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    RAW is WAR: Episode 23
    IZOD Center, East Rutherford, New Jersey

    JR: Welcome to RAW is WAR where we have a packed show, including another King of the Ring qualifier, two Road to Triumph matches, but most importantly, the contract signing between CM Punk and Chris Jericho for their last match for the WWE Championship at the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View

    King: I can’t wait for that we all know how those end, with Chris Jericho standing on top of CM Punk, in defeat, once again.

    JR: I don’t think that’s how it quite goes, but it is something to watch for. Along with Ted DiBiase who we expect to hear from for the first time since In Your House. After what occurred there, and last week, and what Triple H has been saying, this is going to be heated.

    King: The only one who should be heated is Triple H; he was cost his match last week by DiBiase.

    JR: Because Triple H laid out the man’s father, a legend of this business, as far as I’m concerned he gets everything he deserves.

    King: Well then how do you justify what happened last week to William Regal and Drew McIntyre?

    JR: You are kidding right? The only thing that happened was that the numbers were finally evened up, and weeks of questioning Cody Rhodes’ new attitude, they have been put to rest. He is here to help Sheamus take down Regal and McIntyre who have been playing the number game for far too long.

    King: Well Cody betrayed Regal and McIntyre just like Sheamus did; I hope they get beaten badly.

    JR: Well here comes Kelly Kelly so it looks as though we will kick off the night with a Road to Triumph match.

    King: Don’t you see the mic in her hand? She is going to speak.

    Kelly Kelly comes out from the back to a massive chorus of boos. Both of her body guards have buckets in each hand. They walk down the ramp and into the ring, where one of the guards sits the buckets down and grabs a mic from the corner. He hands it to Kelly, as the music fades.

    Kelly: Now, I'm sure alot of you are surprise to see me out here first thing, but the truth of the matter is, when your someone as important as myself, and you have a message to deliver, well, doors tend to open for you. See, tonight, Teddy Long is putting me in a match against Maryse. Now quite frankly why she is still here in the WWE I will never know, nor do I really care, as she is not my main concern. main concern is Trish Stratus, and the Women's Championship. See Trish, you obviously didn't get the message last week after I revealed some hard truths about you, and since we all know you dyed your hair from blonde to brown so people wouldn't say your dumb, even though we all know its true, I figured the best thing to do is give you another visual aid. Ladies, please get out here.

    Three women walk out from the back, each with rope hanging from their neck and some kind of sign. They head down the ramp, and into the ring, as Kelly looks at them.

    Kelly: You, bleach blondie, flip your sign around.

    The first girl flips it around, and we see the name of Maryse written on it.

    Kelly: See, this girl represents Maryse, the girl who is making the mistake of stepping in the ring with me tonight. Where are you originally from Maryse? France? Either way, you are bred with beauty and glory in your skin, you are an over seas reject. When tonight is over, after I've beat you, your career will continue to be what is in this bucket. What do you call it in french? Merde?

    Kelly grabs the bucket, and pours it onto the girls head, as a brown sloshy liquid covers her. The girl runs out of the ring crying.

    JR: By gawd! Was that!?

    King: I think it was JR! Phew, smells nasty.

    Kelly smirks, as she turns to the red headed girl.

    Kelly: Flip yours over.

    The girl flips it over, and we see the word audience written on it.

    Kelly: See, this lovely girl represents you the audience. Now, I would like to think I'm in touch with all of you pretty well. I know that when you see someone like Trish, or Lita, or Paige, or Maryse, or any other women besides me step into the ring, you can't help but throw up. Heck, the thought of any other women besides myself as champion must make you all sick to your stomachs. You all know the truth, that I am the queen diva of the WWE, and it's only a matter of time for that strap is around the rightful owner's waste.

    Kelly grabs one of the other buckets, and pours it over the red head. A vomity throw up type substance covers her, as she runs out of the ring crying. Kelly turns to the final girl.

    Kelly: Flip it over

    The girl does, and we see Trish written on it.

    Kelly: Yes, the final symbolism in my little visual aid. See Trish, to me, you are the 1 thing standing between myself and the Women's Championship. These other women, they are no real challenge to me. I'm in the best shape of my life, at the top of my game, and I want this more than anyone else. So Trish, I have nothing to dump on your symbolic self in this ring. No..instead, I just have a message, more of a preview if you will, of whats to come when we do step into the ring together.

    Kelly grabs another bucket, and shows the last girl in the ring there is nothing in it. The girl smiles, as Kelly smashes her across the face with the bucket. Kelly immediately grabs the girl, and plants her with the K2 in the middle of the ring! The girl is rolled out by Kelly's bodyguards, as Kelly Kelly looks to the ramp, motioning for her opponent, as the two guards step out of the ring.


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    JR: And here we are with another Road to Triumph match, and Kelly Kelly looks to continue her roll as of late, and if she could pick up a win, she could tie Natalya at the top of the leaderboard

    King: I really hope she does, she deserves it so much more than Natalya

    JR: How can you say that King? Natalya is the hottest Diva in the WWE right now. Plus the way Kelly Kelly talks and treats Trish Stratus I can’t help but root against her

    King: How can you say that when we have a person who looks like Kelly Kelly in the ring? Look at her.

    JR: You know what I meant King. Well tonight she faces Maryse who looks to pick up her first win and first points in the Road to Triumph.

    King: Maryse is nothing more than a trophy, she can’t wrestle

    JR: A former Diva’s Champion and you say she can’t wrestle? King I’d bet she’d beat you

    King: I don’t wrestle women

    JR: I think you’re scared.

    Kelly Kelly vs. Maryse

    Watch 2:10-4:30

    King: Maryse get back in there so Kelly can beat you and get this over with

    Maryse rolls to the outside to catch a breather; Kelly Kelly climbs onto the apron, and waits for Maryse to turn. Kelly jumps for a diving crossbody off the apron, but Maryse moves and Kelly hits the ground hard. Maryse taunts for a minute as Kelly grabs at Maryse to get up. Maryse then grabs Kelly by the hair and slams her back down to the mat. Maryse picks Kelly up and rolls her in the ring, cover…



    Thr- Kickout by Kelly!

    Maryse looks frustrated and locks in a camel clutch. Maryse holds on as Kelly is fading, but Kelly out of nowhere, slips out from under Maryse and they both get up, and Kelly hits Maryse with a Thesz press followed by punches. The ref breaks it up as Maryse backs into the corner, in which Kelly runs and uses the stink face on Maryse. Kelly then backs up, and hits the handspring back elbow to the face of Maryse, she waits for Maryse to get up, as she does…

    JR: K2! There it is

    King: Yes Kelly you are in the lead now!





