nods at Edge before leaving the ring and walking away up the ramp as Edge demands a microphone.*

    Edge: This match is OVER! Never again am I letting this referee get involved in a Tyson Kidd match, especially when it’s against somebody I have a lot of time for in Randy Orton. Tyson, if you wanna cheat your way to a victory, by all means do it- but not on my watch.

    And speaking of cheating, speaking of you and I- this Sunday is King of the Ring, it’s time for our final match, it’s time for me to once and for all- prove that I am the REAL Pride of Canada. And prove to every single person in the back that Tyson Kidd will be nothing more than another victim on Edge’s road to his twelfth World Heavyweight Championship.

    After this Beat The Clock challenge, I'm the guy that's picking the stipulation that will show you up for what you really are- an overrated, inferior wrestler that likes to believe he's ten times the man of every other superstar on Nitro.

    *The fans boo loudly as Edge smirks. He looks up, brushes the hair out of his eyes before looking down at Tyson again.*

    Edge: And for a match this important, we’re going to need a brutal stipulation, a match so powerful that it changes lives, it changes careers. So Tyson, for the first time ever in your career, you’re going to step into a match that will make or break your career. This match has been a permanent fixture of this company and many others around the globe for plenty of years.

    This Sunday, Tyson Kidd, you will step into a steel cage.

    *The fans pop loudly for the match type.*

    Tenay: A steel cage match! One of Edge's specialty's!

    Bischoff: What a match it'll be!

    Edge: And you’re stepping into a steel cage where a referee won’t be able to help you- where THIS referee won’t be able to screw me. Your little buddy will have nothing to do in our match except sit at ringside and watch as I destroy you inside those four walls.

    This is something that experience is needed for. People who are new to this environment don’t do well at this. People who are new to this environment get hurt, and this Sunday, you are going to get hurt Tyson, I’m going to hurt you, and I’m going to leave you lying in a pool of your own blood.

    While EMTs fight to save your life Tyson, I’ll be celebrating, having not only beaten you- but also rid the WWE of you- because by the time I’m finished with you- you’re going to feel the same pain I had to feel when I was told I’d never be able to compete ever again.

    *The fans boo loudly.*

    Edge: I am the Rated R Superstar, you all know that I am a superior athlete to Tyson Kidd, you all know that the next World Heavyweight Champion is standing in this very ring right now. And there’s not a damn thing Bret Hart, Nattie Neidhart, This referee, the entire Hart family, the entire Hart Dungeon, and definitely not Tyson Kidd can do about it.

    *Edge throws the microphone aside before smirking and standing up as the boos rain down on him.*


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