    JR: And Kelly gains 15 huge points and ties Natalya for the lead in the Road to Triumph series.

    King: Yes Kelly, enjoy this you are well on your way!

    JR: Well maybe not so long, because here is Trish Stratus…

    Trish’s music plays and Kelly looks shocked and terrified. Trish comes out doing her signature taunt and walks into the ring.

    Trish: You know what Kelly? I’ve given a lot of thought to what you said last week and I’ve come to realize that… you’re right!

    The fans boo. Kelly mouths “yea I’m right” looking confident now.

    King: Did Trish get hit too hard in the head or something?

    JR: I don’t know King, but Kelly was not right at all.

    Trish: After all you’re Kelly Kelly the Maxim cover girl, the former Diva’s Champion and one of the most recognizable faces in the Divas division today.

    Kelly grins and the fans continue booing.

    Trish: And I’m just Trish Stratus, Diva of the Decade, been in the cover of countless magazines, 7 time Women’s Champion and one of the most recognizable names in women’s wrestling history.

    The fans begin to cheer and Kelly looks annoyed. Trish laughs.

    Trish: Of course, by now you probably realize I’m just mocking you.

    The fans cheer more loudly and Kelly looks pissed.

    King: I knew Trish was up to something.

    Trish: But I have to say you either have impressive Photoshop skills to take my picture and make me look as fat as you did or more than likely you’ve been on someone with impressive Photoshop skills.

    The fans continue cheering. Kelly looks furious.

    King: Wait a minute! Is Trish implying what I think she’s implying?

    JR: I don’t think she’s implying anything, I think she’s saying it.

    Trish: So even though I really appreciate the fact that you took enough time off from thinking about yourself to think about me and what was best for me I’m afraid I’m going to have to turn down your offer.

    Trish: And even though I’m not going to show you how I feel about you tonight just know that I’ll be thinking of you when I face Beth Phoenix in my Road to Triumph match later on.

    The fans continue cheering. Trish grins and Kelly glares back at her.

    Trish: So for now why don’t you get the hell out of the ring before I throw you out?

    Kelly takes a deep breath and pouts, but exits the ring angrily. Trish’s music plays and the fans cheer as Kelly leaves angry.

    *A video pops up on the TitanTron- it shows a wall with writing all over it. It’s all in Latin - “aut pax aut bellum, carpe noctem, ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt” and there is an image of a scorpion right in the middle of it all. A figure finally walks in front of the wall, leans up against it, then slides down. This time you can see him pretty clearly- he is wearing jean shorts, a Misfit’s T Shirt and a flannel shirt over it. He has long dirty blond, kind of curly hair. You can not see his face though as his hair is covering it *

    ????????: We all need a safe haven, a place to hide, a place to escape, a place where the darkness does not seem oh so frightening. But for some lost souls, the darkness is a relentless enemy that cannot be evaded. For once the darkness senses your deep fear, it is never far behind, it will catch up with you in no time at all, it will consume you, it will destroy you. And for those poor lost souls- I am your savoir, your guide. I will help you see the light. I will teach you how to turn your life around, I will teach you how to use the darkness in you as a weapon. I shall be your safe haven, I shall be your friend. I will help you see that the darkness in us all is not something that should be hidden. Soon, I shall show myself to Raw and soon, WWE will never be the same.

    *?????? coughs, then spits on the floor *

    ???????: And I plan to start my uprising, my revolution, my path to domination next week. You see, there is one man who as of this time who has remained silent, hidden in the shadows. Why? Because you are afraid. You send messages seeking justice, justice for all the wrong doings, justice for the weak, justice for those that can not think for themselves. Last week I said the real you was at the start of your career. It was then when you, along with Jim Hellwig followed one of the greatest wrestlers in this sport- the late Eddie Gilbert. That man was one of the sickest, dirty bastards around. He was hardcore before it was popular. If you both had molded you careers after him, you both would be true icons in this sport- BUT NO! You both took the easy way out- you sold out. You both lost your minds. Hellwig thinks he is some kind of space alien and you Mr Borden, you are far worse. You hide your face to disguise your pain. The pain that you are a fraud. You are a false God who thinks that you can dispense justice, but you are nothing but a sad sad man. And next week, I shall hunt you down, I will find you. I will make sure that there is no chance in hell that you can try to force your so called justice down any poor souls. So it is written, so it shall come to pass.

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    JR: Well after what we just saw on the titantron I don't know if I can really concentrate anymore

    King: Think of Kelly... Think of Kelly...

    JR: Scared King?

    King: Who me, scared, no, why?

    JR: You seem to want to think of Kelly.

    King: After what mean things Trish said to her I was thinking about her hoping she wasn't too upset.

    JR: Sure King, well here comes Sheamus, and I think he plans on talking about what happened last week

    King: The only thing that happened was Cody Rhodes screwing over William Regal and Drew McIntyre, he hasn't changed at all, I still hate him, but he made the biggest mistake of his life and I can't wait for him to pay

    Sheamus: Ahh .. How all ya'll doin', tonight?! I've got just'a few things to bring up to you folks here tonight, so let me waste no more time and get started. First of all ... I'd like to talk about a man known as Cody Rhodes.

    The crowd pops loudly for Cody's name, and then Sheamus nods his head in approval.

    Sheamus: Cody ... Fella, I'd just like to say thank you. Last week, I honestly thought you were gonna give me the beatin' of my life with Regal and McIntyre, but you showed how much of a man you truly are and you helped me out. You made sure those two hooligans didn't lay another finger on me. Cody, since you helped me out last week ...

    Sheamus pauses for a minute and looks towards the stage

    Sheamus: Cody, I accept your offer. I'll gladly help you take on Regal and McIntyre. You earned my trust back last week ... But don't make me regret it fella, I'm beggin' ya. Those two have done nothin' but sneak attacks, so it is time they face us like men! Cody, get on out here fella! I'm sure your fans would love to see ya!

    The fans pop loudly as Cody makes his way out to the stage with a smile on his face, the United States Championship around his waist. He makes his way down the ramp and takes a microphone from the top of the stairs.

    Cody Rhodes: That’s great news Sheamus. Last week, I made certain Drew Mcintyre & William Regal realised that their days of beating down on us like we’re a couple of dogs, like we’re pushovers- are over!

    The fans pop loudly as Cody smiles.

    Cody Rhodes: Last week, I did something I should have done last month at In Your House, I helped you out when you needed some help. To me, that means that we’re now even, we’re on the same page and when it comes down to it at King of the Ring, we’ll have each other’s backs.

    Something that Drew & Regal may claim they also have but the fact Regal is attempting to hold onto his career with a thread, and Drew is just crying out for some attention proves to me that not only do we hold the upper hand physically, we also hold the upper hand mentally.

    Mentally, we have proven time and time again when it comes down to this that we are better than both Drew & Regal.

    The fans pop loudly and begin a Rhodes & Sheamus chant.

    Cody Rhodes: You see, this respect that has been reborn within both of us will be brought to the surface in just two weeks time when on a night we see a new King of the Ring crowned, we’ll see two of the best upcoming talents Raw and the WWE as a whole have to offer team up to take on a flash in the pan and a guy who had all the talent in the world but chose the wrong career path and ended up as the very first member of the Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club!

    In fact, I'm sure Drew joined that too. He must have done to have been dubbed ‘The Chosen One’. This is a guy who won one singles title, then a tag team title with me in a team that let’s face it, I carried. After that, he kind of disappeared. Why? Because obviously we all realised how terrible this guy really is!

    The fans pop loudly as Cody turns to Sheamus.

    Cody Rhodes: So Sheamus, fella. There’s just one thing left to do- get them to accept a match with us. Would you like to the honours?

    Sheamus nods his head as the crowd chants their names

    Sheamus: I'd love'ta do the honors, Cody! But first, let me enlighten the crowd about Mr. McMahon's Kiss My Arse Club. Regal sure got a mouthful when he became a member, and I think he enjoyed it just a little too much, he was stuck there like a baby feedin' on his mothers bosom! At least everyone knows why Mr. Regal's nose is a dark shade of brown!

    The crowd explodes with cheers

    Sheamus: And then we have "The Chosen One" ... I personally believe "The Chosen One" is an exclusive Kiss My Arse club ... But I won't go into details, I don't need any law suits filed against me for this one, cause it could be slightly pornographic on that note.

    The crowd yells Oooohhh!

    Sheamus: What?! I'm just sayin'! Anyway, lets get on wit'it, shall we!? Regal, McIntyre! You two hooligans have been attackin' Rhodes and I from behind for too long now, and it is about time that'cha get your arses out here and accept our challenge like men! Rhodes and I are waitin' for you, fellas!

    Sheamus looks to Rhodes and shrugs his shoulders

    The crowd jeers as William Regal and Drew McIntyre make their way from the gorrila position, equipped with mics. They look towards both Cody and Sheamus, before halting on the stage

    Regal: Before we mention anything about this challenge, let's just get one thing clear. Sheamus - cretin, I may have helped your career in the past, but you shot yourself in the foot by refusing to let me help you against Cody. You could've appreciated what I've done for your career, training you, teaching you the basics. But darling, you're just more concerned about the championship - so much so it has blurred your vision. Honey you don't see in Cody what we see. You don't see that crazy, evil tosser for who he is!

    But Cody, darling, you may not have British in your blood, but you do have the genes of the American Dream! But Dusty joined a place where he didn't fit - didn't he cretin! Back when I was a Lord, and called Steven - you're daddy joined the New World Order - the nWo. Your dad didn't fit there, but he still joined. You don't fit here, but-. But Sheamus, we have said many times before Cody can't be trusted, and darling your innocence will prove to be your downfall. Although Cody - you haven't committed to us in public, what's inside your mind? Darling, I may have kissed Mr. McMahon's buttocks! But I did so with dignity! But you two come King of the Ring won't be dignified tapping out to the Regal Stretch, because we accept your challenge!

    William Regal hands the mic to Drew McIntyre, who obliges and begins to speak.

    Drew McIntyre: And at King of the Ring, we are going to personally teach both of you a lesson, that you made a mistake not joining us, and just like what Cody did to our team, he is going to do the same to you Sheamus, he is going to worry about himself, and his title. Now Cody I’ve got a bone to pick with you…you said you carried our tag team, but let’s face the facts Cody, the reason you attacked me is because you wanted no one to remember you were the weak link of the team. You took a cheap shot at me to prove your dominance, but it didn’t work, and Sheamus if I were you I’d watch your back, fella, because from experience, Cody is going to do the same to you, as he did to me. He is going to do what’s best for Cody so if that means leaving you high and dry, so be it. Think about it Sheamus, you can make all the jokes you want, but you know that’s a cover for how nervous you are about teaming with Cody and what may happen. I am one to have personally experienced it first hand, and when it happens at King of the Ring, just remember I was right. Sheamus you could have avoided all of this had you joined us in the first place, but you brought it upon yourself, and when it happens at King of the Ring don’t come crying to us begging for a second chance, because we are just going to laugh at your ignorance of the facts, and we will tell you it’s too late, you should have listened the first time, before we kick your arse!

    The crowd boo’s as the two teams stare at each other

    Drew McIntyre: See you at King of the Ring Sheamus!

    William Regal and Drew McIntyre smirk and walk to the back as Sheamus and Cody Rhodes look on.

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    JR: Wow, what a matchup we have set for King of the Ring, Sheamus and Cody Rhodes will take on William Regal and Drew McIntyre

    King: I can't wait for Rhodes and Sheamus to learn their lesson they deserve it

    JR: Well right now we send ti back to our old friend and colleague, Michael Cole!

    *The camera cuts backstage where Michael Cole is standing with Batista.*

    Michael Cole: Well I'm here with Batista. Now Batista last week you came back to the WWE, how'd it feel?

    Batista: It feels great to be back. I have never felt better and I have never been more excited to get into that ring, and just start unleashing the animal on everyone who is in my way.

    Michael Cole: Just like your old self, and you sure looked like it last week in your match against Evan Bourne. What are your thoughts on Bourne and the match last week?

    Batista: The guy is a hell of a competitor, he is young and very athletic. He gave me a great run, but in the end, the animal came out on top.

    Michael Cole: Now that you are in the King of the Ring tournament what are your plans for the future?

    Batista: My future plans are simple. First, I am going to win the King of The Ring, then, I will win the WWE championship, and then from there I will continue climbing to the top. The animal has seen this place being in control of the wrong people and I have grown sick and tired of it. I am going to break this tainted organization down and rebuild it. A new day will come, and The Animal will be the one to show it to you

    Michael Cole: Thanks Dave. Back to you guys

    *The camera comes back to ringside following the short interview with Batista moments before his match*

    JR: Well in case you missed it folks, the Animal Batista is back! he will also join John Cena as the second man qualified from Raw for the King of The Ring tournament.

    King: I still don't understand why he had to ruin Evan Bourne's moment Ross? It was Evan's chance to shine and it was wrecked by Batista's return!

    JR: This is the WWE King, you never can tell what's going to happen and I would advise all our superstars to be ready for anything.. it's not all doom and gloom for Bourne though, tonight he gets the chance for revenge as he takes on Batista once again and that'!

    King: Bourne looks pissed Ross and I don't blame him, he was set up by Teddy Long last week and this is just another reason why we need Eve in full control of Raw!

    JR: Wait! what?!

    King: Don't start any of that Austin crap with me Ross.. you heard me right!

    JR: How is this Teddy's fault? Bourne asked for a chance and Teddy game him one, nobody said it was going to be easy King.

    King: You're such a suck up JR! always sticking up for Teddy, Bourne has waited and waited for one chance.. Teddy then goes and give's him a freak of nature like Batista? That's unfair and you know it!

    JR: The animal is unleashed folks! Batista is back!

    King: Whatever Ross! I don't think anyone cares.

    JR: Well this crowd seem to care King, just listen to them.. they exploded into live when Batista's music hit the stage!

    Start at 2:38 stop at 5:35

    King: This does not look good for Bourne Ross!

    JR: Batista positioning him on the top rope, whats he thinking here!?

    King: Wait.. is Batista actually going up there with him?

    *Batista begins climbing the turnbuckle to the crowd surprise only for Bourne to react with punches to the big mans face before delivering a big shot to side of the temple which knocks the Animal down sending him crashing to the floor as Bourne now stands at the top of the turnbuckle*

    JR: Bourne knocking the Animal down, whats he going for here King? Is it time for the shooting star press?

    King: I have no idea Ross! I'm liking this display from Evan so far though.

    *With Bourne standing at the top of the turnbuckle he allows Batista to stand back to a vertical base before leaping of looking for a cross body splash*

    King: Bourne with a leap of faith!

    JR: Batista caught him! this looks bad for Bourne.

    *Bourne is trapped in the arms of Batista, he struggles trying to escape with no avail.. Batista then looks out towards the crowd before smiling then launching Bourne over his head and sending him crashing to the mat*

    JR: Ouch!

    King: You can say that again! Batista is now firmly in control after one costly mistake!

    *The crowd begin chanting for Batista as the Animal respond's by giving the thumbs down signalling the end is near for Bourne, he waits for Even to get back to his feet before charging at him with a huge big boot that turns Bourne inside out to another cheer from the crowd.. He then picks up the lifeless Bourne of the mat and places his head in between his legs ready to deliver the Batista Bomb*

    JR: Looks like the end is near for Evan Bourne folks!

    *Batista with a smile across his face is clearly delighted at being back with the fans cheering his name.. he takes a few seconds to himself once more looking around the arena at the fans before lifting Bourne up when...

    The Titantron comes on and shows a video package of flames burning, Bastista drops Bourne and begins looking on at the Tron puzzled by whats going on..

    The flames continue to burn for a few seconds before these words appear..

    "The Fire has ignited the desire, the fire will signal his rebirth"

    The video package then stops and the crowd are shocked with what they have just seen, many already guessing on what the video means, none more shocked then Batista who continues staring at the Tron expecting to see more*

    JR: What was that all about?

    King: I have no idea King.. things are getting weird around here Ross!

    JR: You can say that again partner.

    King: Okay then, things are getting weird aro-WAIT! LOOK! EVAN BOURNE!

    *Batista finally turns around with Bourne stalking him in anticipation, as Batista turns.. Evan bourne catches him with a picture perfect running Enziguri straight to the temple knocking down Batista, with Bourne not wanting to waste any more time he runs to the turnbuckle and jumps to the top before launching himself of the top rope and hitting Batista with a shooting star press*

    King: Yes! Yes! Yes! come on Bourne!

    JR: Evan Bourne taking advantage of the situation folks, he could have him here, Bourne with the pin!




    King: Bourne wins! Yes! Bourne deserves this! he should be allowed in the King of The Ring after this huge win!

    JR: Hold your horses there King.. Huge win for Bourne no doubt but lets not forget the fact that Bourne used an advantage and distraction of Batista to win tonight!

    King: What's your point Ross? Didn't you earlier say every superstar should be ready for anything?

    JR: .........

    King: Yeah! that's what I thought Ross.. Well done Evan Bourne!

    *Bourne quickly exits the ring in shocked and utter joy that he was able to get the win.. he then starts mocking Batista as he makes his way up the ramp, Batista now stands in the ring looking pissed, shaking his head that the distraction cost him this match*


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    We see Teddy Long inside of his office, working on something, as the door opens. The camera turns and we see it's Austin Aries. The fans sound off with boos, as the camera's turn back to Teddy.

    Teddy: P..

    Aries: Wo wo, hold on Teddy. I didn't come in here to listen to you go off. I came in here to get an answer, and until you know the question, you can't give me the right answer, so do yourself a favor, clean the junk out off your ears, and listen. Since Backlash, I've been continually coming to Raw and all of our house shows, and never used. Instead, you have people like Ryback, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Lex Luger, John Cena, CM Punk and Chris Jericho lighting up the night each night. Now I know you pride yourself on being a business man, so I'll just chalk up the fact that I haven't touched the ring in over 2 months as a case of temporary insanity. What I'm getting at Teddy is, I'm sick and tired of playing second fiddle to people like Punk or Jericho or Rhodes. I'm Austin Aries damn it! I'm the man who should be getting title shots, and the fat bonus checks from PPV appearances, but instead, you stiff me. So Teddy, I want my shot, tonight. I want to go out to that ring and show the world that Austin Aries isn't someone to be messed with.

    Aries stands, leaning over Teddys desk, starring at him.

    Teddy: Firstly playa, you knock before you walk in to my office.. secondly, your right! perhaps you have been a little wasted, I mean you are a former TNA champion right?
    *Aries begins nodding his head* Exactly! that means nothing here in the WWE, your in the big leagues now playa!

    *crowd cheer*

    Teddy: You want a chance? fine, I'm giving you a chance.. tonight you will compete in a King of The Ring qualifying match, if you win.. you will compete in the tournament, if you lose.. then you might want to knock and think twice before demanding anything again!

    Good luck out there son, oh and your opponent? well.. you will just have to wait and see.

    *With Teddy smiling, Aries turns and walks right out of the door as the camera heads back to ringside*


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    King: Oh great what is he doing here? We just find out good news that Austin Aries will be in a match, and now he has to come out and ruin the night

    JR: I think it might have something to do with what happened at In Your House, and last week, and what Triple H has been saying lately

    King: What? That Triple H has been right all along? Unless he is out here to thank Triple H, he shouldn't be out here at all

    JR: i don't think that is why he is here, and its going to have a much different tone, frankly I can't wait for this to be more heated than it already is

    Ted DiBiase's music hits and he emerges to a roar of cheers.

    Ted DiBiase Jr.: Hunter! I am ready to end this and I'm ready to end it now! Everyone knows that you had no right to do what you did to my dad, and now, you've made this personal! I'm calling you out for a match next week! But it won't just be any match! I want an all-out brawl! Be sure to leave Steph behind, unless you want her in the hospital like my dad is! Next week, you'll end up on Dream Street!

    *Triple H music hits and the crowd boos him*

    JR: Well you call out The Game, you better be ready to play. Triple H has been on a warpath and destroying everything that comes in his way.

    King: Especially with that sledgehammer he's been carrying. Ted DiBiase better run.... Run Teddy!!!

    JR: With Triple H, you can't run and you sure as hell can't hide King.

    King: Well let's see what Triple H has to say.

    Triple H: Ted DiBiase Jr... I don't know if you're joking around you're just too high from your pathetic posse party. Or maybe I just didn't hear you right... but I thought I heard you challenging me next week to a match on RAW. I hope you know what you are asking for. I seriously hope you understand that this match will not be an ordinary match. This match will be a fight that will cripple you Teddy. A fight that will break you mentally. Not only will I cause you and inflict physical pain on you DiBiase, I will crush your mind, your spirit and you will never be the same wrestler again. After I'm done with you Teddy, the next time you step into the ring, I guarantee that you will freeze and remember the day when I punished you and broke you Teddy. I am the Cerebral Assassin, I will not only cause you bodily harm, but I attack your mind.

    *crowd boos*

    Triple H: I gotta give you this kid, you got the looks and you got the style, but you don't have the balls to last through the punishment that I will give you. You come out here and challenge me to a match next week on RAW. You want me Teddy, consider your request approved and don't worry, I don't bring in my family when it comes to kicking the crap out of you Teddy!!!

    *crowd starts booing and chanting *

    Triple H: So you come ready to give it your best Teddy. Forget about all that Dream Street crap, your pathetic posse parties and I warn you to leave that blonde bimbo of yours at home. If I even see your dad at ringside, I will send him to the hospital again, and this time for good. Next week will be your last. Soon Ted DiBiase, Jr. will be just a memory. Next week Teddy, I will put you to sleep and you will be in your own Dream in which you will never wake up!!!

    JR: Well a blockbuster matchup set for next week, you aren't going to want to miss that

    King: Triple H is going to keep handing out teachings

    JR: I think DiBiase is ready and hungry he wants revenge, and he wants it bad. Up next though we have a Road to triumph


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    JR: Well folks up next it's time for our second Divas Road to Triumph match of the night!

    King: Oh boy sounds good to me, we know the Diva of the Decade Trish is in action and she's looking to show Kelly Kelly a wrestling lesson but who will she be facing?

    JR: She will be up against the power house of the divas division in Beth Phoenix! should be great match King, many consider Trish the best of all time and in Beth.. many consider her the best right now, should make for another great match in this tournament!

    King: Could not agree more Ross! let's check out the rankings!

    1st. Nattie: 30
    Kelly Kelly: 30

    2nd. Kaitlyn: 20

    3rd. Beth Phoenix: 15
    Lita: 15
    Paige: 15
    Trish Stratus: 15

    4th.Eve: 3
    Tamina: 3

    AJ: 0
    Maria: 0
    Maryse: 0

    JR: Well there it is folks, Nattie and now Kelly Kelly lead the way on 30 points each, Kelly with that impressive win earlier on scoring another 15 points and you would have to say, like her or not.. she's looking good for that title King!

    King: Your damn right! I love this new Kelly, she's more feisty and I like that.. it's anyone call though Ross with plenty of matches left to take place anyone could still yet win this tournament.

    JR: Very true King! well we are about ready for our next match of the night so let's get it started folks.

    *Beth is greeted with boo's from the crowd while the more hardcore fans cheer for her, the Glamourzon stands at the top of the stage doing her trademark pose before making her way to the ring*

    JR: The perfect blend of beauty and strength King, I'm not sure I have ever seen a more dominant Diva here in the WWE.

    King: You could be right Ross.. I'm not sure there's anyone who stand up to Beth when it comes to Strength and sheer presence in that ring.

    *The whole arena instantly cheers for Trish Stratus, the legendary diva comes out from behind the curtain with a bright smile across her face, clearly relishing being back and competing on a regular basis once again! she hits her trademark pose before heading to the ring while the crowd chant her name*

    King: 100% Stratusfaction guaranteed when Trish is in the building! I'm so happy she's back.

    JR: I'm with you King, should be a great match right here.

    Start at 1:50 stop at 5:46

    King: Trish and Beth are slugging it out Ross, this is a good old fashioned.. well you finish it off!

    JR: Slobberknocker! Oh boy I would say, great match so far.

    *Beth is able to block the incoming shot from Trish, she then looks for a boot to the midsection only for Trish to grab her leg and instead sweep her standing one knocking her down before delivering an elbow drop to the chest.. Trish then starts stalking Beth as she attempts to get up when... *

    JR: What she doing out here!?.

    King: It's Kelly Kelly! looks like she's come down for a closer look.

    *Trish instantly turns her attention to Kelly who is walking down the ramp with a sly smile on her face as she does.. Beth gets back to her feet and smashes into the back of the head of Trish with a big clothesline from behind.. Beth then starts stomping down on Trish as she attempts to get back up, Beth then drags up Trish by her hair only for Trish to respond once more with right hands shots to the face, each one knocking Beth back a little more*

    JR: Trish is fighting back King!

    King: That she is Ross, Kelly is looking on rather nervously though, I think she was hoping for Trish to lose this one!

    *With Trish knocking Beth back with every shot the crowd begin to start cheering for Trish.. Just when Trish looks like she's going to knock Beth down, Kelly jumps on to the side of ring.. Trish instead of hitting Beth notices Kelly and instead knocks her flying off the apron to the crowds delight.. the distraction proves costly though and Beth then drivers a big boot in to the face of Trish knocking her down.. Beth then taunts before picking Trish up and delivers the Glam Slam before going for the pin*




    JR: Beth wins! Beth Phoenix wins thanks to that jazabell Kelly Kelly!

    King: And just look at Kelly Ross! she's delighted.

    *Beth does not even celebrate her win and instantly makes her way to the back, While Trish is still laying on the mat shocked and disappointed at losing her match, Kelly starts entering the ring.. pointing and laughing at Trish, before Kelly has any chance to react.. Trish jumps back to her feet and charges at Kelly knocking her down with a speak before trading both divas start pulling hair and trading shots*

    JR: It's Diva chaos out here folks!

    King: I love it!

    *Both women continue brawling for a few minutes until referee and officials head to the ring braking them up to heavy boo's from the crowd*

    King: What they doing? let them fight!

    *With officials having got between the two divas, both are eventually ushered to the back as the show moves on*
    *The Tron lights up and a man is in a dark alley with a hood covering his face*
    *he begins to speak*

    ???: They say that it is far easier to make War than to make peace

    *The screen begins to show images of war and battles*

    ???: WWE

    Prepare for War!

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    JR: Well it’s that time again, time for a King of the Ring qualifier, and the winner will join Batista from RAW, and DDP from Nitro in the field of eight that will take place at the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View

    King: And Austin Aries takes on Brian Cage

    JR: This just isn’t fair, Brian Cage has been struggling mightily as of late, word is he may be looking for help to get off the snide, but I see no stopping it with Austin Aries in his path

    King: I know isn’t it great, we are going to get to see Austin Aries in the King of the Ring Tournament

    JR: Sure… if you say so

    Austin Aries vs Brian Cage

    Watch 2:55- 5:33

    Aries knocks Cage down with a clothesline, but stays right on top of him, with a springboard moonsault. Aries gets up quickly as Cage rolls away, and uses the ropes to get up. Aries runs at Cage, but Cage lifts him up and over the ropes, but Aries lands on the apron. Aries hits a couple of forearm shots to Cage, followed by a slingshot back elbow to knock Cage down. Aries taunts the crowd as Cage goes and rests against the corner. Aries then runs and hits the IED. Cage staggers out and falls down, and Aries calls for the end of the match. Aries locks in the Horns of Aries and Cage taps within a few seconds

    King: Can’t say I told ya so, but I told ya so

    JR: We could’ve all seen that coming King, it was like Aries was given a bye into the tournament, which in my estimation may hurt him because he may not be ready for whats in store at King of the Ring

    King: Look at Aries he isn’t worried about the rest of the competition

    JR: Well he should be, with seven other guys in the tournament, including Batista and DDP, to me Aries should worry, he doesn’t match in strength or experience to either of those guys respectively

    King: Shut up JR! I’m trying to listen to Aries speak.

    Aries is in the ring, as the ref raises his hand after his impressive victory. Aries pulls away, glaring at the ref, as he grabs a mic from the corner. Aries turns around.

    Aries: I told you! I told you, I told you, I told you, I told you! I'm better than all of them! Punk, Jericho, Cena, Michaels, Lesnar...all of them are merely worms compared to me. I came to the WWE for competition, and when I face the likes of Brian Cage and others like him, I am not getting a challenge. That's why I'm glad this match was a King of the Ring qualifier. These fans need a real king, these fans need a real champion. This is just the start of it all. This is where it all begins. Mark it in your calendars, as 10 years from now, people will look back and say "This is where Aries started his rise to the top"

    Punk, you've got a title shot. I honestly hope you make the best of it, because as far as I am concerned, you will never, ever, get another shot at that title as long as I'm employed here. If T-Long or Vinnie Mac so much as decide to grant you another shot when you fail at King of the Ring, because frankly we all know you will, I'll be there, waiting to break you down and cut your feet from underneath of you. I'm sick and tired of guys who don't deserve a chance, getting pushed to the moon.

    Jericho, some would say congrats are in order for holding onto that title for as long as you have. I mean, before this, what was your greatest claim to fame? Beating both The Rock and Stone Cold in the same night? Being a rockstar? Or was it dancing with the stars? The simple fact of the matter is Chris, people buzz about you all the time, but that's all it It's nonsense and dribble, and you've been feeding off it for years. It stops here. These people won't be talking about how much they hate Jericho, or love the new Fozzy here on out, they will be talking about the greatest man that ever lived.

    And to any of the other people who have qualified for the King of the Ring or who will qualify, listen to these words closely. Fans talk about the Golden Era, the Attitude Era, the PG Era, The Era of the Viper, the Era of the Superman...but this is the dawn of a new beginning. When I said tonight will will look back and talk about it, I meant it. Tonight is the dawn of the technician era. From this night forward, when I come out here, I will be stealing the show. I will be putting on the best match. I will be the person most talked about on the dirt sheets. Tonight, my era've all been warned.

    Aries drops the mic, and looks at Brian Cage. Aries reaches down, grabbing him, and lifts him into the air.

    JR: BRAINBUSTER! Sweet Lord! That was uncalled for!

    Aries looks around, smiling, proud of his work, as he rolls out of the ring, grabbing his signature shades from the corner of the ring. He slides them on and heads up the ramp and into the back.

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    JR: Well folks, the time has come for the contract signing between the WWE Champion Chris Jericho and Cm Punk!

    King: These things never end well Ross.. I never understand why they do them.

    JR: Well I'm going to do my best to make sure this one goes well.

    King: Try your best? what's it got to do with you Ross?

    JR: Didn't I say? I'm the one hosting this contract signing!

    King: Wait.. what? why didn't they ask me?.

    *JR leave's the table and heads to the ring*

    King: Hey! come back here!

    *JR now enters the ring with a mic as the crowd cheers*

    JR: WWE Universe could I have your attention please!

    *Crowd start cheering "JR"*

    JR: Thank you!

    Well folks, for anyone wondering why the ring is being set up it's because the official contract signing between CM Punk and Chris Jericho is set to take place now!

    *Crowd begin cheering as they finish up setting up the ring*

    JR: Well I think we are ready, without wasting any more time.. please welcome the challenger to the WWE title in two weeks time at the King Of The Ring ppv, the self proclaimed best in the world.. ladies and gentleman CM Punk!

    *CM Punk gets a standing ovation from the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring, He shakes hand with JR before taking his place on the other side of the table*

    JR: Welcome Punk, great to have you out here!

    *Crowd start chanting "CM Punk" *

    JR: Up next.. he's the reining WWE Champion and the man that Punk will face at the King Of The Ring, please welcome.. Y2J! Chris Jericho!

    *Jericho gets a very different reaction from the crowd, instantly greeted with boo's.. wearing his trademark 3 piece suit he slowly makes his way to the ring.. Jim Ross offer's his hand out only for Jericho to stare at it before tuning it down and grabbing a mic ready to speak*

    Jericho: I don't even know why this match is actually happening. I can't believe that the powers that be are sitting back and allowing this to happen!

    You, Punk, have had no less than 2 opportunities to face me for the title, and both times you have failed. You've lost. And last week, after getting some lucky win against HHH you're now getting yet another chance? Another chance to embarrass yourself in front of all these hypocrites? Another chance to fail to beat me? Is that really what you want Punk? Is that what you think your precious little fans want? Do you think they want to see you lose against me for the 3rd consecutive ppv?

    Do us all here a favor. Do the right thing and don't sign that contract. Because all you're doing is signing a contract where you're guaranteeing yourself another loss.

    *Punk smirks before speaking*

    Punk: The right thing? Really, Chris? You keep talking my so called failures but need I need remind that you took the coward's way out at Extreme Rules by attacking me the Raw before with the WWE Championship, to not face me the way it should have been or that at In Your House, you didn't beat me but instead beat Luger?

    No, no, no Chris. The right thing is me facing you for the WWE Championship at King of the Ring because this time, there will no excuses as to why you didn't face at 100% or anyone you pin other than me to get a cheap victory. This time I will make your reign as the WWE end once and for all and prove to you that I am The Best in the World.

    Just admit that you have been afraid of this from the start, to face the one and only Straight Edge Superstar that is C.M. Punk in a true wrestling match because deep down you've known all along that I am better than you?

    You need to come to terms Chris, that I am going to be the next WWE Champion, once this contract is signed, your reign is through, that I can promi-

    Jericho: My reign, Punk, will end when I say it ends. I am the best in the world, not you, the fact that I have this title proves that, and nothing you say can spin it any other way.

    But you want to talk about taking the cowards way out? You want to talk about cheap wins? How about we look at last week when you took the cowards way out against HHH, when you took the cheap win that was handed to you thanks to that distraction from Ted DiBiase. What did you do? Pay the man off to run in during your match? Is that how desperate you are? You knew that you couldn't beat HHH without any help, so you took the cheap win, and won the match under unfair circumstances.

    And no matter how much you harp on about how you didn't lose at In Your House, the simple fact is you didn't win. And if you don't win, then you lose. It's that simple. You walked into the WWE Championship match but you didn't walk out with the title, meaning, you didn't win, you lost.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: You aren't better than me. You aren't better than anyone. You're a loser Punk. You're a loser and a sore one at that. You've tried to win the title twice, and twice you've lost, at King of the Ring, you're going to make it 3 in a row, and you know why? Because I am the best in the world at what I do!

    *Jericho signs contract*

    Jericho: Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

    Punk: No, Chris, I don't because even you don't understand what you are saying most of the time. I am The Best in the World. Win, lose or draw my name stands as The Best in the World and after King of the Ring my will stand out that much more when I become the WWe Champion.

    You bring DiBiase into this but let me tell you, his interrupting had nothing to do with me, he and HHH have unfinished business and if him coming to make sure HHH couldn't who was I to not pick up the win and guarantee the title that I earned.

    You know why I keep saying you are scared to me Chris? Because you are. You had to go crying like a little bitch to Eve to try and deny me of what is rightfully mine. Did you really think you and Eve would win and get away with it? That you'd just ride off into the sunset dreaming of not facing for the WWE Championship?

    Well the dream is over. Reality sets in and you've realized that no matter how big your ego is, no matter the times you claim you've beaten me and no matter how bad you want to keep that WWE Championship in your possession, at King of the Ring all of it ends when I make you Go to Sleep or actually make you cry like a little bitch when I lock in the Anaconda Vise.

    I will make sure that you never underestimate me again, when I stand tall over you as the new WWE Champion and scream to the masses what they already and tthat is that I am now and always be simply The Best in the World.

    *Punk then places the mic on the table before leaning over about to sign the contract when......*

    Eve’s music plays and Eve walks down the ramp with a mic on hand. Eve stops on the ramp.

    Eve: Hold on! Hold on! Cut the music!

    Eve’s music is cut and she’s received with boos by the fans.

    Eve: Don’t sign anything just yet

    Eve finishes walking over to the ring and Chris Jericho holds the ropes open for her. Eve smiles at him.

    Eve: Now I’ve been reviewing the recording of your match last week CM Punk. The one in which you once again became the number one contender for the WWE title.

    The fans cheer at the mention of Punk being number one contender.

    Eve: Unfortunately, it pains me to inform you that due to the outside interference by Ted Dibiase the result of the match is void.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Eve: Which means that you are no longer the number one contender.

    The fans begin chanting “BULLSHIT”.

    Eve: However, since there’s no evidence that you had anything to do with Ted Dibiase’s interference last week the Board is willing to grant you one more chance to earn a shot at the title.

    The “BULLSHIT” chants continue.

    Eve: So tonight, rather than signing that contract, you will face an opponent of my choice in a number one contender’s match for Chris Jericho’s WWE title. And if you lose the match you should know that you will not be getting any more shots at the title while Chris Jericho is the champion.

    The fans begin booing loudly once more. Punk can be seen mouthing “that’s bullshit”, Jericho chuckles and Eve grins proudly as her music begins to play, Jim Ross and Jericho both exit the ring while Punk is seen clearing the ring, clearly pissed with what Eve has just said.

    King: I told you Ross!
    *King laughs* these things never go well.. what an announcement from the soon to be general manager Eve!

    JR: CM Punk has been screwed King, Eve is clearly favoring Jericho and it shows no signs of letting up, what next King.. maybe have Punk fight blindfolded with one arm behind his back?!

    King: That's not a bad idea!
    *King laughs*

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    *CM Punk begins warming in the ring, before taking off his Best In The World shirt and throwing it to the crowd, he then begins starting at the Titantron wondering who's about to come down...*

    JR: It's Luger! Punk has already beating him.. this is not fair and Punk is being totally disrespected here.

    King: It's so smart from Eve, just think how much Joy Lex would have from stopping Punk getting a chance at the title.. maybe if he impresses he would even get picked to replace Punk.

    *Punk seem's pissed that he has to face Luger once again tonight.. Lex does not waste any time and comes charging down to the ring as both men instantly trade punches*

    JR: Well I don't like it.. but this match is on folks!

    King: Come on Lex!

    CM Punk vs Lex Luger (Triple H)

    Start at 6:06 stop at 14:00

    JR: Bah Gawd this has been an all out war folks!

    King: Just look at the smile on Jericho's face, he couldn't be anymore happier.

    JR: Well he's watching his challenger having to fight week in and week out while he sits back and watches it's no wonder Jericho has a smile on his face.

    King: It's not all bad Ross, Punk has control right now!

    *With Luger on his knees in the ring both men begin showing there fatigue, Punk then begins driving his knee in to the chest and face of Luger, before then spinning and delivering a kick to Luger's temple and seemingly knocking him clean out*

    JR: Luger could be out! this could be Punk's chance.




    King: Luger kicked out!

    *Jericho continues watching on with a smile on his face after seeing Lex kick out of the pin attempt, Punk then stalks Luger as he attempts to get back to his feet.. as he does Punk attempts to life him only for Luger to slip through and deliver a big clothesline knocking Punk down before going for a pin of his own*



    JR: Punk kicked out! another close call but the match goes on!

    *Luger then picks up Punk and lifts him ready for the Torture Rack.. Punk however is able to slip through and lifts Luger up himself before delivering.. *

    JR: Go To Sleep! Punk has hit his finisher, this could be it!

    King: No! come on Luger, kick out.. anything! do something!



    *The referee looks certain to make the three count when from behind Jericho gets into the ring and boots Punk to the back of the head, he then waits for Punk to get back up before delivering a CodeBreaker as the crowd boo the house down and begin jeering Y2J, Jericho shrugs it off and picks up his WWE title and stands over Punk with the crowd continuing to boo*

    King: Well that sucks, I guess that means Punk will face Jericho after all Ross?

    JR: Yeah.. but at what cost? You heard Punk, Jericho did something similar before when he attacked him with the title and that affected Punk's performance and may have cost him the match.. Punk has been made to wrestle for the last couple of weeks and now once again has been attacked!

    *With the ring being cleared and Luger now made his way to the back.. the crowd sense the show is nearly over but Jericho is not done.. he was about to exit the ring when he noticed Punk getting up, Jericho drops his title, and takes of his jacket and shirt before picking up Punk and hitting him with Punk's own finisher the GTS! again the crowd erupt with jeer's..
    security finally come down to stop Jericho before any other damage can be done, security are followed by EMT's who rush down to check on Punk.. with the ring now cleared and the WWE logo appearing the camera live feeds goes dead and the show goes off air before coming back on after a few seconds when..
    The lights go out around the arena, the fans become excited in anticipation and hold up camera phones to offer a little light. Up on the Titantron there is a flash of lightning and a crash of thunder, followed by a few more and then silence again. A low humming noise fills the air and up on the screen an old abandonned house is seen, similar to the one seen at Backlash. The wind howls and rain is blown in through broken windows, another flash of lightning and a man steps through the window, the man is Sting. At his side and in his hand hangs his signature baseball bat, dragging along the floor as he walks down the old, decrepit corridor. The eerie voice of a child accompanies the video once more:

    "For years he has stood as one of the last bastions of light against the tide of darkness that threatens us all. For years he has stood, and he has watched as corruption and deceit have crept back into this world. Liars.. cheats.. thugs.. allowed to run free, allowed to go unchecked by authority.. what authority?

    Here once before, vindicated and successful, the lone rider ventured off into the sunset, believing his work complete.. he was wrong.. we were all wrong."

    Another flash of lightning as Sting enters a new room, a mirror hangs on the wall and he approaches it, staring at himself. He closes his eyes and clenches his hands around the neck of the bat, raising it and swinging it, shattering the mirror into a thousand pieces.

    "His faith destroyed once more, the hero walks again, searching for those that justice has ignored for too long. Those that walk the dark path, shall no longer suffocate the light, their sins will be punished, their victims will be avenged. Justice comes swiftly, it comes silently.

    None shall know where the hammer will fall until it has fallen, and none shall forget. Lessons long forgotten will be remembered, punishments long delayed will be delivered, the hero has awoken once more."

    Sting continues to walk through the house, up on the walls are weather beaten pictures of 'Hollywood' Hogan, Eric Bischoff and other assorted NWO members as well as more recent pictures of Hardy, Angle and Flair. His trench coat flaps as a stiff breeze blows through the house, more clashes of thunder and Sting reaches a larger room, within it a wrestling ring. Sting climbs inside, standing in the middle, staring at the mat before looking up towards the heavens.

    "The shadows are his home, the deep dark places that evil has long resided within are no longer a haven for the deceivers. He fears no darkness, for the darkness is his to command, and the darkness will bend to his will.

    Above or below, from every angle, his attacks are unavoidable, there are no limits, ask not IF he will find you, but ask WHEN. You cannot run, you cannot hide, hope only for mercy, ask only for forgiveness, there will be no second chances."

    Sting raises his bat once more, pointing it to the heavens, a flash of lightning and he is gone, the ring is empty save for the bat which now lies along in the ring. The camera gives a close up of the bat before looking up above the ring towards the rafters.

    "He IS watching, and he IS plotting his next move. From above he looks down, or just another face in the crowd, he IS watching. Determined to finish a job left unfinished, his last ride, his quest for redemption, he will take no prisoners.

    This world will be purged, the darkness will give way to the light, the light will once again flourish, and once more he will ride off over the horizon. But this time, he will ensure that he will never need to return ever again.

    Those of pure heart and truthful convictions need not worry, but those who ravage this world as pestilence will be cleansed, the cancer will be removed."

    The camera closes in on the rafters, focusing in on a faint area of white in the black. Stings face can be made out once more.

    "He is the hero of our story, the bringer of light. He is the man they call..."

    A flash of lightning and he is gone once more.


    The screen goes black and the lights in the arena come back on, inside the ring lies a black baseball bat with bolded red letters on the bat.. the camera zooms in and the words can now be made out.

    "Justice is coming for you.."

    *The picture goes dark once more and the live feed goes dead as the show ends.*

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